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2013 IRONMAN Florida- MMRF PowerTeam
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 60% faster than the industry average, and working toward a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $225 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of six new drugs for multiple myeloma in less then a decade – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference.

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Total Donations: $244,793

Goal: $250,000

$0 98% $250,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Terrence Murphy $100.00 "Good Luck Pat."
SOLLY AZAR $250.00 "very impressed my Man let's go iron Man"
Emmanuelle Namiech-Oyebola $150.00 "Go Philip ! We will be rooting for you, Mr Iron Man. Very, very, very proud of my brother ;-)"
Terence Lee Hidden "Go Larry!"
Azucena Rios $30.00 "Way to go!! ;-)"
Bosco Henderson $25.00 "Go Suzie Go!! Just had a friend complete the 2012 PCB Ironman - you can do this!!!"
nicole Peasley $25.00 "You go sister. "
Michele Richman $25.00 "Go for it - SWEAVER! Love Mouse"
Mitra Bryant $25.00 "What an important cause! "
Danielle Randall $100.00 "My Mother, Vivian was diagnosed with this just over a year ago. She had a stem cell transplant in March 2011 and we are waiting for the results. I am so proud of you Suzi and know you will do an amazing job! Miss you! "
melissa powell LCSW LLC $200.00 "Suzi, I could not be more proud of you. I am honored to be a part of your journey. You are an amazing person and you continue to be a daily inspiration for greatness and gratefulness. Melissa"
Amy and Katie Henderson-Best $50.00 "Dude - you rock! What a meaningful way to finally achieve your lifelong dream. We are so proud to support you. (Uncle Phil will be cash matching this, too!)"
amanda and ed riley $25.00 "supporting you all the way friend. love, ed and amanda"
Ned and Casey Freeman $100.00 "Be the RUNNER, PLEASE BE THE RUNNER (and biker... And swimmer)"
David Weaver Hidden "SUZE! We're totally behind you and living vicariously through you. Better you than us! Love, Dave, Pam, Amanda, and Ben"
Ralph and Sandy Tuccillo $100.00 "Suzie, you're an amazing women who takes on all the challenges of life. This is a very worthwhile cause and we are behind you 100%. Good Luck and God Bless. Love, Ralph and Sandy "
Hulk Angry $50.00 "Good Luck bro"
Anonymous $30.00 "Important to support research for cancer and myeloma multiple !"
Samantha Best $50.00 "Go Suzi Go! we couldn't be more proud of you! What an inspiration you are."
Kimberly Koch $50.00 "Go Tom! "
Zachery Bir $25.00 "GO, AMISH! WIKI WIKI!"
Susannah Raine-Haddad Hidden "Suzi, Best of luck, of anybody can do this you can! My dad passed away of multiple myeloma. I have forwarded to my mom and brother, Susannah"
Patti Brewer $1,000.00 "Suz, you are an inspiration even to those that don't yet know you. Follow your Dream! Love, Mother"
Erik Ruiz $25.00 "Good Luck Andrew on reaching your donation goal and as you train towards the IRONMAN in 2013. Hopefully we wont have to call you "IRONMAN" after you complete it. "
todd schieberl $25.00 "Good luck brother!"
Devin Holmes $100.00 "Good luck Andrew! -Devin & McKenzie"
David & Karen Eckenfels $100.00 "You can do it, Son!"
jason tinney $100.00 "A true American hero.... Lets do this!"
tamela meadows $50.00 "Tank You so much for running for a good cause. As you know i am a 2 1/2 year suvivor. I feel like you are running in a race for your 2 Aunts... Sue , Me ... I see you winning this race in more ways than 1. Best of luck Love you"
Luciana Piccion $50.00 "Andrew: I'm sure you are going to do the miracle! Good luck I'm proud of you !!! Whit people like you the world is going to change."
Carlton Clime Hidden "No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper. I Guarantee it"
Karena Wu $50.00 "Good luck Tim! Great job on all of your runs!!"
Sallie Garfield $40.00 "Go Luke Go!"
Peter Appel $50.00 "Good luck, Luke!"
Michael Jahrmarkt $140.60 "A high age group finish would be great and success in the efforts of you and your friends for a worthy cause even better. Wish I could join you AND keep up!"
Nicole Peterson $100.00 "Proud of you, Luke! Wonderful cause and thank you for making a difference."
Adrianne Bosco $150.00 "Good luck, Mike! We are proud of you. Love, Paul and Adrianne"
Ronald Goldberg $250.00 "Miriam and I want to wish you the best. Happy training!!!"
Brad Strong $100.00 "Good luck Mike!"
Wendy Tonker $34.56 "Keep dreaming big, Big Girl! Love you."
Sheila McDevett $50.00 "HBB you know I am behind you and support you all the way. This is an incredible journey and glad to be in your corner. Your Sherpa..sheshe "
Mark Gazzilli $50.00 "Keep up the good work brother!!"
Ruth Farmer $50.00 "Go Suzi! You're my hero. "
Tedrick Fetters $50.00 "Good luck Mike. Ted, Michelle, and Connor."
Anonymous Hidden "Go D !"
Kenny & Mary Thompson $50.00 "Good luck Todd! "
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Derek!"
Ashley Gibbs $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Larry Bowers $10.00 "Best of luck Derek. From Larry at Southside Tri and Cycle."
Wingold Tracey & Bryan $25.00 "Go Suzi!! We love you!!!"
Ruth Payne $50.00 "Suzi - thanks for bringing great Iron energy :)"
David and Maki Smith $100.00 "Git'er dun!"
Andrew Floro $140.60 "Do work. Be epic!"
Emily Kingery $50.00 "Work it!!"
Luis Gamoneda $50.00 "Great cause. Good luck Tim!"
Thomas Houff $250.00 "Wax on. Wax off. Lots of training before November. I know you have strong support from your family but I also know you should really try not to train alone. Let me know. I'll try to help get coaching and training team-mates if you want. This will be very physically and mentally demanding. Take breaks. Rest. And rent the Karate Kid because whevever I'll see you I'm going to tell you, "Wax on. Wax off." "
pamela reimink $100.00 " Looking forward to watching you compete in your Iron Man.......... May this help you get to your goal!! "
Jeff Jauregui $50.00 "Train hard, buddy. Good luck! "
Anne& Corey Chamberlain $50.00 "We are behind you all the way, C/H/M/H! (with Sucky Beer, naturally) You go, girl!"
Kelley Withrow $10.00 "Just trying to help out as much as I can."
Lynne LaFrance $50.00 "Best of luck in your first Ironman competition. It's great that all the money you raise goes towards such a good cause! We are proud of you!"
Shelly Munoz $50.00 "I'm so glad you are doing something so wonderful! God bless you and I will be praying for you as you train and when you actually race. Great picture of you on the site. God bless you! I love you! Aunt Shelly"
Erin Wintill $50.00 "You're an inspiration!!! I just realized you are raising money to fight a cancer that one of my dear friends is battling with. Hopefully we will get updates on your progress and race results?? God bless you and keep you as you train and compete!!!"
Stacy & Chris Hull $25.00 "What incredible dedication and self-discipline you have, Suzi! Rock it to the finish line!"
Jocelyn Senn $200.00 "You go big girl. Can't wait to cheer you on in Hawaii. YaaaaHooooo"
Ralph and Ana Alea $50.00 "Good luck"
Keith Chasin $100.00 "Good luck & thank you for your efforts!"
Alex Dulude $140.60 "Half of this money is my way of saying "Fuck You, Cancer!" and the other half is me saying, "I hope Ecky at least makes it to the run before he collapses and passes out on the course. . ." Good luck, brotha!"
Paula Thompson $50.00 "Best of Luck...Iron Man Lancaster!"
Olivier Hernandez $100.00 "Don't mess with Philip!"
Jim & Mary Beth Holycross $50.00 "Rick, We won't be able to come to the fundraiser at Mia tomorrow night, but wanted to contribute to the cause. We figure this way, 100% of what we spend will go the the fund! :) I have had one aunt die from Multiple Myeloma, and a cousin is currently battling it (successfully to date), so any fundraising to defeat this disease is very near & dear to our hearts. Thanks for this undertaking and best of luck to you. Mary Beth & Jim Holycross"
Denise Grabow $50.00 "Good luck, Rick! On the triathlon and your bartending debut! I don't think we'll be able to make it to Mia tomorrow and this way our entire donation goes toward your fundraising goal. We look forward to hearing about your training. Denise and George"
Ann Anthony $50.00 "Good Luck, Todd! Your commitment and your kindness make you a role model for all of us."
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck Rick! Sorry that we couldn't be at Mia tonight. Hope you meet your goal."
Franklin Bower $100.00 "Suzi, The Bower family knows you will do GREAT! Troy, Helen, Eli, and Coble"
Jennifer & Dave Christian $50.00 "Go For It Girl! Make your dream come true! You have all of our love & support!"
Peggy Behar $100.00 "Todd - you are heroic!"
Tina Staving $25.00 "No matter where you place in this, you are my number 1!!!!!!!"
KELLY HUSZAR $50.00 "This foundation is near and dear to my heart! Happy Racing! "
Steven Line $50.00 "Good luck! My mom has Multiple Myeloma. "
Anonymous $250.00 "A very special cause to support. A close personal friend has battled/survived MM now for 10 years with many different chemo treatments, blood transfusion and bone marrow transplants! Good luck on the fund/run efforts!"
Jerome Davis $100.00 "Mairead, I hope I all is well! Great cause and thank you for leading the charge on this effort. God Bless, Jerome"
Chris Colley $25.00 "Good Luck Jeff"
Elizabeth Nagel $25.00 "Good Luck"
Debra Katz $500.00 "This contribution is in honor of the fabulous, brilliant and utterly inspiring Michael McDermott."
James Kanter $100.00 "Xo, Mini & Jeff"
Jenny Medvene-Collins $50.00 "Good luck, Jake! You'll be great, and I think it's wonderful that you're doing this. "
Martha Kanter $250.00 "Go, Jake!! We're so proud of you!!"
Gus Curtin $25.00 "It was the threat of the Speedo"
Robert and Becky Hargrove $100.00 "In honor of my stepson's father, Eric Sodee, who we lost to this dreadful disease on 4/7/13. May he rest in peace."
Harry King $250.00 "As much as I enjoy a good laugh, I have no desire to see Jeff in his speedo!"
Natalie Beigel $15.00 "Good luck!!!!"
Nancy Cooper $50.00 "Neil and I would still like to see you in a speedo on our front lawn"
Tor Christensen $100.00 "Speeeeeeeeeeeedo Man!!!!"
Catherine Sagehorn $50.00 "Good luck, Andrew!"
Kristie & Jason Tubbs $25.00 "Congrats on your first Iron Man!"
Victoria Thiel $25.00 "Good luck Todd. Thanks for your consistent valiant effort."
robin Peter Hidden "un combat pour la vie , courir ou écrire nager ou lire pédaler ou dire à suivre ... endurance in progress... "
david peterson $50.00 "Go man, go!"
Doris Morris $50.00 "Way to go Philip, Stay inspired and keep it up!"
Christina Coleman $100.00 "Good luck Gary!!!!!"
james still $100.00 "Go Gary go!"
Maury Sanchez $50.00 "Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. Really amazing!"
Sandra Boyle $25.00 "Way to go, Gary! "
Mary Frances Swank $100.00 "ROCK ON Gary!!! "
Janet Cookerly $100.00 "Okay numbers you finally wore me down."
Tiana Cardenas $20.00 "Good luck Uncle Jr! Thank you for being the.change we want to see in the world! Love Tiana, Santana and Steve. We love you very much"
Douglas Marsh $50.00 "Nice job on the half, Ecky. Let's see you do the full!"
Carla Cooper $50.00 "Best of luck Mike!... Carla Cooper"
Melissa Kruse $50.00 "I admire what you're doing, Mike."
Jennifer Lovric $75.00 "I'm so proud of you Mike! You will do great!! "
Estella Lalgee $50.00 "Good luck, Mike!"
Michael Castro $40.00 "Good luck my friend!"
Frank Camilli $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Anonymous $200.00 "Mike, I wish to have your determination to train for this event and most important to raise money for a good cause."
Katlyn Gortman $50.00 "Good luck Matt!!"
Brian and Kristen Bachman Hidden "Way to go Matt! Dad would be proud of you :)"
Daniel Kasper $100.00 "Matt, your already an awesome Iron man! So this should be a breeze. Your Dad would be so proud."
Carol & Garrick Strong $100.00 "We want to be like "Mike" when we grow up! Blessings Always, Garrick, Carol & Sydni"
Sally Cumming $500.00 "So proud of you. Dad and Mag are watching from above I'm sure. You have always been an Iron Man to me. Love you so much"
Deborah Jallad $100.00 "Matt, your story is the story of love and loss that is shared by so many families that have lost a loved one to cancer. Thank you for taking on this challenge! Love, Debbie"
Chelsea Dreyer $100.00 "Rooting for you and my dad!"
Suzanne Hope $1,000.00 "Matt- Uncle Rog and I are really proud of you! Kick Butt"
James Hope $250.00 "Best of luck... Swim, Run and Bike as fast as you can... the sooner you get to the finish & win the sooner that cold beer will be yours! "
Bingiee and Cara Shiu $50.00 "Tear 'em up, Gary!"
Christopher Marr $100.00 "Good luck Rick! Thanks for supporting such a great cause. "
Edith McGinn $20.00 "Good luck Dean. I know you will do well. "
Amy Sowells $20.00 "Good luck Brian!!"
Royal Brown $25.00 "Good luck with your donation campaign Scott. Very worthy cause - I donated last year as well. Found out from Col. Clarke of MOAA. LTC (USA - Ret) Royal Brown, III"
Lourdes Blanco $100.00 "Best of Luck!"
Miguel Rosa Lebron $50.00 "Keep the good work my friend!"
Eric Scharf $720.00 "Good luck with the competition and your generous campaing. Your friends from Sfera Legal."
Alain Guerra $250.00 "Good luck, Mr. Berman! I hope to be half as in shape as you when I get to your age."
yo minami $100.00 "Good luck with the rest of the training and the race itself. It is truly inspiring to see people working on their BHAGs. "
Gary Cless $50.00 "Good job"
Brian Leach $50.00 "Good luck Brian!"
Deborah Freeman $100.00 "Run fast!!!"
karyn keating-volke $25.00 "Go Brian!!"
Cathi Sitzman Hidden "I am very proud of you, Jake. On behalf of our entire extended family, thank you. And GO FAST!!!! Love, Mom"
Rachael Smith Hidden "Scott, I think the pic of you and the Incredibles is the best one yet!!! Definitely got my attn... and the crazy breath training. Best of luck to you, Rachael"
Tait Switzer $250.00 "Wishing you the very best...thanks again for your efforts to make a difference in the fight against this cancer."
Bob Ott $50.00 "Coolwater Generating Station in So Cal wishes you the best... "
michael moran $250.00 "And to think I've just done wimpy little marathons :-) "
Clark Magee $100.00 "Thanks for doing this, Steve. Great cause!"
Linda/Bill Eggbeer $100.00 " Go, Jake! "
Joyce Becker $50.00 "Good luck Gary!"
Carol Porterfield $50.00 "You can do it Brian!!!!!!"
Norm Kendrick $20.00 "It's not much, but we know every little bit helps. All the best, Norm & Kacey"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Francis, go!"
Jose and Scott Matthews-Puls $100.00 "You do great things sir...glad to help!"
Ralph Gentile $50.00 "Allen - great to see you doing this for a worthy cause, win win situation for sure. Good Luck"
Lin Yendall Hidden "Best of Luck Brian!"
John Berryhill $50.00 "Thanks for inviting us to be part of the effort, Dean. "
David,Yvonne,AlexaLindsay Cohen $100.00 "Great cause-you should be very proud of all your accomplishments "
Marta Friedman $180.00 "Jake - Thank you for your efforts and dedication to this important cause ! Good luck with your training. I have no doubt that you will cross the finish line strong!!!"
Lars Thomas $50.00 "Go get em BA!"
Tom Quirk $100.00 "Next time drive a Valenti Car. Good Luck"
Bob & Carolyn Andrews $100.00 "Good Luck Mike! Love, Mom & Dad"
Bill and Patty Jensen $100.00 "Matthew, We are so proud of your accompishment and wanted to support your cause and remember Glen."
Marcy Minogue $25.00 "Good luck Dean, you are an inspiration to us all!"
Tanya Brewster $100.00 "Good luck Mike! See ya out there friend!"
Mike Brown $150.00 "All the best, hope you havn't got much on the following week!"
rachael silard $50.00 "Good luck, Tim!"
Victor Shanks $50.00 "Good Luck!!! You are pretty awesome!!!"
Don & Lynne Thomas $25.00 "Great work, Great cause"
Chelsie Eldreth $15.00 "Go Jr. Go! We are so proud of you! "
Micky Boettger $100.00 "Steve, I love the fact that you continue to give back. Drive on and good luck!!"
Robert Norris $500.00 "Mom and I love you very much kiddo. Good Luck!!"
Clay Tauzin $100.00 "You can do it Andrew!!"
Doug and Jana Ray $100.00 "Kick butt Cam!"
Mandy Baker $100.00 "This is awesome & I'm so proud of you! You got this!! "
C Hiltbrand $50.00 "Go get em buddy!"
Justin Pacheco $100.00 "GOOD LUCK! Love Justin and Katie"
Brian Hartmann $100.00 "Good Luck Adrian!"
Belle Guice $100.00 "We are so proud of you for using you gift for others - Love always - Aunt Sissy and Uncle Charlie Kick butt, too!"
Jennifer Lytle $100.00 "Go Adrian!"
Barbara Miller $100.00 "Great challenge for you and funding for an excellent cause...Train as if there's no finish line! Aunt Barb & Bill"
Annemarie Saxer $100.00 "Good luck little big brother. Proud of you!!"
Glee & Bill Butts $150.00 "You go, girl! Wish we could be there to cheer you on. Love times two, Aunt Glee & Uncle Bill"
Kristan Croom $25.00 "Such an awesome cause!! I will be there to cheer you on!!"
Richard Mortimer $100.00 "Keep your office door open so Janet can get the defibrulator to you."
Ian's Lemonade Stand $61.43 "To help my Dad :)"
Stephanie and James Gelsinon $50.00 "You Rock Cam! We know you will do awesome!"
Tonya Mercier $50.00 "Keep up the great work Wayne! :)"
Chuck Ellison $100.00 "Best of luck. I did IM Florida two years ago and had a great race. IM Arizona last year and I will do IM Canada this year August 25th. I was also diagnosed with Multiple Mioloma in February. It was a shock and took a lot of soul searching to push through. The good part of this story is that it was determined that I was one of the lucky few that has the MGUS version of MM. At this time I do not have to have treatment. I have had two bone biopsies with bone marrow draws and will have to continue this every six months but hopefully my mioloma will not progress. Good luck again, I'll be tracking you come November. "
Haim Bear $100.00 "Yaacov We are so proud of you Haim & Maria Bear"
Jennifer Evans-Muir $300.00 "My dad died of MM 13 years ago when survival rates were still extraordinarily low. Thanks for doing this, Luke. You're going to rock the Ironman."
Barbara McKenna $25.00 "Go Luke!"
Robert LaFrance $50.00 "Keep up the good work Wayne."
Marjan Kesteloo $50.00 "Hola Yaacov, Impresionante que vas a hacer!! Te deseo mucho suerte pero pienso no lo necesitas porque estas en forma! Besitos, Marjan Kesteloo."
David Sullivan $100.00 "What you're doing is amazing! Good luck bro!"
Amanda and Ed Riley $30.00 "Not often we get to be VIP...so excited for Hardywood Festie. Love to the weaver-powell family. A beautiful family effort. Xo. "
Christopher Brown $50.00 "I have MM and appreciate your efforts to help research a cure. Great cause."
Felicia Aizuss $50.00 "Wishing you much success in this great endeavor, Yaacov!"
Jennifer Walker $4,000.00 "Thanks for inspiring me each and every day!"
Heather McLeod $50.00 "Good luck!"
Michael Scarabino $250.00 "I know you will rock it. It is always special when it is for a good cause."
Alexandra Kananis $20.00 "Give'em hell kid!"
Linda Colamussi $50.00 "you have such a great heart ( and great legs too ;) "
Ed Fore $25.00 "Go for it, Andy!! Good luck in the event and with your fundraiding. You are a Great American!"
Teanna Allen $25.00 "You are crazy for doing this, but I know its what you love and who you are! Good luck and His bless you!!"
Tracie & Dan Cowens $50.00 "Best of luck Brian!!!"
Maria Candler $250.00 "James River Grounds Management 16 adults, 2 kids - names to follow $250"
Louis Kokernak $250.00 "Good luck withyour training for this upcoming challenge, Kiran"
David Pederson $140.60 "Great cause to support ! Good luck with your training, it'll be a lot of hard work."
Anatole Trakhtenbroit $250.00 "Good luck, I know you will be great."
Robert Cooper $100.00 "Good luck! You'll crush this one. "
Philip Zinn $250.00 "Full Ironman, I'm impressed. With your marathon background I'm sure you'll finish the race and raise the money for myeloma research. "
Oded Lotan $2,000.00 " Oded, many many thanks for your most generous contribution!! "
John & Wendi Friesenhahn $250.00 "The heart of champion cannot be denied!"
Stephen DeCristo $100.00 "Andreas is an inspiration!"
Jaime Fahy $50.00 "Good luck Cam! I wish we were able to see you finish, you will do great! Love Fahy's"
Angela & Hector Piccion $100.00 "Go Andrew! You can do it, you are a pilot! Good luck and God bless you for your commitment! - Your favorite In-Laws."
Vogelsang Kat & Nick $50.00 "Love you Cammy! We are so very proud of you!!"
tiag, Inc. $1,000.00 "Good Luck Adrian! We are so proud of you! We know you will DOMINATE!!!!!!!!!! You Rock! -your tiag HQ peeps!!!"
Carlos Román $200.00 "Keep pressing forward. We are all behind you."
Danny and Sue Sanchez $50.00 "This is a great cause moved by great people. You represent the best of us Andrew, thank you for doing this."
Michael Berg $50.00 "Best of luck from your friends at BP Lawn & Landscape!!!"
Marc Bonnet-Eymard $50.00 "I didn't realize your were doing an Ironman, awesome!"
Sinisa Peric $100.00 "Very good cause and impressive undertaking Jake!"
Teresa Cason $50.00 "Almost there! You WILL do it! Wishing you the best!"
Edward Burke $25.00 "Best of luck in your training and competing! Let's go sub 10! "
~Tom Lundergan $50.00 "Blue Skies Bro"
Mitra and Matt Bryant Bryant $100.00 "Suzi - you are so inspiring:) Our family will be at Hardywood :) Matt, Mitra, Sam, Stella and Cora"
Bill Kessinger $100.00 "Go for it Mike! Good luck and thanks for all you're doing for a great cause!"
florence Giuly-Davis $50.00 "Gi, go, go my friend! Florence"
Demetri Ganiaris $50.00 "Guillaume - you are amazing! Good luck on the fundraising and the ride."
Lucien Lidji $50.00 "Bonne route Guillaume!!"
Ben Berkowick $100.00 "I hope there are some Crazy Hills...good luck!"
Gerard Carney Hidden "Try to keep up with me during this event....."
Nalini Nadig $140.60 "Kiran, We are proud of your achievements so far in Marathon running. We are confident that you will complete victoriously in this Ironman race. Best of Luck . Mom and Dad"
Bernard Compagnon Hidden "Knock'em dead!"
Robert W Hidden "Bonne chance Guillaume, you are an inspiration to us all!!!"
agnes gioconda Hidden "Good luck, Guillaume. All for a good cause."
Miley Cyrus $50.00 "Bonne chance dans votre course. je sais que vous allez faire mieux que l'année précédente. twerking doesnt translate well."
Zachery Bir $35.00 "IRONFRIEND: Suzi Weaver! Three tickets to the Hardywood bash: 2 adults, one child."
Alison Wagner Hidden "Go, Suzi, go! Looking forward to Hardywood!"
David & Susan Naoroz $50.00 "Susan, David, Devin & Chris"
Kirsten Vroman $30.00 "Kirsten Vroman Chrystie Varn"
Elana Iaciofano $50.00 "Good luck, Guillaume!"
Jennifer Crain $50.00 "Good Luck Cammy!!! You are going to do awesome and I can't wait to hear how GREAT you did on this amazing journey. Love you hun!"
Jessica Pizana $100.00 "We are wishing all the best. You are doing this for a great cause and we will be rooting for you."
Jen Peterken $50.00 "Go get 'em, Andy! You ROCK!!!! XOXO"
Laurie & Al Johnstone $100.00 "Good luck with final preparations and have a great race!"
Amy Strite $35.00 "Count us in...three tickets to the Hardywood Bash...Karen, Amy & Yumi"
Alan Trepanier $100.00 "Good luck ANMO"
Anonymous Hidden "Great job Scott!"
John Modzelewski Hidden "Guillaume, you are a much better Ironman than Robert Downey, Jr. Bon chance. Jack M"
Angelina PinaHardin $50.00 "Good luck, Wayne! Rock it! "
Christine Gray $25.00 "Good luck!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Best of luck Andreas "
Anonymous $500.00 "You are an inspiration- best of luck !"
Paul George Hidden "Bonne chance mon ami!"
Barbara Laidlaw Hidden "Bonne chance!"
Brian Williams $100.00 "Eat goo, drink lots, have fun. Kick butt, Ian!"
Gary Imm $160.00 "Best of luck, Ian. I admire your training and dedication towards completing this difficult event and worthwhile effort."
Kathy Lochner $55.00 "Go Luke Go best of luck!"
Craig Carlson $100.00 "Happy Birthday and Anniversary! I am blessed to have you as part of the CLF team and as a friend. Craig and Vicki"
Susan Stokke $50.00 "Happy bday Steve-O! Have a fantastic weekend! Love, Susan and Mike Stokke"
Lisa Griffin $140.60 "Happy Birthday Steve! We know you are going to crush IronMan Florida! And you are already a champion to those touched by Multiple Myeloma. Thank you for being a special friend and mentor! Shawn and Lisa Griffin"
Rebekah Ziesemer $140.60 "Happy Birthday and Anniversary Steve! From Patti, Brandi, Arelis, Slav, Savannah, Rebekah, Laura, Russell, Jennifer, Luis, Adriana, Jessica, James, Tracy, Dulce, Jinet and all your friends at CLF."
Madeline Zeringue $50.00 "Way to go Luke!! "
Charles Zimmermann $50.00 "17 hrs, seriously?? you must be mad.... "
Daniel Sexton $25.00 "Proud of you dude."
Phillip Perry $25.00 "Good luck! You're an inspiration."
Anne Marie Lochner $25.00 "Have a great race! "
Claudio Marini $50.00 "Way to Go Guillaume..... Extremely hard journey for a Great Cause....Buona Fortuna!!!!!"
Rob Shapiro Hidden "Just do it!"
Karine Courtemanche $100.00 "Chapeau Guillaume ! "
margaret Barre $30.00 "max & margaret will be cheering loudly from Richmond! "
john haddad Hidden "IronFriends John Haddad; Susannah Raine-Haddad, Raine Haddad, Rye Haddad"
Erin Wilke $25.00 "Good luck, Billy! "
Karl Frisch $25.00 "Go Luke, Go!"
nancy seliger Hidden "Keep breathing! And have a great race! "
Katie Best $15.00 "So excited about hardywood! katie best"
Tracey and Bryan Wingold $50.00 "Bryan, Tracey, Blaise, Maya, and Sean Wingold for HARDYWOOD!"
sharon perkins $50.00 "I admire your commitment to everything you do!!"
Paul Esquivel $40.00 "Way to go Suzi!! What a great cause you are doing this for. "
Samantha Best $40.00 "IRONFRIENDS Samantha, Chapman, Campbell and Page Best 2 Adults 2 Kids "
Jennifer Warren Hidden "VIP tix for Matt Warren, Jenn Warren, Lucy Warren"
Casey Freeman $30.00 "2 tix for Ned and I, got a sitter so we can be helpers for you that day too! Woop!"
Debbie Lenahan $30.00 "Good luck Andreas, RUN!"
Kristen Flora $25.00 "Good Luck in your fundraising for a great cause.. Kristen + Jack"
Kevin DeLorey $50.00 "Great job Dean !!"
Mark Chapman $100.00 "Kick it!"
diana vicenti $50.00 "Susie, you are an inspiration! We'll see you at Hardywood:) Diana & Carlysle plus 1 guest"
Karen Mckenzie $50.00 "VIP- iron friends--Karen mckenzie, Anne massey "
Laura Harbison $25.00 "I am so impressed with your continued drive and positive attitude! You go girl!! Sending encouraging thoughts you way! "
Jorge and Becky Alvarez $250.00 "Good luck!"
Jill Bettinger $30.00 "Jill Bettinger Andrew Davies"
Andrea & Pete Siebentritt $50.00 "Hi Suzi -- We're all cheering for you and so inspired!! Looking forward to Hardywood -- count us in for Pete, Andrea, Claire and Matthew."
Pat Mochel Hidden "Wow, Jake, go get 'em! "
Marie, Rick, David, Becca Newman $100.00 "Jake, You are amazing and have all our hopes and wishes for a fabulous race. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!! The Newmans"
Sal and Jeanna Rodriguez $100.00 "Stay motivated!"
Thomas Berlin $100.00 "GO JAKE! Debbie and Tom "
Tom O'Rourke $25.00 "All the best, Pat!"
Cindy and Aaron Sullivan $30.00 "Best Wishes - We'll see you at Hardywood..."
Amanda Vea $55.00 "Way to go, Suzi!"
Nga Nguyen-Weaver $30.00 "Yay, Suzi! You're super inspiring! We'll see you at Hardywood."
B Rower $100.00 "Pain is Temporary; Pride is Forever! GET SOME!"
Barbara Back $50.00 "Barbara Back"
Siobhan Dullea $100.00 "Go, G!"
Athena Kyzer $50.00 "VIP IRONFRIENDS: Athena, Jenn, Kyleigh, Brody Kyzer (2 adults, 2 kids). You go Suzi! CarMax is matching our donation!"
jill salp Hidden "IRONFRIENDS: Jill Salp"
Kat Spears $25.00 "We are working this weekend and can't be with you, but we are with you in spirit. Go, Suzi, go!"
Jon Sackstein $500.00 "You are inspiring to all of us Jake!"
Brooke and Hayne Drumheller $100.00 "See you at Hardywood!!! Brooke and Hayne Drumheller"
Julie Joyner $30.00 "IRONFRIENDS: Julie Joyner, David Joyner (Henry & Michael Joyner - kids)"
Brenda Robertson $30.00 "Hey Suzy. We wish you the best during your Triathalon. You will do great! We will be cheering for you! We can't wait to see you at Hardywood this Saturday :)"
Christian Doria $250.00 "My Aunt Barbara died way to young from Multiple Myeloma. It is a nasty disease that needs to be stopped. You will be racing for my aunt, and it's my pleasure to contribute to the cause. Good luck! "
Danielle Drinnon $40.00 "The Drinnon's will be there! See you at Hardywood!"
Danielle Warren $30.00 "Hardywood Ironfriends donation for Danielle Warren and Tim Clore"
Anonymous $25.00 "For a Whitman alum"
Karen Stempfel $25.00 "Will be cheering you on from back here in St. Louis. I am sure your dad is very proud of you already."
Francesca & Larry Slesinger $100.00 "Good cause! Good luck!"
Thoa Phung $50.00 "Good Luck Andrea!! Were so very proud of you! We are sure you will rock it like the rock star you are!!! Much Love, Dimitri and Kim"
Atanu Mitra Hidden "Good luck in the race."
Jonathan Powers $100.00 "Good Luck Pat!"
nancy morris $1,000.00 "You go Kiran!!! XXO, Nancy and Joe"
Ann Macon McDermott $100.00 "Good Luck Jake! Love, Aunt Ann and Uncle Jim."
Kristin & Steve Cummings $25.00 "We are so proud of you! Way to go girl!!"
Ewan Drummond $100.00 "Good luck Ian. Wish I could join you! Ewan."
Cedric Pereira $100.00 "All the best!"
Mara McDermott $140.60 "Go Bartle! Love, Mara, Louie and Mollie"
Pauline and Roger Klein-Locker $250.00 "Heart, beauty and endurance....just like your mom and dad"
Sara Arthur $25.00 "Way to go, Suzy!"
Brandi Phipps $100.00 "Go, BIG GIRL!"
Dave Cisna $250.00 "Good Luck Jeff From Dave & Freida "
nabeela baig $25.00 "Good luck!"
Parvez Ahmed $100.00 "Good luck Brian!! "
Catherine Gillespie $100.00 "Good luck, Scott. Noble cause. Jim and Susanne"
elizabeth lauter $64.00 "Go Jake!"
Carolyn Curtis $25.00 "Thank you for your efforts in helping to find a cure. Please make this donation in the name of Dan List, an inspirational member of The Villages Myeloma Support Group."
David O'Connor $100.00 "Good luck - you must be crazy but I hope it goes well."
H Anthony Harris $20.00 "Go Derek! "
Shawn MacMillan $20.00 "Good luck, Dean!"
Arun Jayaram $401.00 "Keep training hard for a great cause."
michele pauley Hidden "Go Derek I'll be cheering for you all the way to the finish! "
Nancy Altmann $50.00 "Good luck, Mike!"
Daniel Mcnutt $200.00 "Keep up the good work Brian!"
Jessica Heath $50.00 "Good Luck Andrew! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Love, Jess, Isa and Drew"
anna choe $200.00 "Your motivation and athleticism are inspiring. Always a supporter of the DLO. Be safe. Train hard. And of course, HOO-YAH!"
Blair Spencer $250.00 "Good luck, Derek!! Blair, Elsa, Jake, Sean, Sam, Kiera, and Brynna are behind you all the way!!"
Christine Sperry $20.00 "Good luck Brian!"
Maritza Windsor $100.00 "Thank you Andrew for choosing MMRF! I will be thinking of you and sending prayers your way on Nov. 2. By the way, I think you rock! "
conrad wall Hidden "Go get them Derek! Show them you cannot mess with a Gasman!! Uncle Buck and Aunt Martha"
Isaiah and Lauren Gammache $175.00 "Good luck, Ecky! We admire all your hard work and dedication. "
Brandon Tinney $50.00 "Better you than me. Go HAM"
Jason,Jamie,Jace,Brayden Wolfradt $140.60 "Good luck, go get 'em Tommy! Proud of you"
Sean Drake $50.00 "Mike, Best of luck with your IM vision quest. Go Frogs, Sean "
Adam Rosenberg $40.00 "You inspire me!"
Kaitlin LaFrance $850.00 "Good luck my love! In just a short time you will be my Ironman!"
Anonymous Hidden "go get em B!"
David Rowan $100.00 "Go get 'em Jake. What a wonderful contribution that you have been making over the years towards the cause! Good Luck! David and Marilou Rowan"
Bruce & Claire Shirley $300.00 "We've got some Stone IPA with your name on it when you get back!"
Port Land Grille NC $100.00 "Have a Great time Andy and Kill It!!! Shawn & Anne"
Erica Dzikowski $100.00 "Get it, Zem, get it! I know you'll be great. Chin down, hands up...Ladies and Gentlemen, he's coming out swinging! "
Carl Hayton $50.00 "Good luck Ian! Hope all goes well, "
Phillip and Diana Davis $50.00 "Good luck Andy!"
Kim Jessup $26.20 "Good luck Andy! "
Kartini Moran $100.00 "Good Luck! May the wind be at your back. Can't wait to hear all about it."
Frank Ippolito $300.00 "Good Luck Dean - Frankie"
Frank Clark $50.00 "Mike, Keep at it, Brother!!"
brian morrissey $50.00 "Good luck Derek. "
Mitchel Zelman $140.60 "Good Luck from the Zelman Family. "
Shane Kitterman $200.00 "ECKY... Your doin great, only one month left! I admire the effort your putting forth to help fight cancer. Keep fighting every day.... That's what cancer patients do! Lookin forward to hearing how the race goes for ya. Kick butt bruddah! "
Steffan Sonneveldt $50.00 "Good Luck Brian!!!"
Caitlin Smith Hidden "Cam, I can't tell you how proud and impressed I am that you are training to do this Ironman! If anyone can do it, its you babe! Good luck "
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck!!!"
Dan List $100.00 "Thanks everyone for all you do to support a cure for our disease. Dan List"
mark yates $100.00 "Eck, Awesome job! Good luck on your Ironman!!"
teresa kruszewski $25.00 "You are my hero! "
Simon Brooks $50.00 "Go get our Kona slot!"
Tamara Simpson $150.00 "You da man, Kiran!"
Emily and Chad Mitchell Hidden "Go Ian!!! : )"
Jesus Garcia $25.00 "Hey Allen, good luck on the race, very nice of you to contribute to this cause."
adam bonner $50.00 "See you on the start line :) Good Luck , lets get the job done! Cheers Adam"
Steve Cullen $10.00 "Great cause. Good luck with the race!"
Matthias Kapturczak $100.00 "Go Kiran!!! Nathalie & Maciej"
Shawn Wagner $100.00 "Best of luck to you Rick. MM has impacted our lives. The Wagner family is cheering for you."
Janet Fernando $100.00 "Andy McVey..... You are an inspiration!"
Deborah Jane Wellersdick $900.00 "I make this pledge in honor of my mother who passed 3 years ago from a fierce fight with 5 different Stage 4 cancers (Kidney, Liver, Lung, Brain & Bone) She passed at a very young age of 56 after only finding out 2 years previous she had these horrible monsters in her body! Andy you are incredible big hearted, great man! I can't think of a better person to make a donation in my mothers honor that will mean some thing!!! I hope you have a great time and meet your goals, what ever they may be. "
Nancy Romps Hidden "Your dad would be very proud to see how dedicated you are to making a difference. Good luck!"
Anita Hickey $500.00 "I am inspired Derek. Good luck and Thank you!"
Kristine Morse $50.00 "Good Luck Dean!! Can't wait to hear about your success!! "
Heather Bemis $50.00 "Good Luck! I know you will do well."
Paul Bryant $100.00 "Best of luck! "
Scott Collins $50.00 "Good Luck and have fun! Thanks for doing this !!!!"
Richard Falk $100.00 "Wonderful thing to do for a great cause. Good luck on the 2nd. Dick and DoAnn"
Andrea Cecconi $50.00 "Go Luke, go!"
Courtney Sieloff $100.00 "I'm so proud of you! "
Sam Nitz $25.00 "You're my kind of insane for doing this!"
Phillip Perry $25.00 "Go Luke go!"
Joshua Hicks $15.00 "Best of luck with the Iron Man run... great cause!"
Paula Brantner $25.00 "Way to go, Luke!"
Colin Oliver Hidden "Best of luck in the race. I work in myeloma research and development often in collaboration with the MMRF. Your efforts are greatly appreciated in the myeloma community. "
Bunny Pilcher $50.00 "Billy, wishing you the best in this challenge! You can do it! Bunny"
Carlos Arango $100.00 "Good luck!!!!!"
Stephen Bashford $100.00 "Ian, you're completely mad for doing this but best of luck. Hope you have a good tail wind. Steve & Linda Bashford"
Barbara Weldon $250.00 "Good Luck at Panama!!! I'll be thinking of you that day. Barbara Weldon"
Tanya Taft $50.00 "Good luck Dean!!! "
David Cox $125.00 "Good luck Tom! Best wishes, Dave & Jennifer Cox"
Ron Guirguis Hidden "Good luck my friend ... Alé-Alé-Alé!"
Anonymous $500.00 "Harpoon Brewery"
Patrick Powers $250.00 "Harpoon event part 2"
Brian Lusk $100.00 "Good luck Drew! "
Kristin Schwieger $50.00 "Best wishes Andreas!!"
Brian Murphy $100.00 "Good luck Pat, from beautiful downtown Pearl Creek."
Bill Darnell $500.00 "Good Luck With IMFL"
George Mason $100.00 "Go gatorman Go. Pace yourself and finish strong!"
Cassandra Schultz $150.00 "Good luck, Mike! And great to be doing this for such a good cause."
James Ricks $50.00 "Michael, Wishing you the best on this journey in life. May you always achieve the highest of dreams. James Ricks Bluewater Mortgage"
Mike Lancaster $250.00 "Awesome!"
Margie Chellingworth $100.00 "Good on you Suzi - fantastic cause. Wishing you wings on your feet for the run and fins for the swim. Best wishes Margie and Bruce (Helen and Lissa's neighbours in Sydney)"
Victoria Koertge $250.00 "Dean, You inspire me each and every day! As a manager, as a friend, but most importantly as a human being! You have been such a good friend and I love you! So excited that you are challenging yourself and raising money for such a good cause! You ROCK, Dean! Love you, Vic"
Stephen Crowe $100.00 "Louise and I are proud of you and wish you a great race. Our prayers go out to all who are affected by cancer."
Craig Deitrich $140.60 "Dean - have a great day out, and thank you from all of us affected by cancer in any form xx"
carlos latorre $100.00 "Good Luck :-)"
Anonymous Hidden "Great cause and great work by a great American! Keep it up Scott"
Lynn D'Angelo $100.00 "Dean, best of luck as you continue on this amazing journey. You are an inspiration for sure. Thank you for bringing an awareness to such an important cause. "
Roma Owen $25.00 "Good Luck Suzi! I know that you will make it to Ironman Hawaii, you are doing a great thing to bring awareness to Multiple Myeloma. :)"
Linda Kates $50.00 "Good luck, Todd!"
Karen Jacobsen $100.00 "Best of luck Todd!"
Hillary Hamilton $50.00 "Good luck in Florida, Dean!"
samuel espiritu $100.00 "Best of luck Derek! I hope your CA-2 year is going well."
Ed Fore $25.00 "Best of luck in Ironman Florida!! I'm sure you'll do well. "
Ashley Orewiler $100.00 "Good luck Mike....I wish you the best!"
Ramon Sanchez $50.00 "Apreta el .... y dale a los pedales!!! Good luck!"
Leticia Sierra $50.00 "Good Luck!!! You're going to do awesome!!!"
Milton Chiz $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Ralph Tuccillo $100.00 "Hi Suzi, This should be easy compared to running with the bulls in Spain or jumping out of airplanes but from my perspective this has been your greatest challenge. We will be with you in spirit and thinking about you on the 2nd of November. Whether you win or not you have already made a real difference. God Bless! Love Ralph and Sandy P.S. I have a good friend from West Point who is fighting this disease and if it had not been for the medical advances over the last few years he would not be alive today. "
Vitaly Zvagelsky $25.00 "Best of luck Allen!"
Kori Freund $100.00 "Good luck!!!!!"
Wendy Hart $50.00 "Woohoo, go get'em!! "
Jeff Sasena $50.00 "Go get 'em! Be a bull!"
Stan and Sharna Stone $50.00 "Go Todd! All the best, Sharna and Stan"
Aaron & Lynne Dahms $100.00 "Good luck! "Eye of the Tiger""
Pablo leon $50.00 "De acuerdo con el consejo de Ramon ..."
Joshua Lissner $25.00 "Kick some ass!!! Miss you guys!"
Louanne and aric Alibrio $100.00 "What an amazing challenge you are undertaking. We have no doubt you will kick butt. We have a friend battling multiple myloema and would love it if you could put her name on your jersey. Maria Lipiec. I would love to show her a picture next week. Good luck Rick! The Alibrios"
Andrea Morris $50.00 "Good luck next weekend from Andrea and Wayne"
Barbara McInerney $100.00 "Good luck and be careful when you swim - I hear there are sharknados!"
Mike Bouley $10.00 "Go get 'em Josh !!! It will be a great accomplishment for a great cause."
Grissel/Steven Rohena/Johnson $20.00 "Best of luck to you and be safe out there. Go get them Josh!!!! you got this."
Matt Derks $100.00 "Sorry it took so long to donate. I've been meaning to do this for months. I hope this little contribution helps. Good luck on your Ironman Quest! BTW, your FB workout posts make me feel lazy! "
Samantha Murray $100.00 "Go Ian! "
Melissa Greule $25.00 "Good luck Irish! (Ox & Missy)"
Donna Amado $25.00 "Way to go, Dean! You are amazing..."
patrick neill $75.00 "Go Patrick!"
Don Clay $250.00 "Dedicated and committed. Fantastic goal and courage. All the very best Steve. Pat and I will be sailing out of Fort Lauderdale on 2 November on the "Oasis of the Seas". A lot more comfortable than your under taking. We will toast to the "Iron Man"!"
Donald Campbell-Brown $100.00 "There's committed, and then there's Ian. Enjoy?!"
Jim Miller $250.00 "Mike - all the best at IMFL!! Enjoy the race and you will be an "IRONMAN"!!"
Peter Dougherty $100.00 "Full of respect Ian...it's a major achievement just getting to the start line, best of luck! Carol and Peter."
Con Gerakios $200.00 "Good luck"
Reese Stewart $100.00 "Good luck my friend. I'll be cheering you on from my couch!"
Mike Callaghan $100.00 "Good luck Todd. Mike & Nelly"
Ilyse Goldberg $50.00 "Good luck! We are all very proud of you. Love, Ilyse, Claduia & Nathaniel"
Shawn Waggoner $100.00 "Good luck Allen!"
KARINA DAVIS $10.00 "Good Luck Josh!!!"
Giscel Bourland $10.00 "Wish you all the best & more power to you! And be safe!!! "
Marilyn Gray McBay $100.00 "Good luck, Adrian!!!"
Mike Pechinak $26.20 "Ward's Challenge"
Vincent Marceano $25.00 "Josh all the best on the Iron Man competion. I have a cousin in NY that is battling this form of cancer. I know he is proud of you and all participating. Good Luck....."
Lisa Wennick $100.00 "Go Todd!!"
Dominic Sung $50.00 "Train hard and be safe! Way to do some good while you're at it."
Crystal Schulte $50.00 "Good luck!!! You'll have your angels with you that day! I know you'll do great!! :) "
Carleen Gong $50.00 "Good Luck Mike!!"
Thomas Korman $50.00 "Enjoy the ride colonel...thunder!!"
Nathan Snyder $50.00 "Good Luck Irish! "
Don Duncan $25.00 "Good luck!"
Marla Minow $50.00 "Run Suzi Run! And swim and cycle. Good on ya in your Herculean efforts and in support of a wonderful organisation. Helen G is. Lose to my heart and sadly my father was afflicted with multiple myeloma almost 20 years ago. Good on ya Suzi!"
Patricia Ingram $50.00 "What an adventure you are about to have and to carry Helen's and your father's name on your jersey will carry you across the finish. Godspeed! Pat Ingram"
Jessica Farquhar $143.00 "Go Adrian!! So proud of my big brother!! Love you!"
Rachel Romero $25.00 "Cheering you on from Colorado!"
Robert Rhonehouse $50.00 "Good luck Todd. Have a great/safe race! -Bo and Katie"
Bill & Nancy Sullivan $20.00 "Good luck Ricky, your relatives from the first state are proud of you! "
Samuel Riebel Hidden "Good Luck Adrian"
Jossy Sacre $20.00 "Go Dereck!!! "
K Peltier $50.00 "Congratulations on surpassing your goal!"
Barbara ONeill Hidden "Go Suzi! Go Helen and Lissa! From, Barb O'Neill (Lissa's cousin)"
Jean-Michel Ferat $100.00 "Good luck BLUE!!!!"
Kate Disney $10.00 "Good luck Josh!! Way to go! :)"
April Rushing $25.00 "Brent and I wish you luck!!"
Allie McCorkle $25.00 "Rooting for you Matt!"
Charles and Jeanne Harple $100.00 "Good luck"
Jamie Gulden $50.00 "Have an amazing Race!!!"
Debbie Lemke $10.00 "Best Wishes Josh !! "
Mike Young $50.00 "Good Guy... Good Cause.... Good Luck!!!!"
Marilyn Fern $50.00 "Good luck "
Clyde Hicks $50.00 "Best of luck Steve "
liz grace $100.00 "Good luck Gary! I know your Dad must be very proud of you!!! "
Patricia Barrett $100.00 "Good luck, Pat! Much love to you and Uncle Bill! "
Valka Ken $100.00 "Best of Luck, Steve."
West Family $50.00 "Good luck, Rick!!"
Katie and Matt Dean $50.00 "Run hard, swim fast and pedal for your life! Good Luck!!!!"
Jeff Koshel $100.00 "This donation is made in honor of Frank Koshel. On Hugh !!"
Lisa Wilson $50.00 "All the very best Ian - what a challenge!!! The Welsh Wilsons in OZ x"
Dwayne Kramer $50.00 "Good like Mike!!!"
Dan Ziarno $50.00 "You are an inspiration to us all! Good Luck Today! Lot's of Love, Danno & Stacey Ziarno"
Nancy Holahan $112.00 "We are proud of you, Hugh!!"
Aaron Burnette $25.00 "Give the people what they want! Your a great inspiration, and a great friend. I'm proud of your hard work and dedication my man! "
Aaron Burnette Hidden "Give the people what they want! I'm proud of you my friend! "
Laurel Ziemann $25.00 "Peace be the journey - cool runnings"
Mike Arnold Hidden "Good Luck Derek!"
Paul Johenk Hidden "Way to go Tom! Elvie & I are in awe of your amazing achievement. Hats off to you!!!"
Ralph Sanchjez $10.00 "A great cause Josh!"
Summerlin Page $25.00 "Better late than never! Congratulations on ALL THE THINGS and rock on! "
Susan Weick $100.00 " Great job Gary. "
Jennifer Childress $25.00 "Very proud of you!"
Jeffrey Goldberg $216.07 "Great job buddy!"
Marianne Van houtte $50.00 "From Marianne and Liz"
George Bumgardner $100.00 "Wish I had your energy, keep up the good work. Gerb"
Sari Bridge $25.00 "Go steve walden.. so proud of you!!"
Jeffrey Miller $50.00 "Congrats Hugh on your great accomplishment and even more generous support of a great cause. I want to grow up to be like you! Lotte and I are both very impressed! "
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