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5 Core Exercises for Cyclists
By Elizabeth Martin

A solid base that supports your pedal stroke will allow you to ride faster and for greater distances. Try these core exercises to build a solid founda

11 Exercises to Boost Hip Strength
By Dan Kehlenbach

The quads and hamstrings get their love, but cyclists shouldn't neglect their hips. Here are 11 ways to strengthen your hips, and in turn, your cyclin

Circuit-Training Workout for Cyclists
By Dan Kehlenbach

Incorporating circuit training into your regimen is a great way to mix up your training and improve your performance on the bike. Use these tips as a

8 Classic Bike Climbs in the U.S.
By Marc Lindsay

Are you looking for a challenge? These eight climbs not only offer stunning scenery, but they're also some of the toughest you'll find anywhere in Ame

12 Great Cycling Jerseys
By Ryan Wood

A creative cycling jersey is your best shot at establishing a unique identity on the bike. But where do you find one that's both comfortable and unfor

9 Post-Ride Recovery Rituals
By Marc Lindsay

Recovery from a hard ride can be just as important as the workout itself. Here are nine tips to follow to rebuild your strength for your next time out

12 Spring Century Rides
By Marc Lindsay

Are you ready to dust off the cobwebs of winter with a century this spring? Try one of these 12 fun and scenic events from across the country to begin