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Always Brothers 100 Miles for One Mind
Do something Amazing! Support the Marines of ALWAYS BROTHERS, honor the fallen U.S. Service men and women from Washington State and raise money for research on traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress, the “invisible wounds” of war that afflict hundreds of thousands of soldiers and veterans and millions of Americans every year.

Every year, the Marines of ALWAYS BROTHERS run 100 Miles to support their fellow Marines and their families. This year they are taking it to the limit for ONE MIND for Research, a nonprofit that is working on major new research for TBI and PTS.

ALWAYS BROTHERS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed by a group of Marines that served at the Marine Barracks 8th & I Streets in Washington, DC and served on the Marine Security Forces at the Presidential Retreat Camp David and at the White House Communications Agency in the mid-1990s. The organization was initially formed to honor Capt. Swisher, a fellow Camp David Marine who lost his life in Iraq.

In 2011, ALWAYS BROTHERS ran 100 Miles in 27 hours from Thurmont, MD to the final resting place of Capt. Tyler B. Swisher, USMC who lost his life serving in Iraq in 2005. Always Brothers raised $20,000 for the education funds of his children and for Operation Gift Card.

In 2012, ALWAYS BROTHERS ran from Mariemont, OH (Tyler's Hometown) 100 Miles to Columbus, OH to honor the 23 Marines and Navy Corpsman from LIMA COMPANY, 3rd Bn, 25th Marines from Columbus, Ohio who lost their lives in Iraq in 2005. Always Brothers raised over $85,000 for the education funds of the 15 children whose fathers died from Lima Co.

On August 10-11, 2013, Always Brothers will run a 100 Mile loop from Seattle Washington through South King County and finish at CenturyLink Field, home of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and MLS’s Sounders FC, to honor the U.S. Service men and women who served in the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by raising funds for ONE MIND.

Teams are encouraged to raise a minimum of $5000 each to donate to One Mind for Research. The 100 Mile run is not a race and all runners will run at the pace of the Always Brothers running team. Pace will be approximately 11 to 14 minute miles with short water and food stops every 4-7 miles.

You can obtain a race map and get more information at www.alwaysbrothers.org.

But while you’re here, please consider making a GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION to support the Marines of ALWAYS BROTHERS and ONE MIND for Research.

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Total Donations: $35,799

Goal: $500,000

$0 7% $500,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Anonymous $100.00
william thompson $50.00 "This is a great cause! Honored to help."
Kathleen Campbell $100.00 "It's an honor to contribute to such a good cause. "
Gene Engene $50.00
Liz Murphy $100.00 "Jimmy just joined the Army yesterday after taking the ROTC pledge -he is a sophomore currently at VMI - Virginia Military Institute- will be commissioned officer upon graduation in two years. "
Stacy Brian Pemberton $30.00 "Great cause! Good luck - we are supporting you all!"
Paul COYLE $25.00
Anonymous $573.57
Lesley Haenny $40.00
Mark Arsenault $25.00
Mike Coyle $50.00 "Why does Paul spell his last name in caps?"
David Lau $100.00
Chester Coskie $200.00
Marian Lau $100.00 "Donation made in honor of our family hero and for all those who serve. Thank You Kawika"
Carlos Aponte $25.00
lupe mendoza $50.00 "Good luck Kawika,Texas supports y'all!!"
Jennifer Salinas $25.00
Anonymous Hidden
Tracy York $25.00
Craig Vincent $25.00
Anthony Muhlenkamp $100.00 "Hey Storm, sorry for the delay in sponsoring you. One step at a time my brother. S/F Tony"
Cecilia & Ramsis Adam $50.00
Shane & Susie Davies $25.00
Brian Volkmuth $25.00
william woodcock $50.00
Jon Crask $25.00 "Semper Fi, Brother!"
patricia loudermilk $25.00 "Love you Tracy, You can do it, good cause...:)"
Cathy Seymour $50.00 "Go get um girl, proud of you! God bless our military."
Staci King $100.00 "Lead the way Lesley!"
Amy Gulati $100.00
Jan Denman Hidden
Kimberly Chapman $25.00 "For Peter and the many others who have served."
Kathleen Campbell $100.00
Sally Myers $25.00
Bradley Keller $250.00
Brian Cannon $250.00 "Good luck Palumbo Family Team!"
Anonymous Hidden
Jim Gregg $100.00 "Good Luck Palumbo Family Team!"
Diana Carey $100.00 "Ralph and Marlys- what a great thing to do! Happy to help support this effort. "
Elaine Houchen $25.00 "For a good cause. Elaine"
Leon Vance $250.00
Tim Garrigan $100.00 "Please place my donation in the Palumbo Family Team"
kathleen shoup $200.00
Nadine Ainbinder $250.00 "The Palumbo Family Team: Great to help to support a great cause. Nadine and Dennis"
Shannon Phillips $100.00 "Go, Ralph, Marlys, and family!"
Roger Marks $100.00
Michael Parham $100.00
Patrick Lamb $250.00 "An honor to support Always Brothers and The Palumbo Family Team."
rob nichols $100.00 "Go Team Palumbo !"
John Forsen $25.00 "Palumbo Family Team"
Rob McMillin $100.00 "The Palumbo Knee Brace may come in handy for the Palumbo Family Team at the end of the 100 Miles!"
Isaac Stein $250.00
Paul Fuglevand Hidden "For the Palumbo Family Team"
John Chun $100.00 "Go Palumbo Family Team!"
Kevin Bruno $150.00 "Go Palumbo Family Team!!!"
Wendy Feldman $100.00 "In honor of Ralph and Marlys Palumbo, and family. Our support and continued friendship. Wendy and Alan Feldman. "
rebecca benaroya $200.00
Kathy Spletter Hidden "Supporting the Palumbo family team. "
Monika Lawrence Hidden "A big thank you to Dan and all those participating in the 100 mile run in Seattle to raise funds for One Mind for Research. Always Brothers.....what an amazing organization. Thank you for your commitment to your fellow Marines and those in each military branch and those who love the ones who bravely serve and sacrifice. Our donation is in memory and honor of our son, Ryan, a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp. We love you, Ryan and miss you "
Kathy & Jerrell Farr $100.00
Sam Gregson $250.00 "Happy to support Team Palumbo. "
Joe Jackowski $100.00 "Supporting the Palumbo family"
Michael Garatoni Hidden "Supporting the Palumbo Family Team. Semper Fi"
Dana, Kathie, Chris, Noel Zentz $100.00 "Please accept our support for the Palumbo family team during the 100 mile fund raising relay."
Naomi Minegishi $100.00 "To the Palumbo Family Team: GO! Palumbos."
Mary Jacques $50.00 "For the Palumbo Family Team"
Daniel Press $100.00
Fritz Frink $100.00 "Best of luck to the Palumbo Family Team"
Patty Pouliot $25.00 "GO Storm!!"
Shelley Emmons $50.00 "Great job Storm!"
Stephen Ross $500.00 "Go Team Palumbo!"
Jim Flynn $50.00 "Coug Up!"
Erin Reibman $50.00 "Best of Luck Storm! -Erin Reibman, Level Headed Hair Design"
Pamela Mohan $50.00 "Run, Storm, run! We're proud of what you are doing."
Colleen Neary $25.00 "Good luck, and thank you for your service!"
David Breault $100.00 "Go Palumbo family . . . so proud!"
Wilhelmsen Axel $500.00 "Best of Luck! From the Team at AXEL'S"
Nancy Gosen Hidden "Dear Palumbo Family Team, You guys Rock!! What a great cause. You're ALWAYS #1 in my book! Good Luck, Nancy Gosen"
Chris Tiedemann $100.00
steve mahoney $250.00 "Palumbo Family Team - go getem!"
Allison Mackey $50.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Pam Anderson $250.00 "We are humbled to support this great cause and thrilled you are holding the event in Seattle. Looking forward to seeing you there."
Alan Danson $50.00
Josh Selig $50.00 "Great work Palumbo Family Team. "
Matthew Dalton $150.00 "For Palumbo Family"
Anna Brunette $100.00
Maureen Mitchell $100.00 "Way to go, Palumbo family! Good luck!"
David Gutwetter $100.00 "Best of luck to the Palumbo Family team!"
bruce and ann blume $500.00 "Palumbo Family Team"
Craig Richards $100.00 "For Palumbo Family Team. Good luck!"
Al & Lisa Van Kampen $100.00 "Palumbo Family Team"
DeAnn Feeman $250.00 "We are happy to support not only the Palumbo Family, but all Marine Families. My husband, 2 brothers and our 3 sons, have all served in the Marines."
mike winn $100.00 "Palumbo team"
Gordon Capretto $100.00
bradley root $200.00 "Great cause! Good luck and have fun!"
Joe Hall $100.00 "Supporter of Palumbo Family Team"
Lisa Neymeyer $50.00
tom and Jeannie Kundig $500.00 "thank you to the Palumbo Family Team for supporting this important research.....Jeannie and I are behind you all!"
Preston and Julie Sargent $250.00
Ashley Golding $25.00 "Good luck!"
Dave Lord $100.00 "Good luck. "
Chris & Heidi Scalzo $50.00
Kate MacDonald $250.00 "Heartfelt thanks to the Palumbo family for their generous efforts to support a more than worthy cause. I am a veteran of the Viet Nam War where I served as a Navy Nurse treating major trauma and PTSD. As a clinical psychologist, I continue to treat PTSD, Depression and Anxiety resulting from TBI and trauma in military personnel who endure unspeakable hardships picking up the pieces of their lives with hope and dignity. It is your efforts that will pave the way for cutting edge research and treatment necessary to promising that bright future to who have lost so much in service to their country."
James J Davis $25.00 "Avante Team Palumbo!"
ANDREW CAMPBELL $500.00 "The Campbell famiy in Brazil is rooting for the Brunette/Palumbo Team. Good luck guys! from Patchy, Andy & Jade "
Deborah Cade $50.00
Anonymous $200.00 "A tremendous challenge for a very good cause. Best wishes to everyone. Carlette"
James Frost $500.00
Lynn Loacker $100.00
Jeff Schoenfeld $100.00 "Run Steve Run... Good luck to you, Anna, Ryan, Madison and Gracyn! "
Anonymous $50.00 "Gi Team Palumbo"
The Bissette Family $150.00 "Go Palumbos, Go!"
Dick & Hope Stroble $500.00
Troy Hussing $100.00 "Way to go Team Palumbo - Great Stuff! From the Gang at Ecco"
Jeffrey Snelling $50.00 "You've already made us proud Stormy, so now put us in awe!"
Karen Cummings $250.00
Bill Colclough $100.00
Deborah Smith $25.00
Walt and Leila Mischer $250.00 "Ralph and Marlys, Good Luck to the Palumbo Family Team on this run---a great cause!!! Walt and Leila Mischer"
Susie Detmer $50.00 "Good luck to the Brunette/Palumbo family team"
Tamara Blowers $50.00 "Good Luck to all!!!!"
Clarence Rowe $25.00
Carol and Steve Latimer Hidden "Go Brunette/Palumbo Family team. Congrats on taking action for a great cause."
Christina Ryan $50.00 "Giving is the best way to receive. Many Thanks xoxo "
Steven Seward $200.00 "Palumbo Family Team"
Gregory Ray $100.00 "This contribution was solicited by the Palumbo Family Team for a great cause."
Tanya Denver Hidden "I have a brother who suffers from parkinson's disease - way to go Palumbo Family Team!"
Andy Hutchison $500.00 "Go Team! Thanks for this great effort!"
Jed Kliman $100.00 "Go Palumbo Family Team!"
Amy Koehrsen $25.00
Mike and Jude Tembreull $250.00 "In support of Shelby and Andrew Lemmel - Palumbo Family Team members."
Colleen Mriglot $25.00 "Way to go Palumbos!"
Cheryl McCrum $25.00 "For Palumbo Family Team"
Richard Myers $50.00 "Palumbo Family Team"
Dawn Lemmel $100.00 "Thanks for standing up for a great cause!!!"
Katherine Caso $100.00 "Team Palumbo, Brunette, Lemmel"
Sandy Gregorak $100.00 "From Sandy Gregorak and Tom Bassett: Way to go Palumbo Family -- the "Slow and Steady" team!! We'll be with you in spirit every step of the way! "
Rebecca Rohman $50.00 "I am proud to support you, Storm, for such a great cause. Now just run:)"
Lucinda Ondriezek $50.00 "You can do it, one step at a time."
Debby/Ashley/Jacob Ross $100.00
Allan Johnston Hidden
William Blum $100.00 "Go Palumbos!"
Phyllis Simon $100.00 "In Memory of Gene Pearcey-A good solider and a wonderful husband to my sister."
Tim Hockstad $25.00
John and Sybil & Family Barkett $250.00
Michael and Karen Crowe $50.00 "Storm, We all know that YOU achieve what YOU put your mind to do... expecting you will achieve in true fashion once again! "
Nancy Wiggins $100.00
Shauna Pendleton $50.00 "Go Storm! You are a Rockstar and so dedicated! We all have your back!"
Josh Oliva $50.00
Caroline Egan $100.00 "Go Palumobo team!! "
Denise Ashbaugh $100.00
Lawrence Locker $150.00 "Palumbo Family Team."
Mike Schoenle $100.00 "For the Palumbo Team"
Dawn Gabel $100.00 "Great effort, great cause team Palumbo"
Bill and Sue VanRuff $50.00
Otto and Shari Klein $1,000.00 "Go Team Palumbo!"
Anonymous $25.00 ":) If we all give a little, together, we can accomplish great things! Way to go Storm!"
Elizabeth Rudolf $250.00 "Good luck to all the Palumbo team runners. This sounds like a wonderful cause to support. Elizabeth Rudolf"
Phil McCune $200.00 "Awesome effort, Palumbos!"
Ron Hutchins $25.00 "Best of luck and God bless you for helping those who the system seems to have forgotten! Semper Fi, Brother."
Robert Halcro $100.00 "This is a very good cause for which I wish every success.."
Ric Henry $200.00 "My hats off to you, Chris, and the Staglin Winery and family. All the best, Ric"
Donald Kretz $50.00
Chris Larson $250.00 "In memory of Spc. Ryan Ballinger"
Linda Rybicki $25.00 "Thanks for the opportunity to contribute without having to run! I'll be cheering you on, OohRah!"
Shane and Stephanie Blake $25.00
Fulton (RIck) Loftis Hidden
Jack Smith $100.00
Benjamin Sellers $50.00 "Go Drew, Shelby and all of team Palumbo! "
Andre Horochiwsky $25.00 "Great cause !"
Judy Brockett $25.00 "Pops and I wish you great success on your run. Happy Birthday from your family in Florida. Love Mome"
Mark Cairns $50.00
Robert Adolph $250.00 "Good Luck from Bob and Joan!"
Matt and Kristin Anger $100.00 "Great cause -- good luck!"
Garen Staglin $500.00 "Glad to help! Garen Staglin"
Marcia Allen $200.00 "Good Luck! We will be thinking of all of you! Xo Marcia, Corey and Eve (Proudly Supporting Andrew and Shelby Lemmel- Palumbo Family Team)"
Anonymous $50.00 "We stand United!! Go Storm...."
Kwame Amoateng $30.00 "Go Team Palumbo!"
Kara and Aaron Frost $150.00 "Team Palumbo"
Peter Jonsen $100.00 "Go Team Palumbo!"
Ann and Tommy Ladewig $100.00 "This is in support of the Palumbo Family 100 mile run."
cindy reyes $25.00 "Run Storm Run :)GREAT CAUSE!"
Peggi Witman $25.00
Katey McCabe $50.00 "Run, Barb, Run!"
Nicole drake $25.00 "Go Dan!"
Thomas W. White $50.00
Claire Arnold $100.00
Michael Martin $40.00
Bobbi Miller $25.00
Tadas Kisielius Hidden
Jaime Jones $20.00 "Thank you for sending the link again. Even as someone who has been directly affected by the war and PTSD, I too got busy with my life and hadn't yet donated. Thank you for raising money and awareness. Wish I could give more."
Brent and Ronda Hundven $25.00 "A very worthy cause"
Maureen & Patrick ODonnell $100.00
Tessa Houglum $50.00
Margaret Giesa $250.00
Angela Ament $25.00 "Great cause Lisa! Go get em!"
Elaine Aulgur $25.00 "Thanks!"
Margaret Kay $10.00
Pat and Mindy Rush $500.00 "In honor of LCpl Benjamin Rush, USMC"
Ruth Medeiros $50.00
Lyndsi Gay $25.00
mark parris $250.00 "For the Palumbo Family team. Good luck and enjoy!"
Todd Jacobs $100.00 "Palumbo Family Team"
Tami Henkel $50.00
Jeffrey Hood $100.00 "Excellent cause and best of luck!"
Joel Aslanian $100.00 "Go Palumbo family, and run Steve run!"
Mark Johnson $25.00
NANCY DAWN $100.00 "POWER ON, Palumbo Family Team!!!"
Mark Grey $100.00 "Good luck & Go Palumbo Family Team!"
Stacey Mertes $40.00 "You rock and thank you!"
Nick Busse $25.00 "Best of luck Mike and Barbara Boelk in the big run this coming weekend in Seattle. Thank you very much for all your long hours of training and doing this ultramarathon for such a noble cause."
Paul and Pat Brown Hidden
Mike Klaphake $50.00 "Run hard Barb and Mike Boelk!"
Robert Smith $100.00 "Go Storm!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Rock on! We're so proud of you all, Kim & Mike"
Scott & Shannon Sevigny Hidden "Good luck Dan and everyone else, very inspirational."
Paul Birtchet $50.00 "Great cause - run strong!"
Chris Cunnie $200.00 "I support the efforts of Paul Gilman"
Vanessa Morgan $100.00
Paige Haley Hidden
Heather Mayer $100.00
tom gibbons $50.00
Eric Johnson $25.00 "Have a good run, sorry I won't be running--E and Jill"
Anonymous $100.00 "Great Event! Enjoy the run through Auburn."
Chris Francovich $50.00 "Semper Fi Storm!"
Stephanie Andre $50.00 "Best wishes on Mike and Barbara Boelk!"
Sue VanRuff $25.00
Devin and Jennifer Wade $250.00 "Happy to support the Palumbo Family Team!"
Greg Brown $100.00 "Great cause, good luck."
Tracy Rowe $25.00
Lisa Belland Hidden "So Proud of All of you especially Barb and Michael Boelk"
Jennifer Kulkey $40.00 "Mike and Barb Boelk- Good Luck with your run! You are amazing and we Love you guys! Jen, Kevin and girls!"
Lori Guilfoyle $25.00
Rebecca Bristor $100.00
John and Sarah Holtz $50.00 "In memory of Pop Pop."
Rebecca Olness $50.00 "Go Jennifer! Hope to see you when you pass by Black Diamond."
Bill and Mary Ann Champion $200.00 " Honored to contribute. Bravo PALUMBO'S."
Jessica Cookson $75.00
Brandon Staglin $100.00 "Go Chris! Thanks for supporting One Mind!"
Diane Sloan $250.00 "Run Chris, Run! Diane"
Djan Groft $50.00 "Semper Fi, brother. You got this."
Kyler Soucinek $100.00
Fredrik Johansson $250.00
Shari Staglin $500.00 "Chris, We're with you in spirit every step of the way. We are so proud of you. Shari, Garen, Brandon and Shannon"
Anonymous $25.00
Alan Courtney $100.00
Tom, Jenny & Carter Bergquist $25.00
Casey Lopez $50.00 "Great cause, wish I could do more!"
Jill and Dan Miller $125.00 "In honor of friends Nancy and Monika and in honor of Ryan, who died before we could meet him"
Michelle Burlitch $50.00 "My thoughts will be with you as you run in support of One Mind for Research and Always Brothers. Go Chris, go!"
Cheryl & Ken Dunham $50.00 "Love your passion Storm, run for your heartfelt cause!"
Ellen Ewald $100.00 "Best of luck to the runners! Way to go! :-)!"
elmer youngblood $100.00 "a very good cause to support,,thank you all runners for your time and commettment, pleased to know the fine men of ,ALWAYS BROTHERS, in rememberance of Hm3 Travis Youngblood. RIP doc.YB"
Mitzi Inglis $50.00 "Go Chris! "
Annette Simon $100.00
Jeri-Ann Ryan $100.00 "In grateful appreciation for American soldiers everywhere, for all your work, all your sacrifices, all you give. In support of Paul Gilman "
Patricia Hill $50.00
Julie and Syd Dawson $50.00 "Storm, you are doing amazing! I am so glad we were able to catch up to you on the trail. Keep strong!"
Becky Bailey $250.00 "Amazing contribution, Chris! So proud of your effort!"
warren perkins $100.00
Eveie Hayes $100.00
Julie Brandsness $50.00 "Way to go Palumbo family!"
Noreen Guiney-Gilman $250.00 "So proud of my son, Paul Gilman, finishing his third year running with AlwaysBrothers! I love the comraderie, the dedication and the brotherhood of all military. God bless them, past, present and future. Semper Fi! Ma "
Sherry Scoggan $25.00
Christine Jeffers $50.00
Dale Ross $100.00
Molly Terwilliger $75.00 "You are an inspiration! Congrats!"
John Stillmun $100.00
Andrea LaFazia-Geraghty $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Cheryl Fox $50.00 "This gift is in support of the Palumbo Family Team"
Kara & Ken Masters $320.00 "In Honor of your 320 miles!"
Sandra Fields $25.00 "This message is for Garen Staglin - Thank you for what you're doing for mental health."
Shelly Winsby $50.00 "Palumbo Family Team "
Steve Hill $320.00 "Well done, Palumbos. I applaud your many good works."
Wende Miller $50.00 "Go Team Palumbo...Way to go Steve & Family!"
Todd Leick $25.00
Arthur Harrigan $500.00 "Team Palumbo"
MARGARET FRIEDRICH $100.00 "Job Well Done Chris! Thanks for sharing the story and the cause!"
John Stuart $30.00
Daniel Gilman $100.00 "happy to help. Paul Gilman is an inspiration to his family."
James Lamb $50.00
Doug Hile $25.00
Seth Gustafson Hidden
Wendy Wekke $25.00 "Donation in support of Geoff Meyer for the MCM Best of luck, Geoff!"
Jill Thomley $50.00 "Donation in support of Ginger Kelly for the Marine Corps Marathon."
Bryan Patterson $100.00
Geoffrey Rigney $25.00
Thomas Gilmore $25.00 "For Ashleigh's Marathon Run in memory of Tyler Swisher."
Eugene Bryant $150.00
John Seethoff $250.00 "Excited to participate in a great event and a great cause."
Jim and Jennifer Patterson $250.00
tom gibbons $50.00
Erin Gibbons $100.00
Mike Villarreal $100.00 "Good Luck this year guys."
Elbert Reed $500.00 "This donation is from Enumclaw Post 1949 VFW."
Anonymous $40.00
Jonathan Breen $25.00 "Great cause. Keep up the good work. Semper Fi!!"
Irma Sandercock $100.00
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