Century Rides

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A century ride (100-miles) is a popular goal many cyclists strive for. A century ride is a great opportunity to view new sites and is an excellent accomplishment. Find and register for a century near you and start your century training today.

Cycling Articles & Advice

4 Training Tips for Your Century Ride
By Ryan Wood

Not sure how to approach your century ride training? These four quick tips will provide a general idea of what to include in your pre-century training

9 Century Rides for First-Timers
By Marc Lindsay

Are you ready to put a check mark on your bucket list? Try one of these scenic, flat courses, perfect for newcomers looking to join the 100-mile club.

How to Choose a Bike Club
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Cycling can be fun alone, but joining an organized club has its benefits. From racing to touring, here's what you need to know to choose the right clu