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Racing to Save Lives, One 5K at a time
What would you do if you were in my shoes?
Racing to Save Lives, One 5K at a time What would you do if you were in my shoes?

I’m 60 years young and 6 of my last 7 marathons including the Kisumu, Kenya World AIDS Marathon were my fastest marathons since being diagnosed with brain cancer. I believe that people, even those living with HIV and cancer, can reverse their aging process. My goal is to raise money for AIDS and cancer charities and raise awareness to people living with HIV and cancer, that they can reverse their aging process. NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP. Live each day to the fullest and rejoice that you are alive to feel whatever aches and pains you are living with because at least you’re alive to feel.

My name is Richard Brodsky. 15+ years ago I was diagnosed with HIV. 10+ years ago I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. My wife, Jodi, has been my rock as her love knows no bounds. I know I'm blessed just being alive, let alone being a marathon runner. I need to give something back to people who are less fortunate than me: money from events like this 5K run/walk, toys to children who are living with cancer, baskets of toiletries to people afflicted with AIDS or cancer. Since 2008, the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation has donated $86,000 in toiletry / gift items, cash and toys to AIDS and cancer organizations, children living with pediatric cancer at Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York, South Nassau Communities Hospital, and Center of AIDS Research & Treatment at North Shore University Hospital plus other organizations, hospitals, and support groups noted on http://5kaidscancer.org/?page_id=14.

Inspiration... it is you who inspire me. It is you who encourage me to face life in an upbeat way, and just be grateful for every day we have to help others. The 5K was a huge success as 320 participants completed the run/walk. People tell me I live in my own dream world, but ask yourself the question, 'how would you feel knowing you were alive by some miracle and you were not doing everything you could do to help others?’ Yes I do feel incredibly fortunate that WE can help others. The Foundation will be organizing its 5th annual 5K FREE Run / Walk for HIVers, Cancer Survivors & Friends in Oceanside Park on October 27th to get HIVers and cancer survivors exercising. While I may not be able to discover a cure for AIDS or cancer, I'd like to think that running and the camaraderie of runners has saved my life. Please join me and help save other lives and contribute generously so we may be able to continue serving our community. Please write me at richardm.brodsky@gmail.com for further information if you would like to participate in the upcoming FREE Run / Walk. At the last FREE run / walk, everyone received $45 in toiletry / gift items plus a FREE raffle prize worth an average of $35.

Back to the June 9, 2013 Event, for the first 300 runners / walkers to register either online or by paper application, they will receive $30 in gift certificates ($5 each) from Runyon's of Seaford; Lido Kosher Deli, A Whale's Tale, The Cabana (all from Long Beach) plus a $10 gift certificate from Giardinetto Italiano Ristorante of Inwood. Thank you to http://www.kids4kidsnyc.org/ and comedian Lawrence Shaw for providing the entertainment on June 9.

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Total Donations: $7,824

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