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Do You Need Bike Insurance?

Which of your insurance policies will cover a bike accident? Here's a breakdown of a cyclist's insurance needs--and an introduction to a new way to pr

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Many athletes toss and turn the night before a big event. Here's what a sleep disorder specialist recommends for those who need help catching Z's.

Strength Training for Cyclists

Get better on the bike by building strength off of it. Here are ideas for riders looking to dabble in cycling strength training.

Bike Commuting Tips

Tired of rush hour traffic? Find fitness and freedom on the road as a bike commuter. These tips, tricks and tactics will have you leading a more car-l

Directory of Cycling Guides

Cyclists of all abilites can find tips and advice on training, nutrition, gear, racing and just enjoying life on two wheels with these guides.

How to Prevent Bike-on-Bike Accidents

With more cyclists than ever, the likelihood of a bike-on-bike accident goes way up. Here's what to do in the event of an accident with another cyclis


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