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2013 Chicago Marathon - MMRF PowerTeam
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 60% faster than the industry average, and working toward a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $225 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of six new drugs for multiple myeloma in less then a decade – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference.

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Total Donations: $110,002

Goal: $95,000

$0 116% $95,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Tom and Mary Jane Schmid Hidden "Dear Kelly, As you prepare and then run your FIRST FULL MARATHON in Chicago to benefit MMRF- God will help you - and your Dad will truly be honored! With Lots of Love! Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary Jane"
Carrie Rickman $50.00 "I'm sure your Dad will be very proud and help lift you, as your guardian angel, when you need it! God speed, Kelly — Love ya, Carrie"
Kelley McClellan $25.00 "Go Kelly!!!!! "
Joe and Jennifer Opolski Hidden "Kelly, Your dad is so proud of you and he will be your guardian angel guiding you every step of the way! We are so proud of you, too! Love, Joe and Jennifer Joey, Jonathan and Joshua XO"
Kim Wisniewski $50.00 "Good Luck Kelly! Kim Wisniewski and Dan Kilian"
Deanna Goerlich $50.00 "Good Luck in October, I'm sure your dad will be running right beside you. "
Paul Kaiser $50.00 "Kelly...we commend you for taking on this tremendous challenge in honor of your dad. We know that he is so proud of you, as are we. Asking God to give you the strength you will need to complete you marathon. Love...Paul and Mary Kaiser"
Thomas & Connie Hinsberg $50.00 "We are glad to help keep Sherm swinging those clubs with gusto. Tom and Connie"
Tom Jezierny $100.00 "Gee, I used to know a Brian . . . RUN, MAN, RUN! Tom, Maui Boy "
Jan Grewe $200.00 "Dear Kelly: Good Luck as you continue to train for you MMRF marathon in October. Your dad is very proud of you and will be right by your side from start to finish. Love you, Uncle Andy & Aunt Janet"
Chuck & Mary Sue Plague $100.00 "Kelly, good luck with the run!! Thank you for offering us an opportunity to do this for the memory of your Dad."
Joseph Buscemi $50.00 "Good Luck"
Eric Zawicki $100.00 "Good Luck! Great Cause!"
Michael Batkins $50.00 "Go get em"
Alison Nadeau $50.00 "You go Girl!!!"
Cheryl Burns $100.00 "RUN............Laurel.............RUN............!!!!"
Steve Wagan $100.00 "Run like the wind honey, but please be safe and careful."
Barb Eklund $100.00 "Go for it, Laurel!"
Barbara Beard $100.00 ""May the wind be always at your back!""
Carole Horton $50.00 "Good luck, Sis!!"
Sally Desmarais $100.00 "Thank you Dana for helping support this great cause! Good luck!!"
Megan Desmarais $75.00 "I am at a loss of words on how much I appreciate everything you have done for me! Always there when I needed someone to talk to or even to just cry with. My dad would be so proud of you and my sister for running this in honor of him! Love you! "
Megan Desmarais $75.00 "I'm so proud of you Kelly for running this marathon in honor of dad! I know dad would think you are crazy for wanting to run 26.2 miles but I also know he would be so proud!! Good luck!!! Love you!! "
Mark Clays $100.00 "Good luck Larry, you'll be awesome. Hugs, Mark and Matt "
Christiane & Karl Popp $100.00 "Run Larry Run!!!"
Ranji Latchmansingh $250.00 "All the best Larry!!!!"
nikhil dixit $25.00 "All the Best !!!"
Michele Ingebertson $250.00 "Good luck is all I can say!!1"
Beatrice Climent Hidden "Go Larry go!"
Kim Connell $20.00 "Good luck on your run! :) Have fun!"
Pauline Buszkiewicz Hidden "Good Luck James and Thank You for Your Support !Love,Mom"
Kisha Renee $50.00 "So inspiring! Strength and dedication, and some cash and let's kick cancer's butt. peace and MUCH love <3"
Muneer Abidi $100.00 "Thank you for giving me this opportunity. "
John and Michelle Gregor $100.00 "Good Luck Susan!"
Cindy Zaglin $50.00 "Thanks Larry! A great way to remember Janet."
Kapil Sabharwal $50.00 "All the best Larry!!"
Scott Berry $25.00 "Good luck Claire! Always happy to support a fellow runner and a great cause. "
Luigi Marandola $100.00 "Kick some ass Larry!"
Roberta Dee Hidden "Good Luck James! "
Roberto Sanchez $75.00 "Buena Suerte !! "
Stanley Headley $100.00 "As you prepare to run your "First Marathon" OUCH !!! Just know that all of us are proud and pulling for you !! All The Best !! GO Ward ! Stan"
Orthman Manufacturing $500.00 "Good Luck Ward! You and your Family are in our thoughts and prayers."
Brian Sucha $50.00 "Good Luck Ward! "
William Orthman $250.00 "Good Luck Ward. Meredith's and I will be rooting for both you and your Mom."
Catie Star $20.00 "Go get 'em BFF!"
Diane Jorgenson $250.00 "Good luck!"
Jo Shailes $100.00 "Sarah, such a good cause, and so close to all our hearts. Pound out those 26 miles, and we will be cheering you on from the UK :) love Greg and Jo"
Terry Headley $250.00 "Run Ward Run!!"
Craig Maguire Hidden "Show those m-spikes who's boss!"
Lauren Thompson Hidden "On this Father's Day, remembering your Dad and remembering to appreciate mine more. "
Linda Saunders $50.00 "Great idea - go girl!"
Todd Jorgenson $100.00 "Text me when you start so I can enjoy a cold one while you are running. Good Luck!!"
Cindy Tarrell $100.00 "From you friends at Pramac: Carrie, Cheryl, Cindy, Clyde, Doug, Eldon, Gay, Jim, Jon,Lance, Lauren, Randy, Rhonda, Tim. Best of Luck."
Joseph Maxon $100.00 "FOR THE GLORY!"
Donna Lopez $100.00 "To many more birthdays for Denise. RUN for your mom Caitlin. Love, Donna"
Gary and Melanie Tate Hidden "Thank you, Liz, for running in our brother's memory. Your description of him is so accurate, and brought tears and laughter! It means so much to us to know how he impacted so many lives. We miss him terribly! Best of luck to you!"
Thomas Goddard $100.00 "you go girl we are sooooo proud of you"
Christian Sprang Hidden "Good luck, James! Keep me updated on how everything goes!"
Ben Garber $50.00 "Way to go Tricia! Great cause and we all know you'll do great. :) "
Tricia Vandewater $20.00 "Heather, you make us proud to ever have been part of your life. I hope you reach way beyond your goal! We challenge every member of the Goddard Family to match or exceed our donation!"
Melinda McGrath $50.00 "Thanks, Liz, for your inspiring comments about John, our beloved brother! I can see him doing and saying all of the things you so colorfully described!! As Melanie said, it did bring tears and laughter to me. It's so great to hear from his peers and co-workers to know he treated them just like he treated his family. Best of luck in your marathon and I certainly hope you qualify for Boston!"
Sami Saba $50.00 "On behalf of myself and Cafe Beirut, kick butt!!!"
Amy Renshaw $50.00 "I can't wait to cheer you on! "
Nate Prescott $20.00 "GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you got this"
Cindy Pogrund $100.00 "Great cause Claire. Good luck with your training."
Andrew Sze $25.00 "HI CLAIRE!!! "
Joe Huber $50.00 "RUN FAST CLAIRE! FASTER!"
Kevin Brown $25.00 "Good luck Claire!"
Maureen Gaeta $50.00 "For my daughter and granddaughter!"
Lynn Sweeney Hidden "Well done Caitlin!"
Meetha Medhora $100.00 "Good luck Diane - very proud to support you!"
Tyler Foulke $100.00 "From one friend to another!"
Cynthia Bayerl $25.00 "Go James!"
Anonymous $1,200.00 "I have an awesome bracket of friends!!!"
Lynda Bruton $50.00 "You inspire me. I love you and pray for a safe and fun run."
Jackie Fermoyle $50.00 "You Rock, Girl !! You are amazing."
Laura Presberry $200.00 "Joey - I'm so proud that you're running the full marathon and keeping Team BAMM alive!"
Steven Szot $100.00 "Looking forward to cheering you on! Good Luck!!!!!"
Chris Ellsworth $100.00 "So inspiring. A lot of people are touched by you both and will be with you in spirit in your training and especially in Chicago on race day. "
John & Bonnie Gregor $100.00 "Good Luck Susan. "
Clayton Brown $100.00 "I love you and I am proud of you."
Sandy Raffone $50.00 "Good Luck Joe :)"
Katharine Hopkins $50.00 "Go Caitlin Go! I think it's wonderful that you are running this for your mom! "
Michelle Galer $100.00 "You are a ROCKSTAR!!! Best of Luck!!! XOXO"
Maryann Diccicco $50.00 "Thanks for doing this Caitlin. We think of your mom all the time. She is in my prayers every week at church."
Joe Jarosch $50.00 "Best of luck Claire, I am sure you will do great."
Pete Bahe $25.00 "Good luck Claire! Best Wishes for you and your family!"
Martina Sailer $200.00 "Go Tricia Go! Love you! I'm so proud of you and to be your friend."
JJJJG Ruddy $50.00 "Thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom and Family. Go, Caitlin, Go! <3"
Michael Wolf $100.00 "In honor of our dearest friend. You go Caitlin!"
Anthony Lever $25.00 "Godspeed James! "
Carson Ackerman $50.00 "Go Grandpa, Go!"
Clayton Brown $50.00 "Craig, you are a super man, and an inspiration to everyone you meet. Good luck in your race. Never give up!"
Harjot Sandhu Hidden "you're such a badass! not a doubt in my mind that you're going to reach your goals!"
nicole rendon $25.00 "Proud to be able to contribute! Wish it was more! God bless!"
Duane and Cheryl Gaedcke Hidden "You go girl! God will give you all the strength that you need, Love- The Gaedckes"
Susan Svencer Hidden "Not that you need it, but good luck!"
Elli Balcomb $125.00 "Go James! xoxox"
Patricia Daly Hidden "I know you will finish strong - Go James! "
Ross Mueller Hidden "Best of luck in supporting the cure for such a devastating disease. Make it a strong 26.2!"
Donna Overman $50.00 "A wonderful way to honor your Dad, Kerry. Your family must be very proud of you!"
Caroline Scott $100.00 ""Go for it" Sarah! You are as strong and as determined as your amazing Mother. We are proud of you both! Much love and encouragement for the challenge ahead - Caroline, Mark, Claire & Sam (Sydney)"
Darla Woodwood $100.00 "Three marathons in a row? You're crazy! Thank you for remembering Janet."
Tony Ensalaco $25.00 "Best of luck Claire!"
Naveed Mustafa $250.00 "Best of luck, Larry. Cannot believe that it has been over 3 years since Janet's passing. "
Barbara Niblock $50.00 "So proud of you for doing this Claire! Go Claire, GO!!!"
Kim Carlson $100.00 "In memory of Sue Ellen Tarantello. Claire, you are doing a great thing. Good luck in the marathon and have fun doing it! Kim Carlson"
Justine Helminiak $25.00 "You are going to rock this race Susan. Bring on October 13!"
Diane Casey-Landry $250.00 "Ann, We will be thinking of you and Dave. Diane and Brock"
Mariana Kaps $20.00 "You are amazing! I'm keeping your family close to my heart!"
Kevin & Carol Bingel $50.00 "Best wishes for a great run Kelsey!"
Shirley Carlson $100.00 "Claire, Good luck and God bless you for doing it! Love, Auntie Shirley"
Mary Powell Hidden "Run Fast Kelly!!!"
John and Donna Bochnowski $100.00 "Good luck in the marathon and with this fund raiser for a cure!!"
Allyson Zimmerman $10.00 "Go Kels!! You're awesome!"
Amadou Camara $10.00 "Good luck Diane. An effort for a good intention."
Joseph Matusiak $50.00 "Have a good run, go like hell"
Carissa Fish $30.00 "Way to go, James! Congratulations and good luck. What a worthy cause."
Vern Bertrand $200.00 "So proud of you Joe."
Al & Cindy Smith $100.00 "Thank you so much, Joe."
Christophe Jeannin $260.20 "Great thing you're doing Mark; good luck on the 13th! Had to tie our donation to the 26.2 miles you'll be running, jogging, walking, crawling..."
Monte Levinson $500.00 "Mark, The best of luck in your run...don't try to break any records. Sophie would be as proud as I am for what you are doing, Monte"
Matt Palm $100.00 "Go Kelsey!!"
Vic Levinson $100.00 "Thanks Mark for making Mom's memory a goal in your race! It is an honor to her memory!"
Steve Gent $100.00 "Congratulations on your effort and contribution."
Bradford Terry $50.00 "Good luck, Mark! Hard work for a great cause!"
Isabell Mann $36.00 "Mark, It is a wonderful thing you are doing in memory of Sophie! We applaud you! Love, Izzy Have a good run."
Anthony Urbaites $50.00 "Mark - A great cause. Good luck!"
David Spitulnik $100.00 "A Great Cause- Thanks. David and Diana"
Kath Carter $250.00 "Routing for you!!"
Janice Archibald $50.00 "Wishing you luck! =) "
Christopher Mason $100.00 "Best of luck in the race"
Nicole & Paul Legere $335.00 "While we can't get you over the marathon line, we can help you attack this important goal. Especially, when in honor of a great lady. "
Kevin McElroy $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Danielle Moushon $50.00 "Good luck!"
Sharon and Charles Weingarten $100.00 "Go, Mark! Wish i could run with you, Sharon"
Andrew Brown $20.00 "Go Heather! Woo you got this!"
Evan Burgstahler $26.20 "I'll chip in a dollar for every mile you run more than I do that day. By my calculations, that'll be about 26.2."
Barbara Choate $50.00 "You won't need a wheelchair at the finish--your dad will make sure you run and finish strong."
Philip Kirschbaum $50.00 "Go for it Jarod!"
Frank and Barbara Brady $200.00 "We remember Sophie with deep affection. Dedicating your run to her memory is very touching. Frank and Barbara Brady"
Frederick Lipp $26.20 "You are a good man Mark. We will be thinking of you and Linda's family too."
Dawn Brazzale Hidden "Go Kristen ! Best to you in training and the actual event."
Ernie Avergonzado $50.00 "Great cause Kristen! Good luck! 'm pretty sure you'll get your PR."
Neil Potter $100.00 "You are all amazing! Best of luck with the run!"
Donna and Denny Bohm $25.00 "Best of Luck to you, Kristen! You are an inspiration to all of us!"
Mark Murphy $50.00 "Our thoughts and prayers are with you.....mark"
Beth Landale $50.00 "Your dad is a pleasure to work with. Good luck conquering 26.2 and MM. "
Mary Lane $20.00 "Mary is one of the fantastic oncology nurses that takes care of me week after week, for more than 3 years.. Thank you Mary for supporting Rouse's Racers and the MMRF. "
Grandma & Granpa Rouse / Bunce $50.00 "Go Kelsey and Brad!! We are proud of you! "
Bob Pyle $250.00 "Our prayers are with you!"
Corinne Day $10.00 "Good luck Sarah! What a feat! (I'm a friend and former work colleague of Jo.)"
Sandra Roberts $100.00 "Good luck to both of you. Always thinking of Hardy and your families."
Elaina Pires Hidden "Congrats on your fundraising so far, and good luck at the Chicago marathon!!"
Robert Tepper $50.00 "Good Luck. With your persistence I know this will be a piece of cake for you."
Brian Webster $100.00 "My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I admire your resolve."
Mayer Becker $100.00 "Ryan and Brooke, wishing you a successful Marathon!"
Mike Mocerino $20.00 "Good Luck!!! "
Steve & Sherri Kosanic $100.00 "So proud of you both! We will be there to cheer you on! "
Michelle & Eric Bertrand Wallner $100.00 "Thanks for doing this Joe! "
Kate McGoey $100.00 "Larry, your commitment and stamina is incredible!! Janet would be so proud! <3"
debra benoit Hidden "good luck James on reaching all your goals"
Chris Meincke $1,000.00 "On behalf of the entire CRA-Plymouth office, we're proud to support Bob and you. Best of luck in the Marathon."
Dawn & David Gupta $250.00 "Go Ryan..!! Whoot Whoot! We are so proud of you! xo The Guptas"
Craig Andrade $25.00 "Go, James, go -- you rock!"
Jennifer Hinman $50.00 "WOOT!"
Katie Wilson $25.00 "Kelly, You're a true inspiration and I'm sure your dad is watching over you beaming with pride. Thanks for including me in your fundraiser. My grandma suffers from multiple myeloma so this is a cause near and dear to my heart. Best of luck at the marathon. I'll be tuned in for updates and cheering you on via the interweb!! :) -Katie Wilson"
Patty Bruder $50.00 "Good Luck Kelly! You will be awesome!!! "
Margaret Mazzone $25.00 "Good Luck. You sound like a very devoted and determined young man. Your parents must be so proud of you."
Tim and Pam Bullerdick Hidden "Ryan and Brooke, Happy to support such a worthwhile cause. Good luck to both of you. Run strong!! Love, Aunt Pam and Uncle Tim"
Robert Host $50.00 "You Go Caitlin. Your Mom is always in my thoughts and prayers. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't think of her."
Kathleen Ohlman Hidden "We are so proud of you, Kelly. All of you! However far you run in this marathon does not really matter for you have already run the race of your life...and won! May you always carry a butterfly on your shoulders..."
Buell Bedford $250.00 "Thanks Ryan and Brooke!!!! Look forward to cheering you on!!!"
Rene Jovel $50.00 "Go get 'em! Go 'Cats! "
David Salzman $100.00 "78.6 for each mile you are going to run + a little extra for this awesome triple marathon you are going to do!"
Alisha Blanchard $50.00 "Cheering for you, Larry! What a beautiful way to honor your friend! "
David Dawson $30.00 "I think what you are doing is great. Rachel and I support you all the way. Way to go Andy. "
ALLYN & DAVID MILLER & SALINAS $100.00 "Ryan & Brooke -- Run well in your salute to Hardy; we join you in spirit. Allyn & David"
David Hohman $50.00 "Thanks Mark for stepping up for such an important cause."
Russ Dawson Hidden "Good luck Andy. We're praying for your grandparents and wish you a very successful run in the Chicago Marathon. Russ & Linda Dawson"
Steve & Julie Henley $30.00 "Good luck Kelsey and Brad,you guys ROCK!!"
Vilma Pacheco $50.00 "Best wishes on your race! I have no doubt that your love for your mom will carry you all the way. "
Suzanne Ansari $50.00 "Run Maggie Run!!!!~!! Love Suzanne, Raj & Nate"
Jason Hancock $100.00 "Great cause. Kick arse! "
Eric Marandett $250.00 "Good luck Randy!"
Mary Nicole Nazzaro Hidden "Go Randy! Best wishes for a great race!"
Adam Greenberg $50.00 "Carlo Erba, V'Lois, Electroscrub, Fustiplast, Barracuda, SoSoSoSo, Shank... Go get em!"
Thomas Stone $150.00 "Maggie, Enjoy the run and keep an eye out for the Pinhead-David. He may be running Boston in 14. You really are a shining star. T"
Russell & Denise Wyse $50.00 "Awesome!!!!"
Bradley & Erica Shearn $50.00 "Thank you so much for doing this in honor of our dad!! It means more to us than we could ever express in words. We will be there cheering you on!! "
Martin White $250.00 "Well done Randy!"
Shawna Polles $25.00 "Good luck Randy!"
Maria Ferry Hidden "Donated on behalf of Maria Ferry's Salon"
Jo-Ann Kwass Hidden "So glad I have this opportunity to support your efforts. Best of luck as you navigate the streets of Chicago."
Chris Henley $50.00 "Good Luck Kelsey and Brad! So proud of you! Aunt Chris and Susan"
Brian Bedford $50.00 "Best of luck you guys. We'll be out of town during the race. Keeping Uncle Hardy's Spirit Alive!!"
Maureen and Dennis Nierengar5en $100.00 "So proud of you for running for such a great cause. Footsteps to a CURE!"
Scott Adamowski $100.00 "Stay Strong Bob - All my best to you and your family"
Bethany Purdy $20.00 "All the best!"
Russell Rosen $100.00 "Great cause Ryan. Have a great marathon!!! R"
Tom Kinney $100.00 "good luck w/the run Ashley "
Brenda Harrison $25.00 "I think this is an amazing thing you do Cindy."
Tamara Wellington $100.00 "Craig, you are such an inspriration! I am proud to support you and say you are my uncle! "
Ron & Toni Wilken $50.00 "Godspeed, Kirk!"
Christoph Schadinger $100.00 "Good luck, Randy!"
Rona Harrison $100.00 "Sorry I'm so slow. My only excuse is that I've been away from home a total of four of the past five weeks. Best of luck to you and Brad. We all love your Dad and hope for a cure!"
Jennifer & Scott Wilkins $50.00 "Run like the wind!"
Angela McLaughlin $50.00 "Way to go, Sarah! You are going to ROCK THIS! -Ang & Guy"
Brad Benson $50.00 "Always remember the profound wisdom of the wise man, Kale-al - "Slow and steady wins the race, but probably not"."
Elizabeth Roudabush $100.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Hugh Goodfellow $400.00 "Good on yer Randy, we'll be thinking of you!"
Kari Graebner $50.00 "Can't be beaten by my brother :P"
Elza Bystrom Hidden "Make sure you wake up for this."
Brad Fujii Hidden "Unquestionable cause, unquestionable memorial for one of my favorite people in the whole world taken from us too soon. Thanks, Mark."
Dan and Jean Saunders $100.00 "We support your commitment, Ryan and Brooke!"
Barbara Smith $20.00 "You are raising money for a great cause Jackie, your dad would be so proud of you. Very strange how this disease has touched both of our lives. Good luck with the run, I know you will do great!!"
Stefani Fitzpatrick $20.00 "Go Kelly!!!"
Gerald H. Morin $100.00 "Best of Luck and with deep appreciation. Love Dad"
Riverway Business Services $25.00 "Supporting you all the way...Jill Thompson!!"
Sophia Stavropoulos $50.00 "Best of luck! Matt & Sophia"
Mike & Anne Rouse $100.00 "Go Jared!! Thank you so much for your support!!"
Neha Shah $20.00 "Good Luck Jackie!"
Aidan Keane $100.00 "Keep up the good work everyone"
Ian Lakeman $100.00 "In support of Mike and his family and this excellent cause. "
Rich Giannattasio $20.00 "Good Luck Ha!!"
Eugene Kim $10.00 "Go get em"
Vijay Patel $100.00 "41"
Mark Starczynski $50.00 "Go MMRF Power Team!"
Lindsey Castro $100.00 "PANDYCAKES! We're so proud of you! We'll be saving you a Heady for when you finish! "
Melanie Knutsen $100.00 "Run Run Run! Best of luck in this marathon."
Frank and Veronica DeCanio $50.00 "Praying for your Mom. Thanks for your work on her behalf."
Leah Roberts $100.00 "Is there another page for donations to cover that wheelchair you said you would need at the end of the race? ;) GO KELLY! You are an inspiration, we support your perspiration! LOVE YOU!!"
John Fears $100.00 "Mike, I always think of you and pray that they will find a cure."
Keith Oliver $50.00 "Please to know that you are actively involved and volunteering for those that need our help.. Run nephew, run!"
Duncan Greenhalgh Hidden "Randy - Good luck and enjoy the experience! All the best, Duncan"
Maureen Corbin $20.00 "very good thing you two are doing. I know your Dad must be so proud of you, Ashley. Dustin, you the man! I know you will have a great time!"
Teresa Knoll $50.00 "I am proud of you!"
Jagoda Jasielec $100.00 "Andy, this is a great cause! Good luck on race day! You will do great!"
Darla Baird $50.00 "All the best to you & the family with the fundraising efforts! Good luck on the 13th!"
Michelle Deriemacker $25.00 "Good luck!"
Julie Snyder $20.00 "Can't wait to cheer you and Danny on! Good luck!"
Sharon Bedford $250.00 "Hardy will be watching you and Brooke..what a wonderful tribute to him and the beautiful life he left behind because of MM . Love you both, Sharon"
Brian Stewart $100.00 "Good luck Mark! great cause!"
Agusti Miralves $100.00 "Best Wishes from our family!"
Julian Putti Hidden "Good luck and enjoy the race!!!"
Mary Schmidt $250.00 "Good Luck Jackie- will see you along the route- "
Paul & Gail Steih $262.00 "Good Luck Tiffany!!"
Kelly Honohan $100.00 "Run, Randy, Run!"
David Rouse $263.00 "Way to go Kels, you are awesome!! See you at the finish line. Your big bro & Ashley "
Carol Long $50.00 "Go for it, Jaryd. We are so proud of you in every way. God bless you, keep you safe and strong and wise as you continue. love & prayers always, Grma +++"
Terri Weidner $50.00 "Diane - Happy to sponsor you and cheer you on from Atlanta! I'm sorry to hear of your mom's struggle with MM. I will keep you both in my prayers. GodSPEED to you on October 13!!"
Teresa Kruse $20.00 "Go Claire!! Your team at MyBuys will be cheering you on from Ann Arbor!"
Sally Desmarais $200.00 "Kelly! I am in awe of your dedication & commitment to this marathon, to help raise money to help find a cure for this incurable blood cancer! Dad must be so proud of you, as your whole family is! I know that he will be running right alongside you, and we will all be there to cheer you on! Love, Mom"
Andy & Kathy Smith $100.00 "What a wonderful way to honor Marv & Jane! Not only do you have special grandparents, but they have special grandsons!! Congratulations in advance for a job well done! We are proud of you, Andy."
Rosanne Hooper $100.00 "Good on you Sarah ....will be thinking of you throughout today ...and Pam too of course. Lots of love Bob and Rosanne xx"
Keira Finkbeiner $50.00 "Love you granpa!"
Jenn Ryan $50.00 "You are such an inspiration Sarah!!"
Maury and Marcia Levine $100.00 "We wish Jane and Marv the best of luck in coping with and beating their maladies. Our thoughts and prayers are with you."
Amber Chitwood $20.00 "Good luck, Sarah! We're all cheering for you & your mom!"
Kristy Laverty $25.00 "Have a great run :)"
Peggy Mayo $250.00 "Way to go, Larry!!!"
Jim & Kathy Abbott $1,000.00 "What a great tribute to your Grandparents. We are all very proud of you."
Erin Souik Hidden "Great Job, Kristen! "
David Arlin $50.00 "Good luck! Will be thinking of you guys when I'm in Spain!"
Tami Emigh-Barber $50.00 "I knew Jane when I was in High School, just love her!!"
Scott Ingersoll $126.20 "You've got this! See you at the finish! The Ingersoll's"
St. Mary ChildCare Center St. Mary ChildCare Center $400.00 "God bless Robert and the entire Bonsall Family God bless Robert and the entire Bonsall Family! "
Bill Abbott $100.00 "RUN, ANDY, RUN! Your Uncle Bill is so proud of you and know however you place, you carry on the tradition of winners in our combined families. Love ya!"
Peggy Ennis $50.00 "Andy, Good Luck this weekend. I am so proud of what you are doing for your Grandparents and ALL cancer patients. I am truly blessed to be friends with the Abbott family. May God bless you as you run with love in your heart and wings on your feet!"
Jayme Winters $50.00 "Good luck Kelly! :) I remember when you hated running and I had to talk you into doing Couch to 5k...and then I quit in the 5th week and look at how far you've come! :) I'm proud of you and know you will kick butt this weekend! I didn't know your dad, but I know he's really proud of you! Love ya!! :) Enjoy the run, every step of it! And maybe stop when you can see the finish line and just take it all in. :)"
Barbara Underwood $50.00 "Go Mark ! Love you and support you ! Aunt B"
Jamie Frendewey $20.00 "Good luck! "
Tiffany DiMartino $50.00 "Good luck my friend! "
Joshua Hoover $144.00 "Good luck on the run! Wishing you both the best!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Run, Mark, Run! Love your dedication!"
Allan Cozart $20.00 "Good Luck!!"
Stacey Benn $26.20 "Tear it up! You've got this!"
Maggie Jonas Hidden "You're going to rock it this weekend! Way to go! - Andy and Maggie"
Jane Flusche $50.00 "It's and honor to be able to support you in this cause. Good luck to you!"
christine Duffy $50.00 "Good Luck Maggie!!"
Anonymous $300.00 "Sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta at Michigan State are proud to announce that we have raised $1050 in combination of cash and online donations in support of Kelsey Rouse and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. "
Anonymous Hidden "Best of luck Mark!! The weather looks great - I expect a PR! Chuck Teeter"
Emily Lorden $50.00 "Good Luck, Tiff!!! Love, Em and Brad"
Hank Mullen $50.00 "Best of luck Mark! Run like you are crossing the street in SW Houston!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Great effort, great cause! We're rooting for you. DON'T break a leg!"
Gavin Molloy $370.00 "Best of luck Larry! You are running for such a great cause and we all appreciate it! Run fast!"
John Hranka $100.00 "Kirk, way to go - -I know you are going to have a great run. a Big yea for Kirk...."
Peter Zervopoulos $50.00 "Best wishes Jacquelyn - warm hellos to Mary!"
John M. Starczynski $100.00 "We love you...Mom & Dad"
Izzy Mann $18.00 "You are certainly doing a wonderful thing. Izzy"
Rick and Lainy Abbott $435.00 "Very proud of you. Will be thinking of you over the weekend"
Carol Regan $35.00 "So fabulous that you're running in the Chicago Marathon."
Stephanie Misiak $50.00 "Good luck Claire! Stephanie."
James Hauser $200.00 "Keep your head down and good luck!"
Sharon Zeeck $25.00 "Have a great run....nice weather....and a great day honoring your Mom."
Jillene Minnaert $100.00 "Kirk, best of luck in the marathon. What is it they say, life is not a sprint but a marathon :) Hope yours is a long one!!! Hugs and thoughts will be with you race day and always! Love, Jill"
Mark & Camille Dickey $200.00 "Ryan & Brooke, Thank you so much! Along with our sister, Wendy, our family & friends, we deeply appreciate the time & effort you have devoted over the past years to this cause. Love Ya, Mark & Camille"
Arielle Abovich $10.00 "Good luck, Heather!!! You've been working hard for this!"
Caitlin Driscoll Hidden "Good luck, Heather!!! I love and miss you and know you're going to be great! Really wish I could be there to cheer you on but I'm there in spirit! "
Mary Gleckler $20.00 "Good Luck Claire...and keep a close eye on those shoes 'til Sunday!"
Ellie Hart $25.00 "Eddie and I hope you rock the marathon! "
Chris Abbott $100.00 "what a wonderful thing you are doing for your grandparents. So proud !!! Eat lots of pasta on Friday and run well this weekend. "
Christine Munson $25.00 "I am so proud of your commitment to this cause!"
Jessica Fong $26.20 "Good luck, Mark!"
Kurt & Joyce Moser Hidden "Be safe during the marathon and thanks for what you are doing!!!"
Lillian Layton $50.00 "You're awesome, Larry!!!!"
Shawn Martin $50.00 "Best of luck! You are amazing!"
Jason Miller $20.00 "That your pit?"
Flo Lead $20.00 "Good Luck from Tony & Flo x"
Clare Heintz Hidden "Way to go, Kelly! You are going to rock this race! Have so much fun and don't forget to smile, it makes it a lot easier. I'll be there cheering, so I'll keep my eyes out for you!"
becky koos $20.00 "sent with lots of love"
willard muncy $50.00 "Thanks Ashley for running the marathon! Good luck!"
Kris Unruh $100.00 "We are proud of you Sarah for giving your mom such a wonderful gift! Carry on....."
Abby Spoerl $25.00 "Go Tiffy and the Rouse Racers!!! The Lincoln Park walking circle will be out in full force cheering and playing the Rocky theme song. Love you Tiff!!!"
Helen Stead Hidden "Running this marathon is the greatest honor you can give our mum. I am so proud of your accomplishment, and I know she'll be cheering you all the way to the finish from heaven."
Michelle Borrero $50.00 "Have a great time and stay safe out there!"
Ann and Katie Carroll $50.00 "As you run remember the hundreds of us running with you in spirit! His strength and wind will carry you. "
Emma Hindmarsh $25.00 "Good luck Sarah. Your mum will be so proud of you, such an amazing thing to do for her and others. Thinking of you all. Emma xxxxx"
Rachel Guthrie $100.00 "You are doing your mother a great honor. You and your family are loved."
Frank Bustamante $50.00 "At the request of Rachel Guthrie, from Stinson Morrison Hecker. Good luck with the race."
Heather Hicks Hidden "I'm sorry for your loss and very sorry that I'm unable to give more than this. Your family is in my prayers."
Cheryl & Doug Koth $100.00 "Praying for your strength as always & admiring you!"
Timothy McKinzie $25.00 "Go Kirk!!!"
Emily Schutz $25.00 " What a fantastic & honorable feat you will be completing. I know your mother & entire family is so incredibly proud of you, and I am too. What an amazing daughter, wife, mother, friend & caregiver you are. Good luck on this journey & God bless! "
Julie Galien $50.00 "Good luck with the run Kristen"
Chelsey Spinney $20.00 "Good Luck Kels!!"
Scott & Melanie Neiderheide Hidden "Good luck Kelly! Your Dad is probably watching down and beaming with pride right now and will be watching over you during the race on Sunday. Looking forward to cheering you on along the streets of Chicago!"
Dave Hay $500.00 "Good Luck with the run Andy- A great cause! Sending our love to Jane and Marv! Love, Dave and Frank, Aunt Jayne Hay "
St. Lukes MICU $250.00 "Good luck Sarah! You are such an inspiration for turning a difficult time into a positive situation. We are all cheering you on while you run for your mum."
Stacy French $50.00 "Sarah~ I am so proud of you! You are one of the most inspirational people I know!"
Mike Hindmarsh $50.00 "Sarah, you are such a hero! Best of luck with the race, all of our thoughts here in the UK are with you and the family."
Brenda Harrison $25.00
Brenna Primrose $50.00 "Sarah, so sorry for your loss. Thank you for raising money and awareness for this disease. We lost a close family friend from it. Run your heart out! :-)"
Erica Franko $20.00 "Good luck, Caitlin!"
Phil Yazbak $200.00 "You go, girl! Enjoy running a personal best and thanks for supporting a most worthy cause..."
Douglas Jespersen $25.00 "Kirk, best wishes my friend! Your tennis buddy, Kent "
Denise Martin $50.00 "Your mum clearly passed along her strength and determination to you! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree"
Jamie DeSnyder $100.00 "Good luck!! Love you guys!! I wish my cankle would have allowed me to be there!! :) ash. Please don't die. I need my best friend =) "
Eddie Ravo $50.00 "Good Luck Caitlin !!!"
Marcy Wenderski $200.00 "Good Luck. I know Mom is looking down cheering you on!"
Anonymous Hidden "Claire we are so proud of you! HP will be matching the donation."
Cece & Ray White $50.00 "Good Luck Kirk!!"
Corey Hankey $127.00 "good luck, "
Celeste Watts $20.00 "Sarah, you are an inspiration to us all. You have done a great job in honoring your mother. She was a very strong woman and I know she is very proud of you. Glad to see you did such a great job in the marathon today. "
Anne Oswald $50.00 "Tricia - congrats on finishing Chicago - hope you had fun running with your friend!! Thanks for your commitment to MMRF! Anne Stroh Oswald"
Chaz Marshall $20.00 "GO TIFF!!"
Rob Suwalski $250.00 "Congrats on a successful event... a little late, but this is a very worthy cause. Keep up the good work in supporting MMRF. "
Joanna Potempa Hidden "Better late than never :) hope your run was great!"
Mara Wear $50.00 "Sarah, you and your mum are truly an inspiration to us all. So proud of you! "
Anakin Morris Hidden "You're a rockstar. Go Larry and Go 'Cats!"
Joe and Gloria Spoerl $50.00 "Awesome support from everyone but really impressed by all of the family/friends involvement beyond just donations. Just back in the country and wanted to contribute in a small way honoring Mike's efforts and those of all who ran in Chicago (thanks Tiffy-Sue for including us on your "communique"). God bless and keep you all until we see meet again. Joe and Gloria Spoerl"
Christopher Fay $50.00 "Kelly, what you are doing is fabulous. All of us at McCann Detroit will be with you in spirit every step of the way."
Michelle Truelsen $110.00 "Every day you amaze me more and more. You set your mind to something and you do it. I am so proud of you, Mark. Go Uncle Mark Go! I love you, Michelle "
Jill Gushow $25.00 "From Jill Gushow and Greg Dardas to support the amazing accomplishments of our friend and fellow triathlete, Craig. "
The Goddards $20.00 "We are friends of Tiffany Davis. Sorry we are late on the donation. Hope everyone has recovered from the marathon. Tiffany, Sulo says hi."
Meagan Cargill $50.00 "Sarah, so proud of you! Your mum was an inspiration! and so are you!"
Elizabeth and John Hindmarsh $100.00 "Sarah, we are as inspired by your courage and determination as we are that of Pamela's. She fought a fantastic fight and we know how proud she was of you. We are so,so proud of you both, with much love, Lizzy and John xx"
David Shailes $50.00 "So deeply sorry for the loss of Pam. Dave & Sylvia Shailes."
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