12 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $200 for Cyclists

Stuffits: These are odor-killing inserts that remove moisture and stench from helmets, shoes and gloves. They are great for post-workouts and really nice after getting caught in a rainstorm. The inserts for each piece of equipment run $15 to $25.

A new helmet from Giro: Some cyclists wait way too long to replace their helmet. Nothing is more important than protecting your cyclist's noggin in a crash. Top-of-the-line helmets from Giro can run $250, but the mid-level styles can be had for $150 to $180. Helmets can carry heavy personal preference, so check with your cyclist on favorite brands and fit.

A spa trip for the bike: Arrange for your cyclist's bike to have the full spa treatment. This can be done as a surprise or with a gift card. Get a full tune-up, replace cables and any other worn components. It's also nice to have new handlebar tape installed for the upcoming riding season. The cushion provided by some of the current tapes on the market make riding much more comfortable. Some shops also offer full detailing, which is really a treat in the winter. The spa treatment price can vary widely, depending on what is included; but a lot can be done for under $200.

Skratch Drink Mix: Two pounds of Skratch Exercise Hydration Mix ($38) and The Feed Zone cookbook ($25). A light drink mix flavored with real food rather than chemicals. There is nothing artificial in the mix at all.

Specialized Body Geometry Deflect Gloves: Nice for cool weather (temperatures down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit) and they are made with Wire Tap technology so they are touchscreen-friendly. Not having to take gloves off to place a call is sweet. MSRP is $40.

ParkTool Rolling, Adjustable Height Shop Stool: This is handy to have in the garage for working on your own bike and for sitting down to take off cycling shoes—especially handy after a long, long ride. List price is $104.

Donation: For the cyclist that has everything, make a monetary donation to that cyclist's favorite non-profit, in the name of that cyclist.

Thank you to Nicole Callan, Ross Livingston, Theo Mioduski, Jennifer Riekenberg, Janet Saxon, Barb Schultz, Ed Shaw, Alan Shenkel and Peter Stackhouse for their idea contributions.

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