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  This beginner to intermediate level painting class is geared towards knowledge of painting alongside color theory. We will explore some basic but vital principals of color. More experienced students are welcome to bring their own subject matter to work from. Group critiques and discussions will be an essential part of the class; a time for us to get to know each other, what we do and why we are compelled to make art. This painting class is designed for both oil and acrylic painters.

ACRYLIC & OIL PAINTING SUPPLY LIST: Canvas: 11" x 14" or "12" x "16" stretched canvas Palette: "12" x "16" disposable palette paper tablet Brushes: Synthetic Sable Filbert (w/long handle) approx. 1" - 1/2" - 1/4" The Master's Brush Cleaner & Preserver Painting Knife: 2" diamond Paint Colors: Titanium White or Permalba White Ivory Black Cobalt Blue or Ultramarine Blue Hansa Yellow Light or Cadmium Yellow Light Burnt Sienna Raw Sienna Quinacridone Red or Cadmium Red Deep or Napthol Red Alizarine Crimson Dioxazine Purple Sap Green Hue Medium forAcrylic Painters: Acrylic Fluid Gloss Painting Medium Acrylic Retarder Small jar for mixing medium Medium for Oil Painters: Liquin or Galkyd Lite or Copal Medium Small bottle of linseed oil Mineral Spirits: 4, 6, or 8oz. Gamsol or Turpenoid Plastic bottle or small jar with lid for mixing painting medium 2-Medium size jars with lids for use and recycling mineral spirits Please Label: All art and art supplies with your last name What to Paint? Bring photographs as reference for your painting. Nature is always a good starting point. If you are a novice painter consider doing a painting of a painting. Also, consider keeping a sketch journal to record your ideas.

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