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Help Me Be a Superhero
Thanks for visiting my Superhero Fundraising Page! I'm reminded every day just how fortunate I was growing up with all the advantages I did and all of the supportive adults I had. I want to do everything I can to help kids who aren't as fortunate as I was. Last year, for the Superhero Run, I was Underdog and, thanks to some incredible donors, I was able to raise over $1700. This year, I'm serving on the Planning Committee for the run so I (and that really means you, as my donors) have to step up my game. This year, I'm hoping to raise at least $2500. Thank you for helping me be a superhero!

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Total Donations: $3,357.00
Goal: $2,500

$0 134% $2,500

Contributor Amount Comment
Katie Olender $25.00 "So proud of you for doing this, Steven. You're a rockstar!! "
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $50.00
Jenna Gabriel Hidden "Thanks for making the world a better place, Steven!!!"
Jamie Gabriel Hidden "You inspire me! For all the children whose lives are better because of this program, thank you."
Ken Johnston $25.00 "Good luck, Steven!"
Robert Welch $100.00 "Good luck my hero"
Robert Olender $150.00 "We are so proud of you!"
Stephen Crowe $25.00 "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...super grover?"
Cheyenne Overby $50.00
Martha Demaree $100.00 "Kick A, Super G!"
Mike Donnelly $100.00
Michael Cavaliere $100.00 "Not impressed"
Matt Anderson $101.00
Amy Wells $50.00 "Can't wait to see photos of Super Grover!"
Zelda Knapp $100.00
Alexander Kristofcak $25.00
Cenk Bulbul $30.00 "post pics!"
Cassandra Rowe $25.00 "Go Steven go!!! "
Moriah Hall $30.00 "Using your creativity for good must be supported! Rock out with your Super Grover cape out. "
sara young $10.00 "You are my super-hero!"
Brian Oglesby $5.00
Jessie Baxa $20.00
Amy Bao $50.00 "Good luck, Steven!"
Perry Kroll $130.00 "For emotional distress due to untimely destruction of Pink Silk Banana Republic Tie."
Glenn Brown Hidden "Remember Steven, this is a run, Super Grover is not allowed to fly. Flying is cheating!"
Allison Wagner $15.00 "Good Luck! Can't wait to see you in costume! :) "
Marissa Gonzalez $50.00
Rebecca Odorisio $25.00 "You are my inspiration to be good. "
Austin Phillips Hidden
Kate and Dave Kase $25.00 "So proud of you! Way to go!"
Anonymous $250.00
Eli Winkelman $54.00 "Pow!"
Denise and Stuart Sprague $118.00 "Go Super Grover,GO! WE are so proud of you."
Courtney Medford $10.00 "Go Steven Go!"
Rachel Pincus $25.00 "Go get 'em, superfriend! "
Julia and George Pincus $25.00 "Run Steven Run! Good luck!"
Annie DuPre $15.00 "You rock. Wish I could contribute more-go Super Steven!"
Daniel Kreiss Hidden "Big Blue!!"
Sara Young $10.00 "You are gonna fly like a Super Grover!!!"
Riah Werner $3.00 "Steven Olender + Super Grover + making the world better = the best thing ever + Riah donating even though she's a lowly Peace Corps volunteer who makes no money. I am so proud of you!"
Emily Nagler $10.00 "Yaaay Stevie!!! <3"
Phyllis Chen $150.00
Alison Tyler $10.00 "Super Grover, you inspire me and make me smile. Can't wait to see the full costume!"
Brian Gomolski $20.00
Anonymous Hidden "thanks for all you do, steven."
Laura Togut $36.00 "Superheros are REAL!"
Gary Schumann $50.00 "I'm donating on the contingency that you wear your outfit for one of our morning runs!"
Michael Mayer $25.00
Tricia Wagner $50.00 "I think it's wonderful you're doing this Steven, but it was the thank you note that was the real incentive :)"
Marianne Shea $20.00 "Good luck and stay hydrated in all that blue fur. "
Hannah Hodel $5.00 "Steven, you are amazing!!"
Anonymous $5.00 "Our wireless network is still named Olender."
Dan Brown Hidden
Nadia Cordero $25.00 "Go get em Steven!"
Paige Warman Hidden
Timothy Guscott $100.00 "Well done! Fingers crossed for runner-up Mighty Mouse next year;-)"
Jennifer Waxman $25.00 "Love you! I'm so proud of my beautiful friend."
Amy Moleski $25.00
Joel Greenblatt $25.00 "You go, Steven!"
John Baxa $25.00
Shoshana Sprague $25.00 "Woohoo!! Go Steven!"
Scott McClure $25.00
Brian DeCourcy Hidden
Anonymous $25.00 "Good Luck Steven! "
James Shead $100.00
Jeff and Sandra Olender $100.00 "Steven , your our Super Hero.Have a good and safe race."
Felicia Pena $10.00 "good luck steven! "
Manuel Quinto-Pozos Hidden "Way to go Steven! Sorry to be donating late, but we weren't sure you'd finish. :-O Just kidding!"
Anonymous Hidden
Anonymous Hidden
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