T / Th, 7:00PM Level 08

About This Activity

Level 8 pushes endurance and distance as its main focus.  By this level children should have full technical mastery of freestyle, backstroke and elementary backstroke and are working toward full technical mastery of breaststroke and butterfly.  To pass level 8, children must swim freestyle for 100 yards; backstroke for 50 yards; breaststroke (full technical stroke) for 25 yards and butterfly (full technical stroke) for 15 yards.

Skills to be Taught:
1. Propulsive bent arm finish and rotation
1. Full technical stroke
1. Full technical stroke
1. Standing dives
1. Somersaults
2. Open turns
Safety Skills:
1. Jump in and put PDF on
2. Tread water - 45 sec hands out of water
3. Object retrieval (9-12 ft)
Technical Mastery:
1. Freestyle
2. Elementary Backstroke
Skills to be Tested:
a. Freestyle - 100 yds
b. Backstroke - 50 yds
c. Breaststroke - 25 yds full technical stroke
d. Butterfly - 15 yds full technical stoke

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