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Al's Angels 24 Hours of Hope lV
Every Hour Counts
Al's Angels is a 501C3 organization founded by Al DiGuido along with his friends and colleagues over 10 years ago with its primary mission to provide critical aid to children and families who are challenged with cancer, rare blood diseases and severe financial hardship. Over the past 8 years, Al's Angels has provided holiday meals and toys to over 12,000 families and nearly 20,000 children. Without the work of Al's Angels, these children and family would not have any joy during the holiday season.

Last year this event raised over $75,000 to support our holiday efforts. It is our hope that 24 Hours of Hope lV will surpass its goal of over $100,000 this year. This year's event is being based out of the Edge Fitness Club in Norwalk and throughout the country in local clubs & venues over the weekend of October 12th and 13th. It is our hope that not only will ALL of last year's participants join with us again this year; We hope to encourage many more friends, family members and business colleagues around the country to join in and support this worthwhile cause via our new expanded efforts.

Every Hour Counts !!! At 24 Hours of Hope lV

Sadly, each year the number of children and families who battle cancer, rare blood diseases and severe financial hardship continue to grow. For these families, there are no bailouts or subsidies coming to their aid. Without the funds that we raise…Without the work that we do, these children will continue to live in despair and hopelessness.

Please do all you can to support our work and this very important fundraising activity . We truly need every dollar!

God Bless You for all that you will do in support of this event.

Al DiGuido
Al's Angels

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Total Donations: $42,837

Goal: $100,000

$0 43% $100,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Kathleen Paradiso $250.00 "Love you!"
Al DiGuido $250.00 "Great Job Rosie...Go Girl Go !!!"
Philomena Strompf $100.00 "Good Luck Rosie!"
Anonymous $200.00 "I hope you make your goal. A little something to start you off."
Anonymous $200.00 "It's a great cause."
MARY OTT $50.00 "Thank you for all you do."
Dawn OKeefe $60.00 "Good luck!"
Patrick Lloyd $10.00 "Great work!"
Jackie Spring $50.00 "Good luck Rose!"
Al DiGuido $100.00 "Go Phil Go !!!"
Jennifer Heit $50.00 "Go Rosie!"
Victor Eichorn $100.00 "Glad to help, Phil. (P.S. Retirement is great - I highly recommend it.)"
Karin Sadove $250.00 "Good luck! The Sadove Family"
Al DiGuido $150.00 "Michele...You can crush this GOAL... Shake it Up !!!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Thank you Heatherly, A little something to get the Party started! "
Susan Roos $20.00 "Good Luck Antonia - Great cause!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Wishing you a tremendously successful event!"
Anonymous $50.00 "God Bless you and your family"
Ed Hirsch $25.00 "Good luck in this worthy cause."
The Andreani Family $100.00 "Dear Antonia, What a GREAT thing for you to be doing! We're so very proud of you. Love, Auntie Nancy, Uncle Mario, Joey and Danielle"
Audrey Frankel Hidden "Happy Birthday John Lynch! Keep up the great work!"
Patricia Colef $50.00 "Thank you for all your hard work. "
James Lacerenza $15.00 "Here's our first contribution, yeah, I'll make a second one with the next paycheck, you got it! :)"
Kathleen Paradiso $100.00 ""Cinderella dressed in yellow, went upstairs to kiss her fellow, by mistake kissed a snake, how many doctors will it take? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10" Yea, Chris!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Thank you Sarah! A little something to get the party started!!!"
Louis Biscuiti $20.00 "Great cause. Hope you reach you goal. "
Hilton Cancel $25.00 "Glad to help"
Anonymous $20.00 "I hope you make your goal."
Harris Schwartz $100.00 "Keep up your important work"
Vinnie Frankel $25.00 "Yeah Team"
Mary Bolger Hidden "Go Francie and Rita! Great cause and I know the money goes to where it is supposed to."
Evelyn Perez $50.00 ""You are Awesome!""
Anonymous $10.00 "A little something to get the party started!"
Anonymous $10.00 "A little something to get the party started! Thanks for your help."
JANICE CHONKA $20.00 "Nina your one of the better people luv u"
Maureen Hulings $25.00 "John, We all need angels! Maureen"
Robert & Diane Gennaro $200.00 "In celebration of Robin and Vinny's wedding."
Diane and Dean Maglaris $150.00 "Best wishes for a great event!"
Barbara Friedkin $250.00 "Thanks John, Al and family for their generosity in giving so much of their time and energy every year to Al's Little Angels. God bless..."
Anonymous $10.00 "This is such a wonderful cause!"
Anonymous $35.00 "Great cause! Gives hope."
Anonymous $40.00 "From our Tuesday night Zumba angels."
Michele Ayoub $25.00 "From our Tuesday night Zumba angels"
Angela DePino Hidden "Good Luck Sandi!!!"
Donna and Jim Forcier $50.00 "It's our pleasure to support your efforts to make a difference with this great cause!"
Arthur Zigman $50.00 "I'm happy to support you in this worthwhile activity."
Lynn Guarnieri $50.00 "For a great cause. Thanks for doing this."
Nona Rudd $100.00 ""...just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." "
Anne F Levine $50.00 "Good Luck! Bob and Anne"
Joe Hemway $100.00 "Chris, great idea to help with a great need! Kudos!"
Nancy Calasso $25.00 "Thanks for participating in a wonderful cause...go Phil! xox"
Catherine Serrano $25.00 "Thank you for making a difference!"
Rebecca Sellet $100.00 "Go Chris Go!! Rebecca & David"
Anonymous $25.00 "GO AL!! God Bless you Forever!"
Angela Mistretta $50.00 "Good luck!"
Mariana Mekhaiel $50.00 "Great cause, God bless!"
Ginger Donaher $100.00 "Good Luck Chris!"
Rosie DiGuido $100.00 "Very proud of you mom!"
Cynthia Perez $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Mary Kate Romano $50.00 "Go Mrs. D!!"
Mary Kate Romano $50.00 "Go Rosie!!"
Chris Sullivan $250.00 "Best of luck on another great event Al!"
Anonymous $25.00 "keep doing your thing! all for a great cause. thank you for sharing."
Kristina Davidson $25.00 "What a great charity...good luck!"
Eptisam Mahmoud $50.00 "God Bless."
Paula Corrado $50.00 "Thank you, Al, and your angels for all that you do! "
Peter Romano $500.00 "1,000 jumps, how many bins does that equal? or Rice -a Roni!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Dylan's plight hit close to home because we have a 4 1/2 month old granddaughter whose name is Dylan. She is, of course, adorable and like all children of any age also vulnerable to a multitude of illnesses, injuries and diseases. In addition to our donation, we offer our prayers to Dylan and all children everywhere who are suffering due to ill health. Love and best wishes, Chet Kusek "
Connie Kristy $50.00 "Your father and I are happy to support you in this event. We know how much you admire the work that Al's Angels does and are happy to contribute to a charity that is near and dear to your heart. xo Mom"
Paula Corrado $50.00 "Love you Monsignor Walter! You're an inspiration to us all! "
Bud Taylor $20.00 "Monsignor, I wish the amount could be much more, but I want to add something for this worthy cause. You are such a great Pastor, you make our Parish a true family! Bud Taylor "
Mark Waner $50.00 "Please stop cluttering my Facebook feed."
Pat Murphy Hidden "I'd be there if I could these days but have to find my energy again, so cycle a few rounds for me, Monsignor Walter. You go! Love, Pat M"
Anonymous $50.00 "For the children and their families - have a blessed, fun event."
allen&laura nathan $500.00 "Go get em Al...We love you for all that you do!!!"
Chris Spring $100.00 "Hey Chris... jump, jump, jump.... good for you!!!"
Richard Nilsson $150.00 "You Go Grandma! Rick & Robin"
Joan Geronimo $25.00 "Msgr. Walter; It is so wonderful to see the things that you continue to do for your parish and the community. We miss you and pray for your continued health and the success of this fundraiser. Keep up the great work. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Warmest wishes, Joan & Dennis "
James Lacerenza $15.00 "Second of two installments. Now we're all set. :)"
Cathy Curley Hidden "Good luck, Barry and team Schlitz n Giggles! Turns out we are tied up all morning/afternoon with travel baseball, but will be at BKA cheering you all on in spirit ! Have fun!"
Bill O'Brien $20.00 "Good luck Audrey. You are a very special niece and an angel of hope! "
JOANN CAVALLARO $50.00 "Go for it! You are Amazing!"
Philomena Strompf Hidden "Joan Ashley and Tom Robinson"
Roy Chand $20.00 "A good cause. Thanks for doing this."
Matthew Katz $50.00 "Way to Go Howie- "
Lisa Hall Babcock $200.00 "GO HOWIE!!!!"
Al DiGuido $100.00 "If James can do a Zumba Class in a wheel chair to Support Al's Angels...the LEAST...we can ALL do is support this inspiring effort by an incredible man...Go James Go...Shake it !!!!"
Derry Tomczyk $20.00 "Sara, You are wonderful to do this. I am happy to help. Hugs"
Joe Shalleck Hidden "Great job Howie!"
Maria and John Bazzano Hidden "Have fun Monsignor!!"
James Mecca Hidden "Best of Luck Howie! We know you can do it."
Jane Defazio $50.00 "Amazing work; God Bless all of you!"
Josephina Bell Hidden "Sorry I cant come but wanted to support you and the cause!"
dorothy kastner king $50.00 "Such a worthwhile cause - I just wish I could give more! Go Sue Powers!!"
Andrea Fetzer $150.00 "Go Howie Go!! "
Annette Mazzanti $25.00 "Thanks - God Bless"
Colleen Langlais $50.00 "Way to go, Michele! We are so proud of you!"
Donna Kersten $25.00 "Sara, great cause and happy to support you and the families in need of prayers. xo, Donna"
Jeffrey Green $200.00 "Go Chris! "
robert ruotolo $100.00 "Howie,quite a task but you will prevail."
Margaret Downing $100.00 "You go girls!"
Janet Ryan Hidden "So proud of you super athletes... Working out for this good cause"
Mike and Ronnie Conway $100.00 "Michele--good luck. Love. Mom and Dad"
Victoria O'Connor $25.00 "God Bless Al's Angels!"
Herb DeGiovine $100.00 "Happy to help. Great cause!"
Franklin & Amelia Alvarez $150.00 "Good Luck - Best Wishes Amelia & Franklin"
Audrey MacDonald $50.00 "Good luck ladies! Hope you raise lots of $!"
James DiGuido $1,000.00 "Hey Al. Good luck this year! This is my favorite charity to support. I love the fact that every dollar goes to people that are truly in need. We will always support Al's Angels! Love, Jim, Lydia, Greg and Jimmy"
Joanne Marino $25.00 "Team FAR - thanks for your efforts!"
Jean Burke Young $100.00 "GO Team FAR!"
Claire Brown $50.00 "thanks for doing this !"
Michelle Moore $25.00 "Better late than never! I hope it was a great day and the donations rolled in."
Eileen Teufel Hidden "Thank you for all your work to benefit these beautiful children."
Aggie & Joe Squeo $50.00 "Go Nona! You can do it and you really won't need the Celebrex, LOL! Hugs, Aggie & Joe"
Aggie & Joe Squeo $50.00 "Go Msgr. Walter! You are always ready to jump in for a good cause! To know you is to love you! Aggie & Joe "
thomas murtha $100.00 "great job and good luck saturday!"
RTS Corp Hidden "Go FF make it Happen !!!"
Stephen Zoltan Kochor $100.00 "Who is counting? Good Luck Howie!"
Al DiGuido $100.00 "Sara...You continue to show so many the depth of your heart and spirit both at BK and in the world...Keep up the great work !!!"
anna white $25.00 "row, row, row your boat! Good luck!"
Susan Schruth $120.00 "Good luck Fran and rita"
Stephen Goldberg $25.00 "Tammy, I am happy to contribute to your efforts in this regard! SZG"
Chris Conway Hidden "Way to go!!!"
Stacy Scotto $25.00 "Good luck!"
Francia Alvarez Hidden "Good luck with the event!"
Raquel Bazan $50.00 "Good Luck!!! "
Robyn Bova Hidden "So proud to have James as my friend and in my life. Thank you to everyone involved in raising money for Al's Angels! "
Kimberly Wetty $150.00 "Good Luck! Thinking of you. Hugs, The Wettys"
Myra Fetzer Hidden "Go for it, Howie! Love, Mom and Dad"
Nancy Cingari $500.00 "Wish I could be there.....wishing all of Al's Angels the best...Raise that money !!!!"
Susan Levine $200.00 "The work you do is amazing. I feel honored to participate."
Chet Van Wert $100.00 "Awesome work!"
Robert Grusczynski $26.00 "Good Luck Lo!"
Robert Burns Hidden "Have fun,Lauren.Too bad you will have to carry dear ole Dad"
regina mccallion $100.00 "Dad and I are so proud of your good work!"
Liz Reid $100.00 "Go Church Ladies!! I am really proud and inspired by you all. Way to go team!! Love, Liz"
Liz Reid $50.00 "Way to Go Monsignor! Please keep the Church Ladies team in line. "
Liz Reid $50.00 "Good Luck Chris! So proud of you."
Joyce Generoso $100.00 "You go girl! Love, Joyce Generoso"
Christopher O'Connor $50.00 "Go Church Ladies! You rock! "
Brian Kurtz $118.00 "You are an Angel, drop and give me 20! :-) You are an inspiration."
Stephen Rubin $50.00 "Thanks to Cyndi Palaia for her help."
Howie Schwartz $250.00 "Thanks again Al for all that you do and for being an inspiration to our community!"
Barbara Vornkahl $25.00 "Thanks Cyndi for representing us!"
Romona Hay-Peck $25.00 "Way to go Karen and Joe!!!"
Nick and Lorraine DeRosa $50.00 "Way to go, Msgr. Walter!! God bless all participants. "
Brian & Christine McHugh $50.00 "Hermie, Thanks for the effort! It is greatly appreciated! The McHugh Family "
Barbara Gardiner $25.00 "Good luck! Hope all goes well. Love, Barbara & Glenn"
Leanna Jabbonsky $25.00 "You rock don't ever change xoxoxox"
JOANN RYAN $50.00 "Good luck, Philomena!"
Margaret Hoernemann Hidden "So proud of you! Go girls!"
michelle Bartlett $100.00 "Great cause and a great way to contribute!"
Anonymous $207.00 "good luck Susan!"
Peter Dubner Hidden "Go Francie and Rita!!"
Sisi Ferine $25.00 "Rock on ladies and have fun today!! xo Sisi"
Bobbie Rich $50.00 "You go girls. Proud of ya!"
Mary and Ken Fischer $100.00 "You are awesome!!!!!"
Susan Gannon Hidden "Congrats Francie and Rita for doing this--go Team FAR! Susan "
Vicki Silby $25.00 "Hi, Tammy, I am very happy to help you in support of Al's Angels. We are so lucky to have a wonderful, healthy child. I will do whatever I can to help children who have such awful diseases. I'm hoping that my little bit will help.You make us very proud! Love, Mom"
Debra Jackson $25.00 "You Go Girls! "
Peter Cincogrono $200.00 "Sorry this is late ladies. I think it's great that you're both doing this. You make med proud to be your friend......"
Joseph Sapia $100.00 "al, keep up the good work"
Charles Protano Hidden "Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Protano "
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