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2014 Empire State Building Run-Up
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 60% faster than the industry average, and accelerating a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $225 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of six new drugs for multiple myeloma in less then a decade – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference in the lives of cancer patients.

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Total Donations: $823,098

Goal: $750,000

$0 110% $750,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Kevin McDermott $50.00 "Good for you , all the best in your efforts to a great cause."
Nancy Ferguson $100.00 "Best of Luck, Know you will make it to the top I guess you get your athletic abilities from your Mom"
Anne Luck-Deak $50.00 "Go Christon!!"
Candace Hatt $75.00 "Go Tammy! Good luck and have fun!"
Stephen Halkiotis $100.00 "I am very proud of you. Dad"
Craig Atterbury $50.00 "Good luck in your climb Tammy. I am sure you will make it to the top."
Helene and David Raush $18.00 "Best of luck climbing all of those stairs. We know you can do it! "
Thomas Smothers Hidden "Great cause. Good luck!"
Jason Templet Hidden "We love you ! And we are very proud of you and the TEAM !! Me and Chuck will be there to cheer for the team! Last but not least I know Big Dave will be with you and the team every step (1576) of the way! Love Jason "
Jon, Starr, Kee & Linc Ward $50.00 "We are always here for you and your mom! You are both an inspiration! Xoxo"
Janelle Kuchler $25.00 "Good Luck!!! Thanks for supporting a great cause! :-)"
Debbie Drachman $50.00 "Wow, what an incredible goal. Hope it is an easy and fulfilling climb."
Rebecca Jackson $50.00 "You will do great Amy!"
Ivor Pine $100.00 "Go get em, Debbie! Every inspiring step you take is truly helping all of us affected by MM. My family and I are so grateful for your dedication to wiping it out once and for all!!! ;)"
Nancy Ricigliano $250.00 " You are an amazing person and sister. The Ricigliano Clan, will be cheering you on!"
Adelaide Viscardi $25.00 "Way to go!!"
Patricia Dey $50.00 "I will be with you spiritually when you climb those stairs...."
Irwin Samet $100.00 "Like Nike Says, Just Do it. You Go Girl! Love Mom & Dad"
Linda McCasland $200.00 "Such a wonderful cause to gain another step closer to a cure. May your faith take you to the top of the stairs Mrs. Tabb. You're awesome!!! Love, Linda Mac"
Debra Glorisi $100.00 "You go girlfriend!!!! xoxoxo :)"
Sandra DOoline $20.00 "Your dad was such a fighter! Keep running in his memory.."
Debbie & Warren Samet $150.00 "Eric, we know that you will make it to the top with no problem! Good luck and thanks for supporting this important event! Love Debbie & Warren"
Warren Samet $5.00 "Dad, I am so proud of you! Love Zoey"
Warren Samet $150.00 "David, sorry to tell you that mom said she will smoke you this year! Good luck!! Love Mom & Dad!"
Winston Samet $5.00 "Dad, so proud of you doing the run up again!! Good luck! Love, Winston"
Melissa Herman $25.00 "Thank you for doing this!"
James Adkins Hidden "Good luck to you and your team Amy!!!!!!"
Chuck & Sheila Gelfond $18.00 "Good Luck Eric...........Grandma and Grandpa are proud of you to help the MMRF"
Sheryl Cohen $50.00 "Go Keith!!!!"
Lisa Jones $125.00 "So impressed you're doing this!!"
Michelle Lipp $25.00 "Go, Lauren!!!"
Brian Kaczmarek $25.00 "Good Luck! Always wanted to do this. -Brian"
Blair Allen Hidden "Awesome idea, James!!! Good luck!!"
Chad Odom $250.00 "James better you then me!! Good Luck Buddy! Chad"
Debi Roberts $100.00 "What a great way to support a dear friend. Good Luck James!"
Laura Vanderpool $100.00 "Wendy....So excited for you to accomplish this huge goal and all for the love of your father. My daddy is one of my best friends...I would fight and do whatever it took to help him. God Bless you on this journey, you are amazing and I have no doubt that with your determination you will make you and your daddy proud!!....I will give you a little assistance with some prayer:) Love you my friend...XOXOXOXO ~Laura V."
C. Brock Bauknight, Jr. Hidden "Awesome Job Yummy. Way to take the lead for our favorite Council!"
Nancy & family Ricigliano $25.00 "David , I'm so proud of you!"
Nancy & family Ricigliano $25.00 "Way to go Eric!"
Elliott Botzis Hidden "AWESOME!!!! "
Matt Smith Hidden "Good luck James!"
David Liburdi $50.00 "Good luck Lauren! I will send a medic as promised! ;) "
Charlie Parke Hidden "Good luck with this daunting activity. Give my best to Bo"
Andrea & Marc Leibowitz $50.00 "Love mom, and love you. Best of luck! :)"
scott sweitzer $100.00 "Go Team Tammy!!"
Jennifer Sheffield $50.00 "You are a Rock Star! And so is Big Bob! Will be praying for your time in the stairwells!"
owen salmon $100.00 "Just do it."
Deborah Mayo $100.00 "Awesome! I'll wait for you at the bottom!"
Braxton Cutchin $100.00 "James. This is a wonderful project. Good luck "
Loria Moffitt $50.00 "Good Luck Tammy...I'm positive you'll do fantastic! "
Sarah Goldsmith Hidden "Best of Luck to you James!"
Tammy Pavlacka $100.00 "Good Luck Robyn!!!"
Tod Hyche Hidden "Thanks for doing this. "
Leah and Jason Wolf $36.00 "Susan - This sounds like an amazing event and a wonderful tribute to your mom. Best of Luck!"
Tess Seydel $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Rob Russell Hidden "James Good Luck! Thanks so much for doing this for Bo."
Irvina Metteba $20.00 "GO LIONEL!! We will all be cheering you on...Uncle will be right beside you, pushing you like he always did! Love you. "
Sheila Pfaender $100.00 "Fred and I are delighted to contribute in honor of your Mom!"
Reginald Titmas $100.00 "Thank you for doing this James and best wishes to Bo. Reggie Titmas"
Anonymous $100.00 " Good for you Robin you are amazing yourself Whatever I can do to support yuou let me know My mother had cancer to Congratulations Amy"
Erin Waters $50.00 "Climb those stairs!!!"
Kim Lochner $100.00 "So proud of you cuz. Love you and good luck "
Torre Rivers $50.00 "Kristin...you are such an amazing woman and mom. I know Keith looks down on you proudly. Good luck in your climb...you got this! "
Dottie and Breeden Hollis $100.00 "James, what a wonderful way to show support for Bo. My mom also has the same type of cancer that Bo has and your support of multiple myeloma research through the MMRF is so appreciated. I just know that with dedication from incredible people like you that they are that much closer to a cure! We all love Bo and his wonderful family and we will be with you in spirit as you conquer those 86 flights with ease. Way to go!"
Jackie Joyce $100.00 "I will keep Danny in my prayers. So awesome that you are doing this!"
Asifa Samji $50.00 "You're an inspiration! All the best!"
Tricia Leone $50.00 "I'll be cheering for you!!"
Suzanne Dunn $50.00 "What a great thing you are doing! "
Sean Hogan $25.00 "Best of luck lady! Hope all goes well for your brother-in-law."
Nikita Schlank $25.00 "Nikita would run with her Kimmy, if she could...."
Judy Wargo $25.00 "Good Luck Kristin!!!!!"
lauren plump $100.00 "Sally I love making lemonade! Lauren"
Anne Clare $50.00 "I wish you both the best of luck!! :)"
Anonymous $250.00 "Sorry Sally - I'm going with youth on this one. GR80"
Michael Rasmussen $150.00 "I hope you're able to take the elevator down !"
Karin Wood-Bradley Hidden "May God bless your family, your health, and your peace!"
Dale Lucy $25.00 "Praying for Danny and family...thanks for sharing, Karen."
Stephen & Karen geri $1,000.00 "My God the Father Bless all that extend a helping hand to another."
Anonymous $100.00 "Your Dad would be proud of you."
Craig Edwards $100.00 "If you can dream it - you can do it!"
Tim Hancock $50.00 "Danny and his family are in our prayers. I wish we could give more, but keep up the good work Kim and have a good race."
Amy Wilkinson Hidden "Thinking of you all!"
Ida Rowat $50.00 "Good luck Lori and Cathy!"
Arlene Sagan $50.00 "Good luck with your training and the climb! "
Denny Hansen $500.00 "I'm so proud of you Rhodie and thankful to be your stepmom. xoxoxo"
Mike and Paula Lychock $100.00 "Hello Sally, You and Dana are both, EQUALLY strong, determined, inspirational and AMAZING to us! Consider our donation of $100 as a $50 vote for each of you. Good luck to you both in your goal to raise the $5000 and to make it to the top. The two of you are TOPS in my book. With love and admiration, Good luck and God Bless, Paula and Mike Lychock"
Ken Degnan $100.00 "How about you finish at the same time ?"
Sharon DeToro $25.00 "I am supporting team Kalksma and my money is on Sally because I've played her in tennis and she can be fierce-when she isn't laughing! Good luck to you both."
Kelly Somma $25.00 "I'm going with Mr. Degnan's response....together, same time, hand in hand xo Miss Kelly"
Angela Barone $40.00 "My money is on Sally."
Diane Castner $40.00 "Sally's will is pretty darn strong, but I refuse to say."
Salvatore La Forgia $100.00 "Sorry Sally ... I'm going with the youth on this one ... I'm supporting Dana to the top ... all the way ... Take care and be safe. "
Curt Gardner $50.00 "Sally all the way! Show the kids how it's done!"
Peter Kalksma $20.00 "Twin Power! Gotta go with Team Dana. Time is on Dana's side, sorry Mom.."
Guillermo Munoz $100.00 "Way to go Lori!"
sandra cluverius $25.00 "I'm praying for Danny & his family, and that you will raise a lot of money for this cause! You will absolutely kill those steps!"
Donna and Carl Montoya $36.00 "Thank you for doing this in memory of your Mom,"
John Crapitto $250.00 "Get after it!! Love, Cathy & John "
Sarah DePalo $50.00 "Good luck Kim. The Raibles are in our prayers! "
Anonymous Hidden "Suz - Thanks for the opportunity to support this great cause... if need be, I'll race you to the top! Love, J & K "
Urs and Kathleen Keller $100.00 "Wishing Sally and her daughter all the best! Kathleen and Urs and family"
Anonymous Hidden "We are praying that Danny's stem cell transplant is successful. May God be with Danny and his family. Thank you Suzie....God bless you, Bret, Mack & Payton."
Tamila Purpuro $50.00 "Sorry Dana, age before beauty!!!"
Joseph Zappulla $300.00 "Sally, Good luck!! You and your family are an inspiration. With God's grace, there is no limit to human potential. Run those stairs!!! (And let me know if my Dec. 9, 1980 graffiti on the 85th floor, from the morning after John Lennon was shot, still exists. LOL.) Joe Zap"
Florence & John McCarthy Hidden "Good luck Sally and Dana. Dana you are probably training hard, and I know you will both do great, but my money is on mom - she is one tough cookie!!"
Marion Spaar $250.00 "Dear Sally, You know I love you dearly however, in this case I am going with the "younger legs!" I'm sure you will have a good record but she does have youth on her side too. Both be careful and God Speed. Love, Aunt Marion"
Dennis Mele $100.00 "I'm going with Sally. Check out those biceps."
Rosemary Gallina $25.00 "Good luck Debbie!"
Sissy crowley $50.00 "Good Luck to you Both!! My prediction is that you will cross that finish line hand in hand :)"
Mark & Elisabeth Mccartney $100.00 "Keep up the good fight, Sally and Dana. Friends of Dennis and Jo."
Anonymous Hidden "I wish you luck momma and I hope Uncle Chuck's brother, Danny gets better with cancer. I love you and GOOD LUCK. Jesus and God love you and are with you. Love, Mack Attack"
Anonymous Hidden "I hope Uncle Chuck's brother gets better. I hope the cancer goes away. Love, Payton"
Anonymous Hidden "Keep going, Megan!"
Francis collins-camargo $157.60 "I am very happy to help out Megan. ..a very passionate and driven friend, in this great cause! I challenge others to match my 10 cents a step. "
Dorothy & Paul Kalksma $50.00 "Paul is betting on Dana Dorothy is betting on Sally How is that for not getting anyone upset at us :-) Good luck to both of you!"
Patricia Hess $50.00 "Those who can endure conquer. Way to go Sally and Dana!! Show them what you've got at ESBRU."
Bernadette Boeckmann $50.00 "I wish you all the best, GOOD LUCK! Lots of love to you and your family."
DENISE MEYERS $50.00 "Debbie, Best of luck! Love Denise"
Brittany Proulx $20.00 "Good luck, girls! A great accomplishment for a great cause!"
chelsea beyer $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Ernestine Reeder $100.00 "Good luck Lionel. I love you. Do your best for dad."
Ali DiBona $50.00 "This is amazing Geoff! Best of luck <3"
kathleen lonon $100.00 "To my AMAZING FRIENDS, both you and Bob have blessed my life by being a small part. Here is to your success in this event for the success of winning the war on cancer."
Taylor and Lindsey Van Zile $50.00 "Prediction: Dana will be just one step ahead, but good luck to both of you. "
Tina Morgan $25.00 "Good luck to you Lionel. Proud of your commitment to your pops. He was such a good person and had the most unique chuckle...I can still hear him now. "
Russ & Judy Corby $100.00 "look for the Elevator signs!!!"
Bruce Tucker $100.00 "Proud of you. "
Michael Klausner Hidden "Sally, wishing you all the strength to make this climb. I remember you being a determined runner back in the day. A few stairs should be a walk in the park."
ElanaJoshMilah Grauer Maddy & Myron Hacken $150.00 "Good Luck, Geoff! We wish you the best of luck! Your father is in our thoughts. The Hacken & Grauer Family"
Thomas P Knox Foundation Knox $1,000.00 "Best to you all, from the Knox family."
Angela Vellucci $25.00 "Debbie: I am so happy you are up to this challenge once again. You are an amazing woman! Positive thoughts go out to you always and especially on Feb 5, 2014. Much love, Angela Vellucci"
Michael Kane $180.00 "In honor of Harold and Geoffrey."
Jacqueline Mae Goldberg $100.00 "Harold and Geoff, Your heroic fight and familial love are admirable. Cousin Jackie"
Francine Warren $100.00 "Great way to contribute and put both your family love/support into action."
Jon/Bon Warren $1,000.00 "Geoff You are running to honor one of the best people on earth. May you reach this goal and every other that you set for yourself. In our minds you have already won. Love The Warrens of Pa."
Keith Cohen $100.00 "Good luck and raise lots of money to combat that horrible disease. "
linda strauss Hidden "Good Luck!!! Linda Strauss"
Daniel Felber $250.00 " "Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you." Harold, go eat that bear!"
Tom/Shari Silvestrini $100.00 "What a great cause Geoff. Good Luck! Lots of prayers sent your father's way!"
James Scott $50.00 "All the best Lori and Cathy!! What a great way to honour the memory of your dad."
Bob Moore $100.00 "All the best to both of you, but I gotta go with experience on this one, so I'm going with Sally."
Margie and Seth Rosenthal -- Hanft $100.00 "Geoff, What a wonderful way to honor your dad. Screw Cancer! Love, your cousins, Margie, Seth, Tyler & Noah"
Joanne Trust $50.00 "$50 on Sally because I can never count you out!"
Joanne Trust $100.00 "The toughest young woman I know will conquer the stairs and her MOM "
Shelagh Dillon $100.00 "Geoff - we are all so proud of you!!!"
Karen Bassett $100.00 "Geoff - you are quite inspiring and may this bring us closer to a CURE!!! Harry - kick some cancer ass...Love from the Bassetts, especially me, now a 7 year survivor! "
arline s lester $25.00 "with love from all the Lesters"
Leslie Wiles $200.00 "What a worthy challenge! Danny and your entire family are in our thoughts."
Paulette & Jamal Evans $50.00 "Christon, we are so proud of you and what you are doing in honor of your Mom! Good luck with the climb...we will be there in spirit cheering you on!!"
Mark Brown $100.00 "You go girl"
Anonymous Hidden "Cheri: We know you are a real go getter and we know you will make it and your mother would be very proud of you. Love you : Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Leon"
chuck/kyla l lewis $118.00 "we will be with you every step of the way."
Heidi Scharein $50.00 "Go, go, go! Get those stairs!"
Lisa Napp $50.00 "Lot's of us who love your dad will be sending energy your way as you train and run. The Napp family will be doubly with you as our grandpa Pasquale Napolitano helped design the scaffolding needed to build the Empire State Building. L'amore e la forza per voi (Love and strength to you)."
Paul Ippolito $50.00 "Good luck Sam! Traci & I are excited for you to beat the 18:16 time.... Love, Paul & Traci"
Jamie Stefanko $25.00 "Your mother was a fantastic woman, and I have many fond memories of her."
Frank Brightwell $157.60 "Go Keith!"
T & Peg Harris $75.00 "Danny, Here's to beating this thing! T & Peg"
Cindi Leonard $100.00 "You go girl !!! I will split 50/50.....I am so proud of both of you! Have fun and stay safe Cindi Leonard"
Susan Bolton $100.00 "We are so incredibly proud of you! You make our world a better place."
Rich Rifkin $100.00 "Betting on Sally. Why? Sally spends all her waking hours running up things. Rooting for Dana. Why? Dana will be a more humble winner! ;-)"
Dick and Ann Bowman $150.00 "Onward and Upward!"
Morgan Wikoff $50.00 "You guys are doing a great thing! Good Luck :)"
Ed and Maureen Wengrowski $50.00 "We're betting on each of you."
Daniel Ticker $100.00 "The Warren Family has done nothing but welcome me with open arms. Weeknights, weekends, short stays, long stays; "Mi casa su casa" was the was the family mantra. Thank you for sharing your house, beds, and couches with me. Thanks for letting me raid your refrigerator, and taking me to see some Coney Island baseball. I'm pleased to contribute. "
Louis Sofo $100.00 "Debbie after this short time of speaking with you on Facebook I am shocked to learn you have this terrible condition. Your smile and great attitude are a credit to you as a wife, mother and human being. I can only wish you the best in your efforts to beat this and if I had to bet, I'd bet on you. I am praying for you and your family always. "
Alixandra Wershba $20.00 "<3"
Iain Watson $1,000.00 "Good luck, you will make it to the top in no time!"
Vanessa Daniels $50.00 "Step by step! Mega proud of you, Keith!"
Gabriela Peralta $15.00 " A teeny tiny contribution, but more than happy to help!!!"
Nina Rybchyk $25.00 "Great job, Geoff! Your papa must be very proud!"
Mary Power $50.00 "Have a great run, Tim. "
Ian Lane $25.00 "Best of luck with the stairs Geoff, and love to you all!"
Jenn Rager $100.00 "Congrats Sam! SO excited for you! xoxo"
Ellen Barmach $25.00 "I congratulate you, Susan, on setting such a difficult goal. I have no doubt that you will succeed. Ellen Barmach"
Gail&Bob Rosemeyer $50.00 "Looking forward to running more training steps with you! Good luck - Gail"
Christian van Someren $100.00 "Fantastic challenge, Aric! Go go go!"
Duane Reeder $100.00 "One way or another we will get you there brother!!! Just keep up the training and don't get LAZY! "
Carolyn Martinson $250.00 "Rick! What a unique way to raise funds for a cancer cure! You'll have a great time running up those steps! Who needs an elevator?? NYC.....here you come!! Jesse & I are glad to help! Love to all! "
Kate Tatarzewski $30.00 "Good Luck! Nobody does the stair machine at the gym better than you !!"
jean scanlon Hidden "Good Luck!"
Diana Kloorfain $25.00 "Good luck, Keith! "
Mark Martinez $50.00 "Your legs are going to hurt little boy!"
Frank Russo $50.00 "My money is on Sally. It's hard to bet against experience. (From someone who is very "experienced.")"
Ronald Weiser $1,576.00 "Eileen, Danny and I are proud to contribute $1 for every step you are going to run. Such an amazing goal - which will definitely make for an amazing story for Jake when he gets older. Best wishes and lots of love from Michigan - Uncle Ron"
Roz and Travis Wolf $100.00 "Good Luck Geoff! Love to Harold and Megan! Love, Roz and Travis"
Yuka Florio $25.00 "Wishing you success! Have a great run-up!!"
Donna Pellegrino $25.00 "Best of Luck, Steve!"
David Brown $50.00 "Steve, keep up the great work!! No crying this year, Man Up!!! - Dave Brown"
Rick Teetsel $200.00 "I am confident that Sally will do whatever it takes to win, including cheating and/or sabotage. There's no such thing as a fair fight with youth anyway. Play dirty, Sally."
janet turley $50.00 "Go Keith go!"
Elizabeth Caswell $250.00 "What a memorable way to support this special cause. We are so proud of you! Love, Elizabeth, Trey, Rollie, Lance, and Lucas"
Sharon White $25.00 "Christon, I know your mom is so proud of you and all your accomplishments. She's also proud of how you've been there for her in so many ways. Glad to support you in this fund-raiser. "
Barbara Adler $100.00 "Kelly- I'm really proud of you! A stairway to heaven! Good Luck-- Love, Barbara"
Jamie Swann $100.00 "Good Luck Hart!"
Alice Cohen $100.00 "You go girl! So proud of you, and we'll be rooting for you every "step" of the way!"
Joan Abramowitz $100.00 "Good luck Kelly Xx Joan a "
Steven Posner $100.00 "Honored to support the cause and proud to support you!"
Deborah Toohey $50.00 "Good luck Deb!"
Justin Fries Hidden "Best of luck... great cause... Go get 'em"
Michael Bird $25.00 "Great job Steve!"
Kristina Giuliano $50.00 "So proud of you Kourt!!!!!"
Beth Nast $25.00 "Superwoman…GO FOR IT…and ENJOY..."
Suzie Levora $100.00 "Go Leanne! "
Peter Kirkel $150.00 "We support you Roxy! You can make it all the way! Peter and Maria"
Barbara Carlberg $100.00 "You never fail to make me proud!"
Christine Granados $25.00 "Good Luck Kris! Such a wonderful cause!!"
Jordan and Nick Manchester $20.00 "This is amazing Geo! Wishing you the best of luck. Wish we could be there to cheer you on! XOXO"
Joe & Maryellen White $100.00 "You go girl! Godspeed!"
Nora Kisch $100.00 "Steve, I am so impressed. Good luck. Nora"
Elise Aube $50.00 "Go Kourtney!!! So impressed you are doing this!! Much love, Elise xoxo"
Nancy Zadoff $100.00 "Kourt- You are a Legend. Thank you for always inspiring me and all of us who are touched by you!! xo"
PETER NEUMANN $50.00 "Congratulations and good luck on this endeavor!!!"
Jason Templet $310.00 "Go Girl!"
Jill Van Dyke $25.00 "Good luck!"
Nancy Dansereau $50.00 "Great Job Steve! Sounds like a great time and great cause!"
Marion Cavallaro $200.00 "Rick and I bet on Sally who is so experienced and on Dana who has those youthful legs. At the finish: hand in hand. Love to you both. You make us proud!"
Gregg Beloff $50.00 "Run Forrest run"
Evan Lurie $250.00 "Good luck Geoff-it's a great cause for a great guy."
megan graham $150.00 "Good Luck Er!!"
Philip Coco $50.00 "Steve, do it backwards this year."
Rob Mooney $100.00 "Go Steve! You will be lighter/faster now with a Snowden breeze in your sail! "
Erica Augenblick $15.00 "So proud of you! That's a lot of steps!"
Maureen Byrne $50.00 "Good Luck Ryan!!!!"
Laura Johnson $50.00 "Love the picture of you and the boys!! If you do the tin carrying them I will donate another $50!!!!"
Susan Ferrand $50.00 "Hugo, As I said you are a rock star. I can't tell you what painful memories I have of patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering with heart-related complications of multiple myeloma. So, thank you for your efforts. You never cease to make me proud. xo Susie"
John Halbreich $100.00 "leave the Economist behind!!"
Gordon Robertson $50.00 "Never mind $500 for a photo of you at the top - I want to see the proof, before I part with my hard-earned! Go, Hugo!"
Carolyn Deshaies $500.00 "In memory of my grandmother, Elna. I have no doubt you'll fly up those steps and reach the top! Coming back down may be more of a challenge, though:). Good luck!"
Tom and Cecelia Gill $50.00 "Sorry I missed seeing you guys when you were at Heather and Greg's. I wonder if you are up to this challenge after living "the soft life" for a few months HaHa. Taking a UH-60 to the top would be faster, but you're doing it for a good cause.......GO HUGO! GO ARMY!"
Shawn and Jennifer Agan $100.00 "Good luck Kris! We are very proud of you!"
Shawn and Jennifer Agan $100.00 "Good luck Kris! We are very proud of you!"
Jake and Charley Agan $100.00 "Go Aunt Kris! We are cheering for you from Iowa!"
Samantha Schroeder Hidden "You are crazy, but good luck! LOVE YOU!"
Rachel Ayers $50.00 "Give 'em hell, Hugo!"
Lee & Sherry Whiteside $50.00 "Do NOT Sharpie my name on any body appendage. Thanks. Love to Clare and the boys "
Nicole Whelan $50.00 "You got this! "
Tom & Patty Newman Hidden "Good Luck Jen !"
Janelle and Joa Allen $50.00 "Hugo! So excited for and proud of you for taking on this challenge! You are NOT a pussy! ;) Oh, and for our donation, Joa and I would like our names written on each butt each, respectively. Love, Janelle and Joa"
Krishna Sreerambhatla $100.00 "Brilliant initiative! Hats off mate."
John Ruhl $50.00 "Good luck Nancy- great cause and I love that you are working for it!!!"
Jeff Aaronson $500.00 "Love you and miss you, Diane. Go get 'em, Suz. You are a wonderful daughter, wife, mother and friend. You make mom proud every day."
Frances Bick $50.00 "The biggest cheers to Rupa and your mom"
Crijn Janssen $110.00 "Eitje!!"
Halling IJzerman $100.00 "...en je zonen zullen ooit trots op school vertellen dat hun vader een van de hoogste gebouwen van de hele wereld is opgerend! Moge je dagelijkse runs in het trappenhuis van ASML 3500 vruchten afH.Yzermanwerpen! "
Jenny Good Hidden "Good luck, Hugo! Right leg=Larry (multiple myeloma plus Parkinson's). Left leg=Barbara (renal cell carcinoma). Love, Jenny and Gary. "
John Rubino $250.00 "I will wait for you at the top with a Vodka."
Dennis McKernan $50.00 "Way to go Hugo!!!"
Scott Van Eerde $50.00 "Way to go Bob!"
Nancy Schreiber $100.00 "Go Kelly Go! xoxo"
Brian Donahue $50.00 "Good luck Hugo"
Rich Horwath $100.00 ""The will to prepare leads to the will to succeed""
Michael Cutri $30.00 "GO CUZZY GOOOO!!!!!"
Bill Pasek $100.00 "Best of luck on reaching the top!!"
Moreno Dundas $40.00 "Run Forest Run!"
Joost Broekhuis $45.00 "Trapje op...trapje af..."
Maurice Leonardi $86.00 "Too bad you cannot bottle the smell in that stairwell. "
Photo Quest Adventures Najat Naba & Mirjam Evers $250.00 "So proud of you! Love you lots! xxx"
Tom and Nancy Jost $50.00 "Hi Sally - you and all of your kids are so amazing!!"
Michael Korn $250.00 "Great cause! We're happy to support you in reaching your goal!"
micah liben Hidden "B'hatzlacha! "
Eva Budz $100.00 "Way to go Bond!"
Joanne Gilmore $200.00 "Best of luck to two touch women. Hmmm, experience or youth. My vote will have to go to . . . ."
MARLON FULLER $100.00 "Such a great cause and commendable goal. I will definitely spread the word, Go Team Sanofi!!!!"
Tracy Johnston $100.00 "Stairmaster Realness "
Jamie Brester $50.00 "Sam, So proud of you! You truly are an inspiration. We love you!!!"
Melissa Collingwood Hidden "You go, girl!!"
Susan Strible $25.00 "Good luck Sam!"
Wendy & Joe Ehrlich $100.00 "You go, Kellygirl!"
Michael Jones $50.00 "Great Picture! Two children? Congratulations! Good luck on the climb, sir! SSG Jones"
Jimmy Manning $20.00 "Crush it Kris!! F cancer!"
Christopher Curran $50.00 "Good for you Lauren!"
Rene Klomp $70.00 "Run Forest, Run!"
paul kradin $150.00 "What are you going to wear?"
Karen Bobley $50.00 "Raise big and climb high, my friend ;)"
Katie & Mike Fromuth $100.00 "We're going with Team Dana on this one... Mike's quote: "You can't out-train youth." :-) Good Luck to you both!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Prouderer and Prouderer. Geaux get it done, Hart. "
Lynda Stein $100.00 "Way To Go, Lynda and Scott"
Jessica Cerra $12.00 "Here's a step from me, John, Rocky, and Annabelle (doxies aren't supposed to run stairs so they are super impressed!). Good Luck :)"
Chris DeRobertis $25.00 "You can do it!!"
George and Kerri Gonas $50.00 "Better you than me! Good luck....George and Kerri"
Rory Brady $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Ray and Deean Poulnott $100.00 "Best Wishes and Good Luck! "
Briana Beebe $50.00 "Nice to hear from you Hugo and to see you and your boys, so cute! The boys I mean ;) XO, Bri"
Garry & Jenn Falor $250.00 "So proud of you, Hart!! "
Patricia Murgo $100.00 "Have a great Run-Up. Love you, Patty"
Tina Tapinekis $287.88 "Keep making me proud little brother! "
Marcia Swerdloff Hidden "Good Luck Susan!"
Brendan Kane Hidden ""What goes up must come down" ;) Good Luck! #unselfish...You may want to invest in tiger balm and a wheelchair!"
Anthony Summers $20.00 "Thanks so much for raising funds for this important cause. "
Kali Grosvenor Hidden "Go Team Nalini"
Elizabeth Stott $50.00 "We'll be with you every step, Kim, and praying for the best for Danny and his family."
Dave Gordon $100.00 "Good Luck, Bob!!!"
Stefanie Ryan $250.00 "Good luck Neil!!! Brennan and I will be cheering for you!!"
Angelo Pisacreta $150.00 "Take things one step at a time. In this case, 1,567 times. Best of luck, sir!"
Justin Poss $25.00 "Thanks for doing this Josh! God Bless!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Bob Go!!"
Alexis Matt and Lyla Hantzarides $50.00 "Go Lauren! Good Luck!! "
David Jones $50.00 "Oh yeah, Hugo--you got this! "
Jim Hennessy $100.00 "Sally is undefeatable, sorry Dana.... You Kalksma's are so damn tough!"
Michael Carroll $200.00 "go get 'em Tapp-attack"
Nancy McCabe $50.00 "George, We are very proud of you for your contribution to finding a cure!"
Ben Giardina $200.00 "climb on George!"
Ryan Garner $150.00 "Proud of you Wife"
Lauren Collins $130.00 "I'm proud of you, and know you can do it!"
Darrin Holland $50.00 "Best of luck Bob!"
Douglas Caldwell $100.00 "Good luck Jeremy!"
Peter Ginsberg $100.00 "Good luck, Bob. MMRF does great work...thanks for supporting a worthy cause."
Teresa Dirvin $50.00 " Bob Cheering you on for this great cause! Teresa"
charles latshaw $100.00 "GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU, BUT I EXPECT SALLY TO WIN."
Ben and Chrissy Summers $100.00 "Keep up the fire my friend. "
Paul Cheng $100.00 "have fun with the run up!"
Daniel and Jackie Cipriani $50.00 "Will be cheering you on...and just a suggestion, don't wear Rick's weighted vest : )"
Andrew Parr $25.00 "Good luck Sam! Are you going to run down the stairs after you get to the top? Step up! BrAndy"
Jill Arnstein $18.00 "What a wonderful way to honor your mom's memory. Good luck in February - we know you'll do great."
Michael Dunn $300.00 "Good luck Bob! Michael and Nancy Dunn"
Tanya Whitehead $25.00 "Cathy You are an inspiration!!!! Lots of Love lady!!!! Bootie"
Brendan Hogarty $100.00 "Bob, I lost my dad to Multiple Myeloma in 2004. Thanks for walking your butt off in his memory. Brendan"
Anonymous Hidden "Great Man! Great Cause! Good Luck GTAP!"
John Delaney $100.00 "Good luck!"
Jean Jandrys $100.00 "I will be with you in spirit, Neil. I, too, have been personally touched. My daughter was just diagnosed with myeloma this past September and is currently undergoing treatment."
Nathan Miller $20.00 "Geo, Hope this helps! Good seeing you at the reunion man. From, Nathan"
Thomas Lauderdale $100.00 "My stepfather fought MM for 8yrs and was very involved in the beginning the MMRF and IMF. He started a foundation at Mayo Rochester in the name of Dr. Robert Kyle, who was the founder of MM and his Dr.. There has been a lot of progress in the past 20 years, and MM is getting more and more attention/research. Thank you for your commitment to raise and run."
Neil Bowman $150.00 "My husband, my hero!"
Daunte Reeder $221.00 "Go daddy....keep running! We love you!!!!"
Peggy and Emmit Garner $100.00 "As the saying goes: be all you can be. Proud of you!"
Gabriel Maddock $300.23 "Res Firma Mitescere Nescit"
Jeannette Sanchez-Appel $50.00 "Good luck, Bob!!"
Kyle Harris $50.00 "Great cause! Happy to contribute."
Cathy & Larry Gold $100.00 "Go Kourt Go!! XOXO"
Steven Gawdun $100.00 "Good Luck Shannon! "
Justin Carter $250.00 "You are truly an inspiration, Shannon Faught! Wishing you the best of luck!"
Mindi Myser $100.00 "Go Team!"
Aaron Ricker $100.00 "Good luck Shannon! "
Debbie McCollough $100.00 "Good Luck Shannon!"
tom ottmer $50.00 "no contest, Sally wins easily."
Kelly Nawrocki $50.00 "Good luck!"
Jane and Edward Levitan Hidden "Michael, We are so proud of your participation in this important fundraising event. Love, Mom and Dad"
Nicholas Nicastro $100.00 "Thanks, Shannon! "
Jackie Burch $25.00 "Good Luck Deb!!! From Jackie at Dr. Griggs office :)"
claudia tarlow $50.00 "Good Luck Jeremy !!"
Nathan Labiak $100.00 "Good Luck SAM!!!"
Mitchell Reiman Hidden "You should see if there is an elevator... they're much quicker than stairs. Surprised you didn't know that."
Eric Levit $20.00 "You and your family are amazing people, best of luck and much love. -E"
Louise DeFarias $25.00 "Good luck, Rye! "
Jason Brandt $100.00 "Go Shannon! Lead the Way!"
Tony Bloise $50.00 "Way to go Bob! Wishing you well in exceeding your goal for such a worthy cause!"
Arthur Chimerane $150.00 "Michael, I'm making a donation to a good cause. Love, Grandpa "
Mark Cutrali $25.00 "Good Luck Bob! "
Sarah Cotterill $25.00 "You are a hero to cancer patients everywhere!"
Joy Aktalay's $100.00 "Thanks for putting your energy toward a great cause!"
Cosmo Castellano $50.00 "Great job Goeff!"
Pamela Lerman Hidden "I love my cousin Harold, and definitely want him to able to greet Geoffrey at the top of the Empire State Building. I also wish that he can live the fullest, most joyous, and pain free life that is possible. Love, Pamela Faith"
Eric Lane Hidden "Geoff & Harold. Have a great run. Bob & I are backing you all the way."
Walt Mitze $86.00 "A buck a floor? What a deal. Go George!"
JANE HODGE Hidden "hi geoff, i'm an old friend of mege's from our TCU days. although we haven't met, i was fortunate to get to meet your wonderful dad when he & mege came out to sf a few years ago. what you are doing is extraordinary and i sincerely hope that you win first place.. your dad must be so proud of you. god bless!"
Bob & Donna Swinnea $250.00 "Thank you Wendy.......we love you, Mom & Dad"
Sarah Fox Hidden "In honor of my dear friend Duane and in memory of your father"
Robert Hirsh $50.00 "Good luck. Bowling is about my only exercise these days (sigh)."
Eleonora Bershadskaya $25.00 "Go get 'em!!"
Kate McCabe $30.00 "Thinking of you all! XO, Kate "
Mark Lovecchio $50.00 "We've walked up fake stairs together for the better part of a decade, it's time to show them who the real Stair Master is baby! If you get tired, just stay behind a hot chick! If the guy in second place is right up your ass, just let one rip right in his face (think Donkey Kong in Mario Kart)! Good luck! Mark"
Mark Cooter Hidden "Go luck, just as many steps coming down as you have going up! We are cheering for you."
Sean Donnelly Hidden "Good luck and all the best to your family. "
Jennifer Paragallo Hidden "Go girl! So proud of you."
Grace & Peter fasolino $500.00 "We are 'climbing' with you in love and faith!"
Amanda Livingood Hidden "So awesome, lady! "
Amy Hindley $50.00 "Way to go, Lauren! You're a rock star!"
Erica Fritzson $50.00 "So proud of you, what a great cause!"
Frances Liu Hidden "Good luck Lauren! Just imagine how great your bum will be when you're done! ;)"
Anonymous $100.00 "the little train that could..."
Mitchell Conn $200.00 "Go Geoff"
Caroline & Leon Fridmar Hidden "Good Luck Ryan!"
Lindsay Tabas $36.00 "Double life, 1 for Mommy, and 1 for Daddy"
Cassandra Massa $50.00 "Kick some butt, Killer!!!!!!! Love you!!!!"
Kari Silva $100.00 "You ROCK MaryKelly!!! Wish we were there doing this with you... "
Christine Aubin $25.00 "Love Christine, Allyson and Steven xo You can do it cuz!"
Joe Glickman $50.00 "Climb amigo climb!"
caroline knab $50.00 "Good Luck on the race!!"
Adolfo Perez $100.00 "Good luck!!!"
Tanette Martin $150.00 "Go honey!"
Vanessa Welch $50.00 "On behalf of the MSE Team - Good Luck Ryan!! You're the best!! "
kenneth t walls $50.00 "Riverhead race---- July 26"
Brynna & Nick Gianos $50.00 "Go Lauren!!! "
Harry Polatsek $250.00 "Bill: You are a champion, an inspiration and a Badger! I am honored to call you my friend since 1967 Go go go Big Red Harry"
Ryan Gang $50.00 "Good luck Geoff! From your friends @ Unified Social!"
Caren Simmons Hidden "Good Luck!"
Anonymous Hidden "this is a employer match from Greenlight Capital"
Rob Jagt $100.00 "Bob, thanks for rising to the challenge and pursuing such a great goal! All the best to you and your family! -Rob"
Jose Alvarez $100.00 "Spank those stairs guys!"
Danielle DeAngelis $25.00 "This is amazing!!! Good luck Geoff! "
Krista Hennen $15.00 "You've got this ladies! Great work for a great cause. So proud of you. xoxo Krista, Chris and Ava"
Rusty Allen Hidden "Good luck James!!"
Carole Amell $20.00 "It is wonderful what you are doing! "
Esther Artiles $50.00 "G"
DAVID PASTRICH $100.00 "Evalyn - always happy to cheer you on, even if you take the elevator. "
Daniel salomone $100.00 "Great cause Bob. Best of luck and Happy Holidays! Dan Salomone"
Chad Lewis $100.00 "donated by - Anonymous"
Nicole Wheeler $86.00 "Awesome! You inspire me :-)"
judith bradbury $100.00 "BRAVO TO YOU CLEVELAND. GOOD LUCK. JUDITH"
Judith Sloan $150.00 "Atta way to go, Ellen!!!! Judy and Morty"
Stephanie Jarsky $50.00 "Kourtney, you are amazing! Go, go, go! "
Raphaela Giampiccolo $50.00 "Best Wishes Shannon!"
Kathleen Ingles $100.00 "Be safe Joe. Best of Luck! Ralph and Kathy"
Shari Nacson $18.00 "Way to go Carrie! xo"
Nancy Glynn $54.00 "You Rock Carrie! We are happy to contribute this this important cause...xo Nanc, Mike and Alix"
Gena Cindric $25.00 "Go Carrie!!!! As you know, my mother in law passed away 3 years ago after battling Multiple Myeloma for 7 years. Thanks for trying to fight this horrible disease!!!"
Shea/Marc Yagoda Hidden "Go get'em Carrie!! Great effort for a great cause!"
Lisa Powers $100.00 "You go girl!"
Marisa Sosinsky $100.00 "You go Carrie!!! The Sosinsky clan is so proud of you!"
Amy Boyd-Conroy $50.00 "Go Sara!"
Anne & Toby Tobin $100.00 "What a great tribute to your Dad! Way to go Sara, we will be routing for you!!!"
Lawrence Poster $25.00 "I am pleased to support your worthy cause and quest to reach the top of the Empire State Building."
Anonymous $250.00 "Go Sara (and Michael)!"
Neil W Botting Hidden "What a nice daughter!"
Alexander Perch $25.00 "Go Ryan !!!"
Linda Krasowski $25.00 "I had the pleasure of meeting Ken one time when he took care of one of my kids in the ER at Virtua. He was wonderful to us. We are so sorry to hear of his passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends right now. Go Renee!"
Brad and Ellen Molotsky $100.00 "Renee - you are a rock star - thrilled to support you and such a worthy cause. Go get em!"
Audrey Graham $50.00 "What an amazing experience this is going to be. Good luck with it. Miss you & love you loads Carrie. xoxo, Audrey"
Anonymous $1,500.00 "We admire your commitment. "
Oliver Schieb $68.35 "Climb up the mountain and cut off the top!"
Pamela Carman $100.00 "Len, We have the easy part! Can't imagine running let alone up all those steps!!! "
Giuseppe Simone $100.00 "Ellen, wishing you all the best in the new year. Love, Joe"
Barbara kaplan $25.00 "This is made in honor of my dear friend Barbara. I wish for her good health and a long and happy life."
Todd Tyson $50.00 "I think it is great you are doing this!"
William McHugh $250.00 "From M and Dad in the States"
Mike Nissenblatt $250.00 "Work hard. Run harder! The effort is liberating. And it saves lives. Yours.........and those who yield the fruits of research. Our admiration is bountiful. Michael/Marlene "
jim dreeben $50.00 "Good luck, Jeremy"
ellyn dooley $100.00 "Go Carrie, Go!!!"
Chris Sortino $20.00 "Geoff, send my best to your pops, hes now included in my prayers every day. -Chris ODP"
jeffrey vogel $150.00 "god luck Jeremy, that's a lot of steps "
Wendy Richmond $100.00 "Carrie, we are so proud of you and your mom.! You always get the job done! With love, Wendy and Simon "
Maria Golda Hidden "Go Sally, Love ya!"
Charles Lee $250.00 "Brian, Gary and I are so happy you are doing this! Enjoy the event. "
Kathleen Jackson $50.00 "Good luck Carrie!!"
Sarah Tobey $50.00 "Rock on, Lauren!!!"
Janine Breier $36.00 "You go, girl!!"
Greer Nelson $50.00 "Go, Carrie!"
Elizabeth Hemmer $100.00 "Good luck Michl! They've come a long way fighting multiple myeloma since my dad died from it over 20 years ago, this is a great cause!"
Ralph Hendel $100.00 "This is your father talking - "DON'T HURT YOURSELF!" Don't forget to call me from the top. "
Cindy Link Feiner $100.00 "What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother!"
Dawn Zoldak $25.00 "you go girl!!!!!! "
Mitzi Mallard $50.00 "Good luck Nancy! What a wonderful event. Mitzi"
Elizabeth Hughes $25.00 "Good luck girls! I am so very proud of you!!!!"
Dawn Chambers $250.00 "Len, Garrett, Kristen and our staff wish you the best of luck with your endeavor. We are 100% in support of MMRF and that one day, there will be a cure. Thanks, Dawn"
Edward Guttenplan $100.00 "Your friends at W&G are happy to support you and this good cause."
The Moran Family $250.00 "Fancy Nancy, you are so inspiring!!! We are in awe of your accomplishments!! Go Crazy!! Love, The Morans"
Christina Keller $50.00 "Good luck Sara! We'll be thinking about you."
Carla Dreyer $86.00 "So proud of you Marcia! Keep up the inspiring work! "
George Leder $200.00 "Wish I could join you running up my building. You can do it for the both of us."
Sandra Taylor $25.00 "Amazing Ashleah and Jess!!! Go ladies..... "
Kelly and Kim Conway Hidden "Go Marcia Go! Up! Up! Up!"
Julie Weeks $250.00 "My best wishes for your success. Mom"
Susan Meisel $200.00 "Go Rupa Go! "
Kristie Atkinson $50.00 "Go David! "
David Grabb $50.00 "GO GIRL GO!"
Jeannette Gillam $25.00 "Good luck on the run and fundraising! You are a strong, beautiful woman! You can and will beat this! Always in our prayers ~ David & Jenny Gillam xoxo"
Connie Whitaker-Bell $100.00 "We should all take similar "steps" to fight challenging diseases that friends and family battle everyday. Thanks for tackling such a stretch goal...I know you will blow it away! Good luck, Bob!"
Thelma Gernandt $100.00 "Fight On!"
Lucas Davidson $20.00 "I've have to assume that Sally will be training much harder for this, which is why I'm going with the underdog... surprise me Dana!"
Shideh Bina Hidden "Barb you inspire me!! as do you Carrie!! xxoo"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck, Carrie!"
Sharon Kalmanowitz $25.00 "Kick ass ! "
Jodi Payton $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Beth Singleton $50.00 "I hope you reach the top! "
Sofia Singleton $20.00 "Good luck!"
Judith Warhaftig $100.00 "Carrie, run,walk, the steps, in honor of your Mom and in memory of my Mom who passed 20 years ago from MM. Hugs, Aunt Judy"
Christy Lyle $50.00 "What a special event for you to do! XOXO"
Pamela Sisney $100.00 "Go marcia!"
Irwin Samet $100.00 "Good luck!! Love Mom & Dad!!!"
Loretta Yazzie $50.00 "Go son! "
Roseline Nelson-Begaye $40.00 "Good luck!"
damien reeder $20.00 "Go uncle Lionel......"
Martha Ashley $40.00 "Good Luck Lionel! You can it and know you have the power to make a difference."
Amanda Kennedy Hidden "Good for you Marcia. Good luck and we miss you! The kennedy girls"
Bob and Sandy Hendel $200.00 "Way to go Karen! We Love you! :)"
Karla Perry $100.00 "Love that you are knocking out your bucket list !! "
Molly Lawson $50.00 "Make me proud to have run up stairs at 3am at work with you!"
Michael & Marcy Fasciglione $200.00 "Go Tappi!!!!!"
Virginia Gelczis $50.00 "My mother's had this disease for 4 years and basically lives on chemo. Thank you for trying to make a difference."
Phil Menzies $100.00 "Go, Len, Go! Our friend Judy, who had MM, has been in remission for years. Thank you for raising funds for this important research."
Amanda Schmitt $15.00 "Geo and Annie, you guys are so determined it's inspiring! I know it's not much but I hope it helps! :)"
The Brooks Family $50.00 "To such a devoted, strong, inspiring woman! There is no doubt that you'll easily reach the top and achieve your goal. All our best and peace to you and your family."
arlene bondy Hidden "Great picture. Wishing all of you A HEALTHY YEAR AND ALL THE REST TO COME. Barb, I'm glad you are winning the battle so far. Love and hugs from Arlene Bondy"
Mike Stimson $100.00 "GO IRISH!"
Kaitlyn Kilmetis $25.00 "You are amazing, Geo! This so inspirational. So proud of you! :)"
Courtney Colello $25.00 "Best of luck! What a lucky dad to have a son like you!"
Anonymous $100.00 "What a nice thing to do!!! Have fun!"
Hugh Sonk $100.00 "Go Irish! Beat Cancer! "
David Rankin $50.00 "Good luck Bob- a great cause !"
Abha Moitra $500.00 "Way to go!"
Connie Zuidema $25.00 "In memory of my mother who lost her battle with Multiple Myeloma at age 72."
James Lin Hidden "Good luck!"
Rebecca Roberts $250.00 "Congratulations on taking up this challenge"
Melinda Kinser $100.00 "Good luck, Dolly! You make us proud every day. Thank you for inviting us to support this wonderful cause. "
ant king grumbine $100.00 "Good luck Bean! and Eeg!!"
Julie Lewis $50.00 "You go girl! Can't wait to see your pic at the top! All of the best to your mom who is obviously source of inspiration. xoxo! Julie"
Mary Ann Doherty $250.00 "Go Lindsy!!!!!"
Jill Edwards $50.00 "Carrie, As someone in the Internet once said, "Never throw in the towel. Use it to wipe off the sweat. Then keep on going." You're going to amaze yourself! Jill, Jim, Eli, Liam and Homer "
Michelle Glicksman Hidden "Good luck Carrie!"
Gurumurthy Krishnamurthy $25.00 "Good luck and Happy new year."
Anonymous Hidden "RUN TO FLORIDA ........."
Paul Schilling $50.00 "Great cause, Len! Good Luck! They say coming down is easier, but I suggest the elevator!!! Happy New Year!"
Terri Gardner $250.00 "I hope you are training hard for this Neil! Wow. "
Michael Capaldi $50.00 "Go Lindsay go!"
Shimon Korish $50.00 "Best wishes for this ride...!"
Alan Jilka $25.00 "Very cool Dolly. Do it to it!"
Laurie Jerome $100.00 "Go Neil!!! Thank you so much for your fundraising efforts!"
Louise Morgan $100.00 "Good luck Bill"
Rachael Don $18.00 "Both of my grandmothers had MM, and this cause really hits home. Perhaps I'll join you the next time you climb!"
Clay and Barb Robinson $1,000.00 "Good luck on your run… No doubt that you will run it twice… We will be thinking of you (from the sofa). "
susanne Hall $50.00 "Good luck, Christon!"
Larry Stadtmiller $50.00 "Go Dolly Go."
David Barrett $350.00 "Go Girl!"
Emily Cook Hidden "Good luck Susan - I know you can do it!"
Robert Tittemore $100.00 "My contribution is to acknowledge my best friend (Mike Maynard) recent diagnosis and treatment of stage 4 lymphatic leukemia. "
Norah Rogers Hidden " Sending you an extra few steps of breath. Amazing of you to do this. "
Michael Hollingsworth $250.00 "Good work, Neil!"
Eileen Smith $100.00 "Good luck Karen!! We're so proud of you!!! "
Matt Murphy $100.00 "Good luck, Shannon - go get 'em!"
Nancy Nereo $50.00 "Go David!"
Marley Fox $100.00 "Best wishes for a happy new year to your whole family!! xoxoxoxo"
Cindy Overley $30.00 "Great cause and huge endeavor. I admire your endurance and dedication. Thank you."
Greg & Sandy Phillips $100.00 "You're amazing Marcia! Keep up the incredible work!"
robert spinelli $100.00 "Tappi, I'll destroy you in dance moves and running up steps! You know it!"
Michael Shepardson $250.00 "WAY TO GO DOLL... "
Carol Udman Hidden " Good luck, Carrie!! It's a wonderful thing that you are doing. Carol and Michael U"
Barbara Slipacoff $100.00 "Hope your "climb" is an easy one and that you conquer any obstacles in your path. We wish you success and love."
Labeja Nyeko $25.00 "You will kill it. It's all about your altitude! Team Labeja"
Mindy Hastie $25.00 "Go Marcia! Good luck! Although I know you will do great! Xoxo "
Michael Dolly $50.00 "All The Best!"
Carol Zazeski $50.00 "Such a great challenge and cause. Prayers for a cure!!!"
Holly Martin $25.00 "My money's on Sally.....sorry Dana. Good Luck to you both!!!"
Patricia Casper $25.00 "I lost my brother-in-law (Liz's Dad) to this devastating disease way too young! He was more like a brother to me than a brother-in-law and I felt like I lost a very dear friend. I miss him till this day. GO MICHELLE!!! "
jamie klein $50.00 "We are so proud of you Carrie and proud to contribute to such a wonderful cause! Good Luck with the climb!!! XOXOXO"
Christine Guinta $10.00 "Good luck Michl ! Sorry I couldn't do more for you and this great cause..."
Jane Hills $250.00 "Nancy - We are so proud of you for all of the obvious reasons but for the deep love of your family. This has defined you since the day we met. You go after those stairs girl! All the best to your family and others who will benefit from this great event! "
Kathy Taylor $25.00 " Good Luck Renee.. keep on stepping ! "
Chi Park $50.00 "Good luck Karen!! From the Park family:) You are going to make Ken and everyon one around you so proud!! Well we already are proud of you!! LOVE YOU!! XOXO Park Family"
Julia Mak $50.00 "This is a wonderful cause. Go Carrie go!"
Hans Kaspersetz $250.00 "Good luck... Working together we can innovate and create a World Free From Cancer!"
Vicky Gross $100.00 "What a great thing you're doing!!"
Leah Overcash $100.00 "Good luck Sammy!!!! I know you can do it."
Michelle Stephenson Hidden "Get it girl! "
Ron Frieborn $100.00 "Go Roxy! Go Roxy! You Rockstar! 444"
Patricia Daley $50.00 "Good Luck to my very first running buddy! Love you! -Patty"
BethAnn Caputo $100.00 "You got this. Love you :)"
Adam Weber $36.00 "Good luck from The Weber Family!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck Bonnie!"
Jeannine Aponte $25.00 "You got this Meryl!! You will get to the top by the strength of your step mom ! "
Colleen Almoney $50.00 "Bonnie, what a great goal! Good luck on all fronts! Always thinking of you, Colleen"
ELEANOR McGINN $250.00 "B...you ROCK!....e"
Valerie & Kristina Rogers $25.00 "Go for it Bonnie! We know you can do it! Valerie and Kristina"
Maureen Ward $25.00 "Good Luck, Bonnie! Ellie's friend, Maureen"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Sara!!!"
Casey Jenkins $100.00 "Go Meryl! Go Nancy!!!"
Jeffrey Syham $25.00 "Good Luck Meryl! Hope this helps :)"
Christine Fredericks $100.00 "Love you Bonnie! Just another obstacle you will embrace and overpower. "
Pamela Baker $100.00 "Thanks Meryl for supporting your Nancypants and for supporting the work of the MMRF. We are so thankful for you in our lives......Pammah"
Anonymous Hidden "good luck!"
Daniel Breslauer $50.00 "Go Bonnie!"
Micheal Laverty $100.00 "Good luck Bonnie, and God Bless!!!"
Patricia Johns $50.00 "What a fabulous goal and positive event to make a difference! I'm super impressed, but not at all surprised. Excellent!"
Summer Reed $30.00 "Way to go, Alisha! You're a rockstar! :)"
Pam Oseransky $50.00 "Alyx and I are always amazed by your spirit! We love you!"
Cindy Rouse $50.00 "You go girl! I know you can do it! <3"
Polly Sturm Hidden "Go DOLLY from POLLY (and John)!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Joe, good luck for a good cause. - Lee"
Susan Beurskens $25.00 "Go Bonnie! What an inspiration! Good luck!!! Sue Beurskens (RU)"
Nancy Milner $100.00 "You are beautiful inside and out. I am so proud to be apart of your life.love Nanc! Thanks!"
Cherylann DeVito $50.00 "So proud of you for taking on this challenge, and raising money for a great cause. Your dedication is inspiring and you'll be "climbing" your way to the finish line in no time!"
Lenore Cardinale $15.00 "<3 Kick Ass! xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 "
Lenore Cardinale $15.00 "<3 Kick Ass!!!! xoxoxoxoxo <3 "
Janine Gonzalez $20.00 "Go Paula go!! Wishing you all the best"
Megan Howson $100.00 "Can't wait to hear about this awesome event - way to go, Sara!"
Diane Campbell $100.00 "Karen, we love you so much, have fun, Kenny is so proud of you, so are we, Diane, John, Heather and Tyler, you go girl train hard , "
marianne marrazzo $25.00 "Good luck Michl. What a great thing you are doing. "
Shelly Powers $100.00 "Bon....you are an inspiration to others! Love, Shelly"
Barbara, Fittipaldi $100.00 "You are both an inspiration!"
Shannon Gardner $100.00 "Megan, Good luck in this huge challenge. Love to all the Smiths."
Lola Strum $25.00 "You sure know how to kick ass, barbara. I certainly hope this helps . lwe both love you!!!"
Samantha Horowitz $25.00 "Mazel tov...Wishing you all the best... Love you both! Xoxo"
Dina Millan $50.00 "GO for it Alisha!"
Lauranne Jones $100.00 "Good luck, Meril. "
Rebecca Whitworth $100.00 "We will be with you in spirit."
Melissa Perry $50.00 "Good Luck Meryl!!!"
Susan MacKay $50.00 "Kevin & Sue MacKay Good Luck Bonnie! So thankful to have the opportunity to support you!!"
Robin Jennings $100.00 "Good luck"
Pamela L Surack $50.00 "You Rock! I hope you know how proud I am of you, Brother."
Kimberlee Atwell $50.00 "I admire you so much. You are an inspiration to me as I set goals and attain them. GO DAVID!!!"
Peggy and Emmit Garner $14.00 "Round numbers more pleasing to the eye!"
Sebastian Siegel $50.00 "It's a pleasure to support what's important to you. I believe in you."
Katie Morreale $25.00 "Hey...awesome, great thing ur doing. Good luck"
Nicole Schaffer $100.00 "Good Luck Carrie! You have all of our love and support. Love, Nic, Jay, Lily & Nathan"
Amy Margaret Blair $10.00 "Nancy, I AM SOOO PROUD OF YOU AND SOOO STOKED FOR YOU to be particiating in such an exciting, rewarding event!!! :D You so got this and you're gonna ROCK the Empire State Building!!! I proudly donate to you and the MMRF!!! :D"
Anonymous $150.00 "Great idea Sara…good luck!"
Randall Guthrie $250.00 "Going up 1576 flights will be work, but just think how easy it will be to come down!!"
EMILY PAUL $100.00 "Good luck Ryan!"
Ann Racculia $100.00 "Hart, Your strength is inspiring!"
Anita & Zay Costello & Mauldin $50.00 "Always wanted to do, can't wait to hear all about it. CA Strong becomes Jersey Strong in NYC - priceless. Best wishes for an awesome climb! Loveya, Anita & Zay"
Alicia Grasso $20.00 "Go Badass Bonnie, Go!!! Luv ya!!!"
Marcy Miller $100.00 "Go Sara! What a great way to give back! Good Luck! Marcy and Bryan"
Norman LaPointe $50.00 "Best Wishes Beth! Love Sara and Norman"
Dennis Guscott $200.00 "We are going with The Big 'T' on this one (we love u both)"
Laurie Krupp $25.00 "Good luck Keith!!!"
Colleen Friesl $250.00 "Run Bethy run! I'll be there on the ground ready to shovel you into a cab for the ride back to your hotel :) Colls"
Jeannine Turner $50.00 "Good luck Bonnie! The Turner Family"
Jana Gelernt $36.00 "Have a good climb/run. Mazel tov."
william baldwin $100.00 "one step at a time or in your case maybe three"
Loni Wiercinski Hidden "Good luck!!"
Moshe and Aviva Schwartz Hidden "Proud to support you in memory of your mother"
janet obrien $200.00 "Go J!!"
Deborah Muller $25.00 "Carrie -- hope your mom kicks cancer's ass & you kick Empire State Building's ass (I mean, if skysrcrapers had tussles). My grandma had MM and if your mom is anything like my grandma -- she's tenacious in her fight. Lots of luck in NY -- make sure your legs aren't too tired for some shopping in Manhattan to celebrate! xo"
Emma & Allard de Jong $285.61 "Arriba, arriba! Andale, andale!"
Roger Crossland $100.00 "Watch out for the gorilla and Navy biplanes at the top!"
Daniel Powers $100.00 "Go Carrie Go!"
Robert Siegel $100.00 "Good Luck! We are proud of you! Uncle Bob"
Michael Aaronson $100.00 "In loving memory of your beautiful Mom -- Good luck, Suz!!"
Heather Hansen $25.00 "We will be cheering you on! "
Brian Timmons $100.00 "Get er done Bonnie."
Amber Carlson-Hays $50.00 "This is so exciting, Beth! Way to go!!"
Eileen Antonelli $50.00 "Bob, you must be in the best shape of your life! "
Lynn Skobern $50.00 "You go girl - I'm proud of you, today, tomorrow and always! Hugs, Auntie"
Tammy McPhee Davila $50.00 "So proud of you Bonnie!!!"
Tiffany Diarbakerly Hidden "Good Luck Ryan!!"
Eric Frank $100.00 "Christ, Good luck with this challenge and take care of your knees. Regards, Eric"
Dan Carey $100.00 "Christ - Best wishes for a speedy run! Dan Carey"
Valerie Longwood $100.00 "Go Christ! This is terrific of you! Valerie"
Nicole Pinder $150.00 "Great cause and great goal - Go Christ!"
Florije Krcista $50.00 "Great Cause - Good luck and enjoy that cool drink at the end!"
Yosef Barbut $250.00 "Christ - Best of Luck. This is a novel cause to run for, albeit the physical aspect of what you have to do on Feb 5 reminds me of the physical challenges I endured in the military. I would be curious to know how you did and whether you took some temporary break from running the entire steps. Regards Yosef "
Robert Lake $25.00 "Good job Eric! "
Carol Mullaney $100.00 "It's a wonderful thing you're doing, Dolly!"
David Griffiths $50.00 "Hi Mike. I did not know that you were an athlete but good luck with your run up the Empire State Building and congratulations on your run up the Sears Tower last year. David G"
Terri Young $100.00 "Good luck Bob! When has a" long run to the top" ever stopped you????!! Terri"
Bill and Mary Todt $100.00 "Bravo, Bonnie!"
Andrea Stassou $500.00 "Best of luck, once again, Christo! You continue to inspire all of us with your charitable and compassionate endeavors! Love, Andrea, Elias, Peter and Katerina"
Brett Cohen $100.00 "Keep on truckin!"
Patrice Gilooly $250.00 "Good luck, Kristin! The Gilooly's"
Nancy Swan $75.00 "Wishing you great success!!"
Cristina Cresta $50.00 "Go T., you're amazing!!!! Thanks for making a difference and supporting such a great cause! "
Joanne Meyer $5.00 "Hey Sara! What a great thing to do! Good luck!"
Anonymous $18.00 "$18 - To Life!"
Carol Bundy $50.00 "So awesome, Sara!! Proud of you!"
Mary Malito $25.00 "Run T run! Climb T climb!"
Linda Fialkoff $1,000.00 "Dear Sara, Best of luck! That's a lot of steps!!! Linda &Frank"
Taissha Gotay /Luke LaReau Hidden "Such a great job guys, keep it up!!!!!"
gerald ouderkirk, jr. Hidden "need another picture at top this year!"
Bruce and Barbara Berger $50.00 "Happy and more important healthy New Year to you and Ellen."
Matthew Abbazia $100.00 "All the best!!!"
Doug Storer $25.00 "Keep climbing Zapper! Y.I.T.B. Sluggo"
Shelley Cole $100.00 "Good luck!!!"
Judy Hart $25.00 "Good Luck"
dody riggs $50.00 "I am so PROUD of you! Happy climbing!!"
Maureen Stenger Hidden "Good luck!"
Joy Davis Hidden "Best Of Luck, James!! Such an awesome tribute to your friendship."
Corry Hughes $50.00 "Thank you for doing this, Evalyn. You are amazing! This donation is in memory of my dad, William J. Hankinson, who left this life too soon because of Multiple Myeloma. Wish it could be more. "
william kay $100.00 "For your Dad and all the people fighting Multiple Myeloma!!"
Claudia Hutchisson $50.00 "So happy to support you dear frien. Also, my 59 year old cousin was diagnosed with myeloma and a few months later he was gone. I attribute this to the constant consumption of aspartame over the years, so one way to fight this cancer of the blood would be to eliminate aspartame from the diet. Run well Sista. Love & Hugs, Alycia"
Maya Gangadharan $50.00 "Go get 'em, Helen!! So excited for you!"
Bill Dingledine Hidden "James, I am impressed with your running all those stairs, and I am also impressed with Bo's optimism. It's tough but with friends such as you, he and others will be successful! I always knew you would get to the top!"
John Rhea $100.00 "Helen, good luck with the race and more importantly in helping tackle this challenge!!! JR"
Lesley Krewatch $50.00 "Great job Bonnie!"
Jill Hemphill $250.00 "The Empire State Building will shine Greek-blue when you arrive at the top!! "
Sarah Hill $100.00 "Reach for the top, Evalyn!"
David Palgon $35.00 "Much love Geo, way to go"
John Kinney $250.00 "Way to go old man!"
Kristine Spence $50.00 "What a great thing you are doing Sara!!!! "
Mary Augustine-Morris $50.00 "Go get 'em, Christ!"
Jerry and Marie Pitarresi $50.00 "A great cause, Geoff. Please give our best to your dad -- he'll be in our prayers."
The Rudins $50.00 "We are so so proud of you for everything that you do! Sending you so much love and support xoxo"
Virginia Ryan $50.00 "Have a great run Joe! Virginia"
Stanley Sze $1,000.00 "In honor of Mike and Nan and all they do for the world."
William Chang $50.00 "You Rock!"
Lindsey Colello Hidden "Your dad must feel so proud to have raised a son with such an amazing heart!! BEST of luck! <3 "
Darrin Peller $100.00 "Good luck!"
cathleen game leff $100.00 "You can do it Michael!! Love, Cathy & sandy"
Aristotle Papanikolaou $100.00 "Kale Dyname! I don't know how you do it!"
Edward Keating $50.00 "Go get'em! "
Jennifer Hartje $100.00 "Good luck Michl, great cause - thanks!"
Vestah Tikium $200.00 "Good luck Lionel."
Damiana Reeder $60.00 "Go uncle Lionel......"
Baby Doll $50.00 "Many blessings to you and the family. Mr Reeder was dearly loved by many. "
Megan Fisher $25.00 ":)"
Rie Gibbons Hidden "Good luck, team Evolution!"
George Reynolds $25.00 "Helen, I always admire your conviction to your goals. I'm sure will be in lead pack. Roz and I wish you success . Sincerely, Master George Reynolds "
Pamela Kessay $100.00 "Good luck! "
Lilia See $50.00 "Go get me Robyn! So proud of you for doing this! Love you!"
Eric & Susan Spreeuwenberg $50.00 "Make sure you feel what you're doing (no pain, no gain...). Succes!!!"
Dulcie Chaler $100.00 "I am keeping Danny and his family in my thoughts and prayers. Love you Kimberly! "
Andy Mahr $100.00 "Awesome tribute to your dad. Happy New Year to you guys."
Carl Gentry $50.00 "I love you daughter you will do great"
Michele Schmidt Hidden "Go Bond!!!!!!"
Susan and Gary Johnson $100.00 "Go team Kalksma!"
Kenyatta Chambers $20.00 "Fight the good fight Pam!"
Mark Rolfes $250.00 "No huffing and puffing AT LEAST until you make it to Floor 84! Have fun, and best of luck on your fundraising efforts. Happy Amy and I can help."
Vanessa Houck Hidden "Good luck Bond!"
Lara Grote Hidden "Way to go, Bond!"
Lori Sullivan Ehret Construction Company $50.00 "Good Luck! Lori and Jim"
Stephen Dragich $500.00 "Good luck on your long climb to the top!"
Wai Yiu Hidden "YOU CAN DO IT!"
Emily Heisley STOECKEL $250.00 "Best of luck in this worthy cause! Emily"
Jennifer Hardyniec $100.00 "So proud of you, Lindsay! Best of luck! We love you! :-) -- Jenn & Spencer"
Laurel Portner Hidden "Good luck--wishing all of you the best!"
Eric Etheart $25.00 "You can do it..Good luck Lauren"
Kathryn Turrel $25.00 "Goooo Lauren!!!! xo"
brian callaghan $119.84 "Best of luck Dolly! A wonderfully unique fundraiser in memory of a truly great guy.43885760"
Ed Cunningham $100.00 "You continue to inspire us all! Will you be wearing a GoPro camera to memorialize the ascent?"
Barbara Margolin Hidden "Good Luck!"
Samuel Shapiro $540.00 "Chai is a Hebrew word meaning life. To give in "Chai" is good luck. 540 is 30 Chai. So great you are doing this! "
Paralee Day $50.00 "Dear Helen: You're making "several steps" in the right direction toward finding a cure for this dreaded disease. Best wishes as I'm sure you will reach your goal. Sincerely, Paralee G. Day"
Lilia See $30.00 "Just keep runnin, just keep runnin, runnnin! Good luck!!!"
Linda Legault Quinn $100.00 "Thanks Dolly and best wishes."
Rebecca Hamm $100.00 "Good luck, Linda!!"
Rosanne Cofoid Hidden "Denise, your commitment to this clearly comes from love. I'm happy to support you in this endeavor. Big hugs, Rosanne "
heidi & tim gleason Hidden "good luck denise! i applaud your effort and determination - better see you on the stair master at the gym! :)"
Jaime Croft $30.00 "Good luck!!!"
Daniel Biggs Hidden "Good for you Stephen! Happy to support - good luck on those stairs! wotDan Biggs"
lorise vanvoorthuizen Hidden "Have a blast!!! pictures please!!"
don strumillo $100.00 "Best of luck Steve! don strumillo"
Ari & Moran Stone $100.00 "We wish you the very best on the Empire State Run-Up for Multiple Myeloma Research Sara. - Ari & Moran"
Beth and Doug Brendamour $100.00 "Great Cause. Hope it goes well Marcia. "
Anthony Sherman $500.00 "Steve Andrews is a Stud!"
Mary Flynn $30.00 "You ROCK!! I'm proud of you!"
Nancy Fishman $25.00 "Hi Geoff: I'm a friend of Mark Christopher and I also did some work with your Dad when I worked at Frameline. So sorry to hear about his cancer, and also so awed by you Empire State building stair climb. Please send my regards to your Dad and tell him that I'm thinking of him. "
Chris Stent $500.00 "Good luck, Steve!"
Karen Noonan $500.00 "Dolly, we are so proud of you for taking on this challenge and know the time and effort you have put into preparing for this incredible event. We can't wait to here about your trip. We'll continue to hold you close in our prayers. GO IRISH!!! Tim, Karen & Madie"
Mike Haffar $50.00 "Good luck!! "
John & Mary Runger $100.00 "Very cool for you to be able to do this - Very good for the MMRF to benefit from all of your efforts! Go for it! The Class of '84 is behind you all the way! "
Suzie Cooper $100.00 "Denise, God bless you and your husband for doing this for his Mom. I had a dear friend pass recently from this devastating disease, so I know how hard it is."
Jen Safier Hidden "We love you, Susan!"
Marilyn Cornell $100.00 "Megan…Bless your heart. Marilyn Cornell ( your momma's cousin )"
Arlene and David Hulnick $50.00 "Go Richard. So proud of you!"
Francis McNamee $100.00 "Great job Robyn!!! Love from the McNamee's "
Amy L Berley $100.00 "Go Daddy/Richard! We love you!"
Dan & Amanda Caldwell $100.00 "Go gettum ladies!!"
mary harding $100.00 "Every Step Matters! The Class of 1984 is behind you all the way. Thanks Doll.... Al and Mary Harding "
Ernie Leslie $50.00 "Do your best nephew."
Yvonne Rios $100.00 "Good Luck Steve!"
Anna Maria Maglione $25.00 "Hopefully, some day I will run up those steps with you. Happy Stepping...."
Debbie Finnegan $100.00 "Lots of luck, Steve! "
Around the House $100.00 "Good Luck Michelle!"
Carissa Lopopolo $100.00 "You are incredible! Possibilities are endless for you... Don't stop climbing! xoxo"
Josephine Crowley $25.00 "Listen to me!!! Good Luck!!! "
Linda Zito $30.00 "Go go go!"
Kruthika Chittiappa $100.00 "Goodluck Steve!! "
Tricia DeMartino $25.00 "Good Luck, your dedication is admirable! "
alison moriarity $250.00 "Dolly-We are behind you all the way to the TOP! Jim Moriarity and Family"
Lauren Israelovitch & Jason Koenig $50.00 "Good luck Dave! Great cause."
Ashley Rollery $100.00 "Go brother! "
James Weidner $1,000.00 "Bill, you are the best! Mary and I truly appreciate your support and caring. You make a difference in this world for so many people. Bravo!"
Anonymous $20.00 "PROUD OF YOU. From the The Flores Family"
Brett Berger $20.00 "Do work son!"
Anonymous $100.00 "She'd be so proud! "
Ellis Nunn & Associates Architects $100.00 "We feel strongly about stopping all kinds of cancer related diseases and we are definitely try and fund the reseach."
Anthony Rimikis $50.00 "Wow! Very impressive. Good luck "
Bill Lazarus $250.00 "Good Luck STEVEN!!!! Run like the wind!!"
Jim and Jacie Stivers $100.00 "Go Nancy! Congratulations on your race to the top!"
Gina Swinnea $100.00 "Thank you, Wendy, for participating in this amazing challenge. Dad, you are my hero & the strongest person I know. Mom, the most supportive, loving, & dedicated wife/mother ever. I'm so blessed for my family & love you all so much!! "
Valerie DeRosa $100.00 "Bonnie - WAY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!! Sooooo proud of you! - Love Val"
Anne Bartschat $125.00 "Way to go Steve...we are so Proud of you (And so is your Mom). This is from Eric, Me, Brooke and Aunt Marian..."
Mary Lou and Bob Mason $100.00 "Steven ,what a wonderful thing you are doing in honor of your Mom.She is always in our hearts."
lois toal Hidden "Good luck and God bless! Lois and Kevin Toal"
Carolyn Conway $25.00 "Smoke 'Em Rolls!"
TJ and Doris Harrington $50.00 "Run Beth Run. See Beth Run. Would like for you to think of our friend Ted (who's fighting multiple myeloma) while you run. Love you."
Diane Baylor $500.00 "Faster, faster..let's see you beat last year's time!"
Jean Gorman $100.00 "Go, Dolly, Go!!! I can't wait to see what you are up to next. Jean"
Sue Brooks $50.00 "Good luck Beth! It can't be worse than one of Mr. Grandy's interval workouts! Have fun and good luck with the fund raising. Your pain is for a great cause!!"
Noelia Kvaternik $50.00 "YAY!! Go RYAN!!"
Janet Haire $50.00 "Way to go Ryan!"
Kay Guidera $50.00 "Amazing! Your mom is proud. Is your Dad doing it with you?!"
susan perkins $50.00 "I have no doubt you will kick the Empire State Building's ass. "
Anthony Franklin $25.00 "Count all those stairs you scale! Helluva job my Ishin Ryu sister! We sure are proud of the effort."
Janet DeFilippis $50.00 "Good Luck Steve. What a wonderful thing you are doing for your Mom. I am more than thrilled to be able to help since I lost my Dad to multiple myeloma back in the 80's. They have made progress but have a very very long way to go. Your contribution will help in someway. "
Thomas Lee $500.00 "For Mike and Nan's inspiring commitment to make the world a better place!"
Dorothy Condon $50.00 "If you can master the "Tuff Mudder" this will be a breeze out of love for your mother! We love you and wish you Good Luck! Mama "C" and Franko"
Karen Scarpa $100.00 "Good Luck Deb, I know you can do it again. You got this beat!!! We are all cheering you on!!"
Douglas Kennedy $25.00 "Go Colleen! I believe in you! You have the glow of The Spirit motivating you. I wish you well in your race to the top. Maybe you can be a good influence on me in 2014 as I need it. Douglas"
April Young $50.00 "You're an inspiration, Beth....Thanks for always representing such a great cause!"
Anonymous $100.00 "What a wonderful thing you're doing in your fathers name to earn money for a cure for Multiple Myeloma. I too have a love one with this terrible cancer and admire your courage. My sister, Janis Bailey Prejean, attended Baker High School and LSU. She married another LSU grad and resides outside Atlanta, Georgia with their four dogs. Jan was diagnosed a couple of years ago and has had many ups and downs with treatment and side affects from medications from this aggressive disease. I hope my donation of $100 will help in your courageous fight for a cure for Multiple Myeloma. Sincerely, Fay Bailey Seaton Baker, Louisiana"
Judi Garfinkel $100.00 "I know you can do it Ev -- I'm so proud of you! Love, Judi"
Pam and Malte vonMatthiessen $500.00 "I appreciate how much Mike and Nan help others. Hope this is helpful indirectly to them"
Karen Parrotte Hidden "Good Luck Nadine! Let us know how long it took you to get to the top! "
Jeanne Ricciardelli $100.00 "Steve, This is wonderful what you are doing. Karen is always in our thoughts. We miss her so. "
Connie Lawson $50.00 "Great job girls!!! ;-)"
Lisa Cohen $25.00 "Hi Bonnie, Love your spirit! Lots of luck and much love! Lisa Cohen"
Joe Rollery $250.00 "Steven this a great thing your doing in honor of Mom. We all miss her very much and I know she looks over you and your sisters every day. Love Dad"
Sandra Rowinsky $100.00 "Susan and Ginger, May God Be With you both, every step of the way up! There is a LOT of people pulling for you both. What a great way to remember your Dad.. Again, Good Luck and God Bless! Billy and Sandra Rowinsky"
Laura Grodin Hidden "You go girl! <3 <3 <3"
Deirdre O'Neill $100.00 "So proud of you Geoff!!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Way to go Bond!!! Woohoo..!!!"
Dale Fronk $50.00 "Good luck! Go Irish!"
Michael Jamieson $100.00 "Just another mountain to climb. Good luck!"
Barbara Carlberg $100.00 "You are almost there!! I'm so excited for you and so PROUD!"
Evsen Sinmaz $50.00 "Good Luck! Evsen, Tony, Mey"
Robin Merritt $50.00 "My inspiration and one of the most amazing friends in my life! Go big or go home baby! See you there cheering you on!"
Elle Callanan $30.00 "You're a light in the world Lauren, so glad we met, go get 'em!"
Debraj Addya $25.00 "Good Luck Megan. "
Dorothy Belus $100.00 "Bonnie, you never cease to amaze me. Good luck !!!!!"
April Rosato $20.00 "Good luck!!"
Lynn Costa $100.00 "Steve, We're running with you in your Mom's memory - Love, Lynn and Tom"
courtney reed Hidden "So proud of you! xo"
Stephanie Richter $50.00 "Good luck Steve! Hope you're doing well :)"
Vickie Baldwin $25.00 "Proud of you, bro Lionel. Keep running for this cause and make late Papa Reeder proud too. May God guide and be with you on this amazing journey - best wishes! ~Sis~"
Anneliese Crawford Hidden "Best wishes and happy climbing, my friend! You are a great daughter-in-law."
Hannah Boss $20.00 "Good Luck Steve!!!"
Rose Means $100.00 "Good Luck Renee and Karen!"
Sharon Keane $100.00 "Dolly, With you in spirit as you go full force. Good luck!"
Vincent Paruta $250.00 "Your mom was a beautiful friend whom I will deeply miss and always remember. God bless her and your family Steven!"
Chris Lydecker $5.00 "Go get em Tim. "
Isabella Garner $100.00 "Good Luck sissy! We love you! Xoxo"
halina modelski $50.00 "Way to go Tim."
Becky Templet $50.00 "This is such a wonderful thing you all are doing! Good Luck & God Bless. "
Aaron Prestup $100.00 "Best of luck Bonnie...We're really proud of what your doing...Aaron and Barbara"
Grace and Augie LaMalfa $25.00 "Good Luck Bonnie!"
Joe Finnegan $200.00 "Steve, I'm sure your Mom is proud of you! I think what your doing is awesome! Here's an idea, take two steps at a time and the its only 788 steps lol. Good Luck! Big Man"
Mary Barrett $500.00 "What a beautiful gesture. Go Sara!"
lisa schwartz $50.00 "Good Luck, nadine - I'm sure you will do great!!!! Lisa"
Morgan Bluhm $50.00 "You inspire me! Love you friend."
Leonard Reeder, Jr. $100.00 "Go bro! Keep running for pops!"
Jennifer Pettit $50.00 "Go Tim!! Thanks for raising funds for a cure!! -- Brett & Jenny (Pettit) Woodis"
Jeanine Aguilar $50.00 "Run Reeder Run!"
Darcy Corkery $50.00 "Thank you for actively helping kick cancer's ass!"
Lisa Fisher $50.00 "We love you Bonnie and are so proud of you! God Bless!!"
CHANDRA & SHARADA BHANSALI $250.00 "Ghemawat Sahib what you are dong is amazing. We truely admire you and Mrs. Ghemawat"
Danielle Benedict $35.00 "Marcia your the best! Such a wonderful caring giving person! Hope this helps a little!"
Larry Chatterton $100.00 "Run Erin, Run!"
Aris Chicles $100.00 "What a great cause-good luck! Aris and Annemarie"
Lou Peradotto $50.00 "Thanks for doing this for a great cause. "
Barbara Brown $20.00 "You and Eric rock! Thank you for all you do"
ervin sheati $50.00 "Go Theo Christ!!! Roz & Ervin "
Heather & Chase Condon $75.00 "Scuba, you're amazing! I know your mom will be with you the whole way! Good luck! Love ya! -Heather & Chase "
Bill and Lisa Baker $100.00 "Go, Kim, Go! The entire Raible family is in our prayers."
Dean & Margaret Downs $25.00 "Good Luck, Erin!!! I admire your courage and strength. Love to your family!!!!"
Bruce Zimmer $100.00 "Carrie…..love your mom…anything for barbara"
Michael Moran $100.00 "Best of luck to you Bob, what a great cause!"
Joann Lee $10.00 "Good luck Alishaaa!!! Go get 'em tiger :)!! "
Gemma Dehnbostel $50.00 "I have a precursor condition to multiple myeloma. Thanks to generous people like you, the MMRF can work to make life better for those with this disease. Thanks for what you're doing, and I know you'll make it to the top!"
Donna Bessette $50.00 "Thank you Tim!"
Carole Miles $50.00 "You're a fine person Meryl. Thank you for doing this on Nancy's behalf!"
Paul Manning $50.00 "Oh hell yes. Not only is this a very worthy cause Nancy is an amazing person!"
Shari Donoghue $100.00 "Hope you finish #1. Good luck. "
Travis Roop $50.00 "Great job, Shannon."
Judith Lavoie-McCue $100.00 "Good Luck Shannon! I have total confidence in you!"
Rich Dunkelberger $100.00 "Good Luck Shannon!"
William and Beatrice Lavoie $50.00 "Happy to be part of this worth while and challenging event. Best of Luck Shannon. Grammy Bea and Pa."
Catherine Knudson $50.00 "Hugs and Kisses to Sue! xx"
Chris Byllaardt $100.00 "Good Luck Steve !!"
mary anne and michael franklin $25.00 "Dear Helen, We wish you luck! Mike and Mary Anne Franklin"
Tani & Eric Gelber $250.00 "Thanks Tim for all you do for others!"
Ann Walker $100.00 "Ev, I am always inspired by your fabulous attitude. Have fun climbing to the top!"
Arlene Richardson $100.00 "Thanks Meryl for doing such a good thing for a wonderful person . Nancy is go great and I'm so thankful to call her my friend. Love her lots..."
Mark and Beth Stechschulte $157.60 "That's a dime for every step! Congratulations for your great effort!!! You'll do great! Stecks"
Victor Moon $100.00 "Good luck Michelle!! What a great cause!"
Kristi Ralph $50.00 "Best of luck!!"
Janice Roise $50.00 "Go, Meryl! What a great goal."
Anthony Klocko $25.00 "Tim, I'm glad I could help you with my donation. Good luck & stay safe. Captain Anthony Klocko SQ4 JCFD"
Sara Scaldini $50.00 "Good luck you guys! So proud of you!!!"
Diahann Koshi $50.00 "Good Luck!! You are an inspiration!!"
Sharlene Hardy $275.00 "Good Luck Beth!!! From your friends and family in NH. Love ya! Amy Dutton Sharlene Hardy Bill and Ann Dutton Pam Rozean"
Barbara Tuckey $100.00 "My Mom died in 1988 from Multiple Myeloma; much too young. I had never heard of it until she was diagnosed. Now, I hear of more and more people who have it. They have made great strides in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma, but they still have a long way to go. Thank you Tim, for running for such a worthy cause. I hope you get a corporate sponsor and surpass your contributions goal! Good luck and don't trip! Thanks again - Bob & Barb Tuckey"
Amy Staub $50.00 "Go Rupa! You will make your mom proud!"
bill mchugh $250.00 "Thank you to everyone supporting Tim! As a MM survivor, and someone that is joining Tim on this race, it's great to know we have the support of everyone out there. Congrats Tim on what you're doing and see you in the stairwell! Now you have your gig with the band and take home the rest! SUPPORT TIM!"
edie hoffman $25.00 "wish you the best"
Rob & Leah Watson $1,000.00 "Best wishes, great cause. Xo Rob&Leah"
Bert Bueno Hidden "To My Soul Sister...My Best Friend...My Right Hand Partner....I am planning our next adventure....filled with fun, excitement, laughter, exploration and lots of love...get ready....Bert"
Tony & Eleanor Hubbell $100.00 "Nephew Lionel, you & your family are in our prayers and thoughts and will be especially on Feb 5 when you take each step up the Umpire State Bldg. When you get to the top don't get scared of King Kong ok ;) We know your dad will be with you in spirit each step of the way. We are so proud of you and love you much nephew. Safe travels."
Margaret McCabe $50.00 "Sending much love to Geoff and Harold! "
Melville Osborne $100.00 "Walking/playing with your 2 new dogs will get you in fighting shape!"
Brian Smith $500.00 "Go gettem' Bri..."
Kristie Lay Hidden "Good luck my friend!! "
Adam Rand $250.00 "Best of luck Tricia The Liquiteria Family"
madeline garber $25.00 "go geoff and annie!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Great work Paul fighting to find a cure! Best of luck and God Bless you and the rest of the participants!"
JOSEPH STETSON $500.00 "Best of luck from your friends at Van Wagner!"
Kara Morphey $50.00 "Way to go bean! So proud of you!"
Denise and John Picker $250.00 "Ok, we're doing the cleanse... but if you think I'm going to follow you up the Empire State Building, you're nuts (but then again... who knows). Good luck... know you'll do it with ease. John"
John Robic $100.00 "Good cause! Good Job! Good Luck! John Robic"
Lance & Anne Blue Hidden "So happy to support you in this great cause! "
Damien Reeder $60.00 "keep running uncle Lionel."
Robin McCall $100.00 "I'm so glad you are recovering from your injury and that you can participate in this race! Truly inspiring."
Sharon, Brenda, Charlie & Felicia $50.00 "You are doing an amazing thing, Carrie! Best of luck and love to everyone!"
Jerry & Iva Hoskie $50.00 "Good luck son!!!"
Bob Griffin $100.00 "Good luck on the "BIG CLIMB"! Take the elevator back down! :)"
Bob & Mary Beth Lucian $500.00 "Good Luck Dolly!! Save some energy and do a little Irish Dance at the top!"
Gregory Romanowski $250.00 "Take it to the top, Bob! In 2013, my brother in-law was diagnosed with advanced multiple myeloma at the age of 53! This is a guy that is in great shape (Triathlete and Many Marathons)...will be looking at an autologous bone marrow transplant later this month! Thanks for making a difference, Bob! "
Ron Polluconi $25.00 "Love you Nancy! Good luck Meryl!"
Andrea Stoff $50.00 "Go! Erin, Go!"
Sarah Findling $50.00 "Good Luck! -Sarah & Mario"
Jeffrey Swan $250.00 " Good Luck old friend- Jeff & Linda"
Donna Schlachman $50.00 "I know you can do it Evalyn! Just carry all our love with you to the top. Donna"
Mary and Boyd Stackhouse $100.00 "Kristan, you are such a role model for your daughters. They must be very proud of you. We only spent a short time with Keith when he came to Iowa for Shawn and Jennifers wedding, but he felt like family. He came in to our house and was so warm. He truly seemed like he was someone who we had known for a long time. He was so sweet. You honor him with all you are doing. Blessings to you and your family."
howard kravitz $200.00 "Here's to making great strides. "
New York Pet Care $47.16 "Tsss I could do dat tssss"
Sharon Voelpel $30.00 "Run Alisha Run!! xo"
Paul Booth $20.00 "Can't wait to hear how it goes! (Slow people move out of the way!)"
Jack Schneider $50.00 " I know how competitive you are Sally, but with Dana's youth AND she has both Kalksma and Cavallaro blood running through her veins. I have to give her the nod. Best of luck to you both."
Antonia Milonas $250.00 "Dear Hugh, Wishing you much courage to climb the Empire State Building! Good luck in your fundraising! Best, Antonia"
Andrea Sullivan $100.00 "Best of luck! I will be thinking of you and your mom February 5th!"
Jeanine Magrann $100.00 "All your training will be worth it! Good Luck!"
Amanda Philpott $50.00 "Scott and I are so proud of you! I would like to take partial credit for your stair training?"
Jacqueline Drexel $100.00 "This is a great thing that you are doing! xoxoxo"
Shari Rosenbaum Hidden "Good Luck! "
Kayla Wells $15.00 "Good luck!!"
jacqueline hartley $100.00 "Go Tim!!"
Hee-Jung Chae Hidden "1576 steps?! Go BRIAN!!!! :)"
Jennifer Taguiam $20.00 "Good luck to both of you! xo"
Natalie Collazo $125.00 "Very proud of you Karen! Ken is very proud as well. Xoxo"
Joseph Tort $250.00 "Make us proud out there Christ! Wish I were running it with you."
Karen Larsen $25.00 "Good luck to you both!!"
Michael Drummond $50.00 "Go Steph!! Should be an awesome jaunt to NYC!"
Richard Harmelin $50.00 "Great cause for a great man. Good luck Nate! Love, -Rich and Jojo"
Samantha Derrick $50.00 "I am so inspired by your strength and determination XOXO"
Kathy Gott $100.00 "You go girl! I know you will do awesome..."
Matthew Reeg $50.00 "Your butt is going to be even more bootylicious after this! "
Sandi Kornblum Hidden "Good Luck an Kudos to you Carrie. Hugs to your Mom."
Daniel Planck $50.00 "Way to "step" it up Bob! You are always a "step" ahead of everyone! Have fun climbing the "stairway" to Heaven! Daniel"
Edward Kowalski $100.00 "Bob, We think of Diane often and how much we love her. What Suzan, and you, are doing is a wonderful remembrance and memorial to Diane and a worthy cause that can use the research support. And thank you for allowing us to help a little in her memory. With all our love for a great couple and good memories. Barbara & Ed Kowalski"
Raine & Moe Levesque $100.00 "Tim, U R the most caring, lovable, determined and true friend anyone could ever B lucky enough to have in their life. U have been involved in numerous charities. Moe & I R honored 2 B in UR circle of friends. U never cease 2 amaze us in the amount of causes U involve yourself in 2 help others. U continue 2 give of yourself, your time and energy. U inspire others 2 'pay it forward'. Thank U 4 doing all that U do. And please, don't ever change. I too, have a disease 4 which there is no cure or treatment. (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) also known as RSD/CRPS. So I especially know & appreciate what U do 4 people with illnesses. God Bless U, & watch over U. :)l"
Melody Jeffries Peters $198.00 "SCHS class of 1980 produced some phenomenal graduates...kind, loyal, successful, family-oriented. You have all of those qualities in spades! You make us proud! Melody Jeffries Peters and Family "
Anonymous $155.00 "Good Luck Pat!! Oconee Natural Healthcare~"
Jamie Vonfeldt $50.00 "Good luck Dolly! I have no doubt you will finish upright and with dignity :-) "
joan lindley $25.00 "way to go Erin good luck with the run let me know how it turns out Joanie"
Debra Moore $50.00 "Go Gallagher!!! :) xoxo deb"
Justin Hutchens $500.00 "Go Beth! Great cause!"
Lars Sternas $50.00 "run Bond run !"
Mary Ellen Koepfle $100.00 "I know you will make it to the top! Good Luck Dolly! "
Susan Fittipaldi $51.00 "To the friend who inspired me to run the NYC marathon, you're amazing! (I never would have done it without you and Marci). Love to you and the whole family. xxoo"
Richard Frank $100.00 "God Bless you Joe! Good luck in your fund raising effort. I wish I could give more. Run Joe! Run!"
Robert Dodson $200.00 "Dolly, you are always moving up in the world. Contests!"
Steve Harwin $100.00 "Arns: My best and Love to Barb and you. Must tell you - Your wife looks much better than you...You have grey hair-don't undertand Your Liberal/Obama lovingt friend"
Jim Harty $100.00 "GO DOLLY! GO IRISH! Bring home a Victory! Best wishes, Jim"
Bill and Ann Bain $250.00 "Sounds like a crazy challenge, but a great cause - good luck Ryan!!"
Jim and Kathy Rossiter $100.00 "Dolly....What a wonderful cause! We currently have a very close friend fighting this disease. God Bless you!"
Sara HILTON $25.00 "Go Philip! Will be sending you every best wish for success on 5 February all the way from Jersey, the old one not the new one!"
Belinda Fratto-Contreras $50.00 "I am proud to support Mary Kelly Sullivan in this challenge....she is a determined strong minded woman!"
Lee Pelton $50.00 "It's hardly fair Dana, Sallys keeps catching her walker on the steps!"
Mom and Dad Poulin $100.00 "Our love, thanks, and pride are immeasurable! You rock Nate!"
John & Jeny Sejdinaj $250.00 "“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ? Ernest Hemingway Good Luck! John & Jeny"
Dawn Zarcaro $25.00 "Bonnie I admire you so. Good luck. I'm thinking of you always. "
John Meany $100.00 "Good luck, Dolly! I think I would have trouble walking up that many stairs."
Wendy Trager $50.00 "Mrs. Newman, You are a treasure. Your mom would be so proud. It is our pleasue to support you. Best wishes and keep on climbing! The Trager Family"
Melanie Leatham $100.00 "You go girl! the Leatham's"
Evan Eisenberg $50.00 "Good luck Geoff. Hope the xfit workouts at lunch helped prepare you for the challenge ahead. Proud of you dude! Love you too Ann! Ev"
Sheila O'Brien $250.00 "Dolly, you rock! I can walk to the Huddle but that's about it. Thanks for all YOU do for Notre Dame. xo Sheila O'Brien"
Linda Dixon $25.00 "Good luck Beth. "
Rebecca Long $20.00 "Good luck MaryKelly!!"
Stavro Soussou $250.00 "Good luck Christ. You are the best."
Paul Ward $20.00 "$20 from family at inspiration point at the McDowell Mountain Preserve. "
Paul Ward $20.00 "Generous gift from Michael Paul"
Holley Bedell Hidden "Kristin, I know this isn't much, but I wanted to contribute something to such a great cause. Though I don't know you well, you are an amazing and strong woman! Best of luck to you and I hope to do some races together in the future!!! Holley Bedell"
Jason Grant $50.00 "Remember me when you trip :)"
Gregory Muzzillo $100.00 "We are so proud of you Dolly- You go girl! Greg and Vera Muzzillo"
Jill Kupcha $20.00 "All my best; it is a wonderful thing you are doing. Jill Kupcha "
Jillian Griffiths $250.00 "You go girl!! "
Toula Koliopoulos $100.00 "MMRF has affected my family very personally as it has taken the life of my husband. I congratulate you and thank you for your compassion and charitable endeavors. "
Laura Guigli $50.00 "Good luck!! Don't let the bears catch you!"
Latisha Watkins $50.00 "Go BOND!!!!!!!"
Scott and Samantha Adams $100.00 "Good luck with the run Bill and better luck with the prognosis!"
Stand up for Debbie 50/50 Raffle - Gotham Comedy Club $100.00 "50/50 Raffle from Gotham Comedy Club NY Stand up for Debbie Event"
Linda LaMarca $50.00 "Good luck - step by step!"
Stand up for Debbie 50/50 Raffle - Gotham Comedy Club $100.00 "50/50 Raffle from Gotham Comedy Club NY Stand up for Debbie Event"
Bruce Povman $100.00 "Go Heather go and don't look down!! Love ya -- Sharon and Bruce Povman"
Jaci and Steven Osdoby Hidden "Your participation makes a difference! "
Tammy Wu $100.00 "Go Bill!!!"
Molly Payne $10.00 "This is awesome...good luck!"
James Peters $115.76 "Keep up the great work Bill!"
Steve Ritland $250.00 "When the quads burn out, just turn around and run the stair backwards! (I'm SURE that'll help!)"
Kristine Benefield $250.00 "You are nuts! But great cause"
Ryan Brennan $50.00 "Good luck, Dolly!"
Sarah Bowes $25.00 "Megan, Good Luck on your big climb :) Sarah Bowes"
hector mislavsky $250.00 "I want to hear a story for every story (and do you run down or take the elevator?)"
Sandra Bang $100.00 "Good luck Bill!! "
John Wetsell $50.00 "Can't wait to hear and see the results from this year!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Best of luck, Jill and thanks for supporting the fight against cancer!"
Ei, Jay, Kari & Marcus Leibowitz $100.00 "Uncle Bob & Susan, One step at a time. Love, Ei, Jay, Kari & Marcus"
mary shelton rose $150.00 "Good luck Christ! "
Susan Makowski $50.00 "I'm proud of you:-)"
consolata beecher $20.00 "Lionel, stay with the angels and the spirit of your dad as you set out and accomplish your quest. May your creator God be with you."
Lisa Maffei $50.00 "Way to go Ryan! I will be cheering you on from boston in a few weeks, good luck!!!!"
Judy Shapiro $250.00 "Denise and Steve--Thank you for including me in this thoughtful cause. I only have 14 steps up to my apt. but I will pretend it's the Empire State Bldg. on Feb. 5th. Good Luck to you both."
philip erdoes $500.00 "Awesome!"
Veronica Lovato $30.00 "Keep up the great work cousin! Your dad would be proud. Stay strong, blessing be to you. "
Sheila Matuscak $250.00 "Good luck! Will be rooting for you!"
Meghan Joye $100.00 "Go KONG!"
John Klebba $50.00 "Yours is a truly wonderful effort in one of the most important fights of our times. "
Robert Shapiro $250.00 "I will be thinking and Praying for you and Sandy (my Cousin) Much Love, Robert"
Megan Reeg $50.00 "Good luck! We're proud of you! Love, Megan, Dan & Sam "
John Tucker $15.00 "Really good cause David and good luck. I did the New Zealand Ironman in 2010 for the Australia Leukemia foundation as my father was struck with AML and I was lucky to raise around $4,300 by wonderful supporters. Enjoy the challenge!"
Penny King $50.00 "Best of Luck Beth! Thanks for all you do!!"
Holly Berube Hidden "Congratulations on being chosen, and best wishes in your journey! I'm sure you are so excited and every moment will be cherished. God's blessings to you and all you're helping."
Ronald Proulx $50.00 "I want what You and Sara want , for a cure to be found , and for Amy to feel better <3 Here's to your successful ascent Beth , God speed <3"
Anonymous $150.00 "What a great rhing to do!"
Michael Dreyer $50.00 "Go get it Bill! The Dreyer Family"
Ellie Voorhees $100.00 "Mike, Keep Fighting! Here's to a Cure!!! Best Wishes and Prayers, The Voorhees Family"
christien polos $100.00 "You GO!!!!!!!!!!!! Bond"
Thomas DeSoye $100.00 "Bill, Best of luck with the training and rock and roll up 1,576 steps! God Bless! TD"
Linda Sirois $25.00 "Good luck Beth! I am sure your are a fireplug like Sara is so I have full faith in you completing this challenge! "
Catherine Garrett $50.00 "Good luck, Sara! I know that you will exceed your goals. "
Liz Lindberg $40.00 "Go, Briant, go!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Sara! What an awesome cause,, good luck!"
Jay Oyer $300.00 "Chris: With passioin and didication you give back working to help others. Good luck. Jay"
David Fogarty $50.00 "Go get 'em! I'll be there in spirit."
Anonymous $18.00 "Good luck in the "run""
Kathy Bergstrom $25.00 "This is awesome Sara! Good luck!"
Desmond Martello $500.00 "Great job Steve and a great cause. Wishing your mother our best. She will be in our prayers.. "
Brooke Fennen $20.00 "sending love and support! "
Timothy Fox $50.00 "Be sure to be wearing a Red Sox cap! Laura and Tim Fox"
jesse kulp $100.00 "I love you Mr. Bill!"
Gelfand Family Hidden "Good Luck! - The Gelfand family (your big brotha from New Yawk)"
Steven London DDS $100.00 "Good Luck Becky!"
Joe Atkinson $250.00 "Good luck Christ!!"
LaVina Benally $50.00 "Good luck Lionel!! You can do it. Blessings from Ray & LaVina Benally"
Amy Bitterman Hidden "Good Luck Carrie! You have all of our best wishes. xoxox The Bitterman Family"
Frank Zardezed $100.00 "Kristen, We are so proud of you! You are an incredible woman, an awesome mother and it is obvious why Keith chose you to be the one to marry and create your wonderful family!! We will always support you and your fight for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Love, Frank and Shannon"
julia durkot $50.00 "Bill! Best of luck to you!"
Ina Dwyer $25.00 "Sweet Sara - You are so admired! Love you tons. Ina"
Nancy Walton $100.00 "Thanks, Bill, for honoring my Mom, Ursula. Good luck and I'm reposting this on FB."
Soo Bang Hidden "Remember, we are behind you every step on your climb - "figuratively" not literally. Good luck BOND!"
Linda Kasarjian $25.00 "Go kick some Empire State butt!"
Abhinav Katiyar $60.00 "All the best Dave! -Abhi"
Patricia Alworth Hidden "Sally, I remember running a few 6 mile races and some old lady would pass me. I would wonder, "How could this be? I'm in my 20's, she is in her 50's - 60's." I will be cheering for you to do your best, while enjoying cocktails in Florida with Sue. You are an amazing woman, but you are an aging athlete; therefore Dana is my choice! Good luck! Love, Pat"
Suzi Lyons $50.00 "Yay Sara!!! Good Luck!!! xoxo"
Tamara Walker $20.00 "Goo... Lionel.! Best of luck to you...safe travel. "
Dana Coiro $50.00 "Good luck Kristin!!"
Wendy Gray $100.00 "Go Tom - I'll be thinking about you on the 5th!"
Anonymous $10.00 "We are proud of you and what you are doing for your mom! Go get em'"
Dennis Gupta $150.00 "??? ???t?te ??t? ... ?a?? t??? f??e. p??t?te, ??????sa"
Michael Weinstein $100.00 "Go Get "Em, Dave!!......The Weinsteins and the Entire MRFF Nation Will Be Cheering you Onward and Upward!!......You Da Man, Brutha!!!!!.....Mikey"
Ethan Dooline $24.00 "I'm only 8 months old but I support you! I'm glad your dad got to meet me :-) keep running in his honor!! "
Scott Yoon Hidden "Good luck mang."
Grandma and Granpa Rouse $50.00 "Go Rouse Racer's we are proud of you!!! Especially David!! "
Giuseppe Rossi $50.00 "David, good luck on your challenge... "
Anne and Mike Rouse $200.00 "Your mom and I very proud of you!! Thank you for fighting this fight with me!!"
Patti & Phil Malone $100.00 "YOU GO GIRL!!!!"
Joseph Barone $300.00 "Good luck, Lindsay. Very proud of you. Dr.B."
Marie Puccio Hidden "Go Bond Go!! "
Joan Szkutak $100.00 "Have a great climb/run for Karla!!"
Carmela Ciuraru $250.00 " We are sending you much love! Carmela, Sarah, and Oscar"
Allison Ferner $150.00 "Love Allie and Eiffel "
Ursula Gelczis $50.00 "Thank you for doing yesterday's training for me. I really appreciate your efforts. Sincerely, Ursula Gelczis"
Emily Knapp $50.00 "Way to go, girl! Kick some butt!"
Tonia and Dalal Nesheiwat $200.00 "His name is BOND...BOND VO! Way to go 007! Best wishes from the Rx Twins :) :)"
Gregory Bender $50.00 "Enjoy your climb to the top - you are an inspiration. "
Sarah Jompulsky $100.00 "<3"
Arthur Sherbatuk $50.00 "Go Meryl!"
chris rooney $100.00 "Best of luck to you Tom!"
Lauren Russo $50.00 "Good luck Merly!!!"
Donna Hemphill $75.00 "Good Luck Jill"
Jenny Graham Hidden "Best wishes Fancy Nancy! Can't wait to see your instagrams :-) xox"
James Morice $100.00 "Dolly -- Best of luck! -- Jim"
Giuliana Russo $100.00 "Love you! Jules & David "
Maggie Burke-Maritsis $100.00 "Christ - Stay strong. Thank you for doing this! "
Ken and Amy Buck $50.00 "Go Marcia! - Good luck on your climb!"
Lori Tapahonso $20.00 "Good luck. We'll be cheering for you in Kansas!"
Teddy Thomas $25.00 "Keep on climbing...and thanks for all you do for others!"
Mark Friedenthal $100.00 "Way to go Renee!!"
Bill Haltom $100.00 "Go to the TOP Dave!"
Chris DeYoung $100.00 "You can do it!!!!!!"
Janalee Luke $50.00 "Have fun Erin! What a great opportunity."
Jessyka Young $50.00 "Sending you all my love and support."
Todd Barrella $100.00 "Good Luck KC!"
Randi Lewit $100.00 "Xoxo -randi"
Anne Lanteri $50.00 "Tim your amazing! "
Bill & Janet Rivers $250.00 "This is in support of Bill McHugh"
tricia pepe $50.00 "go get 'em Eri! we love you"
Dan Marquez $50.00 "Way to go, Nancy. Every step you take on the stairs, is one step closer for a cure to fight cancer. We are all proud of you!!!"
Pam Davis Hidden "Good luck , Carrie! Love to all the Gluck's."
Judith Collins $100.00 "Sooo proud of your courage to attempt this feat! Good luck!"
Mike and Anne Rouse $200.00 "Alisha, Thank so much for being part of the Rouse's Racers and for all your support. Luv Anne & Mike"
Steve Hynek $100.00 "Good luck with your climb (not that you'll need it) and all my best to your family. "
Mike and Anne Rouse $200.00 "Ashley, Welcome to Rouse's Racers!! Thank you can't express the gratitude we have for your support!! We wish you all the best in your run up!! Anne and Mike"
Phyllis and Peter Rosen $50.00 "What a great tribute and amazing effort! "
Monica Stevens $25.00 "Good Luck Mary Kelly!!!!"
Ali Bukhari $50.00 "All the best!"
Melodie Lecuyer $50.00 "Sally, I'm betting on you! You have drive, determination and experience! Good luck to you both!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck"
Kathleen Gagnon $25.00 "Good luck girls! "
Julie Elmore $50.00 "Denise I love your description of Grammy and admire you for taking in her fight. "
Anonymous $100.00 "In memory of my bother in law Greg who passed away on New Year's Eve after fifteen years of remission. This one will be cured with time. The science is moving at break neck speed."
Anne Klein $50.00 "Renee, we are going to have to call you The Stair Master!! You go girl! Anne Klein"
Richard Blum $50.00 "Good luck Kelly and Russ. Shannon and Richard"
Karen Agee $100.00 " I am very proud of you! Good Luck! Love, Mother"
Kathy Harris $50.00 "How wonderful that you all are doing this for Sandy. It is appreciated more than you will ever know. Good luck with your stair stepping. I will be anxious to hear about it on your return. xo, Kathy"
Virginia & Brian Flores & Smyth $350.00 "So sorry that I'm not there to take your classes and work out with you but know that I think of you and everyone else often and can't wait to come home!!"
Kathleen McDermott $100.00 "Way to go, Jill! Best of luck and take it one step at a time!"
Helen and Andy Ackerman $200.00 "We wish you lots of luck on your climb for this important cause!"
Dianne Cunningham $50.00 "An awesome tribute to your mom. Good luck girl!!!"
Niki Anderson $30.00 "Good luck to you and Lori!"
Robert Hollingsworth $100.00 "Well this certainly seems like a much better cause than say.....guitar or stand up lessons! Lol We're rooting for you back in Indiana! Good luck Craig! RDH"
Navajo Hopi Honor Riders $568.00 "Keep running in honor of your father. We wish you lots of luck!"
Dominique Cozien $500.00 "We send love to you and your family and don't give up! Love dom and talia <3"
Rachel Fichter Hidden "We are thinking of you! The Fichter Family"
Ellen Podell $18.00 "Good luck. From experience I know this will be a very satisfying event for you. "
Joanne Church $30.00 "Good luck, Mary Kelly."
Sharon Duffy $100.00 "Dolly, you are constantly rising to the top!!! Glad to support you and this worthy cause. Kindest regards, your Chicago cousins"
Linda Tiernan Hidden "We will be with you in spirit! Queen"
Bev Livingston $50.00 "Best of luck to you Sara a wonderful thing to do for your Dad."
Amie and Dave Ratajczak $100.00 "The Ratajczaks are rooting for you and the entire family!"
Aimee Rudman $36.00 "Have a safe climb! What a wonderful way to honor your mom's memory!"
anne crenesse $300.00 "Thinking of you With Love Anne"
Michael Bettigole $100.00 "All the way to the top!!"
Brenda Strong $50.00 "David, I'll submit the paperwork for Lilly to match my donation!!"
Hugo Rubio $100.00 "Best of luck Bill!!"
Gina Passalacqua $25.00 "Good luck!"
John Delaney $200.00 ""The one thing that can keep Notre Dame a holy place of goodness is the supernatural spirit of sacrifice." John F. Cardinal O'Hara, CSC, Class of 1911. "
Virginia Koon $50.00 "you make us all so proud, u go girl!!!"
Jennifer Pfluger $25.00 "Good luck!!!!!!!!!"
Melissa Peters $20.00 "You got this :)"
Jill Rubin $25.00 "Way to go Colleen!!!"
Joseph Ah Sam` $10.00 "Thanks for helping fight Cancer. My Father died from this disease."
Steven D. Williams $500.00 "Good luck, Dave!"
Janet & Daniel Nolan $100.00 "very impressive - Spiderman, King Cong, Superman, Batman, Billy McHugh! "
Emily Blackham $25.00 "Yay Erin! Way to go!!! "
Pan Am Equities, Inc. $2,500.00 "With heartfelt love and support to help you achieve your goal! Our thoughts are with Larry and others that are fighting this disease. Good luck on your climb to the top!"
Carly Jackson $50.00 "Good luck Aunt Shell !!!"
Francesca D Garcia $300.00 "Good luck Leonel!"
Michael DeCotis $50.00 "Go get em Bob!!!!"
Beth Wilson Hidden "keep up the great work Shannon. Good luck with the Run Up Challenge in February!"
Brad Goad $50.00 "Over the top!!!"
Betty Harding $10.00 "What a challenge you girls are undertaking. Best of Luck! "
Reeder/Yazzie Family $159.99 "The Reeder and Yazzie families raffle group. We are here to help you fulfill you goal yazhi boy! "
walter spinrad $100.00 "You are amazing! Watch out for the big ape and sex blonde at the top."
Cristina Casagrande $100.00 "Bill you are so brave and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for inspiring us to be positive and make a difference. Good luck - rooting for you all the way!! - Cristina"
Christopher Gaffney $250.00 "You will be at the top in no time !! Proud of you ! Gaf"
casey lopez $25.00 "Kick butt Michelle!!! =)"
Nancy DeSantis $50.00 "You Go Bond! Best of Luck! :) Nancy D. "
Joshua Mortenson $10.00 "I don't know who the hell you are."
Doug Starkey $20.00 "Good luck Chris! "
demetrios bayiokos Hidden "Good Luck Christ, God Bless you and your family for all you do."
Ilene and Richard Goldberg $50.00 "Dear Natalie, What a great climb you'll have and the most meaningful gesture for your wonderful Dad. You are a special family. With love and best wishes to you all and especially to Larry. Ilene and Rich Goldberg"
Joseph Torres $50.00 "Natalie, I have had the opportunity to work under your Dad when he first came to work at Pan Am. I have the upmost respect for him. Keeping your Dad in my prayers and may God bless him and your entire family!! Wishing you strength to reach the top!! Sincerely, Joe Torres"
Kimberly Allen-Hardy $250.00 "Great cause. I know you will complete successfully! Best of luck."
Neil Potter $50.00 "I am always in awe at all that your wonderful family is doing to find a cure! Good luck!"
Gail Ross $100.00 "Helen: This is a no-brainer for someone with your perseverance! Every "step" gets us closer to defeating this nasty cancer! Good luck! Gail"
Kathleen Anthony Hidden "You GO, Dolly! This shows great commitment to a great cause. We are with you in spirit every step of the way, John and Katie Anthony "
Peter Cerclay $100.00 "Bill, YOU are AWESOME..... If you weren't already spoken for, I would ask you to marry me!! ... oh Yes.. "Goooooooo KONG!!!" Peter Cerclay"
Ross Ungar $25.00 "Good luck Meryl!"
Judi Halioua $100.00 "You go girl!! Sorry I'll be away the day of your run. Love, Judi"
Virginia Marschner $500.00 "Good work, Robyn! You and your Mom are so special and important to me. Ginny"
Susan Reph $100.00 "Best of Luck on your climb Bill!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Bill!"
Coco Cosereanu $50.00 "Way to go Billy!!!! I'm really happy for you!!!"
Paula Zigant $100.00 "Go Carrie - do it for Barbara! Paula Zigant"
Doug Kenney $100.00 "Good Luck Bill!"
Tommy & Rachel Williams $100.00 "If Deb and Dave can do it, you got this."
Saly Coen $250.00 "Yum, so proud of you and good luck!"
Amy Edmonds $100.00 "BOND-you never back down from a good challenge! Best of luck!"
Janine Gonzalez $20.00 "I know you will do awesome!!"
Traycee Gilleylen $30.00 "I know you can do it!"
Constance OBrien $50.00 "Wishing you well - the O'Brien Family! "
Andy English $50.00 "Good luck! Triple it if you run down as well! "
Friendship Class Edgemont UMC $140.00 "In Memory of David Irons"
Scott Dwyer $100.00 "Scott Dwyer and Ann Whisenant are happy to help out."
Donna Brancato $100.00 "Sally you are amazing and so competitive, we know you can do this but I have to agree with Jack Schneider... the fact that Dana has both Kalksma and Cavallaro blood running through her veins, I have to go with Team Dana and besides she's my Goddaughter and namesake too. I love you both and I am so proud of you! Good luck & Go Team Kalksma!!! XO Aunt Donna, Uncle Bobby & Dan too"
Michele Murphy $50.00 "B+ Leeanne- you got this girl!"
Linda & Tom Delahanty $100.00 "Good Luck Bonnie! "
Melissa Exelberth Hidden "Harold, I had no idea. Wishing you, Megan and your family the best of the best. You know, you don't look any different than you did back then!"
Rose & Jay Magrann $100.00 "For Shane! Go Leanne and Shannon! "
Robert Lavoie $50.00 "Good luck Shannon."
Kim Richards $100.00 "will be thinking of you tom and will give you a big push!"
Regina Fody $25.00 "Good luck Leanne! "
Greg & Shawna Lieberman $50.00 "You're awesome, Beth. Go get 'em!"
Diddy and Rolfe Hughes $100.00 "How uplifting for our neighborhood ! Thanks and good luck James !"
Sandra and Jim MacNaughton Hidden " Tough race for the cure to a very tough race! Good Luck"
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Michele!"
Mary Liporace John Hamilton $250.00 "In honor of Sandra Bass Carter - thank you for doing this event!!! "
molly hughes $100.00 "Denise, What a strong, sweaty, determined act of love you are doing for your mother-in-law and for those who have ever battled cancer. Awesome. May God preserve the health of your knees! -Molly and Jerry"
Scott Luksh $100.00 "with much love and best wishes from Sofia, Scott, Isabella and Artiana"
Mary Ann Yuro $25.00 "Good luck"
Randolphon Pritchard $50.00 "So thankful for this selfless act you are performing on behalf of my cousin Bo."
Kit Doll Shemas $100.00 "One foot in front of the other!! Bill, dear, you're in my thoughts and prayers. I've been a little out of touch again and I apologize. SO thrilled that you're doing so well in your training. Love always, Kit XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXO"
jeanne Nimmer $50.00 "Go Get 'Em!!!!!"
Ashley Leighton $25.00 "Good luck Robyn...so proud of you!"
carol sue mcgowan Hidden "James, This was the type of blood cancer my dad, your grandfather, had. He suffered so. Glad you are doing this. Aunt Sue "
Kim Nguyen $50.00 "Good luck, hope you reach your goal. Love Kim and Rachel"
Anonymous $120.00 "Go Sara!!!"
Barbara prewett Hidden "It should be a wonderful, meaningful event. Prayers sent! Babs and John"
Jennifer & James Schlett $25.00 "Go get 'em Kristin!! We believe in you and are behind you 100%! You simply ROCK...HARDCORE! xoxo"
Austin Gwilliam Hidden "Happy to help a good cause and support the awesome Scott family! Good luck!"
Farrah Souvannavong $50.00 "Good luck with the climb!x"
Alona Amsel $36.00 "Good luck Dave! Alona & Andrew Zelouf"
Wade Waddick $500.00 "We know you ladies will rock and represent at this event, GOOD LUCK.."
nicole trickler $25.00 "Good Luck MaryKelly! -Nicole & Jeff"
Erika Dox $100.00 "I'm so proud of you, Sujerly! Best of luck and love you! <3 Erika & Jose"
Victoria Gallagher $30.00 "Go, Ellen!!"
Gerry Flynn $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Leslie Offidani $100.00 "Helen, It is your unique combination of a beautiful heart, strong character and personal responsibility, and the drive and work ethic to set and achieve great goals. I believe in you and am honored to call you my friend. All the best to you in this endeavor and in all the challenges life brings your way. Leslie "
Amy Welsh-Hanning $100.00 "Wear comfortable shoes, Kelly!"
Frederick Abrey $25.00 "I am going with Sally because of experience. Your both an inspiration to many people. Thank you!"
Amy LaComb Hidden "Good luck, Sara! You are going to ROCK it!"
Sam Cohen $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Jess Pardi $150.00 "Go, James, Go! Straigh to the top! We know you will do a great job fundraising and running. Jess and Bobby"
Sallie Duel Hidden "The power of friendship is amazing. Thank you, James, for demonstrating that. "
Jill Reed $25.00 "U go girlie!!!!!!"
Adam Morris $50.00 "Good luck Stephen!!!"
Nehal Beltangady $50.00 "Good luck! xx Neh"
Charles Judge $50.00 "Go, Mike, Go!"
Jeff and Becky Reuter $50.00 "BAM!!! Your monetary goal has now been accomplished Marcia! Good luck to you. Jeff and I will be thinking about you and rooting for you February 5th!!!"
Dan Ewing Hidden "I have witnessed you in action and I fear for the competition (for many reasons) ! Have fun Rob."
Kelly Cameron $50.00 "You can do it, Carrie!!"
Dr. Amy Garcia $100.00 "Good Luck Dave!!!!!!!!!"
julia rothwax $100.00 "Good luck with this Natalie. Love, Julia, (Rosa Weisberg's mom!)"
Mosheh Oinounou $50.00 "Good luck!"
Keith Spaar $5.00 "Sally, as your favorite cousin - I feel obligated to say this - "Go SALLY!, Beat Dana!" "I know you'll win, you can do it !" Wow, that was hard to say"
Kathleen Jones $50.00 "Thank you for your generous spirit Tim! Bill, Kathi, Melissa and Will"
Loretta Hauprich $50.00 "As a small token of our friendship."
Dave and Sophie Poritzky $100.00 "Good luck Carrie - and thanks Marci for roping us in. Love to your whole family!"
VICTOR VIGIL $100.00 "Go Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Sigal @ Moti Algrably $50.00 "We are very proud of you :)"
Laurens&Dorothy Nicholson Hidden "So proud of you both! Can't wait to hear about the view from the top, from you both!!"
Jesse Samaritano $25.00 "Go Kalksmas!"
Denise Reiss $50.00 "What an exciting event! Mike & I are please to cheer you on and support the cause."
Sheryl Schroers Hidden "Sorry this took so long to do Carrie. I wish your Mom all the best. Good luck with the climb, I know you can do it!! "
Dana Schnek $100.00 "Bill, I admire your courage and tenacity! "
Kristie Cameron $100.00 "Go Christ, GO!! You are an inspiration to us all!"
Becca and Ben Rook $100.00 "Good luck! What a great idea James! Becca and Ben Rook"
Kimberly Koerner Hidden "Good Luck James!! "
kieran gibbons $100.00 "Go Billy Go! Love Gibby"
Marty Young $50.00 "Bill,,Good luck ..you can do it!!--Marty"
Patricia Fenimore $500.00 "Good luck Matt and Team GS. Mom"
Reginald Hilliard $100.00 "a wonderful cause, a wonderful guy and i pray that we are able to triumph over this dreaded disease. let's do it!"
Rachael Roberts $50.00 "Makes us proud, I know you will because you always do!!"
Wei Nien Lee $100.00 "Way to go Bill!"
Elizabeth Diep $50.00 "So proud of you!!! I am sure you will do great!"
Jan Lazaroff $100.00 "I'm proud of you Steve"
Peter D'Avanzo $101.00 "best of luck and no taking the elevator down. :)"
Dick Domann $50.00 "Good luck Bob ... a great goal for a great cause! Dick"
John Spach $100.00 "John, I know you will complete your mission. Cheers!"
Rahim Fandi Hidden "Go Paul! The race date is my Mom birthday who unfortunetely died 30 years ago!!!"
Mike & Lora Pfohl $50.00 "You can do it! A true winner."
MRINAL GHOSH $50.00 "Happy to support your participation in the Empire State Building Run-Up benefiting the MMRE! Wishing you and your team a great success!!! "
Leslie Grisham Ousdahl $50.00 "Fantastic!"
Joel Enebak $100.00 "Dave, Your amazing! Determination, stamina, exhaustive training all for a good cause! Go Dave!! Joel Enebak CleanFix Ent LLC"
Lorraine Garvey $50.00 "Good Luck, Dave Ed Burkauskas and Lorraine Garvey"
Marie Thearle $79.00 "Good Luck! It's an amazing thing you are doing. (I'm donating a nickel per step ;)"
Audrey Moreau $25.00 "You rock, Mike! Bravo to you on your past and future feats for such a worthy cause."
Reggie Gatewood $25.00 "Go get 'em!"
Matt Marron Hidden "Good job James. "
Carolyn & Rich Excell $100.00 "We're behind you Denise!! God's blessings to you and your family! Much love, Carolyn & Rich"
Gina Davio $50.00 "Good Luck Len!!!!!! 1576 would put me six feet under! What a great cause!"
Bill Mountford & Missy Conboy $100.00 "Good luck Dolly!"
Kathy Bogart $30.00 "Good luck!!"
Rony Nazarian $100.00 "Great cause Rich! Good luck!"
Daniel Duffy $250.00 "Dolly: Good luck from all of us here in Rapid City! We are all very proud of you! Dan, Karrie, Brendan, Liam, Caitlin, Moira, Ciara, Aislinn, Mairin & Declan "
Nicholas Pompei $100.00 "Uncle Arthur: In honor of your birthday we have made a donation in your name, with love; Nick, Joan, Tom, and Mary"
Kebra Caleo $200.00 "Sending you love and strength! Xo, Billy, Campbell, Kebra and Willa"
Julia Samton $100.00 "Go Carrie! All our love, Julia, Zach, Jonah and Zoe "
Jamie Schrier Hidden "Wishing you all the BEST on your run up the Empire State Building! Here's hoping to a cure for this disease!"
Robert DiChiara $50.00 "Good luck Bill! You are a great inspiration to us all."
Doug & Jan Burdick $1,000.00 "Thank you Steven and family."
Tom & Margaret SCHLACHTER $101.99 "Way to Go Idaho!"
Sherry B Hooper Hidden "We are pulling for you both! Sherry and Tee"
Dave Butala $50.00 "Good Luck Bill!! I'll schedule a few 29th fl meetings this week to help you out!"
Simone Johnson $20.00 "So proud of you Chris!!"
Brian and Sharon Bell $100.00 "Happy to support you in this great cause! Prayers and blessings to you and the family."
Maureen Michelson $50.00 "Nancy and I were Providence pole dancers together on 7North. Oh what fun!!!! Now, Nancy is my chosen sister. Thank you Meryl for climbing to the sky for Nancy. She is worth every step and a million more. Meryl, may you have wings on your feet the day of the climb! Love, Maureen (and Gary, Alicia, Alexa, Bailey, Ozzie, Oreo & Saffron) "
Alicia Manfredi $50.00 "Kisses darling... you're pretty awesome! A"
John Wittman $250.00 "Good luck Sarah...glad to be a part of your mission!"
Linda Protzmann $50.00 "Many good years ahead. Love, Linda and Bob Protzmann"
Matt and Sue Gage $50.00 "You are amazing Mary Kelly! "
Walid Sharara $100.00 "Go Rupa! Make us proud!"
Brian McMorrow $157.60 "A penny per step is the least I can do. Your determination is inspiring. "
Stand Up For Debbie 50/50 Raffle - Willie McBrides $100.00 "Stand up for Debbie 50/50 Raffle Comedy Show - Willie McBrides, Hoboken, NJ"
Stand up for Debbie 50/50 Raffle - Willie McBrides $100.00 "Stand up for Debbie 50/50 Raffle Comedy Show - Willie McBrides, Hoboken, NJ"
David Woods $250.00 "GO DOLLY! If anyone can do this, you can! David"
Rony Francois $100.00 "We're all cheering for you Bill!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Sandy is a fighter....great friend."
Vivian Gable $100.00 "We are so proud of you Pat. We Hope this is your best run-up ever! Love Viv and Rob!"
Jiny Toch $50.00 "You can do it!!"
Maureen Radomski Hidden "Way to go Carrie! Your determination is inspiring!"
Allison & Kevin Mertens Hidden "Way to go James and Bo!"
Anonymous $25.00 "David, you rock!!!!"
flo Rubinson $50.00 "Best to you and your family!"
Donielle and Tim McAuliffe $50.00 "Debbie we know you can do this!! In fact I have bet that you will be one of the first 20 to get to the top!! So move your butt!!!! Lol xoxoxo. Love the McAuliffes "
Robert Webb $100.00 "Wishing you good luck from aunt Ann and uncle Robert"
Libby Bizub $100.00 "Go Denise!"
Kristen Dvorscak $50.00 "Go Rob Go!"
Jim and Kate Lekin $100.00 "Go Dolly! Go Irish!"
Amy Lischko Hidden "Good Luck Keith!"
Randy Terry $50.00 "Bob, keep up the great work and keep those shoes running. Randy, Lisa, Parker, Austin and Spencer"
Natalie Bartner $100.00 "Go get 'em Bob! Enjoy every minute for a great cause!"
Leah Negrucci $25.00 "Good Luck Bob!"
Philip Katowitz $100.00 "Good luck Ellen and thank you for your efforts in this cause. Philip and Harriette"
Harriette Newman $100.00 "Dear Ellen, you are wonderful. Love always, Harriette and Philip"
Bob Briskey $55.00 "Denise, God Bless You on your climb to the top! One of 1576 steps at a time! God Bless "Grammy" Sandy!"
stewart shanfield $50.00 "In the event your feet hurt at the end of stair climb I will be happy to be your orthopedist on call. Thanks again for all you doing."
Robert Andreas $75.00 "Best of luck David (Craig)"
Deborah Raabe $20.00 "Good luck, Bond!"
Richard Dixon $123.45 "Gooooo!!!!"
Leigh Myers Hidden "Great story about two wonderful young men! Good luck to you both. Leigh Myers, friend of Marcia and WIlson Russell"
Pamela Zunick $25.00 "Good Luck on the climb!"
Alexis Smutko $50.00 " Tom, Go!! Wishing You A Succesful Run. Best Wishes, Alexis & Lee"
John Thomopoulos $500.00 "Trexe san ton Louie!!! Good luck we wish you a the greatest of finishes. E2J"
Carolyn Johnson $50.00 "Natalie. I send you strength (for the ascent and descent) and courage to walk through the difficult path ahead with Larry's treatment. My love to you and your family, Carolyn"
Jason Markowitz $200.00 "Sending cheers to Geoff as he makes his climb! And sending inspiration back to Harry and Megan, who have more than greatly inspired the both of us. Love, Nancy and Jason"
Peter Johnston $100.00 "Good luck Lord Billy 'The Bald' PJ"
Marcia and Wilson Russell Hidden "The Winston-Salem & Dallas Russells are so very proud of Bo and James! "
Cynthia Zacharias Hidden "Go for it, Bond! If you listen very closely during the race--you'll hear us all cheering you on in the distance!"
Susane Burke $50.00 "Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat! May the luck of the Irish be with you. ~Susan"
Keith Burke Hidden "Way to go Shannon! If anyone can do it, you certainly can!"
Lisa Carrick $50.00 "There is no better friend that Renee Pepsin!! Go get em Renee!!"
Kay Dong Hidden "Thank you, Brian, for helping others and sharing with us. Please keep up good work!! Kay"
Amy Tranzillo $25.00 "Good Luck Linda -- Keep Climbing!"
Ronni and Phil Faust and Cogan $100.00 "Bill, you are awesome!"
Leilani Ligans $25.00 "Bill, you are truly an inspiration! Best to you during this climb and all the others in which you participate."
Carol Mann $100.00 "Hey Bill Keep a climbin' -we're pulling for you! The Mann Family"
Afsoun Gabbai $26.00 "We're so proud of you, Mike!"
Johnathan Hill Hidden "Good Luck!! - Johnathan & Kay Hill"
Thomas Guzauskas $50.00 "I hope that it's warmer in New York than it is in Chicago when you get there. We are in Seattle, but we went to Portlaand for the weekend. It was cool, but sunny. The babysitting has been fun Harper says "Hi" Guz"
Nikki Lichtman $50.00 "You can do it!!! xoxo"
artur stepanyan $100.00 "Hey Mike, Good luck from all of us at Hobart Auto."
Anna Moine $25.00 "Reach for the heavens!"
Natalie McDonald $200.00 "Best of luck to you, Linda! Have a great climb! -The Create NYC Team"
michael bannister $50.00 "have a great year, Jeanne."
Christine Rocha $50.00 "Good luck Neil, we are all cheering for you!"
SARAH ANDERSON Hidden "Good luck Neil! I'm so proud of your hard work and dedication to raising money for such a great cause! "
Maureen Maensivu $25.00 "So proud of you Tom!!!"
Kelly Kraines $250.00 "Go.. Girl.. Go Again you amaze me!"
Thais Alexander Hidden "Great cause! Good luck!"
Jennie McCafferty $30.00 "Good luck from Great Lakes Sports Publications, Art & Jennie McCafferty"
Alex Cullen $100.00 " One step at a time Johnny! All the very best of luck mate. "
Mary Beth Meyer $100.00 "Deserving cause. I lost a colleague and mentor to this awful disease. Hope treatment is within reach."
Evonna Yazzie $25.00 "Go Lionel!! Do your best and know that your Dad is watching over you and is sooo proud of you!! "
Erin Calvo-Bacci Hidden "Best of luck Bobby!"
rebecca jompulsky $50.00 "Dear Natalie, What a special young woman you are. I am sure that your love and devotion is a great comfort for your father at this most difficult time. All the Best. Rebecca and Lenny Jompulsky"
Matthew De Ganon Hidden "YOU ARE AMAZING!!"
Robert D Curley $100.00 "GO LIONEL!!!!!!"
Daniel Street $100.00 "Talking about scaling new dizzy heights JK! You never cease to amaze... good luck (not that you need it!)"
Peter Lynch $25.00 "Good luck Phil"
Anonymous $50.00 ""Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible." - Doug Larson"
Jeff and Mary Phillips $50.00 "You inspire us all Wendy! You go girl:)"
Michael Glickman $50.00 "Awesome cause--I question your sanity running steps for fun, but awesome cause!"
Anonymous $50.00 "My contribution is contingent on you improving on your 2007 Cooper's Test time...."
Ann Beyer Schwab $25.00 "Bob- Best of luck to you and your team; climbing fir a great cause! Regards- Ann Beyer Schwab Former GSK"
Christina D'Angelis $50.00 "You look awesome....so proud of you!! Keep up the good work and good luck!!!"
Mary Merkel $100.00 "You're the man, Edward! Good Luck!"
Paul and Dianne Miller $100.00 "Good luck Natalie - We'll be thinking about you and your Dad... Paul & Dianne"
Australia Ramos $50.00 "Geoff, what a wonderful challenge! We are honored to be part of this. All our love and support to you, your father and the many others who will also benefit from this heroic activity! Australia, Nicolas & little friend Esteban"
Jolanda Manuelito $20.00 "YAY LIONEL!! WE ARE ROOTIN FOR YA! WE LOVE YA!"
Jim Gannon $100.00 "Way to go Bill, you're amazing!"
Michelle Kelly $100.00 "Good luck Ryan!!! Michelle and Terry Kelly"
Luciana Kuamoto $50.00 "Good luck on your Race to the Top! "
Tony & Stacey Sanford $50.00 "Go Go Go Ms. Beth!!!!"
Mary Martinez $50.00 "SO proud and honored to call you my friend! Love you!"
Amanda Lynam $50.00 "Good luck!"
Ramon S Reyna $100.00 "we are with you Lionel!! " O'ODHAM RIDERS ""
Mary Jane Reilly $50.00 "Thank you for being so positive about having MM. You inspire me, Bill!! Praying for a cure in our lifetime!!"
Lisa Eisenberg Hidden "Go Geoff Go! You are an inspiration to us all. "
Andrew Seay $100.00 "Whatever goes up must come down James - that's a lot of steps or are you planning to take the elevator down ? Just kidding - good luck and I really admire you for having a friend you feel so committed to and for doing something to help a cause that is near and dear to he and his family."
maxine elkins $25.00 "Hope it isn't freezing. Good luck!"
Dave Menendez $40.00 "Go Team Jordan!"
Shawn Joyce $50.00 "Flex those buns!"
Jamshed Ghadiali $50.00 "Best to you."
DeAnna Parkin $100.00 "Wishing you all the best Renee, I know you can do this. You do everything you put your mind to. Go get'em !!!!"
virginia hartman $100.00 "Make us proud!"
Matthew Dodd $50.00 "Good luck Michael!"
charles rigsbee $20.00 "Donating for my friend Touche Howard and my grandmother Dorthy Rigsbee. She also had MM."
Frann Ziskin $100.00 "Thank you for doing this, Jeanne. It is an awesome feat. Best wishes, Frann"
David Stacy $20.00 "It was a pleasure meeting Sally in Chicago at the SkyRise Stairclimb and hearing her inspirational story. Donating for the cause and for my Squad partner Touche Howard! "
Danielle Terlep $200.00 "Christ, you're like the $6M Man over there...nothing stops you (ha!)! You really 'are' an inspiration to all...and for so many reasons. Keep up the great efforts! We'll all be behind you. I'll be sending good wishes your way on the 5th! My best, Danielle"
David Dill Hidden "Good luck, Neil! Great cause!"
Joshua Young $20.00 "Good luck!"
Kent Buckles $100.00 "Good Luck, sounds grueling !"
Andrea Uglem $100.00 "Good luck, Cathy and Lori! We'll be cheering for you!"
Michelle Clauser $200.00 "Good luck Philip! From your friends at White Swan Brands."
Melissa France $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Shelley Bauer $50.00 "Love and Light! You go Girl!"
Lisa Gilbertson $20.00 "Do this for your dad and my mom!! You will have a blast! Good luck!"
Cirila Cothran $100.00 "I'm so proud of you Hart!! I love ya...kick butt!!!"
Bridget Collins $25.00 "My dad had Multiple Myeloma ~ thank you for running for this cause. Good luck, Dolly!"
Jeff Daniels $50.00 "Let the exhilaration you know you'll feel when you're done be your driver. Best of luck! Regards, Jeff. "
Debbie Cohen $100.00 "Becky, It was great meeting you. Go KICK BUTT for this cause. "
Dawn Keating $50.00 "You go girl!!"
Heather Montgomery $25.00 "Good luck Ryan!! I know my father will be with you every step! You are amazing!"
Susan Simonds Hidden "Good luck!!"
Carolyn Broderick $25.00 "In memory of Pat and Mike Broderick"
Jennifer Gomes-Camlin Hidden "For everyone who has lost someone to this disease, we thank you! We know you're going to rock this climb! "
Laila Lalani $50.00 "Hey Ryan - I know you'll make it to the top & achieve your goal. I'll be cheering for you from Dubai & I look forward to hearing about your success. Stay hydrated & KEEP SMILING:-)"
Katie Campbell Hidden "SOO proud of you my friend! I'll be praying for you. Have a blast! xoxoox"
Susan Bleming $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
brian zipp $100.00 "Go OZ!"
sharon meikle $50.00 "Good for you Tammy.. You go Girl.."
Cara Luther $50.00 "Go Mike! We will be cheering for you! -Cara "
Suzanne Chiaffone $50.00 "I'm a long time Self subscriber. My Dad lived with Multiple Myeloma for almost 10 years. We lost him about two years ago. Happy to see attention being given to this under-publicized and despicable disease. Thank you."
Roth Block $50.00 "Bob, It is great that you are doing this, getting in better shape, inspiring others to join you and raising awareness and funding for research. Way to go and get to the top FIRST!!! We are rooting for you down in Florida. Roth"
Lillian Tanaka Hidden "Way to go Mike!!"
Kevin Bertolacci $100.00 "Do not fall down!"
Bud Meyer $157.60 "So that's 10 cents PER step, Jeanne! Don't skip any! Proud of you. Good cause. Glad to be part."
Brian Hamby Hidden "Have fun! Great picture of friendship between you two."
Marina Levin $100.00 "Jill, you are a true inspiration! Good luck!"
Vera Francis $20.00 "Good luck on endeavors. Safe travel Lionel!"
diane moore Hidden "Go Mike!!"
Diana McKinley $25.00 "Way to go Mike! What an exciting thing to do for such a great cause!"
Karina Dufty $50.00 "I strongly suppport the MMRF. My husband was diagnoed with POEMS syndrome at 38 years old - a blood disorder related to Multiple Myeloma. MM is not only a diease for older adults as more and more young adults are being diagnosed. The treatments that exist today (which did not exist years ago) are helping myeloma patients lead longer lives. Its organziations like the MMRF that are makig this possible!"
Anonymous $25.00 "I work with Bo and I met James at the YMCA. I think this is awesome what he is doing! Good luck to you James!! "
Anna Schall $50.00 "Best of luck, Lauren! I'll be thinking of you!"
Michael RUSSELL $50.00 "In a Gorilla suit?"
Pamela & Ben Morovati $100.00 "Great cause Richi. "
Stephen Spaar $50.00 "I was doing this for you Sally but since Keith is your favorite, I'm betting it all on Dana."
Matt Palm $50.00 "Go Dave from Matt and Kelsey!"
Alison Lorenz $50.00 "Good luck, Melissa!"
Laura O'Sullivan $25.00 "Good luck, Dolly!"
Carl & Bobbie Handen $50.00 "Good luck on your climb! It is a once-in-lifetime goal and you should be proud."
Kippie Helzel $25.00 "Dolly, you are a champion!! xxxxx Kippie "
Joan Nerlino Caddell $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Dawn Hennessey Hidden "Go get em, Dolly! You've got this... so proud of you :)"
Peter Striano III $250.00 "Go Nancy!!!"
Madeleine Fontillas Ronk $50.00 "Good luck and see you at the top!"
Chris Tulp $50.00 "Do it in a banana suit and I'll double it. "
Tracy Benner $25.00 "I am positive she will be with you every step! I am so proud of you for doing this!"
Rick & Sally Berger $250.00 "Dolly - we appreciate the effort that you are making for such a good cause. ( We've seen too many Go Irish! comments on the webpage so we need to add GO CATS !! ) Thanks for doing this Dolly and we are glad to help you...... Rick & Sally"
Dan & Cindy Sescleifer $100.00 "Climb Like a Champion Today!"
Sharon Carolan $25.00 "Good luck Steve! We know you're gonna do great!! :)"
Martin Price $100.00 "Good luck Dave. Sounds like you'll have your work cut out for you. Marty and Pam Price"
Todd Wolfe $25.00 "Go get em tiger!"
Mary Bradt Mintz $50.00 "Good luck, Nate. What am awesome thing you are doing in honor of your Dad!"
Shannon Kerr $25.00 "What an awesome fundraiser! "
Kay Jones $25.00 "Go Hart you are an inspiration!! ??"
eric scherzer $100.00 "I’ll put my money on Sally although I believe it is virtually impossible for someone with a AARP card to beat a 20 year old…….good luck to both of you!!"
Anonymous $150.00 "From all your friends at Star Tavern...."
Kevin Kirn Hidden "NYC, nothing like it! Way to go Dolly. From Kevin and Esther"
Michele Gross $50.00 "Love you !"
Mike Gallagher and Fasha Onorato $100.00 "Good luck Steve!!! Don't forget to take your pre-workout shower before this thing!!!"
Riley Thomas $10.00 "Get it Bond!"
Rebekka ACQUISTA $67.00 "Kick ass Mary Kelly!!"
Brian Guthrie $50.00 "Way to go Lori!"
Patti Cataruozolo $100.00 "Go, Paul!!!"
William Wells $50.00 "Best of luck Max"
Joe & Marsha Shambo $500.00 "Congratulations for complete remission and being "The Spirit of Hope". Good Luck on your next climb - Feb 5! Marsha & Joe Shambo"
Nadine Patenaude $50.00 "Good Luck on your run Cathy. Your Dad was a great guy!"
Brian Williamson $100.00 "Michael - Good Luck! BW"
Jeff Fowler $100.00 "Go Cathy, Go!"
Tristan Epstein $25.00 "Wishing you, your mom, and Eric lots of luck! Love you all! Greg & Tristan"
Ethan Pfeiffer Hidden "Good luck and don't slack off on the final 16 flights"
Rebekah Thomashunis $100.00 "Our friendship means so much to mean and supporting you from afar is all I can do now, but please know Im with you in spirit. You will do amazing because you have set your mind to this and you are a driven woman. Good luck my dear!"
Tonya Forbes Hidden "Good luck, Dolly!"
Donna Smith $50.00 "You are an inspiration to is all! Good luck!"
Harry (Boy on a Dolphin) Karatzia $50.00 "Good Luck Ellen! All the Best!"
Isabell Shields $25.00 "Good luck and bless you!"
Joshua Havill $50.00 "Pre-breath oxygen 30 minutes prior to the event."
Emily Robbins Hidden "Chad and I wish you luck!!!"
LeRae Leslie $50.00 "Health is greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship!! We are so proud of you and I definitely know uncle is too! U R an inspiration on growth despite loss!! Have a good run bro!! We will be cheering from AZ!! HAPPY TEARS THINKING ABOUT UNCLE SMILING & LAUGHING WITH HIS UNIQUE LAUGH!! WE LOVE U!!"
LaVina Benally $37.00 "Just do it!"
Mark Goldwasser $750.00 "Thank you George for your continued and generous support to a cause that is very dear to me! Goldie"
Dina Hobson $50.00 "I'll see you at the top - I'm taking the elevator! "
Samantha Sarles $25.00 "Bill - I feel so honored to have the chance to run beside you next week as we conquer all of those stairs. You are an amazing inspiration. "
Scott Einhorn $300.00 "Good luck, Max! I am so proud of you!"
Eric Anderson $25.00 "Bill, Best of luck on the climb! Eric"
charles smith $100.00 "I had no idea the Empire Diner had so many steps...."
Jim Dinegar $250.00 "Dan - Use these funds to enjoy a nice NY Strip Steak as you wait for this insanity to end. Don't tell her about the Plane Pull at Dulles Airport! Jim, Abby and Ben PS - all our love Dolly! "
Lili Nazarian and family $150.00 "We are so proud of you- and dye Manucher is too. With love"
Uncle Tim Aunt Cherie $25.00 "Good Luck! We are so proud of you!!"
Michelle Joy $25.00 "Best of luck to you & your team Diane!!"
Troy Small $250.00 "Good luck...you will do GREAT!"
Jennifer Willard $50.00 "Enjoy Alisha! You're a superstar in my book! "
Jill & John O'Toole $25.00 "So proud of you Bonnie! You are going to do great!!! xoxo Love John & Jill"
Lucy March $100.00 "Hey Jeremy, good luck to you! I have a good friend whose father has Multiple Myeloma and I much appreciate what you are doing. I hope you enjoy the view up there! Lucy"
Traci Deconcini $100.00 "Good Luck on your climb! We know you will do great! Have fun. Xx the DeConcini fam"
Pamela & George Germek $50.00 "Go Bonnie! You are an inspiration to all of us! Have Fun and Good Luck!!"
Steve Weissman $25.00 "Bob, I am pleased to join you in celebrating Diane's memory and recognizing this important research effort, but let me also note my admiration for your remarkably functional stair-worthy knees!"
Michael Jordan $250.00 "Go Bonnie go!!!"
Richard Lee $50.00 "Good Luck Bill...just make sure you beat Rudden!"
Diane Imus $75.00 "Good Luck from Hoboken Bonnie!!!!! Love, Diane & Jay"
Bear Mahon $250.00 "You continue to take great Steps in life to help others. God is proud of you Beth!"
Bryan Ruben $50.00 "Good luck Shawn... go get 'em!"
Dan Henkel Hidden "So proud of Bond and all in the ACSM family who study, work and sweat on behalf of better health for all!"
Kim & Connor Lefferts $20.00 "Renee- We are so proud of you! Go get em!"
Jeannine Pilla $300.00 "Donation on behalf of DNA Communications"
Jason Libasci $86.00 "A buck for each flight of stairs seems fair (at least for the first 10 flights)"
Nick Kotsiotas $150.00 "Good luck!! We are all proud of your accomplishment ."
Hugo & Polly Flores $50.00 "Prayers for health and safety. Blessings for the difference you're making. "
Whitney Hoagland-Edwards $20.00 "Kick ass!!"
Patricia Bloise $25.00 "Good Luck! "
Kristin Douglas $50.00 "Steve --- what an amazing thing you are doing! Good luck! - The Douglas Family "
Manuel Russon $50.00 "Kali Dynami !"
Kelly Toovey $50.00 "You are amazing! My uncle has multiple myeloma, has had two cell transplants at Stanford, and is doing very well now. It makes me smile knowing he has someone as special as you in his corner!"
marshall cohen $100.00 "You GO Jeanne! "
Crystal McCall $100.00 "Good luck, Neil!"
Laura Kliebert $20.00 "Your efforts are admirable, thank you. Please accept this donation in memory of C. Edgar Cloutier. Laura Kliebert"
Noreen Murphy $100.00 "Go get 'em, Brian ,you rock!"
Afshine Emrani Hidden "Thank you for doing this Richard. My uncle, whom I loved dearly, too, died of Multiple Myeloma. I appreciate and support your cause."
Mahshid Moosavieh $50.00 "Thanks Rich for doing this. Your dedication and involving others is appreciated and I look forward to the day that we have a cure for cancer and we can save the lives of our loved ones."
Stephanie Karlis $100.00 "Great cause! Good luck! Elias and Stephanie Karlis"
Phil Swarbrick $80.00 "Way to go Michael!"
Billy Levine $250.00 "Go James... We all appreciate your efforts and supporting Bo in this way is admirable. You're a great friend."
Jenni Giglio $25.00 "Good luck Pammy!"
Allison Voxakis $100.00 "Great Job For a Wonderful Cause. With Love, Alex, Allison Voxakis & Family "
fran ferranti $100.00 "God Bless You For Caring! Fran Ferranti"
Benjamin French Hidden "Good luck mate. Have run up a 100 steps before but not a 1000 !"
Bonnie & Steven Oberman $1,000.00 "Wear very proud of both of you for doing this. Every step you climb will hopefully bring us closer to a cure. Love Mom & Dad"
Steven Eyerkuss $50.00 "All my best. Good luck"
Deborah Dambra $100.00 "Good luck with run to top. We are proud of you. Love the Morales Family"
Michael Gearinger $200.00 "Good luck, Hollywood!!"
Jeff Atkinson $100.00 "Good Luck mate. "
Renata Pecko $25.00 "GOOD LUCK MERYL!!"
dell baker Hidden "Best wishes, Neil, and thanks for all your work for a good cause!"
Andrew Feldheim $10.00 "Good luck!"
Christina Fleischmann $250.00 "Good Luck Bill - Love ya Tina & Diane"
Jim Morgan $25.00 "Go, Helen, Go!"
Todd Williams $25.00 "Good Luck Chris!! "
Dominica Allen $20.00 "Good Luck Chris! "
Marci Fox $50.00 "Great people supporting a great cause. You inspire us all."
Debra Giacomelli $25.00 "Good luck running up those stairs!!!! It sounds like fun and for a great cause. "
Pamela Heater $20.00 "GO DAVE!!"
adriana constantinescu $100.00 "good luck !!"
Jack McGowan $30.00 "Knock em dead babe!!!"
eLITe BHEC $100.00 "This is just a little bit from all of us, putting our hearts into something together. Some of us haven't spoken for years, but we thought this was worth it. Love from eLITe. "
Alex Munoz Hidden "You are a much stronger woman that I!!! Lots of love and good luck!"
Anonymous $100.00 "All the best bro!"
Andy Widay $50.00 "We thank God for caring people like you. God bless you and yours."
David Tamburelli $100.00 "Good luck guys!"
Aaron Anderson $10.00
Patti Killgore $50.00 "Here's to Nancy, blueberries and swimming! All the best to you Meryl and a cure for Nance! I love you Nancy!"
Michael Williams $50.00 "Good Luck Nate, You will do Great!!! We will be thinking about you, Love Uncle Mike & Aunt Val"
Sarah Hamman $50.00 "So proud of you, Love."
Ashley Mitchell $100.00 "Way to go Ginger!!"
Martyne & Dave Rockefeller $25.00 "Continued prayers for a full recovery. Good luck on Wednesday!"
Sandra and Steven Berbasek Hidden "Dear Carrie, We wish you the best on your climb. We are inspired by your commitment and courage. Love always, Sandy and Steve "
Andrea Sorensen $25.00 "You go girl! I know you can do it!"
Jane Chopko $100.00 "Good luck, Dolly! We know you'll make it to the top! Jane & Mark"
Corey Kudrowich $100.00 "Very touching way to honor the memory of a great man! All the best to you and your sister."
Andi Emerson $50.00 "Go Jeanie! I'll be with you in spirit every step of the way !"
Brad Silver $250.00 "Great cause and so inspiring. Go Christ!"
Tom Manning $100.00 "Expecting a better run time this year brother!"
Beth Packer $30.00 "Good luck Kristin! You've got this!!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Billy!! So proud to be your sis! Send a pic from the top!! Love you"
James Foster $100.00 "Keep those legs and lungs pumping! Good luck, Christian! Jim & Sarah"
Frederick Saunders $50.00 "Good luck Bonnie! "
Elinor Marsh $10.00 "Best of luck Kel xx "
Venson Lett $102.00 "Whats good love? Im so proud of you for even attempting this thing lol. Good luck!"
Jean Marie Kelly $25.00 "Good luck, Bonnie!!!"
Ashley Waszynski $40.00 " Go Tammy go!!!!"
Kelly Berg $25.00 "Great job Chris!"
Kevin Miles $20.00 "Don't trip up the stairs...it will slow you down. "
Susan Valauri $100.00 "Regards to Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks when you reach the top! Good luck and commendations for working on this for a wonderful cause -- Susan & Chris"
Carrie Bennett $25.00 "Love ya Sis! "
Alissa Horn $100.00 "Lots of love to you from all of us! Laura, David, Alissa, Heather, Gregg and Benjamin Horn"
Gareth Jenkins $10.00 "Good luck Kelly. Cwm Ogwr Running Club captain taking on the Empire State Building. You can do it."
Donna Badome $50.00 "Right on Jeremy. You are he most positive, playful and cheerful endurance athlete I know!! :)"
Caroline Davidson $50.00 "Kill it, Jeanne!!"
Sandra Middleton $25.00 "Wishing you good luck & strong knees!"
Mary Van Dyke $25.00 "Best of luck, Kristin. God Bless you for all your hard work and dedication! "
Yuri Kok $25.00 "Good Luck Mattie!"
Vivian & Douglas Kling $50.00 "Good luck! You are all so amazing"
Chris Matthews $50.00 "Good Luck Kelly Love Chris & Malcolm xx"
Becky & Phil Mavon $50.00 "I applaud your efforts, support and love! Best!"
Nick Rodgers $150.00 "Way to go, Bill!"
David Mason $50.00 "Good luck Steven! Dave, Jen, Jeffrey, Caitlin, & Caleb"
Julia Wade $25.00 "What an amazing challenge - good luck, Denise, and I hope that your efforts help find a cure!"
ignomirello family ignomirello family? $25.00 "We are cheering for both beautiful Kalksma girls :)maybe there will be a tie ;) "
Molly and Wesley Magoun Hidden "Go get 'em Uncle Nate!"
Russell Simpson $25.00 "Sue and I think what you and Katie are doing for your Dad is amazing! Please accept our small contribution for the cause! Love, Russ and Sue"
Stephen Houseman $50.00 "Good luck Ryan! I hope those nights of late practices pay off! "
Marguerite Tobin $50.00 "Best wishes to you and your friends on your NY run! Meg & Dad"
Gary & Brenda Zemrak $50.00 "Such a heartwarming article. You are an awesome family!"
Tama and Dillon Coleman $100.00 "Do we get our money back if you don't make it? :)"
Stephen Russell Hidden "Go Cheri Go!"
Bill and Kate Lamb Hidden "Bravo! Enjoy the view once you make it to the top! "
deidre savino $25.00 "GO CARRIE!!! Rooting for you, have fun, stay hydrated!"
Diane Jones $50.00 "Good luck, Pat! Thanks for making such an effort for so worthy a cause! "
Nina Bassuny $50.00 "So proud of you! Good luck!!! Love"
David Cappell $15.00 "Good luck kel. Have a great time. "
Mailee Creacy $50.00 "What a great cause, Meryl. Our good friend, Dave Capucilli, passed away from MMRF just two months ago. He was 37 years old. Good luck and thanks for allowing us to contribute to finding a cure for this disease!!"
Tamara Miller $50.00 "Good luck! Such a good cause!"
Ashley Paczolt $100.00 "You are amazing! Rock those stairs! "
Daniel Freedman $50.00 "Good luck Meryl!! "
Terry & Wayne Hiltz $25.00 "Good luck Nate! I know you'll do great!"
Kiwi! Kiwi! Hidden "Kia Kaha Brada! "
Tiffany Davis & Cole Hodgin $50.00 "Good luck to you and the rest of the Rouse's Racers, lady!! "
Leah Terhune $25.00 "Have fun in NYC!! You are so awesome :)"
Nicholas Harris $20.00 "Good luck Kelly on your run up the Empire State Building from nick & emily"
Eric Sorlie $86.00 "I'm so proud of you, and will be cheering you on. Best of luck!"
Chelsea & Michael Reed $50.00 "Thank you, Paula, for raising awareness and funds for MMRF!!!! In honor of my late father, Dr. Joel Smith, we are proud to support you."
Michael Dreyer $100.00 "Go get it Bill! The Dreyer Family"
Elodie Cassidy $100.00 "Denise and Steve, prayers for all of you as your support continues for your mother and her battle with multiple myeloma . You will be in my thoughts this week!"
Vic and Karen Karl $100.00 "We've never met you girls but know your inspiring story through Donna & Bobby. We're praying for Team Kalksma and know that God is going to be with you both on every step! Love, Vic & Karen Karl "
Nona Smith $50.00 "In honor of Chelsea's and Benjamen's father who bravely battled this form of cancer "
Audrey Berko Hidden "Go, Susan, Go!"
Amar Sumal $50.00 "Good luck Meryl! I'll be eating donuts and cupcakes while cheering you on in spirit!"
Catherine Rodd $100.00 "Go, Rupa! Go, Nalini! In God's love. "
Ayala Varadi Hidden "B'hatslacha-good luck. We are proud of you and we are sure that your mother would too. Mikol Halev Yoav, Daphna, Gabor and Ayala "
Mr Dreyer $35.00 "SB Match - what a horrible game! :)"
Dorothy Latham $250.00 "Both your mother and maternal grandmother have had blood related cancers. Any research that can be done to help eliminate these disease is important. You may be surprised to know that the research done by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has been able to lead to targeted cell therapies for other cancers; in particular lung cancers which claimed the life of your maternal grandfather. It is a good thing you are doing and you don't really know who you will impact by your efforts. Love MOM"
Richard Elliott $100.00 "PLEASE DO NOT POST. Maybe your Dad and I could meet privately sometime. I'm 61, was diagnosed in August 2012, stem cell transplant May 2013, and I'm sure that I have the same concerns as your father as to what I should be doing for my family. I live in Oakland. Thanks, Richard Elliott"
Kyra Lechmanik $50.00 "Good luck! "
David Warren $100.00 "Go Geoff !"
Choon Soo Rim $100.00 "Keep up the good work - your an inspiration to get off the couch during the bad weather!!!"
Matthew Dodds $250.00 "Don't forget to bring gloves - and good luck!"
David Matthews $35.00 "Good luck Kelly! Love David & Jenia"
Larry and Karol Eckel $100.00 "From the Great Plains to the Big City - you go girl! Wish we could be there to cheer you on! What an inspriration and great role model you are - to us, to your children, and to everyone who has a goal and works to achieve it! Best of luck, always!"
Karen Brown Hidden "Go get 'em Chris! "
Robin Smith $20.00 "Thank you David for your time and commitment! This world is a better place because of people like you! Good luck and congratulations!"
George Staphos Hidden "Christ, What a wonderful cause! We wish you much success with the event!! Maria & George Staphos"
Sarah Mullins $25.00 "Way to go Rob! "
Sarah Mullins $25.00 "Way to go Shannon!"
David Owen $520.00 "So proud of my wife "
Terri Parse $50.00 "Our thoughts and prayers are with Grammy"
Mayur Shah $150.00 "Bob - great cause and take it to the top!!! "
Elena McDougall $25.00 "So excited for you Nancy!!! Your gonna do great!!!! "
Henry Block $250.00 "Evalyn, You are an amazingly strong person; you inspire me. For all you do, for who you are, I love you sis. Now go start climbing! :) Henry"
Lucy Jones $20.00 "Good luck Kel, Ross and Lucy"
Marie Konstance $100.00 "You go Bill!"
Jason & Marcie Holden $20.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Tiffany Chin Hidden "Good luck googly!"
Sheryl Sarles Hidden "good Luck Sam.i know you can do it. "
Richard Sarles $100.00 "I'm so proud of you!"
emma hill $10.00 "Good luck kelly, will be thinking of you xxxxx"
Jeff Janos Hidden "Good Luck Denise!"
Katherine Palmer $30.00 "Pick 'em up, put 'em down :) Get after it!"
Honeylet Wortman-Vayn $50.00 "Go Bond!!!"
Brooke DUnmore $25.00 "Good luck!"
Eileen Fischer $50.00 "We will hear you gasping for breath already"
Gwen Nichols Hidden "Be Amazing Bond!"
Nicole Kurschat $100.00 "Goooooooooo Nancy!! I promised you $10 for every training spin class you attended & this seems about right. :) I can't wait to hear about it after you get to the top & I hope nobody gets in your way ..."
NACHUM KATLOWITZ $50.00 "I would rather sponsor than climb. You go Girl!"
Natalie French $10.00 "Good luck Kelly x"
Peggy Brand $100.00 "Go Dmitri!"
Mariko Yamasaki $50.00 "You're the best Lauren! Good luck!"
Patrick Barth $100.00 "Just learned a cousin has this disease and saw your post on OutCycling...brought her struggle to my mind. Best of luck on your admirable effort to raise funds. "
sandra Kuhn $50.00 "Go Carrie Go!"
marie nick & olivia schiano $150.00 "Good luck Michl! you're an amazing person who does amazing things. we're so proud of you"
Barbara Carton-Riker Hidden "Good luck, Paul. At what time are you doing the run? Are we still meeting at 9:45 since they are both on Feb. 5th ? Barbara"
Jannine Sullivan $100.00 "Good for you. You are a blessing to your Mother in law. I will keep you and your family, Especially your mother in law in my prayers. God bless, Jannine Sullivan"
Jonas blaffert $40.00 "Go Uncle Erwin!"
Merle Blaffert $40.00 "Erwin you are as crazy as I am! Good luck!!"
Tibor Blaffert $40.00 "Erwin, count the stairs for me, good luck!!"
Feline Blaffert $40.00 "You're the greatest Erwin, go go go"
David Peterson Hidden "Good Luck Josh!"
Esther Blaffert $40.00 "Step up brother!"
Anuschka Huschka $25.00 "Suc6 van WAM "
Jochen Blaffert $40.00 "Just do it! Respect amigo."
Sharon Farley $50.00 "Hi Bob, If anyone can accomplish this it's YOU my friend! Happy to contribute to such a great cause. Hope you're doing well! GOOD LUCK! Sharon Farley"
Declan Lorraine Muldoon $20.00 "Good Luck get down safe, "Muldoon's."
nancy lamantia $25.00 "Lots of luck!!!!! Xoxo"
Bulldog Firearms $50.00 "Go Dave!!!!"
Anne Morey $50.00 "Hey Big Sis, You are a wonderful and inspiring person. You can do it. Love you, Anne"
Joanna Peters $50.00 "It was the leg post ;) you're amazing xxx"
Lisa Greenblatt $25.00 "Have a great run!"
Kelly Cobb $40.00 "You are amazing Sam! xo"
John Miller Hidden "Wendy, You are an inspiration to us all and me especially, I am so very proud of you. Big Bob has had an impact on me and I am honored to be part of his family. I am glad that you are doing this in recognition of him and to assist in finding a cure. Now go get 86 flights. Love your Husband. "
Miriam McCarthy $50.00 "Dear Dolly, prayers you always have, but I'm looking forward to the smile on your face at the "top"my hometown, same as your Mom. Love Bonnie"
Miriam Iker $50.00 "Dear Mike, Best of luck and lots of love to you as you head to NY. Mir, Mike, Allie, and James"
Carol Celestino $50.00 "You go girl- you are my hero-"
Jacqueline Guscott $50.00 "You guys are amazing!! Putting my money on Dana!"
Laura and David Benner $50.00 "Go Sam, may your feet be light as air!!"
Laura Hind $50.00 "Way to go Rob ! Thanks for all your energy!"
Agnes Lantowski $20.00 "You are awesome for doing this. Good luck!"
Jonathan Goldstein $100.00 "You really thought I wouldn't send anything, didn't yah? :p"
Rani Fuchs $250.00 "Show those fireman what those Tappi glutes can do!"
Stand up for Debbie Willie McBrides $760.00 "Stand up for Debbie Comedy Show @ Willie McBrides"
Stand Up For Debbie Willie McBrides $761.00 "Stand Up For Debbie Comedy Show @ Willie McBrides"
Claire Zarif $503.80 "Hey Natalie- good luck with the run! I wish I could be there cheering you on (gotta go to mexico) but I'm sure you'll do a great job and all while keeping your makeup immaculate. I'm so unbelievably proud of what you're doing. You're awesome! I wish you and your family all the love and strength in the world. Mwa!"
Noreen Siegel $100.00 "I am so proud of you! love from Reen"
Kristen Verhey Hidden "Good luck guys! I'll be thinking of you!"
Gail Nemeth $25.00 "Good luck Deb!"
Bill Mchugh $100.00 "As one of those patients and running this race a year after my transplant you inspire me for doing this! Here's to the nurses of #MtSinai!"
Twylia Malinowski $100.00 "To the TOP Wendy! ... and may the wind be always at your back! "
Carl & Kristen Ellsworth Hidden "One step at a time and before you know it you'll be there :-)"
Kourtney Garner $36.00 "In the Jewish tradition, I have been told that the number 18 represents life. It is only fitting that I double that number for your year anniversary. Happy 2nd birthday! Thank you for inspiring me and making me realize why I love my job."
Lauren Sedwick Hidden "Good Luck Ryan! Thank you for working for such a great cause!"
ralph casale $25.00 "Great drive, excellent focused effort. An admirable cause that deserves support. Take care."
Amy Rosen Hidden "Good luck and have fun!"
Catherine (Kitty) Firman $100.00 "You've been wanting to do this for such a long time. I'm so glad you have the opportunity. I'm so impressed that not only are you DOING it, but you're using it as opportunity to serve others. Best of luck from your favorite sister and her crew..."
Edite & Mark Birnbaum $18.00 "Good luck. "
Michelle Martin $50.00 "Good Luck Brian!"
Moira Stanford $50.00 "GO BRIAN!!!"
Hee-Jin Yoon Hidden "WOO HOO!"
Stacey Kuch $100.00 "Please also run it for my mom - Del Kuch!!!!"
Christina Fleischmann $400.00 "Hey Bill - Our softball team always asks about you and how you're doing - they wanted to donate too, so this is from them!! Love ya, Tina & Diane"
Barb Turner $200.00 "Good luck, James and enjoy the big apple! "
Pamela Vo $200.00 "Proud of you little brother! "
Emily Cardner $25.00 "I am rooting for you! Let me know what time you plan on going - I will be in the city!"
Elizabeth DiBlasi $50.00 "Good luck Brian! "
Michelle Condon $100.00 "So proud of you! Love you! xo"
Beth Rex Hidden "Dolly - I cannot put into words how excited I am for you! It is such an awesome feeling to be able to accomplish a "bucket list" goal. Enjoy every step along the way! Beth & Byron"
Brian Kelly $500.00 "Dolly - Your preparation for this feat will pay off with each step. Congratulations! Brian Kelly"
Roberta-Anne Samuels $1.00 "I saw you were at $1799.00.....so I added a Dollar to make it an even $1800.00..GO GET EM"
Maureen Fry $50.00 "Hey Fly boy. May your feet have wings, your heart and limbs be full of love and oxygen, and remember its all for a worthy cause so "Embrace the Suck". ;) Mo"
Cheryl Goldstein $100.00 "Hey Tom, We're behind you (like at the bottom of the steps). Love, Cheryl & Marcelo"
Cathy Cirrincione $50.00 "Best wishes for you & everyone participating tomorrow!"
Alicia Everett Hidden "Way to go, Linda!! so excited for you! "
Kathy Green $100.00 "Way to go Bro! What a great way to raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause. Good luck tomorrow- stay hydrated!"
John Douglass $25.00 "Who da stair master?! YOU ARE. "
Brigett Rodriguez $50.00 "Have a great run for a great cause!"
Katie Gagne $100.00 "Good luck, Nate, and best wishes to your family."
Mark Stone $50.00 "Great cause. Thanks for doing this. "
Ashley Dubois $25.00 "Go get em Steve!"
Phyllis Martin $50.00 "Thank you for "making the difference" for the future of cancer patients. I am pleased to donate to this worthy cause. Several members of our family are survivors of different types of cancer. Some of our family members (like your grandfather) did not survive. I have a family member with multiple myeloma and we hope and pray for a cure very soon. God Bless you.................. "
Sharyar Baradaran $100.00 "Congrats. Proud of you. That's allot of stairs!"
ryan williams $100.00 "One step at a time. Go get 'em!"
Alex Schwartz $15.00 "Good luck!"
Eric Gelber $55.00 "Bill, I am so glad to know you. Your strength inspires me to keep doing my part to find a cure. Peace E"
Jenn Magrann $50.00 "You're insane...but I love you anyway. "
Michael Nazarian $100.00 "We're proud of you Rich. Good luck reaching both your goals!"
Alan Sirbaugh $50.00 "Glad to have reconnected with Bill (if only electronically) after 30 years. Also happy to know he has so much positive in his life. Keep pounding!"
Carmella Symotsky $100.00 "Go for it Bill, you can do it, always reach for the stars, never ever give up. Momma Rudden "
Carrie Lewis Hidden "Go get 'em, Bondy!! xoxo The Lewis Fam :)"
Kate Davison $10.00 "Good luck Kelly xx"
Andy Williams $15.00 "Go for it :)"
Marko and Anna Kira Poneros $100.00 "Good luck theo Christo!"
Owen Sendell $500.00 "Would like to wish Kelly all the best for her run up the Empire State Building on Wednesday. We will be thinking of you from Owen & Cliff at Sendell's Funeral Services."
Vera Jacobsen $25.00 "Way to go Cathy!!"
J.K. and Bobbie Strand $200.00 "Sharon Austin, Cheri's Mom, was one of the finest people we have ever known. As a nurse, she would love to see this effort to fight her terrible cancer! Blessings on you, Cheri!"
Denise Lutz $50.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Carol Spinrad $200.00 "Good luck Evalyn! I am so proud of you and love you so much, I know you can do it!!!!"
Susan Bertolacci $100.00 "Rob, I am so proud and lucky to have you for my daughter. For me, you will be the brightest light on the top of that building. Love, Mom"
Cecil Craig Jackson Hidden "Best of luck to you on your climb. I envy and appreciate how active you are. With love,"
Patty Brown $25.00 "You 're my hero!!!!"
Olga Dimaso $25.00 "You are a shining star!!!!? ? Olga "
Geraldine Foley $100.00 "with love to Larry and his family. xo:) Geraldine"
Alice Aspen March Hidden "Very proud of you, Ellen Hart; you're a real trooper and a generous soul. My very best, Alice "
Tracy Tunno $25.00 "You ALL are going to do GREAT!!!!!! What an AMAZING contribution you are doing!! Love you ladies!!!!!! "
Deana Havens Hidden "Keep your head up Hart!"
Grace Blake $50.00 "I am so proud of you and grateful for raising awareness about this disease. "
Kristen Lavelle $50.00 "Good Luck, Melly!! You will do great!"
Macall Newman $100.00 "Twinning! "
Bob Bickert $250.00 "Go Dolly! How about yelling a War Eagle half way up the stairs. Both the Irish and Auburn lost the NC games the last 2 years. Go Irish and War Eagle!"
Julia Parmer $50.00 "you rock, roomie!!"
RJ Gallagher $444.00 "G4 says run Nancy run!!!!Robert J"
Kevin Brennan Hidden "Go JG!"
Loretta Shing Hidden "Way to go Nate! Good luck!"
Rachel & Doug Beauchamp $100.00 "Good luck Nate!"
Morgan Family $50.00 "Too close to call so we are going with a tie! Good Luck to both of you. "
Kellie Noonan $75.00 "Good Luck Girl!!!!!"
ALEXANDER ANDERSON $25.00 "Go Cheri Go!"
Mike and Rene Forsythe $50.00 "Way to go Bonnie! Climb, climb, climb! You are an inspiration. Good luck! Rene & Mike"
Holly & Kiley Timmons $100.00 "We're with you for every step of this journey. Well, in the case of this climb, we're there in spirit ;). Best of luck on your climb to the top!!!"
Mike Hutelmyer $25.00 "Nate, Go get 'em you tiger. Be sure to wear nice, comfy socks, so your feet don't get raw. Mr. P must be so honored by your commitment. You are all great peeps. - Mike Hut"
April Colyer $100.00 "Hi Billy - I don't believe we have had the pleasure of meeting but my dad was Rick Corman, whom you have written about a couple of times on here. I just want to say THANK YOU for your kind words of him, as well as all you are doing for raising awareness and support for the fight against Multiple Myeloma. I wish you all the best!"
Heather Kaltenbach $50.00 "Good luck…sorry for the late donation, but you know me, I am a procrastinator! Love ya! "
Edward DePhilippis $50.00 "Good Luck, Jordan!!!"
Adam Block $100.00 "You GO Aunt Ev!!"
Bob Jeffries $25.00 "Dolly - thanks so much for your help in "the fight"!"
Catherine Caballero $25.00 "Best of lucky Bonnie.!"
Ann Marie Dasher $50.00 "Good Luck - Happy to help out a worthy cause."
Janice Simone $100.00 "You go Ellen! I am so proud of you!"
Janet Maggs $50.00 "Go for it and best of luck. Evalyn"
Michael Thomason Hidden "Way to go Bo and James!"
Michael Thomason Hidden "All for a CURE!"
Michael Thomason Hidden "Good job James and Bo!"
Monte Bartlett $50.00 "Go Jeanne!"
Debra Salins Hidden "Kick butt on the climb...great thing you're doing!"
Jackie Rubin Hart Hidden "Go Carrie! So proud of you! Lots of love to you, Marci, your dad and especially your MOM!!"
Rebecca Diehm $25.00 "Best wishes!!!"
Sandra Wommack $25.00 "One step at a time, over and over and over...God bless all of you!"
Troy Fowler $50.00 "One step at a time and God bless your efforts. "
Preston McGill $50.00 "Go David !!!"
isabel patiño $50.00 "So proud to know you and supporting with all our heart your cause. Fabian, Isa and Leticia"
Jason Wieske $50.00 "Good Luck Aunt Helen!!"
Suzanne Lemmer $1,000.00 "We will be cheering for you all the way! Billy and Suzanne"
Phyllis Hilkert $25.00 "In Memory of Carol M. Hilkert"
Tonya Aho $100.00 "Good Luck!!"
LUANNE & MIKE digregorio $100.00 "Best of Luck Bonnie....We know you can do it!!!"
Heather Provenzano Hidden "I wish it could be more...way to go Carrie!!"
Mark Simon $100.00 "Good luck!"
Paula Morgado Pina $25.00 "Good Luck Ryan!"
Janis Kerns $100.00 "Great effort, good luck! We're cheering you on in D.C."
Barbara Severance $25.00 "Thanks form the bottom of my heart, Chuck's wife, Barbara"
Janet Pepsin $50.00 "Good luck, Bonnie! You've got the best person in your court to help you train, in Chris MacKay! You've got this!"
Laurence Thomas $50.00 "Good luck Bond.... bon courage.. Amicalement, Laurence"
Catherine Richards $50.00 "Truly inspiring! Best of luck! "
Robert Magnotti $50.00 "You are fantastic Debbie!! Congratulations on all your efforts. Wishing you all the best! Rob"
Paul Corey Hidden "Step on it, Brian! I expect you to break the record!"
Christi Massaker $25.00 "Good Luck Bond!!!! You truly show Passion for the Patient!"
Rick Bedell $50.00 "Nancy I am glad to be a part of your support team. Look forward to the view at the top. Rick Bedell"
Josh Gelman $100.00 "One step at a time - literally. Have a great climb! "
Dennis O'Leary $100.00 " Good luck Bob to you and the Sanofi Team!"
Shilpa Rao Hidden "Wishing you the best of luck towards such a worthwhile goal -- Go Bond!!"
Janice DeMarco $100.00 "Onward and upward! Good luck beating your old record"
Mandy Sawicki $20.00 "Thank You for dedicating the first 20 flights to my Dad, Chuck Severance Love, Mandy "
Nilisha Prabhu $30.00 "Proud of you and the work you're doing for this cause! Go, Alisha, go!"
Lynn Mudryk $50.00 "Happy re-birthday Bill! Not many can inspire and help others the way you have, so it's great that you can - and that you do. Keep up the fight for yourself and others! Best of luck at the ESBRU! xoxo"
Cassandre Davilmar $50.00 "Good luck!"
p. claire pertalion $40.00 "if you could swim up the empire state building, i know you could win. go jeremy, go!"
Romi Boucher $100.00 "What a fabulous daughter you are and wishing you and your Mom every success!"
Kelsey Pennell $25.00 "You are truly amazing and such an inspiration to all! Best of luck to you! I know you're going to be amazing!! Xo Kelsey Pennell"
Marianna Scimeca $50.00 "Good luck to all!"
Eric Weil Hidden "Kill it, Jeanne!! Way to step up and have a great run to the top! All best wishes. Eric"
Erik Hvolboll $157.60 "Go for it Cheri, You must be in great shape for the climb and for skiing. We're finally getting some snow. See you guys at Kirkwood. You're doing a great thing, have fun and make lots of $ for MMRF. Erik & Wendy"
Ela Ross MacDougall $100.00 "We're cheering for you!!!! "
Patricia Galiotos $50.00 "Good luck! Great work!"
Dana White $127.00 "So proud of you babe!! Beat David! I love you!! (Now you have 5k :) )"
John Eighmy $50.00 "Good luck Marci!"
Maria/Joe Spaccavento $100.00 "Good Luck Christ!!! God Bless you--Spaccavento Family"
Kimberly Cordillo $25.00 "Good luck Shannon!! I will be cheering you on from Chicago! Love you, Kim"
Nathan Parks $50.00 "I want to hear the story about when Pete Latham climbed the Empire State Building ! Good luck my brother!!!"
Barry Dawson $100.00 "Good Luck Pat!"
Allan Brent $100.00 "Susan, DeShae, Ginger (and Jason): What a wonderful coincidence meeting you all yesterday. As a current survivor of MMF, I am grateful and awe struck by your amazing commitment. Wish I could be joining you on your upward stepping, but our hearts will be with all. Thanks! Allan & Tsila Brent"
Lee Houck $50.00 "Awesome cause, thank you! I will be humming the Theme from Rocky this evening and cheering you on from afar."
Sabin Blake $25.00 "Congrats and Good Luck!"
Lisa Hemming $10.00 "Good luck Kelly & well done :-) xx"
Melissa Devlin Hidden "Good luck Brian!"
Rob McDowell $100.00 "Best of luck to Sally and Dana! Experience usually matters in major competitions, However, with the Superbowl outcome this past weekend I am looking at Dana to be the DARKHORSE. I think she'll take this one down! Or up?"
Jun Lee Hidden "You rock! good luck tonight "
Paula Kalksma $20.00 "Team Kalksma! "
Mike Burns $100.00 "Great event and great cause, Dolly...you ARE the FIGHTING IRISH!"
Erin Kuchar $50.00 "Good Luck Shannon!! "
Jean Pollock $100.00 "Good luck Bob. We are happy to contribute to this effort."
Cindi Stern $115.00 "I like even numbers!!! GO GO GO - Team Samet !"
Davey Ardrey $50.00 "Good stuff Mayo !!`Go hard boy. My good friend Don Morrison (referee performance reviewer) has this awful disease. I would like to think that your efforts will go a considerable way to bettering this nasty thing!! Peace Bro !!"
John Springer Hidden "Neil, Do not, I repeat, do not break a leg. You are a good man. Best to all."
Ravi Chivukula $25.00 "Way to go, Brian !!!!!"
Mike and Lorna Gormley $25.00 "1234 1234 1234...... phew..... long long way xxxx"
arlene yufe Hidden "Good luck"
Rose Lynch $25.00 "In loving memory of my mom who also lost her battle to this disease. Thank you for fighting for a cure."
marjorie bruckman $20.00 "Good luck"
Jeff Douglass $50.00 "Knock it out, David!"
Harold Hayden $50.00 "Good luck!"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Bond! Go!"
Jay Hirschson $100.00 "Go go, Carrie. Nic and I will be rooting for you!"
Susan Ruggiero $100.00 "You go girl!!! "
Monique Roviello $50.00 "Good luck Brian!"
Mark Seaver $100.00 "Hi Diana Good luck!!!! I really wish I could have come down there to see U!!!! We just made my donation!!!!! Put U over your $10,000!!!!! Again good luck to U and everyone on the team!!!! PS... I love U ?? And I miss U!!!!"
Daniel DiGiacomo $25.00 "Good Luck, Chris!"
Mike McCabe $100.00 "Go Pam Go!"
uyen close $100.00 "You Rock!!!! Way to GO, Nancy!!!!"
John Sotirkys $25.00 "Hey Diana, better late then never and wish it could have been more! Good luck and God bless on Ur run! Love U, Uncle John & Aunt Debbie! "
Meg Goffredo $25.00 "We are Jenna Robles' parents cheering from San Diego. MMRF is close to our hearts???? and family."
Eugene Rosadino's $100.00 "Best of luck Nate!! Great cause..."
Ganesh Nava $50.00 "Way to go Bill!!"
Jayme and Gerard ORourke $50.00 "Love you Bubbie! "
Margaret Molyneux Hidden "Way to Go Lori & Cathy. What a memorable Journey this will be for both of you."
Nancy Glynn $50.00 "Carrie - what an accomplishment...here's a few more bucks to get to really close to your goal! xoxo nanc"
Pam Davis Hidden "Great job, Carrie! You did it and should be very proud! ! You are an inspiration to the rest of us."
Doreen Rizzi-Mugno $25.00 "Congrats!!! Awesome job!!"
Clarice Miller $100.00 "Wendy, Hamp and I are so proud of you. We love both you and your dad! You both have shown such courage and tenacity as we have gotten to know you. You are a wonderful mom, wife, daughter-in-law and daughter. We love you, Hamp and Clarice"
Luke Elvy $100.00 " Atta boy 9, love your work. Can't wait to hear all about it over a few beers with the boys in early March."
Michael Johnstone $50.00 "Nice one Jnr.....enjoy the burn. Spicko"
Jim Hefferan $50.00 "Well done Mate!"
Michelle Greenberg Hidden "Congratulations Marci!! Great job!"
Matthew Bach $50.00 "Great race! Well done fellow Zooter!"
Anne & Peter Magoun Hidden "Congratulations, Nate! "
Ashley Ettwein $50.00 "Sam, so proud of you!!! Way to go!!! "
Oakley Dyer $50.00 "A little late to this, so this is a congrats contribution. Assuming you won."
Eileen Kearney- Westler $50.00 "Well done Jordan!!"
Ernest Trent Hidden "Good job Bond....way to go!!!!!!!!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Best to ya Doll. Thinking about you "
Chris Oglesby $50.00 "Good luck!"
Anita Mandl Hidden "Rock it, Bill."
Patrick Hayes $100.00 "I know you did this yesterday - so I'm hoping you did well and are still able to walk... Sorry this is late - but better later than never!"
Marsha friedberg Hidden "Carrie; What a wonderful fete. To honor you Mother and help so many others!! "
Marsha friedberg Hidden "Carrie; How wonderful!!! To honor your Mother this way and help so many other also."
david labiner $50.00 "I am floored by the endeavor the three of you took on... Outstanding!"
Seth Akabas $300.00 "Go, Tricia, Go!"
David Boyce $15.00 "Well Done Kelly . "
John Saunders $250.00 "Ok Ok we know it was dead easy for someone of your youth Dolly but still....a pretty damn fine achievement and another giant step in a truly remarkable life lived with style and in the service to others with great affection John & Jean Saunders"
Jon Shields $100.00 "Why don't you take the elevator to the top like everyone else ?"
anthony nashawaty $100.00 "Well done Bill!!!"
David Peterson Hidden "Josh, my Dad died of cancer and Mary's Mom had cancer...thank for fighting towards a cure! God Bless you and we thank Him for giving you the strength to do this! "
Josephine Bellonger $25.00 "Congratulations, Lionel. Job well done! "
Robbie & Andy Seidman $25.00 "Good luck Michael. Everyone is so proud of you. Robbie & Andy Seidman"
Tamara Bavendam $50.00 "Linda, Congrats. You look awesome. You are an inspiration. Tamara"
Adam Vos $50.00 "Better late than never ..."
Sarah Pike Hidden "Better late than never! You did great, Megan!"
Crystal Dillard $100.00 "May the steps rise up to meet you!"
Martha Horvitz $100.00 "Next time try the elevator!"
Jill Barber $100.00 "Wendy, I am just seeing this for the first time and wanted to contribute!!! Blake had already knew about your endeavor! I think you are wonderful for raising money for cancer and this is a remarkable feat!!! Congratulations!!!! Jill Barber"
Kim and Heath Monesmith $100.00 "Great job, Wendy!!"
John Rabb $100.00 "Sorry it's late... but better late than never!"
brooke roberts $100.00 "Bill insisted I donate to your page - sorry for the dealy but thank you for my beautiful rock and congrats on a great race!"
Geri Dougherty $50.00 "Way to go Bob count me in for next year!!!"
bruce nzerem $50.00 "Go Tricia!!! It all for a good cause!1"
Catherine Flodin $25.00 "I'm still amazed that you can do this Bill. I know I couldn't. Congrats!"
Jules and Beryl Goldman Hidden "Hope you completed your mission in good style. Diane would have been so proud of you and Susan."
Carlo Ligammari $225.00 "A tiny drop in the ocean, from the Ligammari family, to those afflicted with Multiple Myeloma, and, their families. "
Robert Gray $100.00 "Inspirational ! "
Cori La Rue $25.00 "You're the best, Bill! Great job!!"
Jennifer Englebert $25.00 "Donated in loving memory of Julie Stark, sho lost her battle with Multiple Myeloma in October 2013."
David Tufto $50.00 "Joshua . . . thank you for contributions to help make the lives of others better. I work with our military folks here as well and it's a job I greatly enjoy."
Robert Leibowitz $615.00 "Thank you all for your support and for your good wishes. Susan and I made the climb with 200 other participants - people who were as dedicated to the event as we were and as all of you. Over $800,000 was raised for myeloma research. Six of the runners were either in remission from the disease or still in active treatment. The party afterward was fun and emotional with high 5's all around. The beer tasted very, very good, too. Bob"
Pete Hesler $50.00 "I like mine with EXTRA Mayo, please."
david goldman $100.00 "The Goldman Family"
Christina Fleischmann $25.00 "Donations still coming in from our softball team!!"
Kelly Harrison $20.00 "Well gone Kelly. Amazing effort!! X"
Tikvah Adison $25.00 "Our prayers and thoughts are with you. "
Mary Jane Peebles $50.00 "Congrats Bob, Rob and Shannon. This was an outstanding accomplishment. You did a fabulous job representing Sanofi."
Mary Beth Hofmeister $30.00 "Dolly - Way to go! Sounds like a great experience and terrific fund-raising effort as well! In honor of our 30th! yikes - all the best! Mary Beth Hofmeister ND '84 "
David Archer Hidden "Dolly - Well done!! You are the Stairmaster! All the best, Lynda and Dave"
Melissa Donnelly $50.00 "You are an inspiration, Bill. Take care, Melissa"
Andrea and Dan Kravets Hidden "Happy Birthday, Aaron! I am so excited to celebrate with you! Your friend, Matthew Kravets"
A Perfect Smile A Perfect Smile $50.00 "Thank you for bringing awareness to Myeloma and rallying in making a difference while working towards helping finding a cure. "
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