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Cure For Cancer Tour 2012
Riding To Help Research
On March 9, 2012 my friend Roy Gross died after fighting multiple myeloma for close to a year. When he was first diagnosed in June, 2011, the disease had already stepped up to stage 4 and the prognosis was not good. But somehow that first batch of chemo made him well enough to have us visit for a week at his home in Idaho in December and then for him to come to Florida around the new year.

Unfortunately, the latest chemo did little to stop the progression of the multiple myeloma and when his liver started to fail, it was a quick and painless end for a guy who once was so physically fit he was selected to be on a commercial filmed in Hawaii for Body by Jake. He was definitely a rock star at that point.

This past summer, I told Roy, who I first met in the early 80s, that I was going to ride my bicycle from Jacksonville, Fl., to Kittery, Me., to help raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). I told him I can't cure him but I can sure do something to help and if my efforts are able to make a difference in someone's life in the future, I will know my ride wasn't for naught.

Multiple myeloma is an incurable blood cancer. Although progress has been made in treating multiple myeloma, the five-year relative survival rate remains one of the lowest of all cancers. The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of patients and lead to a cure.

My bicycle trip is more than 1,400 miles and will take me about two weeks to finish. Now that Roy is gone, I have even more of a reason to ride and thanks to my new friends at the research foundation, we have set a goal of raising $20,000 for the MMRF, which is one of the most highly regarded cancer foundations in the world. The MMRF is consistently recognized in the top 1% of all charities reviewed by evaluators like Charity Navigator, because the foundation directs an outstanding 90% of total budget towards research and related programming.

Before Roy passed, he told his wife Pam that he would prefer friends and relatives not send flowers but to donate to "his best friend Marty Perlmutter" ride this summer. I would very much appreciate if you could stretch your own budget a bit and donate to this cause. I know I will appreciate it. And I know my bud Roy will as well. Thank you.
Total Donations Collected:$8,249.00
Goal: $10,000
$0 82% $10,000
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Mollie Ryan Hidden "In memory of Roy, whose sense of humor, even during his physical trial gave me great joy. "
gary parkinson $100.00 "Roy had the biggest heart of anyone I know. I will miss him so much. He spoke of you Marty with such joy about all the fun you two had. It's a real honor to donate to your adventure. Roy's friend gary;-}"
Pam Gross $100.00 "Dear Marty, you are the best friend Roy ever had and we are so grateful and proud of what you are doing. I know Roy is looking down from Heaven, going "way to go Marty!""
Mindy Vega $10.00 "Sorry it can't be more....hope this helps! =)"
Kimberlee Verbrugge $100.00 "Hello Marty: I am so excited to know that Roy has such a wonderful friend that is going to do such an amazing ride in love and memory of Roy. I wish I was closer as I would love to have joined you on a leg of the ride. I will definitely be with you all the way in mind and spirit. I have spent the entire winter training 60 to a 100 miles a week on my indoor bike trainer and would love to be outside riding along side of you. I wish you happy, healthy miles. "Ride on for Roy"!!! Kimberlee Verbrugge"
Monica and Manford Dietrich $100.00 "What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend. Good luck on this journey. Loved your encouraging posts on the Caringbridge website. I know Roy will be there in spirit on every mile."
Idelle and Larry Newburge $100.00 "Safe travels Marty! Thank you so very much for all your efforts to date to honor our dear friend Roy!! We know he's right by your side being the wind beneath your wings!! With Love, Idelle and Larry"
Anonymous Hidden "Roy was one of my dear friends. He built my home several years ago and it is the best ever! It is my pleasure to donate to Marty's fundraiser for multiple myeloma. "
shelley SCHWADRON $250.00 "Good Luck, Roy will keep the wind at your back. All our love and support. Shelley and David "
Linda Isaacson $100.00 "It is a joy to contribute to a cause in Roy's honor. He was a great friend loved by all. Smooth peddling in your ride!!"
patty nelson $50.00 "Am so happy you're doing this for Roy - he was special. "
Ellen and Neil Policow $100.00 "Congratulations and best wishes for a smooth ride. You'll be in such great shape after this your golf handicap will surely drop by at least three strokes. When you make it to Boston we hope we can get together for a carb build and maybe a therapeutic massage."
Brenda Nassiri $100.00 "We are thankful for Marty's effort to further MMRF awareness and treatment. We celebrate the life and memory of our friend, Roy!"
daniel marmorstein $100.00 "Marty, So sorry for your loss, but what a great way to pay tribute and help eradicate this disease. Linda joins me in wishing you strength on your journey. Fondly, Danny Marmorstein and Linda Levinson"
david lavin $18.00 "Good Luck and have a safe trip. "
Heidi Laird $50.00 "Diane, you are a tough cookie, we'll be thinking of you the whole way. It's a long distance in such a short time! Bravo!"
Bruce and Jill Brigglemutter $100.00 "Your are a truly good friend to do this in Roy's memory. "
Jody Millard $100.00 "Marty-- you're riding in memory of your dear friend Roy, for so many others, and for me. I have MM but am in complete remission, thanks to MMRF, great physicians, attitude, God and luck! Have a terrific ride! Jody, age 54 female, Allentown PA. Ride On!"
Gary & Pamela Held $100.00 "Marty- You are an inspiration and we are happy to support your Olympic-effort bicycle ride for such a worthy cause! May the wind stay at your back. See you when you return to S. Fla. Be safe!"
Tani & Eric Gelber $50.00 "Keep it up Marty. We are following your journey here in NY!"
Carl & Terry Wysong $100.00 "Marty, Bobbie, Diane.....cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I think you all are to take this journey and even better that you are sharing it with all of us! Best wishes for safe travels the rest of the way. I am sure your friend watches from Heaven with a big smile! Thanks again for making a difference....like always, Terry (and family)"
Jan and Ken Camapanle $30.00 "Di, We are so proud of you and your amazing accomplishments! We certainly support your great efforts to raise money for the MMRF. As you know, both Mom and Dad passed away from this disease! Congratulations to your and your fellow team members on the incredible journey."
Ruth and Mike Darcy $100.00 "An honorable quest. God speed. And a special hug to my dear friend Diane!"
Sharlene Lustig Hidden "Congratulations Marty! You are a true hero. We are so proud of you. Sharlene & Roy Lustig"
Carmen Phaneuf $50.00 "Great to have met you this morning! So happy to have been able to ride with you! Thank you for your fundraising and your incredible journey!! God Bless!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Marty, Diane, and Bobbie, Your dedication to your friend and to MMRF is so impressive. You've touched so many people along your journey. Best of luck in all you do. Trish C."
marilyn Gindoff $18.00 "Way to go Marty! I am very proud of my brother and what he is doing! Love you, Mar"
Val and Rina Rochette rochette $100.00 "Bravo....."
Anonymous $1,000.00 "To my big sister who was not just a hearer but a doer! Love Rick"
fred glickman $25.00 "Marty, what you did is terrific in so many ways. Fred Glickman"

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