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2012 ING New York City Marathon: MMRF PowerTeam
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 60% faster than the industry average, and working toward a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $190 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of four drugs for multiple myeloma in just four years – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference.

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Total Donations: $469,738

Goal: $500,000

$0 94% $500,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Robert Treue $100.00 "In honor of Carmen NuccioR"
Catharina Jerratsch $25.00 "Gooooooooooooooooooooooooo Leslie!!! Probably won't make it to cheer you on ;) "
Fetneh Fleischmann $100.00 "We are very proud of you! Love, Fetneh and David"
Timothy Fallon $100.00 "Get after it Benny"
David Hasselhoff $50.00 "You sir, are no HOFF! Have a good run though. "
the Dos Equis dude $50.00 "Stay thirsty my friend. I'll meet you on 1st ave for another beer. "
Captain Morgan $50.00 "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Will you please dress a pirate this year? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"
Rashmi Khare $50.00 "Bring it!"
Rory Post Hidden "My Ninja, good luck! "
Mike 'approaching maximum Regan $50.00 "I will be waiting on 1st ave with a mouthful of donuts & a McD's sweet tea man! You rock! I'm glad I choose you for my hero."
Michelle Cole $50.00 "So great, good luck!"
Lisa Halpin $25.00 "Good luck Gina! With all the miles you cover each day at work, this marathon should be a cake walk!"
Gregory Gross $50.00 "Great work, Gina! All the best for your training and race day."
Mike tons of fun Regan $25.00 "Can't stop thinking about you. & I promise to donate more this time. Did they make an action figure of you yet? I ordered the wall size poster already, but want something more tangible. Maybe a coffee mug or something. Anyway...go get em Superman. "
Stacey Krizan $40.00 "Good luck Natalie! You will rock it! "
Jill Barna Hidden "Go Nat!!! You can do it!"
Susan Kuhn $50.00 "Good luck!!! You rock!!!"
Ginevra Ryman $100.00 "Good luck Lindsey! I will be there in spirit cheering you on!"
Judy Morgan $50.00 "I love Mary and wish her well."
Gloria Robison Hidden "Exito! I know you will do great. Con mucho carino, Glorita"
Katie Andrew $100.00 "Thought I should get things started!"
Debra Schrank $150.00 "One step at a time!!! You'll do it."
Pauline & Ron Bennett $50.00 "Very proud of you!"
Rhonda, Tony & Kids $50.00 "Good Luck Katie!!! :-)"
Catherine Hamelin $20.00 "Good luck :)"
Christa du Toit $20.00 "Good luck Aaron ! Have fun :)"
Hamey Glennon $40.00 "Good work Mark!!!!!! Good luck with the training!!!!!!! "
Joyce Walters $50.00 "I'm so proud of you, Holli! You're and inspiration! Run, Holli, run!"
Vickie Norman $100.00 "You Go, Katie!!"
Rhoda and Jim Gladstone $100.00 "Good luck. Jim's parents both passed away from Multiple Myeloma many years ago so we are very supportive of finding a cure."
Susanne Quistgaard $50.00 "Way to go, Leslie!"
Doug Potter $50.00 "Go, Leslie! -Karen & Doug"
Susan Ferguson Hidden "In honor of my best friend, Sue"
katharine ayres $100.00 "Go, Katie, Go!! "
Mary Graul $26.00 "Good luck, Leslie!"
Kathryn Connor $100.00 "We wish you all the best on your fundraising efforts for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation! Mike and Kate Connor"
Helene DeCapua $50.00 "I'm so proud of you Molly, this is a great thing you are doing in Grandmas memory, a wonderful woman and greatly missed! Xoxo Helene"
Devan FitzPatrick $20.00 "Run strong, Molly! I will be cheering you on from afar! "
JOHN AND LORI Andrew $500.00 "Good Luck Katie!!!"
JEAN DECKER $100.00 "May God be with you always Mom and Dad"
Jennifer Silagin $50.00 "So Amazing Leslie, what an accomplishment. Ill be cheering for you, Jennifer"
lisa contessa $50.00 "You go Jen! Good Luck :)"
Barbara Lippman $50.00 "Thanks for doing such a thoughtful and kind thing for such a wonderful man The Lippman family of Atlanta look forward to meting you Good luck"
Andrew Gatto $50.00 "You're doing a great thing Mark, Best of luck buddy."
Kate Barbieri $50.00 "thanks for doing this natalie, my older brother Kevin has suffered from this horrible disease. he is now checking off the items on his bucket list. After two stem cell transplants and multiple rounds of chemo, it just hasn't been enough. Best of luck to you!"
Raymond Andrew Hidden "Go Katie!!! We love you. A. Susan & U. Ray"
Scott Nofsinger $50.00 "Good luck Jen!"
Steve Nichols $50.00 "Go get 'em Killer!"
Jason gefaell $100.00 "dont trip "
Anonymous $1,000.00 "We should be there cheering you on ! God bless and love, Courtney "
mareill kiernan $100.00 "Hooray Molly!!!! Such a major undertaking. I know you'll be great!!! Way to go! Wooooooo!!!"
John Riske Hidden "Congrats Dave and Catee -- you guys are going to kick ass! Marriage's ass, the marathon's ass, and multiple myeloma's ass!"
Virginia Northrop Hidden "Way to go Molly! So proud of you and can't wait to cheer you on at the finish line!! xoxo"
Heather Northrop Hidden "Good luck, Molly!"
Carol waksal $100.00 "Good Luck Nate! "
Katrina Allwin $100.00 "Good luck in the race Molly! I am so proud of you. Love, Katrina "
Anonymous $50.00 "I'm a friend of a friend of yours and I wish you much success in your race. My mother-in-law died 7 years ago today as a result of multiple myeloma. Thank you for raising funds for such a worthy cause."
Judith Rivano $50.00 "Steve - I think what you are doing is an extremely honorable thing to do and I admire you for it. Best of luck in your run."
Gail Beckley $25.00 "Sending on behalf of my Dad, Clem DeSimone and my friend, Lou Corelli. "
Ellen Woods $25.00 "Good luck, Diane. I'm contributing in the name of my friend, Lou Corelli."
Sam Graziano $200.00 "Erick and Michaela, I am honored to contribute. I would join you for the marathon but my legs are too short and it would be like a person of your size running 40 miles :) Love you guys, Sam"
David Myers $200.00 "ED, This is a great cause. I am so sorry for your loss and am truly honored to support. Keep Attacking, DM"
Paul & Caroline McCaffery $1,000.00 "Great cause and we are very grateful for your efforts in this endeavor."
Gary Attilio $50.00 "donating in the name of my friend Lou Corelli"
John Starr $100.00 "Run Molly Run !!!!"
Danielle Porcaro Hidden "Congrats! Happy Wedding day! Thrilled to be with you to celebrate! xoxo Danielle "
Jamie P Scanlon $100.00 "Sorry for your loss, Good Luck!"
Eric Stephenson $20.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Anonymous $170.00 "Go MMRF Power Team!"
Anonymous $170.00 "Go MMRF Power Team!"
Anonymous $170.00 "Go MMRF Power Team!"
Deedee Messana Hidden "Way to go, Steve!"
Michael Thomas $50.00 "We love you guys a lot. "
Nick Garin $150.00 "David and Catee, Wishing a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations and best of luck at the marathon!! Lots of love, Liz and Nick"
Nick Perkov $100.00 "Good Luck Guys! I'll be thinking of you two and let me know if you need a Paramedic at the finish line to give you some IV fluids. All my best. NP"
Hugh Chatfield $100.00 "Better you than me! hugh"
Lenny Speiller Hidden "Congrats Dave and Catee!"
Jane Condon $50.00 "I'm contributing not only because it's a great cause but because you have been so selfless as to be a bone marrow stem cell donor twice. You not only support Multiple Myeloma but you also support the young comedians, giving them a safe place to work out. You're a prince, Steve Rosso! Good luck in the race!"
gladys simon $50.00 " STEVE, YOU'RE ONE OF A KIND! (QUOTE FROM BOB)"
Jonezy Karona $20.00 "You are a good man Steve!!!"
Joseph GiustraJosephG $100.00 "Now that you're 40, you can take a couple of minutes more to finish -- the race, I mean, not sex."
wayne davis Hidden "Erick and Michaela- A noble cause...! Good luck to both of you... Love you both... Dad"
Katherine Williams $50.00 "Congratulations, Steve! Running a marathon is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself - and to do it for a cause to boot! Hat's off to you, sir!"
Elda Martinez $20.00 "Godspeed, Steve!"
JohnnyT Sollitto $10.00 "You know if you didn't run this mic Steve - you know! Now how many Ratnesh/Brendan Gray spots does this buy me? And don't be flattered with that ONE OF A KIND shit Glady's SLAVEBOY BOB sent your way - he says that about everyone! Although he never laid $50 large on me. Well its good to see that we Wops can support each other like - THE JEWS do! ;P - Break a leg, well, not literally - Take my wife please!"
Family Falcone $100.00 "Good Luck! The Falcone Family "
Karla Rice $100.00 "The Rice Family is cheering you on to have a great race!"
Erin Brawley Hidden "Good Luck Molls!!! I know you'll be great, I'll be waiting for you at the finish line!!!"
Amanda Sullivan $20.00 "Molly this is incredible and am so proud of what you're doing. This takes great mental toughness! Go get'em!!"
Alison Millette $20.00 "Two time donor? You are part of a much better version of the "1%" - quality human beings. Thanks for the inspiration, good luck in the race!"
Ruth J. Clark $25.00 "Good luck. I would have lover to run a marathon. Arejay GCLV"
Bethany Lauber $100.00 "A wonderful way to honor two very special people. Hugs to both of you."
Dee Lortie $50.00 "Way to go, Gina!!! Good luck. Dee (GCLV)"
GINA DANZA $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Lidia Hogan $20.00 "Go Molly! Your Grandma is so proud of you!!!!"
Karen Gallaway $50.00 "Good Luck gina this is a wonderful thing you are doing to help others Karen Gallaway"
Sander Dinsbach $200.00 "USD/SGD @ 1.28 unhedged. Start slow. Sander"
Valerie Onorato $50.00 "Go Gina !!! We are rooting for you. Best wishes, Send pix ! Love, Your Cousins Val Onorato & Rudy Vera"
Brian Klock $100.00 "Great work you guys and Joyce and I will be thinking of you as you pound the pavement this fall!"
Brett Eidman $50.00 "Here's a really good person doing a really good thing. Best of Luck Steve! "
Dennis Wharton $100.00 "Hi Gina, A marathon!! I'm impressed. I asked your Mom if your Dad would be running with you!!! Just making the attempt makes you a winner. Dennis"
Vinny Fallon $50.00 "Four score and seven years ago......"
Stephen Jones $100.00 "Make us proud!! Steve & Teresa"
Felicia Nechtel $25.00 "Best of luck Diane! So proud of you!"
Nancy Kawahara $100.00 "Love, mom"
Gord and Carly Eby $100.00 "Congratulations Catee and Dave! Good luck with your training, your fundraising, and the run. "
Lynne Andrew $100.00 "You go girl! You rock!"
Robert Matejka $50.00 "From your first stem cell recepient and his family...We Love You, Man! Be safe & enjoy the race."
helen kropitis $50.00 "You ROCK Molly! Helen"
Anonymous $50.00 "From Grandma Mimi - $50"
Anonymous $50.00 "From Mary and Jaap Uittenbogaard"
Beth Rolland $25.00 "Wow, Barb! You have come so far from that first 5k that I ran with you!! Wishing you success in your fundraising, an injury-free training period, and an unforgettable NY Marathon."
Liz Diemer $25.00 "Best of luck, Katie-- looking forward to cheering you on along the route!"
Jill Piacquadio $50.00 "We's so proud of you Molly! You are amazing -- an inspiration to us all!! xoxo Jill"
Susan Glendinning Hidden "Good luck, Amanda! I'm very proud of you!"
Christina Walis $25.00 "I know you could do it. What a great cause to run for."
Sharon & Lyle Vanclief $50.00 "This run is a wonderful tribute to your Dad, Mark. Good luck in New York."
Linda Diaz $50.00 "To my two-time bone marrow donor son-in-law, sending love to the guy who gives so many special gifts to others, in so many ways. You go, STEVE! Love, your mother-in-law, Linda."
Holly Diaz $100.00 "So proud of you, Steve. Rootin' for you! You give 40 a good name! :) Love ya, Holly"
James Rogers $100.00 "Keenan, Thank you, again, for raising money and awareness for the MMRF. We truly appreciate it. Our hearts are filled with gratitude. Dore and Jim Rogers"
Irma Mellet $40.00 "Good luck!"
Sarah Coenen Hidden "Gooooo Kristen!!! This is going to be one amazing experience! Excited for you!!"
Ashley Morrone $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Benoit Reinards Hidden "Ann, I know you can do this and you have my full support! It is all about positive thinking! Good luck Benoit"
Brian Bishop $50.00 "Good luck Ann, I think it's great that you're doing this!"
Rosanne & Kevin Lichatin $100.00 "We are so proud of you! Love, mom and dad"
Danielle Kastner $15.00 "Go Katie!! My Mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma about 5 years ago. Thanks to all the support and research of MMRF, she was able to watch my little sister walk down the Lawn for graduation a few weeks ago!! We are beyond bless! Good luck with your training and race for such a wonderful cause! "
Robert Skelly $100.00 "See you there again, Keenan, in NYC! Love, Dad"
Fay Cheng Hidden "Run, Bear, run!"
Julie Galien $50.00 "Good Luck Kristin...what a great cause. We know two people personnally that are battling this disease. "
SARAH GEE $50.00 "A rather extreme way to get a holiday Az..."
Jim Lamica $20.00 "Good luck Aaron"
Samara GleedSamaraG $20.00 "Ruuuun Forrest! "
Diane Gaylard $50.00 "Keep tickin' the boxes Aaron and making a difference as you go! Love Dinni"
Prue Kemp $50.00 "Go Azza! xx"
Marion Farrow $50.00 "Good work Aaron...better you than me!"
Adam Flint $10.00 "Happy Travels "
Simon Gaylard $50.00 "Good on ya mate! "
Viv Canini $100.00 "Hey Aaron!! All the best!! :)"
Carol Drevno $50.00 "Good luck in the Big Apple, Lindsey!"
Lars Galldin $100.00 "Congrats Catee and Dave. "
Ako wakano $50.00 "Have fun on your run."
Joelene Thomson $50.00 "It's easier to cover 42km in a sports car! All the best Az! From the Thomos."
Jean & Steve Brazzale $50.00 "Kristen, what a worthy cause to sponsor. Good luck during your training as well as during the run."
Peter Harrison $50.00 "A great effort mate. Pressure is on to beat Nico's time and get bragging rights on him for ever! Pete & Mel"
Stephen Harris $250.00 "Benny, I commend you for such great committment and yet can we work on a creating an even nastier photo?"
David Portner $100.00 "Go get 'em Benny!"
Gina Carbone $100.00 "Go Beannie Go! "
Barbara Lewis $50.00 "Good for you, Mark. I will be thinking of you and Uncle Will on Nov. 4."
Patrick Bateman $69.00 "Listen, you'll have to excuse me. I have a lunch meeting with Cliff Huxtable at the Four Seasons in 20 minutes."
Shannon Madole $50.00 "Way to be awesome, Lindsey! :)"
Jennifer Melton $25.00 "YOU are truly inspiring Barbara! Hope you exceed your goal."
Richard Davies $100.00 "Hi Steve, Here's a donation from Number Three. Your cells are doing just great now that they have decided it isn't so bad being inside me. It's great to be able to blame your cells whenever I do something dumb or tell a bad joke! Richard"
Adam Nyeholt $47.28 "Had to buy some milk as well Az. "
Derek Moe $50.00 "Thank you!"
Gail Cruz Hidden "Good luck Ann!"
Peter Hamilton $50.00 "Aaron, you are my hero.... :) good on ya mate!! have a ball, sounds like it will be amaze balls!!!"
Joshua Blake $10.00 "Good on ya Aaron!"
Lucy McNiece Hidden "Good luck, Ann!"
Dennis Osterhagen $50.00 "Veel succes met de marathon Ann. Het is super dat je dit doet. Ik hoop dat je het bedrag bij elkaar krijgt!"
stacy walsh $20.00 "Enjoy the experience :-)"
Ross Mueller Hidden "A great race and a worthy cause to match! Hope you feel empowered the whole way! Enjoy and have fun!"
Carissa Meyer $50.00 "Good Luck Roomie!!!! "
Kathy Cook $50.00 "In honor of Lou Corelli"
Deb Rasmussen $25.00 "Go Kristen!"
Yihao Ou $101.00 "No more knee excuses this year please!"
Rachel Austin $20.00 "My grandmother has Multiple Myeloma. Thanks for running for such a great cause! (and P.S. hope you're still involved in comedy out there on the East Coast!)"
Matt Byrnes $25.00 "Awesome!"
Mary Stern $50.00 "Best of luck, Kristen!! Enjoy the journey!!"
Jennifer Kawahara Hidden "Go Lindsey!"
neil berg $50.00 "Stay strong Lou! People DO care! Thanks Diane!"
Bret Thomas $250.00 "I like your story -- good luck!"
Christina Hahner $50.00 "Good luck, Ann!!"
ceci king $100.00 "Hey Mike, Thank you for running for such a important cause. We wish you smooth sailing on the marathon course. All our best, The King family"
Conor TANIGUCHI $25.00 "Would you mind if I name my first born son after you (assuming I can hit the boy button).....bc you are awesome. Like, awesome awesome. Pure awesomeness. BADASSISM! yeah, that's it. Gonna get a t-shirt made, it's just gonna say Fallon on it. Gonna sleep in that t-shirt. "
Conor Taniguchi $100.00 "Just got the t-shirt. It's awesome. But not as awesome as you are. I would consider naming my kid after you, but then he'd have to be as awesome as you are, which would be impossible. "
Suzanne OMalley $50.00 "Good luck, Gina, and have fun on November 4th! Suzanne O'Malley (GCLV)"
Victoria Marsh $250.00 "You go girl.... FRIENDLY RUNNERS IN THE HOUSE!!!!! You are going to have a blast!! My sister in law (Jane Hoffmann) also rocks, hope she's been helpful to you!!! GOOD LUCK!!!"
Rod Linton $150.00 "Hey Aaron. I don't want to see you catching a bus to complete the marathon :) All the best mate and I look forward to hearing how it all goes."
Julie Hirano $50.00 "You rock, Lindsey!"
Katja Straetmans $50.00 "Good luck Ann, and have faith! You will get there, you just gotta visualize :-) Lots of love from all of us here in Bornem, Belgium xxx"
Ryan Miller $42.20 "Go for it buddy. May the force be with you!"
Heidi Hebert $25.00 "Good luck Denise on your fundraising for MMRF (from a R+F consultant in KC). This same cancer took my dads life in 2010. Best wishes to you on a great marathon!"
Brenda Anderson $50.00 "You are running for a great cause! Thanks!"
Vincent Garibaldi $101.00 "And with the $1 extra to move into the top contributor spot! This is like being on the Price is Right."
Cillian Burke $125.00 "What's the magic password................."FENWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY""
nicole buckmaster $100.00 "Go Dee as I am so proud of you!! "
Julie Wolfe $50.00 "Go Denise!!!!! We'll be pulling for you!"
Scott Sullivan $50.00 "Run Forrest...RUN!"
Jim & Debbie Brown $250.00 "We'll be at the finish line with a margarita for you!"
Kurt Wilson $100.00
Jenny Hahn $500.00 "Rock it Dee, we are behind you all the way..so far behind its laughable...but big support from VA and MD."
Amy & Ryan Warren $50.00 "We're so proud of you Ann!! We'll be cheering you on from the other coast!"
John Guyatt $100.00 "What a wonderful way to honour your Father's memory!"
James Shiffner $100.00 "Each week of training, we'll make another donation!"
Fleuri Macintyre Hidden "All the best in your endeavor Amanda!"
Karen Barr $50.00 "Dee, Good luck and drink plenty of water!"
Marsha Sanor $50.00 "Rebecca- you are so inspiring! I know your cousin appreciates your support and tenacity. Thank you for including me in your fundraising. "
Lauren Schweitzer $25.00 "Good luck Rebecca!!"
Kerry Neligan $50.00 "Good Luck Bec!! What you are doing to truly amazing and I hope a cure is developed quickly! Love, Kerry"
Elizabeth Schirmer $50.00 "You are a machine! Proud of you girl :)"
Rosana Pelosi $75.00 "Bec - I'm so proud of you! To run a marathon once in your life is certainly an accomplishment, but to run it twice is extraordinary! Can't wait to cheer for you on the sidelines!"
William Davis Hidden "Good luck Rebecca!"
kim porterfield $100.00 "You go girl! We are proud of you!!!!!"
Caitlin Hogan $50.00 "Good Luck Beckyyyy! I'll be cheering for you!!!!"
Ellen Michelson $50.00 "YOU GO GIRL!!!"
David Kalins $50.00 "You're a beast Korey. I'm so proud of the man you've become."
Megan Nolan $50.00 "Good luck Becca.. proud of you. Love you!!"
Ryan Fox $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Christi Fleagle $25.00 "Korey, I was surprised to see you chose this as your charity. Not many people are aware of it. It runs on my Mothers side. Thank you for your support in this cause and best wishes!"
Andrew Wong $50.00 "Go LEO!"
Genn Harne $20.00 "Get it Korey! You have came a long way friend! I'm proud of who you have become! Good luck! I know you will do great!"
Ray Combs $50.00 "Steve, don't let us down by pulling a hammy."
Melvyn Attfied $100.00 "Drew-Best of luck…enjoy the day and don't let this be your last."
josh cella $50.00 "Best of luck!"
Amy Crider $50.00 "Go Leo! "
Brendon Connelly $100.00 "Crazy bastard. That is all."
Cheryl Goldblum $100.00 "Your mom and family are in our thoughts and prayers.. Please send her our love. I know she's so proud of you and your continued accomplishments. "
Gilberto Rodriguez $50.00 "Good Luck Rebecca...this is a great cause!"
Margaret Olebe $200.00 "You CAN win your age group! Go Richard!"
Maida Mangiameli $25.00 "Have a gret race, Melissa!"
Robert Six $250.00 "Best of luck on running the NYC Marathon!!!"
Hasan & Karen Khan & Longeteig $100.00 "Happy to be the first (we think) to kick off your wonderful campaign! Thanks for all the new info about MMRF in your appeal. "
Kimberly Gallant $100.00 "Best Wishes Filippo!"
Laura Savren Hidden "In honor of Joanne. Cliff Savren and Laura Wallens Savren "
kevin kasak $50.00 "Very proud of you De.............thank you and best of luck.....:-)"
Mackenzie Simpson $20.00 "We are all faced with challenges in our lives, it's how we overcome them that makes us who we are...best wishes to you and your dad Drew...long strides!"
Dushka & Mike Nichols-Marcy $250.00 "Great thing to do for your Dad! Good luck!"
Roger Cole Hidden "Way to go Amanda!. Great photo from the last one you ran."
Leslie Greene $50.00 "good luck Amanda! I know you will have a great run, and for a great cause. We're all rooting for you!"
Tracy and Scott Glass $30.00 "I don't know how you do it every year, but YOU GO GIRL!"
Kate Reynolds $250.00 "We wish you and your father our very best! -Studio Four friends"
Lee Beesley $10.00 "Go girl! Enjoy every cheer and pain!! x"
Rebecca Unkenholz $250.00 "Go Lizzy go! We are proud of you and love you very much. Grandpa would be extremely proud as well."
Vonny & Dave Getz Hidden "Good Luck Liz. I am walking the Hershey Half Marathon to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in October. I cannot imagine walking a full marathon let alone running it. Be strong and train hard."
Michael and Lauren Dowley $50.00 "Good luck, Dave! I'm psyched for you to take on the challenge for such a great cause. Go get 'em! "
Alice Bullard $100.00 "Go Richard! Alice & Bob"
Joanne Pressman Hidden "Words cannot describe our gratitude to you, dear Susan. Just as you have moved us, may the wind be at your back. Much love, Joanne & Steven "
Amy White $25.00 "Hey Korey, not sure if you know this, but I was diagnosed with Mutiple Myeloma last year. I am doing great now, after a stem cell transplant and chemo (for the rest of my life)! I am more than happy to contribute to your cause, and just wish I could give more. You are doing an amazing thing, and please, keep up the good work. Thanks so much!! "
John Cahaney $25.00 "Wow what a different person you've become, you are the program in action my friend! I'm really grateful for people like you who want to make a difference. My mom is a cancer survivor...thanks..."
Eileen/Rich Nolan $50.00 "We'll be thinking of you John as you run for this great cause. You are making your Uncle John very proud!"
Ty Hix $100.00 "Congrats Ed, best of luck to you and Beth."
Wasco Mitzy and Kevin $100.00 "Run safe and strong! "
Rachel Dunham Hidden "Good luck Vanessa! - Rachel & Nick"
ian ghent $25.00 "Be fast and funny. "
myles seideman $50.00 "Kudos to you, Amanda! Avonne & Myles Seideman"
myles seideman $50.00 "Kudos to you, Amanda! Avonne & Myles Seideman"
Karen Griffiths Hidden "thank you for running for our dear Joanne! Our thoughts will be with you as you go."
Timothy Will Hidden "Give 'em hell, John. Tim and Lindsay"
Anthony Rohrlach $100.00 "Congrats to you both, and good on you!"
Rhoda O'Dell $100.00 "Go Vannessa! I originally met Mike in NY on the weekend of the marathon. He will be cheering you on."
Mark DeCollibus $100.00 "You go Vanessa! Big party in NYC this time!"
David Hunt $100.00 "You know, in situations like these we all wish there were things we could do to help and I'm thrilled you've not only found a way, but are stepping up to the plate as well. Kudo's to you and let's make cancer a thing of the past! "
Virginia Marans $100.00 "Hi Vanessa Greetings from California! I know your Dad and ran my first half marathon with Team in Training this June - I loved it too! I have a ways to go to get up to marathon - but I keep plugging. Good Luck! Virginia Marans"
Maura McKenney $75.00 "Born to run!"
Rita McGinley $25.00 "Good Luck Aaron "
Maureen Jorgensen $25.00 "Go Nessie!!!"
Seth Guller $200.00 "This is a wonderful cause and we love all of you. The Gullers"
Robert Callaghan $100.00 "You should be very proud of yourself. You're doing a good thing."
James Shiffner $100.00 "Okay...another week of training, another contribution"
Briana Mulherin $50.00 "Good Luck, John!"
David DeWitt $500.00 "Have a great run and enjoy NYC!"
Jill Rable $100.00 "Great cause! We are happy to support family! "
John King $50.00 "Go Ed & Beth!"
Barbara Hendrick $50.00 "Hi Rebecca, you're an amazing young woman, God Bless, Cousin Barbara"
Melanie Briggs $50.00 "Doing the next right thing!"
Paul & Ginger Wolford $25.00 "You are an inspiration to EVERYONE!!!! "
Sylvia Gill $50.00 "I am so proud of you. I love you with all my heart. "train hard work hard" "
Einat Lampert $250.00 "Never met such an amazing soul and spirit as Ronell. I hope we can all help Ronell help other people, and open your hearts and donate as much as each 1 of us can. Love you Ronell. "
DAWN MERTENS $50.00 "What a woman! You make us all proud:) We wish you much success! Dawn & Steve Mertens"
Christi Downs $100.00 "SOOO proud of you my sister/friend! Thank you for being an inspiration!!!"
Michael Reede $500.00 "Go Mike Go! Love Kate"
Tawney Anderson $50.00 "You go, girl! hugs, Tawney"
Annie Wilson $50.00 "Go Holli! Have fun! Thinking of you. Annie"
Wesley Decker $100.00 "Go Tweedledee !!!!!!!!"
Sal Dantona $2,500.00 "May God bless your training, preparation and running in this race for such a worthy cause !! "
gretchen duane $100.00 "A man speaks and acts with confidence. He owns his attitude. A man doesn’t adopt a confident posture because he knows he’ll succeed. He often knows that failure is a likely outcome. But when the odds of success are clearly against him, he still exudes confidence. It isn’t because he’s ignorant or suffering from denial. It’s because he’s proving to himself that he has the strength to transcend his self-doubt. This builds his courage and persistence, two of his most valuable allies. I am so proud of you, I love you. Mom"
Gail Lapasin $75.00 "Thanks for inviting me to support you in this special tribute."
Sara and Joe Deutsch and Horowitz $200.00 "Larry- What a beautiful thing to do for your mother. And what a meaningful message you wrote. We are thinking of you. Good luck in the marathon! Love, Sara, Joe, Rachel, and Jake"
GEORGE E. Davies $25.00 "Aaron Good luck from Canada Ted and Sandra"
Debby Carter $100.00 "What a wonderful tribute to Edgar's cousin and others affected by this. Thanks for allowing me to support you in this way. "
Sally Gasper $50.00 "Holli, Tim and I and our family are so proud of you for taking on this challenge. We will be praying for you and cheering you on from Washington. Much love, Sally"
Holli Martinez $250.00 "So proud of you, Leslie! Love you!"
Jennifer Osborne $50.00 "Good luck in the marathon, Troy! Jerry was an amazing person. Thank you for continuing to raise funds for the cause. Love, Jenn"
Grant Blackley $250.00 "I want a personal best Mike !"
SIMON RORKE $50.00 "Well done Mike, hope you have a great run in November Cheers Simon"
Will McCosker $100.00 "onya Mike!"
Derek Lindsay $100.00 "Enjoy the run - well done."
Dinesh Senan $250.00 "Mike, Go with God, for your most loving Mum!"
Aaron McGrath $20.00 "Best of luck Liz!"
Jackie Firn-Keightley $30.00 "Good luck Ed & Beth!"
Lauren Kugel $27.00 "Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose. "
Jackie Nota $20.00 "Run your little heart out!!"
Adrian Florance $100.00 "Great cause, well done!"
Sharon Cantor $200.00 "Larry - we know that your kind and generous spirit will make your mom very proud and is the best medicine of all. We'll be thinking of you every mile of the way! Love, Sharon and Mickey"
Daniel Downs $50.00 "Have fun Holli! Sounds like a great cause. - Dan"
Bradley Luff Hidden "Thanks for running in memory of my Dad!"
Lori Hardy Hidden "Good luck Kristin!"
Steven Kelly $100.00 "I'll see you out there!"
Bob Walderman $25.00 "Run the race set before you in the strength of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Great Healer. A worthy cause indeed. May God bless you."
Reid Bundgard $100.00 "I'm running as well in support of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Good luck!"
Karen Wilson $100.00 "You are amazing! Congratulations on taking on this challenge and for such a worthwhile cause. Thanks for inviting me to support you!"
Michael Twigg $100.00 "Great effort Mike. Good luck"
Debbie Jacob $500.00 "We are going to feel Jerry every step of the way, I love you!"
Dr Maureen Whelihan $100.00 "You are running for an important cause! Go get 'em, Troy. Clear mind and strong legs!"
Eric Ackerly $1,000.00 "anything for you bro !"
Rani Pettis $100.00 "Good luck Richard - have fun!"
Neil Stewart $30.00 "Best of Luck Natasha hope it goes well! x"
Patricia Smith Hidden "I'm Dawn B's sister-in-law and have survived 12 1/2 years since my bone marrow transplant for Multiple Myeloma. Thank you for raising funds and awareness for this cancer."
Tracy Dacko $50.00 "Go Natalie! You're such an inspiration. My mom passed away from multiple myeloma five years ago, so I am all too familiar with this disease. Lots of luck!"
Bob & Ann Fleischer $25.00 "We wish you well and know that we will be praying for your safety and success."
Gary Liskow $100.00 "I just want to say Good Luck..We are all counting on you!(while Im drinking a beer on my couch)"
Michele Tenerelli $50.00 "Good luck and make us proud!!"
Grant & Naomi Fuzi $100.00 "Run like the wind love the fuzzys"
Dave and Victoria Miles $50.00 "So happy to support you and MMRF!"
joseph teta Hidden "Thanks for doing this !"
Claudia Phillips $100.00 "So proud of you! "
Jung Soo Kim $33.00 "Best of luck on your fundraising and your race."
Nadeisha Greene $100.00 "I'm so happy to know that you are doing this race in memory of our beloved grandmother. I'm so proud of you and I'll see you at the finish line!"
charlene colorundo $50.00 "Jami's NYPD sisters got your back. Have a great run Jen"
Jami DeProspo $200.00 "Jenn, we are so proud of you!!! We look forward to supporting you and being at that finish line as you cross it!! ((No worries, your Uncle Robbie will be right beside you helping you through it!))!! Love you always!! Jami XOXOX"
Peter DeSimone Hidden "Good Luck, Olivier!"
Valery Chatikhine Hidden "ca me fait plaisir...it will help many people..."
Adrienne Farid Hidden "Go Olivier!!!"
Shimon Korish Hidden "Important cause...best in the training and the actual marathon...."
Susannah Howlett Hidden "Break a leg ;0) that is good luck UK style! "
Lea Aukerman Hidden "Awesome! Good luck, have fun and do share your photos afterwards."
Ben Whitcombe $50.00 "Get some good drugs into ya beforehand mate. "
Susanne Digel $50.00 "Go Olivier!!!!"
Paul Sherrington $75.00 "Good luck Olivier"
Wai C. Yiu $100.00 "Keep up the good work!"
Jaman Maroni Hidden "Vas y et bonne chance Olivier !"
Megan Haran $25.00 "Go Tammi! So proud of you. Can't wait to cheer for you on Nov. 4th!"
Janet Woosley $50.00 "Go JC! Have a great run!"
Bonnie Doble $100.00 "Go Mark!"
Michael Libow $180.00 "Olivier, Make me proud and finish the race in record time! If not, I see a biotech position awaiting a wonderful man from the west coast of France in Anchorage, Alaska! Truly, Michael"
Peter DeSimone Hidden "Good Luck, John!"
Ernie Trent $25.00 "Go for it !!!!"
Hal&Denise Topper $100.00 "Uncle Robbie would be as proud of you as we are"
Natalie Spears $100.00 "Go Jen go!"
Mary Glazer $50.00 "May the wind be ever at your back."
Marko Nichols-Marcy $250.00 "A little doo wop - Remember, real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present. Youre a beast brother. You can do magic!!!! "
Caitlin Egan $30.00 "Awesome what your doing Drew! Your going to love the marathon!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Best wishes, Rachel, as you get out there and do something about this terrible disease! I am sure your family is proud of you; I know I am! Love, Cathy"
Melissa Campbell $100.00 "So proud of you Holli!"
Morgan's American Grill $150.00 "Yours in support-Scott"
Unal Patel $205.00 "Good luck Drew, you got this! "
Peg Donahue Hall $100.00 "Jenn -- happy to support both you and this cause."
Erin Rust $10.00 "Thanks for getting me through my first full! "
Rebecca O'Donnell Hidden "Good Luck Olivier! Wish I could be there to cheer for you, like in L.A."
Andrea Richman $30.00 "Good luck Rachel! "
janine kennedy Hidden "Rachel-You are such an inspiration! Good luck!!"
Marc Friedman $50.00 "Run like the wind, JT!!!!!!"
Kumar Gondi $250.00 "Go Olivier!"
Naomi Morris $25.00 "Good luck"
Sheldon Kaufman Hidden "Keep Lou going. There is much wine left to be consumed. Patty & Shelley Kaufman"
paul patella $75.00 "Wishing Lou and Rachel all the best in their fight against multiple myeloma..."
Alton Delane $25.00 "Good luck Jen!!!"
Debora Price $20.00 "I love that you're doing this Kristen! Go get 'em girl! "
Matt Ginn $100.00 "Good Luck Drew. You got this. The first 25 miles are the toughest. The race is long and, in the end, it's only with yourself. "
Edward Barton $25.00 "Retired USCS Special Agent. Good luck."
Armand Catti $50.00 "Best of Luck, Rebecca. Hope to hear about your success in the run!"
Alan Miller $50.00 "Go Brian, you will not believe the rush when you come off the 59th St. Bridge and hear the roar on 1st avenue. One of the most spine tingling moments of my life."
Michelle Feeley Hidden "Thank you Rachel for taking such as active role in helping find a cure. Best to your father-in-law Lou. Keep fighting. Shelley"
George Occhipinti $100.00 "Good Luck Rachel & Thank You!"
Lauren McLean $10.00 "You go girl! "
Averel Meden $25.00 "Good luck Sara, and Team Hoagie!"
Paul and Pat Goldsworthy $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Andrea Winner $50.00 "Best of Luck Kristin!"
Laura and Matt Matuleqicz $25.00 "Good Luck!!!!"
Bob and Anita Vogel Hidden "Rachel, May God bless you with your wonderful efforts. Love, Bob and Anita"
Gina DAddona $25.00 "Good luck John! Your story is inspiring and I know your Uncle is watching over you, proud of all that you have accomplished!"
Evelyn Barnett Hidden "Good Luck Olivier"
Keren Mitchell $50.00 "proud to be a running buddy!! go sara!! "
David Messer Hidden "Best day of your life? Day I met John Moloney."
Sandy Muirhead-Gould $50.00 "Good Luck Sara and all of Team Hoagie!!!!"
Paula &Ruthmary Technology $100.00 "Sara, Once again you have made us so PROUD! Exercise and challenge for a good cause, what wonderful combination. RM and I will be honored to support your cause! "
Rakela Cerovic $50.00 "Go Sara!"
Tim & Laura Dornan $50.00 "Tim's mother died from this disease so we are pleased to support Sara in this effort."
Sean Sandage $250.00 "I am donating on behalf of my step father Gary Kidd who fought hard against it for 4 years but died from multiple myeloma cancer almost 2 years ago. Thank you for your efforts to bring awareness and raise money for this cause. "
James Shiffner $100.00 "My knee is healed and I'm back in training....yeah!"
Brian Tozzi $50.00 "Best of luck Olivier!!!!"
Brian Tozzi $50.00 "Best of Luck John!!!!"
Deron James $50.00 "Good luck bro!!!"
Afiya Richards $20.00 "May god give you the physical strength to endure and finish the race set before you Good luck! Afiya "
Sharon Davidson Hidden "Have a great race!! Enjoy!"
Sharon Davidson Hidden "Good luck John! Make us proud!!"
Richard Zuckerman $100.00 "We're cheering for you, Jen"
Mary LaBorde Hidden "Jim and I are happy to contribute to this worthwhile cause. Good for you for running the walk and running because you can!"
Wayne Laraway $100.00 "Good Luck Kristin! "
Susan Schalon $50.00 "Run Korey run!"
Tom Schouwenaars $50.00 "Run Ann, run!"
Anonymous $300.00 "hey Korey...I read the letter you have up on your page and its very well written! Reading it really puts things into perspective! its awesome that your doing this race! Even cooler that your doing it to raise money for this good cause! My biggest prayer is that this money goes to helping a lot of people and that you shall grow from this experience! I just wanna give back what was so freely given to me! God bless you and everyone involved!!"
Muriel Millman $100.00 "You are such a special person take on this commitment for not only Lou but all those who also have multiple myeloma. We are proud to have you in our life. Merri and Ron"
Kathy Megdanis $100.00 "Go Wendy Go! "
Janelle Jennings $20.00 "So proud of you, Molly! You will do great!"
Steve Ritland $100.00 "Get out there and put a few scuff marks on those superfancyfragalistic shoes of yours!"
Jeanne Rotonda $25.00 "Thank you, Kristen, for your committment to make a difference."
Nancy Humes $100.00 "For the girls--and Lou. Rachel, you make us proud. --Nancy and Papa"
Kate Jaffe $25.00 "Good luck and what a great cause!"
Robert, Donna, Aaron Light $100.00 "Jennifer, Looking forward to the before and after pics! As we say in Texas - get'r done!"
Paul Robertson $25.00 "You go Dan!"
Robin Biasotti $50.00 "Good Luck Wendy!"
Jennifer Buckley Hidden "Go get 'em, Crissy!"
Carol & Joe Gandolfo Hidden "Thank you for doing this for our dear brother. Rooting for you in spirit, Jenn!"
Joe, Kim, Chloe & Erin Connolly Hidden "Thank you for running for our Uncle Rob. Wish we could be there at the finish line! XO"
Stephanie Miller $50.00 "We'll be cheering for you, Mike! --steph"
Deborah Tady $100.00 "Have a good run for a good cause!"
Bill Wisbauer $50.00 "Good Luck"
Nela D'Agosta Hidden "Good luck Rachel!"
Vanessa Ward $20.00 "Run Liz Run!!"
Kristin Soong $100.00 "Go Alberto! "
Todd and Jenny Keleher $50.00 "Good luck with the fundraising! We know you don't need any luck for the marathon....you've got skill!!! -Todd and Jenny"
Nathan Winner $25.00 "Go Go Go Nessie"
Tiffany Bassett $100.00 "Good luck!!!"
Peg Mittricker Hidden "Rachel, Dave and I wish you the best with your first marathon. Lou is a dear, long-time friend, and I look forward to many more great times with him, and your efforts on his behalf are inspirational. Thank you, thank you!"
Lori Pitta Hidden "Run to the Sun..."
Jack Sheedy $50.00 "Here'e to "BIg Joe", the best shortstop I had the pleasure to play with as a teammate. Go Brian."
Rajiv Panicker $50.00 "Good luck ! Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate."
Jeanette Wallace $100.00 "Awesome Wendy!!!! "
joe cappellino $100.00 "Good luck trotts..See you on race day.."
Jimmy Finnerty $100.00 "Best of luck!........and please get a haircut."
John Pellegrino $100.00 "Good Luck John"
Gretchen Von Stubbe-Sekel Hidden "Run, Carol, Run!!!!"
Jordan DiMedio $50.00 "Good Luck Brian!!"
Jill Jarusiewicz $50.00 "Bring extra socks. Good Luck!"
Lauren McLane $100.00 "So proud of you - cant wait to see you on Marathon Sunday!!!"
Lauren Groom Hidden "Congrats tica, you are going to do great!"
Heather Lounsbury Hidden "Best of luck Olivier! "
Joe Fasula $100.00 "Good luck buddy!"
Alison Headley Hidden "So glad we can train together! You're gonna ROCK it, Carol!"
John Morrison $100.00 "You're a prints among transparencies, Steve... go get em."
Louise & Artie Maisano $200.00 "So proud of you"
Skyler Weinand $200.00 "Good luck; will be there to cheer you on!"
Lily Madura $75.00 "Best of luck, Olivier! "
Verla Engel $26.00 "I'll be cheering you on:) Verla"
matthew meyers $150.00 "Good Luck...You're gonna need it! "
Shirley Lam Hidden "O - all the best to you! Have fun and good luck!!!"
Krista Neils $15.00 "You are amazing! You go girl! So proud of you!"
Alex Narcise $50.00 "Good Luck Rachel..... Love, The Narcise Family"
Tracee Davis $250.00 "My father was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma and is currently undergoing treatment. So there are no words to express my personal appreciation and gratitude for Ronelle bringing this much-needed attention to finding a cure for this disease. "
Annabelle Rosenzweig $25.00 "You go girl! So proud of you!"
Bill & Donny Paisley $100.00 "Run Richard Run!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Lucina Findlay-DeJesus $50.00 ""I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13"
Andrew Dand $250.00 "Way to go Brian! Good luck! Keeping your mom & dad in my thoughts."
Hector Mendez $50.00 "Good luck in the race - sorry we'll be missing the celebration but we'll be cheering from AZ"
Lauren Kruk $50.00 "So incredible that you are doing this- your story is amazing & I can't wait to be there cheering you on! It really be one of the greatest experiences of your life. "
ralph carita Hidden "Gonna get the ball rolling for you. Good luck!"
Navdeep Deol $50.00 "A long way to go for a run.. "
Audel Cayce $50.00 "You are an amazing woman, Ann! You supported my novel, Windland's Rescue. The least I can do is support your marathon. Just think of it as "dancing in the streets" and you will win! Love and laughter to you always, Audel Cayce"
Kathleen and Guido Bossaert $50.00 "Veel succes Ann! "
Tom & Margaret Garry $75.00 "Good luck in the race! It's an awesome thing to do!"
David Island $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Mary Forbes $26.20 "I pledges 26.20 which is the number of miles you will be running! Good Luck!"
Wendy Hussey $50.00 "Good luck, Troy!"
Kim Vivenzio $100.00 "You go girl!!!"
James Shiffner $50.00 "13.3 mile on Saturday...halfway there!"
Sheryl Eccles $50.00 "Way to go Carol!"
Lisa and John Cissel $100.00 "John and I will be there to cheer you on, Robert! You, Anne, and Peter are an inspiration to us all. We love you! Lisa"
Nancy & Bob Montgomery $50.00 "We're happy to contribute to this worthy cause. Susan and Joanne -- your beauty and resilience and friendship are inspiring. "
Kelly Fitzpatrick $50.00 "Good luck Sara!! "
Ryan Braverman $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Niki Wendt $25.00 "Congrats Kristen!!"
Craig Ten Broeck $50.00 "Amazing commitment on your part in helping to find a cure. I know you'll do great !!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Have an amazing run Olivier! "
Holly Bunn $25.00 "run, run, run! good luck!"
Nancy Van Herck $100.00 "Geweldig initiatief en heel knap dat je dit doet! Zo kennen we ons Anneke, veel energie en inzet en deinst nergens voor terug! Wij zullen voor je duimen van over den oceaan! Heel veel succes van alle Simmeskes! xxx"
Mary Casey $100.00 "Michael, I wish I could be in NY to cheer you on! Good Luck! "
Joe Russo $250.00 "Good Luck Mike"
Kimberly Mollo $100.00 "Go, John, go!!"
Alison Minter $50.00 "Good luck Wendy!"
Ryan Jones $25.00 "Get 'er done Brother"
Kacie Colbert $100.00 "Becca - So proud of you and what you're doing for your cousin and so many other people. You're truly an inspiration to us all! Love you!! "
Marvin Mills $50.00 "I'll contribute more if you promise to wear an "Obama 2012" pin and/or get a haircut."
Tom and Noreen Nee $50.00 "JUST DO IT !!"
Joan Nelson $100.00 "I admire your passion for this challenge, Les. You rock!"
Nick Tessatwoscreens $20.00 "Just to see Mark suffer."
Herley Viaud $30.00 "Great commitment and dedication....Good Luck...."
John and Vanessa Schwartz $100.00 "Great job, Rachel. This is a great cause to fight an awful terrible disease!!"
Emily Brobeck Hidden "Way to go, Sara! I'm so proud of you for running your second marathon and for such a great cause! I'm sad I won't be going the distance with you this year but will be cheering on your every step! Love you! xxx"
Anja De Smet Hidden "GO Anneke GO!!!!!!! Hierbij een duwtje in de rug van ons."
Karen Campi $100.00 ""The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham You go girl. What a wonderful life changing event! We are so proud of you. Dr. Joe and Dr. Jack Karen and Cheryl Campi"
Benny Salerno $100.00 "I hear Taco Bell and White Castle are the perfect pre-race meals"
Kelly Latendresse $26.20 "Thumbs up! Strong legs!! "
Paul and Holly LeBlanc $50.00 "Great work Ed and Beth, best wishes in the upcoming races!!! "
Matthew Landy $100.00 "Go Eduardo!! "
Alexis Wiedeman Hidden "Good Luck to you Ed! Have a great race, and have fun! God Bless. "
Alessa Renda $25.00 "Good luck Mark!"
Benjamin Wolff Hidden "RUN, Preston, RUN!"
Stephen Bigelis Hidden "If you see me running, call the police."
Jan Jackson $50.00 "We are so very proud of you Amanda. You go girl!"
Sofia Vandaele $50.00 "You go girl - show them what you got. Sofia."
Peter Robbins $100.00 "Hey Robert - you inspire me! GO GO GO!!!! My only advice is save your energy for the hill between mile 23 and 24 on 5th Avenue, after that you're in the park and home free. It will be a crazy wonderful day you'll never forget!!! Love Peter"
David Freeman $250.00 "You have inspired me for 57 of those 61 years. How do you keep surprising me over and over!"
Kathleen Moloney Hidden "Way to go John -- good luck, we're very proud to sponsor you!!"
Louise Reardon $25.00 "Go Beth!! Have fun!"
Jill Hietpas $100.00 "You go girl! So proud of you and admire your efforts. What an amazing accomplishment and I love how you are really making a difference!"
Anne, Bill and Rachel Benlisa $100.00 "Good luck in the marathon! We know you will reach your goal! Your mom couldn't be prouder of you! Anne, Bill and Rachel"
Maurice & Diane Fox $100.00 "We're very proud of you! Love, Uncle Moe & Aunt Dee-Dee"
Ashley Degner $25.00 "Good luck Ash! -Ash"
Justin Jacob $50.00 "Good luck Jerry! Sending lots of love from Justin & Nikki. "
Mary Ann Tetzlaff $20.00 "Rick and I are friends of Judy and hope her niece continues with her remission. "
Angela Grandolfo Hidden "Good luck Katie!"
Michele and Louis Cuomo $20.00 "Barbara, you are a great inspiration. I pray for you, continued good health, and that you accomplish your goal :)"
Paula Herron $25.00 "Best of luck, Troy!"
Jane Moloney $100.00 "Good Luck John! You are running for a great cause. Dad and I will be there cheering you on at the start and at the finish."
Kathleen McGowan $50.00 "Good Luck!!! See you at the finishing line!!!"
Ally Barra $50.00 "good luck johnny bing!! you're going to rock this marathon! - AllyBee"
Robert Signoracci $50.00 "Brian, I met your Dad through Connie Mattimiro and consider him a good friend.He has battled for a long time.Good Luck on your run and hopefully Connie and I can see you cross the finish line on 11/4. "
Veronica & Joe Lindmark $100.00 "Go Mike!! Good luck! We love you GMA!!!!"
Elizabeth Omilinsky Hidden "Good Luck Rachel!!!"
Kristy Papadakos Hidden "Good luck, Keenan!"
Ronald Clyne $100.00 "Goes without saying how proud your Uncle was of all his Nieces and Nephews! Your turn to Shine!"
Kristin Williams $50.00 "Good luck Rachel!"
M.E. O'Connor $50.00 "go wendy go!!!"
Rachel Jemison $20.00 "Good luck Rachel!"
Stan Orszula $100.00 "In memory of Edmund J. Orszula, who passed away from multiple myeloma in 2006."
Nicholas Russo $500.00 "pa's proud of you,Mike! it's a great cause,and Aunt Anne makes it personal. go Mike!"
Jenny-Achilleas Antoniades Hidden " Harri, Bon Courage for a good cause - Good Luck"
PATRICIA SCHINN $100.00 "Brian, Good Luck to you. So very proud of YOU! Patty"
Julia Cerny Hidden "Carol--so proud of you, stay gold! LYLAS--JC"
Daniele and Nikos Panayotatos $100.00 "Run Harris, Run. "
Pat Wright McVey $30.00 "Good luck Rob!! "
Gina Matarazzo $250.00 "Good Luck Mike!!! "
Gen Sweeney $50.00 "Your Aunt Anne is a doll! "
Natalie Loucas $25.00 "Go Rob!"
Kevin Casey $100.00 "Rob - Go get them. If you beat my time of 3:59 from the Boston Marathon, from, erh, 1984 :) I will double my donation!"
Joanne Gifford $50.00 "Our good friend David has been battling this terrible disease. His strength, love of family, and love of life continues to set an example for us all. Thank you for running. Go girl go! "
Vaneeta D'Andrea $100.00 "Robert, Well done you! I admire your ability to take this on and do all the hard training required to achieve the goal of completing a marathon. Although I cannot be in NYC this year, I will be cheering you on from London using the MMRF pom poms from last year. All good wishes for a great race with no injuries... hugs, Vaneeta"
Alyssa ONeill $50.00 "Best of luck Brian!"
Marisa Schenkel $50.00 "Good luck training Dave. We are around NYC if you need anything. Hoping to catch up soon. Marisa and Adam "
Katie Murphy $25.00 "The Murphy fam & I will be in the city the day of cheering you on! Good luck"
David Miller Hidden "Please donate to this worthy cause!"
Judith Ward $100.00 "Here's a little more - $50 from Edward Feurey because his brother has MM and $50 from the nice people who filled up the contribution jar! Good Luck Barb"
Leigh Everitt Hidden "good luck..I am signed up too..but haven't trained due to broken Rib..maybe I'll walk/run"
Joe Markey Jr. $100.00 "Go 4 It"
Colleen Roberts $50.00 "You go girl!"
Robert Seeling $100.00 "A pleasure to help you in this worthy cause. Bob & Irene Seeling"
Andrew Curtis $50.00 "Great to see that you are particpating but more importantly raising funds for a worthy cause. All the best Aaron. "
Manon Boisclair $100.00 "Best of luck Harris on your 1st and hopefully many more marathons!"
Tom Faria $100.00 "Best of luck Harris!"
sanjay sharma $100.00 "Best of luck HARRIS!!!!"
Cheryl Erenberg $18.00 "Good luck, Harris!"
Lisa Trenske $50.00 "Im so proud of you!"
Rosemary DeClue $100.00 "Way to go Wendy! Good Luck! "
Bill and Helen Haughey $50.00 "Go Rob!"
Sarah & Chris Langhart $50.00 "Great Job Rachel!!!!"
Cecilia and Bill Carey $50.00 "Yahoo!!! You are sooo awesome!"
Meghan Walsh Hidden "Good luck!!! I'm so proud of you!"
Elisa Gallagher Hidden "Good luck Rachel! Elisa and Terry"
Catherine Cafiero $25.00 "Good luck Rachel! The Cafiero Family"
Patrick & Danielle Ward $100.00 "So proud of you Carol! Thanks for supporting our fight against MM. xo The Wards"
Sean Ryan $50.00 "All the best. - the Ryan's"
Katherine Meredith $50.00 "Go Mike!"
Leslie Quinn Hidden "It's wonderful that you're doing this, Rachel! Best of luck! "
Nicholas Murphy $26.20 "Go Wolf Bears!!!"
Sarah and Steve Gallagher $50.00 "Pleased to support you!"
Mark Bott $100.00 "Best of Luck!!"
Charles Gallagher $100.00 "Good Luck!!"
Erik Pelletier Hidden "Stay classy!"
Raina Kerman $25.00 "Monkey will have lots of mud-kisses for you upon your triumphant return!"
gavin maxwell $50.00 "woo hoo! i contributed... so please, no more pics of you in spandex (orders from my shrink!). j/k j/k... congrats my man! "
Phyllis Corelli $50.00 "Thank you everyone for your generosity. May god bless you."
Kyle Marden $40.00 "You all rock!"
Erin Ryan $50.00 "Way to go cuz!"
Claudia Murdoch $50.00 "Good luck for the race! We will be thinking of you."
Marggy Gabriel $50.00 "Best of luck Rachel!!!"
Robert King $100.00 "Make it a great race, Tim! The King Family will be out in force to cheer you on! Love, Rob"
Scott Parker $100.00 "You go, Bobby! In the mouth of the wolf! Scott"
Laura and Brian Walsh $1,000.00 "The Trotta's are a great family and deserve only the best. Joe, our prayers are with you, as always. Jean, call us anytime you need a helping hand. Brian, make sure we know when and where the after-party is and good luck on the Marathon."
Richard Pilbrow $250.00 "Dearest Robert! I'm so thrilled that at your advanced age you can still make it out of bed in the morning. 26 miles . . . Do be careful"
Zsuzsa Pusztai $30.00 "Have a great run!"
Lou Giangi $50.00 "Good Luck Katie!!!"
Arlene Feinstein Hidden "Ann, Good luck. Thoughts are with you Arlene"
Yvonne Browne $50.00 "May God bless you and give you the strength you need for your race, love you!"
Scott and Joyce Anderson $50.00 "Your inspiration and dedication will benefit those in need. Your energy and enthusiasm will carry you through to the finish line. Go Leslie!"
JENNY GORDON-MORRISON Hidden "Proud of your dedication to the cause! I hope the NYC skies are Carolina Blue just for you and all of your family during your run. Jenny"
Maggie McGowan $50.00 "Good luck roomie!!"
Lucile Noel-Munoz $50.00 "Ronelle, I am very touched by your motivation to run the marathon. I have heard it is a wonderful experience to run in this context and I will be with you in spirit! Good luck! Lucile"
Robert Norman $50.00 "run your butt off----"
Alecia Dalessio $100.00 "Good Luck Becca!! XOXO Alecia, Rich & Alexander"
James Shiffner $50.00 "16.9 miles today...am I crazy or what?"
Anonymous $25.00 ""Place one power ball in the palm of my hand!" Run like the wind Bullseye!!!!"
Bill McVey $30.00 "Run Rob RUN!!"
Todd Narlinger $100.00 "Go Bob!!! Wish I could be running it this year with you!!! Todd"
Lee Kelleher $100.00 "Go for it, Bob!"
Amanda Pun $75.00 "Best of luck Becky!! So inspired and impressed!!"
Anonymous Hidden "“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” Haruki Murakami in What I Talk About When I Talk About Running Good luck!!"
jo Nastasi $100.00 "Great work Annie. Your enthusiasm and devotion is an inspiration. I'm looking forward to coming to the marathon!"
Claud Sava $50.00 "Good luck!"
Mark Quam $52.40 "Good luck Bob. Here's $2 a mile. I hope you win!!!! Seriously, great job and great cause!"
William Moss $225.00 "May you finish with a time you're proud of!"
Carol Lail $50.00 "Good Luck Bob!"
John Berg $100.00 "Standing ovation for your effort! Good luck."
Merle Ball $100.00 "I remember the day that the photo was taken...always a smiling Dad and Grandpa...so proud of you-all!"
Ronit Horowitz Hidden "Go Rachel! What a fantastic accomplishment. Way to represent the hood!"
Jasper Baluyot Hidden "I know you will ROCK this run! See you on the road fellow runner! Enjoy each stride & continue in making a difference. :)"
Jabez Dewey $100.00 "Long and strong!!! Good Luck Brian!"
Koen Blanquart Hidden "Go Ann!!!!"
Nancy Chanin $50.00 "Great endeavor for a great cause!"
Muddy Gap King $25.00 "Run Anne Run! Good Luck!"
Juanita Olguin $20.00 "Good luck!"
Cancerstinks Flushit $120.00 "Keep running Natalie!!"
Nancy and Bill Tremblay $250.00 "I am so proud of all your accomplishments, your drive, your tenacity and your willingness to go beyond yourself to help others all the time. I loved running this "with" you last year and wish I was again, but am graciously bowing out, giving way to younger legs. You know I will be with you in spirit, and cheering you on every step of the way! Thank you, and happy running!!! I love you!"
Jo-Anne Santini $50.00 "Way to go Carol!! "
kathleen O'Donnell Hidden "I'll be with you every step of the way -- in spirit! "
Leah, Neal & Enzo Ferrazzani $50.00 "Go get 'em Benja! We're so proud of you. XO."
Gary Meyerhoff Hidden "Good luck on your run, Jenn -- a worthy cause. "
Thomas Duane $305.00 "This donation should get you to your goal. We love you very much. Eat lots of carb's. XXOO Uncle Tom, Julie and Olivia"
Sandy Antoine $50.00 "Have a great "Run" cuz"
Phyllis Vernon $100.00 "So pleased this was the charity of choice! Good luck!! love, Phyllis (Jordana's and now Chris's grandmother too)"
Sue Beranek $20.00 "Leslie, my friend Andrea told me about you, I have a dear friend suffering from mult. myeloma and appreciate your fight against the disease. Run like the wind!"
JEREMY CALABRESE $100.00 "Good cause mate and have a Great run!"
Tomoko S Mays $50.00 "Have fun running!"
Jeff Hyland $100.00 "Good Luck!!"
Ed Patrick $271.50 "Good luck Brian! What a great way to honor your Dad! I know my contribution amount is an "odd' number but it is significant if you look at it closely. Hope to see you at the race and "Keep on Truckin!""
Jennifer McGregor Hidden "Go Harris Go! Go! Go! Go!"
Andrew Dawson $20.00 "Wish you the best of luck!"
Julie Rush $50.00 "Good luck on the race. May they find a cure for all cancers. In remembrance of Blake who passed away at age 5 of AML. Blake, I love you amd miss you."
Kathleen McDonald $50.00 "All the best Elizabeth! This is a wonderful area of research to raise money for! Every dollar counts! We wish you the best of luck. Brian and Katie McDonald"
Jill First $50.00 "Go get em, Carol!"
Leslie Lieske $50.00 "You are a truly inspiring, Ronelle. I wish you all the very best in your training and on Nov. 4th."
Kathleen Galvin Hidden "Way to go carol!!!! Beat of luck"
Aaron and Rebeca Rudelson $50.00 "Best wishes, Mike!"
Diana Ferguson $50.00 "Wonderful cause, good luck Bob!"
Richard Mullaney $50.00 "Way to go Mrs. Roberts!!"
Benjamin Garrison $50.00 "Carol, We are inspired by your decision to run the NYC marathon and for your support of MMRF. We cannot wait to cheer you on and know that you are going to have a great experience! Wishing you all the best! Ben and Miko"
Gloria Stango $65.00 "Dear Ashley, Good Luck! Love, Grandma and Jim"
Dennis O'Donnell $100.00 "Good Luck"
Peggy Herrington $25.00 "Melissa, You're inspiring! Keep up the good work!!"
Alison Smith $50.00 "Keep up the good work Annie! You are an inspiration to us all! xox -Ali"
Erin Hurme $20.00 "Way to go beautiful Liz! Looking forward to cheering you on!!!!"
Ellen Doble Hidden "Go, Mark!!!!"
Greg Gaskins $30.00 "Make it happen Cap'n"
Richard Lorenzo $250.00 "Piece of cake"
Susan Keating $100.00 "Impressive work Ed & Beth. Yee ha! Thanks & Good luck."
Jim Miller $100.00 "So. Proud. Of. U. "
Dempsey Rice $25.00 "Go Mike Go!"
Judith Brodbeck $100.00 "Godspeed Rachel. Lou has been blessed with his family. Bob and Judy Brodbeck"
Garrett Bollinger $15.00 "Your dedication is truly inspiring. Go Mark!!!"
Myriam and Maulik Radia $50.00 "So awesome you are doing this Ann! Good luck. Will be thinking of you."
Anne S Squadron Hidden "The NYC Marathon is the best sporting event in the world, and you're the best couple! Warm congratulations and much luck! (I can't wait to meet you, Catee -- I hear you're just as wonderful as David, which is pretty wonderful!!!) Love, Anne"
Barb Lowrie $25.00 "Good luck, Korey! Can't wait to read how you do:)"
Dominique Miller $100.00 "GO TICKLE!!!! Good luck w run!!! Break a record. Dom Miller"
Suzanne Cabot $25.00 "Silvia, Hope you and Alberto have an incredible day. Good luck, The Cabot Family"
Ben Pickering $500.00 "Go Tom! We'll be there to cheer you on!"
Tiffany Davis $75.00 "Steve, what you are doing is truly amazing! You are running for the people who cannot. My father is one of them and he saids thank you :)"
Barb Andres Hidden "so proud of you!"
Marlee Coulter $30.00 "Rock it Liz!!!"
Elizabeth Dopp $20.00 "From Liza Malkerson, thank you for running for a great cause!"
Philip Pillsbury $26.00 "Good luck Stew, great cause."
Rhys Brooks Hidden "Good luck Stew. Great cause! "
Caitlin Doherty $25.00 "Good-Luck John!"
Jen Thorson $100.00 "Go Carol!!! xo"
Toby Orzano $50.00 "Liz, I admire you for taking on this challenge and for using this incredible personal experience to do incredible universal good."
Alyssa Conrad $25.00 "Runnnnn your little heart out :) Good Luck on November 4th Gina!! "
Jill Yates $150.00 "Crissy, You are such an inspiration in your drive to make the world a better/smarter place. Have fun with this run! xoxo "
Cynthia P. Frye $100.00 "Have a GREAT run for Joanne Ms. Susan! All of the best, Cynthia"
Philip Ingram $100.00 "Good luck Mike. All the best. Phil"
Leah O'Brien $100.00 "Good luck with the run! We will be thinking of you and Hal. Leah and Jim"
Evan Goldberg $100.00 "Have a great run for a great cause."
Lynda & Todd Banzi Sponholtz $100.00 "Will be rooting for you every mile! It's going to be a great race! "
Liz Hichens $50.00 "Good Luck Natasha & enjoy!! ......give Mr Blaney a run for his money! Liz"
Edward Rothstein $50.00 "Good Luck.... We are very proud of you and all that you're doing! Love you, Ed and Audrey (and kids!)"
Stacey Crouch-Law $25.00 "Hi Korey, Good Luck!!4430"
Laura Getz $50.00 "You are amazing! Let me know how it goes :)"
Anthony Vercollone $100.00 "Run fast."
Michael Kohlmann $50.00 "Good luck. I on the other hand will watch"
Denise Fiorentino $200.00 "Way to Go Mike! Good Luck! xoxox"
Ruth Baer Hidden "Woot!!! Better you than me!"
wilson eugster $50.00 "Stay Strong!"
Beth Gilio $100.00 "Best of luck Wendy you stud!"
Mark Ennis $50.00 "You are awesome! I'm so proud of you!"
john Riley $75.00 "Good luck John, your uncle John would be proud."
Meghan Kinslow $25.00 "Go Vanessa! While tempted to make you come out to CA to clean out my gutters, hope you get some more smaller donations like mine to get you over your goal! xo Megs"
Lee Ingram $20.00 "Good luck Liz!! Run like the wind!"
Janice Morton $250.00 "To Honor Karen Rossiter Mom's Diagnosis and Fight Against MMRF."
William Senne $250.00 "This is a great thing you are doing Vanessa! Have fun!"
Molly Bartlett $100.00 "Good for you, Vanessa! Run like the wind . . ."
Linda Reynolds $50.00 "Ann, Good Luck. I will wish for good weather."
Soo Bang $50.00 "Ann: Best wishes for an awesome run! So proud that you are doing this!"
MaryAnn Badala $50.00 "Good Luck Ann!"
Elyse Goodkind $25.00 "Good Luck Keenan!!! "
Leen Provost $50.00 "GO ANN!!! (don't) BREAK A LEG!!! Leen"
Dorothy Malone $50.00 "Congratulations, Ann, for running the marathon for such a great cause! You've already won in my book!"
Susan Mineo $25.00 "Good luck Rachel!"
Marianna Shafarenko $100.00 "Go Olivier, Go!! We are with you in spirit every step of the way. :-) "
Rachel Kelly Hidden "Happy to support your run. Hope you're all recovered by 11/10!"
Daniel Stebbins $20.69 ""The miracle isn't in finishing, it's in the courage to start." -a famous marathon runner"
Dina Simonian $250.00 "Thanks for running for such a worthy cause. Good luck!"
Ruthi Haviland Hidden "Run Sheri, run! "
Arlyne Chin $26.20 "Best of luck, Sara! It was so nice training with you this summer. I hope your NYC marathon is a fantastic one! You'll do awesome!"
Heather Rasmussen $10.00 "So excited to be running the the Marathon with you! Thank you for all your encouragement during training! "
Lani Crane $26.20 "Good luck and have fun!"
Hellmut and Gitte Walter $100.00 "Good luck Brian!! We think of you a lot Joe... and Jean.... hope you will be fine again real soon!!!!! Hope we can get together before too long. Hellmut and Gitte"
ROGER & FRANCI DITTMER $100.00 "In support of Hal, run Tim run, and have fun. Roger & Franci"
Kimberly Klikoff Hidden "In honor of you and your mom, two strong and amazing women!"
James Shiffner $61.00 "5 weeks to go...it's all downhill from here"
Ray Daly (Daly Provisions) $100.00 "Good luck Diane and good luck Lou!"
Pamela Huff $250.00 "Good luck Tom!"
Mary Schmieder $100.00 "Good Luck Mike! We will be cheering you on from Chicago!!"
Kevin and Molly Powers $25.00 "Good luck Johnny, we will be praying for you."
Rachelle Albini $50.00 "Good luck Jen on your 50th Marathon! You're amazing!!!"
Deborah Kay $26.20 "GO JEN GO!"
Susan Ramus Jacob $25.00 "Our thoughts and prayers will be with you. We hope you have a great run! Much love Maurice and Susan Jacob"
Catherine Palmieri $50.00 "Good Luck John!!!!!!"
anu sarma $125.00 "Jen, you are an inspiration!"
Tonia Steck $500.00 "Happy to make a donation for this great cause and in support of our good friend Jill Pflaum! Good luck wiht the Race! Tonia and David Steck "
Mark Rolston $25.00 "Thanks for running for such a great cause-our thoughts and prayers are with Lou and his family. Pace yourself Diane-don't get caught up with the speedsters!!! Otherwise those last 6 miles can kick your butt!! "
Jill Pflaum Hidden "We are so fired up for you! What a cool thing to do on all fronts. Our gratitude is immeasurable. We are big MMRF and Stew Barry fans! Wishing you an endorphin-filled day on Nov. 4th!"
Katherine D'Iorio $100.00 "Good luck and love! Miss you Gina! The D'Iorio Family"
Michael Maxson $100.00 "Go get 'em Stew Bear!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Zach run!"
Julie Pearson Hidden "Good luck Preston! "
Amy Gillespie $100.00 "What a great way to honor a great man. Best wishes, Amy Gillespie"
Wayne Kimball $500.00 "Help is on the way"
Richard Gage Hidden "Good luck Stew. Well done."
J. Allen $100.00 "Thanks Stew!!"
Peter Mathisen $250.00 "Nice Job Stew! Keep fighting the good fight!"
Michael Vitelli Hidden "For Lou...Keep Fighting!"
Britt Vanderwoude $100.00 "Good luck! Great to run for such a good cause. Britt (Norlander)"
Phil Meno $100.00 "Good luck Wayne!"
Kyle Robarts $100.00 "Elijah; please also run for Rex Fleming and Laura Massingill. Rex is 10-years old and has been battling brain cancer for more than a year. He is the son of my ex-boss Lance Fleming, who is the SID at Abilene Christian University. Laura Massingill is my second mom. She is the mother of one of my best friends growing up. She battled cancer for more than a year as well. She is in remission, but continues to battle for a cancer free life. She is a fifth-grade teacher at Taylor Elementary in Abilene, TX. Good luck Elijah - I know you will Run The Walk!!!"
Anthony Lallave $251.00 "1833 Group Chat G.A.O for always being a friend "
Stephen Gormley $25.00 "Good luck Ashley"
Jose Fuentes $200.00 "I am so proud of you for doing this!!!! Good luck!!"
Christine & Brian Tipton $25.00 "You will rock it girl! Thanks for inviting us to be a part of this important work. "
Jessica Westefeld $25.00 "You rock Ms. Goldsworthy! I admire what you are doing...just amazing!"
Rachel Ficarra $25.00 "Keep up the awesome work! You are inspiring!"
Keri Rommel $25.00 ":-)"
Jon Perachio $20.00 "kill it."
LEAH CASELEY $20.00 "Cheeky!"
Peggy Zavala $50.00 "You run, girl!"
Marlene Farrell $25.00 "Thank you for all you do! Enjoy your run in the ING New York City Marathon! Marlene (friend of Judy's)"
Jamie Pearson $50.00 "Good luck, though I don't think you'll need it!"
Steve & Elleke Haggerty $100.00 "GOOD LUCK! Thank you for doing this for Jill. "
Kelly Cleveland $50.00 "In honor of my new friend Jill and her amazing family. Good luck on race day!"
Bill Regan $100.00 "Luis, Good luck on the marathon! Bill"
Ruth Ann Keene Hidden "Thank you for doing this for Jill--so happy to do anything I can to help Jill and her family!"
Kim LaFontana Hidden "Bravo - thanks for letting all of us in on the great cause! - Dave, Kim, Abby & Kate LaFontana"
Mark Theken $26.20 "Good luck on the run Sara! Love, Uncle Mark and Keka "
Anonymous $250.00 "Good luck Sara and Ella!!! You'll do great, and you are both running for great causes! "
Chris and Caroline Olzinski $100.00 "Better you than me!"
Tom & Mary Lou Kennedy $100.00 "Hi Rachael, We'll be thinking of you and Lou as you run to bring awareness and funding to fight this dreaded disease. God Bless You! Love, The Kennedys"
Emily & Monty Cagwin Hidden "So proud of you! And so excited for handcrafted artisanal local fair trade salsa. "
Carter Kersh $50.00 "We're pledging appx $2/mile to help the cause but also to celebrate our dear friend. Go, Robert, go!"
Marlene Madera $40.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Erika Guzman $100.00 "Best of Luck, Haz!! You Got This! God Bless :))"
Lauren Kane $30.00 "Congrats Rob this is an awesome achievement!"
Karen Rossiter $300.00 "Thank you for running and helping!!!!!"
Daneille Anderson $25.00 "Molly, I am so proud of you! "You go girl", I will be rooting for you all the way, what an accomplishment. All the best for a successful run! Love Dee"
Christopher Phillips $20.00 "What a great thing for a great cause! Best of luck to you. "
Rick Post $100.00 "Elijah...so proud of you!!! I'd like to be running with. Happy to support you.. "
Marlene Almonte Hidden "In memory of all those lost to cancer... Thank you for representing the Fernandez family Luis. Much love xoxo -Fernandez Family "
Caron Levis $25.00 "run, Ben, run..."
Joe and Barb Joyce $25.00 "Mike, Great job for this good cause. Papa and Grandma Joyce"
Susan Mall Hidden "What a beautiful and kind gift you are giving through running. Xoxo Susan & Jeff"
Rachel Viennot $20.00 "Good Luck Melissa! Nick and I are cheering for you!!!!!!"
Patrick Hanlon $50.00 "Someone better bring you your leeeegs. Good Luck! - Pat and Marina"
namrata haldipur $250.00 "go elizabeth, great cause the saha's"
Joan Gerberg $100.00 "So very proud of you Bob! Love, Mom"
Joanne Kagan $25.00 "Go Bill Go!!!"
Donna Durvasula $25.00 "Best of Luck in the race!! "
Gideon Lewis-Kraus $100.00 "Good luck!"
Jerry Ford $30.00 "Glad to help you helping others."
Erica Michelstein Hidden "Thanks for running for such a great cause. Go Amanda!!"
Eric Pugatch $150.00 "We had such an awesome time at your wedding and were so happy to celebrate such a dynamic duo! We will be thinking of you as you cross the finish line next month. Much love, Eric and Candace Pugatch"
Mary Gillespie $150.00 "Have a good run, Tim. Thanks for doing this."
Dean Smith $100.00 "Run Richard Run. Pace yourself for a good finish. Can't wait to hear how it went. Your easy-pace running partner, Dean."
anna lynch $25.00 "Ashley, Nice job! Keep up the good work. Best of luck. Anna Lynch(West Morris)"
Joyce Bookstein $50.00 ""Good Luck""
Hillary Peterson $50.00 "Go Tim...behind you all the way!"
The Borodawka Family . Hidden "Natalie, Thanks for allowing us to support your noble endeavor! Good Luck!~ The Borodawka Family Jimmy, Olinda, Lindsey & Jameson"
Tracey Hallbauer $25.00 "good luck!"
Vicki Lagerwey $100.00 "What a special tribute to a special man! We'll be there in spirit! Niek and Vicki Lagerwey"
Caolan MacMahon $10.00 "Hope to see you in NY!!"
Erik Jaffe $30.00 "Thanks for raising money for the research foundation. And have a good run... -Erik"
Debbie Makris $15.00 "Good luck Ashley!"
Emily Sadlock $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Melissa Tankiewicz $25.00 "Good Luck Ashley!!!"
Leticia Allen $25.00 "Good luck, Barbara !"
Uday Venkataramu $200.00 "Good luck kid!!! Best, Uday and Deirdra "
Nancy Prata $25.00 "Go Ashley!!"
Theresa Daly $50.00 "Good luck Mark on this very worthy cause!!"
Stephanie Najor $50.00 "Go Tim, Go!"
CHRISTINA CONLEY $50.00 "Best of luck Rob, may you have a healthy and rewarding run! - The Conleys"
Christine Bonanno $50.00 "Good luck, Rob. All our best, Chrissy Bonanno & Tim Tagaris"
Patricia and Burton Notarius $50.00 "Happy Birthday, Jaimie!!"
patricia and Burton notarius $50.00 "In Honor of Ed Hyman's Birthday!!"
Carlos Camargo $50.00 " Mark , I'm happy to make this token contribution to the Multiple Myeloma cause (in addition to my normal end-of-December yearly contributions). Wish you my best for your NYC Marathon this November! Papi."
Verna Cheney $250.00 "I appreciate so much your effort to help research combat this dreadful disease. I love you so much!"
Pamela Guthrie $100.00 "I am so proud of you doing this to honor your Grandpa and to help others who have this cancer. I love you very much"
Courtney Mandeville $20.00 "One more great project. Wish I was home to help you out with it! "
Anonymous $100.00 "Goooooooo Annie!"
Kate McSheffrey $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Geno Clemenzi $50.00 "Break a leg!"
Meredith Marlin $50.00 "Go Ashley, go!"
zach wolf $25.00 "go on brotha"
Robin Whitelaw $25.00 "You go girl!!"
Zach Stern $50.00 "Do I get this back if you don't finish?"
Anonymous $18.00 "Dear Liz, Good luck, Ross"
Lindsley Grebenik $25.00 "Supporting you Rene-your running, your cause, your heart for people."
Karen Quinn Hidden " I am proud to have you as a colleague. "
Kenny Crenshaw $100.00 "Rene, I commend you for your dedication to training hard and raising funds for cancer research. Be good brother! Crenshaw"
rogerio paes $100.00 "Mauricio, a doacao foi uma otima ideia. Abs, Rogerio e Jo"
Jimmy & Christine Romano $50.00 "Annie you are a very inspiring young woman and we are all very proud of you. Lot of love from Jimmy and Christine and all your family in the UK. xxxx"
klaus gomez $50.00 "Keep up the dedication we are all proud of you.."
Elizabeth Cassidy $10.00 "Best of Luck - sorry I can't make your event tonight"
Laurie Schetlick Hidden "GO GO GO Mauricio! So proud of you. Laurie & Matt"
Jean Kuhn $50.00 "Annie, What a wonderful cause and especially of course for your brother. A beautiful gesture to do as much as you can to help your family. Good luck on your fundraising and marathon 11/4! Give my love to your mom. Cuz Jean & Barry"
cristina lucado $100.00 "You're a rock star!!!"
Tori Shinohara $100.00 "Best of luck!!! Go get 'em!!!"
Cara Albertson $100.00 "Congrats Mark! This is a great achievement and its wonderful that you are also helping a lot of people along the way. Enjoy every stride and the amazing feeling you'll get when you cross the finish line! Make sure to get some pics too!"
James Alexander $50.00 "Good luck!"
Joseph Coplin $100.00 "Try not to die."
Marco Lima $200.00 "Great cause!"
Emily Welch $50.00 "Go Amanda!"
Deborah Jacob $440.00 "Lots of love... Donations from Jewelry Fundraiser(250.00), $25.00 from friend Johanna, $20.00 from friend Katie Obrien, $50.00 from Craig Williams, $100.00 from friend Eddie Bowden"
Mark Holden $250.00 "Robert, Go out slow and finish strong! You are real inspiration. Mark"
Lisa Cournoyer $75.00 "You're a star, Dave!"
robert levitan $250.00 "go Carol go! "
Nathan Gelber $250.00 "Go get it Preston! Eric & Tani"
Anonymous Hidden "Run Elijah, run!"
Emily Winner $26.00 "Best of Luck Nessie!"
Mirella Tronco Hidden "Happy Birthday!"
Kerrie and Steven Rubin $50.00 "Run a great race, guys. We'll be pulling for you! The Rubin Family "
Temiesha Torres $50.00 "With love and thanks..."
Erica Cunningham $50.00 "Luis you are doing something amazing. Keep up the great work! Love ya much..."
anne hansen $25.00 "Good luck Melissa!!"
ANDREW COHEN $50.00 "Thank you, Diane. "
Bill McBain $175.00 "Good luck! With my company match you should be over your goal. I'll be at the cheer zone rooting for you! -Bill"
Andrea Thomas $75.00 "Seems like yesterday we were helping me with my training run in central park. You made a long run go by quickly with your stories of some guy named Jimmy Fardin. Good luck!!"
Bianca Barela $20.00 "So proud of you. #RunTheWalk"
max kraus Hidden "Good luck Bill. WE're proud of you. Love, Dad and Lois"
Ryan CAIRNS Hidden "Much love to you both! Ryan & Catriona"
Lisa Hamm Hidden "Good Luck on the race!"
Lisa Hamm $50.00 "Good luck in the race!"
Lisa Hamm $50.00 "Good luck in the race!"
Tiffany Maskiell $25.00 "Yeah Leslie, I'm so proud of you! And know you are going do to Fabulously! "
Barbara McHugh Hidden "Good luck, John!!"
Carol Rigby $50.00 "Good luck, Korey. Hope you have a great race!"
Linda Hanson Dean $300.00 "Leslie, I know you will be successful in your goal of completing the marathon. Keep up the good work. Linda"
Ann Bishop $250.00 "From the Salsa Community! Thanks all!!"
Alexander Brown $50.00 "Go FiFi!"
Deirdre Fletcher Hidden "Good luck, Annie! --The Fletchers"
Laurel Tasso Hidden "Make us proud!"
John Lamb $100.00 "Hope you have agreat race Melissa ! JOHN"
Elaine Shi Hidden "Good Luck!"
urvashi dhingra $50.00 "Way to GO!!!!! all my best wishes. apologies I can't be there in person"
Laomi Harewood $20.00 "Way to go Olivier!"
Laomi Harewood $20.00 "You're a MACHINE!! "
Shirley Lam $25.00 "Best of luck, O! Have fun!"
Natalie Engler $50.00 "Good Luck on your quest!"
Christine Lichatin $50.00 "Ashley: Good luck with the marathon! You are running for a very good cause. Grandma Chris"
Alexis Wiedeman Hidden "Best of luck to you and your family"
Marcos Nogues $250.00 "Melissa, YOU ROCK!"
Sharon Bishop Hidden "PRINCE - YOU ROCK! Wish I could be there in person but I will be cheering you on from CA!"
Marvin & Kay Bare $50.00 "Hey Rich, I'll have a 'Turkey and water'. I like your training habits. Got hot wings too? Good luck...mpb"
Patricia Boyd $100.00 "What is that thing that's dragging you around in the picture? Looks like some kind of medieval torture machine! Made for great training, I'm sure. Rotsa ruck! Mom and Dad"
Michael Gillen $50.00 "Luis, I hope you have a great day. "May the wind be always at your back""
Kostas Sgoutas $75.00 "Go Harri!"
Alyssa East $25.00 "Good Luck Amanda! Your story is such an inspiration!"
Colleen McCullough $25.00 "Good luck, Amanda! Can't wait to cheer you on!"
Jan Jensen $100.00 "In honor of my mom and Karen's mom. Thanks for running and for raising money towards this worthy cause!"
Jennifer Melick $25.00 "Good luck Jeremy!"
Stacey Howe $100.00 "Looking forward to seeing you make excellent happen in NYC, Vanessa! This is a really fun race, as you know; so, be sure to enjoy it. Just be sure to save plenty for the hill at mile 23. ;)"
Rosalie Adox $25.00 "Go Tina!! You will do fantastic!! :) you will have accomplished a great achievement!!!!"
linda and Craig rinder $100.00 "Good Luck!! Eric's Grandmother Lilija Rinder passed away 11 years ago from Multiple Myeloma. Thanks for supporting research for this disease."
Sean Goldsworthy $40.00 ""Good luck, your yammers will be burning!""
Michael Farris $50.00 "Good luck, Bill, from Michael and Joe"
Dan & Norah Ferry $50.00 "Good Luck, Tim! Have a blast!"
Jodie Tsou $25.00 "Good luck Golds!! I wish I could be there to cheer you on but I know you'll do great :) Miss and love you lots!"
Antonette Vita $50.00 "Love You Guys!!!!"
Anna Fulginiti $30.00 "Run Forrest run! Good luck!"
Laura Paterno $115.00 "Proud of you Bobby!!!"
Patrick Pakele $50.00 "Sheri, Thank you for doing this run. My wife's Dad passed away 2 yrs ago from MM. Our Fathers will be with you every step of the way!!"
Sally Kalksma $200.00 "Go Seabiscuit!"
Tiziana Russo $100.00 ""See what love can do"... good luck Annie!! Love you guys. Tiz, Anthony & the boys"
JessIca Crist $250.00 "In memory of my father Richard Collier and in honor ofall my other patients who bravely fight this disease"
Luke Rosengren $150.00 "Goodluck mate! You better bloody finish!"
Antony Ahern $20.00 "Good luck mate, enjoy!"
Allison Burkard $50.00 "Yay Tammi!"
RICK AND CAROL PHILLIPS $100.00 "Hi Liz. Have a good race. We're with you 100%. Let us know how you did. Love, Rick & Carol."
Rosemarie Francis $100.00 "Go Ronelle go. I know you will make it."
Karen Wahl $25.00 "Go, Tammi!! I'm so proud of you!!"
E.M Pompizzi Hidden "Good for you, Melissa. Ari clearly has a terrific wife..."
maryelys martinez $50.00 "Way to go Ronelle! You are very inspiring! You will ROCK! Isaiah 41:10 fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. "
Michael Eskenas $50.00 "Run Aussie Run"
Julian Connor Hidden "woo! BFC!"
David Brinton $100.00 "Good luck!"
vicki and paul gailyl $100.00 "Good luck to you in your participation for this worthy cause. "
Anna Fink Hidden "All the best from Cologne, Germany. We keep fingers crossed for a wonderful race..."
Elbert Chang $100.00 "Go Fast! Crush Your Enemies!"
Gayla Weng $20.00 "Good luch with the run and have fun in New York!"
C. Damon Moore $50.00 "Best wishes for a great race."
Robyn Tickle $500.00 "Good luck Marko!"
Jonathan Frederick $31.41 "Give it your Paul Ryan best!"
Jason Alexis $50.00 "Run like your being chased my friend, lol"
John Kelly $100.00 "Gary, Good luck ! Jack, John & Rob Kelly"
Abbee Warskitt $20.00 "Good Luck Tickle!!! :)"
Mike Stone $25.00 "Finish strong mate! No pain! Let me know if you want to pull a Rosie Ruiz though, I got your back - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosie_Ruiz PS $25 from me and $25 more coming from Sophie Get Em!"
Nowara Munir $25.00 "Wonderful cause- Good luck!"
Dena Uding $100.00 "Good luck with the marathon and your fundraising efforts, Richard! I think what you're doing is wonderful."
Erik Malvick $100.00 "Run like the wind and resist the lure of the taxis. "
Ann Bishop $50.00 "From mom! "
Heidi and Matt McGowan $50.00 "A great run for a great cause. We will be thinking of you on race day. Go Carol!!"
russ volkers $50.00 "nice job JOHN - HAVE A GREAT RUN!"
Jim Pierce $50.00 "Good luck Drew!"
Megan Sikora $20.00 "Good luck!! Love you reg :)"
Robin Smith $50.00 "Go Ted! Love, Siona Perry and Josh"
Susanne & Tom Croley $50.00 "Go Tim! We are cheering you on from across the country!!"
Helene Mandell $50.00 "good luck Richard"
Nadine Gibbon $50.00 "Wishing you every success Mike!"
Justin Forsell $250.00 "Very best of luck Michael. JDF"
Mary Lou Bierman $100.00 "Annie...You are amazing! Your efforts and energy to help are admirable. Best of luck on the run. Love, Aunt Mary Lou"
Karen Reader $100.00 "Nic saw you training a month ago and the Cliff Young shuffle came to mind !!! Don't panic you have till November!!! Well done and good luck .We will be thinking of you !! Love The Reader Family "
Sean Dennison Hidden "I'll be right there supporting you, as you supported me."
Chris Lanning $100.00 "Break a leg!"
Judith Sullivan $25.00 "Hi Mike, I am a classmate of your Aunt Anne's from Nazareth Academy. Your mom is my dential hygientist. My 25 year old niece has run for cancer causes like you. You are a totally awesome nephew to put the time and effort into such causes. Best of luck on the run and for good weather. Judy and Tom Sullivan"
Deborah Triana $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Shelley Huang $26.20 "In memory of Jenn Green. Miss you! "
Shelley Huang $26.20 "In memory of Jenn Green! Miss you!"
Patricia McNamara Hidden "Do it for Pat!"
Ani Munoz $30.00 "Run Rene. Like the wind! "
Josh Schildkraut $50.00 "Run Rene Run"
Carol Karp Hidden "Have a great run for a great cause"
Janet F Dahl $200.00 "Thanks Richard......Do well :)"
James Cheung $100.00 "You da man."
Christine Austin $30.00 "I'll be on First Avenue looking for you!"
Nicholas Howson $150.00 "A couple of things to remember (i) that the 6:00/mile pace over mile 2 (down the Verrazano Bridge) is NOT the pace you will be running at later; (ii) take the 59th Street Bridge very carefully, especially the loop down, down, down, onto Manhattan; (iii) don't accept anything proffered by sweet looking kids in the Bronx; (iv) Marcus Garvey Park is NOT Central Park, you aren't there yet; and (v) there is an insane one mile hill up 5th Avenue heading south just before you get into Central Park. Other than that, enjoy...!"
Scott Loly $50.00 "Tim Thanks for running to raise money for this.....all the best! Scott Loly"
sara listokin $100.00 "We're cheering for you Ted! Sara & Charlie"
Denise Masella $200.00 "Good Luck Aunt Tee!!! Love Denise, Larry & Sofia"
Anand Sundaraj $100.00 "P.Diddy did the NY Marathon in 4 hours 14 min and 54 seconds. Can you beat him?"
shirli kirschner $100.00 "A thousand miles is finished one step at a time. Well done for attempting this! love Shirli "
Leon Harris $100.00 "So PROUD OF YOU MELISSA! Love, Aunt Tarie, Uncle Lee, Shayna, Noe, Lauren & Blake!"
Chris Moore $250.00 "Mike, great cause and great thing to do, go for it! best, Chris. "
Joe Olsen $100.00 "Good luck mate!!! I guess we'll see if your self proclaimed 'runners legs' are the real deal haha"
Keith Hagans $50.00 "You got this man!"
Chris Gagnon $50.00 "Great effort and good luck, Tim!"
Ann Snyder $25.00 " Good luck Rachel! Ann and Sterling (Friends of Harry and Nancy)"
Lauren Coletta Hidden "Tina - I know you can do it! It will be an amazing accomplishment that you will be proud of!"
Melissa Morales $25.00 "You go Ronelle. Very inpiring. Superwoman-.. how do you do this all ;-) God Bless. Wishing you the best.41"
Kerianne Strachan $20.00 ""Very proud of you!""
Vojislav Cvijanovic $50.00 "Go Richard!!!!!"
Jonathan Marshall $50.00 "Wear comfortable shoes. Maybe slippers?"
Claudia Phillips $15.00 "Good luck Liz from Phyllis"
Stephen Falk $50.00 "Good luck Alan I ran that race in 1998. I was tough. It sounsds like you will be in good training for it so you'll do great. MM is also a great cause. See you back on the tennis courts soon. Stephen Falk"
Bob Thron $100.00 "Good luck in the NYC Marathon and I hope your reach your funding goal for MMRF!! Look forward to seeing you back on the tennis court in November Bob T.."
Tom Purce $100.00 "Love ya, Mame and Tom"
Melqui Portillo Hidden "Good Luck Kyle!"
Patricia Regenye $50.00 "Good Luck John!!"
Aimee May $25.00 "Run, Mama, run! "
Suzette Dowling $50.00 "Go John! We're all behind you (not running 26.2 miles of course)! Good luck!"
Erin Conlin $25.00 "Good luck - and have fun!!!"
jonathan tanzman $100.00 "Thanks for running for a great cause - good luck!"
Andrew Yacos $50.00 "Jeremy - You are an inspiration. "
Christine Parrott $75.00 "It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference. YOU ROCK! :)"
Michele & Nick Bergamotto $25.00 "Wishing you all the best!!"
Nancy DeSantis $50.00 "Hi John, Good Luck with the run! -Nancy"
Vince Schaff $50.00 ""Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started." Steve Prefontaine Run well Ben! Vince"
Kelley Sawyer $25.00 "GOOOO KRIS!!! You are AWESOME! Love you Munchk!!"
Greg & Mary Ellen Dawkins Hidden "Great cause! Enjoy the run! "
David Semple $100.00 "Getting close to that finishing line......"
simon smith $50.00 "Good luck in the race !!! "
Kathie and Phil Harder $100.00 "Good job Stew!"
Leonard Beer $104.80 "Very Proud of you!"
Joseph Catanzano $25.00 "You're so close! Run for us fatties out there!"
Sarah LIpton Hidden "Good luck, tickle!!"
Elizabeth Hutchins $500.00 "Hey Stew! From a family living with myeloma- THANK YOU. What you are doing is POWERFUL. Go get 'em!! We are behind you 100%!"
David Greenberg $100.00 "Just what is it you will be running from? We hope you reach escape velocity."
JoAnn Daigle $25.00 "In honor of Anne and our Naz ties"
Margaret Wurtele $1,000.00 "You are so great to run for this! We'll be wind at your back. Margaret and Angus"
Deanne Mincer $50.00 "You and your brother are an inspiration to all of us! Have a great run! Richard and Deanne Mincer"
Kristine Vannoy $50.00 "You're already a winner! Great work for a great cause! Rooting for you all the way <3"
Michelle Saumur $35.00 "Best of luck! I know you're gonna kill it! :)"
Dorothy Klemetson $100.00 "Best of luck Leslie! You have trained well and I know will nail the race! Dorothy"
Craig-Antoni Garvis $80.00 "Go Santina! GO!!"
Sandra and Twan Heetkamp Francis $100.00 "Hi Ronelle, Run like the wind ! we know that You will succeed in this though test , go for it ! regards Sandra Twan and Kids"
Neil Shapiro $50.00 "We're rooting for you!!"
NELVA BLEDSOE $30.00 "John, Thanks so much for your determination to participate in this event. While the training is great for your health it also brings to me the opportunity to learn more about this organization which I was not aware of prior to your invitation. Make it a great run. Nelva"
Whitney Low $25.00 "Good luck Rebecca! "
Dad and Nancy Eilersen/Woods $100.00 "Thanks for doing this Tim! It means a lot to us! Much love, Dad and Nancy"
Virginie Gohlinger $50.00 "Good luck Nat!!!"
Gregory Helias $31.00 "So there I was... Oh! Don't get the race snap chills like Matt did and have to retire to the porto!"
Alison Baker $40.00 "Aller, aller, aller ( said in a drawn out French way!!) Have fun and remember your arnica before and afterwards! Lots of love to you from CATS xxxxx"
Nathan Gilbert $30.00 "Go Mom! We are so proud of you. Can't wait to watch you run! Love Nathan and Sara"
JENNY GORDON-MORRISON Hidden "We'll all be eating bagels in your honor. Best of luck on your efforts Bobby! Jenny"
Joan DeCollibus $50.00 "The count down is on! Two weeks to go! Happy training- love Joan"
Mark Forrest $100.00 "A tremendous cause. Run well Mike and enjoy the challenge."
Jennifer & Jonathan Zonis $100.00 "Good Luck Michael! We'll be cheering you on!"
Jeff Ludwig $500.00 "Good luck Geoff! Can't wait to hear about your successful first marathon."
Paul Wright $50.00 ""Way to go Kyle! Great job.""
Fernbrook School Teachers $20.00 ""Good luck!""
Tom Taylor $100.00 "Kick ass man! Oh, and stay clear of muddy parking lots. - Tom, Kara, & Wylee"
Kevin Stewart $500.00 "This donation is from a fundraiser at The Bullpen 88th and !st"
David Kats Hidden "You go Bill! Proud of you!! God's Speed!!"
Gillian Mendy $50.00 "Best of luck Natasha, we're behind you all the way!! Love Gillian and Ryan"
Douglas and Janet Edwards $25.00 "Tammi, your grandparents are very special to us. Thank you for honoring your grandfather, Gil, by running in this race and helping cancer research. "
Alice Wang $150.00 "Great goal for a good cause! Keep inspiring us!"
Ann Lambert $25.00 "Two marathons in one year!! Like a boss. Congrats on all your hard work training and fundraising for a great cause-- and for putting together such a well-edited page. Can't wait to see you finish! "
Paula Kalksma $10.00 "You are the best! I love you! xoxox"
stephanie kawahara $100.00 "You go girl! xoxoxo!"
Walter Robbins II $100.00 "Lead us in raising awareness and monies for research for Myeloma, run Robert run! "
Jordan Potter $10.00 "Go Lizz!! "
Madeleine Di Gangi $50.00 "rad."
Glen and Doris Blandy $50.00 "We are so proud of your participation. 26.2 miles is impressive! You have found an imprtant way to remember your Grandpa."
Tom O'DRISCOLL $50.00 "All the best tickle!! Tom and Kate"
Krista Watzel Hidden "Kill it my friend! Much admiration!"
Tony Sparks $200.00 "I love the confidence! Just over a month to go and still no appearances at A&O's 'ACTS' circuit training. Clearly you are tapering early. Have a great run! TS"
Marianne Dwyer $50.00 "Good Luck! From a fellow Nazareth alum."
Mary Wight $20.00 ":-)"
Carroll and Don Albertson $100.00 "Happy Birthday Mark! We are so proud of you for raising money for Multiple Myeloma. We wish you the best of luck in your run. We will be thinking about you. Grandma Carroll and Grandpa Don"
Randall Barry Hidden "Way to go, bro! We will be thinking about Jill and Jason (and you) on the 4th. A great cause for great people."
robert onorato $150.00 "Your already a winner!!! Just dont trip over your shoelace :). Have a great run ...... Love ya, Uncle Rob....."
Liz & Cameron Clinton $100.00 "thinking of you and good luck xxx"
Nicholas Turner $50.00 "Good luck mate. Look forward to watching the entertainment"
Emma Bastin $50.00 "Natasha, Good luck and I hope you have fun (if this is at all possible!) I hope Hywel will be waiting at the end to carry you back to your hotel :-) Emma, Adam and Nina x"
carmen lewis Hidden "good luck!"
john soliman $100.00 "Enjoy the run and good luck."
Chris Novak $50.00 "Good Luck John. I will have the beers cold for you at the finish line!"
Mark and Lisa Janik $100.00 ""they shall mount up with wings like eagles they shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint" Very proud of you Troy! Lisa and Mark Janik "
Matthew Sorensen $45.00 "$$$3000$$$, Good work mate!!! "
florence griffin $50.00 "Good luck Amanda. You'll do great!"
Francois Gour $25.00 "Good Luck Billy"
Brett Jackson $50.00 "Good luck! "
Jacquie Hall $520.00 "Ho hisse la saucisse !!! Courage ma fifille xxx"
George Ford $250.00 "Troy, From all of us at Leeds Custom Design, we are honored to help with the cause. Our thoughts will be with you as you run. George L Ford"
Vincent Samaniego $100.00 "PIIYYYAAA!!! Proud of you buddy!"
Sharon Bloom Hidden "Amanda, May you always run with joy and purpose! We're with you 100%. Sharon & Steven Bloom"
Erin Pulice $50.00 "Go Amanda, Go! "
Wally & Bobbi Fulbright $50.00 "It a privilege to support you, Geoff, and this amazing cause. Run for us all!"
Albert Sales Hidden "Albert Sales"
Jason Ockerby $100.00 "Have a great run Mike, Jason and Justine"
Ron & Pauline Pristin Hidden "It's hard to express how much we appreciate what both of you are doing on Ron's behalf. The marathon is an inspirational event, a race of every day heroes and you guys are both our heroes. Thank you both for being the great, loving individuals that you are."
Michael Russell $100.00 "Good luck. Hope to see you at the end. Mick"
Peter & Lawny Pflaum $200.00 "Good Luck Stewart! Thanks for running for Jill and so many others! Lawny & Peter"
Victoria Primiano $26.20 "Here is wishing you many more miles in years to come! You'll be awesome! "
Christopher Madden $300.00 "Hope you have a great run. Expect a PB after all that training. Chris"
Leon van Wouwe Hidden "Run John, run! "
Justin Jameson $220.00 "I think I just got you to your target! Good luck Michael."
Angelika Hülsmans $50.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Phil and Terri Edwards $25.00 "Tammi, We got to know your Grandpa at church. He was such a blessing to so many people - just like Bee is. We love them both - and we hope you reach your goal! Terri"
Matthew Reede $200.00 "Go for Gold Mike! A great cause for our beautiful mother. I miss her every day. Matt "
Darryl Lasin $25.00 "Do work son. All day errrr day!"
Dick Chertow $54.00 "Walk, Jamie, Walk!!"
rob riley $100.00 "good luck Ben! your dad shook me down lol"
Shelly Listokin $50.00 "Ted is going to be the fastest Jewish vegan doctor from Stamford in the Marathon! Good Luck and don't stop! Yael, Shelly, Mai & Shira"
Ramon Urenia $50.00 "Go get 'em Benja!!! -- Much love, Ramon, Jennifer and Lucia"
Frank Forelle $500.00 "Best of luck on the run - happy to support MMRF; Regards, Frank "
Nicholas Loiacono $100.00 "in bocca al lupo"
Christine Grasso $25.00 "Go Kara Go! Proud of how strong you are. You'll do great!"
Jamie Blandy $25.00 "You can do it Tammi! Love, Jamie & Justin"
Renee Hosonitz Hidden "Ashley, We're are all behind you! Renee"
T A Brooks Hidden "Better your knees than mine."
Elizabeth Moloney $100.00 "Good luck John!!! Love, Billy, Liz & Emma"
Jeff Sell $100.00 "Way to go Stew!"
Jonathan Terry $50.00 "Good luck Mike. Enjoy the experience. Jon "
carole and george cozzolino $75.00 "Go Kara Go. We are proud of you!"
Alison Reeder $20.00 "Can't wait to get to the starting line so we can see who has more fans in each boro :) Congrats on all your hard work! #themikelattari"
Robert Denious $100.00 "Go Katie! We're behind you! S & B"
Anonymous Hidden "chinchilla money"
Anne-Marie Jenkinson $30.00 "Well done Natasha - enjoy it! Jenko xx"
Allison Carter $50.00 "Go Bob!!! So excited for you - we'll be cheering you on in Spirit!! Lots of love Alli, Mark, Max and JeddXXX"
Jenny Fulbright $50.00 "I'm so proud of you Geoff!!! Run your tooshie off!! Love you tons"
Carlos Peruyera $252.00 "Good Luck Luis! Make this day the celebration of all your hard work and training, and don't sweat the small stuff. "
Joe Marotta $50.00 "Go for it Luis! "
Francesco Daniele $50.00 "Yeaaaa Benny!!"
Amy Collins Hidden "Way to go Kathleen! You're my hero!!"
Yuby Colon $50.00 "Congratulations!! Your hard work & dedication has paid off. "
Kellyann De Pirro $20.00 "Good luck!! "
Lawrence Cyran $26.00 "How about a PR on this one!"
Charles Beltran $101.00 "Cool stuff Luis! Goal!!!"
Asim Hussain $50.00 "You go girl!"
Alicia Mauro $10.00 "Have a great run! "
Maureen Fields $100.00 "Have a great run Marilyn!"
Patrick Grabow $5.00 "Great job, Marque! You can do it!"
Joan and Walter Robbins $500.00 "We love you and are so proud of you Robert! Bring home any leftover bagels! love, Joan and Walter"
Michelle Clark Hidden "Marilyn, You are the Super Mom of Darien! Love your energy and spirit..... Best of luck, Michelle"
Anonymous Hidden "Edward and Elizabeth, I am very grateful to you Edward and Elizabeth for all your tireless fundraising efforts to find a cure for multiple myeloma. You both have shown me what it means to put others first. Love, your proud mom"
Hilary Johnson $114.00 "Sending lots of well wishes from London! Hilary and Andrew"
Meredith and Douglas Wright $50.00 " Run, girl, run!! Congrats."
Safiye-Dilhan KALYON $100.00 "Good Luck Harris."
Maureen Coyle $50.00 "Best of luck on the 4th! Love you:)"
Kaitlin Tilney $15.00 "GO JER BEAR!!!!!!! Good luck!"
Vikas Dhamija $30.00 "Luis, go fulfill your childhood dream! All the best for the race! Great work for a great cause!"
Lauren Damon $29.01 "100%, Liz! Bust out the aquaphor and have a great race. I don't know HOW you do it!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Good Luck!"
anne clewell $50.00 "Good luck!"
Sasha Diamond $100.00 "Wishing you lots of strength and all things positive during this marathon & journey!"
Christine Skow $50.00 "Your are a champion all the way and you do a great job in everything you do!"
santosh vetticaden $20.00 "Hi Shari -- Good luck with the run"
Paula and Michael Gottlieb $100.00 "best of luck, Paula and Michael"
Thamsin Brockhoff $30.00 "Good Luck Santina."
KAREN FUNKENSTEIN Hidden "In honor of Joanne and her wonderful spirit as well as you Susan. Love, Karen Funkenstein"
Carolyn Heitmann Hidden "Soar like an eagle!...we are always proud of you..xoxoxoxoxoxo...much love, Auntie and Uncle Hank"
Deanna Rogers $100.00 "Keenan--Thank you for running in honor of my dad and for raising awareness and monetary support for this fund! I love you dad! ---Deanna"
Joana Hall $50.00 "Congratulations!"
Janet Wraspir $25.00 "You supported me my first 3 Day walk"
Henry Wrench $100.00 "Wishing you a great race! Hope you have a wonderful weekend in NYC."
Cristiana Sardo $50.00 "Kristin- you will rock it out!! So proud of you!"
MyLinh Shattan $50.00 "Good Luck Alan!"
Katherine (KC) Thacker $100.00 "Jerry was the most amazing person I've ever known."
Ernestina Perez $50.00 "Yo se que tu vas poder llegar hasta el final de la carrera!!! Tengo fe en ti!!! Te adora, Tu MAMA (Ernestina Perez)"
Jacoba Rawson $50.00 "My dear friend..I am so proud of you...good luck ;-)"
Jean Murray $50.00 "Bobby, we are so proud of you. You will do great!! Love you bunches!"
Patrice Johnson $50.00 "GO KYLE GO!! Wishing you all the best with the race and fundraising for a worthy cause!!"
Elizabeth McBain $25.00 "You rock, Vanessa! Good luck :)"
kelsey bennett $50.00 "Way to go Molly! We're rooting for you! Kelsey and Jeff Bennett"
Anonymous Hidden "Troy, if you have half the strength, compassion, and fortitude as your sister-in-law---your tribute to your brother will fly on winged feet! Good luck to you both. Take care of Deborah--she is a very special woman!"
Robert Lang $100.00 "Tammi, be as strong as your grandpa!!!!"
Mitchell Rosen $50.00 "Good luck Bill. This will be a piece of cake compared to the Horseshoe Trail!"
Robert Kirke $100.00 "Aaron, have a brilliant run ( no stopping allowed) Bobk"
Neofytos Christodoulou $50.00 "Run Filippo run ! Good luck!"
Erin White $50.00 "So proud of you and the hard work you're putting in! Wish I could give more. Yay for you, and your Momma!!"
Susan & Rich Tramaglini $50.00 "Asley, We'll be there to cheer you on! Ice those knees and good luck!"
Jodi Blauvelt (Plate) $50.00 "Good luck, Rachel!"
Anonymous $850.00 "All the best to all runners from Advanced Career Technologies!"
kyle smith $100.00 "Go Robert !"
Helene Tanen $50.00 "It is an honor to have known Jerry and to support you in the upcoming race. Good luck to you and the entire team. Helene and Joel Tanen "
Lisa Fischman $25.00 "Good luck Goldy!!!"
Sharon Tapia $100.00 "All of that hard training is going to pay off. You're an inspiration to us all!"
Sarah Davie $25.00 "Go Kristin! So proud of u"
Rod Moreland $50.00 "You are a freak of nature if you finish this race after training for 2 weeks."
Alicia Carnot $50.00 "Dear Ronelle, I am so proud of you. Love, Lisa"
Clare Nero $25.00 "Dear Ronelle, Wishing you all the best on November 4h. God be with you. Love, Clare"
Cowdrey Findlay $25.00 "Dear Ronelle, All things are possible when you put your trust in God. Keep up the good work. Love, Cowdrey "
Robin Amylon $50.00 "Good Luck Adam! "
Kyia Mcfadden Hidden "Good luck"
Dakota Loomis $25.00 "Next time I get an email from Obama or Democracy for America I'm telling them that you guys have their money."
Donnie Siratt $100.00 "Run Jim Run!"
Justin Stern $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Andrew Steptoe $100.00 "I'm very impressed after the efforts of last month. Best of luck. xx Andrew "
sarah Hirsch $50.00 "Way To go Melissa! We are so proud of you for running 2 marathons! XOXO Sarah, Scott, & Harry Hirsch"
Marilyn Raisor $287.00 "This is so you make your goal for a very worthy cause."
Carol Williams Hidden "Rene, You have my admiration and respect for your selflessness and discipline. All the best, Carol"
Brandon Cruz $50.00 "One step at a time. Run Richard Run!!!"
Anonymous Hidden "bob -- looking forward to crossing the finishing line with you. "
Rebecca Brown Adelman $30.00 "I will not let you go, R."
Michael Gentel $250.00 "Korey way to stay strong good luck running."
Claudia Grimmer $100.00 "Shout out to you Mark for doing this! and in honor of Wita! Good luck!!! love, Grimmers"
Meghan Frisbie $26.20 "Good luck on Take 2!!"
Young Shane $50.00 "Sorry for stranding you at the start line. Have a great race and enjoy every stride. We will be on 70th and 1st cheering you on! "
Chip and Lindsay Hart $50.00 "Run, Forest, Run!!! You can do it, Jimmy!"
Marlana Miceli $50.00 "Good luck, Sara!!"
Theresa Maisano $100.00 "Your dedication and hard work for such a worthwhile cause is admirable. Almost to the finish line!"
Shaton Washington $20.00 "Best wishes Liz ; )"
Sabrina Massett $15.00 "Go Korey. Hurricane Sandy has nothing on you!"
Jeri Worklan $150.00 "You're still amazing Holli!!"
Jake Fox $36.00 "I'm getting shin splints just thinking about this. Congrats in advance brother. Enjoy it!"
Marie Ternes $50.00 "Good luck Dave and Catee! -Marie & Micah"
Amy Sanderson $50.00 "Good Luck, your going to do great!"
Lana Obie $50.00 "Have fantastic time, Leslie!! It's been great following your journey. YOU ~ are an awesome athlete! Can't wait to hear more of this grand story! :)"
Kathy Cassis Hidden "Best wishes foryour journey in the marathon. "
cara rando Hidden "Good luck Deb and travel safe :)"
Sam Alexander $50.00 "Make those 26.2 wish they never tangled with Mr. Rene Ramirez. See you around the halfway point my man!"
Melanie Boisa-Linder $20.00 "May the wind be at your feet, Tim."
Sara Heller Hidden "Keep killin it Rene!"
Jessica Jech Hidden "Good Luck Sara! :)"
Anonymous $25.00 "Best of luck. Sorry I can't contribute more."
Ethan Meden $25.00 "Good Luck, Aunt Sara! We love you and support you all the way! Love, Ethan"
John Diefenthal $100.00 "Shikamo"
STAN AND MARY C. LEON $50.00 "wish we were there. thanks for volunteering and supporting! mr.stan and mrs. mary"
Tara Devaney $100.00 "Good Luck Ann!!!! "
Nancy & David Lee $50.00 "Hi Sheri, This is your cousin, Nancy, your Uncle Floyd’s daughter. I would be honored to donate for you and your MMRF team. It is an important cause and I am so glad that you will be fulfilling that dream of running in the New York City Marathon. I know your Mom and Dad are very proud. Best of luck w/the race! Take care and if you’re ever in the Dallas area please look us up. Nancy and David Lee "
Jennifer Connor $100.00 "Go get em Stewey! You are going to do great, soo proud of you and also for such a great cause... Love to you and prayers and love with The Phlaum Family, and much continued support and love in whatever we can do!:) XO"
Becca Myers $25.00 "Run like hell! You're gonna do great! "
Adam Mayer $100.00 "Great job fundraising & have a fun NYC marathon Rebecca! "
Timothy Murphy $50.00 "Tim and I are wishing you well on your run! "
Yolanda Sharp $25.00 "Hi Luis, Congratulations, on reaching your goal. And Best of Luck in the race! Yolanda "
Alison Tozer Hidden "All the best, Harris, in running for the cure!"
Eleanor Taylor $42.00 "Good luck Natasha. Hope you enjoy it! In case you were wondering why the odd amount, supposedly the donation amount equates to £26 (and $26 seemed a bit tight!)"
Dan Foster $150.00 "Whatever you do in life, always give 100%...unless you're donating blood..."
Caroline Prigent $50.00 "Courage ma coucou, je penserai à toi à chaque pas !!! Merci et gros bisous"
Kelly Thompson $20.00 "Good luck Ash! Run like the wind :) "
Blanca Stephens $100.00 "Go Rene, Go!"
Ted Rogers $30.00 "Winning"
Elizabeth Dougherty $26.20 "Go Supergirl!"
Marianne Stefanowicz $50.00 "Good luck! "
Brian Terczynski $50.00 "Proud of you! Enjoy the marathon."
Michael Nierenberg $500.00 "GOOD LUCK BENNY !! MICHAEL "
Alysha Pamphile $50.00 "I know you're gonna be great! You always are! :o) "
Michelle Tarr $50.00 "Good luck Rene! We'll be cheering for you."
Bennet Kim $50.00 "Good luck man!"
Brittany Sonzogni $325.00 "You go Midge..so proud of you!!"
Adam and Michelle Greenhut $50.00 "Go team Olebe!"
hammiche alexia $15.00 "Bon courage Natasha! On pense bien à toi pour le marathon, et je souhaite pleins d'énergie et de courage pour ton cousin. Alex & Rom & Gaetan"
Andrea Lobato $50.00 "Richard, best of luck to you! Go Go GO!!!"
Arvind Mithal $100.00 "Good work, Swati and Ed Love Arvind kaka and Gita mausi "
Matthew Beniston $50.00 "You must be gutted after all that training. A good cause though and worth supporting."
Laurence Monnier $50.00 "Bravo Natasha! Tous mes voeux t'accompagnent. Tu soutiens une très noble cause et une très grande amie. Laurence"
Victoire Spahn $50.00 "Congrats Ed & Beth, great cause and amazing challenge!"
Anthony Daddino $100.00 "For MMRF, even though the race was cancelled"
Geoff Simpson $100.00 "Don't go too hard too early Mike - its quite a long way... Best of luck. Geoff Simpson"
Bridget Vohs $50.00 "Very proud of my friend! XO"
Joan Davies $30.00 "Well done, hope to see you soon"
Jean Philippe CLEMENT $35.00 "Hello Nat'! Le Marathon est annulé, mais la Recherche continue... A tout bientôt! J.Philippe"
anita Caggiano $50.00 "Keenan. The hurricane may have cancelled the race, but that does not diminish your gift to Jim to run to knock out this disease. We are delighted to support your efforts for Dore & Jim. John & Anita Caggiano"
Lindsay Rogers $100.00 "Thank you so much Keenan! I love you Dad!!"
Carol Cole $30.00 "Well done Natasha, what a star you are! Carol x "
Andrew Shinohara $100.00 "Good work Rene! You're going to kill it! Proud of you my man!"
George Ashbrook $25.00 "Rather you than me mate, good luck"
Will Weems $25.00 "Just lost an aunt to cancer. Run, Rene, run! And thanks..."
Keli Rupert $26.20 "Nice work Amanda- You rock!"
Peter Zimmermann $100.00 "Amanda, may the wind be at your back. Have an amazing run. Peter"
Anonymous $100.00 "Gogogogogogo have a blast! I'm inspired and yes I do also have a loved one with MM"
Mimma Aliberti $50.00 "VAMOS!"
Esteban Munoz $35.00 "Hip hip Rene! "
Peter Ognibene $250.00 "Great Run!"
brett edgar $50.00 "Go Rene!"
Debra Bruno $100.00 "Korey, Pat and I are so proud of you!!! Thanks for sharing. Get the 50 sticker!!!"
Becky Young $50.00 "So proud of you Korey Shorb--- I wanna grow up to be just like you!!! Becky XOXO"
Thomas and Cheryl Russo $200.00 "Best of luck Mike! We are so proud of you! Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Tom"
Michael Liu $25.00 "MULTIPLE MYELOMA SUCKS!!!"
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