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9/11 Heroes Run Fundraising Campaign
Honoring the Fallen by Challenging the Living
The 9/11 Heroes Run aims to raise awareness about the sacrifices made by our every day heroes; the police, fire, first responder, and military communities who continually give of themselves and ask little in return. The Heroes Run seeks to continue Travis' mission through the "Character Does Matter" and Fellowship of the Fallen programs. Additionally about 20% of all proceeds will be given to a local charity in a direct financial grant by the Travis Manion Foundation, and the winning police or fire department team will receive a smaller percentage towards the foundation or charity of their choice. Your support is vital to our mission. Thank you for your support.

Fellowship Program / Families of Fallen Initiative

The Manion family sponsored one of the first Mission Continues Fellows three years ago. They were moved and inspired by his continued service and after dozens of endowed Fellowships wanted to offer the experience to every Family of the Fallen to give each a unique way of honoring their loved one.

  • Work with The Mission Continues in 2011 to grow the programs to pair 150 Fellows with 150 families to honor Fallen Heroes.
  • Fellowships are a unique transition opportunity for wounded and disabled veterans, enabling a structured return to the workforce, to school, or to community service after a return from military service
  • Recruit and communicate with Families, sharing impact statements for each Fellow and coordinating emails, phone calls, and visits between Fellows and Families
  • Honor the Fallen Hero through local media in their hometowns
"Character Does Matter" Leadership Program

Travis' actions on his final day were heroic, but it was the little decisions he made everyday throughout his life that created the character and leadership he demonstrated in combat and in his final moments where he saved the lives of his fellow Marines.

  • A school-based educational experience designed to help young people understand the vital role they play in America's future
  • Ryan Manion Borek and other speakers share stories about character, leadership, and courage from the military, Travis' life, professional sports, and other arenas
  • Grow the CDM program from previous successes to 50 schools in 2011 to help inspire the next generation of leaders

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Total Donations: $28,793

Goal: $100,000

$0 29% $100,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Gail Finan $100.00 "Go Jen- very nice of you to support America and those who serve. MOM"
Sutton Ruiz Hidden "Good luck, Beau! Thank you for everything you do."
Dan Kelly Hidden "Thank you, Beau, for your service."
Jane Kelly Hidden "Thanks Beau!"
Heather Hewitt Hidden "Cousin you are our hero. "
Monica Eiermann $100.00 "Beau, Thank you for your service!"
clayton aguillard $50.00 "thanks for all you do."
Mick and Sue Wagoner $100.00 "Beau, Great cause and we're glad to help just a bit. S/f Mick and Sue"
John Eveland Hidden "Thanks Beau, to you and everyone protecting my family."
David Kuenzli Hidden "Great to hear from you Beau and enjoy the run. Wear a dress!"
Rachel Dove $25.00 "I will always remember. There's nothing that can make me forget the sacrifice. "
Gerald Cullison $50.00 "I am so proud of you girl. Wish I could do this one with you."
THOMAS AND CLAUDIA DUNNE Hidden "In honor of Ian and his beautiful sister Danielle."
nina carney $25.00 "You rock girl!!"
Michael Shearer $100.00 "Good Luck Kassandra!"
Amy LaMorgia $100.00 "Good luck in the race Ashley!"
Karen, Allen & Alessa Williams $100.00 "A Wonderful Foundation you are running for! Good Luck Kasey!"
Peyton & Nick Roberts Hidden "Freedom isn't free"
Joseph Clifford $25.00 "Treat yourself to a cold beer after the run."
Thomas Burke $250.00 "this is for the 9/11 heroes run in Swampscott MA"
Lana Tran $50.00 "You're my hero honey!"
Janet Caruso-Krause $25.00 "Alex - thanks for doing this to show your support to all Marines everywhere! Oooorhaaaa!!! "
robert kolbasowski Hidden "Bob and Michelle Kolbasowski"
Christian Gingras $50.00 "Great cause, good luck Dave!"
Kristina Shea $50.00 "I"ll be there Cheering you on!"
Patrick Callihan $50.00 "Great cause, Dave!"
Erin Bollinger- Kelble $10.00 "Yay FIL, maybe ill run too"
Gary Hughes $100.00 "To maintain our freedom we must remember the sacrifices made by all Americans"
Joe and Kathy Wilson $250.00 "This is for the San Francisco Race, since we have moved and cannot be there to share with all"
Sandra Davidson $50.00 "Good Luck Lyndsey and Mike hope you reach your goal. Love Aunt Sandie and Carmel"
Darren Carroll $50.00 "RUN FORREST RUN!"
Heidi Jennings $25.00 "Good Luck, Kassandra! Heidi, Shawn, MacKenzie, & Merrick Jennings"
Helen Sarver $50.00 "In memory of Travis and Brendan."
Mike & Dianne Hastings $25.00 "GO Nickie GO!!!"
Shawn Joyce $25.00 "From San Diegooooo"
Anonymous Hidden "Vanessa"
Sam Governale $100.00 "VANESSA"
peter capodacqua $100.00 "GO Vanessa GO!!! Good Luck BABA "
Terence McMahon $250.00 "Vanessa"
Luigi Bamonte $50.00 "Good Luck Vanessa!!!!!!"
Peggy Moore $30.00 "YEAAA NICK!!! So proud of you! Love you! "
Mark Baldino $100.00 "John Howard proudly supports his sousin Nick"
Anthony Delgott $50.00 "This is a great cause, best wishes!! Tony"
Jeff Hogan $64.00 "Semper Fidelis, USNA Class of 1964"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Vanessa! Baba"
Anonymous $200.00 "vanessa go baba. from jay russo"
Anonymous $500.00 "Vanessa I'm so proud of you...GOOD LUCK!!!!! Mark"
Tom Dougherty $50.00 "I will not be out done by Darrin Carroll, so I am matching his $50 contribution."
Mike Thornton Hidden "No, not THAT Mike Thornton."
Kristi Sirois $25.00 "Good Luck Bridget!!"
Vincent Vivolo $500.00 "Take it easy Baba Take it easy!!!!! Good luck Venessa! Vinny"
Beth Lazor-Smith $50.00 "For Rod Fletcher. Thank you!"
Thomas Richardson $100.00 "Vanessa"
heather werth $50.00 "Proud to support this great cause!"
nancy post $50.00 "Go Dave! "
Anonymous $50.00 "In honor and memory of Cody Putman. "
Stephen Scarpulla $25.00 "Good on you Ross..."
Amit Sud $100.00 "All the best Ross, never forget..."
Thomas Cuomo $25.00 "Never Forget!! Good luck Ross"
Carol/Michael Schneider Hidden "Good luck! What no bread?"
Alison Digesere $25.00 "Go Maegan!!"
Paul Goldberg $25.00 "Great cause, happy to help."
Scott Ganzekaufer $100.00 "Worthy cause....Run!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck, Ross!"
Danielle Fetchen $25.00 "Good Luck, girl!!! Hope you reach your goal. I will post on my pages to help you out with this great cause! "
Meghan Antol $10.00 "Good luck Ryan! "
kathleen prindle $25.00 "Good Luck Low! This is a righteous cause, and I am so glad that you are commemorating one of the worst day's in our nations history (as well as in my own life) by having this fundraising event! Our thought & prayers lie with Travis and Brendan, and all the amazing friends, family, and countrymen who have gone to fight to preserve our democracy. xoxoxoxo, Kathleen (& Chris) Prindle"
Diane Bowers $100.00 "Diane and Russ..."We will never forget""
Anne McAlpin $100.00 "Good luck, Low. This sounds like a wonderful cause. A, B, & C McAlpin"
Sean Moore $50.00 "Thanks Beau! "
Susan Kahil $50.00 "Go May-ghun!"
Malissa Blane $25.00 "Yeay May-ghun!!"
Robertf Rollo $600.00 "With all our love! Bob and Kim Rollo"
Lynn Egan $25.00 "Good Luck Ryan!"
Mary Blsnr $50.00 "You're awesome, Maegan-I'm cheering for ya!"
Roy Del Castillo $31.00 "ju kan du it."
Janet Aldinger Hidden "Becky, You've chosen a great hero and a great cause! J."
Anonymous $100.00 "we will never forget good lck to all"
Elaine Portock Hidden "We're proud of you both! Mom & Dad"
The Hailand Family $100.00 "Good Luck Low ... We miss you... Wonderful cause! The Hailands"
Karen & Charlie Copperberg Hidden "To our children, thank you for being our everyday heroes!"
Heidi Gray Devita $25.00 "Happy to support a great guy and a great cause - Run strong!"
Betty & Ron Hoefer $50.00 "In Memory of Alysia Burton Basmajian"
Amy Condry $250.00 "In Memory of Cpl. Christopher Weaver."
Jamie Riccio $20.00 "Maegan = the greatest runner ever, and greatest person ever! Love you feet!!!!"
Sonia Hensler $25.00 "I am so proud of you! Love, from your other mom!"
Tyler Brown $25.00 "Great cause, sorry I could not make the run this year. Enjoy the day"
Diana Seestedt $25.00 "Go Jen!! Have a great run!! "
Douglas Kalman $25.00 "I thank Julie Stupps for sharing this opportunity to support you and this program!"
christopher koon $100.00 "Thanks for all you do so we all can be Free!! God bless you and your family !!!"
Emily McCarthy $25.00 "So proud of you Jen!"
Clara & Joe Fleischhauer $100.00 "Good Luck Tammy & Tori. Wish we could be there with you."
Brett Abbamonte $100.00 "Hey All! Thank you to everyone who is participating. Even if you do not want to run, we still need volunteers to help out on the day of the run. Please feel free to forward this website on to anyone that you think might want to donate to this great cause! Semper Fidelis, Brett"
Megan Schultz $75.00 "Donation made in memoriam of each of the fallen heroes whose lives were forever changed by the events of 9.11.2001."
ilysa biles $100.00 "good luck buddy! love ya!!!"
David Corbin $25.00 "Afterwards, I'll treat you to some Pizza Hut! The perfect post run meal!"
robert schultz $100.00 " Dear Brett, Thank you for your efforts in organizing this run in memory of our fallen heroes. We honor and salute all of our military, and their families as well. We proudly fly our flag everyday, and keep you and your comrades in our thoughts. Kathy, Bob and Max "
Robert Maschi $25.00 "Run Jen, run!"
Cary & Barbara Schiff $100.00 "Ari, Thanks for showing that every person can make a difference! Love you!"
George & Samdria Stewart $6.00 "Let's get it sister!!! Run in memory of those we lost and in celebration of all the heroes!"
Ann & Mike Ropka Hidden "May God bless the souls and families of the fallen. May God bless those who still fight for our freedom."
MATINA SPAULDING Hidden "To the families of those who gave all, You are not forgotten. 1stSgt Matina D. Spaulding"
Shauna Nasholts $150.00 "Thank you to everyone who came out to support the victims of the 9/11 attacks. We gave up 3 miles to honor those who gave and are still giving their all. Thank you to those who decided to donate as well."
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