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2014 IRONMAN Lake Placid - MMRF PowerTeam
Power To Make The Difference

One person can reach out to hundreds of their friends, family members and co-workers to ask for support in raising thousands of dollars to help fund important research in multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. The MMRF supports research that is extending lives, getting patients to trials 60% faster than the industry average, and accelerating a cure. One person can take something that they love - running, cycling, swimming - and use that passion to do something very powerful.

These fundraising campaigns work because of the power of many. Many people contribute whatever they can. Before long, many smaller donations combine to help our team members achieve their fundraising goals. Together, many athletes can unite to reach the team fundraising goal and make a huge impact.

The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of people with multiple myeloma and lead to a cure.

Since its inception in 1998, the MMRF has raised more than $225 million, making it the world's leading private funder of myeloma research to deliver new treatments to patients faster.

The work of the MMRF contributed to the FDA approval of six new drugs for multiple myeloma in less then a decade – a track record unparalleled in oncology. Due to their success in myeloma, these same drugs are now being explored as potential treatments for more than 30 other cancers.

Please support our PowerTeam members as they tap into their power to make the difference in the lives of cancer patients.

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Total Donations: $313,144

Goal: $600,000

$0 52% $600,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Heidi Germain $50.00 "Let's get started! I know you will train hard and do well:-) "
Terry Whitington $150.00 "I am always happy to help with your endeavors."
Angela Fulton $50.00 "See Liv run. And Bike. And Swim."
Debbie Squizzero $25.00 "Go Dave! I am SO proud of you! "
Mary Salvadore Goodison $25.00 "David, You are an inspiration! You have an incredible amount of dedication! Enjoy every minute of this race! We are thinking of you and will be cheering you on! Make sure Diane keeps posting updates the day of the race! Mary & Richard"
Laura Rodman Hidden "For Jane and Laurie and your friend Jean"
Bill McGonagle $50.00 "Ride on Larry! Well chosen cause to raise funds for. My wife just walked through the experience of having breast cancer."
Beth and Jay Falkner $500.00 "Larry- I met you 2 years ago running a 13.1, a powerhouse runner with all the numbers to prove it! Decided to try a TRI- sprint, then the following year( this year) not one but 2 70.3 as well as a bunch of other races. Your determination is endless and your love for others effortless. Taking on the ultimate 140.6 is awesome and grueling at the same time! Doing this in honor of Jeanie and her family makes me speechless-- you and she are a lot alike:) I look forward to riding, swimming and jogging with you when you need someone to train with( on your slow days)- I also want to thank Amy and your boys. This challenge will require endless hours of training and time away from family but the end result- a possible cure for MM and completion of 140.6 all worth it. Love, The Falkner Family-- supporting Larry honoring Jeanie!"
Leah Shuldiner $25.00 "Best of luck from the Shuldiners, Cris, Leah, David and Betta"
Bernice Drobnis Hidden "To support Laura's son in his fund raising effort and hoping a cure is found for both Jean and Jane!"
Lynne Rothstein $50.00 "For the cure and special honor of Jean and Jane."
Janet & Dan Dubner Hidden "In honor of Jane and Jeanie. Here's to finding a cure! Janet & Dan"
Marjorie Loyer Hidden "GO LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are proud to support you in this worthwhile endeavor! Warmly, Margi & Roger"
Jane Tobin $50.00 "Great work David!"
Laurie Mindlin Hidden "It is one small step for man. One giant bikeride for mankind! Thanks for helping to heal the world. Laurie Mindlin"
Wanda Rpyte Hidden "Larry, I'm a member of your mother's book club. This contribution is in honor of my dear friend (and book club member) Jane Nahabidian. Thanks so much for all your efforts. Wanda"
Pete & Kathleen Aplikowski $100.00 "Good luck! (you are crazy)"
Matthew Hurley $50.00 "Good luck John. I'm proud of you!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Best Wishes for your fundraising events."
Richard Corbett $500.00 "Go Dave!!!"
Rachel Bard $36.00 "you go get 'em Larry! proud to be your sis-in-law"
judy will $100.00 "It's such a privilege to help in a very small way. Both Priscilla and Megan are wonderful women who are very important to me."
Lou Ann Botsford $25.00 "Go DAVID TOBIN!!!"
John & Dee Goodrich $100.00 "Keep up the good work."
dave denton $50.00 "Good Luck Rick."
David Bass $25.00 "Matt- So glad you are doing this. I know you will do a great job in Lake Placid next year."
Robin Rath $25.00 "You go Angela!!! What a good cause!"
Elizabeth Griswold $100.00 "Rick, I know you will make it, and do very well! I am very proud of you and happy to help even in a small way!! Betsy"
Alicia Green $10.00 "Yay Dave!!!!"
Sarah Navin $25.00 "Best of luck!! You'll do great!!"
Wendy Okafuji $140.60 "Lisa, you're awesome! (Eric, you're kinda of awesome too). Good luck with the training! XXXOOO Mike & Wendy "
Sarita Fage $50.00 "So proud of you...good luck! :)"
Mark Ludwig $140.60 "Go Paul, we're behind you 100%!!"
John/Alice Harris $250.00 "We're behind you all the way!"
Deanna Coderre $25.00 "Good luck, Angel !!"
Eric Ludwig $194.90 "Finish in the top 10% Bub, for Dad and Peggy. Here them giving you encouragement when you don't think you have anything left."
Melissa Wasko $25.00 "So excited for you, Matt! I know if anyone can do this, it's YOU!"
Larry Aley $140.60 "I've got your back! Train hard and crush it Lefty!"
Barbara Gurne Hidden "Good cause. Go Chris! Barb and Brian"
Sally Kohut $25.00 "Go Matt!!!!! You ROCK!!! You are an inspiration! "
Jane & Doug Ellinghaus Hidden "Good cause . . great guy . . our "Ironman"!!!!"
John Baker $50.00 "This is sick."
Philip Baker $50.00 "Work hard now, or it will GET hard then."
Chris Nielsen $250.00 "We believe in you, John! Go for it! Love, Levatas"
Marcia Barone Hidden "I'm so proud of you Chris. You are amazing!"
Daniel Palmer $100.00 "Rock on, Larry! You ARE Ironman!! "
James Gould $100.00 "Good luck with the training and great cause!"
Debra Young Hidden "Stay strong Chris and Good Luck!!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck, Chris!"
Siri Vollan Hidden "Thoughts and prayers for your mom, and for the rest of your family. God's blessings, Siri"
Annie & Peter Mathisen $100.00 "I love you, and your mom, and am excited to be any wee, little part of you reaching your goals. You are literally the walking (running) evidence of the legacy of your mom's strength and love and an inspiration to me in more ways than I can articulate."
Claire Langford $50.00 "Awesome, Chris! I am donating to your quest and this great cause in memory of an old childhood friend, Bill Bowling, who died of this awful disease at the age of 46 in 2001. "
Bob and Sadj Bartolo $50.00 "Keep us posted on how the training is going. Bob and Sadj"
John Nedd Hidden "You Go Gurl"
Megan Haikes $25.00 "Good luck, Matt!"
Amanda Thomas $50.00 "Matt, What you are doing is so inspiring. I wish you the best of luck and I know you will do awesome!"
Lisa Frick $140.60 "From Mischa and Ozzy - we are so excited and happy when we see our man master. We want him to stay healthy forever so he can keep taking us for walks!"
Joy Ellinghaus $100.00 "You are such an inspiration. Have a great fun for a fantastic cause! Much love... Joy, Jon & LC"
Dennis & Judy Jackson $100.00 "Good Luck Chris!"
Liza and Joel Gibson $100.00 "Love you all!!!"
Michelle Matis $100.00 "Happy Birthday! Go get 'em IronWOMAN!!"
Marci Baker $100.00 "WOW, Go Jaclyn!!!! Hope you have a fantastic Birthday!"
Don Ochsenreiter $100.00 "Go Jaclyn - you are my inspiration!"
Chelsea McCullough $50.00 "Good luck!! "
Paul Locks $25.00 "Good luck Matt!!!"
Rebecca Roby $50.00 "Happy Birthday Jaclyn! Good luck with your training. Hope to see you again soon! Becky & Russ (and the KE Orlando-based mascots - Kona and Stella!)"
Marc Mone $100.00 "Lisa, We look forward to positive results and continued breakthrough's in MMRF research and in your quest for another Ironman finish. We would like to also acknowledge Eric's courage to continue to fight through multiple myeloma and wish him continued success in the years to come. Great job Lisa and Eric! Marc & Marcie"
Jim Calvey $40.00 "Thank you for what you are doing Matt!"
Matthew Byrne $250.00 "Go get'em , Mattie!"
Mark Hanna $25.00 "Matt, you are an amazing person. I remember meeting you at your first marathon and now you are training for an Ironman. Most importantly, while doing these events you are helping many people."
Kim Pike $20.00 "Good luck. My stepdad died from multiple myloma so this is a cause close to my heart. I wish you luck!"
Gina LeClair $25.00 "Good Luck Stephanie! This is a great thing to do. "
Margaret Knupp $100.00 "Best of the luck! The Knupp's"
Tara Amato $50.00 "Best of luck Dmitry!"
Valerie Cowart $25.00 "Go Larry!!!!!! Thank you for doing this!!!!!! God bless!!!!!"
Suzanne Murphy $50.00 "Wow! You are such an inspiration....many women your age are scaling it back and you keep scaling it up. Best of luck!"
Anonymous $30.00 "Thanks for the help at timberman! good luck!"
Brian Wilson $25.00 "Just thought I'd get the ball rolling, expect more in the future!"
Rhiannon Trautmann $20.00 "Good luck Robert!!"
Alicia Chase $25.00 "Erin, make sure to re-post this every month or so. I'll donate again when I'm back to work this fall."
Victor Acosta $10.00 "Getting myself going with the first $10 to research!"
Alison Sherwood $10.00 "Go Vic, go! <3"
Jamie Chaloff $140.60 "Best wishes for happy and safe training! Enjoy it all!!!!"
John Privett $400.00 "Go Gracie!"
Janice Bessler $100.00 "You are awesome!"
Diane & Dave Miller $100.00 "Good luck with the Ironman and thank you for fighting cancer"
pa matthews $100.00 "Martin, Gods Speed in your upcoming triathlon. From, Legacy Homes Triathlon Club"
Frederick Gibbs $140.60 "Cheering you on from afar, Larry!"
Serpil Ertop $50.00 "Good luck!"
Kathryn Leighton $200.00 "Good Luck! I'm a friend of Kevin, so I'm rooting for you."
Andreas Kalisperis Hidden "Good Luck Eric. "
Melissa Swoope $25.00 "So proud of you! Good luck!"
Joseph Romano Hidden "Go get 'em E. Poole. Think about you tons. Pride Pride Lions Pride"
Tonja Elcome $25.00 "Keep living strong Erik"
Lori Cutuli $25.00 "Thank you Jake for making a difference. The Cutulis"
Cameron Merrill $150.00 "Grace, Can't wait to see this, hopefully in person again. You're going to do so well. Way to committ and sign up for this. Keep smiling, it's contagious. All our love, CAM & Brooke Merrill"
Andrew & Megan Baer & Moynihan $100.00 "Megan and I greatly admire your determination and discipline. We often share your story - from 5K to Ironman - and now your commitment to MMRF. Thank You! AB & MM"
Frank Gibbs $25.00 "We'll be rooting for you! Good luck in raising the donations and in the triathlon!"
Stephanie Lear $40.00 "Good Luck!!"
joseph sequenzia $200.00 "WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Go BOBBYRED!!"
Samantha Neil $25.00 "Way to go, Stephani!!!!"
Melanie Borsari $26.20 "Dave - You are going to rock this!"
Charlotte Jamar $50.00 "Much respect!"
Becky & Ralph Martinez $100.00 "Dylan, so excited you're doing this and will make a difference in many lives as everyone's efforts are combined! We love you!"
Todd Norton $20.00 "Good Luck Stephi!"
steven kussin $250.00 "Jake...Ironman. Go out there and fight for fitness You will help eradicate cancer and assist those who suffer from it."
Cindy Deugo Johnson $25.00 "You make a difference Chris. Thanks for taking on this challenge and supporting the fight against cancer. "
John Basta $140.60 "Good luck Jake! Work hard and when you think you have done enough, dig deeper!"
Richard Fortuna $50.00 "Dave Good Luck, let me know the deadline, I am good for another $50.00 if you need it for your goal of 5K. "
Land First, Inc. $1,000.00 "Jake: Thank you for fighting the good fight. We are all proud of you and your efforts. Keep up the great training and own Lake Placid!"
Reagan Irving $25.00 "Go Chris Go! Good luck!! Reagan, Dan, Patrick & Elizabeth"
Will and Jane Nicklas $150.00 "Yay Grace!"
YANNICK DI MONDO $100.00 "All the best Ray for this great challenge - from a sports & human perspective ! "
David Hayes $25.00 "Go for it Dave!"
Leo Sheridan $100.00 "Good luck, Chris!"
Jacqueline Quiles-Morales $25.00 "You can do it!"
Brian Kinney $50.00 "You got this dude! SHIP IT!"
Andrew Hertz $250.00 "Go girl, you rock! This is our contribution in honor of Mike and Wendy's big day!"
James Mathis Hidden "I agree...go get em Marc."
Patricia McCord Hidden "WOO HOO! Go Marc...best of luck training for IMUSA! Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight."
Ellen Sinreich $50.00 "You go GIRL! Very impressive Meghan - what a great goal in all ways."
Aron and Liz Weidhorn Hidden "Go Chris!"
Sharon House $25.00 "Keep going Jake. You are awesome!"
Donna Viscosi $50.00 "We hope you exceed your goal and enjoy your triathlon next summer :D"
Joe Harper $50.00 "Wishing the "Grand Poobah" much success in reaching his all of his goals. "
Christy and Jaime Brito $50.00 "Dylan- Go go go- great cause- keep up the good work- Love Aunt Christy and Uncle Jaime- I am also doing employer match on Thursday- Thank you Dylan and thanks to your great cause for others-"
Tom and Linda Waild $50.00 "Jake, Swim like a fish, Bike like a fool, Run like the wind. Just be safe.... Good luck! Tom and Linda"
the grogins $50.00 "proud of you Jamie"
Elizabeth Crawley $25.00 "Go Superman!!!"
John Clark $50.00 "Thank you Larry for honoring my niece Jean. God Bless You. Aunt Sue & Uncle John"
Chris and Kathleen Campbell $50.00 "Thanks so much for supporting Jean! Good luck in your race!"
Melissa Delfino $25.00 "Proud of you Matt! Best of luck!! "
Priscilla Petta $50.00 "Good luck Steph!"
cindy Deugo Johnson $25.00 "Your mom was awesome...what you are doing for her memory is remarkable! "
Debbie Johns $140.60 "Bob & I knew your Mom before she & your Dad moved to NC, although only briefly. This is such an amazing tribute to her!"
Tyler & Hunter Keim $140.60 "We miss you Mee-maw! Dad you've got this! "
Maryam & Pat McShea $50.00 "Go MIke! I lost a friend to PPC last year. Your mom would be proud."
James Gould $140.60 "Good luck with your training and excellent cause! "
Jeff Coburn $50.00 "Good Luck Paul!!!"
The Podolskys Hidden "Yeah, Dave!!! "
Mike & Maria Waters $140.60 "Sorry to hear of your loss. What an awesome way to honor your mom!"
Joe Annese $100.00 ""just do it" Joe, T, Joey & Mark"
Michael Keim $140.60 "Paul, I will wait for you at the finish line!"
christopher broering $140.60 "mike, glad to see you are still racing triathlon, and for a great cause. miss your mom, always thought of her as a 2nd mother. hope you and your family are doing well. all the best. take care. "
Mark & Sue Donnelly $200.00 "This sounds like the perfect tribute to your mom. We'll be cheering for you!"
Sherri Gockley Hidden "Good Luck Matt."
Ron and Nancy Kurz $150.00 "This donation is being made in honor of Wendy Okafuji and Mike Hurtado and in celebration of their recent marriage."
Elin Schran $50.00 "So excited that you're doing this! YOU ROCK!! "
KATHLEEN EVANS $100.00 "Uncle Joe and I will be cheering you on from afar as we follow all your blogs with your updates and milestones."
shayna burgher $50.00 "Larry, So excited and inspired by you!!"
Erin McPhee $1,500.00 "Go Lisa! You are such an amazing support for Eric! We are so proud of you both! Love -The Hofacket's"
Nancy Galek $50.00 "Good Luck Steph!"
Margaret Ventullo $25.00 "David you are awesome!!!! A true hero to many."
Chris Ellinghaus $200.00 "On behalf of the employees of AT&T Corp located in Oakton VA. "
Anonymous $20.00 "In honor of Elaine Z."
Joel and Diane Wilson $50.00 "What a great thing to do! Good luck with your training. Joel & Diane"
Daniel Gerrig $140.60 "Mike, what a great tribute to your Mother! We are honored to contribute to this very worthy cause. We are cheering for you both in your race to reach your fund raising goal and for your performance in the Ironman! Warmest regards, The Gerrig Family."
Hadwigis Talbert $50.00 "you can do it Chris... we're cheering for you, Vickie and Oliver"
James "Terry" White $50.00 "Thank you for supporting my beautiful sister-in-law, Larry!"
Michael Haskell $100.00 "Good luck,"
Linda Flohrs $100.00 "Megan, good for you, doing an Ironman. You got your strength and endurance from your mom, a beautiful strong willed woman. Go Priscilla, Go Megan!!!"
Jennifer Shultz $25.00 "May you have a safe and healthy training season filled with support from friends and family! Best of luck fundraising for a good cause! "
Kelly Geppi $50.00 "Good luck fundraising and racing!! You'll kill both!! "
Alan Jones $250.00 "Matt this is a very generous undertaking you are doing for a cause dear to me... Debbie and I want to make this contribution to say thank you for this effort. By-the-way, you have an amazing girlfriend cheering for you!"
Christina Murakami $25.00 "Good luck, Matt!"
Kate Lipp Hidden "I'm so proud of you....congratulations in advance! Love you"
Corrin McCarthy $50.00 "Jamie you continue to Inspire us and the GR community!!! Best Corrin and Mike"
Conrad Teitell $100.00 "Meghan, you are an IronWoman with a determination of steel and a heart of gold! Cheers, Conrad"
Carollyn Finegold $50.00 "My oldest friend's husband has been battling MM for 7 years. Such a worthy cause. Good luck Jamie!"
Jeff & Kim Williams $50.00 "Good Luck Jamie!"
Daniel Sullivan $140.60 "Good luck with that calf!! Let me know if you need a running partner (ha ha). It's an honor to help for a great cause."
Mary Tiernan $140.60 "<3 x 140.6 x 5,000 x infinity "
nadine Simmons $50.00 "Good luck"
Michele Marsden $50.00 "Good Luck Jennifer!!!!"
drew weber Hidden "Kristine Great job. I think it's a terrific achievement. Love Uncle Drew"
Stefani Colonnelli $100.00 "Good Luck!! So so proud of you!! -Stef"
Erik Meijer $250.00 "BOOM"
tracey keffer $50.00 "Eric, what a wonderful tribute to your mom and others with cancer. I love and miss your mom so much. Keep up the good work so one day no one will have to go through the pain and suffering of cancer. "
Kristin Kane $50.00 "Good luck! "
Philip and Kelly Winston $100.00 "You rock! Cheering for you and your mom."
Thang Nguyen $150.00 "Great cause for an incredible woman!"
Michael Zecker $35.00 "Run, Robert! Run! You are a True Hero!"
Marilyn Adams $140.60 "Have a great race!!!"
carol taylor Hidden "Great Job !!! So proud of your commitment !!!! x0x0x0x0"
Chad and Debbie Szumylo $100.00 "You and your mom are an inspiration! So glad to be even a little part of this. Go Meg! "
Ryan and Kyle leisure Hidden "Best of luck Coach Keim!"
Jeffrey Larson $100.00 "Meg, you are so AWESOME for doing not only the Ironman but all that you are doing for your Mom! She is in our prayers as are you and your family. Our love is with you! Jeff, Christina, Claire and Anna"
Don Studebaker $200.00 "This is great thing to do and I wish you the best of luck. Train hard and play harder!"
Erich and Joy Davis $100.00 "You are incredible- go Meg!"
Dean & Kim Askew $140.60 "What a great way to honor your Mom, Mike! The Askew clan are huge fans of you and your goal...good luck training and we know you will "rock the race!" :)"
Jamie Paz $250.00 "So proud of you Meg and your beautiful mom!! xo"
marcia broering $50.00 "Happy to contribute for this great cause. Best of luck."
john peana $50.00 "Go Dmitry Go !!!"
naomi ono $100.00 "You are an inspiration to us. Gambatte!"
Terry Sue Bowman Hidden "Good Luck Chris! This is a wonderful race you are doing"
Paul Ludwig $140.60 "On your heels Bro, don't stop at that next drink station !!!"
Dianne Skiles $25.00 "Thanks for all your forthcoming hard work towards such a good cause. I know we all know someone who is or has been affected by cancer! My Best Wishes to you and hope to see you when you visit FL. "
David Kayal $100.00 "Just man up and do Ultramarathons. Ironmans are overated"
William Kannawin $140.60 "Your mother was a very special person"
Robert C. Lawrence III $100.00 "Meghan - A very worth cause. Cheers!"
John Kaufman $100.00 "Go Meghan! All the best. John Kaufman"
Dorris Danner $75.00 "What a great cause; glad to support you, Chris!"
Kim & Ken Sixbury $100.00 "Good luck Jamie!!"
Kevin Maxey $300.00 "Good luck Tim"
Robert and Janice Hosier $250.00 "We know that your Dad would be very proud of you. We'll be cheering you on at the Iron Man next year. "
Rebecca McKnight $100.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Judith Apshago Hidden "This is an impresssive and admirable goal - good luck!!"
bill white $100.00 "Your dad would be proud Tim"
Michelle Prodywus $25.00 "What a wonderful thing to do in honor of your Dad. Good luck, Tim!"
Stephanie and David Weigelt $100.00 "Watching you in the Ironman last time was so inspiring but knowing you are doing it for such an amazing cause will make it even more incredible this time. We're going to have to come up with an even better t-shirt design:) You will be in our prayers as you prepare, Tim."
Isabel, Dick, Rick, Rusty Aldrich Hidden "Meghan, Finish Strong!! Best The Aldrich Family"
Christopher Leonard $100.00 "Great charity and glad you are back at it. Good Luck and Have FUN!!!"
Sheree & Keith Winans $50.00 "Thank you for all of your hard work for this wonderful cause! "
Brad Bombardier $10.00 "Go Dave Go!"
Fans of Sinful Squares $75.00 "In support of Jeanie and Larry!"
Linda/Terry Bard Hidden "We are very proud of your commitment and dedication to MMRF. Go Larry!!"
Patrick Bevilacqua Hidden "Good luck! "
Doug Elmer $50.00 "Good luck, Poole!"
Karen Campos $25.00 "Go Larry GO"
Anonymous $100.00 "Happy Birthday! So very proud of you!"
Paul and Jacki Huot $25.00 "Happy Birthday Chris!"
Janice Annese $100.00 "Good luck, David! Love you, Auntie Jan and Uncle Pat"
Liam Carlson $25.00 "We love you! "
Rick Wadsworth $100.00 "Jeremy is making a difference and we need to make a difference by donating to a great cause."
Eduardo Sobrino $50.00 "On behalf of Xi Chapter, Enjoy the journey to the full IM distance."
Michael Woody Hidden "Good luck Poole!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck Coach!"
Ryan Whitten $100.00 "Tri or Die! Good Luck Buddy!"
Angela Poco $50.00 "John, you are AWESOME! So proud of you - anything you set your mind to you do!"
Colleen Tolan $10.00 "Good luck Matt!!"
Tom and Liz Stewart $50.00 "So proud of you Dave!"
Amanda Nauman Hidden "Good luck!"
Bill ODonnell Hidden "Good luck - great cause. Go get 'em!"
Edwin Navarro $50.00 "Lysa I am proud of you, keep going at your goals . You are an inspiration to others"
Ryan Frost Hidden "Good luck man I miss you and really need to get the band back together again soon! "
irish alvarez $50.00 "Hi Lisa, you are already a champion for raising money for a good cause. Good luck."
Amy Hale $30.00 "Good luck Jeremy!!! You can do it!!"
Joan O'Donnell $25.00 "Happy Belated Birthday Christopher! Love, Nanny"
Linh Do $100.00 "Go get em Bill!!! What a great cause to compete for!"
Nancy Reid $25.00 "Good luck John, Jim and I are rooting for you! Jim was a marathoner and triathlete back in the day!! "
priscilla aguirre $25.00 "good luck!"
Anonymous $140.60 "A wonderful cause and an amazing feat of mental and physical endurance. You are a rare breed. Thank you!"
Joni Montroy $250.00 "Good luck Jeremy! "
GREGORY HILLYARD $100.00 "Good luck Eric. This is a great tribute to your mother!!"
Stephen Bustos $25.00 "I wish I could donate more Lisa but given my current situation...this is what I could afford. Looking forward to seeing you at IMAZ next month. :-)"
Doug Young Hidden "Thanks for raising money for such a great cause."
doug young Hidden "Thanks for raising money for such a great cause."
rolfe baltzer Hidden "Good Luck Rick"
Dannette Craft $100.00 "Good luck Lisa! I am behind you 110%!"
Ted & April Weismann $100.00 "Go Larry! I'm looking forward to talking to you about your training, following it, and (hopefully) being there!"
Chris Ellinghaus $25.00 "On behalf of Bridget Sponsler"
Joe & Paula Pautler $100.00 "Good luck Danny Boy!!"
Doug and Lisa Durham $140.60 "Good luck Mike!"
Lisa Trapasso $100.00 "IM Motivation ... never ceasing to amaze ... to 2014!!! "
susan surdyk $50.00 "DAN--I am honored to know such a very special young man with such committment. GODSPEED!!!! Susan Surdyk"
Jennifer Skevington $30.00 "Awesome Idea Dan! Good luck and fast thoughts!"
Gary & Cheryl Randolph $50.00 "It's easy to believe in you, Dan!"
Elizabeth Walker $250.00 "Dan, My mom died of multiple myeloma 15 years ago and I still miss her every day! The triathlon is the day after my birthday so I will be thinking of you! Glad to help you reach your goal. Beth "
Angie Sibert $50.00 "Great Idea Brian. Good Luck!!!!"
Ron and Peg Weiers $140.60 "Good luck, Mike. We know Carol is proud for every mile you train and compete in her honor."
Greg Novortny $140.60 "Your Nuts Liver man!!!!!!!!! 26,,,50,,,100...where does it end?"
Christopher Sorrentino $50.00 "I believe in you big guy!"
Nicole Luisi $50.00 "Good luck! :)"
Anonymous $500.00 "Let's do all we can to help cure this disease. "
lon Rosenblum Hidden "Good luck Dan!! love, the Rosenblums"
jeffrey kaliner $140.60 "party my house july 28th, perfect...."
Stacey Lutkowski Hidden "Good luck!!"
Brad and Julie Pogachefsky $100.00 "Good luck and have fun!!"
Bruce & Nadine Clipson $100.00 "Train hard, best of Luck Goal is to one day conquer this terrible disease that has taken so many loved ones"
Jen, Paul, Tucker, Dallas Paul $500.00 "The Wolfson's are right behind you and hiding in your suitcase for the trip to Kona. We love you Uncle Dan!"
Eric Cohen $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Naomi Laing $100.00 "Way to go, Dave! We hope your training is going well."
Michele Alcazar $100.00 "Kristine, Barbara K. told me about the amazing challenge you are taking on toward the fight against cancer. I was so moved I wanted to contribute....keep the fight going!"
Carol Battista $20.00 "Dan - We are so very proud of you - what a great cause you are supporting. So happy to contribute to this. The Battistas"
Pei Chen Hidden "Good Luck!"
Donna Walczak $500.00 "Hi Danny - I mentioned your particpation in this Iron Man event to a few pharmaceutical clients who are developing drugs for multiple myeloma, and they were happy to contribute to your efforts! est wishes and good luck in attaining your goals. DDW "
Paula Bulger $250.00 "Danny, Good luck, train hard and don't look back!!! Paula Cayuga Consulting"
walter jura $100.00 "Chris, very proud of your personal sacrifice and challenge you are undertaking for such a meaningful cause. I am glad to donate in your behalf. Best of luck. Walt."
Marc Specter $100.00 "In Memory of Becky The Dog"
Ryan Wing $250.00 "Proud of you brother! Wing"
Jay Albert $100.00 "Good luck, Dan! Jay & Joan Albert"
John Campbell $100.00 "Daniel, I wanted to donate and send a 'thank you' along to you. My wife Tara is best friends with your Asst-Principal Adrienne Blanton, and she passed along your charity link. Thank you for supporting this cause with your efforts and training on behalf of those suffering with MM. My father, John Campbell (III) has been battling the side effects, and treatments for MM since last November. While asymptomatic at the same time, they found that he had a crippling plasmacytoma (tumor) in his sacrum caused, which led them to discover the MM. A once very active (golf, fishing, dancing, kayaking) and newly retired State worker suddenly found himself unable to sit or walk comfortably after only a few months. I look forward to sharing this event with him so he can know that there are people out there that know about his disease and trying to make a difference. Safe training and Godspeed. Sincerely, John Campbell, IV"
Winston Magno $100.00 "Good luck!! Way to go, Lysa"
Dan Royce $500.00 "Nice to have a son who is my hero!"
Lyndsey Hastings $40.00 "Love you and good luck!"
Donald and Renee Ventrice $140.60 "Mike - such an awesome cause, we are more than happy to contribute. Renee and I have both had numerous family and friends pass away from various forms of cancer - in addition to your mother, we donate in honor of them as well. Keep kicking ass, we are with you every step of the way!!!! Don, Renee and Gino Ventrice"
William Menting $50.00 "Glad to help you help others. God bless....your folks are fortunate to have raised such a man. Thank you from a survivor. Bill"
Theresa Jordan $100.00 "Good Luck, BILL "
linda Shay $50.00 "Donald - Good Luck! "
Yevsey Davydov $50.00 "Good Luck!!!!!!!!!"
Dan and Stella Royce $50.00 "Thank you for your making your battle on the Ironman circuit the battle to defeat the Cancer Monster."
Terry Owsey $50.00 "Bill & Mary, Love one another and have no regrets. Love is the power base for all healing and trust that all things are possible with God. With Loving Thoughts, Terry King-Owsley "
Dave Amarasena $50.00 "Good Luck and pace yourself. "
Kavita Channe Hidden "DreamIt.DoIt. <3"
dudley hoskin Hidden "good luck big boy - stay on the bike !"
Thomas Rice $250.00 "good luck...great cause...I'd show up and watch you race myself, but I think the race coordinator would frown upon me dragging a cooler full of beer around for 140.6 miles...T. Rice-"
Allan Priest $50.00 "Best of luck in your efforts - great cause! "
Susan Brett $50.00 "Maria, You are an incredible woman. Best of Luck!"
Megan Hopps $200.00 "Good Luck Fiacco! Start training already!"
Dennis Di Marco $50.00 "It takes great courage, dedication and endurance to run the race which you exude. I am proud to be your co-worker andadmire your generous heart to a wonderful cause. Dennis"
Mark McGannon $500.00 " Hi Chris- we are honored to support such a worthwhile casue and your incredible dedication. Semper Fi, Mark McGannon and family"
michael magill $100.00 "Best of Luck! The Magill Family"
Dan Blackburn $100.00 "Best of luck to you G! What a great thing you're doing."
Dinesh Sharma $100.00 "Truly amazing. Have no idea how you can find time to do this. Requires a lot of courage and perseverance and given that you have done it once in the past, I know you will only do better this time. Good luck my friend"
Laura Capuano Hidden "Good Luck Garrett! Pls update us along the way..."
Kristin O'Brien Hidden "GOOD LUCK!!"
Jackie Kasher $140.60 "Go Bro!!!! We love you!"
Jessica Daily $20.00 "Best of luck with the fundraising and also the training!"
Joe & Anne Marie Redmond $250.00 "Good Luck from your support crew!!"
Jeff Hushaw $100.00 "Keep up the training and I look forward to you crossing the finish line at Lake Placid."
Janice McIntyre $25.00 "What an endeavor!!! Good Luck Chris..."
Chad Jarrah $50.00 "Good luck buddy!"
Vicki James Hidden "Brian, I went to school with both of your in-laws. I pray that they find a cure for this terrible cancer that has affected your father-in-law. Best of luck to you and I hope that you reach your goal. Vicki James"
Jeffrey Snelling $50.00 "Mark, thanks for making this race a fundraiser for the fight against cancer. I know your brother (and others) will be direct benefactors of your efforts. Go forth and KICK CANCERS BUTT!!!!! :-)"
David S Frank $250.00 "Chris - Your personal commitment to honor your friend, Patrick Comer, is very admirable. Best wishes as you train and execute!"
Ben Proctor $50.00 "Admirable, Chris. Wishing you much success in both the fundraising & the race itself. Look forward to celebrating with a couple cold ones in Dewey."
Sandy McGuire $100.00 "Chris - Best of luck in training & completing this awesome event! What a great cause! Best Wishes, Sandy McGuire"
Rick Armiger $100.00 "Great cause. Good luck hitting your goals and you'll find Ironman is a little easier when you train. Thanks for including me!"
Fred Schlotterback Hidden "Go get 'em Brian. It is a great thing you are doing for a great cause. Sorry to hear that Bill and his family are going through this terrible thing and am praying for the best possible results."
Eivind Naess $500.00 "Mark, I am very sorry to learn about your brother battling with cancer, and departing this world before you turn 50 is way too young. Miracles do happen and I do believe in miracles. I know from experience how difficult it is to balance family life with personal / competitive goals financially, and if you haven't meet your fundraising goal before June 01st next year; I'll contribute another $500. You are a true friend, and I will keep you and your brother in my prayers! Cheers, - Eivind"
Michele and Paul Grossman Hidden "Your awesome!! Good luck. We love you. xx Grossman Family"
Patti Bateman $100.00 "All of our love, thoughts and prayers are with Alan and your entire family. Good luck in your training Mark, this is such a worthy cause. Bless you!"
Bob Satko $250.00 "What horrible news my friend. I do know this, if he is half as strong as you are he will have a great chance at beating this. What you are doing for him is wonderful as only family can understand. When I found out my grandson has Fanconi Anemia (there is no cure) I thought my world had just ended. The poor little guy has many struggles in his future including a bone marrow transplant. Cancer is one of those words that doesn't mean a lot until a loved one has it. I'm sure many prayers will be said in his behalf. Keep up your hard work Ironman Casey! I'm in."
ZMAN and MJ Specter $281.20 "We love you Uncle Dan! Good luck!"
Shawn Davis $100.00 "Youre the man. Make this happen."
Sandra Baker $50.00 "So sorry I love you all. I also send my prayers for your whole family"
Heidi & Phil Kriss $140.60 "Dearest Mark, Words can't express the feelings that you go through in a life changing event such as this. We hope you know how much you are supported and loved by many. Your entire family is in our prayers and we will be here for you during this journey. Many hugs to you dear friend."
Kevin Julian $140.60 "Great cause! Good luck Garrett!"
Michelle Mowbray $100.00 "Strength has a stronger purpose! You are proving it!"
Doreen Manetta $50.00 "Good Luck Dave! Doreen and Ken"
Joseph Seminara $50.00 "Go get 'em Broseph"
Leslie Talansky $50.00 "Way to go Brad!"
Brian & Karen Courtney $200.00 "Good luck Brad!!!"
Estelle Randle $50.00 "Another Ironman? And for a great cause....Maria, you are amazing! I'm proud to have you as my friend! xx"
Tim Connors $250.00 "What a great cause and great challenge! Good luck Garrett! "
Tammy Budge $20.00 "Love the Casey family!"
Michael Lacombe $25.00 "Mark my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family."
kevin murphy $750.00 "Best of luck Chris! After personally witnessing your struggles during a 13.1 mile run earlier this year, I can only imagine how tough the training will be for you over the next 8 months. Congratulations on raising money for such an important cause! Murph"
PETE DARKE $100.00 "Chris....best of luck! I know you will crush it and it is a touching and powerful tribute to your friend! All our best! The Darke Family"
Sherri Yelen $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Will Reed $25.00 "Will Reed"
Miles for Myeloma Charity Bike Ride $165.00 "Miles for Myeloma Donators: Tony H., Tom, Matt M., Tommy A., Amber A., Heather R., Blaine S., Pam M., Erik O., Natalie M."
Laura Anzalone $100.00 "Good Luck Brad!"
Christopher Horn $140.60 "Go Uncle Dave! Chris, Lauren, and Ella."
Julie Dabeny $50.00 "Mark ~ Jana and I understand the need to do something when someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer. We will keep you and your family in our thoughts."
Marc LeBlanc $100.00 "I'll certainly contribute, especially to see you shave the moustache! When you complete this...we may reward you with the Top Athlete in the Family Award... Good Luck Uncle Dave!"
Raymond Gogarty $20.00 "Good Luck Brother!"
Gavin Throckmorton Hidden "You won't call me but you'll take my money? Unbelievable....Go Garrett!"
H. John Schutze $25.00 "Congratulations Stephani.....go for the gold!!! From all of us at Schutze Family Dentistry"
Edward Blume $140.60 "One more time...Uncle Danny you ready to go?"
Jeffrey and Shelly Falkin Hidden "Best of luck to a great guy!"
Richard Miller Hidden "My prayers are with you."
Tracey DuBree $100.00 "I am so proud of you. I am inspired by your drive, focus and mental/physical strength to complete this race again AND on top of it, do it for a great cause. You don't have to swim/bike/run to know that you truly are an IRONMAN! Good Luck Fiacco!"
Skim early Sessa $100.00 "Good Luck Chris!"
Kelly Murphy $50.00 "Good luck Stephani!"
cathy snow $25.00 "Good Luck Scott, in your Ironman! I hate this disease and applaud your efforts to take on this challenge in an effort to aid MMRF. "
Mary Shevlin $50.00 "They say behind every good man is a good woman...and Freda you have one heck of a good man! All the best Chris, Love from Mary & Alex (England)"
Henry and George Inglis $140.60 "Go Daddy!! You can do it! "
Rob Rumsky $25.00 "The man, the myth, the legend, Good luck! "
Melody Hoffmann $25.00 "Good luck Steph! This will be the magic year for you, I feel it. Donation in memory of my cousin and best friend who lost her battle 2 years ago. "
Kathy Grimberg $50.00 "Good luck Patrick!"
Sarah Conlin $25.00 "Love you Devlins!!!! Good luck Patrick, you will do GREAT! xoxoxo Sarah, Paul, Izzy, and Clarke"
Bill Weaver $50.00 "Best Wishes with this Battle Billy. Your old friend (and buds with your mom at Pathmark), Bill Weaver"
Charles & Mary Beth Gavin $250.00 "Love to you and your sweet family! Good luck -- you'll be great!"
Adam True Hidden "Best of luck Jon - quite the challenge!"
Amelia Caporale Hidden "I am confident you will do it!!!"
Scott & Audrey Thompson $100.00 "Great work Brian! This means so much to all of us! "
Timothy Wolf $50.00 "My thoughts and prayers are with you all! Go get 'em Kevin and hang in there Billy!"
Yvette LeBlanc Hidden "Sending lots of Love to all the Devlins. Good luck, Patrick!! You can do it!"
Patrick Landgraf $25.00 "Best, Pat L."
Virginia Veras Hidden "Good luck Jon!! I know you will do it! Best, G"
Lesley Bond $100.00 "Good luck to you in your effort and your Dad with his fight :) xxxx"
Marcie Bluestone $75.00 "YOU CAN DO IT PATRICK!! LOTS OF LOVE & LUCK TO YOU :) "
Loretta Knesek $100.00 "Blessings to the Devlin's"
Karen Wang $100.00 "Good Luck Jon!"
Norman Holm $50.00 "I lost my wife (Kris) to myeloma, any time I can honor her and help another with myeloma it is my honor"
Grace Woll $100.00 "Best of luck, Patrick! Prayers going for your dad."
Ruth McGhan-Zimmerman $100.00 "Patrick, We will pray for complete healing for your Dad! We will also pray for comfort and peace for your family! We have so many wonderful memories of the years we spent together doing school activities, sports, and holidays, when we lived close by. It seems like you all grew up so fast; but all the years have been wonderfully Blessed! May your family continue to be richly Blessed in every way! I know you will do an awesome job in the competition! Love & hugs to you all!"
Phil Schmidt $25.00 "Sounds like you are biting off a lot but get out there training and do it!"
Meghan Hall $140.60 "Wooooo! Swim like Phelps, Bike like Lance (minus the doping), Run like Hell!!!"
Ted Mercer II $25.00 "Good Luck Patrick! I will keep your Family in my prayers!"
Mehdi & Alicia Zadeh $100.00 "All of our love and energy is with Mr. Blaskie. We admire his strength and positive attitude through this process. We are cheering for Bill and Brian and hope that a cure can be found! "
Peter Thompson $100.00 "Gary, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good fight."
Geraine Zamora Hidden "Dear Gary and Becky, I'm sorry for your suffering. May you take comfort in the love and support of family and friends, the love of Christ and the promises of His Word. To you and your son, here's a promise that embodies an ironman: "Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31"
Anonymous Hidden "Love all of you Devlins! Hugs from Kansas."
Lesley Hadella $50.00 "Good luck Patrick! The Devlins are in our prayers and support!!"
Diane Slaughter $100.00 "So glad you are doing this. I've known your dad for a long time and have him and your entire family in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to having him back at Cameron."
Melissa Foley $25.00 "Good luck, Matt!"
Anonymous Hidden "Thoughts and prayers are being sent to you and your amazing family!"
Brandi Thomas $20.00 "Good Luck Matt!! "
Gwen Tolman Hidden "Way to go Marc!! I know you will kill it. Thanks for always being such a huge supporter in the fight against blood cancers. "
Cathy Speizman $100.00 "Good Luck, Marc!! You are amazing!!"
Jackie Aitken $100.00 "Good Luck and Godspeed in this challenging event. Gary's Cameron Family have you all in our thoughts and prayers. "
Dan Mueller $100.00 "Patrick, Thank you for supporting your father in this way, he is always in our thoughts and prayers."
Craig Smith $100.00 "Patrick: I am very proud of what your are doing for your Dad. Great job. "
Jeanne and Greg Wolf $50.00 "Best of luck in the run Kevin! And prayers for your Dad and all. Jeanne and Greg"
Alan Spackman $150.00 "May God strengthen you both for the race you run."
John Modine Hidden "Our thoughts and support are with you - Your Friends at API"
Anonymous $100.00 "My good friend Gail has survived multiple myeloma after a bone marrow transplant and she is back to running races. A big inspiration for me! Keep Gail in your thoughts on race day. What a worthy cause Danny!"
Don Champion $250.00 "Patrick, stay strong for your Dad and Mom! Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. "
Van Phan $30.00 "Sorry to hear about your brother. Make him proud!"
Jay and Venecia Davis $250.00 "Those Devlin men are tough as nails (or iron!). Jay and I are proud of both of you for persevering through trials and hardships - you are an inspiration!"
Steve Borsy Hidden "Good luck Jon"
John Morris $50.00 "Best of luck to both of you!"
James Davey $100.00 "Gary you are in our players!! Go Patrick."
Pat & Michael May $250.00 "Many blessings from the May Family. Praying always."
Ken Munson $50.00 "Good luck, Chris"
Leah Davis $100.00 "Merry Christmas"
Ron DeMeyer $50.00 "Good Luck to both Gary and Patrick."
Rachael DeCosta-Martin $100.00 "Proud of you, well done!"
Leonard Camacho $50.00 "Good luck!"
David Bat $250.00 "Thanks for including me in this effort. Wishing you and your Dad the very best. God Bless you both................................"
John Miles $50.00 "FatKid [only those who were in 3/1 have heard that nickname], God bless and good look with the Ironman! Sweet Johnny Miles"
Dolores LeBlanc $100.00 "Good Luck Uncle Dave!! Rick and Dolores"
Daniel Meyer $100.00 "Looking forward to continuing to train with you in the pool."
Edward Will $500.00 "Love it Great idea and worthy cause...Go Patrick, Go Gary...All the best, Ed &Patricia Will"
Ginger Fanning $100.00 "Chris - So proud of you! Congrats in advance for competing and for supporting such an important cause. Ginger"
Paul Capodanno $250.00 "Hey Chris Best of Luck with this. "
Anonymous $100.00 "We are so proud of you and your never ending drive! You are truly an inspiration!!!"
Anonymous $140.60 "You're such an inspiration! It's so great you're doing this for something larger than yourself. "
John & Marcia Bartos & Family $250.00 "Patrick - Great thing you are doing, and very appropriate to your father's spirit and strength. We are all praying for your dad's speedy and complete recovery."
Amy Keene Hidden "To Jenny's memory and your friendship."
Dana Slinkard $170.00 "Patrick and Amy, Praying for your family at this time. You will do an awesome job!! Benignus Third Grade Team"
Lori Mathews $200.00 "For a wonderful cause and a very special friend."
Matt See Hidden "Good luck Kevin. Great cause - my uncle is currently fighting multiple myeloma and i'm so happy to be able to contribute to your cause. Go get em! "
stacy Gorberg Hidden "Good Luck Dan! I know you can accomplish your goals. Best, Stacy"
Kim Schulze $25.00 "Go Sally, go!"
Dean Fabbricatore $50.00 "Good luck Kevin! Love, Lesley, Michael, and Dean"
tammy knight-gibbons $50.00 "Way to go Dave!! "
Michelle Elijah $300.00 "Great to see you doing this for your dad! We're praying for a speedy recovery. God Bless you all!"
Judy Bard $100.00 "Go Larry Go!!! Will be with you all the way! Love, Aunts Judy and Susan"
Kurt Miller $25.00 "Best of luck Chris!"
Jack & Pat Inglis $500.00 "Good luck Kevin... our prayers are with you Bill. Love you both!"
Jaclyn and Jon Leitner Hidden "Wishing you all the best on this wonderful journey and challenge ! "
Jeanna Bouzek $100.00 "The world is a better place because of people like you! Keep up the good work!!!"
Alissa Pierce $250.00 "You can DO it!!! "
Ricky and Carolyn DeVennish/Royce $100.00 "You're an animal! We're incredibly proud of you!"
Weldon Chafe $100.00 "Good luck with your training and fund raising "
Eileen Lappin $50.00 "Great cause!"
Jackie Royce $100.00 "We are so proud of you Danny! You are our Hero. Love, Jackie and Bobby!"
Jacey Lambros $50.00 "Go Joey Go!"
Alan Biddle $150.00 "Good luck Brad!"
thomas kearney $100.00 "A Wonderful cause !!!"
John Kusturiss $250.00 "Race strong and leave it all on the course! "
John Ronis $250.00 "Kick Ass!"
Martin Redmann Hidden "I knew your Aunt Tootie as Michelle and Tim's mom. I long for the day when all cancers will be eliminated...sadly we'll say goodbye to far too many great people before that happens. "
Tiffani Potesta $1,000.00 "I'm so proud of you for doing this - it's a great cause. You inspire me every day and I love you. I also think you're slightly insane for wanting to exercise for 17 hours. I'll see you after May. Please text photos so I remember what you look like. ;) You got this! Tiffani "
Alice Lirette $100.00 "Insane, yes! But, no doubt you'll excel in all. Great job, Scott!"
Wayne & Maryellen Licker $50.00 "Good luck, Kevin, in the Ironman Triathlon. We pray for Billy's recovery. You are all in our heart, thoughts and prayers and we send lots of love to Billy, Jackie and the whole family. Billy's old bandmate and friend, Wayne and Maryellen Licker"
John Purcell $50.00 "Way to Go.... Junior Chief !"
John/Alice Harris $50.00 "In honor of Sarah and Jack Kraaz"
John/Alice Harris $50.00 "In honor of Jane and Kris Kuipers"
John/Alice Harris $50.00 "In honor of Dr. M.J. Willard"
Meredith Miller Hidden "Good Luck, Dan!!! We are cheering you on all the way to Kona!!!"
DANEEN ZANGARI $100.00 "Eric, good luck to you! I know you will do great! There isn't a day that goes by that I do not think of your mom. Lots of love to you."
Michael Edwards $250.00 "We fully agree that Gary is the True Ironman. We wish him and your entire family all the best this Christmas season. We pray for renewed strength through these trying times and hope that your 2014 is full of new beginings. Your friend and colleage, Michael Edwards"
Brad Bugher $100.00 "If you train as hard as you party you will win your age group! Good luck!"
Matthew Vella $40.00 "Good luck!"
Hannah Hayes $25.00 "Good luck from a fellow holiday challenger "
Larry Hunt $50.00 "Hoping for the best!"
Amy Crandall $50.00 "Thank you Mark! "
Anonymous $50.00 "Good luck, Mark, with your fundraising endeavors and completing your Ironman. More than anything, though, I hope your efforts make a cure a reality for your brother. "
Rich & Lisa Green $250.00 "Great Cause!....we're looking forward to watching you in Kona!"
David and Andrea Buono $250.00 "Great Race for a great cause"
Jeffrey Paul $100.00 "Larry, I am very proud of your commitment to help others. “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” John Bunyan "
James Piper $50.00 "You are the man Larry! Keep up the tremendous progress and thank you for the opportunity to support MMRF."
Kevin Metter $72.00 "Patrick, Best of luck to you on the ironman. Both Deborah and I are praying for your dad's speedy recovery. In Jewish tradition, 18 is the numerical value for life. It is a jewish custom to make monetary gifts in increments of 18, symbolically blessing the recipient of the gift with a good long life."
Nelson Law Firm Hidden "Make us proud Jake!"
Conor Colgan $50.00 "Go Emily!"
James Williams $25.00 "In honor of Becky Williams."
Gary Gilson $200.00 "Think Big and go for it all, Sorry for being late but Merry Christmas. I'm proud to know you!"
Mark Beelitz $50.00 "Good luck Joe!!"
Billi Riese $100.00 "Merry Christmas to you and Diane! Hope this helps get you a little closer to achieving your goal. You're an inspiration!!"
Lynn Dalrymple $100.00 "Mark, thank you for doing something about this kind of cancer that my mother nor I can do!! Your brother and his family will be in my prayers!! You ROCK!! Bless you!!!"
Brian Egge $50.00 "Keep up the hard working training! "
John/Alice Harris $250.00 "Merry Christmas!!"
Nathan/Parker Harris $50.00 "Merry Christmas, bro!"
Laura Coppa $50.00 "good luck!"
Helene Tuite $50.00 "Good luck Jaimie! The Tuite Fsmily "
Suzanne Frick $500.00 "Go Lisa!!! "
sissi selinger $140.60 ":)"
Margaret Walton $100.00 "So very proud of you Danny and all you have accomplished and all you will accomplish! Thanks for taking on such a great cause, I'm glad to contribute. Go Get Em!! xoxo"
Chris Corcoran $100.00 "Good luck!"
Elaine Tarkington $100.00 "Good Luck Marc! We will be cheering for you from NC."
Thomas Niesi Jr $150.00 "Dmitry, A personal thanks from my wife Janet and I for your support and we wish you safe completion in the event. We're very proud of you. Janet & Tom Niesi."
Jim Higgins $140.60 "Git 'er done Randy!!"
Patrick Blanchfield $50.00 "Good Luck Stephani! "
Michael Dreyer $500.00 "We believe in you - go get it! Thank you! The Dreyer Family"
Karen Bucklee Hidden "Who knew back at WC that it would come to this?? Great job Chris, continued success in your fundraising efforts! We wish you good health and much happiness in 2014! Yowwwwwww Buck and Karen "
CORKY GARDNER $500.00 "Chris: Great job, MARINE! Semper fi, Corky."
Jeff Tunstall $500.00 "Go Danny Go!"
William Clugston $25.00 "Great cause. Best of luck for the Lake Placid Iron Man"
Ellen Raspitha $100.00 "God bless you both!! "
Roy Irwin $400.00 "Go Maria!! Great cause. Best of luck!"
Mark Casey $525.00 "Thank you to all the participants in the Lakeland Hills - New Year's Day 5k. The amount of $525, in addition to $75 that were donated directly by the participants on this site represent the donations that were raised from the event. Thank you not only for your financial support in funding research that will hopefully find a cure for my brother's cancer but also for your prayers and kindness. "
Amanda Ozanich $50.00 "I know you will succeed admirably. "
amelita punongbayan $20.00 "This is a very commendable commitment. "
Roland Goodman $100.00 "Patrick, I have a lot of respect for your dad and see this as a fitting tribute to the contributions he has personally and professionally. Best of luck!"
Becky & Sean Prior $50.00 "Yay, Larry!"
Scott Fidler $100.00 "Put the smack down in your race for such a good cause Mark. Praying for a full recovery for your brother. "
Maureen Harnisch $50.00 "I'm sorry to hear about this challenge. I wish you all the best of luck."
Chris Haynes $100.00 "Really proud of you and happy to help! Thank you! "
Chp Olson $50.00 "Go get 'em Bruce. Hope you have your woolies on!!"
Matt Bechtel $25.00 "Good luck, Chad. I enjoy working with your father and am so happy to hear he beat cancer!"
Skeets James $100.00 "Good luck and thanks for making a difference."
Rob Hennessey $50.00 "Ironmen fight cancer, go Chris, wishing you good luck... "
Dan Murray Hidden "Love the work you are doing here Brian. You know, a "real" Ironman would run outside in this -45F weather were having. "
Brigid & Jim Brausen $50.00 "Chad: I have worked with your dad for a long time and am very happy he beat cancer. Good luck in NY."
Mark & Donna Tanzi $100.00 "Good Luck Don"
Ken Peurifoy $250.00 "Love and prayers to Gary and the whole Devlin family and best of luck to Patrick!"
KC White $50.00 "Chad, I used to work with your Dad. Nice thing you are doing and glad we could contribute to your effort."
Mary Ann Kaiser $100.00 "Good Luck with the race and your fund raising."
Erwin Buhat $30.00 "Good cause, best of luck!"
Dmitry Pikman $150.00 "Donation made on the behalf of the 4B Staff, Thanks guys!!!"
Lucy Gillard $75.00 "Thank you Doug for giving so much of yourself to fight cancer. Good luck my friend!!"
Colleen & Jim Hauser $140.60 "Way to go Kevin!!"
Linda Persall $100.00 "RUN, BRUCE, RUN! Congrats and best of luck!"
David Garamella $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Janice Girgus $100.00 "I'm sure Jerry will be with you all the way.... from training to the finish line...."
Lisa Jefferson $25.00 "Go Bruce! Best of luck - You can do it!! "
Anonymous $35.17 "Go Bruce & Good Luck :)"
Lisa Mulcahy $50.00 "Best wishes to you, Chad, in your Ironman event to support cancer research - a lot of hard work on your part for a great cause!! Regards, Lisa Mulcahy"
Lisa Taxier $50.00 "Beth, this is such an important cause, and you're an inspiration! We're super proud of you- you rock! Love, Lisa and Hannah"
Deena Teschner $500.00 "I am so proud of you. You take on so many difficult tasks and always manage to complete them!!!!! Love you so much and I am so very very proud of you. Love you Mom"
Ellen Eichenbaum $50.00 "WOOOOOH! Go Beth!! You'll be amazing."
Joann Petrini $50.00 "Good luck Liv! "
Lecia Markowitz Hidden "Way to go Dan! Your efforts are amazing in helping to find a cure."
Jennifer Chesney $25.00 "Good luck Dmitry!!!!"
Barbara Morrocco $25.00 "What a challenge!!! You are one amazing guy to do this to help find a cure!!!! Barbara"
Michelle Ellis $25.00 "You're a beast Dave! Go give em hell!"
Marissa Charles $5.00 "Beth, You are an absolute inspiration I am so glad to have called you my roommate and good friend. RUN BETH RUN #alien"
Theoden Janes $50.00 "Kick some a - - !"
Matthew Delaney Hidden "LEGS FEED THE WOLF"
Sarah Thappa $10.00 "Go get 'em, B. xo, S"
Margie Costis $100.00 "Good luck Brian. Together we can make a difference. Margie"
Anthony Alastra $400.00 "Best of Luck! Go get 'em upstate!"
kristine hubbert $50.00 "Good luck Treena!"
Roy Ward $100.00 "For a great cause and one of my favorite colleagues ever..... Do NOT get too skinny Chandler"
Matthew Stepanski $100.00 "Go Claudia! Great cause!!! Thank You!"
Kim White $50.00 "Best of luck to you, Claudia. What a great cause! Kim"
Suzanne Krupa $100.00 "Claudia, What a wonderful cause and I am confident you will reach your financial goal and exceed your expectations in the Ironman. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Best, Suzanne"
Carlos Munoz $140.60 "Go Claudia go!"
Jeff Pardi $100.00 "What a great cause! Thanks for taking on the challenge."
Jonathan Butz Hidden "DRIVE on, Claudia"
Ketty Wilson Hidden "you inspire me to stay alive! "
Evelyn Sheehan $100.00 "Proud of you since the 90s! "
Dave Schroeder $250.00 "Best of luck Claudia!"
Gammie and Pop Robson $50.00 "Keeping you both in our prayers. Love Gammie and Pop"
John Sharkey $150.00 "Best of Luck!"
Anonymous $49.99 "Don't die, Panda Bear!"
Peter Griswold $25.00 "I'm impressed!"
Dolores O'Neill $100.00 "Good luck Sweetheart!! I know you can do it!"
Moira McTernan Knutsen $20.00 "In memory of Mark Gullo"
Rony Wulf Hidden "Good Luck Claudia! "
jeff alexander Hidden "We are pulling for you Patrick. Semper Fi!"
Kathryne Deutsch $150.00 "Dear Matt, I am so proud of you and your goal! I hope that I can make another donation before your race but know that every little bit counts!!!! I am going to re-post on my FB and send to my co-workers. Love you lots and lots! KD"
Brad Rich $100.00 "Best of luck!"
Jennifer O'Neill $50.00 "Mark, This is great! We wish you all the best! Regis and Jennifer"
Jessica Colaizzi $50.00 "This goes without saying but... you're AMAZING! I'm really proud of you and admire your commitment and strength. Best of luck with all you do and I miss you tons!!"
Liza Malamut Hidden "Good luck Dave!!!"
Alan Dubow $100.00 "What a gargantuan undertaking. I know you can do it!"
Mike Samuelson $140.60 "Melissa!!!! You're incredible! But you already knew that huh? "
Alan Walker $50.00 "Good Luck Allison, Uncle Al"
Cynthia Dickson $50.00 "Go Beaner"
joanne villani Hidden "I am happy to support your efforts to raise money in honor of Stanya Milanova. Both Stanya and Liv have been my inspiration to challenge myself and run further. Liv I wish you the best with the Ironman. "
Ron Lonergan $1,000.00 "Fantastic cause Stacey! Drink in the journey! It's one to remember! Xo. - The Lonergan Headquarters- "
Mary Liporace $250.00 "Thank you for fundraising for such an important cause... I wish you a successful fundraising campaign - and even better race!!! "
Jo Schulze $50.00 "It's fantastic that you are supporting MMRF and showing that we can do anything that we put our minds to!"
Jerry Kotler $250.00 "I created a super human monster. Who would have thought the NJ Marathon would turn into this. I am SURE you will do well Love ya"
Justin Greene $20.00 " Go Melissa!"
Casey Fallon $140.60 "Good luck! You are going to rock this, you brave, inspirational woman! "
Amy Kaneko $25.00 "An O'Neill and a good cause, powerful combo. Good luck to you!"
Cameron Reynolds $50.00 "Rompello!!!"
Warren Bayek $50.00 "Good luck Scott. Train smart, stay healthy, and thank you for helping out a great cause."
Anonymous $100.00 "I admire you perseverance Sally. Hope this will be a truely enriching experience in which you experience the presence of Your maker in every aspect of you training and race. much love to you sister"
Chris Cej $40.00 "Good luck Dan! From the Cej Family"
Mouzetta ZUMWALT-Weathers $250.00 "Thank you Allison for "stepping" (running) up to the plate as an advocate for myeloma patients! I wish you well!"
John Morrow $100.00 "Hopefully we will be there to cheer you on!"
Dave and Paula Smith $250.00 "Fantastic Brian! Love this idea. Best of luck for a strong run, ride and swim. We're with you in spirit."
Carl Gustafson $10.00 "You are a good man Dave! Train Hard! Have Fun! "
Rick Bauer $50.00 "Go Garrett Go"
Paula Rose $25.00 "Good Luck Danny.... You will succeed because of your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to following your race!"
Darlene Mankowski $10.00 "Good Luck, Dan!"
Chris Guido $100.00 "Way to go Guy!"
David Tyson $50.00 "Chugga Chugga. You can do it! Dont get lost :)"
glenn tate $100.00 "good luck steve. cant wait to see your results. glenn and wendy"
Curt Swanson $200.00 "You really could win this thing!!! ...but even if you do, Jeff said he could still kick your ass if he was blindfolded with both hands tied behind his back! Best of luck! And train hard! Curt & Jeff"
andrew keahon $100.00 "-You should use this money to get lessons trying to improve your fantasy football team. Your wife not only beats you every time but she makes the playoffs and you don't. Sad. "
David Green $100.00 "Gary I expect that you will win this and nothing less. Good Luck! "
Bobbie Martin $100.00 "GOOD LUCK JAMES!! From: Bob, Stephanie and Shawna"
Laura Frothingham $25.00 "Danny, we are Aunt Gert's niece and family. God Bless and Good Luck!"
Chuck Murphy $50.00 "Allison, good luck we know you will do it in record time. Thank you for your commitment to a worthy cause. Just remember... it's not a sprint... it's a MARATHON...!"
Kathryn Adler $140.60 "$1/mile seems reasonable enough. I know you'll have to work harder for some of those dollars over others! Inspired (or at least, awed) by your dedication to this sport and to using your drive to make a difference for others. Wishing you well on this journey!"
Shawna Turrick $140.60 "So excited for you Allison! What an amazing accomplishment for a great cause. I can't wait to track you!!!"
Susan Panagot $50.00 "Good Luck and God Bless!"
Craig Risinger $250.00 "Thanks for supporting research! Do well while you're doing good."
Faustino Aranda $50.00 "Vamos!"
Tricia Dunseith $25.00 "Good Luck! "
Mark Lacy $250.00 "What a journey it has been Sally and we are cheering you on in this amazing challenge you have committed yourself to. Jenny was the light and love of our lives and I'm so proud and encouraged by your continued and enduring love for your sister. Like you, Jenny always gave her very best and made us all shine with love, laughter, and happiness. Let us now fuel your drive and training to accomplish great things in this Ironman event and fund raiser for Multiple Myeloma Research. We know how hard you have trained for this and hope to join you at the finish line with a cheer, hug and a toast of celebration to you and Jenny. We Love You Sally, Mark, David, Brian and Jeff"
Patty Doyle $5.00 "Good luck Dan! Patty (ICS)"
Roger Graham $250.00 "Good Luck... On behalf of Roger and Michelle Graham, Air To Ground Services, Inc."
Pat Nachtrieb $100.00 "Chris' Coffee Service wishes you luck !!"
Beverly Aulman $100.00 "We figure 1 Ironman equals 3 Marine Corps marathons so ... you've almost caught up to Uncle Eddie's record of 17 MC marathons. You are amazing - can't wait to witness you in action at Lake Placid. It's actually Re and Pop's anniversary so that's extra good luck. Love, A Bev and U Eddie"
eric jensen $100.00 "Good Luck and Hi Holly"
Tony & Judy Nowik $100.00 "i must not fear. Fear is a mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear had gone there will be nothing. ONLY I WILL REMAIN"
Larry and Karen Robbins $100.00 "You go, Chris. We're so proud of you."
Christina Vargas $100.00 "Go Lysa go!! You rock :)"
Frank Siano $100.00 "Good Luck with the race! Frank Siano and Mike Tucker"
Mindy Brown $50.00 "You are AMAZING and truly an ispiration to us all!! "
Tenrah Kermee-Ruff $100.00 "Great work Nick"
Mark Gorman Hidden "This Donationis on behalf of Gorman Bros., Inc."
Barbara Roberts $100.00 "So happy to hear that your dad Tim is doing so well. We are looking to see Tim come back to work strong. Chad, your dad must be very proud of you takling this effort. Warm Regards, Barbara"
Jonathan Gruchala $50.00 "Good Luck, Dan! "
Julie Stark Memorial $3,000.00 "To all who donated to Julie's memorial, these funds will go directly to the MMRF to help find a cure for the cancer Julie courageously battled for two years. Julie would be proud to know they are helping support Matt's racing also, as she enjoyed cheering him on throughout his training and events."
David Melohusky $50.00 "See you in Lake Placid. I won't see you until the run portion of the race as you will be way in front of me!"
Linda Heiser $25.00 "Good luck Dan and Happy Birthday to your Mom!"
Nita Casullo $20.00 "Good luck Dan!"
Antonio Velez $500.00 "Héctor, muchas gracias por este ejemplo de dedicación y caridad. Muy emocionante tu mensaje. Que Dios los siga bendiciendo a ti y a tu familia. Un fuerte abrazo."
Gerry & Dory Cruz Hidden "Go Lysa Go!"
Rohan Irvin $100.00 "Good luck mate!"
Doug & Sara McVey Hidden "Good Luck, Brian!!!! Awesome cause - we love Bill so much!!!! :) "
Jan Wojcik $25.00 "Good Luck in Lake Placid Dan!"
Mike & Gail Dayton Hidden "Good Luck Brian!!! Great Cause!!! Mary & Bill are very dear to our hearts!!! "
Tom and Carol Stoneburner Hidden "You go Brian!!! Bill and Mary are loved so much by us!!!!!!"
Lily VanderStaay $30.00 "Go Beth! Iron lady!! "
Eileen Cornacchia $100.00 "I make this pledge to honor your Mom. She was obviously was an amazing mother. "
Michael Daglio $100.00 "GO FOR IT LIV!!"
Michael & Lisa Voigt $100.00 "Bravo Dan... See you in Placid"
Kerry Twibell Hidden "Keep going Megs! Proud of you! "
Mike Bauer $100.00 "This is awesome Chad and I know it means alot to your dad. May the force with with you in your endeavor as I know the many prayers have helped your dad gain his strength. Tim, I know you are greatly proud of your son."
Atanas Georgiev $200.00 "Thank you, Liv, for being such a good friend to Stanya and for making a difference in the effort to rid the world of cancer."
M. Scott Farese $100.00 "Jaclyn this is so AWESOME......Tackling Cancer and working with MMRF gives Hope...My dad had cancer and just maybe we'll find a cure in our lifetime....You GO Girl. (~:"
Jane Tobin $50.00 "Keep up the good work! Jane"
Irene Cheung $100.00 "Rosie, you have my support. "
Emily Lundell $25.00 "You're a wild woman! Love you and support you always!"
MICHAEL MEYER $250.00 "GOD BLESS you for doing this "
Carrie Wells $50.00 "HI Bruce, it is incredibly impressive that you are doing this. Best of luck. Carrie Wells"
raymond buono $100.00 "Go Bruce! all the best Tom Brady!"
Rhonda Walker $50.00 "What a wonderful way to make a difference. Good luck, hope you reach your goal! We'll be thinking of you that day."
Ann Callanan $25.00 "Best of luck! May the wind be at your back!"
Crystal Ivy $25.00 "Rock It Corbett!"
Deborah Korn $100.00 "Go Jennifer Go! You are my inspiration!"
Dick and Wendy Fair $100.00 "Great cause, Bruce! My Dad was diagnosed 14 years ago. His Doc calls him a 'responda', Boston for responder! He still golfs and works P/T at 85! "
Joseph Connelly Hidden "First a dad, then an Ironman... next an Olympian?!?!"
Brett Silvers $100.00 "Nancy and Brett Silvers and WorldBusiness Capital, Inc. are pleased to contribute to your efforts and this worthy cause."
Melissa Heuss $100.00 "Go Cousin Joey!! Love, Steve, Melissa, Anna and Ryan"
Pattie Kennedy $50.00 "Go get'um Bruce! Mike and Pattie Kennedy"
Patricia Monroe $100.00 "Thank you Daniel for raising money for multiple myeloma research. My mom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma this past November. God bless and good luck in the ironman event!"
Scott and Theresa Greiner $140.60 "Bruce,Thank you for picking a great cause. Nana will be cheering for you throughout your training and race. "
Yuriko Fujita Hidden "Thank you, Liv - for running, swimming, and pedaling for those who can't. With you in spirit!!!"
Michael Patee $100.00 "Martin, Good luck at IMLP. 4800ft. of climbing, brutal! The Patee Family"
Eric Meredith $100.00 " Good luck Jeremy!"
FRANK CASANO $500.00 "To an extreme athlete, there's a certain appeal to doing extreme things - seeking the most extreme physical challenges in some of the most extreme climates in the world. Testing and expanding the limits of human endurance is kind of my thing. Dean Karnazes- ultramarathon runner Good luck Rosie, endure...you can do it! :)) "
chris barr $100.00 "??"
Lisa & Dan Shepard $100.00 "Gary, good luck with the Ironman, at our age, just completing it is a WIN!! It's a great thing that your doing for a wonderful cause. We support you 100% Go show them how tough Cohoes really is! Lol Best Wishes, Dan & Lisa Shepard All in 1 Realty Services, LLC "
Martha Ryan $50.00 "Chad, all best in these 2 great goals!!! Wow."
Barbara Strype $50.00 "Good Luck Dmitri!"
Carol Hartley $100.00 "Patrick, What a wonderful son you are to support your dad this way. You are true blessing to your parents. Best of luck! I know you will do great!"
ursula bator Hidden "Every day, making a difference!"
Phyllis Thoms $20.00 "Blessings on this enormous task! ??"
Tom and Carrie Allman $50.00 "Good luck!"
Debbie Wrzochul $100.00 "Thanks Dan for raising money for myeloma research. My mom was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Good luck in the Ironman. "
Paul Byrne $252.00 "Go Claudia"
Alicia Alley $50.00 "You are an inspiration, Meghan! My mom's best friend passed away from Multiple Myeloma, so this cause hits close to home. Thank you for all you to make this world a better place!"
Anonymous $1,062.00 "Cupcakes for a Cure 2014"
Diane Yokley $50.00 "I am so proud of you sister! I love you. "
Kristine Nowell Hidden "Good luck Dave. Squish it like a bug. I know you will do great. "
Niran Chen $100.00 "Go Claud!"
Jess Sill $200.00 "My appreciation and gratitude for what you are doing is too big for words on an iPhone "
Betsy Ross $100.00 "Allison, you never cease to amaze me! Your drive and passion are beyond inspirational. Thanks for all that you do for others. Love ya, my friend!! Betsy Ross"
Karsten Giessen $100.00 "I hear top 20 is the goal :-) Good luck!"
Alan Roscetti $100.00 "ugh, sounds like way too much running"
Patricia Ripple $100.00 "How proud you make everyone who knows you!"
Patty Halpern $50.00 "Meghan, You have been an inspiration to me ever since my first season with TNT. Your capacity for love and giving is truly remarkable and I am so proud to know you. You will kill in Lake Placid! Love, Patty"
Kara O'Brien $50.00 "Good luck Meghan!!"
Linda Bard $100.00 "keep up the good work for a great cause!"
Ramla Shaikh $100.00 "Mahan May you succeed in this great cause! You go girl"
elliot hurwitz $100.00 "congrats meghan. you're great! best, e."
Jerod Honrath $25.00 "See ya soon in Boston!!!"
Robert Frank $100.00 "Always inspired by your generosity, can't wait to cheer you on! -Rob & Rachel"
Kathy Bakay-Caria $25.00 "Good luck, train hard...."
Comfort Sales Agency $500.00 "You are in our thoughts and prayers!"
Alan & Leslie Pierce $1,000.00 "Go Kev - we know you can do it! Bill & Jackie - our prayers are with you."
HEATHER LINTON $65.00 "Kevin - We're rooting for you! What a tremendous undertaking for an equally tremendous cause! Go get 'em Team Inglis! -HCL & GTL"
marie Busic $50.00 "We are all so proud of you!!"
Brett & Cheryl Malone $250.00 "Kev- We're so proud of you for doing this. We know you'll do great. Praying for all of you xoxo"
Bryan Althaus $140.60 "IRONWOMAN!"
Russell Sullivan $100.00 "Hey Bud, Enjoy this! It is glorious! Good luck training and I wish I could be there for you! "
Jamie Klein & Annie Truong $200.00 "Love you Kev. Love you Bill."
Eric & Donna Pierce $250.00 "Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!"
Ruth Berman $50.00 "Best of luck to you, Chris. What you are doing is amazing."
Vijay Mayadas $500.00 "A great cause!"
Dennis & April Gonzalez $250.00 "Kev - Such an amazing thing you are doing for your Dad and so many others! We'll be with you as you make your way through the race! Go Kevie! Uncle Billy - Hope you feel stronger/better as each day passes! You, Aunt Jackie, Kris & Kev are in our thoughts and prayers everyday! We love you all! xoxo"
Paul Smith $100.00 "Good luck and I wish you the best."
Kelly McGee $50.00 "Go Get'em Bruffey! You are an inspiration to all. Thoughts and prayers go out to Leslie and Angela. Kelly McGee"
Joel and Barbara Volterra $101.01 "So sub 12 it is then. We'll be there cheering you on, in final preparation phases of our own."
Kelly Kendrat $50.00 "Impressive!! Good luck!!!!"
Jack & Jodi Inglis $250.00 "Kev, we're so proud of your effort. We realize what an enormous amount of work that has to go into this so best of luck in your hard work, but be SAFE! Uncle Bill we love you and are praying for you everyday! You made it to Day 0...so hopefully everyday gets a little easier!"
Anenly Ceballos Hidden "You can do it! "
Michelle Dunk $200.00 "Madelyn, Cassidy & I will be with you every step of the way - we are so proud of you!"
Whitney Brown $100.00 "Yeah, Dave! Good luck with the arduous-but-fun training."
Cesar Coba $100.00 "Good luck Kevin! This is no easy race for you or your family... I wish your dad the best... --Cesar"
Tony Millan $10.00 "Good Luck !!!!!"
Tyler Bryant $100.00 "You are going to great!"
Todd Smith Hidden "Good luck guy...I will train you from June 19th-23rd!!!"
Marge and John Hannum $250.00 "Jimmy, Supporting such a worthy cause should be an awesome motivator to take on this huge challenge! Good luck to you! Marge and John Hannum"
Glenn Morganti $50.00 "Good Luck, Love you"
Brian Lutz $100.00 "We are very proud to help with a donation for such a great cause. Good luck, and train hard. Make us proud at Upstate Home Buyers LLC. Brian Lutz & Michelle Cipriani "
Jeffrey Frederick $50.00 "Kudos Jimmy for embarking on this journey!"
Kevin & Megan Chandler $250.00 "Bring it home!"
Steve (Hat guy) Caldara Hidden "Good luck we need a top 3 finish guy . "
Carol Goad $320.00 "Chain Bracelet Proceeds "
David Hollingsworth $100.00 "After this...Nick Fury will be stopping by to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative. Good luck!"
Yvonne Avery Hidden "You are such an inspiration David....a true hero!!"
Tim Shortall $50.00 "Go Jimmy Go! Run Jimmy Run! Pedal fast and hard and swim like a fish Jimmy!"
irish alvarez $100.00 "Lysa, you are amazing, this is for a great cause. We love you. Best of luck!"
Christine Winn $100.00 "What a terrific mission Jimmy - Good Luck!"
Julie Barghaus Hidden "Good Luck Bill!! You can do it!!"
Michael Ordille $50.00 "Go for it Dunkie! Good Luck!"
Megan Hayes $25.00 "You're an inspiration! Good luck!!"
Mitchell Kaplan Hidden "Best of Luck!!"
Richard Faris $1,000.00 "Go Jimmy go! "
Cecile DUMDUM $50.00 "nice to you know you're into noble undertaking. keep it up! "
Steve & Kathy Leitner $75.00 "Billy, You are in our prayers. Get well"
Jordi Chapdelaine $50.00 "Good Luck....Great cause!! -Jordi"
Michelle Amthor $25.00 "Great job Dave! You are making such an impact for a great cause. Thank you for all your efforts!"
Sally Lenahan $255.00 "Wonderful Cause Bruce! You're an inspiration, good luck to the entire team! Hope to see you soon - Sally"
Andrew Chasen $100.00 "You inspire me every day!"
Ed Boyle Hidden "Dan: I have greatly enjoyed coaching with you for Peluso Open Water here in Richmond, VA. Thanks for leading by example. I believe our primary objective in life is to leave it better than we find it. You speak for those who can't speak for themselves in fundraising for MMRF. I'll be following your progress on race day at IM Lake Placid. You rock dude! God bless you richly."
James Kenney $50.00 "Dave, good luck and I hope you reach your goal. see you at PJs Jim"
David Nelson Hidden "Good Luck"
Luisa Santeli $100.00 "Best of luck Kevin, our thoughts and prayers are with your family.----Luisa & Evelio"
John Fowler $100.00 "Gary, sorry about the illness. I also have an incurable blood disease, chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), which is much less serious but it gives me some feel for what you are going through. You will be in my prayers. John Fowler"
Alice Phillips $25.00 "Dan, best of luck in the race and here's hoping you're one of the first few out of the beautiful water at Lake Placid. "
Maarten Kuipers $100.00 "It is sad to hear Gary was diagnosed MM. I highly respect him as a person and for his knowledge. Patrick I'm impressed you're going to do the Iron Man. I wish your Gary, Patrick and family a lot of strenght."
Jodie Stewart $50.00 "Best of luck, Jamie! The Stewart Family"
Michele Marsden $50.00 "In loving memory of my uncle"
Tim Haeberle $100.00 "Patrick, your father is a long time competitor of mine in the oil & gas industry, but a respected one. Best wishes to both of you."
Theodore Brunner $50.00 "You are insane. Keep working bro!"
Tom Kemlage $50.00 "Good Luck Bill! Tom Kemlage"
Carl & Lynne Goepper $50.00 "Hope you reach your financial AND PHYSICAL goals!!"
Catherine Koch Hidden "In memorium of your Dad, Jeffrey C. LaPointe, and Ryan's uncle John McGinty. In honor of my, Barbara Woody, who is valiantly fighting the disease. You are inspiration for all. All your family close and miles away cheer you forward. Cathie, Justina, Ryan, Connor, Gerrit, Emma and Sofiaiv"
Scott Carpenter $140.60 "Claudia your work ethic inside and outside of work is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for your leadership. Wishing you a safe race."
Paul Isla $50.00 "" Great cause... Best of luck Lysa!""
Michelle Ferreira $25.00 "Good luck!"
Giovanni Rosato Hidden "go claudia!!!"
Alan Smith $100.00 "Patrick, I'm impressed with your initiative on this fundraiser. Considering the event you have planned, I would even consider it a sacrifice on your part! Seriously, we're happy to contribute - we had a family member diagnosed with this disease as well and realize there is still much to be learned. Good luck to you, and to Gary in this battle."
Katie Bruffey $50.00 "All the way big brother! For mom & Angela. I know you can do it. Love, Sis"
Sarah Pogue $100.00 "Go Bill!!!"
Mark St. Amour $50.00 "Good luck Dave! "
Gary Maggio $25.00 "I'm a friend of Alex Taffany who's promoting your effort on fb."
Geralynn Ransom $50.00 "Go Sam, Go!!"
Ed Lagoy $50.00 "Bruce - good luck and RUN fast!! Great cause!"
Patty Moran $25.00 "Have a great time for a great cause! (From one of Geri's friends in Alaska) "
Karen & Pete Racette $50.00 "Good luck, Sam!"
julie carlson Hidden "Good luck..."
Maria Reyes Hidden "Good luck. "
Bob and Mary Hough $140.60 "Good luck Mike!! I hope you have been training hard through this long winter. "
Drew Sigmon $100.00 "Bill, It is inspiring to see how the passion you have is touching so many lives. I'll be praying for your training and preparation. "Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us" Hebrews 12:1 Drew"
Courtney Bruffey $50.00 "You got this Gran! We love you and pray everyday for your strength and healing! "
Elisa Dizon $25.00 "Good luck in achieving all your goals to help others. You're already a winner!"
Jessica Beauregard $25.00 "Good luck Ashley! "
Jim Ryan $35.00 "Good Luck!"
Julie Steele $50.00 "Good luck Rosie you are a great lady, all my best wishes Juile"
Stephen Mechtler $140.60 "Good luck Danny. Coach Steve"
Kevin Mahar $50.00 "Good luck Nate. Just finishing is an accomplishment."
Leigh Mason $100.00 "This race makes my 50-miler look like a sprint!! Good luck and remember, its 10% physical and 90% mental!"
Michelle Watkins Hidden "Cheering you on Sam!"
Jeff & Kelly Tobin $50.00 "David - you are totally inspire us all to make a difference!! My Dad is battling cancer and it's events like this that will help to one day help find a cure.. Thanks for all you do!"
Amy Tuthill $50.00 "Good Luck Sam!!! I'll be cheering for you on the course!!"
Judith Santiago $50.00 "Good Luck Dmitry!"
Brian & Andrea Chandler $500.00 "Let's find a cure for MMRF. "
Angelika Kypar $50.00 "Good luck, Maire!"
Rachel Sterne-Marr $100.00 "Best of luck Sam in this worth and challenging endeavor"
Katie Clark $50.00 "Good Luck in yoru Ironman!!! See you in Key West!!!!"
Mark Vallely $50.00 "Jeremy, good luck! I'll be looking for you at the run aid station by the boat house on Mirror Drive."
Michael Reynolds $140.60 "Go Murray, go! "
Jeremy Frutkin $50.00 "For a true Superfriend. Keep up the good work! "
Tom & Jen Begg $50.00 "Good Luck! The Begg family"
Kerri McGinley $60.00 "Best of luck Maire"
Chris and Lauren Hall $100.00 "Nice Work Jamie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Maria Rizzuto Hidden "Thank you for all you're doing!"
Beth Long Hidden "Proud of your efforts!"
Kristie Keller $100.00 "So proud of you Jeremy! What an awesome cause to raise money for and to dedicate so much of your own time to training is amazing and inspirational!~"
Todd Mathewson $25.00 "Good luck Ashley!"
Melanie Spencer $300.00 "Claudia, you are an inspiration! I know you already have a goal time in mind, and I know you will crush it. Be safe and most of all have fun! It's just like a regular swim, bike, run, but this time you have a number on your arm! Kick butt. :)"
Adam Pinto $50.00 "Good Luck Jamie, Go!!!"
Nancy Yozzo $50.00 "Such an inspiration! Stop by on your way to Lake Placid for a visit......"
Trish Dobinski $25.00 "We will be there to cheer you on."
Maura Sullivan Atwater $50.00 "Wishing you all the Best Jamie!! My mother-in-law had a form of myeloma and is currently in remission; thanks for supporting a great cause! Maura Sullivan Atwater and Family"
Joe Koski $100.00 "When you diligently do what you're good at, success will always come your way. "
Susan Pulitzer $100.00 "Go, Marty!!! Best of Luck."
Diane Brundage $50.00 "Good luck Maire !!"
Padraic Carlin $25.00 "Good luck!"
Clair Barton $140.60 "Doug, we applaude and appreciate your efforts and are proud to have you carry the torch for us."
James Leu $150.00 "Doug, you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for your dedication to such a worthy cause that has effected our family so deeply. Good Luck! Jim and Peggy"
Brian Sacher $20.00 "Run like the wind :-)!"
Steve Lamothe $25.00 "Best of luck Dave. You've worked hard for this challenge. It's yours my friend!"
Elizabeth Pichea $50.00 "Allison, you are such an role model in all that you do! I have my calendar marked to follow your progress! I know you will do great and for such a wonderful cause! You are truly helping people and I am so proud of you!"
Lisa Wynja $100.00 "You are a ROCK star!!! What a wonderful challenge...and accomplishment!!"
Barbara Barton $25.00 "How awesome! Good luck!!!"
Jennifer and Mark Redman $50.00 "GO MAIRE!!! You are setting a great example for the kids. WAY TO GO!"
Christine Smits $50.00 "Good luck Brian!!!"
Crosby Stratford $100.00 "Go MARE!!! We loooooove you."
Rick Campbell $140.60 "JD, best of luck!!"
Priscilla DeGutis $100.00 "You inspire me! Proud to call you friend and co worker. "
Tracy Borst Hidden "Good luck Sam! Sorry I couldn't give more, but us poor students have to stick together ;)"
Audrey Kantargis $50.00 "You gooooo Ashley... keep up the good work.. hope you reach your goal! I want to see Iron Woman Competition.. not just man!! "
Neil Tipograph $250.00 "Jamie, you ROCK! "
Wesley Pope $100.00 "Way to go Allison!! Much Love"
David Zollo $50.00 "Thank you for participating in this event. Please know that your dad has and will be in my prayers as we look forward to his complete recovery. My best wishes to you and your family."
Cheryl Blake $100.00 "Go Ashley!!!! Proud of you!! Mom"
Don Hilts $50.00 "Thanks for everything you are doing !!! Papa would be so proud that you are making a difference in research trying to beat that nasty Cancer !!!"
Harry Smith $30.00 "Keep on keepin' on!"
Benjamin Ransom $50.00 "Putting in good work!"
Tuck Burkinshaw $100.00 "Bruff, good luck with your efforts to raise money for this worthy cause!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Donna Connelly $100.00 "Good Luck Ashley......I'm your cousin Sue Faticanti's BFF "
Amanda Brewer $20.00 "You can do it buddy!!"
Fr. Bryan Stitt Hidden "When you don't feel like you can run any more, remember running down the Camp road like a crazy man in 6th week!"
Allen Tower Jr. $250.00 "Very proud of you! Best of luck!"
Jennifer Goss $100.00 "The Goss Family loves you!"
Marie Hollister $30.00 "Good luck Sam! :)"
James Breen $25.00 "BEST OF LUCK ASHLEY !!!"
Jeanine Swezey $25.00 "Yea! Go Sam!"
Rhoda McCoy $100.00 "God Bless You Allison for making a difference. You can do this!"
michele daukas $25.00 "Go For It !!! You'll do great"
Chris Ellinghaus $105.00 "On behalf of the staff of Cool Spring Elementary School"
Matt Hourigan $140.60 "Go get 'em Melissa. "
Susann Gallagher $50.00 "Good Luck Paul!!"
Andrew Kulis $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Martine Levine $250.00 "Thanks for raising money for multiple myeloma research-a charity near and dear to our hearts!!! The Levines"
Chris Ellinghaus $5.00 "On behalf of the Staff of Cool Spring Elementary School"
Sandra Byrne $50.00 "You're doing a great thing and your hardwork and dedication is inspiring! "
Vincent Marchewka $250.00 "Good Luck, Stacy!! I want you to beat Ronnie's time. You can do it...A great cause..."
Donald Dohse $50.00 " Jeremy - Good luck and thank you for supporting such a good cause Don Dohse"
Nancy and Michael Golden $200.00 "Good Luck Kristine!"
Julia and Richard Snow $50.00 "Good Luck Paul as you take on Ironman and Fighting Cancer! "
Pamela Clements $25.00 "So proud of you Paul."
tina catapano $25.00 "Great cause. Good Luck!!"
Carol DeFazio $25.00 "Can't wait to see you cross that finish line:-) "
Robert Szawaluk $50.00 "Great cause, Jamie. Good luck and have fun!! The Szawaluk Family"
Anonymous $50.00 "Way to go, Dr. Dean!"
Sylvia Vargas $250.00 "Thanks for doing this Chris! My donation is in memory of my Mom who died as a consequence of a myeloma."
Esther and Fred Wikander Hidden "In honor of Jane, Laurie, and others with multiple myeloma. Best of luck on the race! Esther and Fred"
Deena Teschner $1,000.00 "Congratulations to my wonderful Granddaughter. You are truly amazing and inspiring, Beth. I look forward to watching you cross the finish line! With all my love, Grandma Ina "
Meaghan Mountford $50.00 "You're incredible! Good luck Jen!! "
carol krakowski $50.00 "Thanks. Asleigh for your dedication and for thinking of uncle Herky. "
Anissa Harmon $50.00 "GO Allison!!!"
Barry Rashkovan Hidden "Best of luck. Barry"
Brad Swimmer $50.00 "Good luck Matt"
Christopher Wile $100.00 "Victor- good luck and thank you!!!"
Marianne Concheri $100.00 "Good luck Jen! Dad would be proud. I am sure he will be watching."
Patti Dunning $25.00 "Good Luck, Lindsey!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Good Luck Dr. Dean....Glad to help!"
Donna Walczak $250.00 "Donation made in loving memory of Marie Okazaki, who passed away on March 18, 2014"
Kim Fraser $100.00 "Congrats on your comeback! "
Sebastien Cote $100.00 "Go, Go, Go !!!!"
Mathew Wood $100.00 "Sharpen your elbows for the swim!"
Charles-David Côté Hidden "Bravo Martin et bon succès !"
Jill Fink Hidden "So proud of you, Vic! Go get it!"
jean martin Hidden "Super, on est avec toi Martin "
PHILIP KARMEL $50.00 "Good luck, Meghan."
Anthony Corio $50.00 "Donation on behalf of Billy Muldowney, myself, and the entire Physicians Financial Resource Network team. Great Job!"
Kerrie Xintaras $30.00 "You are truly an inspiration. Best of luck in training and during the event. Your sacrifice, determination, and hardwork is overwhelming. Enjoy every second of your event because you will forever be an Ironman after!! "
Sarah Daley $25.00 "Dave Steve and I wish you luck. You got this!!"
arnold rozenvasser $100.00 "Go for it man!"
Kim Drury $56.00 "Happy birthday ironman"
Lynne Freedman $50.00 "Go Dave Go!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Matt, so proud of you for doing the Iron Man in support of this most worthy cause. Good luck. Our thougts wil be with you. Love you, Linda and Barry"
Brent Conner $100.00 "Bruffy I'm so proud of you! I pray for your strength and endurance to finish your race strong! God bless you brother!!!"
Martin Byman $100.00 "Good luck Warren! You're a better man than I!"
Maya Rodriguez $250.00 "Good luck, Warren! With best wishes from the 36 South Team."
Isak Ahlbom $100.00 "Good Luck Warren wishes you QUANTICA CAPITAL from Switzerland!! We believe in your performance and hope you will continue to outperform, both professionally and privately! All the best from the team in Schaffhausen"
Emily Michaelson $50.00 "Good for you Sam, so proud of you!"
Amy Racofsky $25.00 "Good luck! I'm impressed! "
Brian Moss $140.60 "Wow Warren! Go for it."
Kevin Jowell $50.00 "Go get'em Joe! Nothing but motivational!!"
Anthony Marsilio $50.00 "Claudia, best wishes to you and much success for this great cause. Tony M"
Robert Shapiro $100.00 "Best of luck in your training and I hope you set a PR in the event!"
Brandon Cygielman Hidden "Good luck Warren!"
Anonymous Hidden "Great skill! "
declan ryan $100.00 "good luck Warren"
Susan McCurley $30.00 ""Dreamfar"!"
EVAN WISE $25.00 "Good luck, Matt! Big undertaking, good cause. Evan & Diane"
Jim & Sue Pace $100.00 "Hey Dan - your passion and commitment for this event is awe inspiring. So many people have their lives turned upside down by this disease. The efforts by the foundation and yourself are to be commended. Keep fighting the fight !!!"
Ann Hoffner $40.00 "Good Luck!"
Susan Clark $50.00 "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!"
Riceal Wells Hidden "Good luck Warren!! "
Diane Parmenter $50.00 "Jennifer; Your Dad was a great person. Enjoyed working with him for the four years I knew him. He will be missed by anyone who knew him. Diane Parmenter"
Dana Nazzarese $50.00 "Good Luck Lindsey! You Go Girl !!"
Jennifer Bresnahan $50.00 "Good luck, Dave! You will do great, I'm sure!"
David Krom $50.00 "Good luck Dave. Train smart. Race smart."
Michelle Boyle $50.00 ""He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has EVERYTHING" (Thomas Carlyle)"
Nicole McDermott $25.00 "Good Luck! :)"
Ron & Donna Howard $50.00 "We Love You Paul! Good Luck!"
pamela sheggeby $50.00 "Go David! I know you can do it. :O)"
Jackie Harbour $50.00 "Paul, we are so proud of you. Best of luck to you and Carrie in the Ironman! Love, Jackie and Chris"
Joe Cristobal $25.00 "Great cause! Best of luck."
Mike Latshaw $50.00 "Always doing something for the good, Victor! Good Luck!"
Marvin Mather $500.00 ""Never Settle""
Paul Whitelam $50.00 "Go Dave Go!"
Rudell Christian $100.00 "I know that you will do well, and don't forget to enjoy the journey! This journey is for so many whose journeys are much more difficult than ours."
David Goad $50.00 "Donating my fee from stand-up at Vino100. Can you match?"
Kathy and Chris Condon $250.00 "Good Luck from thr Condon family!!"
Erin Ostler $50.00 "Wishing you all the best!! I think this is an amazing cause and an extremely admirable endeavor!!"
Robert Sabourin $150.00 "Hi Treena Good luck, hope the weather is good "
Kathleen Donovan $50.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Kristi Knudson $100.00 "Good luck, Brian!! And best wishes to your entire family."
randy gattis $250.00 "lets go sixx"
Rob Miller $250.00 "Good Luck Marc - I know you can do it! "
john mcgown $200.00 "Good luck Treena, good endeavour. John McGown"
Jeffery LaBombard $50.00 "Your efforts are to be commended!! Best of luck!!"
Anna Tejada $30.00 "You go coach! "
Anonymous Hidden "Heal fast and give 'em hell on the course!"
Michael Greeley $50.00 "Go Jamie!"
Gabriel Chenard-Poirier Hidden "all that cause of peer pressure from Lisa?"
ERIC SPALDING Hidden "Good luck, have fun!"
Cary Ng $100.00 "Will pledge more if you wear an OU trisuit. Good luck Randy! "
Denys Mantha Hidden "Bonne chance Martin. Kick ass!!"
Anne & Don Duncan Hidden "Good luck Marty! "
Joseph Camozzi $25.00 "I'm Inspired! Keep at it many people are behind you."
Erin Enns $50.00 "GO DAVUOLE GO!"
Susan Arnold $100.00 "We will see you at the finish line!!!"
Mike Harrington $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Maryellen Mullin-Yonkers $50.00 "Happy to support you Maire. Have a great race."
Deidre Lockhart $250.00 "Go Vic, Dreamfar!"
Dan Meixelsperger $100.00 "Chad, may you have a strong current, the wind at your back and a clear road ahead. Your efforts are commendable and I'm sure make your family very proud. Happy to contribute to such a worthy cause. "
Joseph Houser Hidden "Good luck and thank you from your friends at F&M! "
Tanya Harris $150.00 "Good Luck Bill. I am very proud of you this is a great cause."
Charles Matasker $120.00 "From your friends in Multimedia: Sebastian, Alex, Joseph, Christine, John and Chuck. Good luck Meghan!"
Dorothy (& Bob Vanepps) Hilts $50.00 "Sam.. We are so proud of you, You are running for a great cause.. Papa would be so proud."
Gary Curci Hidden "Best of luck Poolie! I know you'll do great!"
andrea baldwin $50.00 "Good luck, Gary!"
Robin Britt $150.00 "Go get 'em!"
wayne haberman $250.00 "YOU MAKE US PROUD"
Matthew Ledoux $100.00 "Putting personal commitment behind a great cause! All the best as you train and compete."
Shoshana Bar-David $180.00 "You're amazing!"
Sam and Jennifer Tift $50.00 "ironman, meg, ironman!!"
Becky Rubin $18.00 "Way to go, Davi! What an incredible story."
Andrew Largen $250.00 "You continue to set the standard by inspiring people and demonstrating what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance. Best of luck training!"
John Klein $250.00 "Good luck Harold! We are rooting for you!"
Jim Benonis $100.00 "Great effort for a great cause. "
Miriam Schechter $50.00 "Kol Hakavod, Davi."
John Reppucci $200.00 "Good Luck!"
Anonymous $200.00 "Danny: You rock dude. Thanks for leaving it better than you found it. Remember when you hit that zone of pain, you have contributions to endorse! LOL! Use them to push through and have the best IM ever! Best of luck!"
Jacob Gallinger $36.00 "Good lucky buddy. Hope all is well."
MYRA HABERMAN $10.00 "Best wishes to my awesome Grandson David"
Darren Check Hidden "Good luck Jimmy! Great thing you are doing."
Jim & Lori Greene $140.60 "Tri to enjoy the splash, Tri not to crash, Tri your best to finish the dash!"
Laurie Gilbertson $30.00 "Good luck, Meghan!!!"
Sheila McCarran $25.00 "Wishing you luck on this awesome adventure for a great cause."
Peter Vassallo $40.00 "Best of luck to you!!! What a challenge, after a 50 mile bike ride I need to crawl to the couch and veg. for at least two hours. I can't imagine swimming, then riding 112 miles, and run a marathon on top of that. "
Michael J Dakak Sr $100.00 "Proud to help. You're an inspiration to everyone!! "
lind porcelli $25.00 "Go Melissa! You are an awesome, unstoppable force!"
Cherie Racette $600.00 "Good luck Sam from Mom, Dad, Nanny, Aunt Mary and Jim Papa"
Kristen Kemp Hidden "To encourage your recovery days =)!"
Robyn & Shannon Varney $100.00 "Vic- have a blast and kick butt!"
steven mccoy $100.00 "Melissa, you are Amazing!! Best of luck to you!!!"
Rhonda Schwalb $100.00 "You GO "Chemo"-sabi! :-) You go too, Kevin! "
Jean-Francois Piche Hidden "Félicitations! Bon courage!"
Cynthia Sill $250.00 "I am honored that you give so much of yourself to a cause that is so close to my heart. I will be alongside you in spirit. Good luck to you. Cindy Sill"
Amy VanTuyl $140.60 "Sam you are still my favorite! "
Tony Rizzo $150.00 "You Go Girl! Lots of Luck! Tony & Silvie"
Amy Cadotte $50.00 "You have always been such an inspiration to me, and I wish you the very best!"
Gary Haynes $50.00 "Good luck Brian in the Ironman! I admire you for participating in this important fund raising event! "
Simon Levin $100.00 "Davi, u are an inspiration to us all! Great cause, best of luck"
Neal Orman Hidden "Best of Luck!! Rock it"
William Kennedy $100.00 "With you in spirit, and on my couch!!!"
Chris Jones $100.00 "Go Melissa! "
Ellie Hearne $50.00 "Good luck, Chris!"
Connie Wolf $25.00 "Go get em, Matt!"
JAn Swenson $250.00 "See you at the finish line!!!"
Aaron Sweeney $50.00 "Enjoy! "
Matthew Duryea $250.00 "Katie, you are an inspiration to all!!! Love, Matt"
Sara Ballute $50.00 "Good luck you crazy man!"
George Yazbeck $50.00 "Best of luck!!"
Brian Hoppy Hidden "To the Second Italian from the Third Italian. Ciao! Kick some butt Danny! - The Hoppys"
Carol Smith $50.00 "Melissa, You are the best...Good luck and thank you!"
Erin Argo $100.00 "Go Marc go! :)"
Chris & Cindy Redmond $100.00 "Proud of you Joe!!"
Alan & Jackie Maxwell $25.00 "Go Dave, Go! (Third try because that is the most aggravating CAPTCHA ever!)"
Alison Carey $50.00 "Go Melissa, GOOOOO!"
Andi Oberlander $20.00 "Good luck Melissa!"
Brian Moore $50.00 "Great job David! I'll be with you vicariously. Doing my first marathon in the fall, but that's a secret. Shhh."
Leo owens $100.00 "Go Ashley go. Just when you think you can't go on any further, May you reach down and find the strength to reach your goal. Good luck"
Tom & Dolores Baker $500.00 "Our very close friend has been battling this very cancer for the past year. So, it hits close to home for us. He was recently informed that the cancer is in remission. Fight the Fight !!! Go Joe !!!!!"
Melissa Crowe $50.00 "You are awesome!"
Amy MacDonald $25.00 ""Matt Collins - You ARE an Ironman!" - Can't wait for you to hear the words and I have no doubt you will crush this race. Enjoy the entire process and the most importantly, the big day! "
Adam and Tracy Smith $50.00 "Go for it, Melis! Great cause"
Ron Stiltenpole $25.00 "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, but I can run like the wind blows....."
Jason DeBettencourt $100.00 "Wahoo! Go James!"
Amy Haberman $50.00 "You are the best!"
Susan Burke $20.00 "Good luck Matt! "
Laura Plaviak $50.00 "Good luck! "
Jennifer Brennan $100.00 "I am in awe! Have a great race."
Sally and Don Wallace $75.00 "We love you Walter!"
Rosaleen McGrade $1,000.00 "Miss you Walter. With all my Love Rose"
Andrea (Hadley) Swartz $25.00 "Good luck Matt!! thank you for raising money for this cause!! I am donating this for you and in honor of my uncle who has suffered from multiple myeloma since we were in high school and is pretty much just doing trials in NY city hospital. So here is to you Matt and to my uncle!! <3"
Anonymous Hidden "On behalf of Mrs Breyer"
Alex Fera $50.00 "Love Alex & Arielle"
Suellen Hubbard $50.00 "Inspiring! Best of luck in your training Tim. Love you! Suellen and Brian Hubbard"
Jessica and Mike Merriam $25.00 "Go, Melissa! This is an amazing undertaking!!"
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