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2012 Run/Bike/Tri Your Own Race: MMRF PowerTeam
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 60% faster than the industry average, and working toward a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $190 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of four drugs for multiple myeloma in just four years – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference.

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Total Donations: $165,979

Goal: $170,000

$0 98% $170,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Anonymous $50.00 "Looks like I am the first -only $1,450 to go!!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good Luck on the run."
Tanya Amodio Hidden "Your dynamism, energy, and love for my friend Susan is beautiful and inspiring! Good luck and enjoy the run! "
Anonymous $250.00 "Good luck, Mark! We are routing for you, and for a break-thru in research for new treatments. We celebrate Susan's life too. We give thanks for both of you and your passion to help others...whether they be big or little! "
Anonymous Hidden ""It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle"...Thank you for your devotion to your lovely wife Susan and the cause. It is very admirable as MM has affected someone that is very dear to me as well. Good luck on the run Mark!"
Diane Martin $100.00 "Welll done Mark for this really worthy cause. We are all so proud of you and looking forward to seeing you complete the run in Brighton in February 2012 and spending some time with you. Love to you and Sue. Diane xxx"
Frank Aragona $50.00 "Mark, Great cause, keep fighting, you and your wife have beaten the odds so far. Best of luck"
Nicole Spinnato $25.00 "I hope you reach your goal!! Best of luck! -Mrs. WhatsHerBloodyFace ;)"
Tony & Darlene Saitta $50.00 "Praying you reach your goal, that you complete the race successfully but most of all for a cure!!! Tony & Dar"
Sean Eveland $50.00 "Go Mark! Love you both! Sean"
Cindy Smith $50.00 "Keep Fighting - Susan! Keep Running - Mark! "
Cindy & Jerry Sharfstein Hidden "We love you both Aunt Cindy & Uncle Jerry"
Corlis Carroll $100.00 "I LOVE SUSAN AND I LOVE MARK....."
Timothy Bachman $25.00 "Congrats on training for such an important race. Go get em!"
Jackie Wray $100.00 "We're all behind you and wish you the best of luck in reaching your goal (and the finish!). It's a great cause and we know how much it means to you and Sue! Don't forget you need to beat my best time of 1 hr 59 mins! Looking forward to seeing you in the UK next February for our "Saker" get-together and the run! Happy Training and lots of love - your sis Jax, Dave, Ellen & Stephen x x x x"
Tommy Holecek $50.00 "Go Mark & Susan"
Ron Dunn $100.00 "Wa y to go both of you. Mark--$5/mile for the first 10. $50 for the last 3. Good luck. Best Master Dunn"
Anonymous $10.00 "Even small contributions are good contributions- woof woof- Oscar + Mini me"
Dave Graves $50.00 "Mark - I'm so glad to be able to make this donation. As you know, I am a 2-time cancer survivor, my brother is as well, my wife is a survivor (and recently had a cancer related procedure), and we have lost family members and friends to it. We need to fight it before we lose more...Keep up the good work!!!"
Jane Crossett $25.00 "Way to go Mark. Hope you reach your goal. We'll be prayer for Susan and all those you have this terrible disease."
Edd Vilt $25.00 "Good luck on your run and have a great trip! "
Julie Holland $50.00 "Good luck brother, looking forward to seeing you soon. Lots of love, from Julie, Steve, Anna and Emily x x x"
Jessica Pasko Hidden "Go Mark and mom! Love Jess and Brian"
Dorothy A Pasko $50.00 "Good for you Mark! What a great cause; we're happy to help a bit. Love, Dot & Ed"
Karen McDonald $25.00 "With all the training you have done - you will be amazing! "
Susan Vasseghi $100.00 "Mark - you can do it!! We'll be supporting you on the day and your niece won't be far behind you! So pleased that you decided to join Laila in our local race which by the way is now fully subscribed. Look forward to seeing you in February. Love to you and Sue and shame that she can't join you. Sue, Ali and girls xx"
Jabar and Angela Z Warassta $50.00 "Best wishes always to you both!"
Benjamin & Ruth Mendel $25.00 "Best wishes to you and Susan!"
Bruce Emery $50.00 "Mark, Good luck in your training and meeting your goal. I have no dobut you will do great!"
Kelly VanVechten $25.00 "Good luck and best wishes to you both! :)"
Dominick DeLorio Jr $150.00 "Mark, Thanks for doing this for Susan. We love you both. Mom and Dominick"
Lynn Bowden $25.00 "Good Luck on your run. What a great thing to be doing. Glad your doing well Susan."
Richard H. Callan $50.00 "To Matt - Remembering your Dad, going all the way back to our days at Graceland College with him. (We also knew your grandparents (BA and Marcene Howard) well in Springfield, VA.) Your dad did a tremendous amount of good for people whereever he was. Our sympathy to you and Scott on the loss of a devoted man and father. Rich and Karen Callan, Davidson, NC "
Nancy and Mike Barnett Hidden "Matthew, Mike and I have known your aunt and uncle for many years here in Florida. Although we did not have the privilege of knowing your dad, through knowing Cindy we feel we knew him too at a certain and special level that you experience through friendship. We are hikers too and are supportive of your love of hiking and this project. We are sad for you and your brother's loss. Blessings to you during your trip."
Bradley Harner $50.00 "Run you ASS off!"
Jenny Ser Hidden "So proud of you Matthew...stay safe and don't forget to check in during your hike!"
Cindy and Ken Campbell $500.00 "We support you wholeheartedly on this hike, Matthew and honor you for doing it. What a gift for your Dad and for multiple myeloma patients! We too have hiked several southern portions of the AT and loved it, and we look forward to hearing your story as you go. "
Elena and Blaze Barbre Hidden "We hope this hike is everything you want it to be and more. You are doing your dad proud."
Chris & Betsy Liebel $25.00 "Good Luck! Go get 'em! Keep up the fight!"
Kathleen Lynch $25.00 "It would be just like you both to go and make a difference. Good luck on the race!"
Pat & Gina Hicks $400.00 "Way to go girl! We love you both."
VAE Inc $250.00 "Good Luck from the VAE Team! "
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck on your run! - Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous"
Scott Kelly $250.00 "Way to go Tina, Keep up the fight!"
Nicole Treiber $50.00 "Good luck Tera!!"
John Brosnan $250.00 "Very proud of you. You will make this a St Patricks day for all of us to be proud of. Love ya, Dad"
John Brosnan $100.00 "Happy St Paddy's day to you. You will have the luck of the Irish with you and for the cause. Love ya."
Lindi DeLorio $20.00 "What a well written, educational plea for donations, Mark! I'm happy to give and excited to see how high we can get your donation total. Best of luck!!"
John Carl $150.00 "You are great man Mark !!!! Run Hard !!!!"
Sal Kabbany Howard $150.00 "So proud of you. You can do it. Love ya!"
Jennifer and Mark Anholt/Andreassen $100.00 "We are very pleased to donate in your dad's, uncle Dave's, honour. This is very close to heart for us as well, with losing Mark's mom this year to cancer. This is a wonderful thing you are doing Matt, I know he would be very proud of you. :-)"
Roxanne De Hamel Hidden "You go Mark! So happy you are doing this :) "
d kathman $20.00 "may you run as well as you paint:)"
Elizabeth Hammon $25.00 "Go Tera!"
Kathleen Pinson $50.00 "Good Luck Tera we're supporting you!!!!!!!!! Love, Kathy & Jim"
Anonymous $75.00 "Well done Mark- we are proud of you and god luck for the New York 1/2 Marathon. Love Mum and Dad."
Anonymous $15.00 "I am sorry for your loss. David was a fun and respected colleague."
Shelia Mick $25.00 "Heather you are an inspiration"
Catherine Carr $30.00 "Go Team!"
Jason Jablonski $30.00 "Ill donate more when you climb Mt Everest, Good Luck my friend don't pull a Hammy, and watch out for Big Foot"
Ryan Jablonski $50.00 "Your courage and drive are inspiring! Good luck on your amazing journey!"
Susan Brown $25.00 "Good Luck Matthew! This is such an amazing thing you are doing in your Dad's memory. I know he will be with you every step of your hike. Hope the photographers can keep up with you! : ) "
Desi Smith $50.00 "I hope you find what you are looking for on this journey. I admire what you're doing, and the mission behind it. You'll be in my thoughts. "
Jacqueline genovesi $25.00 "Sue and Mark, two of the finest people I've met along the way, your hearts beat as one. Good luck in NYC!!"
Clayton Hamilton Hidden "Tera! You're a rockstar, have a great race this coming weekend and enjoy the Tour de Distrito Federal."
James Shiffner $100.00 "Just to get things rolling, I'll make the first donation."
Mollie Ryan Hidden "In memory of Roy, whose sense of humor, even during his physical trial gave me great joy. "
gary parkinson $100.00 "Roy had the biggest heart of anyone I know. I will miss him so much. He spoke of you Marty with such joy about all the fun you two had. It's a real honor to donate to your adventure. Roy's friend gary;-}"
Phyllis Schultz and Matt Gromet $250.00 "Matt, We are moved by your commitment to honoring your father in this way; no doubt, he would be proud of your determination to make a difference. We'll be thinking of you. Wishing you a safe and productive journey, Phyllis and Matt"
Pam Gross $100.00 "Dear Marty, you are the best friend Roy ever had and we are so grateful and proud of what you are doing. I know Roy is looking down from Heaven, going "way to go Marty!""
Mindy Vega $10.00 "Sorry it can't be more....hope this helps! =)"
Kimberlee Verbrugge $100.00 "Hello Marty: I am so excited to know that Roy has such a wonderful friend that is going to do such an amazing ride in love and memory of Roy. I wish I was closer as I would love to have joined you on a leg of the ride. I will definitely be with you all the way in mind and spirit. I have spent the entire winter training 60 to a 100 miles a week on my indoor bike trainer and would love to be outside riding along side of you. I wish you happy, healthy miles. "Ride on for Roy"!!! Kimberlee Verbrugge"
Monica and Manford Dietrich $100.00 "What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend. Good luck on this journey. Loved your encouraging posts on the Caringbridge website. I know Roy will be there in spirit on every mile."
Idelle and Larry Newburge $100.00 "Safe travels Marty! Thank you so very much for all your efforts to date to honor our dear friend Roy!! We know he's right by your side being the wind beneath your wings!! With Love, Idelle and Larry"
kathleen marden $25.00 "Hi Jason, Love your fabulous attitude! I wish you the best in this next challenge. I know you will do well. Love, Aunt Kathy"
Hazel Hughes Demchak $250.00 "Go Jason!!!!"
George and Diane Schena $50.00 "yeah, yeah, yeah... we've heard it all before! Never again. Oh, well, at least it's for a good cause and, since you'll never do this again it's a good investment. Oh, by the way, 'break a leg'. Love, Geo and DiDi"
Robin Brinkley $50.00 "You know Mike and I are behind you all the way - just not in the race :-)"
Mike Covello $50.00 "Go Aerodynamic!!!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Roy was one of my dear friends. He built my home several years ago and it is the best ever! It is my pleasure to donate to Marty's fundraiser for multiple myeloma. "
Pam and Cyndi masters $250.00 "Go Go Granny!!!"
Sue and Al Brown $300.00 "We were so pleased to have been part of the stem cell transplant process. Watching you improve has been a miracle for us. Once again we will be there to cheer you on as you complete your triathlon! We love you dearly."
Rosemary & Gale Gall $500.00 "Our very best wishes to the "Team" and thank you for your support!!"
Gwen and Dennis Anholt $200.00 "We know your dad would have gotten so much enjoyment planning this venture with you. We can just picture him and hear his great laugh. What a wonderful tribute. We will follow your progress with great interest. We know how important this is for you to do and applaud you. Good luck! Love Aunt Gwen and Uncle Dennis"
Brenda Nagle $50.00 "Way to go, Jason!! This is such a great cause. Good luck in your race. Hopefully, I'll be back in Florida again soon and we can do another race together like the good ole days."
Nancy Garfinkel $25.00 "Keep the faith, brother. Love, N&H"
Kelly Olinger Hidden "Way to go Jason - it's great to see you doing so well and I know you'll do great in the race!"
Paul Dechen $50.00 "Jason - The Laura and I not only contributing cash, but our prayer's are with you and all the people participating. Keep the rubber on the road and kick booty."
Kevin Burns Hidden "Best of Luck from the Burns family"
Lorraine Hoover $100.00 "Best of luck with your training! As with cancer and the ridiculously boring UF accounting program, I know you will also kick this triatholon's butt! "
Suzanne Walter $25.00 "You Go Girl :) I think it's awesome that you have taken this on, what an awesome accomplishment already!"
Matthew Howard $405.03 "I chose to donate my "tips" from the month of March to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. This donation was made with the help of many of my customers at Ben and Jerry's. I am overwhelmed by the generosity expressed from you all. Thank you very much. "
Trisha Clark $10.00 "Good luck meeting your goal! I hope you go above and beyond!"
John and Jennifer Wisker $100.00 "In Memory of Gale. From the Wisker Family"
Mark Rogers $25.00 "Nice hairdo Jason! You, Alvarez and I look like brothers. Good luck on the race! Mark"
John Lundsten $100.00 "In memory of Gale Gall"
Michelle Eggers $50.00 "In memory of Gale. So sorry for your loss!"
Nathan Urban Hidden "Thank you for encouraging Nathan Jr. and Jon, through your efforts and support of the MMRF, how to stand for what they truly believe in and to never give up! We are so proud of you!! "
gayle and cecil davis Hidden "go jamie, go!!"
Mark & Sunnie Wang $250.00 "Go get 'em Jason! "
Tazuko Shibusawa $50.00 "GOOOOOO JAMIE!!!!! Jim & Tazuko"
Dan Walker $20.00 "Logan, tell Uncle Pat he needs to cough up $100 per mile!"
Brenda Comerfor $25.00 "Wishing you much success, Logan and Brinkley, as you support such a worthy cause."
BOB AND LONNA DICKEY $100.00 "Thank you girls ( and parents) for the training for a cause Nana and Papa"
Charlene Nielsen $50.00 "Congratulations and best wishes to all!"
Sharon Maxon $150.00 "My employer, Chevron, will match this to make it $300 total. Have a great event!"
Jean Neumann $200.00 "With a face like yours, it's cancer that should start running - HA! Love, Jean and JR"
Robyn Justl $20.00 "Good Luck Brinkley! We're really proud of you! From, Mrs. Justl and Amanda"
Kimberly A Houldin Hidden "We are so proud of you, Brinkley! We know that your family members who are battling this disease will be inspired by you. Love, The Houldin Family"
Marsha Young $25.00 "Go Brinkley! How wonderful of you! We'll be rooting you and Logan on with pride and admiration! Marsha Young and Family"
Jeffrey Wasson $100.00 "Brinkley...so proud of you for your efforts!! Please send my love to all your family! xoxoJeffrey and Maria"
Bernard Samuels $200.00 "Thank you for thinking about me and honoring me with your participation in this triathlon. We plan to be there to cheer you on. "
Sue Paschall Hidden "Way to go, Brinkley! All of those "Dot Runs" are really going to come in handy! I'm super proud of you for supporting your grandpa and others who are fighting this disease. You are an inspiration! Lots of love and support from the Paschall Family"
Ceaira Brown $20.00 "Brinkley, I know you will do well! Love Cousin Ceaira!!!! :-)"
Noah Chesson $20.00 "Brinkley, I know you will do good in your triathalon! Love, Cousin Noah"
Claudia Samuels $150.00 "Brinkley, what a wonderful way to help others. It is no surprise that you are growing into a young lady who is as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this very important project. We love you, Claudia, Sandy, Ethan, Seth and Samantha"
Michelle Hilde $50.00 "We are so proud of you Bri. Love you tons! Uncle Chris, Aunt Michelle, Em and Zac"
Joy Schnapper $20.00 "Wow, Brinkley! This is so exciting! I am so proud of you... Love, Ms. Schnapper-Kelly"
diane lukes $25.00 "Wow, Brinkley! Good for you! I'm proud of your sweet, giving spirit. Love, Ms. Lukes"
Sindy Baron Hidden "Brinkley, Congrats for taking on such a challenge out of love for your family! With that as your incentive, you'll go far in life! Sincerely, Sindy Baron"
Linda Franzese $1,092.00 "Matthew and Scott - your dad loved you both so much. Scott, he was so proud of all your many talents and loved your beautiful family. Matthew, he admired your gentle spirit and strong determination. As you go from mile to mile on this endeavor, I hope the great memories of your dad will strengthen you, and be a reminder to all who loved your dad, of his many contributions to this world. God Bless you both. Love, Mom"
Carol Gorter $100.00 "Logan--good luck on your fund raising efforts. We are proud of you. John and Carol Gorter"
Amanda Campbell $25.00 "In memory of Gale Gall"
Community of Christ Charlotte Congregation $50.00 "Scott and Matthew - the Charlotte Community of Christ honors and remembers the contributions your dad made to our church during his years in Charlotte. His vision of what people can accomplish was, and is, an inspiration. With much love from your church family."
shelley SCHWADRON $250.00 "Good Luck, Roy will keep the wind at your back. All our love and support. Shelley and David "
Elaine Fortney $50.00 "Good luck Jason...such an inspiration!"
Todd Wright $25.00 "Brinkley, you are awesome! "
Richard M Carter $50.00 "Good Luck Jamie - Michael"
KELLY GROGAN $100.00 "In memory of Gale Gall. With love and sympathy, The Grogan's"
Tiffany Fick $50.00 "Good Luck girls!! You are fighting for a great cause!! We are proud of you!!"
Barbara Livermore $50.00 "Praise God Bobby is doing so well!"
Marsha Maaske $20.00 "Good luck Logan and Brinkley!"
Jake Blues $25.00 " Go ALPINE!! "
John Alvarez $100.00 "Get 'er done!"
Tari Riggs $100.00 "I know Gale is so proud of you all...his love & legacy lives on through you..."
Marci Gluck-Stewart $25.00 "Just heard about your journey through FB. We don't know each other, but my mother has multiple myeloma and is doing great! I am very sorry for the loss of your father and I grately appreciate all of the hard work you are enduring in his honor and for the suffering of others. GOOD LUCK on your journey!"
Craig Powers Hidden "Have a great race JB! Should be fast on that sweet, new machine of your's...Thanks for allowing me to be part of such a great cause!"
Linda Isaacson $100.00 "It is a joy to contribute to a cause in Roy's honor. He was a great friend loved by all. Smooth peddling in your ride!!"
Brian and Tiffany Galloway $50.00 "In memory of Gale and hos courageous fight"
Iman Poeraatmadja $10.00 "Go get 'em E..."
will & jen breckenridge $100.00 "Thank you Logan and Brinkley for taking on such a wonderful task!! You two gals are spitfires, and we are so proud of you...such a great cause..you are an inspiration to us all"
patty nelson $50.00 "Am so happy you're doing this for Roy - he was special. "
Julie Standley $25.00 "What an inspiration! Good Luck! Love, Mrs Standley and family"
Bethany Murphy Hidden "I <3 my favorite Canadian family :o)"
Bruce Clark $100.00 "Kaitlyn, Good luck with your run. We hope that your reach your goal."
Nancy Ferguson $100.00 "We are so proud of you. Maybe next year we will join you in San Diego. Take care, B & N"
Jon Sprague $50.00 "Good luck!"
Brenda DeWeber $25.00 "Best of luck on your quest Bob! I have been rooting for you from the start! "
Myrna Latham $50.00 "In loving memory for always of Gale "
Jeanne and Rich Terio $200.00 "We are so proud of you and your fight against MM. As always, you have our love, our prayers and our support."
Sharon Ziegler $70.00 "Wow - Jamie. Inspiring. you just keep doing these!! Congrats."
Mike Brooks $250.00 "Brinkley we are so proud of you and Logan for the effort u have both given to train for this fund raising event. The cause is very thoughtful and I know filled with all the love u have for GPa John and Nardy and the rest of the people afflicted by this disease. You are truly a special person. Love you, GMa Jeanne and GPa Mike. We'll all b there cheering you and Logan on. Good job."
Michele Heckert $100.00 "Good Luck Katy, Train hard this sounds challenging. We are rooting for you."
David Knight $100.00 "Go Jason!"
Keith & Ethel Hazeldine $50.00 "Kaitlyn Wishing you all the best on your run. We'll be thinking of you!!"
Todd & Paulette Davis $50.00 "Go for it, Kaitlyn!!"
Sarah Varnes $50.00 "Good Luck Emily!"
Bill & Erin Chandler $50.00 "Best of luck, you go girl :) "
David Silverstein $100.00 "Just like five rounds of golf at Grover (without the aggravation)!"
Terah Benjamin $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Leanne Miller $50.00 "Run, K.C., run! ~The Strohmeiers"
Heidi Darling $50.00 "Go KC go!!! I hope I can come cheer you on at a few events this year. Thank you for doing this!"
Meyer Assoulin $1,000.00 "It's an honor to have a friend like Eric who's dedication to this cause will surely have an impact."
Jimmy & Tricia Sheehan $200.00 "In support of our dear friend Jerry Vanderberg--stay well & stay strong!"
Katie Bauslaugh $50.00 "Run KC, RUN! "
nancy laporte $100.00 "Hang in Jerry"
Vira Katolik $100.00 "Run like the wind, Karen - and have fun!!! You're already a winner for all the hard work you've put in."
Ed and Sue Simpkins $100.00 "I have known Bobby Dickey since he was a small child. I will pray that he can overcome this disease. Go Bobby! XO Sue Simpkins"
Arthur jurgrau $100.00 " God Bless , praying for a cure. Arthur & Marianne Jurgrau"
Brett Liner $100.00 "Keep inspiring!"
Robert Patalano $50.00 "I am proud of you Em. God bless you and be with your every step. Bob"
Maria Kish Hidden "Thank you Audrey and good luck! Love, Bob, Maria, Bobby and Tyler Kish"
Tiffany Brigante $50.00 "Sorry I don't have the stamina to join you this year. Will shoot for next year though!"
Barbara Clipsham $100.00 "Your run will help Frank and others who are fighting this disease. You go girl! Love ya, Aunt Barb"
Ann Vanderberg $250.00 "To a great brother! To a great cause!"
Theresa Simon $50.00 "Good luck Audrey!!"
giacomo & helen calabrese Hidden "Thank you!!!! You are doing a great thing! Frank so happy you are doing so well!!!!!!"
Angie Castella Hidden "Hi Audrey! Good luck and THANK YOU. Xoxo, Angie & Tony"
Debbie Rodriguez $50.00 "You can do this, Kait. Best of luck!! Debbie Rodriguez"
Erin Steele Hidden "You are amazing woman Audrey,and what a great thing you are doing for Frank and the entire Castella & Rubano families! "
carmela caratozzolo Hidden "Audrey thank you and good luck! "
Janine Bellino Hidden "Way to go, Audrey! We love you! -Brad and Janine"
Shane Schroder $50.00 "Jeff, your relentlessly positive attitude and good works are an inspiration as well. Good luck, and DON'T break a leg. Shane"
Carmelo Rubano Hidden "Thanks again for everyone's contributions, it means so much to our family! Great job today Aud!"
Robert Kirk $25.00 "Great Job KC!!! Proud of you! Rob"
Pat and Bob Benson $50.00 "Your Mom would be so proud of you, Jeff"
Danny Carter $50.00 "My mother died from multiple myeloma almost two years ago. This is a hard time of year to lose your mother, right around the time others are celebrating mothers day. I cannot say how much I appreciate your fundraising. I promise to spread the word."
Annette Lang $10.00 "Go team! "
Jane & George Macdonald $500.00 "On the way to the top reach for the stars :) We are very proud of you!"
Virginia Youngblood $25.00 "So glad to be able to support you in this effort! Love, Gerald and Virginia"
Julie Zemanek Hidden "Mr. Stidwell! Congratulations on accomplishing your initial goal! Look at you go! Happy to contribute! So proud of your accomplishment! Never a doubt!! :o) "
Ellen and Neil Policow $100.00 "Congratulations and best wishes for a smooth ride. You'll be in such great shape after this your golf handicap will surely drop by at least three strokes. When you make it to Boston we hope we can get together for a carb build and maybe a therapeutic massage."
Brenda Nassiri $100.00 "We are thankful for Marty's effort to further MMRF awareness and treatment. We celebrate the life and memory of our friend, Roy!"
Barry Brown $50.00 "Proud to support a worthy cause!"
daniel marmorstein $100.00 "Marty, So sorry for your loss, but what a great way to pay tribute and help eradicate this disease. Linda joins me in wishing you strength on your journey. Fondly, Danny Marmorstein and Linda Levinson"
Dorothea Shaddock Hidden "Clue: Endless German goodbye wave rhyming game: Answer: Vinky Vinky Stinky Pinky"
Jeff Wagner $50.00 "You go Joe!!!!"
Sally Evans $50.00 "Best of luck on the ride, Joe. I'm sorry to learn of your mother's death. Be sure to toast her when you reach Vienna."
JO REID $100.00 "Joe, What a wonderful tribute to your Mother! Norma was a lovely lady and was quite proud of her sons; I know she was thrilled that you planned this ride in her honor. Pace yourself on the ride and bring back great stories. Jo Reid"
Sheila Doran-Benyon $50.00 "Hope to see you in Budapest ...we shall be there from June 2-25. Will keep track of you! Have fun; set the world on fire on your bike; know I am jealous!! xo sdb"
JUDITH Bland $50.00 "Way to go Joe!! Best Regards Judy & Neil Bland"
Diana & Bob Linder $100.00 "Safe Journey and Godspeed to two wonderful guys!"
Gwen Kunz $100.00 "Good Luck! Be Safe! Aunt Gwen"
Peter Brown $100.00 "Good luck Joe, so glad you're doing this! Peter, Jill and Caitlin "
Linda Carter $250.00 "Keep the Faith!!!!"
Laurence and Donna Binder $200.00 "Joe, we are sorry to learn about your mother's death. We will never, never forget her constant willingness to volunteer and give so freely of her time at Austin Middle School for you and David. Enjoy your ride, be safe and think of your mother often. We will especially remember you and her on June 1."
Cam & Carol Postle Hidden "Lovely tribute to your mom. Ride On!! All the best from Cam & Carol"
david lavin $18.00 "Good Luck and have a safe trip. "
Ashley Miller $50.00 "I'm sure you will do fabulous, Kait!! "
jay goldberg $100.00 "good luck and safe journey"
Neill & Mary K. Binford $50.00 "Great pictures. Hope knees, bikes and elbows hold up and snoring dampens down. Since the river runs down grade we must assume the biking is all downhill too? For sure! :-) - Neill"
patricia carter $20.00 "go jamie go"
Linda Lindman $135.00 "You are truly inspirational!"
Carlton Carlisle $100.00 "Hi Pat, Carol and I were recently talking of you and Bill and how much we miss seeing you both at the Pier. Keep up the great work you are doing with fund raising. Love, Carl Carlisle"
Donna Kirchhoffer $100.00 "Good luck to you Pat. What a great endeavor in Bill's memory."
Elaine Tosko $200.00 "Amazing! Run, Run, Run....with every step you take you leave a beautiful footprint on this world! Elaine & Dan"
Ken Meyerson $250.00 "Good luck Eric. You are a good man. A bit insane, but a good man. "
Fulbert Chan Hidden "Hi Tam, If you have leather gloves or leather-palmed gloves, such as bicycling gloves, bring those to use to grip the cables. Otherwise, there are gloves for everyone to use at the base. Have a fun and safe hike and climb. Great to hear your mom is doing well with her fight against this disease. May God continue to bless you, your mom, and your family. -Fulbert "
Cheri Rohlfing $50.00 "Good luck with your run Jeff! I know you will do great! Any chance you will be in town June 17-23 during my ACE Camp? Maybe I'll run into you again at the training center! Hope so! Great job on all the fundraising you are doing! Take care, Cheri"
Doug Friedlander $100.00 "Donna and I wish you the best in your Quest ! We love you and look forward to seeing you soon."
Gerald Prager $100.00 "Good Luck on this difficult challenge"
Kay Chandler $10.00 "You go Girlfriend!!! This is a great cause and it is in your heart."
Erwin Reguindin $10.00 "Bob it was a pleasure finally meeting with you. You are an exceptional person with a great deal of commitment and I comend your efforts! Keep up the hard work and please stay safe! Sincerely, Erwin"
Woody and Becky Woodling $50.00 "We will be thinking of you both ... Good luck !"
Robin Porter Hidden "Good Luck Kait!!"
Colleen & Roger Thomey $100.00 "Congrats and Good Luck!"
Heidi Laird $50.00 "Diane, you are a tough cookie, we'll be thinking of you the whole way. It's a long distance in such a short time! Bravo!"
Brandon and Sonja Daniels $25.00 "Get 'er done, Kait! :) We know that you will be amazing! Praying that this race brings the cure even closer for your family and so many others. "
Tommy & Anna Schwarz $50.00 "We are totally behind you Eric, and all those doing this for a very important cause. Good luck to you on this amazing journey. Tommy"
Kate Alexander $50.00 "Goodluck, Phago! Better make your favorite running partner proud ;) You'll do great! All my love to you and your family XOXO"
Anne Gillis $100.00 "Go Kaitlyn Go!!!"
Shannon Tunnell Hidden "Do you need a partner in crime? :)"
Susan Smith Hidden "So proud of your tireless efforts towards finding a cure for Multiple Myeloma. Sorry about the loss of your dear friend. I will certainly be thinking of you on your Badwater journey. May it be a perfect run for you. In Hope, Susan Smith"
Bruce and Jill Brigglemutter $100.00 "Your are a truly good friend to do this in Roy's memory. "
Aaron Sirulnick $250.00 "Eric, very inspiring. Aaron"
Diana & Bob Linder $100.00 "Contributed again, couldn't resist for such a good cause... 'Give me some men who are stout-hearted men!'... Ride On! "
Toby Atkinson $50.00 "Joe, my father died of multiple myeloma, thank you for supporting this. Toby from Houston."
Carol Mendenhall $50.00 "Good luck at the race Jeff! "
Cyrus Bharucha $161.00 "Good luck Joe! I'm thinking of you and John, and remembering your mom. Thank you for pointing us to the MMRF. Best, -Cyrus"
Jody Millard $100.00 "Marty-- you're riding in memory of your dear friend Roy, for so many others, and for me. I have MM but am in complete remission, thanks to MMRF, great physicians, attitude, God and luck! Have a terrific ride! Jody, age 54 female, Allentown PA. Ride On!"
Anonymous $50.00 "My mother died of Multiple Myeloma in 21 years ago. Would love to see a cure!"
Barbara Smith $100.00 "Just read about you in the TNT. Thank you for doing this. My father died of this in 2008. Your story is inspiring!!!"
Wally and Marlee Larkins $50.00 "We are honored to help make your dream come true. "
Pamela Gard Hidden "I read your story in the TNT and wish to show some support. Our community needs more people like you. Best of luck!"
Julie McGlynn $20.00 "As always, a huge thank you for all that you've done and continue to do! Stay strong, Eric! "
Anonymous $25.00 "Thank-you for your fundraising efforts and for getting the word out. You're Awesome!"
Nancy Carlo $50.00 "Thank you!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Just read your story in the Bellingham Herald. You are an inspiration and your dedication and love for your wife so completely beautiful. Thank you. "
Mary Walker Hidden "Thank you for doing something to make a difference. My 20 year old son was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma three years ago and I'm counting on the continued strides in research made by the MMRF so that he can have a long and fulfilling life..."
diane listermann $10.00 "Thank you so much for your amazing endeavor .... I also lost my beloved father, Ralph Klatte, to this terrible cancer ..... God bless you & keep you safe !"
Barry Bonder $100.00 "Safe Journey, Eric Barbara and Barry"
Amira Yunis $400.00 " THANK YOU for running for the MMRF Foundation. My mother died from this horrendous, painful disease. MMRF is an amazing foundation that delivered medication to my mother and helped her live a longer and less painful life. Amira"
Mark Medin $100.00 "Run hard, run smart, run safely and enjoy!!"
Steve Cardin $25.00 "In memory of Wayne Runnels."
Sherri Coe-Leonard Hidden "Mr Stidwell you are still teaching me......"
Vicki DeBoer $25.00 "Blessing on you for your love for your wife, as well as for people everywhere."
Maureen Duckworth $100.00 "Please ride carefully and wear many lights and reflectors."
Kristina Rietmann $10.00 "You are "
Pat Richmond Hidden "What a great way to honor the memory of your wife! Safe riding...you are an inspiration to others!"
Rebecca Crow $50.00 "In memory of Joe's mom and in loving honor of Diana Linder ... and happy that it's not in MEMORY of Diana!!"
Sheila and Richard Welch $100.00 "Joe, We are so proud that you are a part of our family, and think that this is a wonderful thing that you are doing to honor the memory of your mother! God bless you as you finish up your ride!"
linda havel $10.00 "Good effort for a very good cause. We'll cheer for you. Linda and Joseph"
Stacy Cates-Carney $25.00 "Bob, Read your story in the TNT and wanted to send a little support your way. Blessings, Stacy Cates-Carney"
Barbara Vance $100.00 "Have a wonderful hike!!"
Gary & Pamela Held $100.00 "Marty- You are an inspiration and we are happy to support your Olympic-effort bicycle ride for such a worthy cause! May the wind stay at your back. See you when you return to S. Fla. Be safe!"
Tani & Eric Gelber $50.00 "Keep at it Matt! Look forward to meeting you on the AT, Bear Mountain."
Tani & Eric Gelber $50.00 "Keep it up Marty. We are following your journey here in NY!"
Jo Tucker $100.00 "Way to go Jeff"
Kevin Le Hidden "Good luck Tam. I love you Mom & Dad!! Love you too Tam!"
Keegan Bulger $20.00 "Sent to you after hearing word from your friends Spot and Starcraft. Godspeed, and Bravo Zulu!"
Cara Bulger $10.00 "Spot and Starcraft sent me. Good Luck with everything. "
Barbara Mullins $20.00 "Thanks for what you're doing, Matt. Heard about your journey from Spot and Starcraft, and I'm remembering a former classmate who lost the fight with MM several years ago; and honoring my friend Kay, who volunteers at the Multiple Myeloma Clinic at UAMS each week. "
Carl & Terry Wysong $100.00 "Marty, Bobbie, Diane.....cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I think you all are to take this journey and even better that you are sharing it with all of us! Best wishes for safe travels the rest of the way. I am sure your friend watches from Heaven with a big smile! Thanks again for making a difference....like always, Terry (and family)"
Andy Abend $25.00 "Sorry to hear about your dad. Went through the same thing this past December with my father and lymphoma. Happy to chat about it if you think it will help."
Felipe Nunez Hidden "Here's to you and your father! "
Jan and Ken Camapanle $30.00 "Di, We are so proud of you and your amazing accomplishments! We certainly support your great efforts to raise money for the MMRF. As you know, both Mom and Dad passed away from this disease! Congratulations to your and your fellow team members on the incredible journey."
Ruth and Mike Darcy $100.00 "An honorable quest. God speed. And a special hug to my dear friend Diane!"
Sharlene Lustig Hidden "Congratulations Marty! You are a true hero. We are so proud of you. Sharlene & Roy Lustig"
Ellen and Raphael Levine Hidden "We are so sorry to hear about your Dad's illness. Please send him and your mom our love . Ellen and Raphael"
Carmen Phaneuf $50.00 "Great to have met you this morning! So happy to have been able to ride with you! Thank you for your fundraising and your incredible journey!! God Bless!"
Billy Levine $100.00 "Go Nick. Thinking of you and your efforts. Way to go !!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Marty, Diane, and Bobbie, Your dedication to your friend and to MMRF is so impressive. You've touched so many people along your journey. Best of luck in all you do. Trish C."
Sally and Carl Neu $125.00 "Bob, your courageous heart is inspiring. I am living with MM and appreciate your fundraising efforts. May Patricia's brave Spirit ride with you on your quest. God bless you. Sally Neu"
marilyn Gindoff $18.00 "Way to go Marty! I am very proud of my brother and what he is doing! Love you, Mar"
Anonymous Hidden "I was touched by your story in the TNT. You are an inspirational example of marital love and devotion. Bless you for what you're doing in memory of your wife."
Val and Rina Rochette rochette $100.00 "Bravo....."
Patricia Kantor $50.00 "You go, Boy!"
Mark Odenheimer $25.00 "What a tribute!!"
Drue Boyles $100.00 "It was fun to follow parts of your trip, Joe. Drue "
Anonymous $1,000.00 "To my big sister who was not just a hearer but a doer! Love Rick"
Colleen Manuppelli $100.00 "Great job Pat!!!"
Rich and Cheryl Gelber $810.00 "Eric, You're a true inspiration for your commitment to life! We wish you much strength on this journey to giving life to others. In honor of this, our donation is an increment of "chai", a blessing for life, for each year of your life. We love you!"
Will Cooper $250.00 "Good luck at BW Eric. We will be cheering for you! "
Iman Poeraatmadja $10.00 "Stay tough and don't be stupid at Badwater. You got this!"
Michael Dreyer $50.00 "Thank you Eric! You are inspiring! Mike and Jean Dreyer"
Ross Collins $100.00 "Best of luck Eric!!"
Ken Rapp $500.00 "Good luck E, better you than me!"
Diane & Ellen Blaser & Heath $100.00 "Have fun Pat, we are so proud of you! What a wonderful way to honor Bill."
Elysa Cruse $50.00 "Good luck Eric!! We'll be thinking about you!"
Marion Ellis $50.00 "Nick, Randy and I are so sorry to hear about the passing of your Dad and are so proud of you to have taken over the fight against his illness. Have a great race! "
Sarah Hartley $50.00 "I will always be grateful for the passion of running you instilled in me. I know with your Dad's passing it will make this race that much more special. We will miss him, but he will always be remembered and loved."
david & kim LaPierre $250.00 "Just incredible. I can barely walk outside when it's 100 degrees,so the idea of it being 130 and actually running/walking is almost laughable. I think you may actually be insane but your spirit is really inspirational. "
Mark Dukes $100.00 "Eric, I am so inspired by your story. What you are doing is amazing, and I know that Anita is very proud of you and your efforts. Best of luck to you!"
Norman Vale $50.00 "Eric: As a former triathlete/marathoner and now an MMer, I admire, respect and appreciate everything you are doing to raise funds for multiple myeloma research. Many thanks and best wishes for Badwater Ultra Marathon. Norman Vale"
fred glickman $25.00 "Marty, what you did is terrific in so many ways. Fred Glickman"
Jim Stuckey $100.00 "Good luck, Eric. "
Raelene Mercer $20.00 "In hopes that they find a cure. For all of our loved ones."
Alicia O'neillAliciaO $50.00 "Eric - you inspire me as a runner and as a fellow human being. It's hard to know how to thank you for your epic fundraising efforts on behalf of the MMRF. To quote one of my favorite MM patients : "Onward!""
Victoria Marsh $250.00 "Hi Eric, we have never met but you are such an inspiration to me as a fellow runner. The 155 miles you ran for your friend moved me so much that anytime I hear Cold Play "Fix You" come on while I'm pounding the pavement I wouldn't dare think about stopping!!! Good luck with the Death Valley Run, WOW.... You are amazing. With admiration, Victoria Marsh ps:Jane Hoffmann's sister in law."
Sherry & Laurence Briody $500.00 "Go get 'em!"
Elias Kefalidis $250.00 "From Elias Kefalidis and Zachary Kleinhandler. Good Luck!!"
Ann Murray $50.00 "Go, Eric. What a worthly cause. Your fellow workers from Trammell Crow Company support your efforts."
Alison Boyd-Savage $135.00 "Following you every step of the way as you take on this ultimate challenge and test your limits to help others. Eric you are an inspiration!"
Marie Hulswit $50.00 "Go Eric Go! You are an inspiration!"
Carl Lusins Hidden "Eric, you hairy running beast. If more people had a ounce of your determination for a cause then the world would be better place. Run and inspire..CL"
Bernard and Mary Ann Holand $135.00 "You're an inspiration to so many and for such an incredible cause."
gregory tosko $675.00 "EG - awesome work! Here's $1 per mile for each of us on your journey. you are an inpiration. Greg & Donna"
Jacqueline Putnam $32.00 "Nick, I was so saddened to hear the news of your Father's passing. Keeping you & yours in our prayers. Jacquie"
Barbara Bode $100.00 "Keep it up Cabbage! If you can squeeze some "Carrot" time in while you are up - give me a call! XO "
lauren Abes $36.00 "best of luck, nick.. your dad is watching over u. thinking of u.. xo, lauren abes"
Ann Hudson $100.00 "Eric, my father lost his 10-year battle with multiple myeloma in 2008. Thank you for all that you are doing to help find a cure. It is truly amazing and very much appreciated."
madeline mann Hidden "wishing you strong legs as you complete the trail. you are so close. good to meet you. what a wonderful way to honor your father. if you ever get to vt for more b and j work, you are always welcome here. "
Jon and Michelle Odgers $50.00 "Was such a pleasure to meet you in NYC last month during your night away from the trail. I truly admire your hike and commitment to raising money for the MMRF to continue the fight. "
Jabu Varghees $500.00 "have fun, homey! and be careful! "
laurence vinocur $135.00 "sorry it took me so long. i hope this can help the cause."
Carol Berry $100.00 "Bravo to you, and many thanks, Jean. You are wonderful!"
Cynthia Pennell $25.00 "We have enjoyed following your journey on facebook. What great memories & stories to tell. Your father is watching over you & very proud! Stay safe. The Pennell Family."
Marnelle Gleason $100.00 "Jean, you are an amazing woman who I greatly admire. Thanks for raising funds for such important research. My husband also has MM and we both will be rooting for you!"
Stacia Ricci $25.00 "In memory of a beautiful lady."
Anthony Fultz $50.00 "Good luck and God Bless, Bob. I'll be looking forward to the pictures from the summit. I'm betting there will be a Dodger visor on the dome. "
Tom Deters $50.00 "Good luck to you in this endeavor and more importantly good luck and God's care to you and your family. Tom"
Michael Reimer $100.00 "Go get 'em Dickey. God Bless you on this journey and the one you've been thru. You're an inspiration to many. Looking forward to some great stories shared over a lunch. -Michael"
Justin Mosley $135.00 "Bob! I am very proud of you! Only one request wear a Dodger Shirt. "
Carol and Charlie Travis $50.00 "We will think of you every step of the way."
Joy & Ron Bulger $50.00 "Well done, Mmrf! We are so proud of you - Spot and Starcraft"
Lisa Alvey $50.00 "Go get 'em Bob. If anyone can kick cancer in the butt, you can! Love you friend."
SUZANNE HODES $275.00 "Dan, We support your run and the the research for this disease. We hope this donation will bring us to a cure this year! Hugs, Gerry and Suzanne "
Justine Almada $100.00 "Go Dan Go! MMRF does great work! "
Anonymous $25.00 "Proud of you, dude..."
Marc & Nancy Gussman $100.00 "Hi Dan Nancy & I are happy to contribute to this cause."
barry bolden $25.00 "Way to go Jean. Nice photo of you and your new ride. Awaiting your return with photos and stories."
Lindsey Allison $50.00 "Buzzsaw!!"
Dave Fujino $50.00 "You Go Girl! You are awesome! Be safe and have fun! "
Bryan Bartness $50.00 "Jean, Best wishes and good luck to you and your fellow bikers on your noble journey for a worthy cause. May the wind always be at your back. North High School Class of 1960"
Skyler Jackman $50.00 "Way to go mom!"
Irene Pierson $25.00 " Hope you enjoy good weather and have a great ride. Your efforts are well intended. "
Bennette Kramer $100.00 "Jean What a wonderful journey. I will be thinking of you."
Bonnie and Jim McColl $100.00 "You are amazing Jean and we wish you clear skies, with the wind at your back. Thank you for making a difference........Bonnie and Jim"
Wendy & Garvie Hall $100.00 "Have wonderful tour, Jean! You are our hero!!!"
Jane Sellers $100.00 "Jeanie, this is a superb way to demonstrate that we all can make a difference. I, myself, will have to choose a different method, but wish you blue skies and green lights all the way. Thank you!"
Yuliana Kim-Grant $50.00 "Good luck, Dan!!!!"
Anne Hance $100.00 "Ride safely Jean"
Lonna Dickey $250.00 "I think Carol Travis said it best....We will be with you every step Mom and Dad"
Rebecca/Susan Goodchild/Howe $25.00 "Jean, You are AWESOME!!! We want you to know we are supporting you and we hope the trip goes well. Love, Rebecca and Susan"
Philip Summers Hidden "Way to go Jean!!!! Have a great ride.See you soon.!!!"
WTL CREW $550.00 "Good Luck Bob. We are excited for you to get to the top, but we will be more excited when you get back to work."
Kevin & Nancy Bellinger Hidden "Go Paige, Kyle, Will and Rachel!"
Ellen and Shelly Pontac and Bailes Hidden "You go grrrl!! You never cease to amaze us! ~Shelly and Ellen"
Darlene Mahoney $100.00 "Jean, what an amazing experience you will have and I hope to hear all about it. You really are making a difference in so many lives. Stay safe and God bless. Darlene "
Joanna Schumacher $25.00 "Happy trails. Stay safe. See you soon.:-)"
Elizabeth Bennett $50.00 "Proud to be your friend! Good luck!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "God bless you and be with you as you climb. You are doing a wonderful thing!"
William Singleton $100.00 "We are so proud of you Jean! Have a safe and healthy trip. Mimi and Bill Singleton"
Tim deibel $100.00 "Climb Earl, Climb."
Todd Martin $100.00 "Look out for those marmots up there! I here you can put a saddle on them!"
Beth Berger $50.00 "Wishing you good luck on your incredible journey to climb Mt. Whitney, but most of all that they find a cure for Multiple myeloma. My thoughts will be with you on October 4th!"
Wendy Warren $50.00 "You are so inspiring and a true gem to the world around us! Continue on and be well! :-)"
Anonymous $50.00 "Go get 'em FarmBoy!! ;) I love you and am praying for you! Isaiah 40:30-31 ((hugs)) ButterCup"
Ken and Diane Wagstaff $50.00 "Go Jean! We are proud to support you! Ken and Diane"
Carol Sawyer Hidden "Lucky you to know beautiful Maili. We deeply admire you, also. Best to you always, Carol and Dr. Tom Sawyer"
Betsy/Gillian McConnell/Edwards $50.00 "Way to go, Jean. Wishing you lots of strength, luck, and happy memories. Betsy and Gill"
Bruce & Dianne Rankin $100.00 "God always Loves You & Your Family!"
Alan Martin Hidden "Happy running!"
Reeda Palmer $25.00 "UGO! Jean! Will be thinking of you! Reeda"
Lady Anne & Lee Gammage-Girard Hidden "Since you have Maili's support, I'm sure you are a kind, deserving & lucky man! God bless and remember he will be with you every step of the way!! "
Raymond Gallagher Hidden "Best of luck!"
michael mcdonald $25.00 "nice work mmrf -your 1/2 gallon challenge was especially inspiring - hike on!!"
Marty Zeeb $50.00 "Good Luck Bob, have a great hike/climb!"
Danelle Reimer $100.00 "Awesome Bob! I have no doubt you will conquer Mt. Whitney and continue to fight the good fight. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for an amazing journey."
Maili Halme Hidden "I'm so proud of all that your are attempting to accomplish. You will be in my prayers during every step of your climb. I love you! Maili"
Lisa Stonich $50.00 "Good luck and many blessings on your journey!"
LilyHoward KimmelFox $50.00 "Big Hugs to You, Mom + Dad...L + H"
Mighty Quinn $100.00 "Go Eric!! Have an awesome race. You are the best!!! MQ"
Diane Giovanniello $50.00 "I;m so proud of you. I don't even know you, congratulations on your remission and may you continue to grow stronger. This is personal to me, my sonis also is in remission 2 yrs, he went throught the same pain in his spine. I'm very interested in how you went about doing this You are the 3 rd person to go to such lengths to get the word out there. I want to do more, every thanksgiving my family does the Turkey Trot and we run and contribute money but i would like to do more so again we you have time drop me a line. about how you went about doing this Thank You again and good luck to you may you continue to get stronger and may MMF find a cure soon Sincerely Diane Giovanniello"
Dennis and Joni Stimson $25.00 "Bobby, what an awesome goal! I'm excited to hear of your climb. You have been in our prayers, and we are thanking God for your healing. "
Klaus Wagner $50.00 "Go Jim!"
Pat Wollner $100.00 "I saw the note about your trip in the Daily Astorian paper last week. I'm sad that I'm not riding with you, being a 67 year old woman who loves to ride and has a good friend very ill with MM. Thanks for doing this."
Katie Nevogt Hidden "Good luck Jim!!! What you're doing is really wonderful!!"
Glen & Cathy Nevogt Hidden "Our family has been affected by cancer, so we really appreciate your efforts! Be safe..."
Ron Galle Hidden "Good luck Jim! Godspeed! Ron "
Matt Goldman $25.00 "Awesome job!!! I was diagnosed in May 2011 and your acheivement provides me with a massive amount of motivation. Thanks and keep up the great work. "
Katie Parker $50.00 "Good luck, Jim! Jason, Katie, Chase, and Susan"
Derrick Yarbrough $25.00 "Hey Clint, Congrats on such a noble event. I wish you the best. Take care, Derrick"
Jenny Rutledge $30.00 "Good luck Nick!"
Bruce Illingworth $50.00 "...we'll wear white and blue, NSH..."
Julia Johnson Hidden "Congratulations on reaching an awesome goal! You inspire the rest of us. Cheers! Julie Johnson and Greg Mayeur"
John Green $50.00 "Clint, Congrats and godspeed! I hope that you, Maria and the family are well. Best regards, JG"
Michael Dreyer $25.00 "Great job guys!"
Darryl Maxwell $50.00 "Great cause Clint! Good luck with training. "
Jan Laskowski $100.00 "Jean, Glad to help out. Best of luck with the ride; have a pleasant and safe journey."
Donna Phillips $40.00 "Congratulations for your efforts to helping bring awareness to this form of Cancer. Your battle was an inspiration to all of us! God bless you! "
Carmen Greene $25.00 "From Bishop Brian and Lady Carmen. Great success to you!"
lisa and evan toporek Hidden "way to go nick!!!"
Laura Dillon $26.20 "Good luck Clint and hope you enjoy the race!"
Dorothy Hudsonq $50.00 "Bob, you are an inspiration to all of us! Keep riding, Dorothy Hudson"
LINDA CERDA $50.00 "Jean,Jean your'r young and alive, and so amazing. Proud and happy for you, you are making a difference in the lives of your loved ones. I can't wait to hear your stories. Love from Texas, Linda and Karen"
Mike and Sharon Sidlo $100.00 "We are proud and inspired by you guys for doing what you are doing for MMRF in honor of your Mom! You guys are the best!!!"
Patrick Venanzi $100.00 "Best of luck in your first marathon, Clint. I'm sure you will do great. Your support of such a worthy cause is inspiring. Godspeed! Pat"
Elan Haynes $25.00 "Hey Clint , So proud of you and I wish you all the best :) . Elan "
Chuck Myers $1,000.00 "Clint - I share the cause as my dad has MM. Thanks for running to help find a cure! Chuck"
Joe & Marge Hogentogler $150.00 "Our heartfelt thanks to Team Hoagie and all the contributors to MMRF. We are humbled and overwhelmed by your dedication to finding a cure. The research done by the MMRF has made a significant difference in our lives. Gratefully, Joe & Marge Hogentogler "
Jasmine Vazquez $50.00 "We are very proud of you and all of the support you are giving to research! Thank you Jean!"
Kip Johann-Berkel $26.20 "Good Luck! Sounds like a great cause."
ERIC OTOO $25.87 "Clint, Hari, Adabelle and I support you as you run to honor your mom. We hope that there is breakthrough soon for the MM research. You motivate us all. "
Gayle Hunte-Jackman $50.00 "This is wonderful what you're doing Cous!!"
Joanne Bruun $50.00 "Well-Done, Jean! Your column in the Enterprise said that you could email an overview of the trip with photos. I would love to read that. Thanks, Joanne Bruun"
Lawrence Franzese $100.00 "Matt, I truly admire what you accomplished, and appreciate your generousity. Larry"
Anonymous $200.00 "Jean, Glad I finally got to this! Way to go riding 2100 miles....will hear more this summer! love, Libby"
Ben and Edna McCoy $50.00 "Fantastic trip, Jean. What a trip!"
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