My Gym Mighty Mite

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Greater independence, a sense of responsibility, social awareness and a feeling of vulnerability are emotions frequently experienced by youngsters of this age, all of which are addressed in this stimulating program. Our Mighty Mites are now usually talking in full sentences, and a conversation with a three-year-old is a wonderful experience! With greater independence comes the ability to participate without the parent, and our Might Mites are lavished with positive reinforcement for self-reliance and following directions. This class is completely structured, with exhilarating activities for the children. Strength, flexibility and agility are increased, as our teachers introduce gymnastics skills using the safest spotting techniques and communicating through language geared to build self-esteem and confidence. Sensitive to peer pressure, these three-year-olds are nurtured so tenderly and always with a success-oriented approach. We mean it when we say there is no failure at My Gym. Relays, more complex games, and beginning sports skills lead to increased strength, enhanced manipulative ability and improved hand-eye coordination. Each week, our Might Mites bound through the door in anticipation of the excitement their new class program will hold.

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