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Appalachian Trail 4 Multiple Myeloma (AT4MM) A long walk for Multiple Myeloma research.
In memory of my father, David Alan Howard. September 22, 1948 - January 12, 2012
Multiple myeloma is an incurable blood cancer. Although progress has been made in treating multiple myeloma, the five-year relative survival rate remains one of the lowest of all cancers.

The mission of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of patients and lead to a cure.

After hearing of my fathers multiple myeloma diagnosis, I decided that I wanted to do something for him as well as other patients struggling with this type of cancer.

Growing up, my father and I went on numerous camping and hiking trips. Over the years this has evolved into a fascination for me with one of the most well known long trails in the world; The Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian Trail is 2,184 miles long, travels through 14 states from Georgia to Maine and usually takes 4 – 6 months to complete. I will be attempting a thru hike of the trail this year as a way to raise awareness and donations for multiple myeloma research. In a way, the mental and physical difficulties that I will face during my hike, will also reflect those of many multiple myeloma patients.

The MMRF is one of the most highly regarded cancer foundations in the world, well known for its innovative and results-oriented business model approach to funding cancer research. You will be pleased to know that 90% of all funds raised go directly to myeloma research. This is one of the several reasons that the MMRF has been in the top 1% of all charities evaluated by watch dogs like Charity Navigator for the last 8 years.

Please support my participation in the AT4MM endurance event benefiting the MMRF! Your donation no matter how small or large will be greatly appreciated. I have made a commitment to raise at least $10,920 / $5 per mile hiked on the trail.

Please help as you can. It all adds up!

Thank You,

Matt Howard
Total Donations Collected:$8,114.00
Goal: $10,920
$0 74% $10,920
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Richard H. Callan $50.00 "To Matt - Remembering your Dad, going all the way back to our days at Graceland College with him. (We also knew your grandparents (BA and Marcene Howard) well in Springfield, VA.) Your dad did a tremendous amount of good for people whereever he was. Our sympathy to you and Scott on the loss of a devoted man and father. Rich and Karen Callan, Davidson, NC "
Nancy and Mike Barnett Hidden "Matthew, Mike and I have known your aunt and uncle for many years here in Florida. Although we did not have the privilege of knowing your dad, through knowing Cindy we feel we knew him too at a certain and special level that you experience through friendship. We are hikers too and are supportive of your love of hiking and this project. We are sad for you and your brother's loss. Blessings to you during your trip."
Jenny Ser Hidden "So proud of you Matthew...stay safe and don't forget to check in during your hike!"
Cindy and Ken Campbell $500.00 "We support you wholeheartedly on this hike, Matthew and honor you for doing it. What a gift for your Dad and for multiple myeloma patients! We too have hiked several southern portions of the AT and loved it, and we look forward to hearing your story as you go. "
Elena and Blaze Barbre Hidden "We hope this hike is everything you want it to be and more. You are doing your dad proud."
Sal Kabbany Howard $150.00 "So proud of you. You can do it. Love ya!"
Jennifer and Mark Anholt/Andreassen $100.00 "We are very pleased to donate in your dad's, uncle Dave's, honour. This is very close to heart for us as well, with losing Mark's mom this year to cancer. This is a wonderful thing you are doing Matt, I know he would be very proud of you. :-)"
Anonymous $15.00 "I am sorry for your loss. David was a fun and respected colleague."
Jason Jablonski $30.00 "Ill donate more when you climb Mt Everest, Good Luck my friend don't pull a Hammy, and watch out for Big Foot"
Ryan Jablonski $50.00 "Your courage and drive are inspiring! Good luck on your amazing journey!"
Susan Brown $25.00 "Good Luck Matthew! This is such an amazing thing you are doing in your Dad's memory. I know he will be with you every step of your hike. Hope the photographers can keep up with you! : ) "
Desi Smith $50.00 "I hope you find what you are looking for on this journey. I admire what you're doing, and the mission behind it. You'll be in my thoughts. "
Phyllis Schultz and Matt Gromet $250.00 "Matt, We are moved by your commitment to honoring your father in this way; no doubt, he would be proud of your determination to make a difference. We'll be thinking of you. Wishing you a safe and productive journey, Phyllis and Matt"
Gwen and Dennis Anholt $200.00 "We know your dad would have gotten so much enjoyment planning this venture with you. We can just picture him and hear his great laugh. What a wonderful tribute. We will follow your progress with great interest. We know how important this is for you to do and applaud you. Good luck! Love Aunt Gwen and Uncle Dennis"
Matthew Howard $405.03 "I chose to donate my "tips" from the month of March to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. This donation was made with the help of many of my customers at Ben and Jerry's. I am overwhelmed by the generosity expressed from you all. Thank you very much. "
Linda Franzese $1,092.00 "Matthew and Scott - your dad loved you both so much. Scott, he was so proud of all your many talents and loved your beautiful family. Matthew, he admired your gentle spirit and strong determination. As you go from mile to mile on this endeavor, I hope the great memories of your dad will strengthen you, and be a reminder to all who loved your dad, of his many contributions to this world. God Bless you both. Love, Mom"
Community of Christ Charlotte Congregation $50.00 "Scott and Matthew - the Charlotte Community of Christ honors and remembers the contributions your dad made to our church during his years in Charlotte. His vision of what people can accomplish was, and is, an inspiration. With much love from your church family."
Marci Gluck-Stewart $25.00 "Just heard about your journey through FB. We don't know each other, but my mother has multiple myeloma and is doing great! I am very sorry for the loss of your father and I grately appreciate all of the hard work you are enduring in his honor and for the suffering of others. GOOD LUCK on your journey!"
Danny Carter $50.00 "My mother died from multiple myeloma almost two years ago. This is a hard time of year to lose your mother, right around the time others are celebrating mothers day. I cannot say how much I appreciate your fundraising. I promise to spread the word."
Mary Walker Hidden "Thank you for doing something to make a difference. My 20 year old son was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma three years ago and I'm counting on the continued strides in research made by the MMRF so that he can have a long and fulfilling life..."
diane listermann $10.00 "Thank you so much for your amazing endeavor .... I also lost my beloved father, Ralph Klatte, to this terrible cancer ..... God bless you & keep you safe !"
Barbara Vance $100.00 "Have a wonderful hike!!"
Tani & Eric Gelber $50.00 "Keep at it Matt! Look forward to meeting you on the AT, Bear Mountain."
Keegan Bulger $20.00 "Sent to you after hearing word from your friends Spot and Starcraft. Godspeed, and Bravo Zulu!"
Cara Bulger $10.00 "Spot and Starcraft sent me. Good Luck with everything. "
Barbara Mullins $20.00 "Thanks for what you're doing, Matt. Heard about your journey from Spot and Starcraft, and I'm remembering a former classmate who lost the fight with MM several years ago; and honoring my friend Kay, who volunteers at the Multiple Myeloma Clinic at UAMS each week. "
madeline mann Hidden "wishing you strong legs as you complete the trail. you are so close. good to meet you. what a wonderful way to honor your father. if you ever get to vt for more b and j work, you are always welcome here. "
Jon and Michelle Odgers $50.00 "Was such a pleasure to meet you in NYC last month during your night away from the trail. I truly admire your hike and commitment to raising money for the MMRF to continue the fight. "
Cynthia Pennell $25.00 "We have enjoyed following your journey on facebook. What great memories & stories to tell. Your father is watching over you & very proud! Stay safe. The Pennell Family."
Joy & Ron Bulger $50.00 "Well done, Mmrf! We are so proud of you - Spot and Starcraft"
michael mcdonald $25.00 "nice work mmrf -your 1/2 gallon challenge was especially inspiring - hike on!!"
Lawrence Franzese $100.00 "Matt, I truly admire what you accomplished, and appreciate your generousity. Larry"

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