A Nancy Drew Mystery!

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Super sleuths come and help us solve the "Mystery of the Hidden Staircase".

The setting is Twin Elms, an old colonial mansion near River Heights. A ghost appears to be haunting the place. Eerie shadows appear, scary faces appear at windows frightening everyone, creaking noises and thumps break the silence, strange music is heard playing and a spine-chilling laugh causes chills to run up everyone's spine. The ancient mansion has a few secrets to be found: a hidden staircase and secret passageways, not to mention a few cluses to the mansion's "ghost". We will make Fingerprint Art! A Sleuthing Notebook! Mystery food! Pop the Question Popcorn"...come and put together all the pieces to help us solve the mystery and have a day of super sleuthing fun. Each child will bring their own lunch-we will make a snack-and spend the day solving the mystery!

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