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The Ogle Team
Helping more special needs children find their homes.
As many of you know we added a new member to the Ogle family in 2007. His name is James Paul William and we call him Paul William. We adopted Paul William in China in June 2007. Paul William turned 3 years old on July 4th, 2007. With a birth date like that he HAD to become an American citizen, which he did when he entered the United States on June 27th, 2007. Paul William was born in Wuhan China. He was abandoned on the street in front of the Wuhan hospital when he was only 4 days old. Paul William was born without a right forearm or hand. He was termed "special needs". We call it his "superpower". Brittany's Hope Foundation arranges for grants for special needs children to help offset the expense of their adoption. Children from around the world benefit from their efforts every year. We feel very strongly about the great work they do and hope that everyone who reads this will contribute to their cause of helping find homes for the "special needs" orphans around the world. Paul William's adoption is complete and paid for. All of the money raised through this website will go to Brittany's Hope Foundation. We nor Paul William will receive any funds. We are doing this out of our desire to help other children find homes. Please help in any way you can. Thank you and God Bless, The Ogle Family

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This year's annual Walk of Love is dedicated to the 143 million children living in orphanages, foster care, on the streets and in child-headed households (Unicef, 2006, The State of the World). The world is facing an orphan care crisis caused by war, poverty, unstable governments, and AIDS. These precious children are abandoned to the injustices and evil of this world, falling victim to predators, disease and an endless cycle of pain and hopelessness. The Apostle John wrote, “Let us not love with words only...but with actions.”

Our theme this year, “Lifting Orphans’ Voices Everywhere” reflects our commitment to action and love towards these abandoned little ones. We need your help to break the cycle of hopelessness! The funds we raise will help abandoned children find loving families and bring necessities and comfort to those sweet children who never leave the orphanage or streets of their native lands. Please open your heart and consider contributing today!

Thank you for giving from your heart and “loving with action.”
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