M / W, 6:30PM Level 06

About This Activity

Level 6 works on building endurance in freestyle with bi-lateral breathing as well s learning full backstroke and butterfly.  Children will also learn how to perform the breaststroke kick.  To pass level 6, children must perform full freestyle with bi-lateral breathing for 25 yards; full backstroke for 25 yards; breaststroke kick adequately for 15 yards as well as full butterfly adequately for 15 yards.

Skills to be Taught:
1. Technical improvement
1. Rotation and straight arm recovery
1. Combined arms and legs
1. Kicking adequately
Elementary Backstroke
1. Combined arms and legs
Breath Control
1. Deep water bobs (4-6 ft)
1. Sitting dives
Safety Skills:
1. Tread water - 1 min
2. Throwing rescue
3. Boating Safety
4. Discussion - shallow water and diving
Skills to be Tested:
a. Freestyle - 25 yds bi-lateral breathing
b. Backstroke - 25 yds rotation and straight arm recovery
c. Breaststroke kick - 15 yds adequately
d. Butterfly - 15 yds adequately

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