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2013 Run/Bike/Tri Your Own Race: MMRF PowerTeam
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 60% faster than the industry average, and working toward a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $225 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of six new drugs for multiple myeloma in less then a decade – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference.

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Total Donations: $108,436

Goal: $100,000

$0 108% $100,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Sara O'Bryant $50.00 "Good luck in the race Josh!!"
Dan and Emily Cohen $50.00 "Which quote is most apropos: "That boy sure is a runnin' fool! " "Now you wouldn't believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows. From that day on, if I was going somewhere, I was running! " "Run, Forrest! Run! " "Stupid is as stupid does. " Good Luck and God speed"
Dan Weiser $100.00 "Good luck. We're all counting on you..."
Michael Hill Hidden "Good Luck Josh! May the force of the Core Four be with you!"
Linda & Rick Northrop Hidden "Good luck to Marathon Molly!!!!!!!"
Brent and Jamie Brower Hidden "MollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMolly.... go get 'em girl. Lots of love and cheering from the Browers"
Scott and Amy Rubenstein $50.00 "Josh All the best! - Amy and Scott"
Sandy Troyan $100.00 "BFF and Amy! Cheering you two on from many miles away. Nana is a beautiful women who has been more than transformative in both of your lives. Your Nana stories fill me with joy, hope and inspiration. I hope Nana feeds you well as you prepare for your crazy run. I wish I could be there waiting for you two on the kitchen floor with margaritas when this race is over. Good luck ladies!! Hearts and stars, Stroyan"
Sarah Karpinski $50.00 "Good luck with all your races, Goon! "
Neal Shapiro $200.00 "Joel, I am so glad you ran for Barry and the family. We are very proud of you. "
Barry Samson $1,500.00 "Hey Josh, Thank you again for continuing to support this cause. Stamina and Love"
Becky Greeley $20.00 "To my 4th grade teacher at Lister elementary. Sorry for all the trouble I caused you. I want you to know that I straightened myself out and am a teacher. Ha! Bet you never saw that coming. It is wonderful what you are doing, way to go Mr. Stidwell."
Max Samson $250.00 "Mazel & Bracha--luck & blessings as you scale the heights!"
Gina Samson $50.00 "Good Luck Josh!!"
Tim Putnam Hidden "You & Jeannie continue to inspire. Best wishes in all of your fundraising and training efforts!"
Nicole Bettencourt $100.00 "Your wife is so very lucky to have such a caring and compassionate man supporting her through this difficult journey. I have no doubt you will achieve whatever you put your heart and mind to. I am proud to call you my brother and I love you very much!"
Beth Falkner $250.00 "Love and so proud of all you Dreyer's!! Go get 'em Mike! Beth, Jay, Kaitlyn, Allyson and Sydney"
Lilya and Chad Crystal $50.00 "GO JOSH!!!!!"
Michele Annibal $100.48 "What an awesome physical and mental challenge! Best wishes for 48 hours of fun and accomplishment!"
Shelly Price $50.00 "My donation, because we all love our nana's!!! God bless!"
Liam & Deborah Finegan $250.00 "Good Luck Carmen....We will make it to some races to cheer you on..."
Carmel Heberer $100.00 "Best of luck!! We will come cheer for you!!!"
Daniel Samson $150.00 "Awesome Josh. Kick a$$"
cindy collins $25.00 "With Love and Support behind you, miracles WILL happen! We Love and Support you, Cindy and Mike"
Frank and Kristen Mulcahy Hidden "Mike, A short while ago we both stood at a small pond at the Nashua Y Tri. See you at Patriot, and let's get to your goal for MMRF Frank"
Karen DeSimone $100.00 "Good luck, Carmen! GodSPEED!"
Travis Yuengst $50.00 "Best of luck Eric! "
Melinda LeClercq $100.00 "What a great way to remember your grandfather!"
tiffany tegeler $250.00 "Good luck on the race. "
Brenna Blagg $255.00 "Here is the shirt money so far! -Brenna"
Stephen Orcutt $100.00 "Good luck Ryan!!"
Jason Motz $20.00 "Good luck buddy!"
Wayne & Mindy Antieri $100.00 "You are an inspiration to us all....Have a great run"
Mark and Dannie Stock $100.00 "Good Luck Ryan!! We Love Your Mom Very Much!!! We hope for a cure for her and all the loved ones of others."
Debra and girls Pastore $150.00 "Strong Grandma...Strong Daddy...we love you both! "run Daddy run""
Nancy Irwin $100.00 "What a great tribute to "the hunk"! We all loved him very much!! Nancy Irwin"
Eric Neate $100.00 "Good luck that is a long way to run. Birds"
Tom & Kelly Blagg $250.00 "Good luck on your trek! Godspeed to all of you!!"
Billy & Suzy Felix $50.00 "Go Go Go !!!"
JJ Pastore $100.00 "Good luck, Ryan. We love you mom!"
Hyphen Simon $50.00 "Run a great marathon, Ryan!"
Brenna Blagg $190.00 "More Shirt Money!! Good luck Team F*$& Cancer!"
Arden Brion $50.00 "Good luck Ryan. You are doing a worthy run here for Multiple Myeloma. My Mom also had MM, and I'm aware of the Research Foundation. Keep up your excellent work."
Mike Behrendt $25.00 "Good Luck!!! "
Sally Bresler $25.00 "God Blessings Ryan!"
Kristen Janikian $50.00 "Wishing the best to your mom, Ryan! A great cause and thrilled to donate. Good luck on the run, we will be rooting for you! Greg, Kristen & Elyse"
Dina Rankin $25.00 "Go Amy and Joanna!!! You will be fantastic! What a great reason to run! Keep going!!!!"
Tom & Diane Stock $100.00 "Good Luck Ryan!! "
Allison Bobofchak $20.00 "Go, Ryan! The Bobofchaks are cheering for you! "
Leigh Gray $10.00 "Good Luck Amy/Coach!"
Shannon Parker & Marilyn DeLong $25.00 "Nancy & family, I am so glad I keep in touch with JJ. We are happy to help all who struggle to survive. God Bless You All"
Julie McArthur $50.00 "Hi mom! Here is something to get us started!! Love, Julie, Jay and Mason"
Trish Manning $100.00 ""Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, you can. Boldness has a genius, magic and power to it - Goethe You have found your genius Mike!!! You and Jeanie and your love and devotion to each other is an inspiration for all of us...Love, Mom"
Amy Karcher $25.00 "Good luck, Ryan!"
Bob,Adele,Fletcher,Taylor Pastore (Clark) $100.00 "Ryan - Thank you so much for your effort to help Mom and so many others. God Bless and Good Luck!!"
Jonatan Allback $25.00 "Gluck on all your different races!! I'll be running my 1st full one in sept (Berlin) so maybe next year we can do a Marathon together!? "
Patrick Pastore $100.00 "Good luck!"
Karen Popovich $20.00 "Have a wonderful time, be safe, drink lots of fluids! Love Terre and Karen"
Ann Brown $50.00 "We all love Penny so very much, and you are absolutely right, Mark, she is the toughest (albeit very feminine) lady we know!!! She overcomes this horrible disease every day of her life and never lets it get her down. We could all learn a valuable lesson from her. Thanks for running this marathon in honor of your beloved Mom!!"
Lisa Karp Hidden "Go gettum Quatzie!!! I know how much your mom, and the woman she called mom, mean to you. So proud of you. "
Chris Campbell Hidden "Amazing job Mike! Congrats on all your accomplishments - good luck with the rest of the training! Chris, Kathleen and Kids!"
Ari Deutchman $25.00 "Best of luck Ryan!"
Mark & LuAnn Cremonni $100.00 "Adam is so much taller than you, Tom. "
Vira Katolik $50.00 "Good luck, Karen! I will be thinking of you!!!"
Sandi Fecteau $100.00 "Adam, I am so very proud of you. It is heartwarming to see your support and care. My heart and prayers go out to you, Eric, his mom and your cause. Love, Aunt Sandi"
James Piro $100.00 "good luck Tom."
Sharon Browne $100.00 "What a wonderful idea to do this! "
Betty (Pat) Zban $25.00 " Ryan, May the wind be at your back as you run this race for your mom and my wonderful friend. Sincerely, Pat Zban"
Patty McEwen $100.00 "I love you both! Good luck, Mark, and I hope you make it to Kona."
Peter Hill $100.00 "Good luck! Pete & Allyson Hill"
Nedra Bearinger $20.00 "Best Wished to you both on your run for NANA"
Amy Baker $25.00 "Keep up your great work, Karen! "
Harriet Shepatin $50.00 "I remember you so well, Adam. I am Eric's grandmother and Joyce's mother. This is a wonderful thing you and your friend Tom are doing to raise money for MM. Thank you."
Dustin Wright $50.00 "Simply put, cancer sucks, and what you're doing to help find a cure is awesome Joanna."
Andrew Buck Hidden "Thanks for all your support during David's illness, Joanna - this is the LEAST I can do to show appreciation. Good luck and go Nana."
Ken Zaugh $100.00 "Good luck!"
Jeff and Kris Stanga $50.00 "Our thoughts and prayers are with Penny! Love, Kris and Jeff"
Aaron Pace Hidden "Good luck in your endeavor! We are proud to support you and your cause."
gina grable $25.00 "We love what you are doing and the love that it takes to do it. Keep up the great work! "
Alison Payne $75.00 "Mark, you've helped me reach my goals, so now I can do the same. Your mom is in our prayers. She sounds amazing. Love her spirit. Much success at IM CDA. "
John Herkenrath $100.00 "Hammer, Mark! Mrs C is the greatest! Aloha!"
Katie Walsh $50.00 "Good luck Adam and Tom . . . so proud of you guys! Love, Katie Walsh. "
Marvin Steinberg $100.00 "Good luck to you and your ride For most worthwhile cause"
Jill Rosenbaum $100.00 "I wish you all a safe and successful journey."
Eve Keller $108.00 "You go, girl!! Love to all..."
Mike Berman $25.00 "Enjoy the ride, Rich and Ilyse!"
Stacy Goldman $50.00 "You will be amahhhhzzzing!!!"
Helen Stopek $36.00 "Good luck to you on reaching your goal. And I'm rooting for your mother, too. Aunt Helen"
Lisa Martineau $100.00 "With encouragement, strength, courage, and love."
Holly Perlow $25.00 " Excited to ride the miles w'ya----yeehaw!"
Frances Lubelchek $50.00 "Happy cycling to you Elyse, for a most important cause! Your mom must be very proud of you."
Lisa Van Ert $250.00 "Mark, Your mom is SO amazing...and you are awesome for doing this for her! "
Sandra Cotler $25.00 "Wishing you good luck with your wonderful endeavor. And the best of luck to your mother in her race as well! Sandy Cotler"
tammy and doug Swill Hidden "All our best wishes as you raise money for this important cause."
Hartville RV Center, Inc John R Pastore $1,000.00 "Great Job, Ryan"
Joanne Brady $300.00 "You go Carmen......"
Anonymous $650.00 "Proud of both of you. Glad you didn't ask me to participate (beyond the carb party). I would have died! :-)"
John McKenna $100.00 "Cav - Best of luck to you and your Mom. Have a great race! I'm sure your Mom is as proud of you as you are of her."
Barb and Joe Wolke $100.00 "Keep on pedaling Ilyse, we are thinking of you."
Daniel Louis $300.00 "An "iron son" and an Iron man"."
Danielle Booker-Perry Hidden "Worthy cause! keep up the GREAT work!"
Scott McArthur $100.00 "Go Team Go! Good Luck! My Prayers for All!"
Anonymous Hidden "Kristen & Kaitlen - You can do it! Keeping you all in thoughts and prayers! Love, Beverly"
kevin dillon Hidden "You go Girls!"
Mike and Stephanie Oettinger Hidden "Best of luck to both of you, and have fun."
Maria Kortbeek $250.00 "Hi Carmen-Louise, Good luck and successful running! Love John and Marieke"
Adam Suchar $50.00 "Happy to support a great cause! I am proud of both of you! Best of luck!"
Virginia Walters $50.00 "In running this half marathon, we will be cheering you on, just as we are cheering your Dad on with all our prayers!! Much love to you all! "
GIna Burns $20.00 "Good luck and run hard and fast !!"
Marty Perlmutter $50.00 "Mike -- wish it could be more and wish I could be there to help you with your last miles of training like you helped us cross the finish line in Maine last year. Reading about your progress in swimming tells me that no matter what comes up June 15th, the finish line will be crossed. While some people decide doing a tri is a worthwhile goal, your goal is far more reaching. While others will fall by the wayside because their goal might be something just for themselves, your goal is far more than just personal and I know when the moment comes when the body is telling your mind to shut it down, you will take those thoughts and slam them against a tree and leave it behind you. What you are doing is far more than just completing a tri -- you are showing your kids what love and determination can do. Please put me on your mailing list for your blog so I get it right it away. I'm proud to have had the opportunity to spend some time with you last year. No go finish strong. Marty"
Bill & Pat Dreyer $100.00 "Go get "em, Mike!"
Freddie Rabuse $50.00 "You are a wonderful person, Carmen.I wish you happiness and total cure. - Freddie"
Tim McDermott $100.00 "There is no doubt, Ilyse, that you are your mother's daughter- greatness begets greatness. Ride your heart out. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and this most noble of causes."
Myron Reicher Hidden "Good luck, Ilyse. Myron and Janet Reicher"
Leslie Grommersch Hidden "You girls have got this!! Keeping y'all in my prayers! Sending my love!"
Jean Macomber $100.00 "I work with Penny every month for the Calaveras Humane Society. She never misses her 3-4 hour stint; her sense of humor is ever present; her beloved poodles are her passion, as well as ALL animals (including the feral cat who lives under her deck!) who listen to her kind voice. She pushes on without complaint and accomplishes a great deal. We all love you, Penny! Jean"
Amy Pepe $50.00 "Hey Adam, So excited for you to do this - looks like it'll be a blast and obviously mean even more since the cause is near and dear to your heart. Don't you and Tommy get too competitive out there and wear each other out! Good Luck -- I know you'll do great! Xox Amy"
Diana Duffty $50.00 "Very proud of you to take on this endeavor in support of Jeanie especially at your old age! Always knew you were special. I hope you do great and raise lots of money."
Diane Wilcox $50.00 "Penny is an amazing person. My son Dawson loves her. He enjoys visiting with her and he loves it when she comes to his baseball games. He will call her and ask her to come to his game and she comes no matter how bad she is feeling, and you would never know she did not feel good because she is always so positive and has that smile on her face. Good Luck Mark. Your mom is very proud of you."
Clyde and Ruth Fulk Hidden "Our Love thoughts and prayers are with YOU ALL!!!! Race for a CURE!!!!!"
Meg Zomorodi $100.00 "This is a great thing to do! I hope you reach your goal."
Harriet Cohen $36.00 "Cheering for Susan!"
Julie Browne $100.00 "I could not be more proud of you both! The hard work you've put into training and preparing for this event has been inspirational. Even more-so your dedication to this cause is admirable and truly will make a difference!"
Sarah & Howard Rosenblum Hidden "Best of luk to both of you. Ride well and enjoy the scenic views (while you're off the bikes, of course!) Sarah & Howard"
Jordan Coates $50.00 "Keep fighting and good luck girls."
Dan Surber $50.00 "Dominate the race boys "
Ron and Cheryl Stern $36.00 "You go girl!!! "
Bruce Beck $100.00 "Go for it Mark ! We adore your mom!"
Anonymous Hidden "Your mom must be very proud to have such loving and generous daughters. Just like her, I'm sure! Lots of luck to you all!"
Dan and Diane Edwards Hidden "We are honored to participate!"
Sue Gelber $50.00 "Go Ilyse! "
Donna Miller $50.00 "We hope we're not too late with our donation. Please tell Penny she is always in our thoughts and prayers. Lou and Donna"
Keerrina Ridgeway Hidden "Mark, you are the best. Your Mom is in our thoughts."
Carol Larson Hidden "What a blessing to call this Iron Woman, Penny, my beloved friend and neighbor. I'm not surprised she has an Iron Son - participating in this awesome event to raise research money for MMRF. You go, Mark. You and your precious Mom are in my prayers. ~Carol"
Maria Ingala $50.00 "Good luck Adam! Auntie Maria and uncle Bob"
David, Deonna and girls Bettis $180.00 "We love you both!"
Kimberly Hutter Hidden "So proud of you girls for doing this! Love to all the Poes! "
Joan Hallford $100.00 "Best of luck. I hope you reach your goal. You've got a great Mom. We were roommates at TCU. I met you once at Bonnie's when you were a little baby. Thoughts and prayers go with you both."
Corinne Thygeson $25.00 "Way to go Carmen- you are an amazing gal!!!"
Robert Silverman $50.00 "HAVE FUN-GOOD LUCK!"
Annmarie Horan $150.00 " Carmen..you are such an inspiration..ride on sister!!"
Kimberly Richter $50.00 "Good Luck Carmen! Thanks for helping to make a difference. Love ya, Kim"
Murray Susan $30.00 "Way to go, Carmen!"
Diane and Joe Grogan $200.00 "Carmen! we love you!! Di, Joe, Lolo, Jack and Julia xox"
Torrey Browne $100.00 "Good luck and what a great job raising all thi smoney for a great cause!!! - Love you Adam - Torrey & Brenda"
Josh and Veronica Strickland $100.00 "We love you guys!!"
Patricia Blanchard $50.00 "Way to go guys!"
Fay Messer $50.00 "We love Penny in our cancer support group, and I am a better person for knowing her. "
Jim & Joan Williams $150.00 "Penny is such a wonderful lady. Her strength & courage inspire us. Mark you are doing such a great thing for your mom."
Erik Tenczar $100.00 "Kick ass boys!"
Craig Drilling $50.00 "Awesome idea for a great cause Browne! "
Marsha Miller $100.00 "God Bless you guys !!!!!!"
Athina Nikopoulos $100.00 "Great cause!!! Good luck boys!!!"
J. Scott Ellspermann $100.00 "$99 for Brownie $1 for Big Tom"
Mina OConnor $25.00 "Good luck, Carmen. Love you!!!!"
Kelly Zweig $100.00 "You go girl!!!"
Eileen Devlin $100.00 "Carmen, You Rock!!!! Eileen and Al"
Melissa Kubick $50.00 "Good luck Mike!!!! Melissa & David :)"
SUSAN & TONY BARTELL $20.00 "Joel, your in our prayers! Kristen and Kaitlen, "Good luck on the run""
Russell and Della Carson $50.00 "Good luck to both of you and prayers continue for you all."
Nathan Gelber $100.00 "You and Jeanie kick ass! Go get it this weekend. Peace Tani and Eric"
Kaye Oliver Hidden "Dear Joel, My prayers are with you in this fight aganist this disease. What love your family and friends have for you, and God loves you even more. I am praying for healing, and that you will feel the love of God surrounding you, as you go through whatever treatment you are facing. Love to all your sweet faamily. In Christ, Kaye Oliver "
Jonathan Baucom Hidden "Good luck!"
Casey & Beth Callahan $50.00 "We're so proud of you Mike! You're going to do awesome!"
Benjamin Riot don $100.00 "Good luck tomorrow Mike!! Congratulations on making through the hard part and enjoy the race. We'll all be cheering for you."
The Hamm Family Hidden "You go, Girls!! How sweet of you both to participate in such a worth cause! My prayers are with all of you, especially your Dad. "
Dorothy Graham $135.00 "Love and prayers for all of you "
Janice Jackson $25.00 "Hang in there!!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers."
Pam & Doug Schwandt Hidden "YOU are our hero Kim! Doug and I have both been without our dads for a really long time and my dad ran the TC just two years before he passed away. We just love your heart for carrying on such a great legacy and are blessed to support you...and your dad!! Love ya!"
Mary Lynn $50.00 "Carolyn McKenzie forwarded the recent article about you in the Courier-Tribune to the UNC-CH School of Nursing faculty. Your are both tremendous assets to our School, to nursing and to your family and community. Happy to join in supporting your adventure. Mary Lynn"
Howard Steed $25.00 "Thoughts and prayers"
Jonathan and Nancy Perkins Hidden "Sending love and prayers to all of you. "
Beth Jonas Hidden "Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. -- -The Frieds"
Harry G Markos $500.00 "Good luck Mark in the competition this weekend and a big compliment to you for writing such a sweet story regarding your mom. You both have big hearts and I wish the both of you all the blessings heaven can deliver. "
Mary Beth Webster (formerly Worley) $100.00 "The Poe family has been in my prayers for many years. "
Lindey Insurance Agency, Inc. Hidden "Your father is our company field rep. and we enjoy seeing him and listening to his stories about both of you. He never lets on about his struggles or concerns and always, always has a positive outlook. If you get any of his attributes, you are both very lucky young ladies! Run your hearts out, girls!!"
CMS Insurance & Financial $100.00 "We had no idea Joel struggles with Myeloma. He is a great guy and obviously doesn't let it get him down. Great looking family and we know you are proud of your dad! "
Tim Beadling $50.00 "Way to keep on truckin' Joel! Tim Beadling Team Leader Penn National Pittsburgh Claims "
Lesley Steg Hidden "Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the run! "
Gary Gibson Hidden "Best wishes Joel and family! Gary Gibson, PNI"
Dan Gottlieb $50.00 "Andrew....happy to support this important cause. Best wishes to you and your family. Dan."
Chris Neff $25.00 "Joel: Great story, great family! Ladies, I wish you luck in the marathon! Chris Neff, UM, Penn National Insurance Pittsburgh"
Bob & Joanne Dailey Hidden "We have your Dad in our prayers. Thanks for this opportunity to support such a worthy cause! Love to the Poe Family from the Dailey's. "
Kathleen Poulin $200.00 "With our love and support of your ongoing efforts supporting research for treatment and ultimate cure of Multiple Myeloma. Love, Mom and Dad"
Janice Overlock $50.00 "Good Luck in your race in Michigan Katie & Andy"
Susie Eberhard Hidden "Joel !! I loved the article about your precious girls and how much they love you !! I know you and Jamie are so proud of them....You really have inspired so many people with your faith and strength through this hard time....I know God has given you every comfort and great peace ...Please know that I think of you and pray for you often and am so thankful for the witness you are to everyone you know...and those you don't know!! I know that God will give you great strength during your treatment....Excited to see you soon !!! Love, Susie Eberhard"
Anne Magoun $100.00 "Congratulations! I admire your strong commitment to a good cause."
Wayne Serra $50.00 "For you Carmen as my friend and in memory of my wife Christine."
Janice Bolyer Hidden "I am so proud of you, Kristen and Kaitlen, to honor and support you dad in this way. I know you will do well in the race. Keep the faith. Love Aunt Jan and Uncle Virgil"
Carolyn Grant Hidden "Thoughts and Prayers to you all!!"
William Grant Hidden "Kristen and Kaitlen, we are excited for you and proud of what you are doing to raise awareness and support for the MMRF! Mr. Joel, we are grateful for you and for the way that you courageously lead your family in a way that glorifies the Lord. We are praying for His healing hand to be upon you in the weeks, months, and years to come. We love you! -Beth and Barrett"
suzy campbell $25.00 "We love you girls and are so proud of you! Many prayers for your family:) Lonnie, Suzy, Addie, and Jaylin"
Ann Geht $250.00 "High fives all around!"
Patricia Domago $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Peggy Townsend $50.00 "We're so glad to support such a worthy cause and to know such dedicated team members. We'll be rooting you on in TC!"
Russ & Sue Simpson $25.00 "Good luck Katie and Andy for all your hard work and persistence in the fight for a cure!"
Christina Schwengel $30.00 "Thanks for doing this! We think of you often and send positive wishes your way! We miss you here in Alexandria. Hope to see you soon. Skype or Facetime sometime? -Christy, Robert, Adam, and Anna"
Robert E Miller Jr $100.00 "Wishing your family the best!"
Breton Hoagland $50.00 "Best of luck and kick some ass! "
Barry Bettis $100.00 "Kristen & Kaitlen, We have your family and dad in our thoughts and prayers. May you all be blessed by the Lord with the same warmth and joy that you have given to others. "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure." Stay safe and enjoy the journey! We love y'all, In Him, Barry and Dianne Bettis"
Melissa Stevenson $50.00 "Go Carmen! You are Awesome!"
Elizabeth Houlihan $200.00 "Go Andy and Katie. "
carol russell $100.00 "Carmen, you are such an inspiration! We feel your energy and hope you feel ours. Energize!!"
christine & dan sullivan $100.00 "Carm- you're amazing & strong. Will be thinking of you Sunday as you get out there & kick butt:)"
Phil & Robin Arnheiter $100.00 "Hey Carm, Looking great! Keep it going! Luv ya, Robin & Phil"
Tina Johnson $50.00 "I've known your dad for many years. He is a my favorite marketing rep that visits my agency. It's a pleasure having him visit my office! I'm sure he is proud of what you girls are doing!!!"
Susan Grant $50.00 "Good luck Carmen! I am a fellow MM traveler and also post transplant (2yrs) and in a VGPR. I was diagnosed in 2010 and praying for a cure! Thank you for doing this fundraiser!"
Beth PEROSI $50.00 "My husband is also a myeloma survivor. He didn't experience a complete remission either, after his transplant; however, this December will be 10 years since being diagnosed. We are extremely thankful for all the new treatments that have been made possible by the MMRF and people like yourself. So best of luck to you Carmen. You are an inspiration."
Mary and Peter Walsh $50.00 "This donation is in memory of my mother, Edna Prince, who died of multiple myeloma in 2004. "
Herbie & Pam Poe Hidden "Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We lift you up to the One that can do all things. We ask His Blessings upon you - as you ladies face the challenge of the run, and as a family, you face the challenges in the days ahead. OUR GOD IS AWESOME! Resting in His Arms we find it all --- love, guidance, comfort, strength, healing and a peace that surpasses all understanding! We love you all!"
Kaitlyn Poe Hidden "so proud of you two! xoxo"
Leigh & J.Ray Grant $100.00 "Kristen and Kaitlen, We are so uplifted by your commitment to work on fundraising for this wonderful project and by your dedication, training, and other sacrifices in actually running, along with Daniel, Beth, Barrett, and the others whom we do not know personally, in the half-marathon itself. As is written in Isaiah 40:31, "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will fly up on wings like eagles; they will run and not be tired; they will walk and not be weary." I am sure that tomorrow though your bodies may tell you otherwise, that commitment, your Faith, and the knowledge of the love and prayers from all of us who are not physically there but are with you spiritually will sustain and renew you. We love you all, Leigh and J.Ray Grant"
Janet LeClair $25.00 "Good luck with raising funds to help find a cure for this horrible cancer. I lost my mom 13 years ago to Multiple Myloma. Thank you for making a difference!"
Susan Powers $100.00 "Good luck to your team on Triathlon Day and to MMRF in finding a cure!"
cindy collins $50.00 "We extend our love for all that have been affected with this terrible diagnoses. With our love forever! "
Joe and ME Baffoni $100.00 "Let's find a cure soon. "
Lauren & Russell Leiro $100.00 "Go Jules!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!"
Geri Marrella $25.00 "Good Luck!! You can do it!"
Tom & Karen Ruschmeyer $50.00 "We could not get through this without you! Love you!"
PAMELA HAYES $25.00 "So proud of you Nicole. You are an awesome daughter, and I'm very honored to call you my friend!"
Whitney Edwards $100.00 "Good luck with all your events and on MMRF finding a cure. Whitney & Ian"
Elaine McCarthy $100.00 "Good luck with the run! Thanks for the opportunity to support you and MMRF. Elaine and Mike"
Rebecca Ebner Hidden "Yeah Jules! You go boo!"
Sharon Bryant $40.00 "Juliana, Wishing you support and nothing but success with your "Run for Gino"!! The Bryant Family "
Stephanie Kovarik $40.00 "We are so proud of you! Love you--David, Stephanie, Kaylee, and Reese"
Chelsea Hoagland $100.00 "Congratulations!! This is really inspiring and I can't wait to see the photos from the finish line "
Nikki and Rob Emens $100.00 "Good luck guys! It was so great to see you two and the kids. Fun to watch you train in Glen Lake. You are inspiring! "
Anne Magoun Hidden "Bon courage!"
Kim Sarik $100.00 "Good Luck Andy and Katie. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of this event. "
Sharon and James Hoagland $250.00 "Have fun with the race. Wonderful to see you both this weekend. "
Kevin Hoagland $100.00 "Good luck!"
Annie Lutes $50.00 "Keep up the fight!!! What amazing things we can accomplish when support each other. Sending you, your team, and your family love!"
John Rosato $100.00 "Go Juliana GO...!!! This is a wonderful thing your doing....!!! All our Love....!!!"
Carol Reda $25.00 "Beautiful !"
Liz Eddy $15.00 "Go Juleses!"
Aliza Saraco-Polner Hidden "Work those legs! Very proud, ma!"
Mary Kastner $20.00 "You go girl! "
Rach and Ty Lank/Rusch $20.00 "Lets rock it!! I'm so proud of you...love you guys!!"
Judith Kottick $100.00 "Sending all our support!"
Hannah McClelland $30.00 "Proud of you Julez! You go girl!"
stephen gelfman $100.00 "God bless !!"
Patricia Pia $25.00 "Molly - you are running for a wonderful cause. Keep up the good work. All the best. Regards, Patti Pia"
Josh Pokrzywinski $50.00 "Good luck homegirl. "
Andrea Guarneri $50.00 "God Bless Gino, Pat, Julianna and your entire family. I Love All of You. Andrea"
Stacie Wendland $100.00 "We are so super proud of you Kim!!! "
Talia Kori $100.00 "This is awesome Jules!!! Best of luck to you!!"
Isabel Zupan $25.00 "This is a wonderful tribute to your father. A half-marathon is quite a challenge. Good Luck!"
Norma Rappaport $100.00 "A special daughter for a special father."
NINFA COLANGELO $20.00 "donation by angie fabrasile littleangeldragon@yahoo.com"
Doreen Byrne $25.00 "Don't know you-yet, but if you are a friend of Daniel you are a friend to me. Run like the wind! Doreen"
Sally Gauntt $50.00 "Juliana: good luck on your run! . It is our pleasure to support your effort. Hug, Aunt Sally & Red"
Sharon Harris $50.00 "Good luck, Nicole! What a nice thing you are doing! Love you!"
Cordelia Calvert $40.00 "Go Jules!! All my love!"
Jean Stage $25.00 "We're so proud of you, Kim! "
Emily Yermack $25.00 "Get it wifey "
Abe Rosner Hidden "Hi Jules, Great initiative!. Best wishes always for you and your family. Love Abe & Paula"
Jane Kirby $50.00 "From, Jane and Ken"
Bill Odendahl $50.00 "This is to thank you for running with me in the GCI Ultra!"
Paula and Doug Snell $50.00 "Good luck...and have fun!!"
Alix Ross $200.00 "Wishing you a great run for a wonderful cause! Love, Alix and Ted "
Melissa Bourgeois $25.00 "Go get 'em, Jules!"
NINFA COLANGELO $50.00 "this donation is from Rona Myers rmcc10@optonline.net"
Katie and Blake Roth $50.00 "Good luck, Nico! Love, Katie, Blake, Adelyn, Bryce and Baby Roth #2"
Brent Hatch $20.00 "I know you'll have a great race! You are running for a great cause too!"
Thomas Tait $40.00 "Jules, this is a beautful tribute to your father! With love and support, your Pisan - Thomas Tait "
Walter Bruno $50.00 "Have a great run!!!"
Jennifer Nunn $50.00 "Run, baby, run!!"
angie staley $25.00 "You are awesome! We love Karen! Love u! Ang"
Pat, Tracy, Jacob and Mar Lane $25.00 "Way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
karen ruschmeyer $135.00 "Go Joy, go Rach, go Cole!! Love you, Mom & Dad"
Scott Wechsler $100.00 "Todd, In celebration of your 50th and for all those individuals you help celebrate life every single day. George & Scott"
Robin and Steve Solomon $50.00 "Todd, the world needs more people like you. Congratulations on your 50th birthday, your success with IRONMAN and above all, your genuine compassion for others. Robin and Steve "
Tawny Wigdahl $15.00 "Go Bob go!"
Natalie Droel $100.00 "You are such an inspiration, Kim! We will be cheering for you AND your dad!!!"
Michael Zilembo $25.00 "Great Cause Kari! Love, Mick & Marg"
Gabriela Graham $25.00 "So proud of you Juju!!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "The Colangelos have always been one of my favorite families. I'm blessed not only to know them but to be related to them! We always pray for Gino's good health and longevity. All of our love."
Nina Colangelo $25.00 "Good luck!"
Carla Eichman $50.00 "Dear Kari, I am happy to support your effort to be strong for John. You may tell Janie(who I love) of my support. I wish I had been able to support John before he passed, but I never Knew. Carla Eichman "
Cristina and Zarko Cvetanovic $100.00 "Way to go Juliana!"
Kati Holmes $10.00 "Keep Going Strong !!!! XOXO Kati "
kathryn eddy $50.00 "Love to you all. xoxo"
Daniel McLaughlin $15.00 "Go Jules!!!!"
elizabeth dyer $100.00 "What a wonderful thing you are doing Juliana - and such an accomplishment!! Enjoy!"
Donna Burke $20.00 ""There will be an answer, let it be""
Alicia O'Neill $100.00 "Psyched to do this race with my "Minion" running buddies! "
Karen Orzechowski $100.00 "Go Minions! So proud of you!!"
Carmen Every-Degel $250.00 "Good luck Myeloma Minions, I'll be thinking of you all, wish I could be there,Carmen-Louise"
Lisa Higgins $100.00 "Good luck to all of you! Go Beth!"
mark obrien $250.00 "Go Alicia Go !"
jacqueline hartley $100.00 "Alicia you're an inspiration! Good luck Myeloma Minions!"
Susan Riskin $100.00 "So proud of you all! Wish I was there to join!"
Jenny West $100.00 "She's running again- Friends, Family and Love. Go Beth! Go Jeanie! "
Sarah Webb Hidden "Beth - get those Reebok's with the straps - up those hills. Love You Sarah"
Jane and Ken Kirby and Goguen $50.00 "You go girl.....I'm sure my brother will be running with you!!"
huw lloyd $15.00 "Go for it Betsy!"
michael hoffmann Hidden "Go Minions!!"
Michael Bille $50.00 "I want a picture with the goggles!"
Lindsey Theisen $30.00 "Another week, another paycheck, another donation to let you know I will be with you in spirit! Go Kim!!!"
James Plutnicki $100.00 " Go Minions, Go!"
George Tapinekis $188.88 "Go get em! Love all of you girls. See you soon. Good luck!"
Maura Smith $100.00 "In awe of Betsy Parker!"
Elisa Rosner $25.00 "Good luck Betsy and team!"
Mike, Kate, and Jack Andreychik $50.00 "Good luck everyone!"
Krisztina Rocco $50.00 "You and your team are always an inspiration Betsy! Go Minions!!"
Tina Ross $30.00 "Molly, good luck & best wishes on your NYC Marathon run. Have a great race! Tina Ross"
Anne Tornillo $35.00 "You are all AMAZING!!! What an Inspiration!"
Lindsey Boumgarden $25.00 "Can't wait to hear about your cross over the finish line (WITHOUT RAIN!) as your dad cheers you on. I'll clear the path ahead of you...at least for 10 miles or so. Good luck!"
Eric Western $121.20 "Hebrews 12.1-2"
Elizabeth Parker $50.00 "Way to go Megan!!"
Lisa Risse $78.60 "GREAT JOB KIM! :) My silly donation amount = $1.00 a mile per Risse child! OR $3 X 26.2! Proud of you!"
Paul Butler $100.00 "Awesome Betsy! "
Ann Pettrone $250.00 "Run like the wind.... but enjoy the journey!"
Michael Palmer $250.00 "My father in law survived myeloma and lymphoma. All the best kari"
Jena Yannarella $50.00 "Kick some cancer ass and run strong sister!! WE LOVE YOU! - JY and Luke <3 47"
Shari and Joe Chorba $50.00 "We support you Kari, and we honor the memory of your Father-in-law, John~"
Sara and Jim Rauckhorst $75.00 "Kari, you are super awesome!! Way to kick cancer's butt!"
Tom Harding $50.00 "Congratulations Betsy and Myeloma Minions team! Great Job!"
Jennifer Fitting Hidden "We love you Janet!!!! The Fitting Four"
Mareill Kiernan Hidden "So amazed by you!! "
Craig Ten Broeck $50.00 "Best of luck Molly...I know you'll do great!!"
Lauren Groom Hidden "Good luck this weekend! I'll be thinking of you!"
Lawrence Hollyfield $25.00 "Go, Marty, Go!"
gary parkinson $100.00 "Anything for Roy Boy, miss the lug;-]"
Jorge Azor $250.00 "Great Cause Marty! Good Luck."
Pam Gross $151.00 "Marty is the greatest friend MMRF and my husband Roy could ever have. You rock Marty!"
Jon and Holly Nosek Hidden "Good luck tomorrow. Its great you are doing it in remembrance of your grandfather. "
Vanessa Celio $50.00 "We love you Aunt Janet! Love, Ed, Vanessa & Jaxon"
Ellen and Neil Policow $100.00 "Well done Marty. Say hi to Jimmy B. when you reach the Keys."
Michelle Zeppieri Hidden "You are AWESOME! :)"
Jay and Anita Meinbach $18.00 "What a wonderful way to honor your friend and to help thousands and thousands of others. Be safe. "
ellen botwin $72.00 "Janet, I donated $72 . bucks...In the Jewish religion we give gifts in multiples of 18. The number !8, in Hebrew means "Luck and Life" CHAI...SO janet, I give this to you , i hopes and prayers that you have luck and life xooxoxoxxo We love you , Ellen "
Sue Abate Durante $50.00 " Janet, Just a little something to help! Xoxo Sue"
Greg Fittinghoff Hidden "Janet.... We love you very much and are very supportive of your fight against this disease. We're really looking forward to the event at WDW and being with you and the rest of the family. Love, Dennis and Greg "
Marc Salerno $25.00 "Good luck! "
Isabelle Richards $100.00 "Wishing you the best, Janet!"
Bob & Diane Wechsler $50.00 "HAVE A GREAT RIDE!!"
Karen Campanaro-Faye $50.00 "Janet, I hope this small donation helps. I can't think of a nicer place to run a marathon than "The Happiest Place on Earth"! Cousin Karen"
Nick Celio $50.00 "Good luck with the run. Keep staying strong Aunt Janet. Love you guys. Nicky."
Danielle Hyden $35.00 "Have a great run Jill! Awesome way for your family to honor your step mom. "
Diane Kaminsky Hidden "In loving memory of my friends Roy Gross and Robert (Bob) Feltzin. Two of the nicest guys in the world. "
Doug and Patrice Domenie $500.00 "Wishing you all our prayers and support in this fight against this disease. You are a warrior! And good luck to all those running for this cause!! <3"
Freda Barber $100.00 "Best wishes to you Janet and delighted to hear of your continued recovery. My cousin Lois also continues to do well - so much progress has been made with this disease and you and Lois give me hope for future generations. Dee Barber"
Cliff and Doris Kolber $150.00 "Congratulations on your ride, Marty!"
Tracy Lenz $100.00 "Janet, you are an inspiration of hope, strength and positivity!! Have a blast in Disney, ' it is truly the Happiest place on Earth!!! ' love ya. "
Joe & Lisa Maciorowski $100.00 "We love you Janet…more than words can express!"
Charlene & Jim Collins $100.00 "To one of the strongest and most courageous women we know!!!! Keep kicking its butt!! Enjoy your time in Orlando with everyone. We love you. Charlene and Jimmy"
Josephine Infante-Meehan $50.00 "Do not stop running!!!! I will be cheering you on in Spirit. Cousin Josephine & Matt"
Joanne Toscano Brady $300.00 "Blessed to meet you, in awe of your devotion, grateful for all you do for MMRF"
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