T / Th, 7:00PM Level 10

About This Activity

Level 10 learn skills to prepare them for swimming on their own outside of a class setting such as using a pace clock, sprinting, block starts etc.  By level 10 children have a full technical mastery of freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, and sidestroke.  To pass level 10 and graduate from our program, children must swim freestyle for 300 yards with 4 flip turns, an individual medley for 100 yards with transition turns; and sidestroke for 50 yards.

Skills to be Taught:
1. Full technical stroke
1. Sprint Swimming
2. Underwater Swimming
3. Use of a pace clock
1. Block starts
2. Backstroke starts
Safety Skills:
1. Brick retrieval (10-12 ft)
2. Swim with clothes
3. Continuous Swim - 20 min
Technical Mastery:
1. Freestyle
2. Backstroke
3. Elementary Backstroke
4. Butterfly
5. Breaststroke
6. Sidestroke
Skills to be Tested:
a. Freestyle - 300 yds 4 flip turns
b. Individual Medley - 100 yds transition turns
c. Sidestroke - 50 yds

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