T / Th, 3:30PM Level 03

About This Activity

Level 3 focuses on learning the proper way to kick.  Children learn to correctly kick on their front, their back, and both sides as well as learning the body dolphin kick.  Side breathing is introduced in this level as well.  In order to pass level 3, children must be able to kick on their front and back by themselves for 20 feet; on their sides, with assistance for 20 feet and body dolphin kick for 10 feet.

Skills to be Taught:
1. Front kick
2. Back kick
3. Side kick (assisted)
4. Body Dolphin
1. Sculling / Finning on back
2. Elementary Backstroke
Breath Control
1. 20 Bobs
2. 20 Side Bobs
Safety Skills:
1. Extension Rescue
2. Back to front and front to back floats
3. Jump in and swim to side
4. Visit the Big Pool
Skills to be Tested:
a. Front kick - 20 ft
b. Back kick - 20 ft
c. Side kick - 20 ft (assisted & both sides)
d. Body Dolphin - 10 ft

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