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Scott Dahlquist's Fundraising Page
Having fun no matter what you think.
Hi, This is my fourth Mush for a Cure. Some years I have participated and others I have handled for my partner, Susan. This year we will both be skijoring the course with two teams of Irish Red and White Setters. The Kennel "Fiddlin Irish Red and White Setters" is dedicated to to having fun and promoting the breed no matter how far from their intended use it happens to be. Thus skijoring. One thing I know about participating in this event is that it brings together some of the greatest people you will ever meet to work on a cause that has affected all of us. However, let's not forget the really pretty and really fast dogs! Please support my team by supporting the cause. Pledge early and pledge often!
Please help us reach our goal!
Scott and members of Team Fiddlin' taking a curve for Mush for a Cure

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Total Donations: $80.00
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