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Baltimore 10-Miler for Cool Kids Campaign
What you are raising money for:
This year all funds raised will be used to support the Cool Kids Learning Center. Our vision for the facility reinforces what we have always set out to do: remember that kids are kids whether they are healthy or sick! Kids just want to fit in and have fun, and our sincerest hope is that the Learning Center will be a safe, secure foundation on which to build their lives after cancer.
Mission and Goals of the Learning Center
The core focus of the Learning Center will be to address the academic and social implications of childhood cancer. Our primary goals are to:
  • Provide educational support for kids so they continue to perform and re-enter school at grade level.
  • Make available the social and extracurricular activities lost to the disease during these formative years.
For more information please visit our website, www.coolkidscampaign.org.

At the very top of this page, click on "Become A Fundraiser". You should already have an Active.com log-in from when you signed up for the race - sign-in using that same information. Have children who are fundraising? See our notes below.
Help For Young / Child Fundraisers
If you are trying to create a fundraising page for one of your children, you may run into this problem: only one pledge page can be assigned to an active account/username! This means you can't create two pages, one for yourself and one for your child, using YOUR active.com user name.
Two ways to get around this problem.
  • If you are also running in either the Baltimore 10 Miler or the Running Festival this year:
We're happy to combine your two fundraising efforts together under one Active.com account. Please email Kristian so he can update his records and mark you down for joint fundraising.
  • If you are not running any races on Team Cool Kids in 2012:
A parent will have to create an Active.com account for each child that is fundraising. If you have multiple kids we suggest creating a new Active account in the child’s name with a different e-mail. If you have just the one child fundraising and you're not running, you should be able to just set up a fundraising page as you normally would using your Active.com log-in. If you are having any issues please contact Kristian.
Fundraising Resources
Check out the Cool Kids Campaign Race Team website for all of our fundraising resources (sample letters, strategies, and advice). www.coolkidscampaign.org/raceteam/
Race Team Staff Contact:
Kristian Sekse
Director of Development
Cool Kids Campaign

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Total Donations: $1,765

Goal: $5,000

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