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Power To Make The Difference: Taking on the Run-Up and Fighting Cancer!
James McKissick's Fundraising Page
I am participating in the Empire State Building Run-Up in February, 2014 as part of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) PowerTeam to support Bo Russell's fight.

The work ahead of me?

Run up 1,576 steps to the top of the Empire State Building and raise at least $25,000 for the MMRF. Training for this event is a challenge, but nothing compared to the challenges faced by Bo with multiple myeloma.

Bo Russell and I have been friends since we were two years old, went to the same preschool, were at CCES from primer through 12th grade together, were in each other's weddings and he is my first born's godfather. He is a family man and a loyal friend. Bo has successfully battled multiple myeloma, a rare form of blood cancer, and is in “complete remission” or, as his doctor might say, he has had a “complete response” to the treatment. As of yet there is no “cure” for multiple myeloma, but once patients are in remission it is treated as a chronic disease. This is due to a considerable degree by the efforts of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) which has helped win the approval from the FDA of 6 life changing drugs in the past ten years. Shepherding that many experimental medications through the FDA in such a short time is unprecedented. The MMRF continues to support research and development of other promising therapies and medications through the FDA pipeline. Further, the MMRF operates at 90% efficiency meaning 90 cents of every dollar donated to the MMRF goes directly back to research and programming.

The Purpose: Help fund research that is extending the lives of patients and getting us closer to a cure!

Multiple myeloma is, at this time, an incurable blood cancer. Although progress has been made in treating multiple myeloma, the five-year relative survival rate remains one of the lowest of all cancers.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative research that accelerates the development of next generation treatments to extend the lives of patients and lead to a cure.

The MMRF is the world's leading private funder of myeloma research. Their work has contributed to FDA approval of six new cancer drugs in less than a decade – a track record that's unparalleled in the world of oncology.

The MMRF is one of the most highly regarded cancer foundations in the world. An outstanding 90% of the total MMRF budget goes directly towards research and related programming. The MMRF is consistently recognized in the top 1% of all charities reviewed by evaluators like Charity Navigator.

The Goal: Raise $25,000 for the MMRF!

Please support my participation in the Empire State Building Run-Up benefiting the MMRF! I have made a commitment to raise at least $25,000, and I need your help to get there. Please contribute whatever you can. It all adds up!

Please take this opportunity to give back and support this game-changing cancer organization.



Total Donations Collected:$31,229.00
Goal: $25,000
$0 125% $25,000
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Contributor Amount Comment
Blair Allen Hidden "Awesome idea, James!!! Good luck!!"
Chad Odom $250.00 "James better you then me!! Good Luck Buddy! Chad"
Debi Roberts $100.00 "What a great way to support a dear friend. Good Luck James!"
C. Brock Bauknight, Jr. Hidden "Awesome Job Yummy. Way to take the lead for our favorite Council!"
Elliott Botzis Hidden "AWESOME!!!! "
Matt Smith Hidden "Good luck James!"
Charlie Parke Hidden "Good luck with this daunting activity. Give my best to Bo"
Braxton Cutchin $100.00 "James. This is a wonderful project. Good luck "
Sarah Goldsmith Hidden "Best of Luck to you James!"
Tod Hyche Hidden "Thanks for doing this. "
Tess Seydel $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Rob Russell Hidden "James Good Luck! Thanks so much for doing this for Bo."
Reginald Titmas $100.00 "Thank you for doing this James and best wishes to Bo. Reggie Titmas"
Dottie and Breeden Hollis $100.00 "James, what a wonderful way to show support for Bo. My mom also has the same type of cancer that Bo has and your support of multiple myeloma research through the MMRF is so appreciated. I just know that with dedication from incredible people like you that they are that much closer to a cure! We all love Bo and his wonderful family and we will be with you in spirit as you conquer those 86 flights with ease. Way to go!"
Rusty Allen Hidden "Good luck James!!"
Joy Davis Hidden "Best Of Luck, James!! Such an awesome tribute to your friendship."
Bill Dingledine Hidden "James, I am impressed with your running all those stairs, and I am also impressed with Bo's optimism. It's tough but with friends such as you, he and others will be successful! I always knew you would get to the top!"
Saly Coen $250.00 "Yum, so proud of you and good luck!"
Diddy and Rolfe Hughes $100.00 "How uplifting for our neighborhood ! Thanks and good luck James !"
Sandra and Jim MacNaughton Hidden " Tough race for the cure to a very tough race! Good Luck"
Randolphon Pritchard $50.00 "So thankful for this selfless act you are performing on behalf of my cousin Bo."
Jess Pardi $150.00 "Go, James, Go! Straigh to the top! We know you will do a great job fundraising and running. Jess and Bobby"
Sallie Duel Hidden "The power of friendship is amazing. Thank you, James, for demonstrating that. "
Laurens&Dorothy Nicholson Hidden "So proud of you both! Can't wait to hear about the view from the top, from you both!!"
Becca and Ben Rook $100.00 "Good luck! What a great idea James! Becca and Ben Rook"
Kimberly Koerner Hidden "Good Luck James!! "
Mike & Lora Pfohl $50.00 "You can do it! A true winner."
Matt Marron Hidden "Good job James. "
Sherry B Hooper Hidden "We are pulling for you both! Sherry and Tee"
Allison & Kevin Mertens Hidden "Way to go James and Bo!"
Leigh Myers Hidden "Great story about two wonderful young men! Good luck to you both. Leigh Myers, friend of Marcia and WIlson Russell"
Marcia and Wilson Russell Hidden "The Winston-Salem & Dallas Russells are so very proud of Bo and James! "
Johnathan Hill Hidden "Good Luck!! - Johnathan & Kay Hill"
Andrew Seay $100.00 "Whatever goes up must come down James - that's a lot of steps or are you planning to take the elevator down ? Just kidding - good luck and I really admire you for having a friend you feel so committed to and for doing something to help a cause that is near and dear to he and his family."
Brian Hamby Hidden "Have fun! Great picture of friendship between you two."
Anonymous $25.00 "I work with Bo and I met James at the YMCA. I think this is awesome what he is doing! Good luck to you James!! "
Billy Levine $250.00 "Go James... We all appreciate your efforts and supporting Bo in this way is admirable. You're a great friend."
Barb Turner $200.00 "Good luck, James and enjoy the big apple! "
Michael Thomason Hidden "Way to go Bo and James!"
Michael Thomason Hidden "All for a CURE!"
Michael Thomason Hidden "Good job James and Bo!"

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