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Can Spin Class Make You Faster?
By Bicycling

Indoor classes like Flywheel and SoulCycle aren't just for SoHo socialites. Here's how spin class might give you performance perks that you won't get

The Truth About Indoor Cycling Cadence
By Jennifer Sage

If you want your indoor cycling sessions to prepare you for the outdoor season, make sure your cadence is appropriate. Here's how to differentiate bet

How to Train for a Week-Long Bike Tour
By Gale Bernhardt

Finishing a week-long bike tour takes preparation, but the training doesn't have to consume your life. Here's the smart way to train for a successful

An Introduction to Gear Ratios
By Jim Gourley

One of the first things triathletes need to figure out is how to find the right gears for certain situations on the bike. Here's a look at how to get