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2013 Empire State Building Run Up Powered By the MMRF
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 35-40% faster than the industry average, and working toward a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $200 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of five drugs for multiple myeloma the last ten years – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference!

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Total Donations: $517,506

Goal: $500,000

$0 104% $500,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Victoria Benincasa $50.00 "Donna and Pat, my heart breaks everytime I hear of someone I know personally fighting this terrible disease. My prayers are with you. Love, Victoria"
Jeffrey Swan $200.00 "If you beat your time from last year, steak is on me. Oh, I forgot, you only eat fish (lol). "
Robert Bare $250.00 "Way to go Brittany! This is a great cause."
Robert Vermillion $25.00 "Good luck in your run, your running for my Mother, who is currently undergoing treatment for Multiple Myleoma."
Emma Nelson $50.00 "Hope you have an amazing trip Bayden! :)"
Jennifer Vaughn $25.00 "Awesome Brittany!! Good Luck with the race. Much love to you!!"
Jo Vaughn $100.00 "It's great that you're doing this,Brittany. Gramps would be impressed, as am I. Enjoy the view from the top for me. Love, Gram"
Lisa Vaughn $100.00 "It's really great that you are doing this! I hope you have a wonderful time with this. I'm really proud of you."
James Bare $100.00 "Brittany.....,good luck with the run up all those stairs....,quite a feat but with such a noble cause and your Grandfather in mind (he was a good looking guy), it gives you motivation."
Jennifer Bare $50.00 "Go Brittany!"
Steve Klaas $25.00 "Brittany, the best of luck! Your running for a great cause, your Gramps is smiling from above."
Eva Routs $25.00 "Good Luck Brittany!!!"
Meggan Boag $50.00 "Good luck training in Canada dear, I'll be seeing you there and watching you race Love you :) "
Meredith Bare $50.00 "Brittany, I'm so excited for you--and I'm happy to support this great cause :) "
Joseph Zveglich $100.00 "Good luck, Yana!"
Carina Daly $20.00 "Here's another $20 because I forgot to write a comment! Good luck Bayden! Have fun and hope you make it to the top of those 1576 stairs. Also happy 21st!"
Mesude Kongar $50.00 "Go Yana!"
Margaret Bare $100.00 "Happy to help your good cause. Love, Grandma"
Maria Tattoli $25.00 "Good luck, Yana! What a great cause!"
Kristie Licata $100.00 "Good Luck Yana!"
Stephen Becker $50.00 "I wish I was there to see you puffing, but make sure you don't come last! Good on you & good luck."
Jade Baird $50.00 "Good luck bayden! Hope you reach your goal, and the top! Jade and josh :) "
Felicity Anderson $50.00 "Hey Bayden, thats a really great effort youre doing this, Well done and keep up the fitness =) -Felicity"
Berna Gerdes $25.00 "Best of luck Yana!!!!!"
Ester Daly $25.00 "Go Bayden - keep up the training. Enjoy New York. xxx"
Preethi Sundaram $50.00 "Good Luck Yana!"
kevin zins $75.00 "Good luck from one of Bob's Soccer buddies!!! happy to help for a good cause and love to see motivated people."
Kim Vaughn $50.00 "It's so great that you're doing this race...for many reasons. Good luck Brittany and much love your way. "You can do it!""
Caroline Bare $25.00 "Great cause, so proud of you!!! "
Gale Summerfield $50.00 "Great cause, Yana!"
Kelly Tanner $50.00 "Best of luck Yana! Great cause. . . Troy's grandma had MM."
Leeann Ancell $20.00 "Hi Bayden, happy climbing and goodluck!"
Chris Baker $100.00 "Lindi, I will come and cheer you on! New York is in the Mother Fuckin' House!!! "
Eduardo Torres $20.00 "I will come cheer you on! Go Lindi go!"
Michael Dawson $100.00 "Good luck Pat!"
Cindy Charest $25.00 "In memory of my very good friend, Stephen"
Dara Woerdeman $50.00 "Wonderful cause! Good luck, Yana!!"
William Frost $50.00 "Great Job Nate! Bill and Jaime"
Kathy Poulin $100.00 "Your efforts in honor of and with love for Dad make us prouder of you than you will ever know. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
Constantine Vakas $50.00 "Hope this helps you reach your goal. Good luck and may this be the key to finding a cure! Dino and Cindy Vakas"
Katherine Salyi $50.00 "I'll be there to cheer you on....as long as the baby isn't born on February 6th....!!!!!"
Ron Mulliner $50.00 "Best Wishes From Ron & Toula"
Michael Williams $100.00 "This contribution is in Honor of Michael Poulin, Good luck on the run and reaching your goal!!"
Maraga & Michael Martens $100.00 "Congrats! Run fast and then we will meet you out for a beer to celebrate!"
Chuck Glidden $25.00 "Good Luck Nate!"
Anonymous $50.00 " Good Luck Nate and Mike !!!!!!!!!"
Kera Collins $25.00 "Finish strong Uncle Mike & Nate!! Love, Kera & Jake"
Loretta Shing $25.00 "Good luck Nate! good cause! Lo"
Rose Toyama $50.00 "Way to go Marie!!! We are proud of your commitment. Love, Aunt Ro-Ro and Peter"
Vincent Rizzo $50.00 "Good Luck!! Love, Uncle Vinnie"
Susan Eerdmans Hidden "First!"
Emma Grenside $50.00 "Well done, Yana :)"
Megan & Alex Magliozzi $50.00 "Good luck!!"
John Rizzo $50.00 "Hi Marie. Congratulations on signing up and going for it. Love, Uncle John"
Danielle Lemack Hidden "Good luck in this momentous event!"
Sebastian SIEGEL $50.00 "Go Dmitri! You inspire!!"
Paul McEnroe $50.00 "Good luck!"
Lawrence Feiler Hidden "Marie, We are glad to help out. Good Luck in your fight for a good cause. The Feiler Family "
Daniel Smith $50.00 "For my friend Cynthia"
Stephanie and Eddie Noonan $50.00 "Have fun and Good Luck!"
Tad Arapoglou $100.00 "Way to go, Wendy! You get $75 from the Texas Rangers and a little extra from the Commissioner himself, haha. Great cause, thanks for doing this!"
jaki sitterle $200.00 "Go Dmitri! "
Warren Thorpe $50.00 "Good luck!"
paul bradbury $150.00 "Good luck Paul, love Cheryl"
Allison Ziering Walmark $118.00 "Watch out for the Big Monkey when you get to the top! I hear he loves beautiful women!!!! XO, The Walmark/Ziering Family"
Lori Bochon $100.00 "Go Sista!!!"
Christopher Harrington $50.00 "From Brian and I. I have put in for my company Match. GO STEVE!"
Clifford Jackson $2,500.00 "Enjoy the moment and your time in NYC"
john rauch $50.00 "Sure hope you are not so out of shape that you get passed by several old women :)"
Andrea Berkley $100.00 "Good for you, Julie! Xo "
Jodie Mysel $100.00 "Kick Ass! : "
Winston Samet $5.00 "Go grandma! Love, Winston and Zoey!"
Rhonda Rauch-Sharrun $50.00 "Have a great run up all those stairs!"
Nancy Ricigliano $100.00 "Way to go Debbie!"
Ivor Pine $35.00 "Go get 'em!!! :) "
Alex Dimitrief $250.00 "Jay: Climb on, dude! Alex"
Ken Decker $25.00 "Good luck!"
Thomas Swahlan $20.00 "Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I remember someone went up the Empire state buildings stairs walking on there hands the whole way.Good luck,We know you can do it.Tom"
Karen Nicholson $10.00 "Good Luck Brian x"
paul bradbury $200.00 "Donation for Loic thanks for the parking space - good luck."
paul bradbury bradbury $25.00 "Good luck from the Dominion rowing team"
Chris Betts $15.00 "Good luck Brian ! You will do great. "
Lisa & Michael Seibert $50.00 "Best of luck to you Mickey, you are doing a great thing."
Kathleen Tatto $25.00 "Sounds amazing, Mick! Is there room for spectators?"
Brad Bilski $50.00 "Good luck my friend for a worthy cause!"
Erin BUckley $50.00 "Sounds like a great experience! Good luck and happy training! : ) Erin (Wainman) Buckley"
Ralph and Patti Rabice $50.00 "Could not be prouder!! You are always the first to lend a hand ( or a run in this case) to help others. Best of luck training and on race day. You da man!! We love you xx oo"
Pat Berndt Mc Cully $25.00 "Micky, All the best in your race for a great cause! Pat"
Lee Mercier $100.00 "I'm glad to help in this great cause and to remember Mike. Lee"
Stephen Goldman Hidden "We are happy to support this worthwhile cause, Your Friends at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Stephen Goldman "
Steve Horner Hidden "In memory of Mike! Thanks for doing this."
Laurie & Ron Norman $25.00 "BEST OF LUCK! VERY COOL YOU CAN DO THIS! WE WILL BE CHEERING FOR YOU FROM LAS VEGAS! THE NORMAN'S (friends with Dee, Patti & Ralph)"
Ro & Jim Malfetti $100.00 "Ted & Jay, Way to go!!! xo, Aunt Ro & Uncle Jim "
Jeff Russell Hidden "Glad to help, Grant.. good luck hitting your goal!"
Ryan Conway $150.00 "Good luck for a great cause. The team name goes well with Grant's chicken chest."
Maureen Lucas $200.00 "What an honor both to Mike and Mary that you guys are doing this.... Grant, I am so going to try and make it to New York to see you do this event. Thanks Moe"
Kevin Vaughn $50.00 "This is awesome! I wish you the best of luck and holy crap be careful! GO Brittany! "
Scott Conway $250.00 "Is there an over/under on the floors you'll make? How do you train for something like this in flat Florida??"
Andrew Siegel $100.00 "Your efforts will certainly benefit the MMRF. I will plan to wait on the 43rd floor with a sign that says, "You are half way there, you can't quit now, KEEP CLIMBING!""
Rebecca White $50.00 "Uh, I want a before & after picture. "
Julie Choi $50.00 "In memory of my co-worker and friend, Sue McKenna's brother. "
steven h santini $100.00 "Grant, Ted and John, Congratulations on the wonderful success that you are having raising funds for this worthwhile cause. Thank you for including me in your solicitation! I wish you all the best on 2/6. Steve"
Michael Sweeney $100.00 "Good luck Grant. "
Anonymous $100.00 "Good luck, Grant!"
Harry Neumann, Jr, $100.00 "Josh a wonderful thing you are doing for a great cause. I wish you much success. Chip"
Farah Visslailli $25.00 "Good luck, Bryce!"
Ares and Atlas Totolos Hidden "We're rooting for you Uncle Bryce! Love Ares and Atlas"
Stan Grissinger $100.00 "Grant: How bad can a lousy 1/4 mile be, just tilt the building!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good Luck Team Chicken Legs ! Miss ya Hank !"
Jordan Blilie Hidden "All the best, Bryce!! "
Keith Nowak $100.00 "Good Luck Bryce. My son is considering doing the same run."
Jerry Banyots $50.00 "Wife and I took the elevator up this past July. Hope you have time to enjoy the view."
Una Fuller $50.00 "StairMaster!"
Adam Miller $500.00 "Keep on truckin!"
David Moulton $50.00 "Go get em Mickster! "
Chuck & Sandy Wainman $100.00 "Mick After trailing you all the way up the mountain last week, no question but "you da man" to get this climb done. Chuck"
Lisa Babajko $50.00 "Keep fighting until a cure!!"
Connie Zuidema $50.00 "In memory of my mom, Betty Heyboer, who suffered with multiple myeloma until her death in 1994."
Jim & Carolyn Burke $200.00 "Go Moo for Team Chicken Legs!"
Ed Trifone Hidden "With Ted's red hair shouldn't it be Team Rooster Leg's?! Your support for MMRF in honor or Mike and Mary is very noble. Good luck. "
Nancy Ireland $50.00 "It is wonderful that you are doing this. Please think of my sister,Jill and Judy's and my friend, Jane. Both have multiple myeloma. Research is the key for beating this awful disease."
Lisa Lister $100.00 "This is awesome; good luck guys! love, Aunt Lisa, Uncle John & the gang"
Michael Nelson $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Brad Cunningham $20.00 "Goot luck Steve."
Michael Drennan $250.00 "Go get 'em, Joe!! Thanks for everything you'de done for my family! Semper Fi, Mike"
David Brown $100.00 "Steve, Keep up the great work!!"
Kirk Kolligian $25.00 "Break a leg Steve :-)"
John Merkle $50.00 "Good Luck Stephen! "
Laura Reeds $25.00 "Good luck Bryce!"
Larry & Kathryn Drennan Donovan $100.00 "Good Luck, Joe! I've heard nothing but great things about you, so I know you will do well! "
Andrea Hutchinson $50.00 "Best of luck to you, Stephen!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Len!"
Brett Owen $100.00 "You go Stevie!"
Joe Mariani $100.00 "Good Luck buddy...have fun"
Stephen Reck $50.00 "Run, Steve, Run!"
Mike Aldrich $250.00 "Joe - You are supporting a great cause in the MMRF. Just like any Marine family, Kathy Giusti and her organization "adapt and overcome!" "
Susan Faris $100.00 "Good luck with this formidable task!!"
Terri Bongo Facchini $25.00 "Good luck Stephen I know you will do this without any problem!!! Wonderful research cause as well and iI appreciate your generosity for doing this!!! "
Robert Outtrim $25.00 "Good luck bud!"
Chava Mirel $50.00 "Good luck Bryce! Thanks for this opportunity to participate!"
Joan Mercantini $100.00 "Way to go!"
Andrew Englander $100.00 "Good luck! -- Andrew & Lisa"
John Kane $200.00 "Good Luck Steve"
Lisa Friedman Hidden "You go Julie!!!!!!"
Scott Pryor $50.00 "Go Kristen, go...prayers from ND!"
Christine ONeill $50.00 "You are such an inspiration! Good luck!"
Robert von Bremen $25.00 "Good Luck Joe, great cause. "
Mark Berkowsky $100.00 "Good Luck, Len!"
Karen Gomez $20.00 "Good luck Kathy! That sounds like a lot of stairs, but you are doing a great thing! "
Chris Cogan Hidden "Great cause, well done -- good luck!"
Jacqui Waddock $25.00 "Steve, you are a nut, but a nut with a cause!"
Sara Tapinekis $100.00 "I'll be there cheering you guys on- especially if you beat George!!! :)"
Sara Tapinekis $300.00 "So proud of you. Thank you for doing this each year for the MMRF and in memory of Uncle Ray. Just don't embarrass me by losing to Deb Samet. :)"
Michelle Giurlando $50.00 "Good luck, Kristen! You are an awesome role model!"
Zachary Fine $100.00 "Glad we can help, and good luck!"
nicole husar Hidden "Great cause! good luck- your gym pal Nicole :)"
Caroline & Allen Avakian $100.00 "Go, Julie!"
Keith and Terri Dyer $50.00 "NIce gams! Hope the charlie horses are minimal during this training. God bless ya. "
Thompson VW Porsche Audi $50.00 "Good luck from Thompson VW, Porsche Audi!"
Janet & Mike Crowley $25.00 "Good Luck Joe!!!"
Marc Tesler $100.00 "keep climbing mountains--and buildings"
Rick & Lisa Parmelee $50.00 "Go Steve...good luck!!!"
John Fredrickson $100.00 "Get those Quads to Burn!!"
Bill and Nancy Tripp $100.00 "Good luck Grant and Team! What a great endeavor!"
The Ratners $100.00 "So happy to support you. "
Sean Corcoran Hidden "Go Lindi!"
Guy Martin $100.00 "David you are the man. Keep up the good deeds."
victoria ribon $50.00 "An excellent accomplishment Greg...!! Vicky Ribon"
James Pinaire $50.00 "Great cause and effort ! Good luck on top 10 finish."
Thomas Unchester $50.00 "Go get 'em Greg!"
Joan Kwong Hidden "Good luck, Greg -- and have fun!"
Donald Hora Jr. $20.00 "Take the elevator Greg...I won't tell! "
Ernie Spinelli $50.00 "Greg--- good luck and stay the generous person you are."
mike rosenberg $50.00 "Good luck Greg!"
Domenick Claudio $25.00 "Kathryn - your actions to support this cause is greatly appreciated - conquer those steps!"
Robert Sideli $25.00 "Remember what you learned in running drills! Good luck."
Rick Gronda $100.00 "Good luck, Steve."
Marissa Saponare $25.00 "Good luck Steve!!!"
Nina Varindani Hidden "Good luck Danielle! This donation is from Andrea and I! :)"
Ruth Cavallaro $100.00 "Good Luck Sally, Love Mom"
Lisa Miller $20.00 "Good luck Greg!!"
Ken Poggi $25.00 "Good Luck"
David Mitchell $100.00 "Good luck, Len!"
Michele Sobocienski $25.00 "Kris- Cheering you on everyday and on those stairs! Love and Lolli's- Michele "
Anonymous Hidden "An awesome endeavor, for an awesome cause. Go get it Hart. Vroooom."
Katherine Withey $50.00 "Jersey girls, toughest in the world. You are amazingly strong and an inspiration, Kristen! Go girl!"
Kate Lindo $25.00 "YOU GO GIRL!"
Holly Radoci Yonker $25.00 "Good Luck Hart! XOXO"
Joanne Magro $100.00 "While we've never met, you and your girls have special place in my heart. Good luck and God bless!"
Dana Coiro $50.00 "Good luck Kristin!!!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Yay Alexis! I'm donating to see you reach the top!"
Anonymous $5.00 "Alexis!!!!! You can do this! Use ur muscular legs u got goin! ;)"
SHAWN AGAN $250.00 "Jacob Keith and the rest of the Iowa Agan's are in your corner Kris! Go get em! PS - Can you text an update after ascending each stair? Oh and, there is a great gift shop on the 74th floor, can you do a quick detour during the climb and pick us up a keychain? Also... Love ya! We'll be there with you in spirit!"
Peter Chiariello $50.00 "can he swim?"
Patricia & David DiGiorgio $25.00 "In memory of our friend Karen Dougherty's brother Mike."
Edward Guttenplan $200.00 "W&G is happy to support you in this vertical race for such a good cause."
Gerard Place $25.00 "You better run better than last year...I'll be watching you!!! Chooch!!! Have a great run!!! Ge"
Ann Batchelor $50.00 "Good luck Bryce!!"
Mark Copeland $25.00 "What's with wearing gloves when you run? Good luck."
Steve Wojdyla $50.00 "Good Luck Zotti"
Margaret Halfpenny $50.00 "Good luck Ted and Jay. We're rooting for you. Mike was a great person. So glad you are doing this in his memory. Aunt Peggy and Uncle Steve"
Penelope Grenside $50.00 "Good Luck Yana. Thank you for being inspired by Emma and for supporting Multiple Myeloma.xx"
paul bradbury $250.00 "Good luck from St Mary's Inn"
Sergio de Leon Hidden "Good luck on such a noble cause guys! I lost my Mom to cancer 15 years ago. Move those chicken legs!"
Margaret Devlin $250.00 "Good Luck!"
John & Traci Beevers $50.00 "Good luck, Joe! Happy to support you and your cause."
Gayle Somerstein $100.00 "Good luck Debbie!"
Jan Daly $500.00 "Good luck, Bayden. We are very proud of you for supporting such a vital cause. We hope that when you reach the top, you are still able to appreciate the view! love, Mum & Dad"
Jill Mikes $100.00 "What a great challenge!!!"
Gary Johnson $250.00 "Good luck!! Pace yourself!"
Jennifer Goldstein $75.00 "Scaling new heights...Good Luke!!"
Lesley and Steve Carsons $100.00 "Your mom and grandmother would be so very proud of the lovely, strong woman you have become. "
Ira Wiss $35.00 "Good Luck Sally! Have Fun..With Love Ira"
Dawn Ciccone $20.00 "Kick butt Sally:) Love ya!"
David Zurheide $25.00 "You are STILL amazing - good luck!"
Debra Donovan $100.00 "Good Luck Scott!! We have no doubt you'll make it to the top. Courtney, Sean & Debbi"
Robert TORRE $100.00 "If I were you.....when you finish I would keep on Running !"
Janet Addesso $25.00 "Sally, You must be a "gluten for punishment" Lots of luck! If anyone can do it AGAIN It's you! Janet"
Kim Feygin $100.00 "Good luck David!!"
Robyn Hart $200.00 "You go sis! I believe in you! You can do anything you set your mind to! I love you!"
Jon & Jean Poole $250.00 "Good luck guys! We are all proud of you!"
Jacob Schwartz $100.00 "That's A LOT of steps man."
Robert Mantilia $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Todd Dunlop $100.00 "Good Luck David, it has always been on my list to do the CN Tower climb in Toronto, Nice to see somebody checking things off their list! Cheers!"
Frederick Abrey $25.00 "Thank you!"
Mary Moriarty $25.00 "All the best Sally - you are amazing!!"
Doris & Irwin Samet $25.00 "Good luck! Love Mom & Dad"
Doris & Irwin Samet $25.00 "Good luck! Love grandma & grandpa"
John Perkins $100.00 "Paul, you should be very proud to be one of the few selected to compete in this event. I have been competing in the Senior Olympics for years and its a great feeling. Remember two steps at a time. JP"
Bethany Franks $20.00 "What a great cause, thanks for doing this."
GARRETT HOFER $100.00 "Run Forrest! Great cause!"
Lisa Russo $50.00 "Way to go Kathy...we'll be with you in spirit"
Faith Schachne $100.00 "Ain't no mountain how high enough.... Good luck! Love you."
Jamie Parks $100.00 "Best of luck John! From the entire team at Atrium Staffing."
Mike Littell $50.00 "Good luck Steve!!!!"
Kimberly Milo $25.00 "Good luck. You can do it!!!"
Nancy Rohde $50.00 "We love you Kristin! Nancy & Harv <3"
Meredith Post $25.00 "Kick butt, Britt!"
Bruce Meringolo $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Nancy Peralta $50.00 "Best of luck Greg!! "
Laura Applegath $25.00 "Way to go Matt! "
David and Kristin Marshall $100.00 "Kristin - Keith will be with you every step of the way! Good luck - we're cheering you on!"
Adelaide Viscardi $25.00 "GOOD LUCK!"
charlie latshaw $100.00 "good luck sally. i continue to support mmrf in my wife's memory throughout the year. charlie l"
Jennifer Nelson $50.00 "Go Kristen! Warm wishes, Jen "
Jeffrey Bollerman $150.00 "Way to go, Wendy! Good luck."
Mary Kate Apitius $25.00 "Good luck Paul!!!"
Daniel Collins $100.00 "Great cause Steve. Good luck!"
Rose Molina $50.00 "I will make you an 80s running montage mix tape- and find you a tape player. :D"
Sandra Senich $50.00 "Good Luck Steve!"
Kem Conrad $250.00 "Wendy, you ARE a Master of Motion! Keep moving on up and enjoy the view from the top!"
Cathy Quinn $25.00 "You are an amazing inspiration to me. Great website!"
Mike Washakowski $20.00 "You are my inspiration !!! Take it to the top !!"
Suzanne Delgado $30.00 "Good Luck Di......you are awesome!!"
Cheryl and Mike Correia $25.00 "Good Luck, Paul!"
Chrissy Coffey $100.00 "Go Uncle, GO!! "
Uncle John Sotirkys $25.00 "Good luck! Love U!"
Rosemary Gallina $25.00 "Good luck and God bless Deb. Love, Nick & Ro"
Richard Salerno $20.00 "Stay focused Wonder Woman."
Kevin Winterfield $111.11 "For my Dad."
Tristan Lowande $50.00 "Lots of Love! Gregory & Tristan"
william palumbo $100.00 "My prays and thoughts are with you every day keep up the faith and stay strong Love Bill & Karen"
Joseph Pergola $50.00 "Good luck Georgie !!"
Alycia Rosenman $50.00 "Best of Luck!"
steven davies $50.00 "Hey Watch out for King Kong"
Eleanor Powell $100.00 "Good luck Kathy!"
Linda McCarthy $100.00 "We are so proud of you and know you will do your best. Be careful and have fun! Love, Mom and Dad"
Tara Palumbo $250.00 "It takes a lot to be hopeful a positive when something like this happens and I always see your posts and you always have something nice and positive to say! You will be in my prayers every day! Love, TARA "
Eastern Bergen County P.B.A. Local 45 $100.00 "Good Luck Bro!"
Stephen Carega $88.89 "Good job here George! "
Kristina Wesselink $25.00 "GO JOHN! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Marco Segall $25.00 "You go, Jw!"
Samuel Lazare $100.00 "All the best to you, Marie!! Miss you, Sammy :)"
Heather Hoffmeyer $10.00 "For my grandma. RIP"
Ellen Zamechansky Hidden "Way to go Paul! You are truly an inspiration with all you do!"
Marla Egers $50.00 "Way to go Danielle. In memory of my dad,, Louis Weiss who battled Multiple Myeloma for 6 years. Thanks for what you're doing."
John Flores $25.00 "I wish I could give more but this is what I can for now. Good luck Stephen this is a great cause."
Anthony Schiraldi $25.00 "Good luck on reaching your goal Paul....from your Friends Anthony,Christina,Dominic and Alexis Schiraldi"
Lukasz Najmrodzki $20.00 "Good Luck Brian!!"
Evgenia Kagan $50.00 "Way to go, girl!!!! I am really proud of you."
Darryl Conte $75.00 "Go Greg! No staggering!"
Kimberly Hist $50.00 "It is all about giving back:)"
Mary Araneo $50.00 "Good luck, Paul!"
Richard Braun $100.00 "Nice work, David!"
Franco Juricic $50.00 "Great job! But no elevator easy-ride on the way back down. We miss you in the Bldg 33 stairwell Greg."
Kathleen Zender $150.00 "You make your mama PROUD! Wish I could be there too!.... "Still crazy after all these years!!!!" (An old song from days past - seems to suite you well) :-)"
Barbara Parham $50.00 "Matt, this sounds like a tough one, but I know you will do great ! Please add my half-brother's name to your shirt - in honor of Bob Pecot. Thanks and best of luck, Barbara"
Samantha Fahy $25.00 "Go John!! Great event and charity!! Good luck, Sam"
Richard & Dawn Totten $100.00 "Good luck! Kick cancers a$$!!"
Bonnie and Tony Morgan $50.00 "Good luck!!!"
Piya Wannachaiwong $30.00 "Good luck Danielle! So proud of you!"
John Varitimidis $20.00 "So proud of you!"
Robert Zuckerman $200.00 "If you walk down too, I will double my contribution."
Lisa and Mike DIPIERRO $25.00 "Good luck Debbie! Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Love, Lisa, Mike & Jess "
Andrea Ouida $50.00 "I am a myeloma patient in remission and greatly appreciate your doing this. Good luck!"
Lisa Bucci $50.00 "Kris, you are an inspiration to us all. Good luck and God Bless you and your beautiful girls."
Jennifer Lally $50.00 "You can do it tough guy!! "
Joseph Fisch $50.00 "Devo Run like the wind !!!! Love Joey and Sheri"
julie obrien $50.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Kelly MacGaunn $20.00 "Good luck!"
Jen Gaudiello $50.00 "Love u hart! We will be there to cheer you on!"
Will Richmond $100.00 "Scoooneee - good luck!!!"
Dumont Local #377 Dumont Local #377 $250.00 "Go for it !!!!!"
Bloomingdale Boro Clerk's Office $50.00 "Good Luck Paul !"
Martha Louise Chumbler $50.00 "Best of Luck Friend! ~ In rememberance of Eddie Onley"
Kathleen and Urs Keller $100.00 ""May the wind be always at your back" :) Love, Kathleen, Urs, Mary, and all of our family "
Teresa Wendolovski $150.00 "Good luck George!"
Linda Eveleigh $100.00 "George, so proud of you for doing this.. thank you from the Eveleighs"
Debbie & Warren Samet $88.88 "Go George! Good luck!"
JAMES HEALY $25.00 "Debbie, I am sorry to read about what you are facing. I will lift you and your family up in prayer. Jim Healy"
Laura Shelley $50.00 "Best of luck, Bayden! You should be very proud of yourself for taking this on :) from the Shelley family."
Jenny and Brett Woodis $200.00 "Go Allison!! You rock! Thank you so much for helping raise money to support the MMRF, I know my dad will be smiling down! "
Nancy Levine Schaffer $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Jeannine Viscardi $250.00 "Good luck at the race!"
Anonymous $2,500.00 "Good luck Climb like the wind!"
Tracy Suchcicki Hidden "Go get 'em Debbie! One of these days, I will be climbing those steps right along with you!"
Ifraz Illyas $150.00 "Good luck Tulli. God Bless you. "
Kathleen Moore $25.00 "You can do it, You can do it, if you put your mind to it! If you put your mind to it, you can do it, do it, DO IT!!!! A little cheer to keep you going, when the going gets rough!"
Maryann Martin $50.00 "Good Luck Lizzie ! We are rooting for you."
Kathleen Ingles $50.00 "Good Luck Joe! Every step counts!"
Marsi Gardiner $50.00 "Happy new year our donation is in honor of Your 3 rd wedding anniversary and the New year an exciting year for you both Love Marsi and Eric "
David Solomon $100.00 "Good luck, Mark!"
Keri Heitzenroder $50.00 "wishing you good luck deb ! love, keri."
HARRY LIDSKY $50.00 "Good luck Steve!"
Lara Reynolds $20.00 "Go Brian Go! Love your work. Love the 'sports uniform' (kilt)! Lara x"
Deana Havens $25.00 "Go Hart! We're cheering for you!"
Wendy Smith $100.00 "Go Lindi!"
Roseann Buro $100.00 "Way to go Alex! Best of Luck to you. Roseann Buro"
Blake Howard Hidden "Go Scott Go! Sympathies to your knees and hips..."
Edward Nejat $25.00 "Go Scott!"
Mark Manton $75.00 "If you can do this - we will have to get you to do a mud race with us next summer - good luck / have fun! Love the Manton Family! My Company has a gift matching form if you can meet me I can get you a completed copy.... can't scan, need orig. signatures."
mara shapiro $50.00 "good luck!!"
Neal & Lemor Elkin $50.00 "Good luck Paula and Diane!!! This donation is also in memory of Neals dad that past from this horrible cancer. RIP Mel Elkin"
Jeff Rowell $100.00 "You are awesome for doing this! Best of luck in reaching your goal."
Samantha Hansen $100.00 "Have fun!!!! Hope you make it up there! "
Korrin Seavey $50.00 "Go get it girl!!!!"
Jason Mandel $100.00 "Good luck Julie! - Dana & Jason Mandel"
stewart shanfield $100.00 "Congratulations Mary. You an inspiration and your accomplishment is a testament to your courage and determination. Stewart & Kathleen Shanfield"
Kristin Schwieger $100.00 "I am so proud of you for doing this again. You are amazing!"
Julie & Jeremy Kaufman $100.00 "Way to go Jules! So impressed!!"
Bonni Voiland $50.00 "Up you go, Scott! Making a difference toward a cure for this horrible disease!"
Lisa Longmire $100.00 "Hi Lisa I am the ST HOC of the Nashville territory. I so admire you for this effort! Thank you for doing this, it is really an incredible undertaking! Lisa Longmire "
Nathan Logan $20.00 "Good Luck !"
Natalia Khakhoula $50.00 "You are an inspiration! Climb Jodi, climb! "
Tom and Stefanie Daley $50.00 "Going all King Kong on us for a great cause. Way to go, Jodi!"
M Lynn Brewer $500.00 "Hi Mary, Will be thinking of you on February 6th! Those participants will be most fortunate to see you and your wonderful smile as they "trip the light fantastic" up those stairs!!! I treasure my "cup" picture of Maui and think of you most days when I am home. You were a treasure to my sister Arlene for years; particularly during her last days. Jan and Gail keep me updated on your activities. Stay strong Mary!!!!!!!! Love, Lynn Brewer"
Staci Baer $50.00 "Good luck conquering New York, Wendy! This is so awesome! Hugs!"
Kristin Franchi $50.00 "Good luck Tudge! We love you. xoxo, Kristin and Roddie. "
Beverly Pettit $250.00 "You will be in the Pettit families hearts and minds on the day of the race with great love and appreciation! "
Paul Schnebelen $50.00 "Hi Lisa, Good luck!"
Theodore Clarke $250.00 "Congratulations Mary and Jim. Best wishes for the new year."
dawn howe $100.00 "Good luck!"
Phillip Unger $100.00 "Wishing you many more wonderful years of good health and happiness ! Phil and Audrey"
Carl canaparo $500.00 "Bill, our company wants that magnet so we are boning up on NY Trivia!"
Michael Ford $250.00 "86 flights is no joke, i'm impressed. I might make a donation to the American Heart Association as well in case you have a heart attack"
Peter Mitchell $500.00 "Mary your courage and support is breathtaking. This is a testament to supporting medical research, having the finest physicians in the world and you fighting this ever step of the way. Thank you for allowing me and so many to share in this victory and to help such a great cause. Love and go get em! Peter Mitchell"
Robbi Lew $50.00 "Wishing you the best of luck on your journey to the top! "
Jon Wilkman $250.00 "Go, Mary!"
Sheryl Reilly $25.00 "Good luck Lindi! "
Bart Oxley $100.00 "Glad to be a "stairclimb friend" and looking forward to the pics!"
Chris & Oscar Clevidence $500.00 "Congratulations Mary and Jim. We are all very excited and proud of both of you. This is not an easy accomplishment as you both well know. Way to go Mary!!"
bruce carpenter $100.00 "Janette and I like what you have accomplished!"
Nicole and Doug Bennett $50.00 "Doug, Shooby and I are behind you 100%. Way to go!!!"
Beth Piekarczyk $50.00 "Way to go Lisa! Congratulations on your dedication to this very important foundation. Beth"
Chip Clark $500.00 "Mary- you are truly an inspiration to us all. May 2013 only bring you great health and happiness. Best, Chip"
Melissa Kelly $50.00 "Show those steps who's boss, Mario! : )"
Jessica Muroff $50.00 "You are amazing!!"
TERESA BROWN $50.00 "Good Luck Teresa and Mike"
Kelly Hughes $100.00 "One step at a time, maybe two! xo"
Betty Eilers $200.00 "Good Luck on your run!! Love, Mom & Dad"
Shirley Fredricks $100.00 "I'm delighted to support this worthy cause in Mary's name."
Nicole Helstowski $50.00 "All the best to you! Miss working together! "
John DiGirolamo $25.00 "Nothing is Over! Nothing! Good luck Buddy very proud of you."
Matthew Haber $25.00 "Kill that 5K! and F*ck Cancer!"
Krista Groen $25.00 "I wish I was going with you!!! "
Bradford Wales Hidden "Nice work, JP!"
Ronald Singer $100.00 "Looking forward to seeing you and Norm in NYC after "the climb" "
Kevin Patterson $50.00 "Good luck in NYC. Make sure you pack a scarf!"
Jennifer Mahon $25.00 "Good luck!"
Henry Buzgon $250.00 "I'm betting on Grant to finish first."
Gordon Ownby $100.00 "We're happy to be part of this effort. Enjoy the view from up there, Mary! -- Gordon & Leor"
Alicia Hernandez $50.00 "Go Lisa!"
Polly & Jerry Dirvin $394.00 "25 cents per step! Good luck!!"
TK and Cynthia Kelly $100.00 "Great way to remember Mike and we are proud to contribute. Good luck!"
Joe Heiberger $50.00 "Lisa, Good luck and have fun! You do know they have an elevator? I saw it on Elf!!"
Donna Haber $25.00 "Good Luck! You will make it to the top with no problem. "
Jennifer & James Schlett $20.00 "Go Kristen Go!! We believe in you and we're rooting for you!"
Frank Hickey $100.00 "Mick, I'm so impressed that you are taking action against this devastating and cruel disease. Best of luck, old friend."
michael nissenblatt $250.00 " Now that you have survived climacophobia, there are no excuses! Marlene and Mike"
Kimberly Marsh $30.00 "Good luck, Danielle!!"
Richard Merritt $1,000.00 "Mary, Congratulations to you on this well-deserved honor!!! We support you 100% and wish you continued strength, courage and great health. We welcome the opportunity to participate in this event. With love, Stephanie and Rick"
Andrea linder $100.00 "Continue to Inspire Mary! Andrea Linder"
Jimmy Manning $25.00 "Good luck KH, Hammer it!!!"
MARILYN BARNHART $20.00 "You go Mick!"
Alicia Brodeur $50.00 "Good luck Deb & best wishes <3 "
Julie Faller $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Erasmus Schneider Hidden "No wonder you are so fit, good luck Mark!"
Fairless Cindy $50.00 "You rock!"
Tamara Hon $19.00 "Good luck, Danielle!! You're an inspiration."
Michelle Joy & Steve McGraw $50.00 "What an awesome way to support this cause - we know you'll do great! Best of luck!!"
Mouzetta Zumwalt $50.00 "Lisa, this is awesome. Thank you for what you are doing!!"
Sandra Skolnick $25.00 "Good Luck Debbie and David! "
Torre Rivers $50.00 "Kristin...Keith will be with you every step up...good luck and so proud of you...your strength amazes me."
Ben Cooke $1,325.00 "Paul - Well done with the fund raising, good luck, Ben"
Lisa Vaughn $150.00 "Way to go Brittany! Have a great time!"
Anonymous Hidden "Go get 'em, V!"
Jim Kelly $100.00 "Way to go Paul. All the best!"
mickey carusillo $1,000.00 "I'll double it if Tom runs"
Sandy Panagiotou $100.00 "Good luck Paul!! Kick some butt. Love Tri-valley restaurant and Sandy. "
Michele Sutton $50.00 "You Rock!!! Best of Luck!"
Mina Bobel $25.00 " No one can knock the wind out of Wendy. Enjoy a breath of fresh air at the top!!! R U taking the elevator down??? Good luck rqDirR"
Barry Copland $15.00 "Good luck Uncle John John. Don't ask me where I got a credit card. Woof, Barry. "
Joy Ferst $50.00 "Good Luck Kristin! What a beautiful tribute! :-)"
Robin Gable $30.00 "Pat, I am so proud of you, I know this cause is dear to you. I am not going to make any side deals on you beating your time from last year, because I know I will loose. So Good Luck. Love you Rob."
Vivian Gable $30.00 "Good Luck Pat, Love you -- Viv"
Cindy Farrington $100.00 "I'm with you every step of the way!"
Jerry Pappas $100.00 "That will be one tasty pint when ur done! Good luck!"
Paul Coderre $25.00 "Best of luck on the climb Mark! "
elaine uhl $25.00 "Good Luck Dana love from the big brat"
terry Ballou $100.00 "Mark, Good Luck! Wish I could do the climb with you. Next year!"
David Wray $100.00 "Enjoy the stroll"
Norm / Jodi Perry $50.00 "We will have fun!!! Good luck!!!"
John Nazzaro $250.00 "GLUCK ON RUNNING THOSE STAIRS! "
Susan Bartolone $15.00 " go Danielle!"
judy gruszczynski $20.00 "Boy, steps!......bless your heart......proud of you and your efforts. i will encourage others to contribute too. best of luck."
Steve Thomas $50.00 "John- Glad to see you're stepping up! Best wishes and enjoy! -Steve"
cynthia orlando $10.00 "John I've heard you really have made a difference with your energy and strive but for this, I commend you. Cousin Cynthia Stiffler"
Deborah Guy $25.00 "John, Your photograph and Cause are compelling! Cousin, Deb"
Ron Reho $50.00 "Good Luck Steve"
Eduardo Encinas $5.00 "Estimado amigo John, te deseo todooooo lo mejor en tu meta, espero que te vaya muy muy bien, mucho exito, hermano, adelante con los faroles!!! -Eduardo :) "
Tanya Amodio Hidden "You are awesome!"
John Raleigh $100.00 "Inspirational!"
Paul and Denise Gottlieb $100.00 "Mary, As we have said before, you are truly an inspiration . It is our honor to contribute to your recognition. Love, Paul and Denise Gottlieb "
Gerald Yoshida $250.00 "Mary, keep up the fight. You are truly an inspiration to all."
Tammy Wu $100.00 "Congratulations Mary and Jim! You are an inspiration to all of us! Tammy and Calvin"
Leah Volz $25.00 "Good Luck..."
Barbara Brown $25.00 "Friendly Runner on the Stairs! Have fun and good luck :)"
Corey & Jennifer Dainty $100.00 "Run Forrest Run! LOL"
Adam & Sara Gruszczynski $50.00 "We wish you the best of luck!! What an amazing thing you are doing!"
Stacey Czamara $50.00 "Keith must be so proud of you!"
Johanna and Dave Wellington $100.00 "You go girl, always knew you were a little crazy. "the boys" and I are cheering for you!"
Stella Bella Hidden "Good luck Tulli! You got this dude : ) "
Kelly Lynch $100.00 "I am also a passionate runner, best of luck! Kelly Lynch"
Leslie Goudie Hidden "GO VICTORIA!"
Charlie McBieberfelt $25.00 "Good lucky John. I'll always support my favorite Copeland."
Cindy Friedman $18.00 "In memory of Frank Guarino, Jr."
Juan Carlos Cobo $100.00 "Mary... we are behind you all the way. You have battled this obstacle in your life with dignity, class, and true grit! Lots of people behind you, most of all Jim, but you stand out as an example of courage and determination. You are loved and admired! God bless you.... JC Cobo"
Timothy & Karen Padovese $750.00 "Mary and Jim are two of the finest people you will ever meet and Mary is an inspiration to us all! "
Erin Wilkinson $275.00 "Good luck and God Speed! I love you Pat"
Susan Reynolds $100.00 "Wishing you many healthy years ahead! So glad you are doing well."
Dr.Graham and Lezlie Purcell $200.00 "Dear Mary, Your heart and love of life is taller than the Empire State Building. You are an inspiration to all of us. Graham and Lezlie."
Andrea Hallett $50.00 "Good Luck Lisa!!"
Brant Wellman $100.00 "Oingo Boingo - Good for Your Soul. That could get me through anything while I was running. That should be able to get you through 1500 or so stairs. Do it because you can."
Barbara Dillard $300.00 "There are no words to express how much I admire you and how happy I am that we're friends. Way to go Mary and Jim!"
Philomena Markiewicz $30.00 "Good Luck Dana!"
Amber Gruszczynski $20.00 "Wahoo!!! Go John!! We's rooting for ya!"
Courtney Raterman $25.00 "You go Steve! Best of luck!! "
Carolyn Diamond $50.00 "Dana....go for it and fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith"
Truls Erichsrud $200.00 "Good Luck from Mami & Don Montana"
Diane Arndt $30.00 "Good luck Diane! You inspire me! xoxo"
Amber Ostrander $25.00 "Good luck Dana! "
mary fanara $10.00 "50K = 30 miles? I hope it wasn't over that terrain the whole way. We Love You, John! M, W&T"
Tom Farrell $25.00 "My best friend passed away this past November from plasma cell leukemia, which is an aggressive form of multiple myeloma. "
Malcolm Paul $250.00 "I am pleased to support this important event."
Casey McGee $50.00 "I guess Beach Beast was just a little warm up for you! Good Luck!"
James Dickerson $30.00 "Give em' hell, John!!!"
Ann Magnotti $25.00 "Hi Debbie, I met u today at Macy's Shoe Dept.; I was so impressed with you. I know you will give this race your all. You go girl!! Stay positive and remember everyone is rooting for you. Ann"
Meredith Flittner $50.00 "You rock lady! Congrats on being a badass....so proud of you!"
Mark DeLong $50.00 "Thanks! Lisa for raising funds for such a great cause. You are AMAZING! "
Mark Saker $50.00 "So glad that you are doing this - glad I am too, may we both live to tell the tale. King Kong eat yer 'eart out! Mark (and Sue of course who says THANKYOU!)"
Dominick DeLorio Jr $100.00 "Lindi, Good luck, Dominick & Marilyn"
Dominick DeLorio Jr $50.00 "Mark, Good luck, Dominick & Marilyn"
Nick & Elena Cicchetti $50.00 "Much luck in your run this year!"
Mark Nubile $50.00 "Good Luck Paul, you know you got this !"
Patricia Fenimore Hidden "Congratulations Matt on supporting this worthy charity. You certainly have our support and we are sending this information off to other friends and family members. Wow, what an experience. Good luck to you. You are soaring to new heights. Love, breathlessly, Mom and Bill "
Gina Klemm $25.00 "Frank will be cheering you on! Good Luck Dana!"
Ronald Dunn $100.00 "You are doing a great thing Master Dunn"
Jennisa Ebert $25.00 "Go get it Sheila!! Sooo proud of you!"
Duane Hosang $100.00 "Good luck Truls, I hope that you make it under 15 minutes."
Kathy Wolf Hidden "Matt, Congratulations on this acomplishment-- I'd like to make this contribution in honor of your wonderful and brave mom. Kathy Wolf"
Catherine A. Fanara $50.00 "With love from all of us - Allison, Giovanni and Katie! "
Angie Neske Hidden "Go Wendy Go!! Take those stairs two at a time all the way to the top! Love Matt, Angie and Liv"
Jeff Adams $50.00 "Hold on to the rail! Good luck."
Jessica Roberts Hidden "This is a great cause. Thanks for participating...."
Madeleine Fontillas Ronk $50.00 "Climb fast and climb high Bill! See you at the top on NY!!"
Tessa Atkins $200.00 "Such an amazing cause...good luck my friend!!"
Sharon Kalmanowitz $25.00 "You go girl !"
Brad & Cheryl Howard $100.00 "Thanks for supporting this cause!!!"
Jerry Sharfstein $50.00 "You are a wild man. Best of luck and all my love to you and Susan. I have visions of joining you for a beer at your neighborhood pub. Jerry "
Olga Dimaso $50.00 "<3"
Phyllis Berardo $25.00 "Go Lizzie :)"
Eric Otterson $100.00 "Step by step, baby all the way up!"
catherine kluckhohn $50.00 "Pat-best of luck to you-what an awesome challenge!!"
LtCol Lawrence Drennan USMC (ret) $250.00 "In memory of Irma Drennan, a proud Marine wife and mother. Thanks for everything you did on her behalf, Joe. Semper Fi, Larry Drennan"
Sofia Pacione $50.00 "You go girl!! This will be an incredible accomplishment! Can't wait to hear all about it XO"
James Clayton $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Gregory Jacobson $500.00 "Congratulations on the well deserved honor Mary. Betsy and Greg Jacobson, and Margaret and Craig Milkint."
brandt portugal $50.00 "Good luck buddy"
Lisa Priore $20.00 "Good luck Dana"
Scott Curtis Hidden "Good luck!"
Marilyn Rhoads $50.00 "Go Jo Jo!"
Judy Pashall $25.00 "Mick, as someone who has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, I applaud you for taking on this challenge and raising money for research. I'll be routing for you and don't forget to waive to all when you get to the top. Much appreciated, Judy "
ANDREW WOOLF $100.00 "Good Luck from all at McCallan"
Robert Bradner` $250.00 "Mary, my best wishes and best of luck in continuing to prevail in this ongoing challenge. "
Commonwealth Cares Fund $250.00 "Best of luck from Commonwealth Cares!"
Bill Faxon $50.00 "Great job Lisa!"
William Buchanan $250.00 "Go Bill Go!!"
Jamie Schrier $25.00 "Good luck to both of you! This is a great cause! Very inspiring! Can't wait to hear all about it!"
Debbie Dambra $100.00 "Debbie you are amazing and will née cheering you on. Not a doubt in my mind that u will make it to the top. God bless you always and forever. Love Debbie, Juan and Christian"
Amber Hussain $25.00 "So proud of you! Good luck!!!!"
Megan Tusset $20.00 "Good lucky, D!"
Dow Johnson $50.00 "Climb and Conquer Jodi!"
Patricia Hufnagle $100.00 "THANK YOU DANA! Frank would be proud of you. We're proud of you. "
Theresa DeBell $100.00 "Good luck Dmitri! and thank you for doing this!"
wade pam waddick $250.00 "Kick some butt Paula!!"
Lenore Cardinale $10.00 "I LOVE YOU GUYS! "
Kerry Roberts $50.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Craig Glasser $25.00 "Good luck Diane!!! P.S. bring me back a hot pretzel!!!"
Craig Glasser $25.00 "Good Luck Paula! "
Robert Siegel $100.00 "We're behind you 100%!!! (figuratively speaking, of course! we are not running up all those stairs!)"
elizabeth timmes $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Noreen Siegel $100.00 "Good luck! I am with you! love, Reen"
Matt Barclay $25.00 "Good luck Dana!! Thanks for the opportunity to support a great cause!"
Dmitri Siegel $1,000.00 "This is my match so far...I will continue to match... love you all!"
Suzanne Nardacci $50.00 "As always, tipping my hat to you and your continuous generosity of paying it forward in life; you are blessed a thousand times fold my friend!!!"
The Kennedy Family The Kennedy Family $500.00 "Great job Ted. I can always get the keys for the elevator if you need it."
Thomas McKeary $50.00 "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. (Ronald Reagan) Way To Go Paul. Good Luck!!!! "
Caroline Dierkes $50.00 "Ted and Jay- Good Luck! We can't wait to hear how team Chicken Legs does! - Caroline and Brian"
David Carney Hidden "Go get 'em Jodi!"
Virginia Flores $250.00 "You guys are going to do great!! Love to you both!!"
Randi Outwater $50.00 "Good luck, Paula!"
Flynn/Bentley Fanara/Chirwa $50.00 "We aren't sure what's an empire state. We think it's fud, so run fast Uncle John."
Maria Livesay $50.00 "You are amazing and an incredible force of strength and inspiration to us all!"
Joan Fetzer $25.00 "In memory of Frank Guarino and my grandfather, Harold Meshrow, who also passed away from this disease."
Brenda Nickel $25.00 "Go get'em Joe! Let me know how it goes."
Ravi Patel $50.00 "Great cause Alicia and good luck on the climb!"
Jack Hardy $30.00 "A great cause! Good luck."
kevin mohr $25.00 "good luck steve-O"
donna amodeo $25.00 "Good Luck Dana. Wonderful that you are running for this cause."
Connie Cervati $100.00 "Good luck! Love you!"
Anthony Burch Hidden "Jay! Proud of you man.. MAKE IT TO THE TOP!"
Jacqueline Mileto $25.00 "Run for the celebration of life!"
Alex Fredericks $500.00 "Best of luck!"
Adam Bernstein $500.00 "So proud of you, as always ... You make a difference. Love, Adam"
Steven Walker $50.00 "Go Kid!"
Aldijana Imamovic $50.00 "Adisa and I are happy to support this great cause. Good Luck & Great Job Team Chicken Legs!!! "
Harris Snodgrass $59.00 "Poppa Ruegs please run fast and tell me about it as I will never run that far in my life! I am sure your good friend Mike will be running right by you guys!!"
Jean-Paul Cottave Hidden "Run Jay Run!!!! "
David Meyers $100.00 "Ted - Good Luck!"
Lori Hashizume $100.00 "It's a worthy cause. Good luck with the run!"
Jeanne Jacoby $20.00 "Awesome goal! Good luck with the stair climbing and the fundraising. Hannah is so excited about the dance party!"
lindsey and charlie miesmer $100.00 " We contribute this in loving memory of Lisa Cissel who died in december 2012 of multiple myeloma. Good luck Jay, Lindsey and Charlie"
Angel Almeida $50.00 "You Rock Bro!!!"
Arijana Draganovic Hidden "Good luck Jay! :) "
Kristina Frank $50.00 "Lisa, Very much admire your passion for this cause. Will be sending you good vibes from the west on Feb 6th! "
Laura Chadbourne $50.00 "Way to go, David. And you'll actually probably have fun doing this, too!"
Kara Mills Hidden "Good luck to you both! Thank you for raising money for such a great cause."
Cindy Fijux $20.00 "Good luck Lindi! Ally is excited for the Dance party! :)"
Adam Duffield $25.00 "Yeah Buddy!"
Christina & Ben Kotwica $50.00 "Lots of luck! "
Bradley Ambuel $50.00 "Good Lucky Wendy!!"
Kristin Thompson Hidden "I came across this through a mutual friend. My mom has MM and the MMRF is such a great organization! Good luck to you! I know I couldn't make it up those steps!"
James Hackett $25.00 "Climb Steve Climb. We need you ready for 54 at Bandon!"
Michael Hoffer $50.00 "Good luck Jay!"
Amy McGeorge $100.00 "Awful disease! Go, Chicken Legs!!!"
Fran Burger $100.00 "You Go Girl!! Fran"
Allison Billingsby $25.00 "Good luck Dana! XO"
Angela Vellucci $50.00 "Debbie: You are an inspiration! Your personality will get you through any curve balls life may throw out you...just throw them back and smile. Love & prayers always, Angela"
Kristen Buerstetta $100.00 "Go get 'em, Victoria!"
Jon Salk $50.00 "Robyn and I wish you good luck!"
Jim Scott $100.00 "Good luck Dana!"
Meg Stapleton Smith Hidden "So proud of you, Danielle!"
Karl Poetzl $24.20 "Strong men also cry."
Brian Schmidt $100.00 "Don't trip"
Ingrid Bedell $50.00 "Lisa told me about the run up the Empire State Building...good luck!"
Kimberly Lindsey-Amoah $25.00 "Good luck! I can't wait to here if you pass out or not! "
Lucia Marion $50.00 "Good luck, Jay! Cia & Hetty"
Greg Barr $75.00 "Go Kyle!! Once you've done the Empire State you can Hustle Up The Hancock on Flag Day."
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck!"
Amy Markovich $25.00 "Good luck - that's a lot of stairs! I expect you to make sure they accurately counted them while running up them..."
Joann Hannis $20.00 "Good luck Dana! "
Anne Schaefer-Salinas Hidden "Mary, you are an inspiration every day! "
Rachel Irimescu $100.00 "There is no where to go but up!!! "
Jessica Bruno $25.00 "Good luck!"
Yelena Sinitsyn $25.00 "Good speed!"
Jay Katz $250.00 "Go get'em Jay!!!!"
John Siegel $50.00 "You are the man!! So proud to call you my cousin. Love you!"
Brett Raynor $25.00 "Go Bond! Run run run! Sounds like a great cause."
Frances Fawcett $50.00 "Wow! Good luck, Brian!"
Ben Roethlisberger $60.01 "I'm The Roethlisberger Bitch. Take my prize. Imma gonna rape you Bitch. You ready. You ready. You ready."
Susan Klein $250.00 "Good luck to you both!!!!! I know you both will do amazing!!!"
Dominic Abordo $25.00 "Best of luck to you, Bond! You go, gurl! Knock their socks off!"
Robert Richardson $50.00 "Good luck with this good cause."
Stephen Resnisky $25.00 "Awesome. Quite a feat. Steve, A friend of Dominic Puccio"
Christopher Healy Hidden "Hey Chicken Legs....... Great Job .... ABSO-LUTELY <3"
Bob Caruso $25.00 "Great cause, nice to see all the support around you. Good luck! Bob Caruso"
Julie Temples $100.00 "Run, Pat, Run like Forrest! Seriously, Lamar and I are very inspired by your committment to do what it takes to do this run and for such a good charity. We are the lucky ones to be related to you. Love Julie and Lamar"
Stefanie Kitzes $50.00 "Best of Luck!!!"
Steven Wharton $50.00 "Good luck, don't break a leg!"
Shishir Gadam $25.00 "Greg- proud of you and keep it up! "
Mary Jane and Kurt Laurer $30.00 "GOOD LUCK, GREG!!:)"
Joe & Angie Murgo Hidden "Good luck Dad! "
Ellen Schwerin $25.00 "Awesome, Bond! Have a good time..."
Teresa Panetta $50.00 "Hope to see U at the Top - 86 flights that's nothing - you can do it, no problem, it's a breeze - I have faith in you- !!!!!! Great Work - Should I say Great Work Out ): T - "
Jan Messner $50.00 "We will be thinking of you Pat! What a great effort and wonderful cause!"
Laurence Thomas $50.00 "Je suis avec toi Bond!"
brian battaglia $25.00 "Good luck Paul. You can do this just stay focused.Love the Brian Barbara,Robert,Kayla and,Christopher.See you there."
Al Turner $100.00 "Here's a hundred,but i want to see a raspberry on a knee or elbow. No pain,no gain thing!! Go Micky..."
Richard Rifkin $50.00 "Climb Sally, climb!"
Florence Janco $100.00 "Good luck to my favorite son-in-law!"
Cherie-Steve Berger $35.00 "My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Its a wonderful thing you are doing. love Cherie and Steve"
Nancy and Loring Flint $50.00 "Good Luck, Lizzie!"
Jennifer Melione $25.00 "Go Bond!! Best of luck to you in your Empire State mission!!"
Gina Altaras Hidden "Go Greg!"
Debra Fowler $50.00 "Good luck mark! Love you, dj and joe"
Kellie Noonan $100.00 "Good Luck Hart:) What an incredible & wonderful thing you are doing to honor your Husband's memory!!! Such an inspiration for so many!!! Kellie:)"
Carl Zuckerberg $100.00 "Good luck Jay! Just make sure you are ready to play hockey later on that night!"
Truls Oma Erichsrud $200.00 "Good Luck. We are very proud of you and all your accomplishments in life. Love Mams & Paps"
Leena Shah $25.00 "Best wishes for a great cause, Bond!"
Kris Muller $250.00 "Rise above !"
howard kravitz $200.00 "one step at a time...good luck!"
Douglas Van Dusen $100.00 "Good luck, set a record. "
David Sisemore $100.00 "Good luck...thank you for stepping up for a great cause."
Steve Gillooly $100.00 "Go for it Christ! We'll be waiting at the top with water and towels! :-)"
Kerry Colley $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Ingrid Gardner $250.00 "Good Luck Christ! "
Durga Mallampalli $100.00 "Good luck GG."
George Raffa $100.00 "Jodi, Take a picture at the top! "
Rosalyn Angelidis $50.00 "Good Luck Theo Christ!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "This is Aunt Tami's donation"
Eric Frank $100.00 "If you take them 2 steps at a time you will cut your work by 50%. Just trying to improve the process. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!"
ROBERT SUOZZO $50.00 "Be Safe!"
John and Carol Cavanaugh $100.00 "If you take two steps at a time you'll finish faster :) No matter how you get to the top enjoy yourself."
Alan Axelrod $250.00 "A true Spartan would be carrying his shield up those stairs. Your pal, Xerxes"
Stephen Johnson $250.00 "I'll never look at the Empire State building the same again! Good Luck! "
Joseph Todaro $150.00 "I heard the Greeks invented the Empire State Building... along with everything else!!! Good luck!!!"
Angelike Lazarides $100.00 "You never cease to amaze me, Christ! I am very proud of you....:)"
Art Reilly $100.00 "Cheers!"
Timothy Smith $25.22 "Then we went up...way up...that counts..."
John Love $30.00 "Greg, Do the math! If you take'em 3 at a time, it is only 525 steps! Good Luck, JL"
Chip Quinn $50.00 "Don't forget to stretch, Yo."
Donna & Jim Waugh $50.00 "Best of luck Yoshi! You're the man!"
Nanci Bernstein $20.00 "Good luck!!!!!!! "
Marinos Lilikas $100.00 "Good luck Christ, make us proud."
Kristine Monroe $50.00 "I have confidence you can make it to the top . . . all 1,576 steps . . . if you set your mind to it. You are a Robinson after all - athletic, determined, and very competitive! Love you!!"
Dennis Gupta $150.00 "Another race? Running the original marathon in Greece wasn't enough for you eh? You know, there's going to be a point where we're all going to see you biking up some French mountaintop in a skintight yellow jersey saying "Made in Greece" aren't we? Best of Luck to you bro. ~ Dennis "
Ashley Ziegler $50.00 "Good luck love :) I'd love to do this with you!!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck!"
Thomas Guzauskas $50.00 "Up Up and AWAY!"
Diego Fuentes Hidden "Good luck Truls! Hope this donation gets you closer to the top. Not much but what an indebted student can afford. Hope to be doing adventure races with you again soon!"
Olivia and Marin Nolan $30.00 "You got this, Mrs Hansen! We know you can do it!"
Eric Schoener $25.00 "Good luck Paul!!!!! From Eric & Jessica Schoener"
Ann McNeill $50.00 "Your visit to our Multiple Myeloma support group was truly an inspiration! We are all wishing you the very best of luck!"
Trina & Bill Guttrich $100.00 "Good luck - we know you'll end up at the top!!"
Barry Bergman $25.00 "Mick, You will always be number one on my chart. Next year the marathon, although this is for a better cause."
Pat Shewcow $50.00 "Good Luck Christine! Uncle Ken and I are very proud of all your accomplishments!"
joseph gentile $50.00 "GOOOOOD LUCK!!!"
Susan Kenney $50.00 "Good luck, Christine ! Dad and I are very proud of you !!! (and Peanut, Riley and Elroy :-)) Go, Christine !!! xox"
Kristen Turco $50.00 "I hear anyone can run up 84 flights of stairs, it's really the last 2 that kill you ;) You're gonna do great - good luck!!!"
Witold & Frances Sames $50.00 "Good Luck Christ - send some pictures from when you made it to the top!"
Holly Martin $20.00 "Good Luck Sally!!!!"
Patricia Shi $20.00 "Thanks for advancing cancer research in so many ways, Carroll!"
Linda Yu $100.00 "Go Yoshi, Go Flacco!"
Bennett Root $250.00 "You are inspiration to us all. We love you! Ben & Helen"
Varun Nayini $20.00 "Good luck Wolfson, Shane and Matt!!!"
JoAnne McCrone-Ephraim $50.00 "Hi there Dana, Much success in RUNNING TO THE TOP TO FIND A CURE!!! XO"
Thomas Killorin $25.00 "Thanks Mick and everyone participating......people like us...all of us live one step at a time. "
Henry McDonald $100.00 "Good luck Paul! You should be very proud you are helping to find a cure. After watching my mother fight mm and pass from it in 2010, I hope the money raised will help find a cure soon so no one else has to suffer that way. God Bless."
Marc Cervoni $100.00 "Good luck Cervati! Try not to pass out;)"
Robert Bengraff $250.00 "Go get em Mick!!!"
Michael Kanning $50.00 "Heeeeeeehaaaaawwwww"
Barbara George $25.00 "Sheila good luck!! So proud of you!!!! Love you lots..... barb and jim!"
Christina Peterson $50.00 "Go get em!"
Julene Stassou $100.00 "you ROCK! We luv u! Xo, Ella & Jake"
Udi Pladott Hidden "Wow!"
Robyn Ritchie $100.00 "Good of you to do this! Great cause."
Monqiue Jeneski $150.00 "It's just like the stairmaster....just harder! Show us how it's done, cuz!"
jasmine reese $25.00 "Go Michael!!! Your an inspiration to many!"
Kevin Driscoll $172.00 "Best of Luck Jodi!"
Dana Noorily $100.00 "Good luck Jules! I know you will kick some ass! Such a cool event. xo"
Heather Hewett $25.00 "Good luck & have fun!"
Heather Hewett $25.00 "Good luck on your trek to the top !"
Greg Fennessey $50.00 "Go for it!!!! Good Luck."
Jessica Malpelli $25.00 "Good luck girl, Sarah Michelle Gellar arms up the last flight of stairs!"
John Drake Hidden "You're an inspiration!"
Angela Salamone $25.00 "Good Luck John! - The Salamone Family"
Neo Antoniades $30.00 "Good luck Chris...i wanted to run this race too but wasn't selected so i am happy that someone from St. John's Theologian will represent us to this worthy cause."
Dana & Eric White $50.00 "Good Luck!!! xoxoxoxo"
Dana & Eric White $50.00 "Mom- You are such an inpriation and such an amazing person! So strong!! You are going to do great!!! We love you very very much!!! Each step up is a step closer to a cure! <3 xoxoxoxo"
Choon-Soo Rim $40.00 "Hi Bond - Keep up the good fight!"
Tom and Paula Gibb $100.00 "Best of Luck Paul. Thank god he has given us people like you."See you at the top""
James Weidner $2,000.00 "Congratulations Dear! I am very proud of you---and so are a lot of others."
Gray Davis $1,000.00 "Mary - Congratulations on being recognized by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation as its Spirit of Hope recipient this year. Your determined spirit is an inspiration to us and so many others. Much love, Gray & Sharon Davis Governor Gray Davis (Ret.) 37 Governor of California "
Toni & Gary McNutt $100.00 "It is wonderful to see the outpouring of love and admiration from so many people that you well deserve. We are blessed to have you be part of our family and earnestly pray you will be with us in good health for many years to come."
Samuel Brattini $100.00 "In memory of my Bother in Law and friend Mike "Hags" Hagarty... Hope it's a "step" toward a cure!"
Veronique Hayek $20.00 "So proud of you, Carroll. "
Derek Bandeen $500.00 "The only way is up. Go Yoshi!"
Mike & Anne Rouse $100.00 "Alicia, thank you so much for your support!!! Best of luck in the Run Up!!"
MIke & Anne Rouse $100.00 "Danielle, thank you so much for your support!! Good Luck in the run up!!"
Keather Kehoe $50.00 "Good luck socitypat!"
Kaitlyn Hansen $100.00 "Go Mommy!"
Debbie and David Lonnquest $100.00 "Good luck Chad! "
Kelly and Jeff Doolan $25.00 "So proud of you Kris. I know Keith is smiling down and will be with you as you climb those stairs! Much love to you!"
Pike Nichols $50.00 "Go Cheed! Best of luck to you and your team."
Marc Freedman $15.00 "good luck gibby!"
Gunseli Berik $75.00 "Yana, your effort is truly awesome!"
David McCollum $50.00 "Jody or 25 wings. You're an inspiration and inspirational."
Donna Hittel $100.00 "I know you'll be great! I have Multiple Myeloma, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for raising money for research at MMRF."
Rebecca Lanphear $50.00 "You're an amazing inspiration. Way to go! Xoxo. "
Andy & Sarah Johnson & Crow $25.00 "Keep it sexy and show that building who's the boss."
Cheryl Henley $25.00 "Go Dave! Love, Aunt Chris"
Goklen Kent $50.00 "Greg - where do you get the energy? Good luck!"
Sylvia Jaspers $100.00 "Go Wendy! You are an inspiration."
Gary McCormick $25.00 "Good luck Shane! Monsoon"
Maureen Root Hidden "Way to go Lisa!!!!! Maureen Root"
Kimberly Leopold $25.00 "Paul, Your an inspiration, what your doing is amazing! Best of Luck to U! Kim Welch-Leopold&Family"
Stephanie Dehner Hidden "Go Wendy!!! We know you will do awesome!! We are proud of you!"
Claire Young $20.00 "Good luck Brian! "
Lisa Garon $50.00 "It's a long way up...and I have faith in you!! "
Mario Ferroni $100.00 "God Bless you all , Mario"
Amanda Imperati $25.00 "Good luck Steve!!"
Craig Springer and Rich Flanagan $500.00 "What a great event for a great cause. Thanks for doing this in Mike's memory. We wish we could join you! Have a great time."
Albert Jones $50.00 "I hope someone is strong enough to carry Grant up the last 30 stories! Good luck and congratulations."
Lancelot Hall Hidden "Good luck"
Greg and Sarah Walters $250.00 "We are assuming this will be done in the full chicken costume that we know so well here in Malvern Hunt? Sorry to hear about your neighbor, Grant. Best to his family."
Courtney Haddad $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Zander Heinen $100.00 "Good luck guys! Beers on me afterwords!"
Monica Going $25.00 "Good Luck Sheila!!!! You are going to do GREAT!! Have FUN! Monica, David and Ashlyn"
ANTHONY DANNA $50.00 "Go get em Greg-O!"
Woody Connette Hidden "Thanks for raising funds for such a needed cause. Best of luck with the Emprie State Building!"
Uncle Klein & Aunt Melanie $100.00 "Go Shane!!"
Mario Zacharjasz $50.00 "Great Job Chicken Legs!! Good luck Grant!!"
Victorine Merriman $100.00 "Way to go, Shane! "
KATHLEEN FORD $30.00 "Congratulations, Mary"
Alec Larson $50.00 "Yeah Will!!!! Get it!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
Nilisha Prabhu $25.00 "Amazing effort for a great cause. Go Alisha!"
Samantha Weinberg $10.00 "If you don't win I want my money back :) Awesome thing you are doing and I hope you enjoy it. Good luck!"
David Richardson $100.00 "Good Luck Cory. I guess running up the Empire State Building is one way to get away from Kristy."
Karen Donald $50.00 "In memory of my father who died of cancer - I will donate to any of my friends that are helping with the fight against any cancers. Thanks Cory"
Joe Pizzutelli $25.00 "Good luck"
Andrew Murray $25.00 "Best wishes Corey! Breathe deeply and pace yourself and make St. Louis proud. If you are interested, a group of us is running the Met on March 23rd. Should be a piece of cake after this."
Doug Rowley $50.00 "Great cause - best of luck!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Deborah Adams donation"
Steven Zuckerman $100.00 "Next Stop, Dubai!!"
Colleen Tuttle $50.00 "Good Luck!!!! I hear there is an open bar at the top!!! :))"
Molly Shaw $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Christopher Robinson $50.00 "Don't trip!"
Christopher Ball $100.00 "Ted, Just think . . . I am giving you 6.3 cents for each step. Run Fast and Good Luck!"
Shane Merriman $10.00 "Chicken Pad Thai"
Tracy DiPietro $100.00 "Go for it Kristin, we're all so proud of you! Love from all of us! xo"
Nancy & Steve Freshman $50.00 "Best of luck David. We know you'll do great!"
Maura Phelan Murnane $25.00 "Happy to donate to a great cause and a great fundraising effort. Maura"
Katherine Hayes $20.03 "Kick some butt!"
Katherine Hayes $20.04 "Go Stenglé!"
chris gross $100.00 "Good Luck Matthew"
Randy Tashjian $250.00 "Go get 'em Knuckles!! :) I get tired climbing 10 stairs!!"
Ysaura Duenas-Wolfson $19.88 "Wolfson's for the win. "
Steve Landis $50.00 "Nice one David, keep movin up!"
dean bennett $110.00 "Have fun Baby Girl, we love you & are so proud of you, Love Mom & Dad!!!"
Theresa Johnson $50.00 "I'm so impressed with you Lindi! I can't imagine doing what you do! Good luck with your climb! Love you-Theresa"
Steven Waldman $100.00 "Best of luck; I hope they let you take the elevator down!!!!!"
Ana Hagstrand $40.00 "Good luck!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Run fast ya big cheese!"
Joan Cangialosi Nelson $50.00 "Good luck Paul!"
Andrew Schneider $100.00 "A change of shirt will be required every 3 floors."
Kristin Kaiser $10.00 "heyooooo good luck!"
Mark Goldwasser $750.00 "Thank you to George Tapinekis for supporting a cause that is very dear to me. "
Judith Wolfe $100.00 "I'am a friend of Jon Teri and Lauryn "
Lauryn Stengel $100.00 "Good Luck, Matthew!!"
Judy and Tom Tice $50.00 "Pat: Run like Rex is chasing you!!!!! all our love and best wishes!!!!!"
Shannon Lovetere $50.00 "Kill it!"
Jonathan Teri $50.00 "You better win!!"
Andrea Gray $10.00 "You can do it Carroll! "
Brad Stephens $101.01 "I also parlayed the over on time for you to finish with the over on number of days you wont be able to walk. If i hit this ill donate the winnings as well"
BELEM LOPEZ Hidden "Wishing you good luck!!!!"
Michael Kim $50.00 "Awesome brother! Keep up the good work!"
Sybille Cowan $20.00 "Dan - for you, for Megan, and for the cause - best of luck!"
Pieter Penning Hidden "Good luck Christ!"
Michelle Kurkowski-Gibson $15.00 "Good luck, all the best"
Zabrina Glenn $25.00 "Good Luck Sheila!! You will do great!! "
Zabrina Glenn $25.00 "Good Luck Jodi!! You will do great!! "
Christian Borges $50.00 "Good luck!!! "
Meeta Pangtey Hidden "Good Luck!!!"
Peter Lallos $100.00 "Always amazed at the heights you try an reach. Best of luck."
Gale Mayhan $50.00 "I envy your motivation and committment! But, I wont envy you on Thurs. AM!! Good Luck!"
Mariano Gaut $250.00 "Go Christine !"
Lynn Daniels Hidden "Good luck Nan! "
John Logan $100.00 "King kong good luck brother!"
Julie hollans $25.00 "Proud of u brother, good luck, we will b thinking of u."
Ron Conetta $50.00 "Good Luck"
Niya Nanavati $25.00 "What a great cause! Good luck with the run!"
David DeLeon $50.00 "Good luck Lisa!"
John Molinda $50.00 "First win this race. Then try it with a mandatory beer chug every 10 floors. I'll double my contribution. Kinda like running up Williams St. from the Chapter House at the end of the Phi Psi 500"
Rishi Prabhu $25.00 "prosciutto!"
Sharon Hayes $20.00 "Good luck Will, Shane and Matt!"
Kevin Grady $50.00 "Run Forest...Run!!"
John Copeland $150.00 "Thanks to those who've given and to those who'll give. Here's to having skin in the game. "
Judy Gruszczynski $25.00 "....Another little push of encouragement for the climb. Thank you John!"
Danielle Rayo $50.00 "Wishing you good luck on this event for your amazing cause! "
Theresa Chen $100.00 "Best of luck!"
Michele McGrath Hidden "very impressive ! you go girl ! "
Rita Ross $25.00 "Good Luck! I am very proud of you!"
Matthew Vance $50.00 "Good luck. "
HW DANIELS Hidden "Make it to the top or I want my money back"
Chris Theordor Hidden "Go get em"
Charles Noh $25.00 "I will not be outdone by Barry Copeland! And where is Louis Copeland? Good luck, John. "
Alexander Renker Hidden "Good luck, race fast!"
Timothy Mechlinski $100.00 "Thanks Bond :)"
Jamie van Raalte $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Drew Smith $100.00 "Great cause! Good luck guys. "
Pat Urban $50.00 "Good luck Matt- The Urban family"
Lawrence Feiler $50.00 "Marie, Good luck with this endeavor. Larry Feiler "
Jenni Champion $50.00 "Good luck!"
Christine Woo $25.00 "Go go go!"
Ryan Turbert $10.00 "Just take the elevator."
Danika Hodges Hidden "Good luck with the big climb!"
Eva Budz $100.00 "Way to go Bond!!!"
Richards D. Barger $100.00 "When the goin' gets tough, the tough get goin'"
Barb Gross $100.00 "Laquisha will be rooting for you!!!"
Alex Munoz $100.00 "Good luck wife!!! I can't run that many stairs but I'll be with you in spirit! Love you!!!"
JED Davis Hidden "For once, an over used cliche' is appropriate, "Take it one step at a time, Nusara.""
Adrienne Baranowicz $25.00 "Best of luck, John!"
Thomas Evers $250.00 "Run Forest, errr, Jim, Run!"
Ginny Tuckman $100.00 "Good luck Will! We'll be rooting for you."
Susan Tucker $30.00 "Go Dana! Coldwell Banker's cheering for you!"
Christine Yackman $50.00 "Good Luck, Len!!"
Tara Freeman $25.00 "Good luck Sheila!!!"
Terry Muldoon $200.00 "Good luck Bill ! What a great cause - we will be thinking of you on your Empire climb - remember the handrails - Terry & Susan"
Michael Mosco $25.00 "Good luck -- Mike and Debbie Mosco"
paul and penny mcnabb $100.00 "Congratulations, Mary. Best wishes to you and Jim in 2013. We all love your huge spirit!"
Vikki Morley Hidden "Good luck taking on the Empire State Bldg....I wish I could be there to root you on."
Karen DeRollo Hidden "Greg, Good Luck & Have fun!"
Tim and Cherie Bennett $25.00 "Good Luck! We Love You!"
Craig Hansen $50.00 "Rock it out Kristen!!!!"
Kelsey Jennings $22.00 "Go Kyle!!! I expect a winner out of you!! Here's to 22 for **22** Love you lil seester :)"
connie messina $10.00 "Go John, proud of you. Cousin Connie"
Linda Bisbee $50.00 "Good luck on the climb, Gary!"
Patricia Bouchard $20.00 "Good luck Christine!"
Dr. Dominador Garcia $50.00 "Dominate!!!"
Lauren Sherwood $25.00 "Kick butt on those stairs, the burn is for a good cause!!"
Lilia Morales $100.00 "Go! Go! Go! "
James Angelidis $30.00 "Great cause, Theo Christ! Good luck!"
Lanie Ehlinger $25.00 "Go Nan! I am so proud of you! Love you! Aunt Lanie"
Jean/Keith Copeland $100.00 "A worthy cause. Good luck!"
Nancy lamantia $30.00 "good luck Diane!!! You are such a bad ass!!! Sienna should be proud of her awesome Mama!!!"
Amanda Lawrence $50.00 "Good luck!!!"
Fran Credle $25.00 "Go get'em Carroll keep rising to the top!"
Cynthia Sharfstein $20.00 "You are amazing!! I will be thinking of you!"
Sara Tapinekis $88.88 "You will never beat your mom or George!!!"
Carey Lathrop $500.00 "Good luck. Great leadership for a worthy cause."
Nicholas Pepe $100.00 "Go get em, Yosh! "
Nick Tsakoniatis $50.00 "Go Yoshi Go"
Garen Sarafian $50.00 "that coach video got to me...I have 2 princesses of my own. good luck!"
MaryAnn Rizzo $20.00 "Thank you... GO BOND!!!"
Rod Chay $50.00 "Great cause...Good luck Yoshi!"
Parshv Shah $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Anonymous $250.00 "You ROCK!!"
Rosemary Gallina $25.00 "David you are such a good son...an inspiration. Good luck and God bless."
Debbie Raabe $20.00 "From Debbie, With Love!"
Eve Ryan $50.00 "We love you and are so proud of you Carroll! Love, Eve & Miles"
Deanna Angello Hidden "Best of luck!"
Megan Kaminska $30.00 "Good luck, Will!! "
Caccamo's Family Caccamo's Family $75.00 "We all know people,mothers, sisters, daughters, neighbors, who have dealt with cancer, and it’s wonderful when we know people like Steven that helps and MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. "
David and Vangie Bogaty $200.00 "Good Luck Victoria. I think Patrick needs the exercise more than you though! I hope he's running with you"
Karen Foxworth $25.00 "For your beautiful mother"
Katherine Ahn $50.00 "Good luck, Yosh!!!"
Barbara Klein $125.00 "You Go Pat!! We will all be thinking of you on Wednesday! Warm Regards, Barb"
Mark Jennings $100.00 "Kyle, Good Luck and have fun. Remember to pace yourself for that final kick or I should say Flights 85 & 86. Enjoy the view at the top."
Dominic Puccio $50.00 "Good luck Stevie"
Itay Michaeli $100.00 "Good luck Yosh! "
Douglas Bird $100.00 "Good luck Victoria!!!"
Stephanie Zanardi $25.00 "Best of luck, John! Inspiring!"
Dean Pialtos $250.00 "Good Luck Chris, Keep up the good work. Love, Dean, Maria and Barbara"
Richard and Joyce Norton $25.00 "In honor of Mike and memory of Dan. Good for you, Nate!"
Pam Bob Shane maccary $100.00 "Good Luck"
Chris Powell $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Lauren Aversa $20.00 "Go Dave! - Your PwC buddy"
Matthew Schibanoff Hidden "I want to see you break 14! "
Ernie Trent $25.00 "Come on up to the rising......Go for it Bond!"
Nicole Cardona $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
Penny Lin Hidden "Cheers from co-worker"
Alissa Reyes $25.00 "Good luck Sheila!!!"
Jim Kabakow $100.00 "Good luck...enjoy the views!"
Mary Meade $25.00 "Good luck Carroll, and Thank you!!"
Elizabeth Strobel $307.00 "On behalf of the lovely folks of LBi and MRY"
Elizabeth Strobel $307.00 "On behalf of the lovely folks from LBi and MRY"
Elizabeth Strobel $307.00 "On behalf of the lovely folks from LBi and MRY"
William Brown $100.00 "Go for it Debbie!"
William Brown $100.00 "Good Luck David!"
Dianne Greco Hidden "David & Deb - Good luck!! You are an inspiration!"
sharon tyrrell $25.00 "David, you are a wonderful son to care sooo much for your mom!!"
cindi stern $100.00 "In honor of your lovely mom Deborah & in memory of my sister Carol Goldschein."
Kaela Vance $22.00 "Good Luck! I hope you "run" into those people you told me about! Here's $22 for your 22.4.365! And look, it's 2/2 right now! I Love You! Have Fun!"
Justin Skolnick $50.00 "Good Luck Cuz! Make us proud."
Anonymous $20.00 "Best of luck to you Pat!"
Louise Cangelosi $10.00 "Saw the article in THNT. My uncle died of multiple myeloma back in 1975. I know it's not much but I believe that every little bit helps. Hope you reach your goal. Good luck to your mom."
Anna Marie Valerio $50.00 "Good Luck, Will, from friends of David Arnett. Anna Marie & John"
james laNNON $100.00 "our little boy is growing up !"
Anonymous $75.00 "You're the only person I know that could not only do this once but twice!!! We're with you every step! Love, Bobby, Donna & Dan"
James Hennessy $20.00 "No pain, No gain!"
Raphael Biran $100.00 "Hey John — This is a great cause and I bet you'll be faster than King Kong was in 1933. Thanks for letting me know about this! Best, Raphi."
Scott Laird $20.00 "Good luck Brian! Go for it mate! :D"
Jennifer VanUffelen $100.00 "Girlfriend you're inspiring!! "
Idelia Roark $100.00 "Good luck!!"
Zabeth Chase $25.00 "Way to go Kristin!"
michael hoffmann $200.00 "Take the elevator down!! Good luck!"
Meredith Miller Hidden "Good luck Diane!! You will CRUSH those stairs! :)"
John, Susan and Casey Merriman $250.00 "Enjoy the view at the top!"
Jay Oyer $250.00 "Christ: Here's to helping you and the Charity attain its goals in research and helping others. Jay"
Marc Anderson $100.00 "I expect pictures of you in glittering gold running shoes and a kilt!"
Iwan Griffiths $250.00 "Good luck"
Julie Weeks $250.00 "I'm very proud of you for doing this. My thoughts will be with you. Mom"
Norman & Gay Levin Hidden "Congratulations to a special and courageous friend. Norm & Gay Levin"
Chris & Sue Hansen $25.00 "Kristin - We are proud that you are taking the challenge! Our thoughts will be with you on Wednesday - "every step of the way" we'd love to hear from you on your thoughts of the climb. Chris & Sue"
Richard Harmelin $100.00 "A great cause for a great man by a great man. Go get 'em Nate!!!! Keep the faith. Love, Rich and Jojo"
Dorothy & Paul Kalksma $25.00 "GOOD LUCK! We know you will do great. We will all be cheering for you!!"
Tracy Noeth $15.00 "Good Luck Mickster! Grate cause buddy, I know can do it!!"
Elliot Hallak $50.00 "Sounds like a great event. Your efforts are a big step towards making a cure possible."
Cirila Cothran $50.00 "Good luck on the climb...I'm so proud of you!! ~ Sass"
Davis Silber $250.00 "Good luck!"
Dan Rubel $25.00 "I would still donate if you take the elevator..."
Gibson Smith $100.00 "The new hairdo should definitely make you faster. "
Elizabeth Cribbs $100.00 "Congratulations Yoshi! - Derek and Liz Cribbs"
Dominic Petruzzelli $50.00 "Go Bond go! Hope you have an aMAIZEing race and GO BLUE!"
Truls Oma Erichsrud $40.00 "Rock on little man! Cheers, George & Hasse"
Bob's Barber Shop Schmidt $100.00 "Hey Paul, Good luck from Bob's Barber Shop. Mike & Bob"
Brian Mowrer Hidden "Go Get Those Stairs, Greg!!"
Carmen Darminio $50.00 "GOOD LUCK!!!"
Brad Silver $250.00 "Good luck Christ !"
Riley Thomas $10.00 "So sorry it couldn't be more! Make sure your shoelaces are tied."
Philip Lucy $50.00 "Good luck! Enjoy the view from the top!"
Dave Sohn $100.00 "Go Christ Go."
Tom & Allison Orecchio $150.00 "May God Bless you and your beautiful family Christ. Keep up the great work! Tom, Allison & boys"
Gretchen Curry $50.00 "WOW!!! Go Kristin! We'll be thinking of you on Wednesday! xoxo, Gretchen"
Ed Tapanes $25.00 "Best of luck Paul!"
Brett Cohen $150.00 "Christ -- great cause..... one of my good biking buddies is dealing with MM at the moment and I've been supporting his MMRF fundraisers as well. Keep up the good work and have a great time at the event! Cheers, Brett"
Barbaara Kostakis $100.00 "Best of Luck Chris.."
Greg Ratner $30.00 "Yeeeah buddddy!"
Deanna Curri $50.00 "you go, girl!!!!!!!"
Molly Apitius $50.00 "Best of Luck to you Paul ! Keep up the good work ! - Eric & Molly "
James Eilers $50.00 "Excelsior and Good Luck!"
Jennifer Tulli $100.00 "Good luck from your OH family!"
Giordano Fusco $20.00 "Good luck!!!"
Michael Hedges $20.00 "Good luck. We know you can do it."
Shaista Ali $50.00 "Good luck dear!!! You're amazing!"
Saima and Imran Issa $100.00 "So proud of you Bennett! "
Tina Charalambopoulos $50.00 "Good Luck Christo! :)) "
Rolf Meakin $100.00 "Christ, this is a brilliant cause and I know you will do brilliantly! Go for it! Rolf"
Cori LaRue $50.00 "Good luck, Bill!!!!"
Kimberly Blevins Hidden " For my Sister and Hero ~ Kathy Carroll"
Barbara Luhmann $100.00 "Melissa we wish you all the luck and know that you will do great. Hugs and Love. Uncle Doug and Aunt Barb"
Donna Polanin $25.00 "Thank-you Natalie. My mom has Multiple Myeloma, has been fighting for almost 5 years. We need to raise awareness of this cancer since it is little known. Sincerely, Donna M Polanin"
Jeffrey Zeller $50.00 "Go Dana Go"
Michael Burak $300.00 "Good luck Christ! Enjoy the climb."
Naoko Ando $50.00 "Good luck!"
Kevin Gilligan $25.00 "Don't eat Bacon for breakfast that morning, you will regret it at about step 750!"
Randall Lawry $50.00 "I'll never forget the surprised faces in the LaFayette LA Garden Inn hallway after your practice runs on the 10 floors there."
Traci Ross $30.00 "Kyle, Can't wait to hear about the view from the top! "
Sandra Giles $100.00 "Have Fun! I'll be thinking of you."
Benoy Maniara Hidden "Good luck Carroll!"
megan polak $30.00 "RUN FAST!"
George Staphos Hidden "Go Christ, go! What a great cause - may God bless you! Maria & George Staphos"
Natalie Grassi $50.00 "So proud of you for doing this! Good luck!"
Kristen OOT $50.00 "My husband and 3 of his family members have been taken from us, before their time, due to to Multiple Myeloma. We had never even heard of this disease until 2005 when the first diagnosis was made. Now we think about it daily. Thank you Natalie( I love that name! You share it with our granddaughter, a very special young lady. Thank you for promoting the research to end this disease. "
Rahim Govani $200.00 "Congrats Tudgy on making your goal, break a leg, but don't trip, jk. Go get em tiger.....Great job on helping a noble cause. - from Govani family"
Meagan O'Kane $20.00 "Good luck, Dan!"
James Bourne $20.00 "One step at a time -- good luck."
Mary Morgan $25.00 "Good luck Yana and a belated happy birthday!"
james coffey $250.00 "Go UNCLE!!!! love Terri, Jimmy, Brenna, and Danny"
Pete Jankowski $50.00 "Good Luck Kris! Very proud of you! Will be thinking of you throughout the day! Love Pete & Clarence"
Maureen Gil $50.00 "In loving memory of my father Thomas Bannon who valiantly fought this terrible disease for 5 years and to my best friend / significant other who has been blessed and is successfully fighting MM today. Thank you Natalie!! We will find a cure!"
Deborah Flanagan $50.00 "Thank you! My mother has been struggling with this cancer for two years now and we are hoping the mmrf will have the funding to develop new treatment options. "
Jeffrey Grosscup $50.00 "Bryce, I know you are ready for the climb. Forget the water, strip down to the minimum of clothing and know you can endure the burning pain for 30 minutes. Karin and I are proud of you for keeping your mom's delicate recovery forever present in your life. Jeff and Karin Grosscup"
Thaddeus Eshelman $200.00 "This is a big day for the memory of Hags. Jessicas' signing day at USM, and you 3 guys stumbling up the Empire State Building in his memory! He would be proud. We miss you Mike!"
Joanne Hanlon $25.00 "One small step for man, one giant leap for MMRF...thanks for rising to the challenge for such a worthy cause!"
Richa Upadhyay $25.00 "Go Carol! "
Christopher Lopez $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Jean Grassman $20.00 "Go Carroll go!"
Christine Polak $50.00 "Good Luck Kyle! I am proud to be your aunt! Love you! "
David W $50.00 "Good luck!"
Will Wolfson $50.00 "Never bet against Lebron."
Gilda Givens $30.00 "You're the Man! Go Christ Go!!"
Brett Sumpio $105.00 "Get ya feet right"
Jonathan and Robin Menachem $25.00 "Great work guys! Congrats on taking on supporting such a great cause. "
robert patton $2,500.00 "Run, Randy, Run!"
Kristie Cameron $100.00 "Good luck, Christ!! Protect the Phalanx!"
Florence Jewette $25.00 "Hi Debbie, I am so excited and support your determination. Your winning attitude, will be such an inspiration to anyone, and let them know they are only limited in their mind and can overcome and accomplish any desired goal or dream. Best of luck to you and David! Tina. "
Anonymous $25.00 "As a wife/caregiver of a 2 time SCT patient who was diagnosed in 2006 with Multiple Myeloma, thank you for the awareness and the support you are giving.. He is still currently in treatment, but with the ongoing research and advances with drugs, hopefully will be here with me longer than statistics are saying. Actually he has already surpassed the time that was originally given.. by 4 years! Go Team Natalie!!"
Margaret Costello $500.00 "Good Luck Team Chicken Legs! We are routing for you to get to the top and hoping that such a worthy cause can make a difference towards fighting MM. Thank you for showing how much you care. Maggie Costello"
Tom Rueger $1,500.00 "Grant, Ted & Jay, thanks for your effort that you are going to put forth tomorrow in honor of Mike & for MMF. Mike will always live on in our positive thoughts of him. Tom"
Tim Hartigan $100.00 "Use the elevator..."
Ronnie Guthrie $20.00 "Go for it Brian!"
Allison Serafin $25.00 "Good luck, Lizzie! Love always, Mandy"
Christi Massaker $20.00 "Good Luck Bond!!!"
Shane Merriman $20.00 "In honor of Kent"
Will O'Dwyer $25.00 "You better werk! "
Corey Andersen $215.00 "Don't quit halfway up!"
ANDREW,MARGO,&HALLIE Golov $75.00 "THIS IS SO GREAT ,GOOD LUCK TO YOU ! Margo,Andrew and Hallie"
Linda and Len Guglielmo $50.00 "Run Forest Run!"
Narciso Osorio $100.00 "Goodluck :)"
Bob & Rose Gilligan $25.00 "Good luck Dan!"
Jeremy Kramer $500.00 "Climb those stairs, Truls!"
Aimee Doe $25.00 "Good Luck Kyle!!!!!"
Jessica LaCava $25.00 "Good luck!!!"
Donielle McAuliffe $50.00 "Good luck! "
WINSTON SAMET $5.07 "Dad, I am so proud of you! If grandma beats you up the steps, that will be funny! Love, Winston"
Brenda Simmonds $100.00 "Go Barrsy go!!"
Andrew Butler $30.00 "Good luck Bond. Don't waste all your energy at the start. Enjoy!"
Melissa Soyka $20.00 "Good luck!!!"
Phil Savarese $50.00 "I want to personally thank you. I was diagnosed with Smoldering Multiple Myeloma 6 years ago. I am so thankful for people like you. With out you, there would be no hope for the MM patients."
María Sarmiento $20.00 "You go Steve !! "
Pamela Vo $50.00 "Good luck! :-)"
Christina Pham $50.00 "Good luck Nusara. I'm so proud of u:) "
Edward Biedermann $50.00 "Go Bond!"
Michael Quinn $15.00 "Good luck Dana! Love, Kennedy, Rachel, Mike Lexy,Leah,Baker and Kali ...... woof woof"
Jon Guerra $500.00 "You are the one"
Nancy DeSantis $100.00 "Good Luck with your race Bond! "
Duong Nguyen $25.00 "You go Bond! "
Kevin Knight $200.00 "Good luck"
Chris Peralta $25.00 "Run strong! And use your elbows."
Kathleen Gingeresky $50.00 "Best of luck!!!!"
Lauren and Ted Rueger $500.00 "Hags, we're gonna need your help tonight buddy!"
Nicole Valdes $10.00 "Good Luck Kyle! Enjoy the city for me!! "
Alex Mandl $25.00 "Hope your run is powered by a Jetpac"
Terri Teasdale $25.00 "Best of Luck Bond!"
Kimberly Marsh Misita $44.00 "Go get em' V...you got this no problem! xo"
Melissa O'Hara $50.00 "Great cause Nusura, sorry it took me so long. "
Donna Thacker Hidden "Remembering an amazing husband, father, co-worker and friend! Hags was one of those guys who made a difference in the lives of others ~ blessed to have worked with him! Wishing Team Chicken Legs strength and endurance which is what Hags demonstrated daily!"
Lauren and Sean Tierney $100.00 "Good luck Nate! "
Megan Kelly $25.00 "In memory of Josie. Best of luck to you, Nate!"
Patrick Shannon $100.00 "Go, D, go! Better you than me. Let's play one-on-one after the event!"
Miranda Fabian $50.00 "Good luck Will! Come out to celebrate after!"
Jill & Todd Hansen/ Juffs $50.00 "Good luck tonight we will thinking about you!!"
Calvin May $50.00 "Go Bryce Go Calvin & Jaime"
Tina Re Browning $25.00 "Good Luck John! Tina, Darren, Benjamin, and Lucy Browning"
Katie Tedder $50.00 "Go Nano! Love and miss you!"
erica winter $20.00 "Yikes! and Good Luck!!! "
Dan Eskeli $50.00 "It's a great thing that you're doing! I think it make you king of the pool! Good luck!"
Roseanne Tynan $100.00 "Good luck tonight! "
Mike Wood $100.00 "Haveoneonme"
RYAN STANTON $100.00 "You go ahead, I'll take the elevator...Strong work, congrats ahead of time!!!"
Richard Birecki $5.00 "Go Dmitri!! "
Daniel Federico $50.00 "FTW!"
lewis gold Hidden "This is a wonderful way to remember Mike."
J Rueger $250.00 "Miss ya Mike !"
Jiney Asthappan $25.00 "Good luck today!!"
Sean Mooney $50.00 "TURBO BOASTER...."
Bill and Shirley Lawrence $50.00 "It's about 6:30 pm onthe 6th..thinking of you and your upcoming start...."
Donna Kelly $100.00 "In memory of my mother, Jo, who lived 7 years with MM. I miss her every day. The best to you Nate and thank you. "
Alicia Ferriso Hidden "Great Job Nate!"
Andrew Magoun $100.00 "Love you, Uncle Nate! - Molly and Wes"
Rob Oberlander $50.00 "Good luck Knuckles!"
stacey goodman Hidden "My mother was recently diagnosed with MM. Thank you for raising awareness. We will find a cure!"
Tony and Michelle Anderson $250.00 "Mary, We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished."
Andrew Donovan $50.00 "Congratulations in completing the Run-Up, Natalie! What a great cause and a cool event!"
Jay Kuderka $50.00 "Don't forget to take the stairs down once you get to the top...good luck!"
Ann Kasenchak Hidden "The race is over but the fight continues. Great job Paul! -Ann Sullivan"
Joanne Dreicer $25.00 "You are such an inspiration !"
Tom Diekevers $25.00 "Way to go Sheila! Can't wait to hear your story of the event."
Maureen Johnston $100.00 "WOW!!! Love your spirit, Mary. "
Myra Cohen $50.00 "David and Deborah Samet and both an inspriation to me. We all take life for granted. We are afraid of our own shadows. They are both so courageous and their love for eachother is just spectacular. We can all learn so much from them. Gratitude, fortitude and perserverance are essential to life, and they have it. Like Winston Churchill said - NEVER NEVER NEVER QUIT! Sincerely, Myra R. Cohen"
Jennifer Daellenbach $100.00 "Good Luck Elizabeth! What a great cause and we are so proud of you!"
Melinda Kawamura Hidden "Mary, You are truly an inspiration! Keep up the great fight!!"
Lorna Tannock $15.00 "Well done Brian! "
Keith Hawk $50.00 "Good Luck Deborah! Warren has kept me posted on your inspiring progress. "
Jan Healy $100.00 "Congratulations Ted and Team Chicken Legs!! Wonderful cause and great effort!!"
Alan Yurowitz Hidden "Congratulations! "
Christopher Trigani Hidden "Go Matt!"
Matty Boomba Stinson $25.00 "Dave you da boss"
Jabar Warassta $30.00 "Best wishes always, Jabar and Angela"
Sergio Elejalde $200.00 "Brian, you are truly inspiration. I will definitely be taking this challenge myself next year. God Bless!"
Elizabeth Strobel $170.00 "From Jamie, Clare and Cathy"
Joseph Coccaro $100.00 "live long and run longer and most of all stay healthy see you at the JSRC Party!"
Rachel Warbet $25.00 "Great work!! I am impressed."
Annette Jenkins $25.00 "All the best!"
Alexander Matthews $25.00 "Good luck Nate! "
Dave and Tamara Buckel $100.00 "Best of luck, Joe. We admire your diligence and devotion. You and Pat are wonderful neighbors and friends. "
Floria Izadi $200.00 "We are so proud of you! You are our Champion! You go Pat!!!!"
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