M / W, 6:30PM Level 02

About This Activity

Level 2 focuses on independent floating on their front, back and both sides for 5 seconds.  They build off of what they have learned in level 1 to be able to push off of the wall and into a float unassisted comfortably before recovering.  To pass level 2, children must be able to float unassisted on their front and their back for 5 seconds; they must also be able to float with assistance on each side for 5 seconds.

Skills to be Taught:
1. Front
2. Back
3. Side (assisted)
1. Front glide
2. Back glide
3. Side glide (assisted)
1. Jumping in from the side
Recovery to Vertical Position
1. Front
2. Back
Breath Control
1. 15 Bobs
2. 10 Side Bobs
Safety Skills:
1. Sizing of PFD's & proper use
2. Bob to safety
3. Visit deep end of Small Pool
4. Recovery to vertical position
Skills to be Tested:
a. Front float - 5 sec
b. Back float - 5 sec
c. Side float - 5 sec (assisted & both sides)

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