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5 at 25
Early November of last year Joel Perez had a realization, his next birthday would mark a quarter of his life. The thought of turning 25 years old gave Perez a jolt of mixed emotions and a lingering question, what can I do to make this year memorable? Thus 5 at 25 was born, five marathons, Los Angeles, Eugene, San Francisco, Portland, and Las Vegas all completed at the age of 25.

Since November 14th Perez has been logging 40 to 60 miles a week as he trains in the high desert country of Bend, Oregon. Run after run Perez laces up his worked in Asics as he challenges himself to be better mile after mile. As the miles piled on, Perez found not only pleasure in running but also a purpose. The purpose of 5 at 25 will be to raise funds for the Bend Boys and Girls Club.

Aware that kids face more pressures today then ever before, Perez finds that it is his responsibility as a member of the Bend community to contribute to programs that are positive for today’s youth benefiting them mentally, socially, and physically. Therefore, Perez is asking for you to support him in 5 at 25 by donating money to the Boys and Girls Club of Bend, which has been providing a fun and nurturing environment for the youth of Central Oregon since 1994.

By way of this website, please contribute what you can to a worthy organization and Perez’s courageous goal of running five marathons this year.

If you’re in one of the cities Perez will be racing in please join him along the course or greet him as he crosses the finish line! Los Angeles Marathon March 21st, Eugene Marathon May 2nd, San Francisco Marathon July 25th, Portland Marathon October 10th, and the Las Vegas Marathon December 5th. Many the Miles to go!

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Total Donations: $1,280

Goal: $2,500

$0 51% $2,500

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