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Team Keating 2009
Racing for Re$earch!
Team Keating 2008...be a part of Team Keating 2009!

Lung Cancer is the deadliest cancer. It kills more people than breast, prostate, colon, kidney, melanoma, cervical & ovarian cancers COMBINED. Yet it is the most drastically underfunded of all the major cancers.

Please join Team Keating in our fourth annual Chicago Lung Run and help us raise desperately needed research funding. Over the past three years we've raised a total of over $50,000! This year's goal is ambitious, but with your help we're confident that we will be able to meet, and even exceed $20,000.

On July 24, 2009, Suzy Keating lost her battle. She had been fighting her stage IV diagnosis since September 2005. While she lived WAY beyond the average statistical survival expectancy - to her family and friends, it could never have been long enough. Her doctors at Rush Medical Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center were aggressive and innovative—but the fact remains that thre is just not enough known about this devastating disease. As public funding is nearly non-existant versus other major cancers, the researchers are rely on private funding. Thank you for giving generously.

To participate in the race click "register for this event" at the top of the page; to set up your own fundraising page (both you and Team Keating will be credited with the funds) click "join this fundraising team". And by all means, please make a contribution in the box at the upper right. It's tax deductible and you'll receive an email confirmation and receipt right away.

We hope to have a big crowd to honor Suzy in Lincoln Park Saturday September 12, 2009. We hope you can join us.

Total Donations Collected:$28,399.00
Goal: $20,000
$0 142% $20,000
The 2009 Chicago 5K Lung Run raises awareness of lung cancer, the leading cancer killer in the U.S., and raises much-needed funds for lung cancer research. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Lung Oncologists Group in Chicago (LOGIC), a consortium of Chicago-based oncologists conducting cutting-edge lung cancer research, and lung cancer research through the Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago.

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