M / W, 9:00AM Level 07

About This Activity

Level 7 children learn how to enhance their backstroke by using a bent arm finish.  They will learn how to effectively swim elementary backstroke and full butterfly with correct sequencing as well as the full breaststroke kick.  This level also focuses on building swimming endurance and distance.  To pass level 7, each child must perform freestyle for 50 yards; swim backstroke with a bent arm finish for 25 yards; show elementary backstroke for 25 yards; full technical breaststroke kick for 15 yards and full butterfly with correct sequencing for 15 yards.

Skills to be Taught:
1. Bent arm finish and rotation
1. Full adequate stroke
1. Kneeling dives
Elementary Backstroke
1. Full technical stroke
1. Kicking technical
2. Breaststroke arms
Breath Control
1. Breaststroke Bobs
1. Wall push-off Somersaults
Safety Skills:
1. Tread water - 2 min
2. Poll rules
3. Object retrieval (7-9 ft)
Technical Mastery:
1. Freestyle
Skills to be Tested:
a. Freestyle - 50 yds
b. Backstroke - 25 yds bent arm finish
c. Elementary Backstroke - 25 yds
d. Breaststroke kick - 15 yds technical kick
e. Butterfly - 15 yds correct sequencing

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