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Running for Renewal with BOMF
A running club based out of a homeless shelter? Sounds crazy, right? But a non-profit called “Back On My Feet” asks instead: “Why can’t we all be runners?” Not a “homeless person,” or an “ex-addict,” or an “ex-con” or an ex-anything. Just a group of people setting achievable goals, developing the discipline to meet them, building camaraderie and a team spirit by pounding out the miles together, and then using these skills to rebuild a life. Anyone who has ever pushed their physical boundaries further than they thought possible knows how empowering the experience is. This is why my first fundraising race ever is to benefit BOMF members. BOMF provides a structure and a community to help people move out of homelessness, not just by running but by also accessing opportunities for education, training, housing and employment using the confidence and discipline they gain from getting out there every week. I’m proud to be a new team member running with residents at the Blair House shelter here in DC. My teammates remind me that homelessness is not who you are; it’s where you’re at right now. And right now I’m training for the Marine Corps Marathon with the goal of raising at least $2500 for BOMF. It’s been years (a lot of years, let’s just leave it at that) since my last 26.2 and I’m excited to get the structure and discipline I need from my new running team mates. This money will go for shoes and gear for participants, but also for scholarships and other aid for them to move out of homelessness and into the next phase of their lives. In this economy many people are finding themselves someplace they never thought they’d be. I hope that you will support me and BOMF in helping them become self-sustaining again. (and be sure to check if your employer will match your donations!) One step at a time—run on, friends!

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