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American Heart Association
There are 3 Easy Ways to support American Heart Association.

1. Sponsor one of the participants participating in the Long Beach Marathon.

  • Find the text box at the top of the page and either type in the participant's name you wish to support, or click on the ‘Search’ button to view all of the fundraising pages. Once you've done this select the fundraiser and make a donation to their page.
2. Make a general contribution

  • To make a general donation to the Americna Heart Association click on the amount you would like to donate in the box below titled ‘Make a Contribution’ or enter the amount you would like to donate and click ‘continue’ to proceed.
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Total Donations: $3,343

Contributor Amount Comment
John Duong $25.00 "Thanks for taking the initiative to be a part of a good cause. "
Amy Nguyen $5.00 "Yay Rinda!"
Linnara Lim $25.00 "SMILE!! - You continue to be focus, determine & excited... thank you, for your good HEART :) "
Sherry Wilson $25.00 "Roxana - Good for you for doing this! It is a great cause and I hope you reach your goal. Good luck in the run!"
Zalaikha Lodin Hidden "DO EET SLOOT!!! It's not like it's hard ;) 143"
Loredana Spiridon $50.00 "Go get 'em!! I'm proud of you, sisi! :)"
Bret Isgette $20.00 "To Rinda: Good luck! Thank you for choosing to help the American Heart Association. From a person who is stuggling to lower her high blood pressure, all your hard work and determination is appreciated! Go Rinda! :-) Yay!"
Carmen Corbei $25.00 "Roxana ,felicitari i-mi place de tine ca esti agresiva si ai sa ai succes in viata.Ma bucur de initiativa ta.Te pup Carmen."
Carissa Kildall $15.00 "Good luck, run like the the wind ! <3"
Steve De La Torre $25.00 "Thank you for being such a wonderful and caring person."
Judith Newsom $20.00 "Good luck Roxana!"
Lisa Te $5.00 "This is such an amazing cause. Good luck! =)"
Julie Radke $10.00 "Thank you Amie for all that you do! You are making the world a better place!"
courtney hansen $40.00 "You can do it baby! So proud of you. Love you."
Christine Cummings $10.00 "You inspire us all, you amazing woman! I wanna be as cool as you when I grow up!"
Rebecca Morris $25.00 "LOVE MY ALTO!"
Carol Johns $50.00 "You go Amie!! Wish I had even a small portion of your energy! "
Bonnie Martinez $25.00 "Good luck with your amazing goal, Cathy! Sorry this donation couldn't be more. Love, B"
Emily Mitchell $10.00 "You rock, Amie!!!"
Lyndie Nitkin $10.00 "you constantly inspire me Amie!"
Elissa Goodwin $25.00 "See you at the finish line!"
Margaret Frazier $25.00 "This is in celebration of Emily's life."
Tiffany Uy $20.00 "run, Rinda, run!! "
Ramona Santos $100.00 "Thanks for the inspiration!! You GO GIRL!!!"
Jalin Hsu $100.00 "sorry for bailing on you! looking forward to seeing all your Finish Line photos!"
Richard Abrusci $100.00 "Thanks for doing the hard work!!!"
Amie Bjorklund $25.00 "Thank you so much to everyone who is helping us with this!! Go team! We can do this and I am so proud of you! Love and happy miles forever."
Renita Heng $10.00 "RUN, J-DA, RUN! (get my forrest gump reference? =])"
Leslie Oblea $10.00 "Have a good time. Proud of you Girly!"
Catherine Garrison $170.00 "This donation is from dear friends supporting Cathy on this endeavour: Joyce Hutauruh, Ly Kouch, Karin Lewis, Sherry Davis, Mary Borja, Marry Anna Ramos, Bill Thomas, Don Henderson, Jim and Barbara Dallas, Cindy Diaz, and Virginia Bird. Thank you all so much!"
christie huddleston $25.00 "Good luck! Love u"
Hilde Garrison $50.00 "Go for it, Cathy!"
Adela Heng $10.00 "You go J! :)"
Jon Brandts $25.00 "Good Luck Tomorrow, Roxana! "
Benjamin Green $25.00 "I'm assuming it's better late than never :)"
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