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2012 Empire State Building Run Up Powered By the MMRF
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 35-40% faster than the industry average, and working toward a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $170 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of four drugs for multiple myeloma in just four years – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference.

Total Donations: $559,165

Goal: $500,000

$0 112% $500,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Lori Zimmerman $50.00 "I am so proud of you baby!!"
Leonard Fecher $25.00 "Keep up the good work Lenny Gayle & I are very proud of you."
Leonard Fecher Jr $15.00 "$15.00 given by Katie Pojer"
Lori Zimmerman $100.00 "$100.00 given by Lynne and Lenny Zimmerman"
Farrah Golden $50.00 "Great Job Lenny! We are proud of you!"
Elizabeth Patti $25.00 "Good luck Lenny!!"
Julian Bailes $10.00 "Great work, Lenny!!!"
Erica Sollie Hidden "best of luck! love you!!!"
Marc Bernstein $100.00 "A little more...since Michelle wont be competing."
Havi Heber Hidden "I wish I could do it with you! Love you. "
Raffael Fiumara $250.00 "Love you! Good luck with those steps!"
Chava Klein $250.00 "I love you honey and am so inspired by you. Dad loved you more than you can imagine and would be so proud of what you are doing."
Shari Schechter Hidden "He would be soo proud!! Good luck!"
Mark Cahen Hidden "What a great cause! All our love Mark and Jessica Cahen."
Becky and Aharon Assaraf $180.00 "Good Luck!! Love You!!"
Michele Alexander $100.00 "Go Daniella!!! "
David Katz $250.00 "Good Luck Daniella!!"
joyce caldwell $50.00 " Hope you raise a lot of money and rememer to stretch!"
heather barron $50.00 "Good luck Kris!"
Arnold Olsen $150.00 "From the Olsen's in Texas and Aggie Cox in Ohio. Good luck Kris!"
Kim Braun $25.00 "You will do an awesome job!"
Jaime Taylor $50.00 "Good Luck Kris we are all praying for you."
Molly Bush $50.00 "Kris: I wish you the best of luck. I know you will make it to the top. ~Molly"
Karen Smith Hidden "Good luck Daniella! Love you!"
Andy & Heather Olsen $151.00 "Good luck Kris!"
Dave and Kay Allinger $50.00 "We wish you the very best Kris!!"
Josephine Guscott $100.00 "Go Sally, you crazy sister!"
lynn hargrove $100.00 "Good going..just don't cartwheel at the top!!! \ "
Mike Washakowski $20.00 "Best of luck with the climb !!! Should be better than the Muddy Marathon !"
RUBY CUSTIN $100.00 "A good way to keep fighting the cause your father fought so hard to win. You and Kyle are winners! He would be so proud of you, not to mention your biggest cheering coach!!"
THE BOOKS THAT BIND US CUSTIN $100.00 "I'm making this donation a holiday gift for all of the STRONG WOMEN in our book club. We lost a beloved friend, and member of our book club this year to MM, Zella Pirello. This is to honor her... The Books That Bind Us"
Keith Spaar Hidden "Hey Sally, Good luck with the climb, you're one insane cousin"
Mara Arzi $100.00 "Have a good climb! Mara & David"
Francisco Valderrama $50.00 "Good luck Kyle! Love ya bro!"
RUBY CUSTIN $100.00 "Your father would be proud of you and Brittany participating in this cause to fight Myeloma, he would be beside you coaching you on!! Good luck Kyle. "
Ricardo and Isabelle Roman $100.00 "Go, Kyle! Love, Your Godparents"
Donna M Brancato $100.00 "Hey Sally, keep running and drinking and doing crazy races. love u! Good luck!"
Amanda Gonzalez $30.00 "So proud of you girls! Seems like it will be a ton of fun! Miss you Catherine and hope to see you soon, Prima!!!! Love you both so much!"
Amanda Masarjian $15.00 "Catherine I am so proud of you! I wish I could participate in this challenge with you. Just know your Two Girls On The Go are rooting for you! I love you & miss you!"
Marcelo Arroyo $250.00 "Charlie was an exceptional human being, a great athlete and a very dear friend and my brother. He would be very proud of Kyle and Brittany. I miss him every day. I wish both of you good luck. Train hard!!!!!!!!!!!"
Dana Kalksma $15.00 "i have a crazy momma to look up too!"
John-Ulo Kuhi $25.00 "Running and Wine are both good for you. "
Anonymous $25.00 "You father was such a wonderful man. I'm very proud of you for the dediaction and hard work that you are doing in your fathers memorie. Maybe on day we will find a cure for MM and all other cancers. He would be so proud of you. "
Anonymous $25.00 "I'm very proud of you for the dedication and the love you have given to this cause. Your father was a wonderful person who was taken to soon by this diease. He would be very proud of you. Keep up the good work and continue this fight for those out there who are living with MM. "
Anonymous $50.00 "GOOD LUCK in you race and for the race for a cure, we love you"
Anonymous $50.00 "GOOD LUCK, wishing you the best of luck in your race for a cure, we love you!"
Cathy & Stosh Zona $25.00 "Go get em, Brit!"
Joanne Trust $100.00 "Amazing spirit! knock em dead"
Jonathan Espiritu $10.00 "Good luck Mrs. K. Thanks for everything."
Anonymous $50.00 "GOOD LUCK, JAVID"
Joanne & George Gilmore and Family $250.00 "Good luck Sally! We know you can do it!"
Holly Martin $20.00 "Good Luck Sally!"
Dee Koch $50.00 "Sally, What a wonderful thing you're doing. God bless you and your family always. Regards Bill & Dee Koch"
Will Regan $20.00 "Good luck!"
Dan Currie $100.00 "Good luck Brit and Kyle,we are happy to support you guys. We sure miss your dad and we know he would be proud of you both."
Deana Nyenhuis $50.00 "I wish you the best of luck and am so proud of you for doing this!!"
Kathleen and Urs Keller $100.00 "As we affectionately say in the South, "Go Girl!" With all best wishes, the Keller Family"
Sandy Cohen $50.00 "Happy to contribute!! Good luck Brittany!! Hugs and kisses - Sandy and David Cohen"
Suzanne Curley $100.00 "All the best Chris. "
Hnin Hnin Ko Hidden "Good for you Chris and Good Luck"
John Darnall $100.00 "Steve, Good luck! This is a wonderful undertaking for a worthy cause. John Darnall "
Nancy Ricigliano $25.00 "Very nice :)"
Tracy Suchcicki Hidden "Good luck Dave!"
Monica Grabowski $25.00 "Good Luck David!!!"
Hsinyi Chen $50.00 "RUN!! KING KONG!"
Sandra Skolnick Hidden "Good Luck, David!"
deborah dambra $50.00 "Hello David, What a beautiful way to show how much you care......God Bless!! Love, Debbie, Juan & Christian"
Brian Kurtz $50.00 "Good luck Jay and Kristina--knowing you guys, you won't even be out of breath at the top!"
Ana Miyares $50.00 "Great of you to do this, wish I could be there to cheer you on!!!"
Harry Wigler $100.00 "Best of luck Joel!"
Richard Wandner $100.00 "Good Luck Joel, you'll be on that last staircase in no time!"
Kevin Rogers $50.00 "Good luck Dave"
Len Friedland $100.00 "Good luck Joel "
Rozy & Doug Jacobs $100.00 "Go slowly & be careful! Good luck!"
Peter and Terrie Silcox $250.00 "I agree Ann, he is a great guy. Your actions speak volumes, good luck with those stairs. Peter and Terrie Silcox"
alan friedman $101.00 "I love you and i am now the top contributor!!!!!!"
Barbara Johnson $75.00 "From your friends at Ocean Running Club :-) You go girl!"
The Fay Family $100.00 "Go, Jay! Good luck, The Fays :-)"
Mary Jane and Kurt Laurer $30.00 "Good Luck, Greg!!:)"
Franca Hobbs $30.00 "Best of Luck Greg!!"
bruce meringolo $50.00 "1500 steps.....you are a sick man!"
Peter Chiariello $25.00 "so handsome"
bill auld $50.00 "chiddadee!!!"
Dana Samet $100.00 "Team Stewie! Good Luck! <3"
Rifkin Family $50.00 "Please don't trip."
Susan Mania Hidden "Good Luck Ellen! "
Lee Pelton $50.00 "Just another excuse to get out of work! "
karissa utzat $50.00 "Good luck!"
Linda Gilbert $250.00 "We all wish you the best of luck!!"
Vickie Henson $50.00 "Go Scott! Vickie Henson"
Bobby & Walter Harris $100.00 "We are so proud of you. Have a great climb."
Joan Mercantini $100.00 "You Go, Girl! Joan"
Gerard Place $30.00 "You've got this buddy!!!"
David Schachne $50.00 "Jay and Krisztina, good luck. We won't accept anything over 13 minutes! The Schachne Family"
Barbara & Walter Harris $100.00 "Another step for you and for a worthy cause. Love, Aunt Bobby & Uncle Walter"
GLenn Licht $100.00 "Good luck Good thing Nannie isn't still here, you wouldn't stand a chance All the best Cindy Glenn britt and dani"
Anais Rodriguez $20.00 "Good Luck!"
heidi edelman $50.00 "Are you climbing dressed as Avatar, Serena, Amy? Good luck however you do it!! Heidi Edelman"
David Grodner $100.00 "Good Luck Joel. Steve Austin's got nothing on you!"
Nancy Peralta $25.00 "Best of luck Greg!"
Elena Cicchetti $50.00 "The Cicchetti girls will be rooting you on. Best of Luck!"
Mary Lin Muscolino $25.00 "Proud of you! xoxo"
London Muscolino $25.00 "Cool!"
Barbara Cohen $250.00 "One step closer to a cure! The Cohen Family RC Fine Foods"
Laurel Steigler $100.00 "Best of luck with this worthwhile challenge!"
Anonymous $50.00 "You can do it, Scott! Good luck!"
sharon Iacobelli $100.00 "Happy Climbing"
Marc Seid $100.00 "Scott: Good luck in the race. I am sure your efforts will be beneficial in creating additional awareness and money to fight multiple myeloma. All the best, Marc Seid "
Thomas Mitchell $250.00 "Great cause Scott -- best of luck!"
Christina Korwica $50.00 "Good luck Greg!"
Kenneth Kanara $50.00 "Good luck Scott!"
Barbara Beaufore $100.00 "Good Luck, Matt"
Michael Fasciglione $100.00 "Good Luck George! "
Lorraine Denson $50.00 "Goooo Scott! I'll be a few blocks away, cheering you on :)"
Lindsay Lee $50.00 "Good luck Scott!"
andrew hanlon $86.00 "$1 a floor. good luck buddy. "
ASIT PARIKH Hidden "Chris, Wishing you all the luck in your endeavor to support this great cause! Asit"
Al Melchiorre $25.00 "Go get 'em, Ken!"
Mike Schamberger $100.00 "Go get them "Ken Kong""
Kenneth Gammill $50.00 "Good luck - will you be wearing your famous jean shorts??"
Barbara and George Kahler Hidden "God bless you for being the wonderful supportive sister you are to Deana. Regardless of where you finish, first, last or anywhere in between, your a winner to your family, friends and the MMRF. Momma and Pappa K."
suzanne pucciarella $50.00 "Dear Debbie, If love and prayers can fuel your energy level heading up those steps, then you will hit the top in no time! Having NY roots sure doesn't hurt :) Best to you and the team to help fight this thing. Power in numbers! God Bless each footstep. Love-Zanne & Family "
Paul Wright $50.00 "Way to go Barbara. We're proud of you"
Mecca Smith $100.00 "BTHOMM!! Way to go Debbie! I know that Deana appreciates all that you have done to help in her fight against MM. We're all pulling for you! I know your dad will be racing up those stairs with you! Much love!"
Libby Hollenbach $10.00 "Thank you!!"
Denise/Toby Collado $100.00 "We both love our sisters, but doubt we'd have the stamina to do such a feat in their honor! God be with you and give you the strength and energy to get to the top! Denise and Toby Collado"
Joel Gross $18.00 "Debbie, You are amazing! Loli and I are proud to sponsor you. Please don't pull a Rosie Ruiz and start your run up the stairs and then get on the elevator once you get tired...ha!ha!, just kidding. Anyway, you are a special person and as usual, when you get involved in something it is done at breakneck speed..just don't break your neck doing it. Joel and Loli Gross"
Tricia Bronico $25.00 "Good luck, and enjoy the event!"
Nancy Colavito $20.00 "Sally - I feel the pain just thinking about it. You go girl! Nancy"
Margaret Anderson $100.00 "Hello Debbie, Way to go! I'm sure that you'll make it in record time! SAP will also match this donation. Good Luck, Margaret "
Amy Currer Hidden "I am so proud of you! Good luck on February 8th! I know you are going to do great! Wish I could be there in person to cheer you on."
Julie Hanrahan Hidden "Good luck! Wish I could do more. My cousin has MM & is doing great after his stem cell transplant."
Jose Heraud $50.00 "Go, Debbie, Go! We are racing with you in spirit!"
Maureen Murphy $10.00 "Good luck :)"
Joe Schlegel $50.00 "make it all the way"
Dr. Lee Patouillet $50.00 "Debbie- Mary and I are very proud of you. We are delighted to support this very important cause. Lee"
Douglas Amport $50.00 "Good Luck Andrew"
Bill & Victoria Brazell $100.00 "You delivered a package to our door today, and we're certainly happy to support your work for this great cause. Go get 'em, Andrew! "
Mary Sue and Ed Teplitz $250.00 "Good Luck!!"
Mary O'Brien $75.00 "Good luck Sally, you are inspiration to all. Mary & Gio "
Jenny Young $10.00 "Go Ivey!!!"
Kelly Moneymaker $25.00 "Good Luck Chris! "
William Uptownbill Johnson $25.00 "Best of Luck LoLo Baltimore is behind you"
Tina Tapinekis $250.00 "George, you make your lil' sister proud time and time again! Your devotion to this charity is no exception and there's no doubt in my mind that you will achieve your goal! Totally awesome!"
Mitch Alday $20.00 "You're a beast, Ivey."
Mikey Alday $20.00 "You can do this!"
Jeffrey Swan $100.00 "Good Luck, Pat! You have 'True Grit'!!! Jeff & Linda Swan"
Alison Paik $50.00 "Go Jamie Go!!!"
Sarah Deming $20.00 "www.sarahdeming.com"
Alison Paik $50.00 "Have Fun!!"
Nicole Ottley Hidden "You go girl! "
Marisa & Guido Volpe $25.00 "Go Scott! What a great way to make your mom proud! :) Good luck reaching your goal!"
Nicholas Friedmann $100.00 "Stay strong Debbie and keep up the fundraising! "
Angela Gregory $25.00 "Your Mom's loving spirit will be with you every step. Namaste my friend, Angela G."
Debra Bergin $200.00 "Georgie you're the best. Lots of luck. Love your little sister:)"
Rick Boldt $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Kim Davis $20.00 "Good Luck Andrew! You are inspiring!"
Jason Pitts $50.00 "" The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort, but where they stand at times of challenge" MLK,Jr .....Stand tall Debbie. Thank you!! and God bless"
Valerie Beynon $10.00 "Good luck, Ivey!"
jane galasso $200.00 "I am incredibly proud of you!"
Franco Juricic $50.00 "Following in Mac's footsteps. Great for you Greg!"
christine giordano $25.00 "Best of Luck Sally!!! =))) :<"
Ann Pitts $50.00 "Deb, Our thoughts, prayers and cheers will be with you on February 8th...both in honor of Deana and in memory of our dad Tom Montgomery! Thank you so very much for your efforts!! Ann Montgomery Pitts"
Kimberly Huff $20.00 "I'm so so glad you're going to get to do this!"
Kim Maupin $25.00 "God Bless you and your sister!"
Shelley Middleton $100.00 "You Rock!!! Love ya!!"
Carole Scherzer $200.00 "Ken, Everyone at Scherzer International wishes you the best and many fast steps!"
James Alberg $500.00 "What a great cause for a horrible disease"
Roman Regelman $100.00 "Scott, Definitely a great undertaking for a very important cause – for your Mom and everyone with multiple myeloma. Good luck on your run UP! Roman "
Anne Tranchida $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Stacy Malinow $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Judy and Fred Dietzler $25.00 "You go Girl!!!! You are a ball of fire!!!"
Alec White $100.00 "Climb, Steve, Climb!"
Sheila Friedman $102.00 "This is a very worthwhile charity, however, do NOT let me know if there is any damage to any part of your body."
Zach Rome $5.00 "Good luck, Andrew. It was great meeting you the other day and hearing your story."
Jan Mouch Hidden "Good Luck Matt!!"
Jan Mouch Hidden "Good Luck Jamie!"
Robyn LaRaia $50.00 "Admirable to say the least. You and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the steps! "
Doreen & Bill Bischof Hidden "Our prayers go out to Deana, Chris and children. Lets hope MMRF can find a cure! Doreen & Bill Bischof"
Steve McGreevy $50.00 "Good luck Ken!! "
Jeffrey Silver $100.00 "Scott - Good luck on the climb for a worthly cause. From Jeff, Daniel, Subhav and your friends at UMT."
Stefanie Chavin Hidden "Good luck Ken! Love, The Chavin clan"
Dana Katz $100.00 "Good luck!!"
Liane Berardino $10.00 "Go Heather, Stephanie and Steve!"
Sam peckham $50.00 "Go team!"
Mary Amon $20.00 "Way to step up! "
Ana Martinez $50.00 "Go for it Scott!"
Christa Soderstrom $25.80 "Go AJ, Bobby & Kenny!!! High Five!"
jason liebman $10.00 "Good Luck!! "
bk cupcakes bk cupcakes $50.00 "From the cupcake girls"
coworkers coworkers $50.00 "Coworkers support you, good luck"
USHA CHANDRA $100.00 "Hi Anish, I appreciate your efforts to help find a cure for this disease. It takes a lot of dedication to do participate in such an event.My best wishes for your training and good luck. Love, Ushamma"
coworkers coworkers $130.00 "Go. Go. All the way to the top."
Edward Plant $25.00 "Scott, Hope all is well! Good luck on those 86 floors! Ed"
Christina Piper $50.00 "Best of luck! Jeff Piper"
Meghan Greenhalgh $20.00 "You guys are amazing! Good luck!"
Sarah McKellar Hidden "Have Fun Love!"
Herb and Arlene Steigler $50.00 "Good luck, Scott. What a challenge. Glad we can help. Herb and Arlene"
Laura Connolly Hidden "Oh my gosh - you guys are champs!!! Best of luck (and tons of post-race ice!) "
Suzanne Lyman $100.00 "See Scott-E Run! Good luck, wish we could be there in person to cheer you on!"
Mark Looft $100.00 "This is a grea thing you are doing, good luck. "
Susan Dudzinski $25.00 "Good Luck! It's for a great cause."
danny hudson Hidden "Make it happen Matt, thats a lot of stairs!"
Fran Hernandez $25.00 "Good luck Joel!! We love ya, Fran, Mark, Sydney, Jack and especially Avery :)"
Dusty Whittemore $50.00 "Have fun Donna!"
doorman doorman $40.00 "Good luck"
coworkers coworkers $160.00 "Go for the coworkers,good luck"
Monique Davies $50.00 "Yeah! Donna, You are amazing!!! Monique"
Brent London $20.00 "The ENTIRE building? Awesome."
Carl Drisko $172.00 "Good luck -- why the weird amount? $2 a floor... "
Christine Lynn $100.00 "Good Luck-Otter! See you at the gym on the Stairmaster!!!"
Mac Johnson $100.00 "You know there's an elevator in that building, right?"
Gail Carrano $25.00 "Scott I always thought you had a big heart and were an intellegent young man. Now I know you have a big heart and I need to rethink the intellegent part. Just kidding Good Luck and God Bless all of you!!!! Fondly Gail Carrano"
Annabella Espina $30.00 "The best of luck on the race, Barb!"
Lorraine Gatto $25.00 "Good luck Scott! "
Ellen Melody $25.00 "Hi Scott, I'm very sorry to hear about your mother's illness and hope that she can beat it. Cures can be only minutes away. Ellie"
Mary Mulvany $30.00 "Kris.....thanks for taking up the fight in memory of all those we have lost to this hideous disease."
Judith Franz Hidden "Good Luck, Scott. We are praying for your Mom. She is an amazing woman."
Fred Salvati $50.00 "Scott,"
Jane Cyr $50.00 "Good luck on your quest to climb the staircase to........the top! Jane and John"
Elaine Murphy Hidden "Scott--$1.00 per flight. Good Luck. You know how much we love your mom. Elaine Murphy"
Stephen Emburey $25.00 "It's easier to run DOWN the Empire State Building!"
Janna and Jack Hoppin $200.00 "We are cheering for you Donna! "
Scott McKinstry $50.00 "Hi Donna. What a great way to start the New Year. Thank you for asking me to be a part of it. Please climb 200 stairs for me, I could use the exercise :) All the best, Scott"
otto hornish $25.00 "Glad i can help !"
John Smutko Hidden "No Rosie Ruiz impressions!"
Todd Anderson $100.00 "good luck on the run-up! MM got my dad a few years ago - thanks for helping the cause."
Deborah and Mark Saylor $100.00 "Nope, not the first. Your jump roping prowess in 5th grade cleaned me out. You were raising funds for the Am. Heart Assoc...bungi"
William Holab $25.00 "Good luck Andrew. Are you going to carry any packages up the stairs when you run?"
Thomas Cuccurullo $10.00 "From F & I Trucking Corp. , Bklyn N.Y - Good Luck!"
Carolyn's Friends $15.00 "Good luck!"
Katherine Blose $50.00 "Good Luck, Jay!! Best, Lauren & Tyler Blose"
gregory clott $100.00 "Keep up the good work kris! Your cause is an honorable one...you inspire me! Greg"
Patricia Hoppe $50.00 "You go, girl!"
David Giordano $100.00 "Best of luck Scott! Thoughts and prayers to your family."
Tamara Lacey $50.00 "Go Scott Go Go Scott Go Sorry to hear about your mom "
Frank P. Aloi $25.00 "Scott, Good Luck"
Joanna Falcone $50.00 "I hope you raise a lot of money."
mark cohen mark cohen $30.00 "Good luck from mark Cohen, mike dascher , and jerry Neville "
adrien deffes $50.00 "I am so proud of you. "
stuart bensman $25.00 "jamie-you and matt can do it!!"
Mary & Eric Smullen $100.00 "Every step taken is a step in the right direction!! We are happy to do anything to help support all of you! We love you. Good Luck! Mary,Eric, Rachel & Lauren"
Tim & Jamie Houseman $75.00 "Good Luck, Kris. We're cheering for you!"
Nell-Ayn Lynch $50.00 "Climb Scott, Climb!!! I am so proud of you!! You are going to knock this out of the park!!!"
Rajeev Agarwal $150.00 "Best of Luck with the climb and I am sure a cure will be found."
Suzanne and Robert Giffey $100.00 "Ken - We greatly admire your efforts and wish you all the best as you complete this physical challenge and raise funds for a very worthy cause. Love, Sue and Bob"
Anonymous $25.00 "Richard und Elsbeth Giebner"
Joachim Dr. Frenz $130.00 "Gute Initiative!"
Janet Frick Hidden "Go Deb! Go Deb!"
S Benjamin Wiley $100.00 "Go Miranda!"
Doug Matties $50.00 "Good luck Deborah!"
Frank Walsh $50.00 "Good luck on achieving your goal. Have a good run."
Joseph Tirelli $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Paul and Lisa Werling $100.00 "You go Kris! So proud of you ! "
Anonymous $50.00 " Deb, I am so proud of you! The strength of your spirit and your compassion are surely something to inspire others to help with this great cause."
Cathy Weir $100.00 "Let's make a difference Love ya"
Dominique Zirino Hidden "good luck!! xo"
Janet McDowell $50.00 "Gift given in honor of Jill Ellis. Best of luck, Scott. "
Brian Walker $50.00 "Ascend to new heights, Rob!"
glen greenberg $250.00 "Best wishes for a great event"
Bernard Kelly $50.00 "Good luck!"
Monty Kiernan $50.00 "Never was the path to human ascendancy so clear. Proud to associate w/ u bruddah Rob"
Bill Bongiorno Hidden "Hi Brandon, Happy to help you reach your goal. Good Luck"
tara chiovaro Hidden "GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!"
Chantal Gloor $20.00 "Good Luck Catherine!!"
John Dayan $100.00 "Good Luck Rob! Good Cause - I hope you win!!!"
Mike Thomas $50.00 "Good luck, Melissa! If you put baby powder on the steps and hand rails behind you, it'll make them slippery! :-)"
Kristen Dixon $100.00 "Good Luck Scott - both with your run up the steps and with your mother. Kristen Dixon"
Pat Cardozo $100.00 "Way to go, Scott! Good luck and can't wait to hear all about it!"
James Weidner $250.00 "Thanks Bill for your awesome efforts on behalf of this worthy cause. It is because of people like you that we will indeed find a cure for this mysterious blood cancer. Mary and I are proud to call you friend!"
James & Mary Jo McKellar $100.00 "Dear Matt, I am so sorry your Dad is suffering from MM, but he and your mom must be so proud that you and your sister are joining in on the fight by going to NYC to climb for donations to find a cure for this dreadful disease. Please know your Dad and the rest of the family are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope you have a great and safe run with your sister. (I know Sarah would go, too, if she could get off work.) Fondly, James and Mary Jo"
Lesia Hanson $30.00 "Good Luck Catherine"
carolyn coutts $43.00 "Good Luck Scott- keep on climbing!"
Thomas Newman $100.00 "Good Luck Jen. You go girl !!!"
Jamie Solomon $250.00 "You go, Scotty!"
Lee Varban $50.00 "Don't forget your giant gorilla repellent! Lee and Tom "
Joanne Hildebrandt $150.00 "Matt, All good wishes for your successful achievement of this goal to help your Dad and many others. The Hildebrandts (Tony and Joanne)"
Vidya Sathyamoorthy $50.00 "Good luck, Rob!"
Tammy Wu $100.00 "Good luck Bill! You are going to do great! :)"
Monica Loaiza Hidden "Good Luck!!!! juST remember BROOKE BURKE!! fitness for life!!! <3 "
Gavin Ress $50.00 "Good Luck Uncle Brandon! Love Brea, Brody, Gavin and Shannon"
Shannon Ackerman $100.00 "Good luck Mr. Mosley :-)"
Pamela Carman Hidden "Sorry I didn't get this in sooner! I know you did a fantastic job!!!"
Christine Sowyrda Hidden "Good Luck Chris!! You'll do great!"
Anne Bruce $15.00 "Just think that your crazy mom is chasing you up the steps! "
Carol Mann $100.00 "Hey BIll, thanks for making giant steps toward a cure. Best of luck!"
Erica Schweer $25.00 "Wonderful cause, Barb! Have a great time! Love, Erica + Cindy of mang'Oh Yoga Studio"
away we go postal away we go postal $50.00 "From away we go postal, good luck"
Robin McCall $100.00 "What a great cause and challenge. Go Mike!"
Dotan Ben Horin $100.00 "Keep up the good work training and good luck!!"
Lisa Safyan $25.00 "Go Scotty!"
Alan Olsen $172.00 "Run with your heart, and you'll fly to the top!"
Joan Rau $50.00 "Run Georgee Run!!!!! I'll give a $15 discount to anyone who contributes $50 or more! Good luck!"
Yulia Kanevsky $25.00 "Thank you for doing this Scott, Julia Kanevsky"
Marlene & Richard BATTISTA $100.00 "Jen - Best of luck in reaching your goal!"
Cheri Paulsen $25.00 "A great effort for a great person! Good luck with the "run"!"
Alex Morales $50.00 "You Go Scotty! I hope many more follow in your footsteps!"
Patricia Hearon $50.00 "I wish you 86 flights of success!"
Judy Cooper Hidden "Jill is a very special person I am honored to work with. Here's to her continued good health. Judy Cooper"
Carolina Jannicelli $50.00 "Go Barb!!!"
michael mcnulty $25.00 "Deborah~ Best of luck to you. I find extreme & sincere satisfaction in such an endeavor! GO DAWGS! Mike McNulty"
Roy Bacchi $25.00 "Good Luck "
Gene & Lorraine Sacco $50.00 "Sounds like this will make 28 miles on a bike feel like a walk in the park. All the best to you!"
Karen Lozier $50.00 "This doesn't sound easy. Good Luck, Melissa! You're doing a good thing."
William Zempsky $100.00 "Have fun!!"
Greg Wolski $100.00 "Good luck Ken!!"
Vaughan Lawrence $50.00 "Scott, good luck on your climb!!"
Michael Manta $50.00 "Good Luck Pal!"
Rollin Schuster $100.00 "Chris, Best of luck!"
Charles F Chiusano $100.00 "A good man doing more good things!"
Jim Haugen $100.00 "Have a great time in NY and a fun run up to the top. Love, Grandpa and Grandma"
Mildred Ehrlich $25.00 "Best of luck with your vertical marathon! Go, Thomas!"
Timothy Loranger $25.00 "What an amazing challenge for a terrific cause! Good luck!"
Kevin Leiby $50.00 "Donna- no pressure... but remember, it's supposed to be a race, as in run. Run, Donna, Run. Good Luck! Lee Ann & Kevin"
Anne and George McDonnell $25.00 "Scott, what a wonderful tribute to your mother. Good luck!on"
Jackie Butler $100.00 "Brittany and Kyle.....I know your dad would be as proud of you both for running not only for this cause but this very competitive race. I am certain his spirit will be running alonside both of you. Please let me know how it goes.....I'll be praying!!!! God bless all three of you as well as all the racers!"
Andy Narayanan $100.00 "Scott - Good luck! Will be cheering for you."
caitlyn truong $100.00 "Great person doing a great thing...10:10, no sweat, right?"
Karyn Carpinone Hidden "Good Luck Brandon! Love, Karyn, Rich and Lily"
Jiemei Geng $50.00 "Good luck! Sorry to hear that it's a personal cause."
john Locus $100.00 "Go Debbie, nice seeing you at the luncheon Jack Locus"
Rev Kenneth Steigler $50.00 "Only 89 floors?"
Anonymous $25.00 "You're awesome Adam! Good luck! :)"
Ray & Jennette Holzworth Hidden "It's probably best if you don't look down once you get up there."
Ahmad Filsoof $50.00 "Scott, more than happy to help contribute"
Ray & Jennette Holzworth Hidden "Try not to beat Matt too badly."
Lisa Bronson $50.00 "Dear Brit & Kyle: We are so proud of you! Charlie would be proud! I miss him and you guys madly! Love to your mom! Lisa & Kevin"
Scott Brooks Hidden "Go get 'em Mikey. Great cause to be raising $$ for!!!"
Eileen Milzcik $1,000.00 "An amazing race for a wonderful cause. Best of luck, Chris. "
Alan Stein $100.00 "You guys better make it. Don't let me down:)"
Robert Halvorsen $100.00 "GO GET EM TIGER!!! - Bob & Michelle "
Meredith Carr $50.00 "Go Debbie and Go Deana!"
Jeff Shriver $50.00 "Incredible undertaking, Mike!"
Ashleigh Dowswell $25.00 "Thank you for doing this! What a great cause!"
Ken Beard Hidden "Good luck and have fun! -Ken and Jess"
Carmen Roman $150.00 "Miss you Uncle Charlie. Kyle & Brit, please give a ring when you are in The Big Apple."
April Vitale $100.00 "Good luck! I hope you don't have to walk down too!"
Jackie Butler $50.00 "I am very proud of all three of you and thank God for giving you the opportunity to do something that would have thrilled Charlie! God Bless You! "
Joe Taylor $100.00 "Go, Ivey! "
Beck Wolf $100.00 "We will be thinking of you and saying a prayer asking God to send his Angels to watch over you and keep you safe."
Rick Towner $50.00 "Scott, good luck!"
Ritesh Sharma $50.00 "Do us proud, Scotty!"
Matthew Winkel $50.00 "Good luck bro."
Kevin Ward $100.00 "You go Jen. I can feel my calves burning just thinking about all those stairs. That's awesome."
Mary Serra-Jovenich $25.00 "Your Dad would be SO proud! Good Luck! xoxo"
Eric & Melissa Sawyer/Kaplan $200.00 "Good luck, B!"
Michelle Green $250.00 "You're an ongoing inspiration, Chris! Go get 'em!!"
Papiya Gupta $50.00 "Good luck, Scott ! Rooting for you"
Frances Phares Hidden "what a great idea! congrats on doing this! And good luck. Fran"
Howard Saylor $250.00 "Good luck Melissa when climbing all these stairs, sounds like a difficult task but I know you will do your best Dad"
Len Nitti $50.00 "Good luck with the climb!"
Elizabeth Lynch $200.00 "Go Team Dietzler's!!! You guys are tough! Getting updates from Diana...Much love from your cousins in AZ...Brian, Liz, Sean & Ethan"
coworkers coworkers $200.00 "Up up up to the top"
Sam Genet $164.00 "So proud of you D"
David Berger $360.00 "Michael is QVELLING from above and we are qvelling here. We are so very proud of you. Love, David and Cindy"
Moniqua Lewis $25.00 "So proud of you! My Dad died at 52 to brain cancer, so proud when ever I see someone trying to raise money to fight this disease that is taking amazing people from our lives. Run girl !"
Francine Holland $50.00 "Brittany, Kyle and Catherine, Very honored to be able to support your wonderful endeavor on behalf of Charlie and all others in need of a cure. Love you, Hollands"
Christine Curtis $250.00 "I'm thinking all of that Mall of America training will serve you well! Christine"
Nancy Roberts Hidden "Go Mir!"
Brent and Mary Saylor $100.00 "Melissa, How many steps!? Best of luck for a good cause! "
Vince Woolard $29.50 "In honor of mralan"
Carrie Beaulieu Shusteff $100.00 "So sorry to hear about your mother. My uncle also had this horrible disease. Best of luck in the race, and my thoughts and prayers go to your family."
Howard and Gareth Levy $50.00 "Give'm hell, Scott. Our best to you and your mom"
Angela Clarke $100.00 "You Rock!"
Tricia Greene Hidden "Good Luck Brandon!! Wear comfy socks!!"
Dene Dixon $30.00 "Georgee and David, good luck as reach your goal to collect monies for MMRF and the determination to climb the Empire State Building. Climb, climb, climb!"
Lisa Koenig $100.00 "Oh Scott I'm so sorry hear. Best of luck with this amazing challenge for a very worthwhile cause!"
Adam Bauchner $50.00 "Go Scott!"
Doris & Irwin Samet $100.00 "Good Luck David! We are so proud of you. Love Grandma & Grandpa"
Sheila Lennon $50.00 "Best of luck to you Scott!"
Donna Hardwick Hidden "Scott, this is definitely a race for the best cause imaginable. Mama Jill is lucky to have such a special son. Good luck, I'm sending lots of prayers and strength to you and your family. You'll need the strength for sure with those 86 floors - yikes!"
Mike Shirley $250.00 "Good Luck Scott. Hope your Mam is doing well"
Sumorwuo Zaza $25.00 "Good Luck Scott! Those stairs have got nothing on you!"
Henrique S. Silva $100.00 "Scott, thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute to such beautiful cause and share an exciting moment of your life. We will be thinking about you (from our cozy couch, sipping a delicious cold "High Life") during your journey to the top of the Empire State. Cheers, my friend! Henrique, Allison and Baby Anna"
Robert Birks $100.00 "Good luck!"
Becky Hale $25.00 "You can do eeeeeet!"
Dean Browell Hidden "Insert inspirational quote here about walking up the sides of buildings, or overcoming adversity. Or Spider-Man or something."
Mark Viehland $25.00 "Good luck! - Mark & Yasi"
Lance Haun $31.52 "That's 2 cents a step. You owe me a refund for any steps you don't complete. Okay, pep talk over."
josh perlstein Hidden "first one! "
adam olsen $200.00 "Love you mom, very proud to be your son :)"
Rupesh Choubey $100.00 "Good luck. "
Angela Marquez $25.00 "Brave, brave girl......best of luck!"
Paula Kalksma $15.00 "Ain't no stairs high enough to keep you from anything! I love you Mom! "
Jessica Brahaney Cain $100.00 "Tackle it in the way you can, Scott. I'm with you."
Michael Steinig $100.00 "Go get 'em Scott!"
ML Mitchell $25.00 "Best of luck, Andrew!"
Katherine Love $15.00 "Cancer sucks. Go Gavin Go! "
Karen Monaghan $100.00 "Hey Scott, as they good luck in TZ Kila la kheri!...We have great stairs in DC, including the Exorcist ones! Come practice. Karen Monaghan"
Matthias Blum $101.00 "Viel Erfolg! Matze und Ira"
David Corbett $100.00 "Good luck with the climb and with hitting and surpassing your goal! David & Michelle Corbett"
Bob Herndon $50.00 "I think David should dribble a basketball up to the top. "
Christina Worth $25.00 "Good luck Debbie! What you are doing is awesome!"
Randy Levinson $75.00 "Good luck!"
Dan McCarron $25.00 "GO LAURIE. UP! UP! UP!"
Matt & Kim Pyne $100.00 "Good luck Scott. Hope your mom is doing OK. We miss you!"
Jim & Cindy Mossey $100.00 "Thanks Scott for all your efforts and hard work in making this a lasting memory for your Mom. I am sure she appreciates all the love her family and friends are continuing to give her. May "God Bless" all these efforts and we can only hope and pray that there will be a God given cure for this disease in the near future. Jim & Cindy"
Gordon Peterson Hidden "Good luck, Jamie!"
Dominic & Jessica Gallo $50.00 "Good luck Mir!!"
Gordon Peterson Hidden "Good luck, Matt!"
Nathan Don $50.00 "Good luck Heather, Stephanie and Steve!"
Gail Nemeth $25.00 "Good Luck David!"
Jack Burstein $100.00 "Daniella, You are wonderful to "run up" 86 flights in memory of your Father. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! Fondly, Gilda & Jack Burstein & Family"
Joyce Ruettimann $50.00 "Good luck - contribution is from Janice and Joyce, sure sounds like a lot of steps"
Lisa Cox $50.00 "Geogree and David, we support you and Nanna. Climb, stretch, hydrate...climb, stretch hydrate..."
Caryl Goldberg $50.00 "Good luck, Chris! "
Alexander Kay $50.00 "Take the elevator Scott...no one will find out!! All the best, Alex K. "
Mark Said Hidden "Looks like I'm 1/25 a better friend than Reiman. P.S. This challenge sounds like my worst nightmare, but I'm happy to support the cause. Good luck!"
Michele Ambruso-Turf $25.00 "Glad to support you and your family as you fight this personal battle and help many others at the same time! Love, Michele"
Marianne Adams $50.00 "Wow Georgee and David! What an awesome challenge you are taking on. All the best to you and your mom."
Nancy Bleckinger Bianchi $50.00 "Scott, Strong mind, strong body, strong heart! It's all about focus, and love! Thinking of you!"
Meli Gass Hidden "gavin, when I met you, you said you were gonna run a triatholan....this better not be bullshit too!! :P good luck dude."
mel schaeffer $20.00 "Good Luck Brandon! This is a nice thing that you are doing."
Deean Poulnott $50.00 "Good Luck Pat! We are rooting for you! Ray, Deean, Kennedee and Raegan"
Mandee Blair $8.60 "Climb high!"
Dan Ruettimann $50.00 "You better run."
Teresa Wendolovski $250.00 "Go George! "
Lucy Sytov $25.00 "Good luck, Gavin!"
Barry Dawson $100.00 "This is a great cause and, I'm sure, a difficult Marathon. Good Luck Pat! Barry & Arlene Dawson"
Heather Hearon Hidden "Good luck Brandon! I know you will do great!"
Journey Henkart $50.00 "Good Luck and have fun!!"
Erin Babrowicz $20.00 "Andy - Since meeting you at the store where I work in Norwalk, one of my closest friends told me that her husband was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Thank you for your efforts in raising money for this worthy cause. Best of luck! Regards, Erin B. "
Alina Zagaytova $100.00 "Good Luck Daniella! "
Rosemary Harris $150.00 "Way to go, Scott!"
Tom Kish $50.00 "Good Luck Darin! Give that new hip a solid test run."
Nerijus Bagdonas $50.00 "Have fun Michelle! Hugs, N"
Colette Hidding $50.00 "It is great that you and David were chosen. That's a lot of steps to climb and I wish you the best! What a tribute to your wonderful Mom. Colette"
Janet Harris Hidden "Wonderful thing you are doing! Proud of you!"
Chris and Sue Aulbach $100.00 "Good luck Scotty! "
Natalie Pasquarella $100.00 "Miranda! You go girl! Think of running in the Florida sunshine! Love ya, Nat"
George LaRocque $200.00 "You get to eat 86 enchiladas, one for every flight of stairs, when you finish the race. I suggest Rosa's Mexicana in Manhattan. You won't have far to hobble over and replace whatever calories you burn doing this crazy thing you are doing."
Miriam Salpeter $25.00 "Run, Laurie, run!"
Miranda Hummer $17.00 "To my Dad's Baby sister with love. :) This is just the 1st installmant."
Alona Amsel $25.00 "Good luck! We're so proud of you! Alona, Andrew & Hannah"
Dickie Blades $50.00 "Good Luck - Keep on running!!"
Jodi Matthews $20.00 "Get it girl! So proud of you "
Matthew Paszamant $300.00 "Good Luck, Annie, Maia & Matthew"
Donna W Jackson Hidden "Great effort and best of luck to you both. DonnaWJ"
Christopher Edmonds $500.00 "Good Luck Patrick!!"
Gina Restivo $25.00 "Go, Ann!!! :)"
Shira Jaffe Hidden "Catherine, I think it's amazing what you are doing and am so happy to help in any way! I love you!!!!"
John Di Bartolo Hidden "You nuts, girl. If anyone can do it, though, it's you. Go Colleen! John, Todd, & Gatsby"
Thomas Woodard Hidden "Run fast, Patrick!"
Amy McNally $25.00 "Princess of Power, GO COL GO!"
Rob Robles $50.00 "Rob - Raising $ for a great cause on top of everything else you do. Amazing! I'm behind you 100% (literally - I don't think I could keep up with you going up all those stairs)!!"
Heather Lauver $50.00 "Thanks for driving this effort."
Christa Avampato Hidden "Go Col go!!! So excited for you!!!"
James Cunningham $100.00 "Good luck Ironman!"
Eric Thompson $100.00 "Best of luck Scott!"
scott williams $100.00 "hi darin, i lost a sister to multiple myeloma 2 years ago, i hope you reach your goal and good luck!"
Tricia Lettera $20.00 "Hey Darin! Good Luck!! C="
Nicole Maldonado $50.00 "1576 steps, upward. Mike, you are the man for the task. Good luck and good for you!"
Kate Anderson $25.00 "good luck girls!!"
Sarah Moorman $100.00 "Good Luck Andy, Lots of Love Sarah and Martin xx"
Pete Hutchinson $25.00 "Best Of Luck "
Michael Ferman $250.00 "Good Luck Jim!"
Elena Wu Hidden "Good luck Michelle! :)"
Ross Tucker $50.00 "Go Mir! Ross & Kara Tucker"
Diane Lewis $25.00 "Good Luck on your venture. Excellent Cause!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Step long and proud for a great cause!"
Cristian LaCapra $25.00 "you da bomb baby!"
Brian Kenny Hidden "My advice: stretch."
ARNOLD PERLBERG $25.00 "GOOD LUCK AND TAKE IT SLOW-----------------------------------ARNIE PERLBERG"
Michael Sterling $50.00 "Good luck, Scott!"
cindi stern $100.00 "Go George!!! You must have the best legs in New York. "
Bill Neathery $100.00 "Good luck with the climb!"
krysten klein $75.00 "Best of Luck! "
Brenda pates $250.00 "Good Luck, Chris!"
Alexander Anapolsky $20.00 "Good Luck!!!!!"
Ricardo and Isabelle Roman $100.00 "Again, go, Kyle!"
Paul Tripodes $50.00 "-Best of Luck!"
rebecca king Hidden "You'll do great!!!! Good luck."
jean kenny $100.00 "Proud of you, Doll."
Nicole Riekki Hidden "We are so proud of you! Please keep us updated on your amazing journey! - Operation Boot Camp Grant Park"
Kristen Knudsen Hidden "Best of luck, Miranda!!"
Paul & Eleanor Wiley $100.00 "We're proud and happy about this event. Good luck."
Elizabeth Tatis $10.00 "Good Luck Sally!! Your such an inspiration! "
Kathy Schaefer $100.00 "Wishing you the best of luck!!!"
Dianne Greco $25.00 "Good Luck David!!"
Sharon Rosano Hidden "Go Patrick!!!"
Vivianne Castanos $50.00 "Good luck Mich!"
Michael Hedges $25.00 "Good luck David."
Gary Cherches $100.00 "Darin, I commend you for taking on this challenge. We need to find a cure for this disease that has devasted so many families. On a personal note, this disease has impacted my family and I can't say enough about your motivation and commitment to such a worthy cause. Sincerely, Gary C. "
Anonymous $25.00 "Kris, Best Wishes. You will achieve! Mark Sigrist"
Ginny Witkin $30.00 "I want a mustache ride from AJ!!!"
Jan Craig $50.00 "Scott - I remember your daily yoga stretches in Tz. You'll need those after your climb. Best of luck. Jan Craig"
Nancy Weitnauer $100.00 "This is so cool. Best of luck to you...I want to hear all about the adventure."
Nathan Davis $100.00 "Good luck!"
Samantha Moss $10.00 "Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for MMRF! Wishing you the best of luck Feb 8th! Go Team BTHO MM!"
Jenna Matheson Hidden "Good luck! Sounds like an awesome (and grueling!) event! "
Ashley Roe $20.00 "Go Ivey! "
Diane Dietzler-Lehmann $250.00 "Happy Birthday Peter. Thank you for all of your support as Debbie works to BTHO MM."
Diane Dietzler-Lehmann $250.00 "Happy Birthday Debbie. Best Wishes as you run up the steps of the Empire State Building. May each step brings us closer to a cure. I am so proud to call you my daughter. "
Barbara Kaplan $50.00 "Go Jen! Proud of you...Barb"
peter protopappas $50.00 "damitgavin, you son of a"
Sara Headworth $20.00 "Go Scrubby Go!! ( Oh, good luck to you too Laurie ;) ) Love from Sara and Andy XX"
Matt Pagano $50.00 "Good Luck Chris!"
Alex Mogil $25.00 "Best of luck Col!"
Celeste Lindell Hidden "Woohoo! You can do it!"
Timothy Estella $250.00 "GO PATS !"
Phyllis Huang $50.00 "GO COL!"
Andrea Sussman $500.00 "So very proud of you and your commitment to helping others!"
Karen Langston $50.00 "Good Luck Kris Have Fun~"
Kathleen Gallagher Hidden "Scott - put one step in front of the other and soon you'll be walking.. up 86 flights! Very impressive endeavor. I'll keep good thoughts for you and your mom. "
Chris and Beth Dropick $50.00 "Good luck Scott. Make your Mom proud...don't trip!"
Jenna Ferguson $10.00 "You're an inspiration! Positive thoughts coming your way!"
Lucia Bianchi $20.00 "Scott, good luck on your climb. I am praying for your mother every day."
Mohamed Siddiqui $20.00 "Good Luck!!"
Adam Zika $24.99 "It's not the Burj Khalifa, but still impressive"
Jerrod Wagner $50.00 "Gavin, If you get tired, just think of Jo Kidsada encouraging you... "Gavin, What happening? Why not climbing still?" Jerrod"
John Froelich $100.00 "Good luck Stephanie, Heather and Steve!"
Jimmy Bifulco Hidden "Win it!!"
Aaron Markworth $50.00 "Get 'er done bro! Maybe we'll see ya once you're back at street level!"
Jean Brady $20.00 "Thank you for doing this! Bill Fennessy and I are friends of your mom through the MM Support Group Jeannie Brady"
Holly Boxenhorn $50.00 "Go Joel go!"
Alan Eisen $50.00 "You've got to be kidding! Running up the Empire State Building. Okay how do you get down? Fall?"
Meredith Zeitlin $100.00 "You are a crazy person, and I love you. Run like the wind, Atalanta!!!!"
Cori LaRue $50.00 "Good luck, Bill!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!"
Suzie Tindall $100.00 "Good luck to you both from a member of Nana's support group. "
Dave and Ginny Wolf $50.00 "We are cheering for you. What a wonderful way to honor your Dad."
maribel selva $100.00 "good luck! don;t worry about making records with timing just get to the top! I know you'll make it. I'll be with you in every step you take...ok, so I'll be there in spirit in every step you take."
Eileen Barr Hidden "Good luck for a great cause."
Cara Luther $50.00 "Mike, Best wishes for nimble knees. Cara Luther. "
Howard Tarnoff $25.00 "Up you go girl"
Brian Burnheter $25.00 "Good luck, Scott. Happy to be able to contribute."
Patrick Erwin $15.00 "Go Laurie go! "
Anonymous $100.00 "Go Goog team Go!"
Robert (Pete) Rice $100.00 "My prayers are with Jill, Bob and your entire family."
VIRGINIA WINELAND $25.00 "Great cause, Chris. . . not sure if it will be fun. . . . but I love your enthusiasm! Auntie Jin"
robert novellano $50.00 "As a cancer survivor, I know the importance of research and its direct relation to the increased survivor rates. thanks!"
Despina Legakis $50.00 "You are brilliant and fabulous and I will carbo-load with you the night before :) xxx"
Dave Brown $100.00 "Best of luck Scott!"
Jason Skolnick Hidden "David, good luck and wishing you peace. Love Jason"
Abby Johns $30.00 "Good luck guys!"
frances Freedman $50.00 "Good Luck Laura, what fun. Are you training for this?/ Will the kids come down with you? Talk to you soon. Back in Florida. Weather feels good. "
Angie Kucharski $100.00 "Colleen - Good Luck! I am so lucky to know you and so proud to work with you! "
Abizer Tyabji $25.00 "Good luck Scott!!"
Patsy Viscardi Hidden "Good Luck, David!!"
Audrey Moreau $35.00 "Good luck to you, Mike! I am contributing in honor of my great aunt, "Mother Denise" (mother superior of a religious order who succumbed to this awful cancer). Bravo to you and thank you! Audrey Moreau"
Edward Gill $50.00 "You Go Chris!"
John and Peg O'Connor $50.00 "We know you can do it, Col!! Good Luck!"
Suzy Dolan $10.00 "Good luck! :)"
Judy DiLeo $10.00 "Good luck and have fun, Chris!"
Katharine Andrew $25.00 "Good Luck Jim! I've always wanted to run this- it should be great! xox k"
Nancy Bruno $50.00 "Thanks for working hard for all MM patients. "
Mary and Roger Funk $186.00 "Scott just keep looking UP, Very best of luck------ Our thoughts, prayers, and spirits are with you and your family."
Erin Neuschler Hidden "Good luck!!"
Alex Trzesniewski $100.00 "Good luck, climb those stairs well"
Anonymous Hidden "You are such an inspiration!"
Nancy & Tricia Coffey $25.00 "Thanks, Scott for your efforts! Best of luck!"
Cassie Freeman $50.00 "Good luck!"
Amy Cuni $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Melanie Brang Hidden "Good Luck Matt!!!"
Dan Foley $100.00 "Good luck Scott!"
Edward Guttenplan $200.00 "We are happy to sponsor you for this great event."
Nicolas El-Hage $20.00 "Good luck, guys!"
Ann and Rob Hess $50.00 "Go, Colleen!!!"
James McLaughlin $100.00 "Scott, Thanks for making a diference! Good Luck on your climb!!"
Lacy Daigle $50.00 "Take a picture from the top :) Best of luck, Col."
William Sulzer Hidden "Good luck. "
Tim Curtis $50.00 "Great effort for your mom, Scott. As a runner, I will vicariously be with you."
Seth Akabas $100.00 "Good luck!"
Joseph Schechter Hidden "Best of luck From RearViewSafety.com"
Erica Moss $20.00 "The Empire State Building won't know what hit it. You go, girl!"
Matt Gordon $50.00 "Good luck man!"
Beth Vlerick $50.00 "Go Col! And my uncle Ed recently found out he has MM so I'm so happy to help MMRF! "
Andrew Massena $5.44 "Good luck! "
Sarah Massaferi $5.00 "Good luck to Mrs. Kalksma! "
Miranda Hummer $16.00 "Caitlin donated $6 and Audrey $10 of their "grade card" money."
Holly Peterson $35.20 "I bet you make it to the top. You should wear your Birke-Beiner Designs Limited Edition tshirt for luck! Or not?"
Robert Cain $25.00 "We echo Jean Cox..especially the hydrate part! Awesome that you got a spot in this premier race and awesome that you are DOING IT.... to help us all! Thank you. Be safe."
Donna Haber $50.00 "Good Luck David!"
Sam Kalksma $15.23 "Is the elevator broken or what?"
Jean Neumann Hidden "Rob, as you know, this cuase is very personal to me. My brother (Jason Beaird) is much too young to have an incurable cancer. Your climb takes us one step closer to finding a solution that will enable him to spend a long life watching his children grow up. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"
Kesha Green Hidden "It's always great to turn empathy into action. Good luck in reaching your goal Col! Wait a minute... you're almost there! Excellent! Hugs, Kesha"
Laura Passero $50.00 "Kick some ass Col...You're amazing!"
Christy Frost Hidden "Way to go, Col! You can do it!!"
Nancy McCabe $50.00 "We are so proud of you in accomplishing this very difficult endeavor for such a good cause."
Caitlin Hummer $5.00 "Hey, I hope this money will help youmake it. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)"
Cindy Janovitz $25.00 "So happy to support you, lady! You got this, giiiirl."
Tracy Allen $100.00 "Good Luck, Adam! you're doing a good thing."
Jason Baldesare $50.00 "Good luck Scott!! - The Baldesare Family"
maryelizabeth Dannhauser $100.00 "So happy for you and this very worthy cause ... They are blessed to have you supporting them ... love, The Dannhauser's"
susan Kenney $100.00 "We are so proud of you for participating in this great cause. Win or lose, enjoy the challenge ! Love Mom and Dad"
ashwin shirvaikar Hidden " Way to go, Yoshi - Always there for a good cause."
Joseph Pape $50.00 "Good Luck Yoshi!!!!"
Christian Wetherbee $100.00 "Great cause Yoshi and a tough task. Good luck!"
Elizabeth Cribbs $100.00 "All the best! From the Cribbs Family"
Jeff Pfohl $100.00 "Tricia - Good luck on a very challenging run for such a worthy cause"
James Suva $50.00 "Great cause and good luck! We expect you to count every step of the way! From the new born twins, mommy & daddy Jim Suva"
Adam Rosenbluth $50.00 "Good luck!"
Joanna Aiken Hidden "Thanks so much for your efforts Christine. My dear friend Kelly is getting ready to start her stem cell transplant. Keep up the good work!"
Lissa Eastland $50.00 "Wow Col. Good for you. "
Fred Watson $100.00 "Scott, best of luck with your Empire State Building challenge. Your father Bob hired me into the IBM Hamden office from IBM Syracuse back in 1983. Bob was one of the best managers I worked for in IBM and other companies. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Bob and your mom Jill and all your family going forward. "
William Vrattos $250.00 "Go, Sheldon!"
Robert Bengtson $100.00 "climb like the wind"
Martha Czaczkes $100.00 "Good luck on another selfless act of physical endurance to help so many others!"
Kelly Ye Hidden "Good luck!"
Rex Savage $75.00 "86 floors? That's a serious effort. Good luck bro!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck C-los! JKG"
Terri Puckett $25.00 "Go Kris - you can do this!!"
Aisha Isaac $50.00 "Work it out pretty lady, my idol!!!! XOXO"
Kelly Kraines $250.00 "Good Luck!!"
Patricia Bray $25.00 "Scott, thanks for helping such a wonderful cause. Good luck!"
Aaron Bernstein $100.00 "Great work bro!"
Joan Sapitowicz $25.00 "Such a wonderful gift that you are giving to your mother. You are making the family proud. All my love, Aunt Joan"
members voice members voice $100.00 "Good luck from members voice slate"
Jennifer and Gerry McDougall $100.00 "Best of luck to you Scott! All our best to your Mom!!"
Sheila Saltzman $25.00 "Scott, thanks for helping you mother with this wonderful program and we know you'll be successful with your "Empire" climb!"
Steven & Michele-Lee Shapiro $250.00 "Good Luck David - Steve & Michele-Lee"
Hoffy Steingrimsdottir $50.00 "So proud of you taking this on. Life will reward you."
Jim & Denise Mossey $100.00 "Best of Luck, Scott! Most admirable as well. "
Carolyn Veinovic $100.00 "Good Luck, Catherine! We LOVE you... Kisses - Your Family"
Sheldon and Mai $150.00 "Carlos, we support your efforts and wish you well in your run! Good luck!!!"
Stephen Deane Hidden "Good luck, Col!"
Josh Lawton $20.00 "Go get 'em, Ivey!"
hector negroni $250.00 "from all of us who have to use the elevator"
Meg Bear $50.00 "Go Laurie!"
Janice Steinis $100.00 "Good luck"
janine aurichio $50.00 "Get some!"
George Kahler $250.00 "Best Wishes! George & Heba"
Shirley Shapiro $36.00 "Good Luck David"
Peter Clerc Hidden "Back to Back!"
John Granara $100.00 "Scott, Best wishes to you and your family. Good luck in your race and fundraising efforts. John Granara"
The Amato Family $25.00 "With God's help you can do mighty things!! "
Caroline LaMorte $100.00 "Our thoughts are with you and your family!"
Marc Davis $50.00 "In memory of Ryan Mahoney. Good luck, Yoshi!!"
Michael Mariolis $100.00 "Good Luck Scott you're gona need it - its a long way up :)"
Putt Yancich Hidden "COME ON BIG YOSHI!!!"
Nicole & Mark Marotta $50.00 "Good Luck & Best Wishes!!! xoxo"
Thea Sommer $100.00 "James Andrew - you're the bomb! Love you...so proud of you...Alethea Jimson"
ruth gerber $100.00 "As always Good Luck"
Anthony Nardi Hidden "Good luck Mutter!"
Amy Stevens $20.00 "Scott, good luck with the Empire State Building climb!!"
brian marino $25.00 "Deanna couldn't have 2 better sisters!!"
Amanda Lynam Hidden "Good luck, Mutter! - Amanda Lynam"
andrew berman $100.00 "Kick Some A**!"
Melissa Downing $50.00 "Good luck!"
Edward Wierzel $100.00 ""It hurts up to a point and then it doesn't get any worse." - Ann Trason "
Amber Fix $25.00 "Good luck!"
kunal vaed $50.00 "Good luck Scott - hope your mum is recovering fast. "
Guy Maras $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Ari Levy $100.00 "Best of luck Yoshi!"
Mary Lucile McKellar $100.00 "Matt: Good luck in your efforts for such a wonderful cause. Your father is in my prayers. Warmly, Mary Lucile"
Darryl Conte $50.00 "Take it to the top Greg! -J&D"
robert haughey Hidden "Best wishes Scott, the Haughey's are in full support of your efforts for this important cause."
Sugu Patro $50.00 "Good Luck, Greg!"
Ashleigh Thompson Hidden "So amazing!!!"
Scott Robbins $50.00 "Great Race. Have fun."
Michael Coyle $250.00 "Don't trip."
Doug Cornell $100.00 "one small step for man"
Kevin Coyne Hidden "Good luck! "
Anthony DAnna $50.00 "Go get 'em Greg-O!!"
Erik Kuijlaars $50.00 "Good luck with the climb. Hope they turn the elevators on for the way down:-)"
Tina Worthington $20.00 ""GOOD LUCK IVEY" YOUR AWESOME!!!!"
Pamela Vergetis $25.00 "Scott, Best of Luck with this worthwhile cause and towards more progress for a cure."
James Warren Hidden "Good luck Greg! I'm happy to support this worthy cause!"
Charlotte Coffee $50.00 "For your birthday, Deb...best wishes on reaching your goal and on reaching the TOP! So proud of you, friend!"
Thomas Rose $25.00 "Greg - Best of luck getting up those stairs...great cause !"
Meredith Carr $50.00 "Happy Birthday! In honor of Deana and a true Team Leader, Debbie!"
Tom and Sharon Kenney $100.00 "Go Christine!"
Brett Smith $100.00 "Get Timmons to dig deep"
Emogene Gill $50.00 "Enjoy the experience and time with your brother. Glad to donate to the cause. - The Gill Family -"
Steve Brennan $250.00 "Good Luck"
Matt Jones $33.33 "Don't trip, I heard the stairs are not forgiving. Best wishes for a successful race!"
Patricia Bouchard $25.00 "Christine - you're amazing! So proud of you xox Patty"
jay bharatiya $50.00 "Good luck Greg!!!"
Bharat Sarpeshkar $50.00 "Best wishes, Jay....Rumjhum & Bharat"
Anonymous Hidden "if you don't make it i want my money back"
Thomas Vitolo $100.00 "Greg, good luck, kick butt! "
michelle Scott $50.00 "Way to go Scott! Good luck!"
Clemente Rodriguez Jr $125.00 "Best of luck. Great race and even better post-race. Strength and courage."
Ilyas Akbari $100.00 "Way to go Mike! Great cause."
Patricia Dey $20.00 "So proud of you doing this.....Good Luck!!"
STUART Smalley $1.00 "Good luck David!"
Richard Sussman $100.00 "You da man! Best of luck in breaking 18 minutes."
carlo pisacreta $100.00 "Good luck to you George. But you do realize you can't drive your Porsche up the stairs. All joking aside great cause."
Bret Kahler $50.00 "GO GET 'EM DEBORAH... Gaby and Bret"
Adam Duckworth $50.00 "Take it two steps at a time! "
Rosalind Gnatt $20.00 "Machs Gut Thomas!"
Joe & Brenda Stickle $150.00 "Good Luck!!!!"
Nicholas Choman $25.00 "Greg, you can do this! I'm routing for you! This is an excellent cause. "
Neil and Penny Van Dyne $50.00 " Proud of you Jim, Good luck in a difficult endeavor! Yikes! I know we couldn't do it if we did half each. Hope to see you soon. Much love, Cousins Penny and Neil"
Mike Maynard $100.00 "Good Luck Yoshi!"
Robert&Geri Barnett $50.00 "Christine, much good luck and blessings as you defend yet another title! We are always in your corner. much love, The Barnetts"
Tom Shales $100.00 "Next year you can carry me! So proud of you, Jimmy. "
Nicole Mangeri Hidden "WAY TO GO little brother!!! Good luck and don't trip! xoxo"
Kira Wilsterman $10.00 "Good Luck Georgee and David!! How exciting! "
Shakil Syed $50.00 "King Kong ist zwar an der Fassade hochgeklettert, Du aber darfst gerne auch die Treppe verwenden. LG Shakil"
judith halvorsen $100.00 "Good Luck Matt, Have fun! Judy and Rich Halvorsen"
Kurt Ronn $50.00 "I've never asked for free advice, but I do support those that ask. Tweet from the top!"
Jessica Thomas $25.00 "Cancer Sucks!!! Goooo Gavin!"
Cecilia Bazan Mendiola $25.00 "I learned about what you're doing from your dad and was immediately touched when I read your cause was for "Multiple Myeloma". My 84 year old mom was diagnosed with this four years ago. It has returned a second time and she is currently undergoing treatment. Taking her to weekly appointments has given us valuable time together. She's doing absolutely great and I am very proud of her. "
Joan Kirby $25.00 "Go Thomas!"
Craig Sabin $50.00 "Good Luck / Good Cause Christine! Humm.....how do you train for that?! Watch the hammies! "
Joellyn Lankin $100.00 "You go girl! "
Linda Eveleigh $100.00 "George, alot of work for u to do this... Very proud of u on behalf of the Eveleigh family...LOVE YA Aunt Linda "
Matt Ewen $51.00 "Good luck sir"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck homeboy"
Christina Pojero $50.00 "For my dad John Polonio, and the others who have this cancer. My prayers are with you!"
Bill Boorman $10.00 "Go Laurie, (and Scrubby!) See you in London"
Seyda Family $75.00 "Go get 'em Greg!!!"
Nancy Rakoczy $10.00 "Hi Thomas, You know, when I climb the stairs at the Lexington stop on the F train, I often think about those hardy individuals who climb the Empire State Building. For fun. Good luck to you and God bless, Nancy Rakoczy"
William Stallworth $50.00 "From your uncle"
Diane Cerone $50.00 "Watch out for King Kong!"
Joe & Christa DiVilio $100.00 "Good Luck Buddy"
Andreas papadenetris Hidden "Rock on Iron Man"
ann moorman $250.00 "Good luck andy for the run very proud of you for what you are doing. Love Mum &Dad."
Sara Console $100.00 "So proud of you!"
Alan Knisley $20.00 "Good luck Thomas! I sure wish I had the capacity to give more. God bless you always.."
Karyn Serota $20.00 "Climb fast! Good luck Scottie! "
Paula Nash $86.00 "Way to Go, Scott Michael! Will be thinking of you and your quads!"
Gina Altaras Hidden "Don't trip! Good luck!"
Eric & Tammy Ponder $200.00 "Best wishes from Tammy and I, as well as my mother, Sara Boyd, who assisted in the contribution. We are proud of you and Georgee and hope that your efforts bring relief to those, including Jeannette, who suffer from this dibilating disease. Our prayers are with you!"
Valerie Winchester $100.00 "Go Dave and KK, Go!!! Good Luck!!"
Tim Holmes $50.00 "Good Luck! Adrianne and I will be pulling for you. It'll make the Warrior Dash seem like a walk in the park!"
Sharlyn Lauby $50.00 "Cheers to you! and a great cause."
Rich Salerno $10.00 "Sally, you are so focused. You will do great!"
Mark Miller $50.00 "Mighty proud of your devotion to this cause. Have a great run!"
Eric Winegardner $157.60 "I did this so you could count the stairs in ten cent increments. It could be torture, I know...especially if you forget at say $89.90... ;-.) Just when I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE for you to get more AWESOME, you do something batshit crazy like this. Good Luck!"
Beryl Adler $50.00 "Steady as you go, Jim. You will soar. Leonette and Beryl"
Carmine Russotti $25.00 "Go, King Kong, Go!!!"
Max and Molly Colt $100.00 "Arf! Arf! (Good Luck!)"
Quinn Resnick $100.00 "I'm counting on you making those 5 fingered shoes look good. Good luck."
Monica Todd $50.00 "All the best to you in the race! Go girl!"
Andres McCausland $25.00 "No doubt. Do it Big."
Elizabeth Cowit $100.00 "Go Michelle Go "
Arthur Sienko $50.00 "Great News and Great Work by all of you. BTHOMM! Love Unkie & Linda"
Michael and Lara Fox $50.00 "Good Luck, Krisztina!!"
Sheetal Chanderkar $100.00 "Good luck with the climb, Scott! I know you can do it!!"
Betsy Lopata $50.00 "Dear Christine, We are rooting for you -- and are very impressed with all of your accomplishments! Betsy Lopata & Family (friend of your Mom)"
Lars Schmidt $25.00 "Good luck Laurie!"
Eileen Cottington $100.00 "Jenna says you're more than ready! Run a couple extra flights for us lazy types! Have fun!!"
Tiffany Simington $25.00 "Way to go Mike! "
Danielle Alexander $25.00 "Good luck Debbie!"
Suzanne Akian $50.00 "Lucy, This is a great cause. Good Luck!"
Barbara and Bill Hail $25.00 "Thanks for helping with this wonderful cause and all the best to your mother. We'll know you'll make it to the top!"
Simon Jones $20.00 "Good luck Laurie!"
Mark Martin $100.00 "Hope you are in shape!"
Jonathan Donath $100.00 "Watch out for big flying bugs. Good luck!"
Betty Roberts $75.00 "We are so proud of what you are doing for others! Love, Mom"
Kristina Olsen $25.00 "Thinking of you, Bob and Lori"
Aaron Olsen $75.00 "Family and Friends in Fort Recovery!"
Jessica Williams $10.00 "good luck!"
Brian McDonald $30.00 "I know you'll make it to the top! #empirestrikesblond"
Nicholas Sinnott $25.00 "Hey Andy best of luck to you I know you will prevail ! "
Cupcake Sales $358.00 "Thanks to everyone who bought a cupcake so far!"
Karen Rivera Hidden "Climb girl climb...to new heights! I know you can do it!"
Louis Vaccaro $100.00 "Ann, Please let Vito know our love and prayers are with him..."
Brian Lamb $43.00 "Touche, Good luck. I put in $0.50 per flloor. I'm guessing you make it to the top. stay relaxed adn start slow, then go slower. Brian "
MATTHEW Haber $100.00 "Good luck and great job on the fundraising, love Jaime and Matthew Haber"
Troy Hilbrands Hidden "good luck"
Sarah McKellar Hidden "Good luck and have fun Jamie! ps Those cupcakes looked amazing!"
Roslyn Harris $25.00 "Good luck, Loleta"
marc pfefferle $200.00 "Just Win!"
Jena Anthony $25.00 "Good Luck, Laura!"
Patrick Duff Hidden "Read your story in the Glen Rock Gazzette. Good luck!"
Gregg & Jen Wilke $100.00 "Good luck Greg ... hope those 40yr+ knees hold out!"
Craig Wiley $150.00 "Always Proud of you. Particularly now. Good luck-"
Mary Dixon $10.00 "The best to you !!!"
Sarah Hoverstad $50.00 "Scott -- Best of luck this week. -- Sarah & Eric Hoverstad"
Joel Pensley $100.00 "Michelle I would be delighted to contribute. Have a good run. Joel"
dana roodin $50.00 "Good Luck Barb!"
Greg Dietrich $100.00 "Good luck. "
James McCormack $50.00 "Well done Rob - go for it!"
Miriam Iker $50.00 "Best of luck, Mike. We're proud of you!"
Jennifer Brosnan $25.00 "Good luck"
Arthur Spector $100.00 "Great dedication and congratulations Jim....one favor....please...just don't take the quick way down. Best... Arthur Spector"
Kelvin Webster $30.00 "I will be cheering you on! It's great to know that your running pursuits are being pushed to higher levels. Just don't come crashing down. You have already made us all proud to associate with you. Now run your heart out and feel the beats of the city at new heights."
Karen Andrews $200.00 "Good luck! See you at the top!"
Michael Gurval $50.00 "Good luck Greg!"
Todd Kirschner $50.00 "Go Greg, Go! Happy to support a great cause!"
Scott Meyers $50.00 "Good luck!!"
Caroline Reinert $10.00 "Good luck, Cathy!! Go deacs."
Richard Gerstein Hidden "Great cause and Good Luck Richard"
Paul Lundahl $100.00 "Rob, Good luck on the last minute training. What a fun race and great cause! Very inspiring. We'll be thinking of you Wednesday. all the best, Paul"
Arthur Sorenson $25.00 "Good Luck from the Sorenson family, we are big MMRF supporters and I will be chasing you younger folks up the Empire State Building on Wednesday. Keep up the good work!"
Dave McCoy $50.00 "Have a great climb! Dave & Tricia."
Barbara Camozzi $50.00 "Good luck Rob with your tremendous effort as this is a very worthwhile effort. "
Micha & Jenny Anderson $100.00 "Go Wiley's! Good luck!"
Anonymous $50.00 "The product Marketing team is cheering for you!"
Tim Dugan $100.00 "Go get them! Your friends in the "D"."
Robert Paladino $100.00 "Best of Luck!"
Kit Shemas $50.00 "Bless you, Bill. Tread lightly! Kit XO"
Cecilia Pagkalinawan $50.00 "Amazing that you're doing this. Can help you walk around NY afterwards. ;)"
Catherine Sheldon $50.00 "Take a minute to enjoy the viewof NYC once you get to the top!"
Rodney Miller $1,000.00 "Good luck."
David Spechler $100.00 "GO Kyle, Run like the wind!"
steve hafner $500.00 "You better beat Jay's time..."
Gerard MacDonell $100.00 "Good effort, C."
Michael Rieger $250.00 "Good luck"
christopher cirino Hidden "I would pay anything to see this - good luck!"
Daniel Mon $50.00 "Go get em"
Lawrence Switaj $1,000.00 "Go, Len!"
Ajanta & Michael Lehman $25.00 "Best of luck to you, Andrew!"
Chris Sutter $100.00 "Client of Jay's. Good luck."
Mark Popich $50.00 "Good luck with the climb Rob!"
Marlene Foss $100.00 "Go Mike! Such a worthy cause."
bill kort $250.00 "good luck!"
Mark Nowikowski $100.00 "i will take nearly as much pride in beating joy to the top as i do in donating to this very worth cause"
Stav Georgallis $100.00 "Good luck guys!!! Stav"
Susan Lee $100.00 "Good Luck Carlos!"
Marlene McGuire $50.00 "You epitomise this quote. So proud of you! "Either you run the day or the day runs you." - Jim Rohn"
Adam Cutler $100.00 "Good luck"
Carl Janes $50.00 "Climb that mountain! c a r l"
Doreen Rigby $100.00 "Best of luck Scott!"
Charles Bern $100.00 "Way to step up Ken! -Uncle Chuck"
Stephanie Addink $10.00 "Go Laurie!! :) "
bob donovan $100.00 "keep reaching for the stars"
Tracy Whitmore Hidden "Love your thoughts on HR, love your thoughts on politics, and love to exercise.. so have fun!!"
Eric Fineman $10.00 "You got this!"
Rachel Eldeen $10.00 "As always, proud of you Chris!"
bonnie & Steven frank Hidden "It was "meant to be" that I met you last Friday... thank you for supporting this great cause..."
Alex Eicher $50.00 "God Bless Jamie! I miss you!"
Lorraine Spinelli $75.00 "This is a wonderful thing you are doing David!"
Larry and Laurie Perlberg $50.00 "Run, Sally, Run!"
David Mueller $50.00 "Hey Pat they better not catch u on the elevator!!! Just kidding, good luck. From Dave and Joanne Mueller "
Tomomi Shibuya Hidden "Cheers from Japan! Go Colleen!"
Tom McKenna $100.00 "Sally- You Rock !!! A good positive attitude is the key when adversity hits! "
Kristine Tungol Cabagnot Hidden "Go, Scott! Cheering you on and honoring your lovely mother's memory."
Jill and Bob Ellis Hidden "Scott, thank you for your tremendous commitment to support the MMRF. And a special thanks for all of the love, suppport and encouragement you have provided us while we deal with this disease. We know you'll do your best with climb "86". This is so much easier than Mt. Kilamanjaro! Love, Mom and Dad"
Anna Beaufore $25.00 "Good Luck to you and Jamie :)"
Anna Beaufore $25.00 "Good Luck to you and Matt :) "
Steve Skaggs $250.00 "Good luck and good for you for supporting this cause! Enjoy the elevator ride down!!"
patricia smalls $20.00 "Go Loleta"
teresa bass Hidden "go gavin"
Anonymous $168.00 "Dear Debra, One more time to see you up that last flight of stairs and over the top of your goal. Turn on the afterburners for Deana and the rest of the MMRF family. Momma and Poppa K."
Deana MacLean-Roberts $20.00 "Go, Sally, you are an inspiration to all who lace up running shoes...thanks and good luck!"
wendy mele $100.00 "Our dear friend Sally, you have shown such Grace and determination and strength and courage since we have know you but especially in the last few years! You are a fighter and that's why you will win whatever you choose to win!! We love you and so glad we can be with you to cheer you on!!!! LoveWen,Den,Livy,hannah,maya!!! Xoxoxo"
David Neff $50.00 "Have fun!"
Alvelena Abby Mills $20.00 "I think this is a great effort and I support you 100%. My dad passed away almost 2years ago with GIST cancer. Next year I would like to run with you up the stairs of the Empire State Building to support not only your cause but, my father's cause as well. Your Sister in Christ, Abby "
Julie Carr $20.00 "Loleta, you are AWESOME! "
David Curtis $100.00 "Way to go Col!!"
Nicole Anderson $20.00 "It's not much, but hope it helps. Good luck! Be sure to send a pic."
liz Friedland Hidden "Tricia, you never cease to inspire me! "
Julia Lucas $20.00 "Go get those stairs!!! Good Luck!"
Faye Whitaker $100.00 "Carlos, Good luck. Faye Whitaker"
Sarah Steigler $50.00 "Go Scott Go!!!! "
Ben Fishbein $25.00 "Gavin, you the man!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Good luck! "
Brian Flanagan $100.00 "For Brother Bill."
DailySteals.com Ben Cousin $36.00 "Good Luck From Your Friends Over at DailySteals.com Go England "
Eugena Lee $100.00 "Good luck!"
Alison Louie $100.00 "Crush it Mutter!"
Joseph Pedro $50.00 "Go Team!!!"
stewart abbot $50.00 "onwards and upwards - good luck!"
Jaclyn Stanke $25.00 "A dollar for each (or maybe 50 cents)?? Good luck!!"
Glen Witwer $100.00 "Chris, rock and roll baby!"
Tony Prophet Hidden "Good Luck Rob!!!"
Mike WattMikeW $50.00 "Chris My best advice: don't count the steps as you go up. Rooting for you from Arizona. Mike"
lindsey miesmer $100.00 "What you are doing is admirable. Good luck. "
Anonymous $100.00 "As someone who lost my mother at 18, I just wanted to show some support. Best of luck, Felix"
Sue Korn $100.00 "George you are the greatest!! Proud to be part of the Goldie team! Sue and Jon Korn"
Austin Bowker $100.00 "do yo thang, Matt"
Ron Wechsler $50.00 "Noble cause...best of luck to you James."
Donna Waugh $50.00 "Go Yoshi!"
Badishkanian Greg $100.00 "Good Luck!! "
Kristina Nolte Hidden "Good luck Yoshi!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Good cause and good luck Yoshi!"
Justin Michaliga $30.00 "Go Gavin!!"
Craig Singer $50.00 "Better win Yoshi!!"
Cornell Burnette $50.00 "Good Luck Yoshi!"
Chris Stipeck Hidden "Go Gavin! "
Joanna Leathers Hidden "Good luck!"
Steve & Lisa Juris $50.00 "Way to go Jim! Don't look down!"
Barbara Wolsey $20.00 "One small step for Gavin, one GIANT leap towards finding a cure."
Bill Waterbury $100.00 "Good luck Jim!!"
Patty & Riley Horton $100.00 "Good luck. If you run up two steps at a time its only 788 steps"
deborah d'ambra $50.00 "Good luck! David, this donation is from my family!"
Catherine & Geoff Shandler $50.00 "Go Jim! Work those stairs!!!!! "
Nancy Peterson $100.00 "Have fun as you climb each and every step. Love, Mom"
thomas & carolyn halaszynski $50.00 "Chris, the best of luck and remember to step high and lively...GOOD LUCK"
Dave Steigler $50.00 "Your Mom is very special and so are you! (p.s. check your laces)"
Harold & Peggy Harris $100.00 "Sally, You are an inspiration to all. We read the article in today's APP and knew we had to donate. We recently lost a dear friend to Multiple Myeloma after his 9 year battle with the disease. We hope they find a cure soon. Good luck in your run and your battle! Harold & Peggy Harris"
Robert Waitt $75.00 "Good luck!"
elizabeth fernandez $150.00 "Go Dad!"
Emanuel Rubin $50.00 "Sally, As another MM patient,keep up your great quest."
Sean Grant $50.00 "You will do great Jim - this is just like being on the Mill (You'll have to imagine Felipe standing there making sure you are going at a speed of 110)!!"
Lori Andrew $50.00 "Good Luck--a great cause!"
Mark Rountree $100.00 "Jim- It's an honor to be on your team! "
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck, Len, have fun!"
David Moser $50.00 "Good luck Kyle & Brittany; Thank you for allowing us to get involved in supporting such a worthy cause! David Moser & Cathryn Allen-Zubi"
Amy Howard $50.00 "You Go Kris"
Joel and Tyler Olsen $84.00 "Proud of You Mama!"
Kristina Hjelsand $25.00 "I'm late...Love you & good luck!"
Neeraj Chandra $500.00 "Way to be a bro. -Neeraj"
Liz Mendez $100.00 "I'm with you in spirit - keep climbing!"
Randall Martin $100.00 "Good Luck Rob! Take it to the top! "
Andrew MacLeod $100.00 "Good luck!"
camilla and martin winstanbley-smith $30.00 "Very proud of you. What a great challenge. "
Linda Yu $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Mona Mills-Johnson Hidden "We are behind you every step of the way Loleta! What a Great Cause! Mona, Mark and Mark II"
Cheryl Falzone Hidden "Sorry Scott...it's not much but I wanted to do something! "
Tedra Grant $50.00 "Loleta, your mother would be very proud, and I am sure that she is watching and smiling. I would say "go break a leg" but then again, I really want you to reach the top, so I will say "go break your record". I Love ya, and we are all so very proud of you!! "
Anonymous Hidden "Go Laurie! Work that inseam, girl x"
Tom Watters $100.00 "Hope you're in training!"
Lori Peters $50.00 "you're an inspiration to short blondes everywhere! ;) "
TROMBAMANIA . $100.00 "run...tappi...run"
Bill and Kathy LaPoint $100.00 "Good luck, Jim! We're happy to support you and this worthy cause."
Kevin Zalanskas $50.00 "Go get 'em. Lucy!"
Gib Smith $100.00 "Yoshi, if you beat Christine we should all double our bets! "
PJ Juvekar $200.00 "Yoshi, loaded with positive energy Tysseland, loaded with shale gas Team Citi will float to the TOP!!"
Chris Eler $50.00 "Easy Wednesday."
Tracey Scott $25.00 "Amazing Scott... Good Luck Today!!"
Jack & Tim Wolf $20.00 "Good luck Coach! -Jack & Tim Wolf"
Alexei Zabudkin $100.00 "RESPECT. Have a strong run!"
Danielle Goikhman Hidden "Good Luck Dave!!!! - Dan, Danielle, and Brayden!"
Levern Rollins-Haynes $50.00 "Leta, I wish you Godspeed in your run and most importantly, in your fundraising efforts for such a great cause. Love always, Aunt Levern"
David Stacy $20.00 "Touche will make it on air to the 64th floor. He will completely get to the top in 26 minutes 24 seconds. He will run out of air at 19 minutes 39 seconds"
Elizabeth Callahan $25.00 "Congratulations Loleta...!!!!!"
Kevin Berents Hidden "Good luck tonight."
Gary Lieberman $100.00 "Nice job! Good Luck!"
Samuel Picard $100.00 "Good luck and God bless, Marino! Enjoy the view."
John Flood $100.00 "Good luck Barcap Dream Team. "
David Wong Hidden "Good luck and thank you for your efforts! "
Ike Ofodile $100.00 "I'm expecting nothing less than a top-20 finish! Great cause. Good luck out there."
Anonymous $133.00 "Ursula Leipziger"
Jeffrey Alder $100.00 "Good luck.... "looking for a repeat here""
Scott Ellis Hidden "Mom – All of these notes, all of these donations, and all of this support is for you. Hundreds of people reached out over this past month to send their thoughts and prayers for your recovery. There is a cure out there, and we’re going to find it together...just stay strong. Since your son didn’t become a doctor, the least I can do is climb 86 floors :) I love you, Scott"
George Masterson $100.00 "Way to go Carlos"
Kevin McGee $25.00 "Good work, Thomas! Aim for the heights!"
Joshua Fischer $200.00 "Best wishes and good luck. Break 10 minutes!"
Paul Danes $100.00 "Good luck Yoshi! Paul D. "
William Katz $100.00 "Yoshi, Best of luck. Bill Katz"
Sean Boone $25.00 "Touche' will make all 86. It will take 52 mins. His airpack will last 26 mins. "
Dan & Amy Feinberg $250.00 "Go Marino!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Break a leg big guy"
Teri Coaxum $20.00 "Good luck Sis! Have fun!!"
Denis Knox $50.00 "Go My Fine Sista!"
Natalie Colwell Hidden "Cant believe the day has come!! good luck and hope you make it to the top, Ill be waiting at the bottom for ya!! xoxo"
Jonathan Myers $100.00 "In memory of Ann L. Myers. Go go go go go!"
Rick and Ruth Edelson $100.00 "Chris, Don't hold back! Take those stairs three at a time! What a wonderful example you set for a wonderful cause. All the best, Rick and Ruth"
Brian Newman Hidden "Best of Luck from China!! Brian "
Zoey White $5.00 "So proud of you Uncle David!! <3"
Lakshmi Gopalan $25.00 "Well Done Anish!- Gopi Mama"
Winston Samet $5.00 "So proud of you dad!! "
Adam Smith $50.00 "Good work."
Bill McHugh $500.00 "Being diagnosed w/ MM in Oct'08, I'm appreciative of what the MMRF and people like Brian do that will hopefully help find a way to end this disease! Way to go Brian!"
Robert Lewis $100.00 "Congratulations Rob...WellDone!!"
Marlene Somsak $50.00 "Great job. Great cause."
Sam Morgan $150.00 "congrats Brian - great cause"
David Fernandez $100.00 "Well done Rob, congratulations!!"
Mari Giovinco $30.00 "Good luck Greg! Happy to support this great cause!!"
Alfredo Muccino $250.00 "Congratulations Rob!"
Deane Dray $100.00 "Great effort Yoshi !"
Steven Hoffman $50.00 "Way to go Rob!"
Anonymous $100.00 "climb le poulet, climb."
Bruce Dezube $25.00 "Chris We are very proud of you. What a nice achievement. See you on the Millennium stairs. Bruce"
Christopher Lui $25.00 "Good Luck !"
Anonymous $1,000.00 "Well done"
Lori-Ann Barr $20.00 "Hope this helps Leta.....wish it could have been more. Good Luck!!! Lori"
Karen Vic Karl $100.00 "Sally, it's through your spirit & courageous effort that you are a light to so many!"
Tirza Brue $100.00 "Proud of you Scott! You are making a difference..."
Howard Haughton $50.00 "Congratulations on another successful year!"
Lenora Hines $10.00 "Your persistence and devotion is admirable"
stefano natella $250.00 "better late than never, i thought i had done it, but i had only opened the page......."
Marc Spier $100.00 "1500 steps for Rob, a giant leap for MMRF"
Wendy Ivanoski $100.00 "Well done, Scott!"
George and Alexis Connolly $25.00 "Scott, congratulations on your successful Empire State Building climb to the top and your incredible fundraising for your mother and the MMRF."
Miashillene Aponte Hidden "Loleta, You are an incredible, resilient and all around phenomenal woman, I’m truly blessed to know you. Congrats on another successful event and for keeping the legacy of your mom going strong! Wishing you much continued success & blessings. With much love & admiration, Meish "
Michael Melnick $1,000.00 "Congratulations Carlos on your effort for this extremely worthy cause!"
Julie Piotrowski $86.00 "I missed donating in Feb but want to contribute! Thinking of you, Love Julie"
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