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2013 Five Boro Bike Tour - MMRF PowerTeam
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 60% faster than the industry average, and working toward a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $225 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of six new drugs for multiple myeloma in less then a decade – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference.

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Total Donations: $82,674

Goal: $75,000

$0 110% $75,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Helen Chmiel $25.00 "Good luck!"
Irving Fox $50.00 "Good luck on the ride. Irving"
Alfreda Calloway $15.00 "Ziggy I hope you and Michael reach your goal and more. The day you all ride I will run it wont be forty but I will run for cancer. I will be partcipating in our Race for the Cure also held in May."
Tracy Hoexter $50.00 "xoxo"
Juliene Blevins Hidden "Good luck!"
Dallas Criss Hidden "Good luck, Dotsy and Kim!"
Aimee FitzGerald Hidden "Wishing you cushy tushies and fast peddling! XOXOXO"
DEAN OAKLAND $20.00 "Good luck guys! From the Dean, Sarah, Reese, Zara, Zoe & Rolo!"
John Ross & Don Carney $100.00 "Best of luck Pookie and Michael! "
Shelly & Joe Stotzer $50.00 "Ride your booties off! Love, The Stotzer Fam"
mary mcniff $50.00 "Hi Dotsy & Kim, Ned & I will be cheering you on for another successful & prosperous ride!! M&N"
Bella Ocampo $250.00 "Good Luck Ron! "
susan benson $50.00 "Proud to support you and Kim again this year!"
Elizabeth Blodgett $25.00 "You guys rock!! Thank you for doing this. xo"
amy frakes $100.00 "Best wishes for a safe race and I know Theresa is going to come out on top!"
Jerry/Theresa Weiss/Gioannini $250.00 "from your most durable admirers: Mom and Dad!!"
Gaurav Nanda $100.00 "I donate not only in honor of T-Weiss, but to support your trek through Staten Island. "
Ronald Gonzales $50.00 "good luck.. hope all is well with you & the family"
Ofer Levy $100.00 "Thanks for inviting us to support you."
Cynthia Violet $50.00 "Good luck you two! "
Abigail Brody $100.00 "This is wonderful Arlene!!! Much love, Abby, Ab & E"
Sharon Inouye Hidden "Dear Arlene--way to go! Thanks for doing this and for such a great cause. Love, Sharon, Steve, Ben, and Jordan"
Anonymous Hidden "What a wonderful cause. I'm proud to help. "
Mark & Liz Mindlin $250.00 "Such a beautiful picture of your Mom and her granddaughter!!!!"
DEAN OAKLAND $30.00 "Good luck to you both, Aunty Sue & Uncle Vince!"
Marielle Mindlin $350.00 "Go Greg!!!! Love, Joette & Mitch Marielle & Matt"
Kathy Rogers $50.00 "OK, so we've never met and I didn't know your mom. I only know your internet persona. But a comment of yours on a defunct blog of mine helped me shave 15 minutes off my former commute between Beverly Hills and Calabasas. So I owe you. Also, I lost my mom to breast cancer. So I get what it's like to have smart, funny, adorable children who are missing out on the best grandma ever. Good luck. "
Marilyn Wallitt $100.00 "Much love, Marilyn and Andy Wallitt"
Jerry Glass $100.00 "Do well!"
Diana and patrick Schmedeman $50.00 "Always happy to contribute to this.....Hope you are well!!"
DENNIS IANIRO $25.00 "Great idea and great cause! GO JUDY!!"
Mathew Baxt $250.00 "Let the word go forth! Bryan Gelfand is a good man."
Paula Bannasch Hidden "For Arlene, Have swift and safe ride.... "
Helen Chmiel $25.00 "Huyuan -- good luck."
Inga Rotter $100.00 "Thank you kindly for all your efforts in this very important mission to help in further research for this debilitating disease. And thank you for thinking of my friend's husband and putting his name on your Jersey. "
Fran Gelfand $50.00 "So proud of my son, Bryan."
Douglas Miller $100.00 "MEB... you can do it!!! Your fans in Ohio are behind you!"
Bin Zhang $50.00 "Good luck!"
Jennifer Ankrom $50.00 "I'm so PROUD of you two!! Safe travels & tough butts! Love, jen"
Adam Cooper $50.00 "HBD, Doug"
Jan Gardner $100.00 "Thanks for doing this. A friend's brother died of this disease last week."
Lynne & Bart Gobioff $100.00 "We miss Carol very much - let's get rid of this horrible disease! "
Lara & Joe Vukson Hidden "Good luck Ziggy & Mick! Have a great ride!!! XO"
Andy Razgaitis $50.00 "We are so proud of you for your passion for the cause. Ride safely!"
Sofija Razgaitis $25.00 "Proud of you!"
Kristina Katinas $25.00 "Thank you Audrey! We appreciate everything you do for us!"
LANA PLATIN $50.00 "Best of luck in your race. Thinking of you and your mom."
John Federico $250.00 "Gregg, Good luck we're all counting on you. John"
Glenn/Samara Levy $50.00 "Best wishes and good luck!"
Zhiyong Yang $50.00 "Good luck to achieve the target!"
Shelley Blank Hidden "Good luck with the ride. This is such a worthy cause."
Donghui Yang $25.00 "Have fun!"
Barbara Parsons Hidden "Go, Stacey, Go!!"
David Angeline $25.00 "Gregg Thank You and all the riders for your efforts"
Debra Weaver $50.00 "Go Audrey!"
Susan Snowdon $100.00 "Side by side, we can do it!"
DeAnn Komanecky $50.00 "Go Dotsy!"
Karina Racaityte $20.00 "Sekmes, Audrone!"
Gary Snowdon $100.00 "Side by side."
ARNOLD CAPLAN $100.00 "Go Stewart!!!"
Janeen Ritson $50.00 "Go Team Ziggy Brit! So proud of you guys!"
Scott Wolfson $100.00 "Good Luck! We support you! All our love, Team Wolfson"
Ronald Samia $50.00 "Have a fun ride and Good Luck!!!"
Audrey Elkins $100.00 "Way to go Audrona! We are cheering for you, Tony and Audrey "
Tracy McVeigh $50.00 "Ride like the wind! Are you playing tennis that night!?"
Diane Tuman $100.00 "Go Sue and Gary!! Watch out for the raccoons!"
mark yazer Hidden "Good luck Stewart!"
Colleen Donovan $25.00 "Good luck, Doug! I'm sure this means the world to your mom - and I'm inspired by your commitment! "
Danielle Appelblatt $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Perry Karsen Hidden "Good Luck Team Celgene! Great Ride!"
David August Hidden "Congratulations Eric. Enjoy!"
Mark & Ronni Lederman Hidden "Happy riding, Eric"
Steven Matty $20.00 "Have a great ride! -The Mattys "
Rita Silverman $50.00 "Wishing you a great ride!! You GO Girl!! Hugs, Steve and Rita"
Laura hyman Hidden "Here's to Joyce!! We love you guys!!! - Laura, Michael and Katie"
Nancy Sapanara $100.00 "Ride the Thruxton and beat them all! :)"
Sharon Volz $50.00 "Ride like the wind, my friend. Love you."
Harriet & George Blank $100.00 "Keep riding Eric. It's a good cause."
Kirstin Ganz $25.00 "Go Doug!"
Clare Zaiman-Keen $50.00 "Much love to our Zaiman family! Go get 'em Genna!"
Adam Tanker $50.00 "Good luck Genna and get well soon Janice! Our thoughts and prayers are with you"
Selma Triant $25.00 "Good luck! You make a difference already supporting your Mom."
Anonymous $10.00 "this is very courageous. best of luck. ride hard."
susan Irvings $50.00 "That "amazing woman" is my amazing sister --- and I am so proud of you, my amazing niece, for the work you are doing to raise money for this critical cause. "
David Benedek $100.00 "Love incoming from California. "
Tracy Flannery $50.00 "You go girl! Lot's of love to the Zaiman Family :-)"
Lauren Tanner $50.00 "GO DOUG!!!!!"
William Bush $500.00 "can you reach the pedals?"
Tom Herschko $36.00 "Love ya, MB! TH"
Andrew DeBoissiere $25.00 "I love you Genna! It is so great you are doing this!! I should be able to donate more on May 1 :) Oh, and don't forget to wear a helmet! "
Liz Zambelli $100.00 "Good luck Genna! Love Liz and Jeff"
Linda Wintner $100.00 "Good luck Genna. Much love, Linda"
Jeff DeBoissiere $50.00 "This is very inspiring Genna! I love you and you are amazing for doing this. Gabby, Andrew, and I are lucky to have such a great family. Send Aunt Janice our love."
Bridget Valverde $100.00 "Tons of love to you and your family, darling!"
Naras Alksninis $100.00 "Go Audrey Go"
Josephine Zurica $100.00 "Good Luck!!! So much love to the Zaiman family!!!! Love, Anthony, Pina & Rocco!"
Dan Martino $50.00 "Ride and, most importantly, raise on! Good luck Genna! "
prassana mahadeva $250.00 "Good luck, Genna. Wonderful cause and sending our thoughts and wishes from our fam to yours. -The Mahadevas."
Fabian Zabatta $100.00 "Good Luck Genna! I'm sure you're an inspiration to your mom as she is to you."
Angela Dobrowsky $50.00 "You are a doing a great thing for your Mom and the MMRF. Lots of luck."
kate sullivan $50.00 "Thank you Genna for supporting such a worthy cause!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Best of luck to you and your Mom!"
Megan Scola $25.00 "Best of Luck Genna! -Megan Lennon"
Sebastian Cervantes $50.00 "Best of Luck, GZ!!! - Sebastian"
Rushui Guan $50.00 "Best of luck Genna!"
Rachel Cohen $18.00 "Congratulations on taking part in this worthy cause."
Jeff Ash $50.00 "PT - Best of luck with this great cause. Jeff & Vivian"
Rebecca Weisman $36.00 "Good luck on the ride! We support your cycling endeavor in support of Steve and the many people affected by MM. We hope you enjoy the experience. Thanks for dedicating your time in such a generous, thoughtful way. -- The Weismans"
Judith Irwin $100.00 "Marisa, BRAVO for doing this race for your Uncle Steve, one of our very favorite persons and a relative too! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to support you in this endeavor. You are quite remarkable! Good luck and we'll be rooting for you. Love, Judy and David"
Marsha Werner $50.00 "Go, Marisa!"
Jordi, Seth & Gersh Battis $18.00 "Marisa, we are grateful and inspired by you at once! Thanks for taking on this amazing challenge and for giving us the opportunity to support you, Steve, and the MMRF! Have fun! Jordi, Seth, & Gersh"
Shannon Demaio $50.00 "Good Luck and lots of love to you and your family :o) Shannon and Michael"
Judy Heward $50.00 "My very best to you and your family. Judy Heward (Ilene's friend)"
Dale & Dayna Cosh $50.00 "Rain or shine, 40 miles, raccoons ...honey badger don't give a s**t!!!"
The Friedman Family $100.00 ""Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race." ~H.G. Wells, novelist "
Cynthia Pasternak $100.00 "Genna, So thoughtful of you to ride in support of your mom, my first cousin! My very best of luck to her, you and your family. Together, we will find a cure. Love, Cousin Cindy Pasternak "
Beth Rice Rice McVaney Communications $100.00 "Best of Luck, from your friends at Rice McVaney Communications"
Claire O'Donohoe $100.00 "Good Luck Mat! SOD Cancer! Hope to see you soon x "
Sophie and Mishaal Al-Omar Hidden "Wishing you and all the other participants the best and sending our love to you all."
Debbie and Lee Adelson $100.00 "Ride like the wind. We'll be with you in spirit!"
Marvin Weissberg $500.00 "Best of luck to you and your mother, Genna. Marvin Weissberg"
diane naar Hidden "Go Eric! We are so proud of your commitment to this important cause! Diane Naar"
Ilene and Stan Trachtenberg $250.00 "We are in awe of your drive to support MMRF, and your dedication to your mom. We wish you an easy ride and wonderful weather on May 5. We love you very much. "
Cynthia Del Rosario $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Marcelle Gruman $50.00 "Have a great ride!"
Camryn Kruger $50.00 "Awesome cause! Go get'm G!"
Jack Howard $150.00 "What a great cause, best of luck Genna!"
Lauren Cycyk $25.00 "So proud of you girl. Hugs for your mama!"
David Tobin $1,000.00 "Mission Capital knows Genna will close the deal! Good luck! "
Aram Hauslaib Hidden "Great cause! Good luck with the ride G! Love, Aram"
Patrick Arangio $250.00 "Great cause, Genna. The Arangio clan is pulling for you! Go get 'em!! "
Randy Edgar $100.00 "Good Luck!!"
Douglas Meredith $25.00 "I LOVE YOU! Pedal on, babe!"
Jon Benavides $25.00 "Go Get em Tiger.. Have fun and burn a few calories for me too eh?"
Blase & Loretta Spinozzi $100.00 "Great job Genna. With you, your dad, and all this support for you and your family, we know that everything will be all right. Our love and prayers with you all. Loretta & Blase"
Juli Sylvia $25.00 "Sending you and your mom much love!"
Audrey Tunick Soll $30.00 "Genna, Your aunt Ilene will keep us posted on your mom's progress and we are wishing you the very best! Audrey, Richard, & Bradley Soll"
Oscar and Lucy Garcia $50.00 "Godspeed! Believe in what you are doing; all will be good."
Daniel Irwin $50.00 "Way to go Marissa! So pleased to support you, Stephen and the MMRF. What a great cause and good luck with the ride. Dan, Julieta, and Briana"
Joyce Tierney Hidden "You go girl!! love ya Joyce"
Donald Burke $10.00 "Have fun!!! :-)"
Michael Cohen Hidden "Have a great day!"
Linda Meredith $50.00 "Go Jill!! "
Mary Sosa $725.00 "This donation is on behalf of the CCT staff the participated in the April 26th fundraising lunch. Go Team!"
Craig Behrin $50.00 "Carol covered my a$$ when I lied to my mom about us going to see Megadeth at The Beacon theater when we were 14 yrs old, so this is the least I can do. Ride like the wind Mat!!! :)"
Susan Marx $50.00 "So Proud of you !"
Megan Karney $20.00 "Go, Doug! Thinking of you and your family!"
Christina Mendyk $25.00 "Sending good wishes to you and your Mom. Good luck."
Russ Heilbrun $50.00 "Cancer sucks. Go Doug. "
Lee Kushner Hidden "Good Luck Gregg - "
Win Chesson $50.00 "What an inspiration, Doug! To finding a cure!"
Robin Graham $100.00 "Wishing your mom a speedy and full recovery and great work Doug!"
Carly Newhouse $100.00 "Good Luck Gen!!!! Hugs and Kisses to Janice and Stu!"
JENNY O'Donnell $50.00 "In solidarity..."
Ladan and Cyrus Jalilvand $100.00 "Go team Weiss!!!"
Bill Wilson $20.00 "Ride safely and have fun"
Anna Stone $20.00 "My grandfather fought a long battle with MM and I'm definitely supportive of this cause. Good luck!"
Emily St. John $50.00 "I am so proud of you! XO Emmie"
Barbara Thanner $50.00 "I love and cherish your mom as well. She is an amazing woman and I love her very much. I hope you raise $1,000,000! Good luck and have fun."
Deirdre Ogorzalek $50.00 "WAY TO GO ERIC!"
Dori Kohlhauf $20.00 "Go ERIC!!!!!! Cheering for you!!!!!!"
greg russotti $200.00 "Good Luck Team Celgene!!!"
Jeremy Williams $50.00 "Thanks to my good friend Emily St. John for showing me this website. My father has Multiple Myeloma so I am happy to donate for this cause to find the cure. Jeremy Williams"
Kevin Coutant $100.00 "I'm a friend of Emily St John's.....good luck!!!"
Brian Jarmain $250.00 "Go GZ!!!"
kevin gilligan $100.00 "Great Cause....Great person....Good Luck!!"
Uli &Hendrik Schultz $200.00 "For one of the dearest friends we have-keep on fighting!"
Diana Spano $50.00 "We admire you, Genna, for your strength!! Your Mom is always in our prayers. Have a beautiful ride. Much Love, Your Dad's BMMS Family Blue Mountain Middle School Sunshine"
Sean Bugara $50.00 "Good Luck Genna. My prayers are with your Mother as ou ride this Sunday."
Joanne Byrne $50.00 "Dotsy and Kim, Good luck on the ride. I'm rooting for ya. Joanne xoxo"
Andrew Satten $50.00 "Thanks for riding Doug...raising awareness and funding will definitely have an impact. "
Imani James $50.00 "Good luck, Eric! You rock!!"
Tina Deeke $50.00 "I am so proud of you, and Mom would be too and appreciative of your fundraising for this horrible disease. XOXO!"
Meredith Bates $100.00 "Congrats, Dougger! I'm so impressed and wish your mom a speedy recovery!!"
Susan Mallozzi $25.00 "Good luck Genna!"
Barb and Dave Bortniker $50.00 "Yasher Koach, Eric! Beautiful family pic and best wishes to all. "
Lauren Schieffer $25.00 "Go Jillie Bean, Go!"
Gladys Monroy $100.00 "Go Carla! Ride well for all of us. Gladys"
Menna Mulugetta $50.00 "Love you, Douggie!"
Lisa Sloan $50.00 "Get It Girly!!! Good Luck from the Nati :)"
Dana Mindlin $200.00 "Wishing Greg a great ride, and Theresa the best of health! Dana, Gary, Sam and Laura"
Eric Schwartz $100.00 "Have a great ride. Best wishes from Celgene Avilomics in Bedford, MA."
Eric Tsytsylin $25.00 "Good luck - I'll be thinking of you!!"
Vilija Wojciechowski Hidden "Go Audronyte, go!"
Peter Harustiak Hidden "Happy cycling Doug, enjoy NYC!"
Jagannadha Rao Kandula Hidden "Good luck Team Celgene!"
Terence Pierce $250.00 "Our Prayers will be riding along with you, your Mom and Dad for the entire jouney. Terry and June"
Andrew DeBoissiere $25.00 "Good Luck Tomorrow!! We all love you! "
Nancy Schaffer Lodding $50.00 "Go Jillybean go!"
brandon eifrid $30.00 "Have a great 5 borough bike tour and keep your rubber side down!"
Warren Yamakoshi Hidden "Yeah Arlene! Good cause, enjoy the day, wear a helmet!"
Tina Kilby $25.00 "YOU GO GIRL:)"
Addie Zinone $100.00 "TEAM Z is representin' CAROL! Proud of you Mat! xo"
Dana and Rim Veitas $10.00 "gero vejo Audrey"
Rima & Leonas Bernotas $50.00 "Have a great ride Audrey! Good luck!"
Frank D'Agostino $50.00 "3 years ago after having just turned 18 years old, I started working at the Vitamin Shoppe with your mom. She ignited my passion for medicine, health, and wellness. We worked together for close to two years and in that time she revealed to me the true power and integrity in helping others. Her product knowledge is incontestable, she is gifted in the way she conveys to her customers- how to rectify and achieve their health goals. Janice has not been with us at the Vitamin Shoppe for over a year, yet customers still come into store eager to see her, call the store to speak with her, and comment on how amazing of a woman she is for drastically changing their lives. I still see her, I still speak with her, and she is still changing mine. "
Christine Cochran Hidden "Best wishes for a wonderful ride for a great cause!"
John Oxner $50.00 "Good luck on the ride Bean!"
Susan Cline $25.00 "You go, Jill! An important cause, and a generous lady!"
Carl Zucker $100.00 "You go girl!!! ... and have a great time."
Diane Lyons Rigsby $100.00 "Hello Gary and Susan! Best to you on a great race! You are both very inspiring! : ) Best, Diane"
Susan Stohr $100.00 "Have a great ride! You're my hero!!"
Rafaela and Joe Pandolfo $50.00 "It is a wonderful thing you are doing. I know that your parents a very proud of you."
Tom Etges, MD $50.00 "Good Luck on the Bike ride, Jill!! Very timely, and sad, and ironic, that I had lunch last week with a colleague of mine here in Eugene on his 3rd different course of chemo for multiple myeloma. Ride Strong And Have FUN!! :)"
LeeAnn Carlson $100.00 "Go Audrey!"
Warren and Molly Faure Hidden "Have a great ride Eric!"
the mayos $50.00 "Good job Matt!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Have a great ride, and on toward a cure!"
Rugile Girdzijauskaite $20.00 "Saunuole, Audrone! galvojam apie Roma."
George T. Kelly III $50.00 "Sorry that it took me so long to do this... Good Luck, Buddy !!"
doreen Kirsch Hidden "have a beautiful ride! hugs and love to Joyce! love doreen, harris, jesse, jared"
Cynthia & Steve Hopkins $50.00 "Great job, Audrey!"
Clement Xue $50.00 "Good luck Doug!"
Mike Marett $50.00 "GOOD LUCK!"
John Muller $25.00 "You go, P.T.! I'm just impressed you can still ride a bike...."
Richard Beatty $100.00 "we might be tardy with our donation but I can help you meet your goal!"
Barry Lenk $50.00 "Best of luck to you and your mother, Genna."
Honey & Gerry Maritzer Hidden " Know that you did very well.......and that Mom is doing well! Hope it all continues in the right direction. "
Jacob Kramer $50.00 "I hope it's not too late to donate! I didn't realize you were riding until after the fact... :^)"
Anonymous $50.00 "As Maya Angelou once said "I love to see a young girl go out and grab life by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass'. I'm so sorry this is late and I know you and your Mom will do just that...kick cancer's ass! Much love from your friend in the Sinai!!!"
Nicole Nieporent-Ciaburro $50.00 "xoxo!!!"
Rob & Jannie Gerds $100.00 "You're an inspiration!"
Diane MacDonald $50.00 "Well done! Dana and Russ"
Jim & Marie Donnelly $50.00 "Hope you have good weather for the ride!"
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