Chilly Cheeks Winter Duathlon Series #1 & 4M Run

About This Activity

The SeriesThe Chilly Cheeks Duathlon Series is composed of 3 events - each with a different format. Each race is comprised of approximately 4 miles of running on paved roads, bike paths, and dirt trails. There will also be approximately 10 miles of paved cycling in each race.Keep in mind, this is a winter event, and although the entire bike course is paved, there may be snow, sand, and/or ice along the route. This website will be updated approximately 2 days before each event with the course conditions to assist you in choosing your bike and shoes for the event.Races will be contested regardless of conditions - and if the weather warrants we may change the distances, course, or format of the race accordingly, so no grumbling - this is all about having fun in the winter.

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