M / W, 4:30PM Level 05

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Level 5 focuses on improving the freestyle technique with bi-lateral breathing and learning the six-kick-switch skill to help them effectively learn proficient freestyle.  Children also learn to effectively kick on their back while rotating their shoulders in preparation for learning full backstroke in level 6. To pass level 5, children must be able to show freestyle with bi-lateral breathing for 40 feet, perform the six-kick-switch skill for 20 feet and kick on their back for 20 feet with shoulder rotation.

Skills to be Taught:
1. Bi-lateral breathing
2. Six-Kick-Switch
1. Back kick (with shoulder rotation)
Elementary Backstroke
1. Breaststroke kick
1. Combined arms and legs
1. Kick on deck
Safety Skills:
1. Jump into deep water and swim back to wall
2. Tread water - 30 sec
3. Object retrieval - 5 ft
Skills to be Tested:
a. Freestyle - 40 ft bi-lateral breathing
b. Six-Kick-Switch - 20 ft
c. Back kick - 20 ft (with shoulder rotation)

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