7 Tips for Fueling on the Bike

Reach for your bottle or food on a smooth section of road

Rough roads and pot holes make it easy to lose control of your bike, especially if you aren't paying attention or only have one hand on the handlebars. Waiting for a smooth section of road will make a crash less likely. It may also be a good idea to practice taking bottles from your cage without looking down.

Take a small amount of powdered sports drink

On a ride longer than two hours, you'll need more than the two bottles of fluid on your bike. Depending on where you are riding, stopping at a store may not be an option. Since water fountains are usually easier to find, bringing powder in a small container or sandwich bag makes refilling your sports drink simple.

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Plan where you'll stop

There isn't much worse than being stranded on a hot day with nothing to drink. Planning where you'll stop to refill your bottles the night before is a must. Parks and schools are usually safe bets to have water fountains somewhere nearby. Adjust your route to make sure you can refill close to the time you expect to be getting low on fluids.

Using these tips for fueling on the bike will keep you cycling stronger and faster as your rides go longer.

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