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Team Poppy Tony

Team Poppy Tony races triathlons to raise funds in the fight against multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer.

In November of 2011, Team Poppy Tony was born.

Brother David challenged sister Kendra (Kgo) to a seemingly impossible feat: finishing three full-length IRONMAN triathlons in ten months.

Nevermind the fact that Kgo didn’t know how to swim, didn’t own a bike, and was nursing a running injury. These were small challenges compared to the ones her father (Poppy Tony) was facing in battling multiple myeloma, a blood cancer without a cure.

Inspired by her father’s ability to defy the odds, Kgo not only covered these distances with her brother, but along the way won an amateur title, qualified for IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and placed placed Top 10 in the world.

Having secured her professional qualification in 2013 and 2014, Kgo will race 2015 as a pro!

More importantly, Kgo has used triathlon as a platform to raise awareness and funds in the fight against multiple myeloma. Led by Kgo, supported by many, Team Poppy Tony has raised over $75,000 for myeloma research.

With a donation in Team Poppy Tony's honor, you will support the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (the MMRF), a fantastic organization that supports the development of Poppy Tony’s most successful treatments.

Team Poppy Tony thanks you for your support!
Total Donations Collected:$17,083.00
Goal: $20,000
$0 85% $20,000
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Contributor Amount Comment
Jennifer Fier $100.00 "Excited for the Fest!! "
Katherine Tobin $100.00 "Happy to support Team Poppy!"
Lynn Mattucci $120.00 "Happy to be sharing in this event for a great cause."
Jeffrey Iqbal $100.00 "Love you, Sunshine!"
Michael Stevenson $100.00 "This is such a great cause! Thanks go to Kendra and everyone else who is helping to raise funds for this research."
Adam Stolzberg $100.00 "Happy to help you reach the goal and help a good cause. Great to see the finish line pic of IMAZ of you and your dad! Go Team Poppy Tony! -Adam and Holli"
Tani & Eric Gelber $100.00 "Always inspiring Kendra. "
Joseph Birkenstock $100.00 "Just saw this on the Bike Forum, happy to support a great cause!"
William Risch $100.00 "Glad to support such a good cause! "
Miles Masci $50.00 "Team Poppy inspires. I strive for that kind of drive. You rock Kendra."
Michael Dreyer $100.00 "Go get it Kendra! Thank you and best of luck to you and Team Poppy in 2014! Mike, Jean, and the Dreyer family "
Jennifer Pettit $50.00 "Go Team Poppy!!! - Jenny (Pettit) & Brett Woodis"
Alison Eddy $100.00 "Happy to support you and this great cause! (+BAH =))"
ester barbuto $60.00 "Great Cause- Happy to Support!"
Stephanie Goffredo $100.00 "We're cheering you on, Kendra! Go Team Poppy!!!"
Andrew Simpson $50.00 "Keep up the fight!"
Jeff Furr $100.00 "BAH marathon team is inspired by Kendra!"
Dawn Riebeling $50.00 "Excited for another great event. Go Team Poppy Tony!"
lorena vega Hidden "Go team poppy!!"
Charlie, Kiki and Kati Dulaney $100.00 "Congratulations on another amazing event. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you. Enjoy the event. So proud of you Kendra. Kiki, Charlie and Kati"
Seamus O'Connor $50.00 "The O'Connors are on Team Poppy!"
Jackie McCarthy $50.00 "You had me at "Gu Salted Caramel." ;) Congrats on your amazing work for this important cause."
Rose Clark Hidden "My father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma two years ago and your story of your father is definitely inspiring and gives me hope. Very happy to support!"
Christina Hoggatt $100.00 "Happy to support! 2014 Tri Season is here!!! :)"
Stefan Bartl Hidden "Woo woooo"
Micaela Theisen $100.00 "I am looking forward to making it in person this year!"
Victoria Anderson $60.00 "I hope I win the vasectomy. "
Erica Pacheco $50.00 "Go Team Poppy Tony! Always Inspiring..."
Holly Tompkins $100.00 "Go Team Poppy Tony! "
Cindy and Ted McCord $50.00 "Our pleasure to once again support the annual Team Poppy Fest! Go luck, Kendra with all that goes with this event. Love, Ted for Cindy"
Danielle Leach $60.00 "Way to go, Kendra!"
Mark Mhley $100.00 "Proud to be able to help Team Poppy and MMRF. Looking forward to April 10th!"
Rod Vieira $20.00 "Happy to Help!"
Linda Dunn $150.00 "Always happy to contribute to such a great cause."
Cecilia Banks $40.00 "Congrats on a great race, Kgo! So proud of you!"
Alexander Heil $100.00 "Good luck and all the best!"
Sarah Karpinski $60.00 "Happy to Support - Sarah + Jason "
Tim Duffey $100.00 "Go Team Poppy Tony!"
Anonymous $250.00 "You're a true inspiration. Kendra!"
Caroline Presley $20.00 "You and Poppy Tony are true inspirations!"
Bronwyn Haley $60.00 "In support of MMRF Team Poppy and Team Aruba - wonderful efforts for great cause!"
Shanna Batten $30.00 "Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration!"
Cindy Rahall $50.00 "Go Team Poppy!"
Erik Pelton $20.00 "5 raffle tickets please :)"
Elizabeth Larios $60.00 "(Sarita's mom): excelente Kendra, gracias por apoyar esta causa!! Abrazos!!!"
Bel Serocki $100.00 "This cause is near and dear to my heart. Thank you Kendra for all you do for MMRF!"
Evan Goldstein $100.00 "Sorry we couldn't be there to help party, best of luck on a great year!"
Caroline Lauver $200.00 "Thanks to Team Poppy Tony, I had a fast swim with a new speed suit!"
Samantha Bird $100.00 "You are an inspiration Kendra! Congrats on great Lake Placid and being part of such an amazing fundraising effort."
Carleigh Moore Hidden "Go Kendra! Thanks for being such a great role model for new triathletes!"
Chris Jackson $50.00 "Good luck as you continue to raise money & awareness for this great cause...and good luck in your first year racing as a pro!"
Erin Dunlap Hidden "Thanks for all of your support for the new triathletes Kendra! Best of luck to you in your races this year!!"

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