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2013 Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon - MMRF PowerTeam
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 60% faster than the industry average, and working toward a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $225 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of six new drugs for multiple myeloma in less then a decade – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference.

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Total Donations: $44,501

Goal: $38,000

$0 117% $38,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Skyler Mckegney $200.00 "Thanks for doing what you do we need to find a cure for this horrible disease!"
Dominic Labriola $50.00 "Go Ciara!"
susan saul $100.00 "Great photos! Here's to a cure! I passed this onto a couple of people hoping they send something back to you. "
Anna Nupson $250.00 "Go, Camilla, go!"
Lisa Starr $100.00 "So happy about your Mom's remission!"
Jessica Fong $50.00 "Good luck Caboo!!! xoxo - Jess & JR"
Alyce Toombs $25.00 "Way to go Lee ! Good luck in your training ! :)"
Mike Sterling $50.00 "Run Lee Run!!! Double the donation challenge-----------Beat last years time and get double this donation."
Cheryl Cross $100.00 "Good Luck LEE! You will do great! Keeping the memory of Mark alive and helping the fight against Myeloma. All good! Love you, girl. The Cross Family"
Sylvia Reisini $100.00 "Hi Darling, We wish you all the luck in crossing the finish line. We will be there in spirit cheering you on! Love you, TT"
Breana Kennedy $50.00 "I am so proud of you Belly! I love you and your sisters very much and your mama is like my second mama. Good Luck with reaching your goal!! XOXOX"
Christina Ma $15.00 "Good luck on the run! And many prayers for your family :)"
Erin Kitaguchi $50.00 "Love you and miss not only you Storms, but your entire fam ;("
Max & Mary Rojas $100.00 "Dear Stormy, We love you and your family and are praying for all of you during this very difficult time in your lives! Love, The Rojas Family"
Lydia Godshall $100.00 "Stormy, So proud of your efforts for the cause and for your awesome dad! Love you, Aunt Lydia"
Anne Sherbet $50.00 "Keep up the good work! Love Anne-Marie and family"
Cindy & Don Sterling $75.00 "We are very proud of you Lee. Keep up the good work for a good cause in the memory of a one of a kind great guy. "
lorraine shea $50.00 "Lee, I am so happy to see you continue to bring awareness about blood cancers. Go get em. Half Marathon in Santa Barbara, a perfect place. I know you will do great. "
rodney uyeda $100.00 "Keep up the great work! Mark is smiling down from heaven seeing how strong you are!"
Randy Leaf Hidden "Good Luck Lee, you are the best!"
Jennifer Moriwaki $50.00 "I love you Tasha, I will be praying for your Dad & for you to finish the half marathon! Miss you!!"
Alejandra Thompson $100.00 "Good luck !!! Love you !! Alex "
Mary Meade Musgrave $50.00 "Good luck with your race and a big hug to your dad! Xo, Meade"
Kim Chaldekas $50.00 "Go Girl!! Have fun!! Big hugs!! Kim"
Toby Sexton $100.00 "You are an inspiration to everyone that you meet. The Sexton family is honored to support you."
Tasha Mallett $250.00 "Stormy, I'm so happy we are doing this together ... for Daddy! I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful sister. I love you oodles. Hugs and lots of LOVE !!!!!!!"
Scott Pressman $50.00 "Go Stormy! Best to you, Remy, and your family. "
Sylvia Reisini $50.00 "Wishing you the best of luck on your run!! Love, TT"
Sylvia Reisini $50.00 "Have fun on your first race!!! Love, TT"
Mide Osifeso $100.00 "Good luck and move those legs girl! I love the Malletts!"
Patrick & Mary Okwandu Family $50.00 "Stormy & The Malletts, We are rooting for you on May 11th and your entire family as you all go thru this. God is by your side in every way and we are so at awe of your family's resilience. Love ya!"
Anonymous $15.00 "Goodluck on your run! May God continue to bless you and your family! Always with love. :)"
Bradley Smith $250.00 "Danny running in Wine country, ironic."
Jasmine Smith $10.00 "Good luck with the run Stormy!!! Prayers and blessings to you and your family!!!!"
Deborah Jones $100.00 "Way to go Danny! Love, The Joneses"
Mónica Castro $30.00 "Que Dios bendiga tu intención.Suerte princesa!"
Mónica Castro $30.00 "Suerte mi linda y que Dios les ayude siempre que luchen por las causas nobles."
Ada Nwadugbo $10.00 "Good luck with the run! And may God bless you and your family! I'll be saying a prayer for your family!"
Monika Abramczuk $50.00 "I'm sorry for your loss! I admire you guys for raising money this way. Good luck in the run!"
Elizabeth Miller $50.00 "In honor Kay, you are truly missed by all that were fortunate to know you."
Anonymous $250.00 "You go Linda!I am not shocked that you can do this...no matter what!!!You are an inspiration to so many,and I love you for that, as well as all the care and love you have given to me and my son,as a teacher and friend over the many years we have known you.My heart is cheering for you and your family.Noelle"
Carla & Tony Stoffel $100.00 "You are an inspiration!! Have a wonderful "walk" with your girls!"
Michael Robertson $200.00 "Hi Grandma, It's good that you're doing it. Love, Frances Hi Grandma, I think its cool that you're doing a walk to help people. I hope you raise lots of money. Love, Eleanor Hi Linda, Have a great walk. Love, Windy Mug, Break a leg! Magee"
Barbara Wright $50.00 "So proud and happy!! Les va a ir increible!! Un abrazote!!!"
Anonymous $250.00 "You go Linda! We love you and are thinking of you.....always. Pappas family."
Rose, Phil and Peter Dunn $100.00 "Go Linda, our education Angel. Blessings, Rose, Phil and Peter"
Pat Falkner $100.00 "Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: "I am with you kid. Let's go." ~Maya Angelou"
Bryant Wright $50.00 "Suerte en la marathon prima ! "
Pam House $50.00 "Finally! ...sorry it took sooo long, but I'm impressed by your dedication and commitment and more than anything, your love! Good luck, Cami!!!"
Andy Chu $100.00 "We're rooting for you and your family all the way!"
Margie Mulder Hidden "Way to go, Linny and daughters!!!!! "
Dagny Dehlsen $100.00 "I'm honored once again to support this wonderful family. XO Dagny"
Mary Ann McCuistion Hidden "You're amazing!!"
nancy enwall $300.00 "Linda, I am always proud of you -- i wish i had your energy and determination! Nanc"
Anonymous Hidden "Dearest Linda. You are the most amazing and inspirational people I have ever met. Your radiant light shines hope for everyone who is gifted to know you. So, you go girl and enjoy your beautiful girls as you complete this half marathon. What a triumph!! "
Jan & Jim Mumy $250.00 "We are in awe of you, sweet friend, and know you will "finish well". You are always in our prayers. Much love, Jan and Jim"
Jana Engstrom Hidden "In honor of you as well as my grandpa who also battled multiple myeloma!"
Anita Jacobi $500.00 "Natalie, We love, Good luck. What a nice thing to do? We support you. Anet, Albert, Megan and Amanda"
Denise Taylor $100.00 "Hi Bill, Just focus on getting on that first tee:0)"
Miriam Long $250.00 "You go girl! Steve and I will be with you in spirit this year, espeically at mile 11 1/2:)"
Dar Rice $150.00 "Dear Sweet Linda, You are such an inspiration to Michael and I. The contribution you continue to make in support of MMRF is admirable. We definitely will be cheering you on from Texas! With much love, Dar and Michael "
Alison Odekerken $50.00 "My family thinks of your family often. We admire your strength and commitment to finding a cure for cancer. Our family has been touched by cancer as well. Good luck with the race. All my best, Alison Odekerken (Corwin)"
Tim Magdaleno Hidden "For Mark, who I think of often and miss badly. He is my inspiration with my new career as husband and father. With love from Canada."
Letitia Ensley $50.00 "Good luck Lee!!! You and the girls are always in my heart. Go get 'em!!!"
Jamie Lacroix $25.00 "Mark is and always will be in our daily thoughts and hearts. Lee, you are awesome for continuing to raise money to find a cure for cancer!! Good job, and good luck in your race!!! oxoxo"
Thomas Roll $25.00 "For Chris... Great that you are doing this Janine!!"
Deb Shelton $50.00 "Go Jana Go! Run Jana Run! Very happy to be a small part of this in some way. "
Dina Kimmel Hidden "Good for you Jana, you girls Rock!"
Michele keefer $20.00 "Have a great run!"
Michele Dempsey $50.00 "Dear Linda- You can always count on me for support on this. I cant begin to fathom your journey. You truly inspire me. I love you and of course my Jana so much. I am with you girls in spirit. Love, Michele"
Elizabeth Baraban $500.00 "Go Ladies!! Our hearts are with you!!! Love, The Bersons"
Rodney&Rebecca Christensen $100.00 "JUST A-PIECE-OF-CAKE. YOU GO GIRL. BECKY&ROD"
Alyson de Guigne $20.00 "Cybel!!! Best of luck to you on the big day! You will be amazing! Xo Alyson"
Alyson de Guigne $20.00 "Camila! I've had so much fun hearing about your crazy runs all in preparation for the big day. You are incredibly dedicated and I know you will cross that finish line in record time ;)! Go get 'em! XO A"
Alexis Adamson $25.00 "Good luck and have a blast :) can't wait to see you and Seb in July! XOXO"
Elizabeth Douglas Hidden "They don't call you a "Wild Woman" for Nothing. :0) Thank you for being such a sweet friend, and for bringing so much joy and happiness into the lives of everyone that knows you. You are Amazing. Much Love, liz "
Erin Halling $20.00 "Wish it was more. Next year it will be. Big hugs to you. "
Don& Sally Wolcott $300.00 "You go girl!! We admire your grit. Have fun. "
Aldric Logan $50.00 "With much love from the Logans. "
Anne and Jack Casey Hidden "Linda you are amazing....Unsinkable! Unstoppable! We are proud just to know you and send you love and OXYGEN to the finish line! xox"
Connie Breedlove $50.00 "Though I do not know you personally, I've known Mike & Windy for many years and now your beautiful grand daugthers. I am a long term cancer survivor, too. Wishing you well!"
Jeffrey Kile $100.00 "Congratulations Linda! You are unbelievable. We'll be thinking of you every step. Look forward to seeing you this summer! XOX, Jeffrey and Katrina"
Shammi Whitaker $15.00 "Go Ciara!"
Anonymous $100.00 "I'm glad to participate in this fundraising. Good luck!!!"
Lauren Roller $25.00 "Good luck!"
Bian wu $30.00 "stay strong, keep going!"
Jennifer Miller $50.00 "We love you both!! XoXo!"
Anonymous $50.00 "You women are AMAZING!!! Love you much!"
Alan Beck $50.00 "Best wishes to your father. Have a great run! Alan, Ceci, Buddy & Riley"
The Leff Family $100.00 "XOXO Girls!"
Lauren Orlina $10.00 "Way to go Lisa! Always inspired by you and this is another reason. :D What a great cause to support. All the best!! "
Vivienne McVeigh $50.00 "WIsh I was there again this year, Run for gold! (that gold wine at the finish line). xxxx "
Christine Henzler $30.00 "Good luck and have fun!!!!!"
Lelia Stinson $250.00 "Jodi, Sorry we couldn't make it to SB for the run this year. I am sure you will do fantastic as usual! Lelia"
Hannah Lee $100.00 "Great to see you and Gabe in the photos!"
Bill and Gloria Hutsell $100.00 "Stormin', you're an amazing young lady who loves her dad so much! We couldn't be more proud of you! Love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Gloria"
Heather Olins $25.00 "Good luck with the run, Geoff & Christine. I'll be thinking about you guys at our run this weekend. "
Anonymous $250.00 "Would love it to be more, darlin', but this is a bad time for us. I know you understand. PLEASE be careful on your walk; please, please? I worry so about you. Hope to hear from you soon about drug details. Meantime, have a fabulous time with your two girls. We'll be thinking positive thoughts for you! God bless... Hugs from us both, Joan & Susan"
Mike and Rose Vigil $100.00 "Prayers for Your Dad and Family Love The Vigil's"
bernie and Stella molina $50.00 "Stella and I are very happy to make our small contribution....You girls have always made your Dad very proud !!!"
Jo and Jerry Pflanz $100.00 "Way to go!"
Kenneth Ryan $300.00 "Thinking of you on May 11th, no problem for you to complete the walk, All our love Anne, Patrick and Suzanne"
Raymond Palmer $100.00 "Way to go! Love from marge and Ray"
Will Ellis $50.00 "Go Jodi. We wich we could come and run SB with you. Maybe next year? Will and Leah xo"
Jim Robertson $1,000.00 "My very best wishes and admiration on your participation for the MMRF in the SB Wine Country Half Marathon. We will be there to see you begin at the start line and to cheer you across the finish line. Congratulations. Love, Jim"
Keith McGinnis $100.00 "Stanley, I know you will get to the 2 HR finish goal, therefore I will take all action on you. Your my HERO! McGooey"
Seong Min Lee $25.00 "CHRISTINE hwaeeting <33333 have fun! "
Claudine Mullenaux $20.00 "Linda- You are so awesome and amazing! I am cheering you on all the way! You inspire us all. Love, Claudine"
Hanna Alexander $20.00 "Go Geoff!"
Linda McKinzie $10.00 "Hi Tasha, I'm very sorry to hear about your dad, Gene. I'd love to help by contributing to your fundraising efforts in support of your dad and the MMRF.. Love you! Cousin, Linda"
Craig and Alesia Robertson $50.00 "You go Girl!!! Hope to see you soon..."
jackie rabinowitz $50.00 "I'll be cheering you on from LA!! You inspire me! Thanks for working for the cause! Love, Jackie"
Nancy & Tim Fitzmorris $100.00 "Wishing you the best! Stay tough!"
Billie Leff $30.00 "Linda, you are an amazing woman! I only met you once in san Diego when you came to help with the grandkids. We wish you luck! - The Leffs"
Diane Luster Hidden "Fight on girls!!!"
Cannon Clan $200.00 "Linda, You are doing a wonderful job. You are an amazing mother and mother-in-law. All my love, Shaun"
Lee Travis $150.00 "Love and best wishes to you and your daughters. Dorothy and Lee"
Gina Fisher $350.00 "Baby my love!! I'm so proud of you ! You are an inspiration to so many!!! Good luck, hope you beat last years time. I'll be waiting for you at the finish line with a glass of wine! That should make you run faster... Haha I love you, your wife <3"
Sisian Ghahramanians $25.00 "Good luck!"
Alejandra Guzman $70.00 "I am very sorry for your loss, you mom was a great person and the world is a little sadder without her."
Natasha Shcheglova $100.00 "GO LINDA and the GIRLS!!! SO PROUD OF YA'LL :)"
Ryan Family $500.00 "Go n-eiri an bothar leat, Eoin, Katherine, Julie and Ken"
Susan Connolly $100.00 "Go Team "Linda and Her Girls"! All the very best to you! xoxo Susan Connolly"
Rose Aquilino $200.00 "Linda, we've not met; I'm a friend of Michael's. As a cancer-survivor myself, I wish you well. My prayers and best-wishes are with you. "
Growing Educators $500.00 "We wish you and your family all the best"
Autumn Shumaker $500.00 "I am so sorry I can't run beside you this weekend! I was looking forward to this event since we spoke about it in Oct. I love you! You will be amazing! If my injury was something I could bandage and charge with, I wouldn't be disappointing you! Love n hugs! "
Richard Palmer $50.00 "Run well!"
Susan Chomeau $100.00 "So proud of you Lisa! "
Kelly O'Neill $50.00 "I admire your commitment to running another 1/2 Marathon, as well as raising money for such a wonderful cause!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck!"
Eva Palmer $25.00 "Way to go Lisa!!! "
susie jones $250.00 "Good Luck Lisa! Susie :)"
K Ingram $100.00 "Enjoy every minute of your run! In my heart I will be running beside you. Thank you for always reminding me that it is important to embrace life and that we can make a difference. Love you! "
Patricia BERTERO $100.00 "Bee-uuu-tee-full!"
Jill Nash Hidden "So proud of you and your continued effort to raise money and awareness! I hope you have a great race! I'll be with you in constant thoughts and spirit! I love you!! Go Lee!"
Robert Fisher $100.00 "Congrats Pop!! I am very proud of you."
Journey Orchanian $50.00 "Good luck with the marathon, best wishes."
Tore&Susannah Landfald $100.00 "Stan! I'm sure you made a new personal record! All the best to you and Gina. Tore & Susannah"
Bridget Gordon $50.00 "In lieu of personal coaches gifts this year, the Hot Rods (Kellan's team) have decided to make donations to the coaches' causes. Couldn't think of a better way to honor the great job Jill has done than to honor Mark. "
Thomas Haag $250.00 "All the best from Fanelli Haag & Kilger PLLC! Sorry for the late donation."
Gina Lee $50.00 "sorry so late! hopefully the race went well!"
Gareth Forster $50.00 "Sorry this is a bit late, mate, but I hope it goes through. Hope you are well buddy, cheers, Gareth and Heather"
Chelsea Macleod-Elliott $50.00 "You're an inspiration! "
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