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2012 Chicago Marathon - MMRF PowerTeam
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 60% faster than the industry average, and working toward a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $190 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of four drugs for multiple myeloma in just four years – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference.

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Total Donations: $87,641

Goal: $75,000

$0 117% $75,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Janet Thompson $50.00 "Beautiful photo of Millie! Run strong!"
Dan Arlandson $50.00 "Megan, you are awesome. "
Sheldon and Lorry Anderson $100.00 "Sheldon and Lorry Anderson "
Burt and Judy Will $50.00 "Megan - your 'I run BECAUSE list' was inspiring; a real tribute to your Mom. "
Annie & Peter Mathisen $100.00 "We are delighted to support you, your mom, and every important, brave and dear loved one who has battled this disease. Go Meg, GO!!"
Melanie Smith $100.00 "You both inspire us all"
Karen Atkins $25.00 "This is for you Mrs. Shaffer. I miss you and will always have fond memories of you. And Peter you guys run run run like the wind. I know she is proud of you."
Pam Haager $25.00 "Way to go Cindy! "
Douglas Gerber $100.00 "I admire your love, compassion, and courage. God bless you for a successfull and safe run. Doug."
Sam and Jennifer Tift $50.00 "our love to you and yours."
Stacy Brenneke $25.00 "Looking forward to training with you for the BIG Day!"
Sean Farmer $50.00 "Marathon!?! What the heck are you thinking? Well, if you're crazy enough to try, I guess I can pitch in. Good Luck, Cindy!!!"
Megan Holte $100.00 "Go Meg Go! I'm so proud of your. Your mom is the strongest woman I know. "
ROBERT HASELEY $100.00 "Research is needed as there is no cure for Multiple Myeloma. Thanks Megan and thanks to all who have contributed."
Holly Bell $20.00 "Run John, run! We can hear Millie's laugh pushing you on! Holly and Sam Bell"
Mark Fowler $50.00 "Go Shaff and Peter! "
Wendy Erickson $20.00 "Run Katie run. Have fun."
Jane Stone $20.00 "Katie, you are awesome!"
Laury Burns $50.00 "Way to go Justin! All the best with your run! You are a wonderful son and nephew! Love and Hugs, Aunt Laury"
Ellen Wallace Hidden "The Kreindlers wish you good weather and a smooth run. XOXOXOXO to you and your whole family!"
Jonah Light $36.00 "Go, Eric, go!!"
Ronnie Davidoff $50.00 "RUN LIKE YOU'VE NEVER RAN BEFORE!"
Vincent Santucci $150.00 "Best of luck, Laurie! Thank you for running for this wonderful organization!!"
AMY MOWER $100.00 "Thanks Cindy for making this happen for Steve! We all miss him so.... Amy and Ted Mower"
Jim Rodgers $100.00 "Good luck Laurie!"
Charles Davidoff $100.00 "Good Luck Eric. We're behind ya!"
Steve Hill $50.00 "Good Luck at Chicago! I'll see you sometime this summer at Waterfall. Steve"
Renee and Russ Bell $50.00 "Mark, Have a great race! You are running for two of my favorite women. Rosalie and I were teaching buddies and best friends, and I miss her every day. Renee Bell"
Mavericks Team Mavericks Team $120.00 "Your family is in our prayers. The Mavericks: Tweeddales, Costas, Portugals, Murphys, Malteses, Salems, Doshis, Kesanis, Polkowitzs, Vaughns, Wus, and Zirkmans."
Jennifer Klibanoff $25.00 "We're both so very proud of both of you :) Best wishes on marathon day! Love, Jennifer & Rob"
Susan Atkins $25.00 "Pete, Best of luck to you in your training!!!! I think it is great that you are running on behalf of your mom - great lady! Take care and I hope you reach your goal. Sue"
Alison D'Agostino $100.00 "Our prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time ~ We are honored to support you in the fight against this awful disease. Love, Marc, Alison, Nicholas & Olive D'Agostino"
Michael and Joanne Policano $100.00 "Will will miss Spero and will always remember him fondly. We are so proud of your commitment to support MMRF in his honor and to make a difference for the future."
david and katie green $100.00 "all our love..."
Richard Bianco Hidden "We are deeply saddened by your loss. Your family is in our thoughts. With love, Denise, Rich & Gabriella."
Amy & Dan Goodman $50.00 "Our deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father Spero. What a wonderful way to honor him on his birthday."
Elizabeth Solka $50.00 "Run Eric Run!!! We'll be thinking of you. Love, Liz and Michael"
Bob and Cathy Naumann $200.00 "Thanks Jane..."
Carney Habeman $100.00 "Jay and I send our heartfelt sympathies. Family is life's greatest treasure, and your Dad left you a rich legacy. Much love, Carney and Jay"
Tony Cinquino $25.00 "Good luck! Have a fantastic race for a great cause."
Marc Hoecker $100.00 "Chad, Our parents live on in us and in our own children, and I'm sure you're Mom would be very proud of you and your growing family. Cathy and I wish you the best of luck with the Marathon training - you will be in great shape by end, and will undoubtedly enjoy the mental high and satisfaction of crossing the finish line. Marc and Cathy"
Salvatore Guccione Hidden "Our sincere condolences to you and your family. Sal and Maria Guccione"
Alexandra Corwin $100.00 "Go Baby Go!!!! "
Thomas Schnitzius $100.00 "Hope you enjoy the race....how many is this now?"
Jeff Fitzgerald $50.00 "Good health in the training. Next year, Brian?"
John Butler $100.00 "Laurie: Best of luck to you in the race. - John Butler"
Richard Trisco $100.00 "Go Chad go -- good luck on the marathon but, more importantly, good luck on your fundraising goal! "
Sandy and Mike Marsico $250.00 "Thank you for supporting a great cause :)"
George & Lois Masten $100.00 "Thank you Krystal, we love you!"
Gerald Andros Hidden "Anything to help you in this Mark. Good luck running in our great city of Chicago for this worthy cause. Nice touch of personalizing this with the people in your heart. God bless."
mike and debbie rechin $100.00 "go the distance"
Jen Delossantos $50.00 "I wish you all the best! "
Troy Goss $50.00 "Good luck in the marathon Brothers Goad!! "
Micah Krohn $150.00 "We're behind you 100% Ed, though not necessarily on the marathon course. You inspire us so much-- many thanks and lots of love."
Jennifer Peterson $20.00 "We are so proud of you Lesley! Love, Jenny and Matt "
fred parker $100.00 "Ed, glad to help you out. what a wonderful thing you are doing, but then again you are a wonderful person that we are so lucky to know. best of luck in your training and in your race. fred and linda parker"
Claire Bruce $50.00 "Lesley, we're so proud of you and your determination! Love, John and Claire"
Rebecca Rourk $50.00 "Go Eric Go!!!!"
Susan Danforth $100.00 "Way to go, Ed!"
Eric and Lindsey Freed $36.00 "Bear Down! Best of Luck :)"
Susan Karbaf $250.00 "We are so proud of you, Lesley. Go for it! "
Phyllis Cover $60.00 "So proud of you Lesley! Love you!"
Jessica Mooney Hidden "Thankful you are doing this and cheering you on!"
Dawn Katona $25.00 "Praying for Christine and her family and wishing you lots of luck on your run, Erin."
Frank & Shelley Tomaselli $200.00 "Faith for Christine and sending best wishes to you Erin for your race!"
Amanda Manczak Hidden "Praying for Christine's treatment to go well. Good luck with the marathon, Erin! Would love to see you in Chicago if you have time."
Amy Good $50.00 "We are praying for you Christine! Good Luck in Chicago Erin!"
Mahvish Bari $100.00 "Best of luck David! I applaud your dedication and commitment to this great cause."
James Myers $100.00 "Good luck Erin!! Jim and Jill Myers"
Courtney LaJeunesse $100.00 "Gavin - I think this is so wonderful that you're doing this for your father! Best of luck on race day, but remember it's the cause, not the finish line, that matters. I'm sure you'll do great though. -Court"
Amy Bodde $50.00 "Prayers for Christine and good luck to Erin on your run!"
Michelle Amthor $50.00 "Way to go cousins! So proud of your commitment to the cause and amazed that you all do the marathon together. Nice job!!"
Anna Moorman $30.00 "Good Luck!"
Tani & Eric Gelber $50.00 "You guys kick ass! See you in Chicago. Peace and Have A Great Day"
Christopher Johnson $10.00 "Don't die. If you do die and/or not complete it, can I have my money back? "
Jennifer Dunham $100.00 "Looking forward to the cape! ;-)"
John Amarello $100.00 "A wonderful cause for a wonderful person! Best of luck to you and well wishes to Christine! John & Jess Amarello"
Robin Bressler $50.00 "Way to go Mark!!!! I will be cheering you on from Orlando."
Ben Baenen $50.00 "CUMUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck fellas."
Marcia Reaugh Hidden "Miracles Happen.....! "I like to compare prayer to the wind. You cannot actually see the wind, but you can see the results of it." -Rosalind Rinker. All my Best Wishes, Marcia Reaugh (Laurel and Haley's Aunt) "
Beth Piekarczyk $50.00 "Good luck Kristin! Wishing you all the best on this very noble and worthy cause!"
Thomas Yerden $50.00 "Carol and U value your friendship and compassion for this cause. "
Mouzetta Zumwalt $100.00 "You go, girl!! Thanks for running to make a difference!! Mouzetta"
Ellen Semans Hidden "Good Luck Kristin. Much Love, The Semans Family"
Nathalie Sweeney $50.00 "Kristin, You make me so proud to be your teammate. May you run knowing you are thought of and admired for your work and contributions to patients with Multiple Myeloma. Best of Luck to you, Nathalie Sweeney"
Amie and Peter Gruszka $100.00 "GOOD LUCK RYAN!!"
Christine Shanahan $100.00 "Run Ryan Run!!!"
Hardy Bedford $250.00 "We'll be there with a wheel chair at the finish line"
Debbie Rosenfeld Hidden "Good luck Ryan!!!"
Alyssa and Ryan Kosanic $250.00 "So far the longest run I have done is 10 miles! Wish me luck!"
Patrick Daly $50.00 "Best of luck with the run, great cause!"
Marge Ruebush $25.00 "Good Luck, Jeff, Dave and Brad!!"
Bradley Goad $200.00 "Happy Birthday Dave! Looking forward to journey of the race."
Kim Banks $25.00 "Thoughts & prayers to Christine & her family and All the Best for your run Erin! Both of you girls are amazing :)"
Blaine Goldman $100.00 "Love you Guys like Family!"
Shawna Turrick $30.00 "Good Luck Kristin!"
Heather Stitely $100.00 "GO KRISTIN! I am the lucky donation that puts you over your goal :)"
Jim Gerhart $50.00 "Good luck, Dag!"
Pamela Hubbard $50.00 "Ryan, good luck with your run! Scott and I are happy to be able to support this great cause! Go Bucks!"
Mary Seuffert $20.00 "Britt, I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see you cross the finish line! Xoxo. Katie"
Gary and Joan Pisano $50.00 "Marc, So happy you are keeping healthy and running for such a great cause! Good Luck and keep us posted!"
Danielle Ryan $50.00 "Good luck, Marc !! We will be cheering for you."
Erin Williams $75.00 "Lesley, we're so proud of all that you have accomplished so far! Wish we could be there in October to cheer you on! Love, Erin & Taylor"
Anna Caniglia $25.00 "Good Lcuk - Happy ice-bathing. "
Cindy McCrum $200.00 "We pray God's comforting hands be on Christine and her family always. What an awesome bond you sisters have and it's an inspiration to many. Have a great run in Chicago!"
George Koutsonicolis $250.00 "Ryan, All the best in the marathon on behalf of a great cause! The Koutsonicolis Family - George, Heather, Nicolas & Elle"
Paul Thompson $250.00 "Run team Mingy Run... You have our support and best wishes. Paul & Jayne"
Elizabeth Pichea $50.00 "You go girl! Good luck and what a good cause:)"
michael callahan $100.00 "Good Luck Marc!! ~The Callahan Family"
joseph franklin $20.00 "Way to go, David! Can think of no better reason to wear a costume on a hot summer's day. Good luck!"
Brian Ghaemmaghami $50.00 "Good luck!"
John Lee $25.00 "Good luck Ryan! You've come a very long way in a year! "
Mary elizabeth Elzemeyer $100.00 "All the best for a great race!"
john szabo $50.00 "I once ran a 24 hour marathon; 1 mile every hour for 24 hours. In another earlier lifetime I ran a 33:28 10K. Good luck and have fun. Donation Challenge: If 5 of my Facebook friends donate a total of $100.00 I will donate another $100.00! John Szabo"
Victoria Rynberg $25.00 "Thank you for letting me join you on Friday, it was fun!!!"
Victoria Rynberg $25.00 "My parents wanted to donate also, this is from them :)"
Ann Clark $250.00 "Good Luck Cindy I am behind you all of the way. Ann"
Thomas Woods Hidden "All the best."
Jan Sysmans $111.00 "Goad brothers, You are all three #1 in my book. So the only appropriate contribution is $1 for each of you. Last I checked that came up to $111. And David may be the one with the biggest mouth, but Jeff is the one fighting the biggest battle. So that gives him the first "1" among the ones. Best of luck in your Marathon."
Art Dooling $100.00 "Under 3 hours or it's off the table!"
Jay Benjamin $200.00 "Good luck with your upcoming marathon and your fundraising goal!"
Josh Evensky Hidden "Crush it! 1st place or bust"
Eileen Quinn $25.00 "Good luck Brittany! Your Dad would be proud."
Zach Steinberg $50.00 "Run fast!"
Jan Kolar $30.00 "OH DEAR, Website not entirely user friendly. I had a lovely tribute to Barb and ED, but it went "poof". I love them both!"
Becky Andrus $10.00 "I am so very impressed with your resolve!! This is fantastic. Loved the skating video!!"
robert sunko $100.00 "Go girl go. Don't fall for the old contribution in the trunk trick. Love & luck to you, uncle Bob & Aunt Judy."
Melissa Manner $50.00 "Way to go Kristin!"
Anonymous Hidden "Proud of you man, see you at the finish line!"
Sarah Miles $20.00 "You go, girl!!"
Tony / Kathy Gage $250.00 "Great cause, good luck Tony & Kathy Gage"
Javan Bernstein $50.00 "Run like ya stole somethin'..."
Mark Fowler $50.00 "Best to the Shaffer clan. Good luck on the run! Run hard! Run fast! Run safe! Mark & Deb and the Fowler clan."
Charles Fenton Hidden "Good luck you guys. Sorry it can't be more. Jan + Chick"
Bill and Shirley Davidoff $351.00 "Good luck Eric! We can't wait to cheer you on in Chicago! We are proud of you! "
Anonymous $35.00 "Way to go Ryan to support a wonderful cause! "
Dennis & Loralee Van Fossen $50.00 "In memory of Melanie Davidoff"
Joseph Bovenzi $25.00 "Good luck kyle and gavin love joe and julie"
David Salinas Allyn Miller $250.00 "Way to go Ryan!!"
Ruth Thompson Hidden "Cheering Team Mingy on!"
mark talucci $100.00 "We love Leah Dahlgren!!!"
Michael Donatelli $100.00 "No matter how slow you go, you'll still be faster than me!"
Steve & Sherri Kosanic $50.00 "Ryan, We are both so proud of you!!"
Kimberly Kilchenmann $200.00 "You so inspired our son. We are honored to support you now and in the future. Go Jeff!!!"
Lisa Groot $50.00 "Go Jeff, GO!!!!"
Paul Kepes $500.00 "A great story with an even greater ending. Go get em Jeff!"
Emma Santa $100.00 "Thank you for sharing the brotherly love. I hope that my sons grow up with a similar care, respect and love for each other. Best wishes."
Brenda Harrison $30.00 "Cindy I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing. So proud. We recently lost a co-worker to this disease so donating makes this even more significant to me."
Robert Scarpelli $50.00 "Good luck, Jeff. As someone who survived a life threatening illness a couple years ago, I admire your courage and determination. Northwestern Hospital is the best. It sounds like Ramona is doing a pretty good job too!"
Jane Pulliam $50.00 "We're rooting for you Cindy! Good luck!!"
Mark Jodlowski $100.00 "Thanks for raising money to help fund the research. "
Heidi & MIchael Murray & Bellin $50.00 "Ed, Wishing you a great run!!! What a wonderful way to honor Barb's memory and those who also suffer from this condition! "
Robert steinbaugh $100.00 "I am lucky to have you as a friend, Jeff. We will be standing with Ramona watching the marathon. See you then."
Janet Webber $26.20 "best wishes from janet and gary... Go Jeff Go!!!"
Rena McClellan $25.00 "Mallory and Maximus McClellan"
Marcia Iacobucci $50.00 "Go Jeff--David & Brad--Go!"
ralph pennino $100.00 "Good luck on the run. Ralph"
Kim Strickland $50.00 "Power on guys! Have a great race!!"
Peter & Nancy Carr Hidden "Great job & good luck!!!"
Misty Marinier $50.00 "Good Luck Jason!!! "
Andrea Klitzke $50.00 "So proud of you, sis! You got this race! "
Jolene Hanson $20.00 "You go Girl!"
Debra Walker $25.00 "Way to go Laura and John! Thanks for finding a healthy way to support the causes you beleive in!"
Chris and Julie Vilcek $50.00 "Run Hard!"
Rajesh Arora $50.00 "My best wishes to Jeff and David."
Todd Patterson $500.00 "Have a great time! Hope to catch up with you when you are in. Todd & Lisa"
Raul Juarez $50.00 "Good Luck Jeff!"
Pauline Tradewell $25.00 "Can't wait to see you in Chicago!!! Go Lesley go!!"
Sandra Mercurio $50.00 "Good luck Ryan. How impressive. God only knows how much we pray and hope for research to find a cure forMutliple Myeloma!!!"
Barb Sunko $200.00 "Hubba Hubba Britt - Dad would be so proud (me too!). Will see ya at the finish line!"
Debi Moore $25.00 "Way to go Laura and John! "
Dennis Murray $50.00 "Run for Romney/Ryan!!!!"
Julie Prince $50.00 "GOOooooooo Lesley!!!"
Patricia L. Scibienski $50.00 "Good luck boys with your run! Great work!! We are proud to know you and your family! Love, The Scibienskis"
Kristina Ehlers $100.00 "Thank you Katie for doing this!! I know you have spent months training for this and knowing that you are doing this to help patients like our aunt Pixie receive the care that they need to fight this illness is just awesome!! I am so proud to call you my sister!!! Run Katie, Run!!!! I am sure each mile along the way you will be inspired and smiling the whole darn time through this marathon!! I wish I was able to make it down there to support you in person, but we will be cheering you on with each serve and goal the kids make this weekend!! We love you dearly, Mike, Kristi, Hailey, and Dixon"
Brad & Amy Snitzer $100.00 "Joel what an amazing accomplishment for such an important cause. "
Garcia Family $150.00 "What a great way to show support and raise awareness! Best of luck!"
Kristin Johnson $50.00 "Go Katie!"
Jim Rodgers (Jr.) $250.00 "Thanks Laurie! Best of Luck to You! Jim"
Ron & Louanne Glisan $50.00 "Have a great race!!!"
Steven Bonarrigo $50.00 "Good Luck in the Marathon and all your efforts with MMRF."
Nadine and Mike DeGennaro $50.00 "Good Luck Dean! "
Jeanne Delver $100.00 "Best wishes for a great race. We support your cause. Jeanne Delver"
Wendy Reinders $50.00 "Go Marc go!!"
Jeff and Lorie Smith Hidden "Owen is a special guy!! Good luck to the Mooney brothers in the race!"
Barry & Ellie Samson Hidden "Joel, thank you for running, and to everyone supporting Joel's athletic endeavor and the MMRF"
Anonymous $250.00 "You're doing great work for a worthy cause."
Johanna and Ronald Cohen $250.00 "You are a winner no matter what place you finish......always and forever. "
Richie Ward $50.00 "Go Lesley Go! We're so proud of you! Love Richie, Melissa, Cayden and Carly"
Susan and Bill Delaney $50.00 "Good Luck Dean! Hope the race is a success! The Delaney Family"
Amy Hart Phillips $100.00 "Thanks for inviting us to this fight! Run strong and have fun! Amy, Tony, Claudia & Emma (Lapa Rios Pals)"
Douglas Jennings $250.00 "To our St. Bart's friends, John & Laura, thanks for all you do and good luck in the run! Fondly, Doug & Suzanne Jennings"
Doug Burek $100.00 "I think you'll find these exact same measurements as the lakefront path"
Judy Williams $500.00 "Run long and hard Gavin and Kyle. Go Irish!!! We miss you out here in Whitefish..."
Richard Hobson $100.00 "Go Dean! -- Dick & Daphne"
Owen & Teresa Mooney Hidden "Kyle and Gavin, Thank you for what you are doing to raise awareness and fight back against this dreadful disease. What you are doing has taken great discipline, focus and personal sacrifice. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you cross that finish line. For all myeloma patients, thank you for your contribution to fighting this disease and contributing toward a cure. We are immensely proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad."
Tascha Kinney $20.00 "Katie Bystrom.....I am so very proud of you!! You truly are an inspiration to so many! I love you!"
Rhonda Gatons Hidden "Kyle; So inspirational! My husband lost both of his parents to cancer so we can relate to what your family has experienced. You should be so proud of yourself for what you have accomplished already!!! Rhonda Gatons"
Dacia Harkins $25.00 "We are all cheering you on! Way to go Kyle!!"
Bradley Schaufenbuel $25.00 "Tear that pavement up, Kyle!"
Sharon Zeeck $25.00 "Jason, your mom would be so proud of you and your sister. Maybe next year we can come to the event and cheer you on! HAVE A GREAT RUN....LOVE AUNT SHARON"
Jasper Hortillano $50.00 "Good Luck and have fun Ryan! "
Bridgid Bergstrom $50.00 "Go Brittany Go!!"
Michael Collier $250.00 "Go get em Ryano and best wishes for Hardy. Wish I could run with you buddy."
Alexander Chung $100.00 "Good luck B"
John Czarecki $100.00 "Good Luck Dagaroo"
Shannon Fugina $20.00 "You go, girl!"
Alex Portugal $50.00 "Good Luck Dean!!"
Katherine Moyes $50.00 "Have fun, Peter! We'll be sending good thoughts your way! Lots of love from the Moyes gang"
George Bush $50.00 "Best of luck to my #1 supporter"
leon Holschbach $100.00 "Kyle, A good friend of ours from church has wrestled with this as well. WE will pray for you Dad too. "
Anonymous $500.00 "Jon- Good luck in Chicago! See you at the 2013 London Marathon!! -Midnight"
Dan Mongoven $50.00 "Good luck, Britt! - Shawn & Dan & the kids & Carol, too"
Jim & Sally Goad $100.00 "We are very proud of you!!"
Eric Goad & Ruth Batey $50.00 "Will be cheering for you this weekend!"
Richard Riopel $25.00 "Hammer It!"
Steve Mule $50.00 "Good Luck Dean!"
C. Lynn Arnold $50.00 "Good luck with the race!"
Nikole Kolander $25.00 "Good luck Peter! Thank you for doing this, together we will find a cure!"
Ramona Biliunas $300.00 "Here's to Jeff, heart of mine Here's to 2 brothers running in time You give Jeff strength & inspire me $100 to honor of each of you three GO JEFF GO I'll be cheering for sure As you run with Jeff, for his life, for a cure! LOVE TO MY GOAD BOYS! Ramona"
Janet Barker-Evans $100.00 "Go go go!!"
Aaron Jurski $100.00 "Should be a walk in the park :)"
Robin Watson $25.00 "Good Luck to both you and your brother!!"
Cassie Mets $20.00 "Yaaaaaay Brittany!!! :D"
Carol Marotti Hidden "Good Luck Kyle!"
Jennie Ly $300.00 "go go go linda!"
David Goad $320.00 "This is more money from book proceeds. Thanks to everyone who bought "Getting to the Point!""
Stanley & Maggie Peplinski $100.00 "Congrats Mooney boys! The race is a day away and we are so proud of you guys! What you all have accomplished is absolutely amazing! RUN FOREST RUN!"
Patricia Isue $25.00 "Sending prayers to Erin for her success in the Marathon and prayers of strength to Christine as she continues to fight her courageous battle with Multiple Myeloma."
Danya and Rob Rogers $50.00 "Seize the day!!!!!!!"
Andrea Petkash $25.00 "Christine ,my thoughts and prayers are always with you. Good Luck, Erin and be safe!!"
Nina Biliunas $200.00 "Jeff, you know you have to conquer this...or I wouldn't have anyone to spar with. Good luck. Nina"
Leah Albrecht $100.00 "We love you Peter. Run strong... Love Leah & Maree"
Nina Daya $50.00 "You are the change - rock on David and team"
Diana Roe $50.00 "Wishing you a great day on Sunday! I hope you achieve the goals you set for your run. Love, Aunt Diana"
Barbara Mund $35.00 "So proud of you! "
John Wickes $50.00 "I hope you and your brothers had a great run."
Margie Kruse $50.00 "Courage is contageous you know!"
Stein High Match by David Goad $156.25 "I promised to match the funds raised by the Stein High Key Club and they took in $156.25! Nice job, young people!!"
Brian Elias $500.00 "Donated by Friends and Family of Brian Elias"
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