Hyperbaric Medicine 2012

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HBO 2010 Topics Include:

¨        Medicare Hyperbaric Medicine Compliance Update

The Disappearing 24/7 Hyperbaric Medicine Service: a crisis in the making?

¨        Hyperbaric Oxygen and Neuroprotection:  laboratory and clinical updates

¨        Hyperbaric Publications Update:  2009-2010 medical literature

¨        Advances in Hyperbaric Oxygen’s Wound Healing Mechanisms:  cell  signaling update

¨        Stem Cells and Hyperbaric Oxygen: improved metabolic control in diabetic patients

¨        HBO as a Cancer Risk:  a 2010 perspective

¨        HBO and Late Radiation Tissue Injury:  clinical updates

¨        Ten Compliance Tips to Ensure Hyperbaric Reimbursement

¨        Optimizing Pain Management in Chronic Wounds

¨        Chamber Fire Safety and related Compliance Updates:  optimizing patient and staff safety

¨        Evacuation and Management of the Injured Diver:  EMS; differential diagnosis; monoplace issues; resources

¨        A Controlled Clinical Trial of Wagner Grade 2 Diabetic Ulcers

¨        Treatment of Cyanide Poisoning; What Role Hyperbaric Oxygen?:  a 2010 perspective

¨        Review of Additional Clinical Hyperbaric Trials Under Recruitment

¨        Implantable Medical Devices and Hyperbaric Oxygen:  risk management updates

¨        Common Hyperbaric Case Management Dilemmas:  assessing related risk profiles

¨        The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society in 2010:  where it is, where it is going

¨        The UHMS Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Indications Review Process

¨        Veterinary Medicine and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: a 2010 perspective

¨        The DOD Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Trial Update
¨        HBO and Transplantation

¨        Wound Healing Center Coding and Compliance Update

¨        Hyperbaric Oxygen Diabetic Foot Wound Technology Assessment

¨        Commentary on HBO Dosing of Common Indications

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