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@1=1576 PGHL Does ESBRU!
PromotingGlobalHairLoss by Climbing Stairs!

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. In 2009 I had my first round of RVD and harvested my cells - and lost my hair - for the first time! Last year I scheduled my transplant and knew I was going to lose my hair - AGAIN. This time I was prepared.

Promoting Global Hair Loss raised over $60,000.00 losing hair all over the world: Hong Kong, Zurich, Middlebury, Boston, Baltimore, Dallas, NYC and a few other places! This year I had to think - what was I going to do? Three years ago I would have called anyone actually 'racing' the Empire State Building crazy. This year, I'm doing it, I'm going vertical - why? Because I can!

@1=1576 - get it? At one year, i'm doing 1,576 steps! (clever, eh?)

On Race day, exactly one year ago, I was at Mt Sinai Day4 after transplant. On my one year anniversary I'm going to run up one thousand five hundred seventy six steps (sounds bigger than 1,576) to the top of the Empire State Building. I'm going to try and have friends from each region of the world join me on my team - continuing to Promote Global Hair Loss. You're bald because you're kicking cancer's @ss! Let's make a fashion statement out of it!

Help me fight this incurable disease. I'm doing very well after one year but I have friends who are either back on chemo or already through another transplant. I'm doing it for me, I'm doing it for them, I'm doing it for everyone out there with this miserable disease!

Please pass this along to all your friends and follow me everywhere!
Twit: @PromotingGHL
FB: http://bit.ly/PGHLfbook
Blog: http://bit.ly/pghlblog
My First Video announcing ESBRU!: http://bit.ly/ESBRUVid

Why I do what I do post explaining my craziness: http://bit.ly/PGHLyidwid
(read and share that one please!)

Help me raise my goal, help me beat my goal - follow me on FB and cheer my daily trounce up a bunch of stairs training for this insanity!

Thank you for all your help and support!


Total Donations Collected:$41,377.00
Goal: $25,000
$0 166% $25,000
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Contributor Amount Comment
Virginia Gelczis $50.00 "My mother's had this disease for 4 years and basically lives on chemo. Thank you for trying to make a difference."
Louise Morgan $100.00 "Good luck Bill"
Scott and Samantha Adams $100.00 "Good luck with the run Bill and better luck with the prognosis!"
James Peters $115.76 "Keep up the great work Bill!"
Sandra Bang $100.00 "Good luck Bill!! "
Meghan Joye $100.00 "Go KONG!"
Michael Dreyer $50.00 "Go get it Bill! The Dreyer Family"
Thomas DeSoye $100.00 "Bill, Best of luck with the training and rock and roll up 1,576 steps! God Bless! TD"
jesse kulp $100.00 "I love you Mr. Bill!"
julia durkot $50.00 "Bill! Best of luck to you!"
Nancy Walton $100.00 "Thanks, Bill, for honoring my Mom, Ursula. Good luck and I'm reposting this on FB."
Ursula Gelczis $50.00 "Thank you for doing yesterday's training for me. I really appreciate your efforts. Sincerely, Ursula Gelczis"
Gregory Bender $50.00 "Enjoy your climb to the top - you are an inspiration. "
Bill & Janet Rivers $250.00 "This is in support of Bill McHugh"
Michael Bettigole $100.00 "All the way to the top!!"
Hugo Rubio $100.00 "Best of luck Bill!!"
Janet & Daniel Nolan $100.00 "very impressive - Spiderman, King Cong, Superman, Batman, Billy McHugh! "
Cristina Casagrande $100.00 "Bill you are so brave and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for inspiring us to be positive and make a difference. Good luck - rooting for you all the way!! - Cristina"
Peter Cerclay $100.00 "Bill, YOU are AWESOME..... If you weren't already spoken for, I would ask you to marry me!! ... oh Yes.. "Goooooooo KONG!!!" Peter Cerclay"
Susan Reph $100.00 "Best of Luck on your climb Bill!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Bill!"
Coco Cosereanu $50.00 "Way to go Billy!!!! I'm really happy for you!!!"
Doug Kenney $100.00 "Good Luck Bill!"
Dana Schnek $100.00 "Bill, I admire your courage and tenacity! "
kieran gibbons $100.00 "Go Billy Go! Love Gibby"
Marty Young $50.00 "Bill,,Good luck ..you can do it!!--Marty"
Reginald Hilliard $100.00 "a wonderful cause, a wonderful guy and i pray that we are able to triumph over this dreaded disease. let's do it!"
Wei Nien Lee $100.00 "Way to go Bill!"
Robert DiChiara $50.00 "Good luck Bill! You are a great inspiration to us all."
Dave Butala $50.00 "Good Luck Bill!! I'll schedule a few 29th fl meetings this week to help you out!"
Rony Francois $100.00 "We're all cheering for you Bill!"
Richard Dixon $123.45 "Gooooo!!!!"
Peter Johnston $100.00 "Good luck Lord Billy 'The Bald' PJ"
Ronni and Phil Faust and Cogan $100.00 "Bill, you are awesome!"
Jim Gannon $100.00 "Way to go Bill, you're amazing!"
Mary Jane Reilly $50.00 "Thank you for being so positive about having MM. You inspire me, Bill!! Praying for a cure in our lifetime!!"
Michael RUSSELL $50.00 "In a Gorilla suit?"
Joe & Marsha Shambo $500.00 "Congratulations for complete remission and being "The Spirit of Hope". Good Luck on your next climb - Feb 5! Marsha & Joe Shambo"
Samantha Sarles $25.00 "Bill - I feel so honored to have the chance to run beside you next week as we conquer all of those stairs. You are an amazing inspiration. "
Richard Lee $50.00 "Good Luck Bill...just make sure you beat Rudden!"
Bryan Ruben $50.00 "Good luck Shawn... go get 'em!"
Christina Fleischmann $250.00 "Good Luck Bill - Love ya Tina & Diane"
David Tamburelli $100.00 "Good luck guys!"
Nick Rodgers $150.00 "Way to go, Bill!"
Michael Dreyer $100.00 "Go get it Bill! The Dreyer Family"
Mr Dreyer $35.00 "SB Match - what a horrible game! :)"
Kyra Lechmanik $50.00 "Good luck! "
Marie Konstance $100.00 "You go Bill!"
Joanna Peters $50.00 "It was the leg post ;) you're amazing xxx"
Kourtney Garner $36.00 "In the Jewish tradition, I have been told that the number 18 represents life. It is only fitting that I double that number for your year anniversary. Happy 2nd birthday! Thank you for inspiring me and making me realize why I love my job."
Christina Fleischmann $400.00 "Hey Bill - Our softball team always asks about you and how you're doing - they wanted to donate too, so this is from them!! Love ya, Tina & Diane"
Eric Gelber $55.00 "Bill, I am so glad to know you. Your strength inspires me to keep doing my part to find a cure. Peace E"
Alan Sirbaugh $50.00 "Glad to have reconnected with Bill (if only electronically) after 30 years. Also happy to know he has so much positive in his life. Keep pounding!"
Carmella Symotsky $100.00 "Go for it Bill, you can do it, always reach for the stars, never ever give up. Momma Rudden "
April Colyer $100.00 "Hi Billy - I don't believe we have had the pleasure of meeting but my dad was Rick Corman, whom you have written about a couple of times on here. I just want to say THANK YOU for your kind words of him, as well as all you are doing for raising awareness and support for the fight against Multiple Myeloma. I wish you all the best!"
Sandra Wommack $25.00 "One step at a time, over and over and over...God bless all of you!"
Barbara Severance $25.00 "Thanks form the bottom of my heart, Chuck's wife, Barbara"
Mandy Sawicki $20.00 "Thank You for dedicating the first 20 flights to my Dad, Chuck Severance Love, Mandy "
Lynn Mudryk $50.00 "Happy re-birthday Bill! Not many can inspire and help others the way you have, so it's great that you can - and that you do. Keep up the fight for yourself and others! Best of luck at the ESBRU! xoxo"
Mike and Lorna Gormley $25.00 "1234 1234 1234...... phew..... long long way xxxx"
Ganesh Nava $50.00 "Way to go Bill!!"
Jim Hefferan $50.00 "Well done Mate!"
Anita Mandl Hidden "Rock it, Bill."
anthony nashawaty $100.00 "Well done Bill!!!"
Robert Gray $100.00 "Inspirational ! "
Christina Fleischmann $25.00 "Donations still coming in from our softball team!!"
Melissa Donnelly $50.00 "You are an inspiration, Bill. Take care, Melissa"

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