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Last year I ran over 2,000 miles to raise money and awareness for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. This included the Catskill 155 during which I ran 155 miles non-stop in under 2 days with the help and support of friends and family. The outpouring of support was so inspiring as we raised over $32,000 last year, I am going to push my limits again attempting some new and perhaps seemingly impossible runs, suffering a little for those who suffer a lot.

This year I will run multiple races including three 50 milers this spring and 3 marathons this fall. There will be 2 very special events including running Rim2Rim2Rim on May 19th. That is, I will run from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other, turn around and go back in 1 trip. This run is about 47 miles with 20,000 feet of elevation change and temperature near 100 degrees at the base of the Canyon.

The most difficult challenge of the year will be the Badwater Ultramarathon. This is considered "the world's toughest footrace" as it covers 135 miles, over 3 mountain ranges in one of the harshest environments on the planet. Beginning on July 16th I will make my way with about 90 other athletes from around the world, from Badwater Basin at 262 feet below sea level to the Mount Whitney Portal at over 8,700 feet. Temperatures will approach 130 degrees with ground temperatures exceeding 180 degrees. This will be by far the most difficult run I have ever attempted and I hope that my commitment demonstrates what the MMRF means to me and I hope you will support me.

Multiple myeloma is an incurable blood cancer and we need to catch peoples attention to find a cure. Although progress has been made in treating multiple myeloma, the five-year relative survival rate remains one of the lowest of all cancers. Sadly, my very good friend Anita Sorrell lost her battle with myeloma in May. I can't help her, but I run in her honor and redouble my commitment to find a cure for myeloma and other cancers.

I am convinced if we all work together we can do this. I am certain Founder, CEO and myeloma patient Kathy Guisti, believes in teamwork too. Due to their success in myeloma research and drug development, more than 30 other cancers may benefit from potential treatment from these same drugs.

As exceptional stewards of its donors’ investments, the MMRF consistently surpasses its peers in fiscal responsibility and an outstanding 90% of total budget go directly towards research and related programming. The MMRF is consistently recognized in the top 1% of all charities reviewed by evaluators like Charity Navigator.

Please support my participation in the MMRF Endurance Events Program benefiting the MMRF! Your donation can help make the difference! I have made a commitment to raise at least $30,000. I need your help to get there. Please help as you can. It all adds up!

Thank You,

Total Donations Collected:$45,781.00
Goal: $40,000
$0 114% $40,000
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Contributor Amount Comment
Iman Poeraatmadja $10.00 "Go get 'em E..."
Meyer Assoulin $1,000.00 "It's an honor to have a friend like Eric who's dedication to this cause will surely have an impact."
Linda Lindman $135.00 "You are truly inspirational!"
Elaine Tosko $200.00 "Amazing! Run, Run, Run....with every step you take you leave a beautiful footprint on this world! Elaine & Dan"
Ken Meyerson $250.00 "Good luck Eric. You are a good man. A bit insane, but a good man. "
Gerald Prager $100.00 "Good Luck on this difficult challenge"
Tommy & Anna Schwarz $50.00 "We are totally behind you Eric, and all those doing this for a very important cause. Good luck to you on this amazing journey. Tommy"
Susan Smith Hidden "So proud of your tireless efforts towards finding a cure for Multiple Myeloma. Sorry about the loss of your dear friend. I will certainly be thinking of you on your Badwater journey. May it be a perfect run for you. In Hope, Susan Smith"
Aaron Sirulnick $250.00 "Eric, very inspiring. Aaron"
Julie McGlynn $20.00 "As always, a huge thank you for all that you've done and continue to do! Stay strong, Eric! "
Nancy Carlo $50.00 "Thank you!!"
Barry Bonder $100.00 "Safe Journey, Eric Barbara and Barry"
Amira Yunis $400.00 " THANK YOU for running for the MMRF Foundation. My mother died from this horrendous, painful disease. MMRF is an amazing foundation that delivered medication to my mother and helped her live a longer and less painful life. Amira"
Mark Medin $100.00 "Run hard, run smart, run safely and enjoy!!"
Patricia Kantor $50.00 "You go, Boy!"
Mark Odenheimer $25.00 "What a tribute!!"
Rich and Cheryl Gelber $810.00 "Eric, You're a true inspiration for your commitment to life! We wish you much strength on this journey to giving life to others. In honor of this, our donation is an increment of "chai", a blessing for life, for each year of your life. We love you!"
Will Cooper $250.00 "Good luck at BW Eric. We will be cheering for you! "
Iman Poeraatmadja $10.00 "Stay tough and don't be stupid at Badwater. You got this!"
Michael Dreyer $50.00 "Thank you Eric! You are inspiring! Mike and Jean Dreyer"
Ross Collins $100.00 "Best of luck Eric!!"
Ken Rapp $500.00 "Good luck E, better you than me!"
Elysa Cruse $50.00 "Good luck Eric!! We'll be thinking about you!"
david & kim LaPierre $250.00 "Just incredible. I can barely walk outside when it's 100 degrees,so the idea of it being 130 and actually running/walking is almost laughable. I think you may actually be insane but your spirit is really inspirational. "
Mark Dukes $100.00 "Eric, I am so inspired by your story. What you are doing is amazing, and I know that Anita is very proud of you and your efforts. Best of luck to you!"
Norman Vale $50.00 "Eric: As a former triathlete/marathoner and now an MMer, I admire, respect and appreciate everything you are doing to raise funds for multiple myeloma research. Many thanks and best wishes for Badwater Ultra Marathon. Norman Vale"
Jim Stuckey $100.00 "Good luck, Eric. "
Alicia O'neillAliciaO $50.00 "Eric - you inspire me as a runner and as a fellow human being. It's hard to know how to thank you for your epic fundraising efforts on behalf of the MMRF. To quote one of my favorite MM patients : "Onward!""
Victoria Marsh $250.00 "Hi Eric, we have never met but you are such an inspiration to me as a fellow runner. The 155 miles you ran for your friend moved me so much that anytime I hear Cold Play "Fix You" come on while I'm pounding the pavement I wouldn't dare think about stopping!!! Good luck with the Death Valley Run, WOW.... You are amazing. With admiration, Victoria Marsh ps:Jane Hoffmann's sister in law."
Sherry & Laurence Briody $500.00 "Go get 'em!"
Elias Kefalidis $250.00 "From Elias Kefalidis and Zachary Kleinhandler. Good Luck!!"
Ann Murray $50.00 "Go, Eric. What a worthly cause. Your fellow workers from Trammell Crow Company support your efforts."
Alison Boyd-Savage $135.00 "Following you every step of the way as you take on this ultimate challenge and test your limits to help others. Eric you are an inspiration!"
Marie Hulswit $50.00 "Go Eric Go! You are an inspiration!"
Carl Lusins Hidden "Eric, you hairy running beast. If more people had a ounce of your determination for a cause then the world would be better place. Run and inspire..CL"
Bernard and Mary Ann Holand $135.00 "You're an inspiration to so many and for such an incredible cause."
gregory tosko $675.00 "EG - awesome work! Here's $1 per mile for each of us on your journey. you are an inpiration. Greg & Donna"
Ann Hudson $100.00 "Eric, my father lost his 10-year battle with multiple myeloma in 2008. Thank you for all that you are doing to help find a cure. It is truly amazing and very much appreciated."
Mighty Quinn $100.00 "Go Eric!! Have an awesome race. You are the best!!! MQ"

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