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ActiveX Charity Challenge 2012: Challenged Athletes Foundation
Get Your Fundracing On!
It's ActiveX Charity Challenge Season! This year, we're excited to partner with Challenged Athletes Foundation. CAF aligns with our goal of connecting people with the things they love, want, and need to do by helping disabled athletes acquire the gear they need to participate and complete in sport. Their stories will certainly fuel our fires as we train ourselves to compete in the ActiveX Solana Beach Triathlon, Dualthon, and 5K Challenge. Here's to the multiplying of active people!

The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) is a 501c 3 non-profit organization that provides funding and support to physically disabled individuals so they may pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. CAF believes that participation in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life.

At Active we believe in CAF’s mission and also feel that being and staying active changes people’s lives, which is why we have taken on this ActiveX Challenge. The ActiveX Team will all be training together and changing our own lives while also working together to change the lives of challenged athletes with your support. By making a donation to our page you will be helping challenged athletes like Kaela Cruz (story to follow) get off of the sidelines and onto the playground and to the starting line.

At only five-years-old, when other kids were worrying about learning how to tie their shoes, Kaela faced a far more insidious challenge. Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. She beat the cancer, but to save her life, her leg was amputated above the knee. Her charm and grace were on full display when she took the stage at the first CAF Heroes, Heart and Hope Gala in 2006, where a promise was made... when Kaela was ready, CAF would make sure she had a running foot. Five years later, at our New York running clinic, that promise was honored and Kaela received that foot from CAF and Ossur and is now taking the next strides to overcoming her limitations. Click the button below to watch Kaela's story and experience the joy that you provide.

Click this link to watch Kaela’s YouTube Video: www.youtube.com/embed/oSuS5JAEPLU

Total Donations: $12,994

Goal: $10,000

$0 130% $10,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Angela Green $25.00 "Much Love to you all the way from Utah! Go kick some open water Tri butt!! ;D ~ Team Green"
Sherry Kudren $50.00 "Great cause Allison!"
Mike & Sue Jump $50.00 "We are excited about this effort and greatly extend a hand to CAF. What better cause to support an organization who promotes sports while increasing self-esteem and independence for individuals with physical disabilities. Thank you both for participating!!!"
Laurie & Eric Hall $25.00 "Wonderful cause ...good luck!"
John Pinckney $10.00 "Good Luck Allison!"
Pam White $20.00 "Hi Allison, So happy to be able to support your charity! "
Thomas Quintana $10.00 "Beautiful cause and an amazing job Marissa!"
Rachael Taylor Hidden "You are AMAZING...keep up the good work!! Angels like you are the reason life is beautiful!! <3"
Kristie Nation $200.00 "Way to go Janean and Tyler! You guys are supporting a great cause together. So proud of you! Have a great race!"
Lorraine Darienzo $25.00 "Always happy to help someone with such a big heart help others achieve their goals."
Megan Conway $10.00 "Great Job Allison! "
Kathryn Martin $100.00 "Alan- Josh and I are behind you and Jill all the way! Good luck!"
Cheryl Dodwell $100.00 "Thanks for giving us the chance to help out! We're right behind you. Love Cheryl, James, E & H"
holly morse Hidden "Thanks for inviting me to participate in this particular kind of "fundracing!" May you continue to find worthy causes to support, Katie. "
Barbara LaMark $25.00 "Good luck Janean and Tyler!"
Carinne Baltzer $25.00 ":) Best of Luck!!"
regina huricks-trapp $25.00 "Got Get 'EM! Miss you guys!"
Christi Cole $50.00 "What a great cause! Thanks for letting me help!"
Ashley Head $15.00 "Whoo Hoo, go Allison! Sending you a lot of love! xo"
jason marshall $50.00 "Good Stuff Mrs. Clark!!"
Lindsay Downs $20.00 "Go Dustin!!!"
Dave and Chris Warren $100.00 "Swim, run, bike, go RACHEL!"
Erik Westerlund $30.00 "Good luck Rachel!! xoxo E"
Heather and Jon Balck $50.00 "Go Leslie. Bring home the gold. We'll be cheering remotely for you and this great cause."
Lori Williams $25.00 "What a great cause. Good luck Rachel!"
Carol Watson $25.00 "Great Job, proud of you."
Laura Embrey $25.00 "Good luck, Cail. I have no doubt in my mind that you'll rock a triathlon! "
Judi Young $50.00 "How awesome it is for the two of you to be doing this. Best of luck and keep up the good work! This is definitely a worthy cause...Judi Young"
Evan Petracca $100.00 "Get some, Cailin! Swim, bike, run, win!!"
Thomas ONeill $40.00 "Start working on the swimming!"
TRACY PETRACCA $100.00 "Cailin, This is a wonderful cause. We are proud of you for challenging yourself to help others. All the best to you as you train for this triathlon! "
Christine Ritchie $100.00 "Good Luck MO!! "
Corinne LaChac $25.00 "kill it in the STREETS CAIL ! "
Rachel Creel $25.00 "Namaste! "
Kevin Iwamoto $50.00 "Good luck Cece!"
Don Munro $20.00 "Good luck, CeCe!"
Linda Beers $100.00 "Very proud, it makes a difference to contribute and participate in life. Aunt Linda"
Brent Nation $100.00 "Go Ty and Jolly Jo!"
Heinz Selzer $25.00 "Hallo Stephanie, Gratulation zum Engagement. Viel Glück beim Wettbewerb. Herzliche Grüße Ursel und Heinz Selzer "
Briana Lynam $50.00 "Hi Cailie! Great job in getting involved in a charity! So proud of my big sis oxoxo! Love bri:)"
Fiona Ellis $50.00 "Good luck Malones!! Love you!"
Holly Maloney $100.00 "Good luck sistah!!!"
Lauren Nisbet $40.00 "Kick some butt out there Maloney!"
Laura Patterson $100.00 "What a great cause. Go Hannah Go. Set a new PR!"
Marianne u. Alexandra Weidner Hidden "Viel Glück liebe Stephanie"
John and Pam Hanson $50.00 "Always so proud of you!"
Lori Demirdjian $10.00 "You go girl!!! Run, Swim, Bike like the wind! What a great cause to support! xoxo"
Richard King $50.00 "Way to go Chrissy. We love you."
Marisa Michaud $30.00 "Good luck Kaity! "
linda antczak $25.00 "Good Luck and most of all have fun!!!"
Anonymous $10.00 "good luck and have fun racing Mike!"
Lauren Klein $50.00 "Good luck Kaity! "
Fam. Zimmermann $50.00 "Liebe Stephanie, Wir wünschen Euch viel Erfolg! Herzliche Grüße aus Köln Charly, Elke, Marc und Anke"
Stephanie Mansolino $10.00 "You rock sista!"
Tang Tat $100.00 "On behalf of my father, Tang Tat. Dad has passed away, but his spirit will always be there to help!"
Jill Maloney $50.00 "Great cause! Proud of you, Kaity"
Anonymous $10.00 "Good Luck ..... Mike"
Staci Klein $20.00 "Go Jukes!"
RUSSELL BALDOCCHI $20.00 "GO Christina!!!"
Sharon Boyd $25.00 "Thanks for the girly bike clinic Lisa! :-) "
Nathan Hamilton $25.00 "Sweaty!"
Tiffany Jones $25.00 "Run, Christina Hanson, run! Oh yah, swim and bike too!"
Jamie Silberberger $25.00 "Go Christina!! "
Axel Heitkamp $150.00 "Hi Stephanie, Helga and I very much appreciate your engagement in the Active Network Team San Diego. To support the CAF idea and spirit is great! We wish you and your team good luck and successful activities! Best wishes to your parents as well! Axel"
noelle villanueva $25.00 "Awesome cause! So proud of you xoxo"
KIM & STEVE THAYER $100.00 "Lauren, We are a SO PROUD OF YOU and know you will do a great job!!! We will be sending you 'Good Vibes' during your event, to help you achieve your goal!!! Good luck sweetheart!!! Love always, Mom & Dad"
Robin Passa $500.00 "Kaity: We are so very proud to suport your efforts for such a worthy cause. Our prayer will be with you and sen our love!! Les and Robin"
Doug and Fabienne Silverman $50.00 "Go Jukes!!"
Dani Oliver $20.00 "Hi Lisa - thanks for the AMAZING bike clinic!!!! changed everything for me. - Dani"
robert lee $50.00 "Good Luck Cece"
Anton Woolf $200.00 "We are so proud of you!! Love, Anton, Rach, Hannah, Samz"
Katya Mansurova $20.00 "Those gluten-free vegan donuts are the best! I am so happy to have you on my Tri team! Good luck on Sunday."
Katya Mansurova $20.00 "Lisa, thank you for the amazing bike clinic! "
Angela Basham $15.00 "Good luck Katya!"
Eve Marsh $40.00 "Go Rachel Go! "
Sharon and Dirk L. Hudson $25.00 "Lindsey, You will always come in first with us! Mom and Dad Hudson"
Christine Ta $50.00 "So proud of all your accomplishments thus far! Go luck on the day of your race!!! "
Katya Mansurova $50.00 "Christine, you are my best motivator, supporter, and chearleader. I wouldn't be able to do this without you. I am sorry you are not able to do the Tri this year - but there is always next year! I promise to do it with you then. "
Sapna Dalal $15.00 "All the very best Katya!"
Maura Hudson $25.00 "Miranda and Quinn love their Auntie Lindsey! Go Linds go!!!"
Karyn Benson $15.00 "Good Luck Heather!"
Ian Donkey Kong II Forrest $20.00 "Good luck Heather Campbell!"
Charlton Ting $25.00 "Good luck Heather! Rock it!"
Marie and Rob Modini $25.00 "Good Luck Heather! You are simply an amazing person doing amazing things for other amazing people! You should be very proud!!!"
Shruti Bhakta $20.00 "Good luck! You will do great! "
Christine Kuta $50.00 "I am so proud of you!!! Being a fitness instructor, I support any cause that enables challenged individuals to execute healthy and safe work-outs!!! I look up to your efforts and strength.. You are an amazing Athlete, and I wish you the very best this weekend!!!! Kick Butt!!!!"
Nikki Shum $50.00 "Good luck Linds! I'm proud of you for supporting a good cause and being an awesome athlete."
Rick and Cynthia Bennetts $100.00 "Great job, Rachel. We are so proud of you! Mom and Dad"
Louise Hardy $50.00 "Karen Great cause !! Great job !! Love, Mom and Dad"
David Warren $300.00 "Rachel - Excellent job on your race! Your family and friends are proud of you! And hats off to you and all your racing buddies for supporting a good cause!"
Jesse Starr $25.00 "Congrats Christina, great job!!! "
izzak brassea Hidden "Great event last night!! Thank you!!"
Jenner Boyle $100.00 "We love you Christina! Xoxo Brian & Jenner "
WEITING LIN $50.00 "Stephanie well done at triathlon!!! You're awesome!!!!"
Karin Scholz-Konrad Hidden "Hallo Stephanie weiterhin viel erfolg "
Stephanie Forst $250.00 "Thanks to my parents, Susi&Winfred, Toni&Liz, Reinhard&Heidrun for supporting me throughout my first Triathlon experience! It's been an unforgettable and amazing experience! Huge thanks to Active Team who made my stay at this company soooo special! I'll miss you!"
Brooke Bamford $50.00 "Very proud of you!!! Hopefully we can come and watch you in action next year!!!"
Glenn Maddocks $25.00 "The best cause... Great work Les :) "
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