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BeatSarcoma 5K Fun Run
Race Toward a Cure
Sarcoma is an uncommon form of cancer. - 20% of childhood cancers are sarcomas. They affect also many young adults. Sarcoma destroys so many lives before they have had time to blossom. - Sarcoma gets less than 1% of cancer research funds - this is not enough. Sarcoma research is years behind compared to that for other cancers. - 100% of money raised by BeatSarcoma goes to sarcoma research. - You can win nice fundraising prizes - check www.beatsarcoma.org for more detail BeatSarcoma's mission is to raise funds for sarcoma-specific research and to support anyone who is dealing with sarcoma. We work directly with clinicians and researchers to identify un-funded high priority and high impact programs relevant to sarcoma. This area of cancer research is still in its infancy so your contribution will make a BIG difference. We are going to beat sarcoma. Be there as it happens. Find out more at www.beatsarcoma.org

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Total Donations: $1,978

Goal: $10,000

$0 20% $10,000

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